EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.06

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Hello to you all. Can you believe how much has already happened this gen? Also, this is going to be the final update of this generation. It’s gone so fast! All of the others have taken around 8 updates or more, but this generation took 6. Anyway let’s look at what is left on our goals.

Generation 4 – Sports & Entertainment

  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment, acting, or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

So still just waiting for Lara to reach the top of Athletics, and then we get TV’s, which will be VERY exciting to have around here. Also some more workout equipment if we want it.

Last time, as just a very quick recap, Abby grew into a teen after completing a single aspiration, but she is almost through scouting. Zygo finished a 3rd aspiration (he is just flying through them now), and Lara worked. Let’s jump right back in now.

Lara has been doing enough bonding with the bees she is able to go out and collect honey, and oh look Patchy is coming to chat….or, well no, take a closer look, A Patchy is coming to chat, it’s not our Patchy who is still back on his tree.

After collecting honey Lara does laps around the pool. She is close to maxing out her fitness, which would give her nearly everything she needs to finish up the athletic career.

Later that day Lara gets a promotion and is now just one away from maxing this career and unlocking TV’s. It will be so nice to have TV’s, although I find I barely use them in other saves because I’m so use to not having them here.

I know this has all been about Lara so far, but she heads out and feeds the cow plant so it doesn’t die, or try and eat someone. This thing may get put into family inventory so we don’t have to keep dealing with it, but we’ll see. 6 full generations to go with it if we keep it.

So we have lined up all the collections that we have so far, partially so I don’t have to keep sorting through frogs to find the ones I still need to breed, and partially because we are missing some crystals and metals that we had found due to me not paying attention to what Zygo carried to work with him. So we have fossils and crystals on one side, then mental, the completed geodes, and frogs on the other.

I always get a little bit nervous when I see someone interacting with the cow, but don’t sorry Abby is just petting him. He’s a good cow plant so far, and as long as we keep feeding him it should be all good.

Family dinners are pretty quiet when it’s just the three of them. Lara is getting ready to head back to the jungle to find that final jungle fossil but also to work on her aspiration a bit more.

Lara searches and searches, but still no sign of the final fossil. She does get through another milestone, however, and now needs to search out treasures and special chests to get the next one. That will have to wait for the next trip.

Abby comes home promoted to the top of the lifeguard career. I had checked and while teen jobs are not specifically called out in the rules it was determined if they don’t break other rules (because they fit into what has been unlocked) it’s ok. Since lifeguards are fitness and water, and we have pools, I’m in the clear.

The romance festival was in town and since her parents had such luck meeting there we send Abby down. There are not many single young adults, male or female. Abby sits down with this group of ladies, and doesn’t talk to any of the guys…I think Abby is trying to tell me something.

Back home I have a heart attack the next morning when Zygo was eaten by the cow plant. Dang it, someone (me) forgot to feed it. Luckily Zygo was spit right back out. Whew!

There must have been something at that festival because Abby wakes up the next day sick, and drinks some OJ while chatting with Patchy. I’m not sure if this is our Patchy or not.

One of the things Lara needs to do for the Jungle Adventure aspiration is to activate totems 5 times. We get a rare crystal we had an extra of refined and stick it in the totem that gives us a skeleton helper. Because it’s a rare gem no one is afraid of it, and they are happy for the help.

Zygo continues to do decently at work. I really should follow him more often to start getting some promotions faster. I have to start remember to take everything I need with me.

The first milestone for Abby should be reachable now as a teen, if one of her parents helps her, so she hosts a Kava party. Zygo makes the Kava and everyone sits down for food and Kava, and toasting. It’s a good time and reaches gold easily.

Lara comes home with the party with her final promotion! We have officially finished the requirements for generation 4, and have unlocked TV’s and workout equipment. It’s very exciting!

That night Kiana and Ferdinando come out to haunt. Kiana never got to know Ferd in person while alive, since he is her grandson-in-law, but they can chat now.

Apparently someone forgot to feed the cow plant again though, and Kiana got gobbled up and spit back out. Can a ghost be eaten? I’m not really sure.

Back in the kitchen that morning preparations are being made. Lara is getting pretty good at the cooking, and mixes up the batter in a unique way. Zygo doesn’t work out, but you wouldn’t know it with as slim as he is. (He drank a slimming potion at work.)

With mom and dad there watching Abby blew out her candles and became a young adult. The generations are changing again, this time really quickly it feels like, but these last couple of generations have accomplished a lot. We’ll cover what all they accomplished in the wrap up coming next.

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EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.05

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Welcome back to another update of the Tripp. We are just blazing right along in terms of playing through this challenge and I’m so excited by how it’s going so far! I hope you are enjoying this story too.

Generation 4 – Sports & Entertainment

  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment, acting, or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

As a quick refresher, not that we really probably need it, but all we are needing to finish this generation is for Lara to reach the top of her career. Then we unlock a lot of fun stuff….it will be nice to have a TV.

Last time we have a very subdued Christmas after losing Lindsey and Ferdinando, quite literally, in the same moment. We then celebrated Spring Fling, managed to get to Sixam and gather up the needed plants, and many of the geodes. We also finished the archeology collection, or rather the artifact one, we are still working on the other. So let’s jump right in.

We start off with little Abby reaching a milestone. She has already completed Whiz Kid, and is now working on Rambunctious Scamp. She is not going to make a second aspiration like her mom, but she is doing really well.

We come home to Lara getting a promotion. Way to go Lara. This put her one step closer to finishing up our coal. She went ahead and bought Great Kisser as it is a much faster way to get charisma built up, and since I threw out that mini-challenge I think it’s worth it.

We get a sweet message that Lara’s every faithful friend Cleo got married. We don’t really follow any other families here, especially since they only have one kid a time, but Cleo has been kind of like family.

Another day, and another day of work in the garden. Zygo is quite dressed up to be bonding with the bees, but whatever works for him I guess. We are getting better at keeping the bees happy.

As expected, Abby didn’t finish another milestone, but she is almost through her scouting time. She grew up lovely and I am waiting to see what she rolls to determine her path, since it will either be criminal or law enforcement.

She got a bit of a make-over. I actually really liked the way the hair she grew up in looked on her and so that got left alone. She rolled Kleptomaniac to go with Vegetarian. She seems to be leaning towards criminal with that trait, but we’ll see.

Right after that we get a notice that Cleo is now pregnant. I am excited to see what she has. Abby is too old to make it feasible that their kids get together, for as much fun as that would be, but still.

Zygo is doing well at his job too, and we even follow him there sometimes. Not always, but I would like to get him through his as well. I did discover, however, that he has probably used some of our discovered crystals without me really paying attention.

These two really do spend a lot of time together, and I believe this was Love Day, so they had an at home date. It was getting late and we didn’t want to do a whole date date. I didn’t even realize before you could do an at home date, read about it somewhere, so that you to whoever had that blog. 😀

All those money trees are really paying off now. Zygo has completed his 3rd aspiration. He’s gotten through The Curator, Mansion Barron and now Fabulously Wealthy. He now chooses Freelance Botanist, which shouldn’t be too hard to complete.

Our dear Belle decided to take laundry outside and do it in the wash basin. I leave this here for this specific purpose. Even though we have the washer and dryer inside, the ghosts helping out is so nice. I’m not sure why she is so mad here however.

Lara takes over extracting elements in the hopes of finding the final 2 we need. I’m sure I’ll need to analyze some things to figure out which ones to do, but I’ll get there.

Lara did take another trip to Sixam and we managed to get all the geodes needed! Collection complete, which is wonderful. There are so many that are really tough to get done, so these “easy” ones are nice.

So I forgot to mention, Abby got the Beach Life aspiration to start with. I figured, she’s on the beach, we might as well let her get it done. Part of what she needs to do is get a suntan. Not so easy to tell with her, but she burns instead.

We have been working on getting the sugar skulls, I think we got one new one, putting us up to 5 unique ones I believe. I could have that wrong, we may only be at 4 though, but I think that’s right.

Good ol’ Patchy is, of course, still around and he enjoys chatting it up with the family. He has become less of a help since Zygo has been getting up there in gardening. Lara is too actually, and since we’ve followed Zygo to work a few times he takes the opportunity to come out when he can.

Abby finishes up scouting and takes a job as a Lifeguard. I realized later I wasn’t sure if this broke the rules, but figured lifeguard is all fitness related, and we have pools now I don’t think it’s an issue, but I will ask an deduct if needed.

I had Abby start working in the garden, but the bees were attacking her so we have her start bonding with them. Lara, Abby, and Zygo have been working diligently since this to bond with the bees.

Cleo calls and invites Lara to a dance party. You can see them in the back of this picture just barely, and you can JUST make out another guest back there who surprised me by being here.

Lara’s mom and dad were here boogieing down. They are pretty happy ghosts tonight and Lara and Cleo spend a little time talking with them. I’m happy to see them out together, it’s sweet that they are apparently just as in sync in death as they were in life.

Sigh, Abby, you are VEGETARIAN. Why are you grabbing both a vegetarian dish, AND frank and beans from the fridge?

Abby: What? Why is this weird?

Um…because frank and beans has meat….you know, the franks.

Abby: Well this one is for dad anyway.

I did finally get her to put the frank and beans down and Zygo did come grab it, but still.

Mom and daughter work on the school project together. Makes sense that Lara would be the person to help. This is a rocket ship project after all.

Oh look, Johnny is out to haunt tonight and manages to catch himself on fire. You are a ghost Johnny, how? How do you do this?

As a final note before we wrap up this update we get a notice that Cleo had a baby girl. Little Mia, welcome to the world.

I am going to call this update here, a lot, and yet, not much, has happened all at the same time. Lara needs two promotions, but has the needed skills ready for the first one so now it will just take a little time.

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EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.04

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It’s time for another Tripp….to visit the EPIC Tripp family. Ok, sorry, bad pun time, but it was fun for me. Ok guys, we are working on generation 4 of the EPIC challenge and here is what we are still working towards.

Generation 4 – Sports & Entertainment

  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment, acting, or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

So really it’s all resting on Lara’s capable shoulders right now. She needs to reach the top of the Athletic career and then our goals are met. We also are working hard this generation on collection building. So let’s get to it.

We start with aliens visiting Lindsey. This is less scary then when they took Zygo, since she can’t get pregnant, but still. They seem to be visiting quite a bit lately.

Abby is working on her logic skills and great-grandma Belle comes to join her. I am wondering if Abby will get through multiple aspiration as well. She certainly is skilling up decently quickly, but with trips to the jungle coming up she might not.

Abby is quite the social little girl really. Since she is a vegetarian I’ve had the adults eat the last of the fish and meat dishes so they can start to cook exclusively veggie options for Abby. I don’t know if Patchy would approve or not. The garden will be nice to still have though.

Since Abby needs to be read too for a couple of house, grandpa Ferd obliges her. It takes a couple of books but then she has reached that milestone. Ferd is still working on the Fabulously Wealthy, but probably isn’t going to make it. We are about 50K off still.

Lara continues to work on the Rocket. Her nerd brain aspiration has been completed, but if we get the rocket fully upgraded we have the chance to get some of the other collection items we need.

She has, at least, maxed out her rocket science level now. That is excited, as she is the first sim to do that so far in any of my games. It’s fun to have the rocket ship.

Cleo is over visiting again and takes the trash out for us. Why thank you Cleo, that is very nice of you. They might not be friends according to the friendship panel, but she is over all the time and has been since she was a kid. I like Cleo.

The whole family sits down for a meal, and even Francis comes out and joins them. I do really like this little family they have right now. They are getting more and more successful all the time.

Abby gets up to autonomously hug her dad. It’s so cute when they do things like this all on their own. I love these guys!

The next day we take the family back to Oasis Springs. With the forgotten grotto opened we send Zygo in to collect things, and Ferd and Abby in to go fishing. Ferd makes some good catches this day, and the collection at home is growing.

Lara and Lindsey head back to the jungle. Lindsey would like to find that final vase she has been searching for her whole life. Lara would like to get the jungle adventure aspiration done. First she does a spot of fishing to catch the jungle fish though.

Doing all this excavating with her mom causes Lara to max out her archaeology aspiration. She still needs to max the Selvadoradian Culture one, however. Perhaps her dad and assist.

Back at the house Lindsey gets a start on uncovering all the dirt clumps that look like they could hold the vase we need. We aren’t authenticating, we can just send them out for that. I just want to know if they are vases.

Lara heads back out on her own, uses a gem on a totem she put together herself and gets through all the milestones. The only thing left for her to do is to get that culture skill up. She’s at level 4 of 5, so it shouldn’t be too hard. It’s now WinterFest though so they head home.

Where a horrible and unexpected thing happens. This shouldn’t have been TOTALLY unexpected, but I thought they had 1 more day. You can see Ferd in the living room, and Lindsey on the beach. They went at EXACTLY the same time. Laid down at the same time, everything.

I rush Lara out to plead for her mom. She wails and wails, but ultimately is denied by Grim. This is going to put a big damper on WinterFest. Lindsey and Ferd’s gravestone are moved to the garden to join the others.

The family comes together long enough to decorate the tree and ask for a gift from Santa. The traditional singing happens, but no one even wants to open presents. They just all go to bed early.

We did, however, get notice that we completed the collection. It’s placed with the rest, and the reward plaque you can see is up there by the display cabinet. At least that’s one fully completed.

It’s now Zygo’s birthday, so he makes himself a honey cake. Technically he made himself 2 honey cakes because he grabbed a piece of the first one before I was able to get candles on it. Zygo is officially an adult.

Abby works hard and completes her Whiz Kid aspiration. Way to go Abby! She starts on the Rambunctious Scam one next, without me remembering she needs to be playful and play on a playground. We’ll see if she makes it.

Lindsey isn’t gone for long, she is out haunting already and Lara is pretty glad to see her. I need to see if she can get more information about Selvadoradian Culture from her.

Lara has gotten into the Selvadoradian dancing, just like her mom had. She’s already pretty dang good, but being a dance machine that isn’t too crazy.

Abby works on her creativity and motor skills respectively. She is doing pretty well on both an I would love to have her get close to maxing out another one. I also have her working on her scouts badges.

Lara has upgraded the rocket enough to visit Sixam, so she goes and does a big collection run. I think I get all of the plants that she can get, we hit it at just the right time.

Spring Fling is here, which means it’s time for egg huts and chats with the flower bunny. Everyone had a good holiday and we didn’t push it on the finding of the eggs, but we got about 6 of them.

I also happened to be Lara’s birthday. She is also now, officially and adult. She is over 1/2 way through the athletic career, and has taken some time off for traveling and other things, so now it’s time to focus her on completing it.

Zygo completed two aspirations, getting the collector one finally done and then nearly instantly completing the mansion barron aspiration as well. He is now working on the Fabulously Wealthy one, but all of this let him buy another money tree, and a couple more traits.

This will end another update with the family. Abby will be a teenager soon and we will see how she starts doing there, and if she rolls a trait that determines which path she will take. She does have an A in school at this point, and is just working on those scout badges.

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EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.03

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Hello, long time no see, ok well not really. It was just a couple of day ago, but welcome back to the Tripp’s. This family has been doing really well and at the end of the last entry they had moved into a new house (keeping the 5 fully enclosed room’s rule.) We also had little Abby born and grow into a toddler.

Here is what is left for our goals this generation. There really isn’t much, but it will be nice to have some of these other items unlocked.

Generation 4 – Sports & Entertainment

  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment, acting, or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

The exciting thing about this next generation, and for Abby, is she will have to make a choice. Maybe she will roll something in her traits that makes that choice obvious, but maybe not. We’ll have to see.

We start this update with the knowledge that moving to this new house, and the fact we bought some extra columns at the old house, has put Ferd over the edge of yet another aspiration. His next aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy. I will note that because I decided to not do the mini challenge regarding not using aspiration points, both Ferd and Lindsey got a life potion. I’m hoping to send Lindsey back to the jungle for the final vase if we can ever find it.

We offered another sugar skill and got this fabulously looking fellow as our celebrator. Eventually he gave us a skull. I believe that gives us 3 unique ones.

Then this happened! Yep, Zygo got taken by aliens. The good news is, he didn’t come back pregnant. Thank goodness, we do not need an uncontrollable toddler in this family.

After Zygo’s encounter he reads little Abby to sleep. Abby has been working hard on all of her skills, even though I haven’t taken very many pictures of her doing it.

Ferdinando comes home with his final promotion in the painter career. He maxed painting a while ago, but still was working on his career goal. He has now retired to help take care of Abby and finish his later years away.

Abby is a cute little girl, but doesn’t always get the attention she would like. Everyone is so busy working on other goals she spends a lot of her time jumping from babbling at the bear, to playing dolls, to the slide, to the potty, over and over again.

Ferdinando is really bonded with his bees. He can now send them out to bring presents home for him. So we do that and end up with a couple of postcards, and an element that we didn’t have before.

Lara gets another promotion and has finally reached the branching path of this career. She is going to go into the sports side and not the body builder side of this career. The problem with that is, she is supposed to study opponents, but she can’t without a TV or computer.

This night grandpa Ferd reads little Abby to sleep. I know you aren’t seeing much of her as a toddler, I’m not completely sure why I didn’t take very many pictures of her. I’m still getting a feel for the house.

We realized we hadn’t added gems to all the totems, so Lindsey gets to work on that. We need a few more gems before we can really get all of them done, but they are all put together just waiting for the gems now.

Lara and Zygo are very much in love. I do wish they could have more kids, but sadly they cannot. That doesn’t mean they can’t have fun together though, and they do, frequently!

This is the day I apparently had Lindsey and Ferd drink their youth potions. This gives you a nice look across the dining room into the music and collection area. We still need that one final vase, but are getting close to many collections.

Ferdinando is busy fishing and building up their collection. He has gotten many of the IL fish so far, I think they need 5 more maybe. They still need lots of others though too.

Zygo has also been working hard on bonding with the bees so he can continue to keep them happy once Ferd has passed on. Luckily that won’t be for awhile, but we are getting quite the stock of honey and are starting to sell a lot of it.

Lara is working on her logic skill. It’s the last thing she needs for her Nerd Brain aspiration. So she plays chess and her grandpa Francis visits with her. I love that so many of these family members are able to get to know their ancestors.

Grandma Lindsey takes over playing with Abby. I know I said many of the people are busy with their own stuff, but it doesn’t mean Abby is neglected. This gives you another good look across the kitchen but in the opposite direction.

Up on the terrace Zygo works on the microscope. We are attempting to see if we can get the plant pictures. I’m not sure if there is anything related to specific plants or anything, but we’ll keep trying.

Little Abby gets herself some fruit and eats it on her bed. She has almost maxed out most of her skills, and this good because her parents will be taking a trip soon right before her birthday.

Before that though, grandma is back on the case of helping little Abby with her movement. This house has so much space to allow for the toddler stuff to all be in one corner of the house, it’s so much easier.

A new day and another trip with Zygo to work. This day he worked on analyzing metals and crystals, and has also updated the frost gun to a transformation gun.

All this hard work is helping him head up the ranks further. I know he isn’t speeding along at his job yet, but we are getting pretty consistent work out of him.

This day Lara also maxed out her Nerd Brain aspiration. She has decided to do the Jungle Explorer aspiration, which means she will be heading back to the jungle soon.

Family dancing and eating are a great past time, and little Abby has all her needed skills to grow up. Before she does though I want to send Zygo and Lara to the jungle to see if we can find the last 2 fossils and the final artifact needed.

So off they head. They search and they excavate, but they don’t actually make it that far into the jungle on this trip. It was a fast trip and sadly, no new fossils and then elusive “common” vase are no where to be found. Once Abby is a child I’ll send Lara and Lindsey back.

When we get home Abby wakes up in the middle of the night and grows up. She is sad because we forgot her birthday, which also to happen to co-inside with HarvestFest, not our best holiday this time. Sorry Abby, you will be ok.

She gets a little make-over and looks a LOT like her dad in my opinion. She is rather pretty though, and she rolls the Vegetarian trait. Of course she does! She also gets the Whiz Kid aspiration, but did manage to get Top-Notch Toddler as well. Life so far is starting out pretty well for Abby, minus the forgotten birthday.

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EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.02

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Hello all. Welcome back to the Tripp’s and this crazy EPIC. Last time we started on Generation 4 of this 10 generation challenge. That means are getting close to being 1/2 way through it! That’s wild to me, and means I might actually finish it! Whoo! I started in July of last year, so while I know there isn’t likely anyway I can finish it within a year, I can probably finish it sometime this year.

So let’s gets started by taking a look at our goals for this generation.

Generation 4 – Sports & Entertainment

  • Your heir(ess) has a choice between the Entertainment, Acting, or Athletic career.
  • The spouse may work in the field the heir(ess) did not choose, or any of the previously unlocked professions.
  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment, acting, or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

So really there isn’t much to do here, just unlock the career and work on getting points for the mini-challenges. I decided to “abandon” the Doing It The Hard Way mini-challenge. I could keep going, but the points added (+10) do not outweigh the points gained by things like money, and money trees require aspiration points. So here we are.

Lara is working on eating strawberries. We want to keep that matriarchy alive.

Lara: An oracle came last night and said I would have a girl.

An oracle? Wait….was it a female ghost, kind of see through, hair in a bun on the top of her head?

Lara: Yeah, that sounds about right.

That is your….let’s see here, she would be your great-grandmother. That was Kiana. Just eat the strawberries still, please.

I am not sure why there is a 1/2 eaten, spoiled, sandwich sitting in front of Lara. She is getting huge, so maybe she was just REALLY hungry, but I’m pretty sure there is good food in the fridge!

Lara continues to work on the rocket. She is a nerd brain and needs to get this baby upgraded and lunched a few times. I’m kind of excited, since I’ve never tried to go to space yet.

Ferd finally finishes up his aspiration. It’s very exciting for him, and for us. He’s officially moved off of the painter extraordinaire and onto Mansion Barron. That does mean we need columns. Why are they in love with columns? Who has 20 columns anyway?

Lara wakes up in the middle of the night to let us all know, it’s time. The baby is coming. She is huge so we are hoping and praying for only 1 baby.

They head out into the “hallway” where Zygo is freaking out. I don’t always get pictures of the dad’s panicking about the labor. Lara seems so laid back about it all it’s so funny to see him this worried.

A relatively short time late the newest Tripp is born. She clearly has her dad’s skin tone, which is super excited to me. Yay genetic diversity in this family! She is given the name Abby.

Abby is named after Mary Abigail (Abby) Wambach. She is a well known US Soccer player, 2-time gold medalist, FIFA World Cup Champion, and part of the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

I don’t know if I have ever listed why I have named all of the kids the way I have, so just for fun, here’s a quick breakdown.

Kiana – Founder and just a fun name. Gardening career.
Belle – Kiana’s daughter, named after Bluebell’s which grew in Kiana’s garden. Music career (violin)
Lindsay – Belle’s daughter, named after Lindsey Striling, famous violin player. Archeology career
Lara – Lindsey’s daughter, and named after Lara Croft, video game female archeologst. Athletic career.

So hopefully you see the pattern, whatever career their mom was in I try and find a famous or well known name associate to name her daughter. Ok, enough side tracked stuff.

While the bay was being born, Lindsey was out in the garden offering a sugar skull to one of the tombstones. This little kid was actually the celebrator. I believe he gave us a new skull.

I decided to follow Zygo to work the next day. I have a lot of things I want to find or get, but also want to see if we can get Zygo up his career, even though it doesn’t unlock anything for us. It’s kind of fun.

In fact he earns a promotion that day. Way to go Zygo. It’s not that we need the money at this point, but every little bit that he can progress through is that much more we can try and use later.

I follow him again the next day and he invents the freeze ray and has to use it on a co-worker. He also spends time just chatting with his co-workers as well.

Back at home Cleo has come over again and the girls spend time out in the pool. I was finally able to get them a pool since we unlocked plumbing and it will be good for building fitness.

Before anyone was likely ready for it, little Abby grew up into a toddler. She is so cute! She rolled the Independent trait and she got a little bit of a make-over, but I think I mostly left her alone.

Lara gets busy teaching Abby how to use the potty and since Abby is independent she will be able to do this a lot more all on her own I have learned. It’s pretty nice.

I took the family to one of the parks, since Lindsey had gotten to level 10 of handiness, it meant they could get into the grotto. It did take a few tires to get down there, but eventually Zygo made it. He found a few things, spent a tiny time fishing and then went home.

We will end this update with the family moving into a new house on Sulani. I decided we needed a larger yard, a bigger house, a new location and so here we are. You can see they have stayed at 5 rooms (2 enclosed bedrooms, 1 enclosed bathroom, and then the large room downstairs and the large room upstairs.) I actually add one more partial bedroom upstairs at the end of the hall with a half-wall entrance for a child, as the toddler room is downstairs.

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