Coloure Wheel: Birthdays!

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Welcome back to the Coloure Wheel! The last we were with the Coloure family twins were born, and then glitched and didn’t age up at the right now, and another baby was added to the mix. Have you figure out my naming theme yet? At the end of play we had 3 toddlers, esentially triplets.

Let’s start out by checking in with 4/5th of this family all in the same room. Charlene, the mom, is back watching her girls as they eat and sleep. In the yellow all the way at the end is Christine, then Meg is next eating, and napping is little Carlotta.

Garrett, our Coloure daddy, comes in to give little Carlotta a bath as everyone else starts working on their skills. Charlene maxed painting aspiration last time, as you may remember, and now is working on Super Parent.

The twins really do look a lot alike, but Carlotta has a much different look. I hope we keep going with unique looks like this throughout the 14 kids needed.

It seems like all these toddlers do it eat, but here is a fun look at them all working on their movement in order to come get breakfast. They were really skilling, I just apparently didn’t take pictures.

Aww….both Charlene and Garrett are good parents, and this is such a sweet picture of them with Carlotta. She specifically asked for a hug.

The girls are growing up in a few days, so it’s time to work on the next baby in the family. Maybe it will be a boy this time. There is room for it, so let’s hope we don’t get multiples again.

Another early morning for Charlene with Christine wanting food early, and Benny i out eating spoiled food. Well I guess if someone is going to eat it, a ghost is probably a better bet. Everyone also needs a bath.

So it was lotto day, and we didn’t win, of course, but I think this lotto might have been rigged. I’m sure he is VERY excited about his winnings, because he REALLY needed the money.

Back from that time in the shower, success. Yes Charlene, that is your husband and the father to all of your children, present and future. It’s cute she thought of him.

Why not working extra movement and gain some fun without having to go out in the rain, let’s dance! I think Meg was playing with the dollhouse, or maybe she was on the slide, and so these two were dancing to work on movement.

I just love this picture and I’ll let you take it all in. Carlotta on the potty, watching with pretty big interest, Garrett and Christine playing, and Meg’s upset face. It wasn’t because she wasn’t the one playing, but it works out so well here.

I love this painting. I think I’ll put it in the girls room when they get their kids bedroom. The house is a weird mishmash of rooms right now, but it’s fun anyway.

Ah, see, proof that at least Meg skilled. Her little face here is just too dran cute, and I love the little jacket she is wearing. I’m going to have to save these kids and use some of them later maybe.

Oh look, more skilling. I think at this point, Christine needed 1 thinking, Meg needed 1 imagination, and Carlotta needed 1 communication, 1 imagination, 1 thinking and 1 movement….although she was most of the way there with most of those.

Oh boy, we know what this face means, it’s time to head to the hospital for the next little Coloure baby. Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?

This is where Garrett has been for all 3 of the births. He runs in, sits down in that chair and waits. I wonder what he would do if I just didn’t bring him next time. Charlene was less than impressed. I don’t think she really wants to do this 10 more times (or maybe a little less if we get more multiples.)

Who guessed girl??!!! Meet Velma Coloure, our newest little addition. We wont’ know what her coloring is like until she gets a little older.

Back home it’s time for bed. The girls will be bubbling when they wake up in the morning and we will have birthdays!!! For now, Charlene reads Meg to sleep (I believe she read Christine to sleep just a moment before) and Garrett gets Carlotta.

Happy Birthday Christine and Meg! Christine grew up into the purple sweater and Meg grew up into the stripped shirt. I’ll show you their updated make-overs in a moment.

Christine is very dirty and needs a bath, but she is also hungry so sits down with Garrett for some breakfast. You can get a peek at her make-over here.

Both girls join the scouts, then sit down and do their homework while Charlene eats some breakfast. Looks like Christine is still in need of a bath as well.

But first we need to get little Carlotta her birthday cake. She bubbles only a few hours after her sisters birthday days. It’s sort of fun having them slightly offset but still basically the same day. All 3 maxed all their toddler skills giving them Top-Notch Toddler trait.

So let’s end this update with a closer look at the girls. Christine is in glasses with the shorter hair. She rolled Bookworm and will be working on the Whiz Kid aspiration. Her twin Meg, rolled Mean. I found it funny she was Fussy before, which uses the same icon as mean. She is also going for Whiz Kid aspiration.

This is little Carlotta after her make-over. She is quite the pretty girl if I do say so myself. She rolled the Loves Outdoors trait and got the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

Next time we will see what Velma looks like as a toddler, have WinterFest, Garrett will drink his first youth potion, and we’ll see how the girls do in their aspirations, and maybe Garrett will finish his. He only needs to finish the last Writing skill point. Until next time!

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Coloure Wheel: Age Up!

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Welcome back to the Coloure Wheel. The last time we were with the Coloure family Charlene and Garrett worked to get together after the tragedy of losing all of Charlene’s family. They took their time, working on their aspirations, until they were strong enough to get married. They wasted no more time getting pregnant.

With that little recap out of the way let’s get to seeing what this new baby will look like in the Coloure Wheel of this family. Hehe, sorry, couldn’t help it.

Charlene is big on salads, or rather I am because I don’t want to set this tiny house on fire. Charlene is getting better and better at cooking though, so eventually we’ll let her make cooked food.

The pregnancy progresses without any issues. Charlene spends most of her time at the easel painting, and Garrett is working on book after book. All the small paintings around the walls were painted by Charlene.

The ghosts are very active in the house, haunting in pairs usually every night. It does mean we fix a LOT of plumbing every morning, but it’s still nice to have their help in other ways.

Charlene is Erratic and that comes out in multiple ways. Garrett is fairly used to it, so as she pretends to be a vampire he just ignores it. She goes right back to eating her breakfast and chatting normally.

The next day is Love Day, and it just so happens the Romance Festival corresponds to the same day. So gifts are exchanged, aspirations (or promotion for Garrett) are worked on, and a small trip together to the Romance Festival makes it a fun day for them both.

Gabe and Benny are out tonight, that would be Charlene’s dad and grandpa. It’s always so funny how ghosts eat our food, although it can also be irritating, unless it was poor quality food.

That look can only mean one thing. We found a cute nursery in the “rooms” section and went ahead and built it. We had enough money finally from all the paintings and books. So now it’s time to head to the hospital.

Everything at the hospital goes as we would expect, and the doc even seemed to know what he was doing. That’s a plus, since we were surprised by the notification we had not 1, but 2 baby girls.

Yep, that’s right. This is first born Christine, which Charlene grabbed right away, but Meg is also here as well. Welp, there go some points right off the bat. I have nothing that should have triggered twins, but that’s ok.

The toddler work is split between Garrett and Charlene, which is good so they both gain some parenting skill. Not that they shouldn’t both max it with the required 14 kids they will have, but still.

Nyla, Charlene’s mother attempts to be “helpful” by moping after breaking the toilet, sink, and shower. Charlene gets a head start on fixing things, especially as she needs to use it.

This is a great step for Garrett, and the extra money is very helpful. Garrett at least is starting as our parent to work outside of the house, but once he’s maxed this career we might switch it up and let Charlene do it.

Charlene starts working on a confident painting, and you can see the added hallway. The door you are seeing leads to the nursery. We will be adding a toddler room soon as well.

Knowing they have 14 to get through, Charlene proposes getting started on a new baby and Garrett readily accepts this proposal. We will hoping for no more twins for a while though!

We have success. Baby #3 is on the way. Doesn’t Charlene look thrilled here. She heads off to let the daddy know.

He also looks ecstatic to be having more kids. Haha, these sims and their faces. They actually both looked very happy right after these pictures were taken, it just made me laugh.

Great-Great Grandpa Asher goes in to look after his great-great grand babies. I believe this is Meg, but it’s nearly impossible to tell as I didn’t make note of bassinet color.

That erratic trait is coming out again, pretty strongly. One of Garrett’s book of poems is sitting there on the counter. I have had him write a little bit of everything.

Ghostly help again, this time grandpa Gabe and great-great grandma Maya are the ones out shushing the babies. They do actually both manage to take care of each of them, which is a big help to the parents.

Just a small picture to show that Charlene is almost through her first aspiration. All she needs is to finish maxing the painting skill. Garrett still has one more milestone after his current one, but he is also working hard.

In anticipation for the twins to become toddlers we bought a couple of high chairs, and extended the living/dinning/kitchen are of the house. It was about here that I realized it felt like it had been much longer than 3 days since we had the twins. I went and looked and they has 2 days before growing up. Weird….we are in our 3rd trimester with the new baby.

Asher is out again and Charlene is happy to have someone to talk to. She is pretty big again and we are ready for the twins to grow up. I’m starting to think they glitched because I don’t even remember them having an announcement.

Oh boy, I know that face. Time to head to the hospital again, with the twins still as babies. We are going to need another bassinet.

The same doctor is back, which is great, since he did a good job last time. This time we only have a single baby. It’s once again a little girl and she is named Carlotta.

Back at home, while waiting to see if the twins grow up on the day the calendar shows their birthday being, Charlene manages to complete her aspiration. Way to go Charlene. She chooses to work on Super Parent next.

Garrett works on getting the bathroom mopped up, and Saturday comes and goes without the twins growing up. Their sister, Carlotta is set as the birthday for tomorrow. I think they glitched. I tried resetting them and we will see what happens.

Garrett works on another book, he’s trying to finish up his best sellers needed, which he does. He now just needs to let the royalties add up a little more and finish maxing his writing skill.

Finally, about 1/2 way through Sunday, the twins spin out of their bassinets and become toddlers. They both clearly have their dad’s red hair, but I cannot tell their eyes. Let’s go give them a bit of a make-over and check it out.

On the left is Christine, she rolled the Clingy trait, and she has her daddy’s red hair, but her great-grandma’s red eyes (Asher started the red eyes, and passed them onto Amie.) On the right we have Meg, and she has the same coloring. In fact I think these two might be identical. She rolled the Fussy trait.

These two begin to play with the dollhouse, but it’s late they are tired as are their parents. It’s going to be a quick play time with night night right away.

Charlene goes to bed and let’s Garrett read the girls to sleep in their new toddler room, in their new toddler beds. Both girls are super cute, and that was where I was going to end this entry……

But as Garrett went toward bed, Carlotta spun out of her bassinet. So we are basically going to have triplet toddlers…..weeee.

This is Carlotta after a bit of a make-over. She obviously has her daddy’s purple eyes, but her hair is all great-great grandma Maya’s. The blonde was only ever seen in the family tree through her. With that we will end this entry, but I hope you enjoyed the toddlers.


Painting Aspiration (Charlene): +10 points
Twins: -10 points

TOTAL: 0 Points

I will count the color points upon their growing up, but current each of them with get +5 points (2 dad’s hair, 1 dad’s eyes) and then and additional 100 points (50 points from 2 Gen B eyes, and 50 for 1 Gen A’s hair.) So, at this moment 115 points will be awarded for the genetics upon their YA birthdays.

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Coloure Wheel: Get Together

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Now that we have met the family it’s time to get Charlene and Garrett together and start having the babies they will need.

Since Charlene is going to be spending her days painting, taking care of the kiddos, I decided to have her start a small garden. They only have about 9 plants and I don’t think we’ll do much to get any more.

These two are going to take a bit to get together. I thought since they both have some creative inclinations they might have better conversations, but it’s hit and miss for a while there.

Charlene gets going on the painting and starts filling the house with small painting she has done, selling ones I either don’t like, or make duplicates of. The house has Home Studio as one of the traits, as well as Great Soil and Child’s Play.

We had a good evening where we the young couple was finally able to get themselves up to where they are flitting away. Charlene’s sexy pose was pretty cute, made me giggle.

A first kiss was had pretty soon after this, which was a great step forward. These two are going to be very cute. They were friends first, and this is good since we have one bed.

The two of the agree to become boyfriend and girlfriend as well. It’s very exciting, and while we have not touched on it in pictures Garrett has been working on his writing.

I don’t believe I have actually mentioned what makes up the characters of Charlene or Garrett Coloure, so let’s remedy that. Charlene wants to be a Painter Extraordinaire who is Erratic, Music Lover, Creative, and Muser. Garrett is wanting to be Bestselling Author, so he is also a Muser, and then Geek, Neat, and Ambitious.

We have Charlene paint while she is feeling very flirty and the result is adorable. I love the fact she made what looks like a cat version of Lady and the Tramp.

After Charlene finishes up her painting and Garrett works on his first book they are going to finally have their first night together, and the ghosts come out to chat. This is great-grandpa Asher and then grandma Amie in the background. Charlene looks like she’s begging them to go away.

While the young couple enjoys their night the ghost chat and break about everything they can. Amie, why are you complaining about the mess, you are the one that broke everything?

The next morning Garrett is back to being hard at work on writing and Charlene was still feeling flirty and painting another flirty picture. This one I hadn’t seen yet, and it’s super cute. We hang it on the wall in the bedroom.

To help with getting Charlene her next milestone level she needs to visit a museum, so while Garrett is off at work, she heads to the museum.

It’s like the children know what is coming our young Charlene’s way. These two kids headed over to talk to her almost as soon as they came on the lot. She had a little conversation with each of them and then headed home.

Garrett comes home with a promotion, which brings in some extra money, and that’s great. It’s time to get these guys ready for their goals of this challenge.

Garrett takes the chance, and of course Charlene says yes. They have been love birds for at least 24 sim hours now, so it’s love of course.

As soon as she said yes, she did this autonomously, which is just adorable. They may have taken a little time to get here, but much like in real life a little time helped them build a really strong relationship.

That evening mom and dad came out to talk with Charlene. The house is beginning to look more and more decorated as Charlene paints away and we keep some and get ride of some each time. She’s up to 6 excellent paintings already, and doing good so far.

The next day passes much the same way, and when Garrett gets home from work they “elope” in the bathroom. Because, #simslogic, and after this little “ceremony” they use the shower for…other purposes.

Which leads to a success. The first of 14 babies are on their way. Charlene will need to spent more time painting and Garrett writing so we can make more money for the family to expand the house.

I’m going to leave this update here, I know it’s a little shorter, but since you had the introduction as well, hopefully you will forgive it. I will give you the entire pregnancy next update and we will see what the first babies look like genetically.

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Coloure Wheel: Introduction

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Welcome to the Coloure Wheel. This is a Genetic Roulette challenge from’s 14th Birthday celebration. We have a lot of fun over there if you are looking for a simming community to join. The idea of this challenge is to create a family line of different genetic colors and then have the “founding” couple have 14 kids and see what sorts of genetics come about.

This is our family. The Coloure family. We start with Asher and Maya Coloure at the top left. Next to Maya are Benny and Amie. Amie is Maya and Asher’s daughter. On the second row we start with Nyla and Gabe. Gabe is Benny and Amie’s son. Finally we reach our founding couple. Charlene is the daughter of Nyla and Gabe and she is destined to end up with childhood friend Garrett.

Here are some close up shots of the family members. Asheer had red orange hair in his younger years (same as his daughter) and red eyes.

Maya, on the other hand had blonde hair in her younger years, and has light brown eyes.

Amie got her dad’s orange hair and red eyes. You’ll just have to trust me about the eyes. I know this is technically red hair, but we have a brighter red in Garrett, so to keep from confusing myself we are calling this orange.

Benny, Amie’s husband, adds brown hair and dark brown eyes to the mix.

Gabe got his dad’s brown hair and eyes, I know you can’t see his hair because of the turban (I didn’t really give these guys make-overs for reasons you will see in a moment, but it is brown.

Nyla added black hair and black eyes to the mix, again, I know that hate hides it a bit, but it is black hair.

Charlene, as the story goes, was born a bit of a genetic anomaly by having white hair and white eyes, as opposed to matching either of her parents.

Finally, here is a close up for Garrett, who has dark red hair and purple eyes, which I know is a little hard to tell from this picture, but it’s true.

Ok, that gets all the introductions out of the way, so it’s next to move to the next step of the set up process for this family. They move onto an empty lot in Windenburg.

And boom, all of the ancestors are killed off by various means. This leave Charlene and Garrett alone on this new plot of land. This, of course, does not stat their lives here overly well, and even the welcome wagon came and just cried and cried over the tragedy.

This is Charlene and Garrett’s starting home. It isn’t much to look at yet, but it’s theirs. They will raise 14 kids on this land, and in this house (which is be expanded on of course.)

For now, Charlene is staying at home and simply working on her painting aspiration. Garrett on the other hand will take a job as a writer to bring in some additional income beyond what Charlene will make painting.

I know this is a bit of a short chapter for getting this family started, but I’m going to end this one here, and we’ll get to the actual story in the next post.

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