Roots of Emerson DITFT

Welcome to the Roots of Emerson story page. So yet again I have started another story. I have been struggling to have the desire to play the game, really almost any game lately. Real-life is kicking my butt a little right now, but I wanted something new to try out, and thus this DITFT was born.

This particular challenge has been around for a while, and when I saw it was updated for TS4 I thought, why not. I think it’s going to give me the chance to try some things I haven’t done. I think this is probably my step towards doing a Master Simmer’s challenge, which is on my list. Anyway, the link to the rules I’m using are below.


As is typical on this blog, the latest 50 posts will be below. As we get beyond 50 you can review the archive to find earlier posts. I do hope you will enjoy the updates to come.