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SimNaNo Entry #7

Welcome back to post 7 for SimNaNo. This is going to be a pretty long update, so let’s waste no time and get right to the goals:

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (5 of 9)
  • Workaholics (1 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (10 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspirational Family (10 of 30 aspirations competed)

We made great progress last time and Olive really just needs that last pregnancy and go write the novel. Well that and keep the island clean, but that hasn’t seemed too difficult.

So you got to see at the end of the last update the new area for the graves, but I didn’t show you the actual addition to the house. So here it is. I plan to put the rocket ship on the roof. We have a lot of the skilling items we are actually using up there and will move things in and out as needed

Void: She is not that funny

She’s working on it…shhhh.

Void: I can’t listen to this.

Yes Oceana is working on her comedy. Her first comedy routine is called Hairstyles Mishaps. You can see Olive working in the back and you can just see Blossom’s plumbob as she working Media Editing.

This towel-clad Brook picture is to say Brook maxed the dancing skill!

Brook: That’s right, I’ve got moooves.

Uh huh, you do, go paint.

Brook: Hey, that was my spotlight.

Yes, but if you want to be out on your own and released from this house before you are an elder you need to get your….done.

Well she ran off quickly. I will note I have given every one of the girls, and Fabiana a potion of youth. I want them to have time out in the world, and with it taking so long for the last baby/babies to have space in the home, I gave them one each, staggered out.

Oceana and Blossom head out for a little time away from the house. Blossom is working on the celebrity aspiration, but I don’t know that she is going to get there. She does hand out some autographs. I love how jealous the girl in blue looks that someone else is getting an autograph. She gets one a few moments later and faints.

Back at home we have an almost full family pictures….well, ok, a little over 1/2 a full family picture. While Olive works on grading papers everyone else eats some food and chats with Petunia.

This time I remember a birthday and Fabiana grows up into an adult like Olive is. They are still very cute together, but then it’s back to work. Feels like it’s never ending around here.

Blossom works more on the media production skill. I had never used this before, but it’s kind of fun. She does some inspirational blogs, and records some yoga videos that she edits and uploads.

I think I missed the picture of Lily coming home with an A and completing her aspiration. She gets Rambunctious Scamp next so we head to the playground, where we find a very pregnant Orca. Lily loves her aunt Orca. I have apparently been asleep at the wheel as this is Orca’s second child.

Back at home, without me even realizing it was time, little Petunia grows up to a child. Sorry Petunia. She doesn’t look very happy with me for forgetting her birthday.

This is Petunia after a bit of a make-over and with a smile on her face. She’s cute, and I actually can see a lot of her grandpa Desiree in her, although she looks a lot like her mom’s too. Even as a bad apple she managed to get Happy Toddler and she gets the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, and she is a Glutton.

I guess when we saw her Orca was about ready to pop and gave birth to Misty.

I send all the girls out to swim, which will work their fitness (or in Petunia, Lily, and Lavender’s case motor) while also upping everyone’s fun. They sometimes need it and in the clear water with turtles swimming around frequently it’s a lot of fun.

So I really like the paintings Brook was painting here and had never seen them before. It even helped put her over her milestone. Way to go Brook! She just needs to paint some masterpieces now and she will be finished.

This feels like a common sight in this house. Someone back there brewing a potion, the potion of plentiful needs of course, that potion is a life saver in this family, and multiple conversations going. It’s a fun kind of chaos.

Oceana finished up her second aspiration! This computer whiz one takes some time, but was a lot of fun, and Oceana hacked her work so she should be getting a promotion.

It’s time for the L-twins’ birthday and they both grew up with a…..hijab, is that what it’s called? Yeah, or at least similar. I wonder if they are trying to tell me something. They only have it as a bedtime head attire, so they do not keep it.

Here they are after their make-overs. I think both girls are absolutely beautiful, and with both being spellcasters, at this moment I’m secretly hoping one of them in heiress. Lily, in white of course, adds Vegetarian to Art Lover. She apparently heard stories of her grandma Desiree. She gets Master Actress as her aspiration as well. Lavender, on the other hand, gets the Hates Children trait. Sigh She gets the Nerd Brain aspiration and they each competed 2 aspirations each.

Both Blossom and Oceana complete skills. That’s 2 more out the way. These girls are on a roll!

I decided it was time to get the girls started on their magical training and Lily starts first and works with the cauldron. With mom being a potion expert they will hopefully learn quickly and maybe get some mentoring out of the deal.

Blossom has also been working on the Wellness skill. Before I had the mat out on the beach, but then the stormy season hit and Blossom is so close to maxing it, so I bring it inside and have her work. She is up to level 9. I admit, I wanted Blossom to get the promotion she needed so she could move out with Brook, but she wasn’t gaining it quickly, so we bought a wishing well and wished for a promotion, which the well granted.

One of the girls Lavender befriended as a girl came home with her after school and we chatted for a bit. I’m not completely sure why her fists are clenched, I guess the convo turned awkward.

The next day, thanks to careful watching over Brook’s performance and Blossom’s wish they both come home with the final promotion, level 10 Stylist and Writer. Blossom is not going to finish that other aspiration, but that’s ok. I just have one small thing left for reach of them.

Since I hadn’t used the board at all I have Brook fill it up with some impressions and she makes a style, because why not? She then takes some money and moves into a little two bedroom where she and Blossom will both live. Brook ends up with 17 traits, 1 career competed, 5 skills maxed (only 4 are new though) and 2 aspirations competed (not including the one childhood one.) She did great and deserves to have a good life.

Blossom comes home and gets back on the yoga mat. You can see she’s gotten good and before the end of the night she has maxed wellness. She moves out with Brook. Blossom managed to have 14 traits, maxed 3 skills (all new), and completed 1 adult, and 1 child aspiration. She might not have gotten as far as Brook, but she was only a couple things away from completing the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration, but I need room for kids.

After Brook and Blossom are settled in their new home These two head out to the waterfall and have some fun. I’m hoping for a successful woohoo as I believe, as long as she does the youngest can turn into kids before the eldest are YA, so we can have our heir poll. I’m hoping.

Teleporting back home and we discover SUCCESS!!! We have the final pregnancy of this generation and I’m not sure if it will be twins or not, but we have room for it to be. We’ll find out soon enough.

Olive heads back to Fabiana, who can’t teleport here and there like Olive and is still at the waterfall, and she shares the news. It’s like Fabiana is saying, but how can you know so fast???? So our final baby or babies are on the way. However that is where we will end this update. There was a lot going on this time and I know this had a lot more pictures, but hopefully you don’t mind.

As just a quick aside, these are Orca’s two kids. Wade she had with Jayme Jayme Kahananui, who was one of her girlfriends before, and he lives with Jayme. He is Clingy, but since Jayme doesn’t have red hair, that must have come from grandma Autumn. Misty, on the other hand, still lives with Orca and her other mama is Rosa Pancakes, who was Orca’s main squeeze for a long time. She is an Inquisitive toddler.

Orca is now married to this man, Juan Esteban Sandoval, and they are living with Misty and Juan sister. This family tree is going to get crazy quick at this rate. For now, however, that is all the time we have Next update we will see the new baby, and MIGHT get to an heir poll. That is my goal at least. We will see what happens, but thanks for joining us!

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,689 | 12,768 / 25,000
Pictures: +44 | 279 / 500

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SimNaNo Entry #6

You’re back again? Well thanks for continuing on with us through this crazy challenge. I realized we are over 1/2 way, or right about 1/2 way really, through this challenge. It’s crazy to believe. Let’s not dilly dally today and get right into the goals.

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (5 of 9)
  • Workaholics (1 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (9 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspirational Family (9 of 30 aspirations competed)

We actually made some progress last entry. Olive put together a relic and used it on someone, we had the handiness skill get maxed and a couple of aspirations completed. Where are we at now you ask? Especially since I hinted at an eventual entry, well let’s get to it.

We start with Lily and Lavender become the best of friends, forever. This gets Lavender over that initial milestone and now she will need to meet kids and start making lots of friends.

Then it’s off to the magical realm. With Oceana finishing up her magic levels she was able to unlock the skill for dueling and I think it might help her win some against the sages. So she goes and says hi to our friend, the practical magic sage and challenge her to a duel. Where Oceana loses soundly.

It takes two more tries to have Oceana beat her, but she does, gripping her with magical energy. The sage of mischief is next and it only takes Oceana one try to take her down as well. The sage of untamed magic (or maybe I have those two switched, but either way) takes a couple of tries, but he is soon beaten as well. That’s all three sages beaten in a duel.

As you might have noticed in the slide show, Olive was also there, back in her gown. Not sure why, specifically, but this what she wears now apparently. She tried to take on a sage, but got beaten. She is just a fraction of the way away from the top level of magic herself so she practices and practices.

Until she also completes her aspiration. That is the nature aspiration out of the way, and to take it’s place Olive gets the Big Happy Family aspiration. Hopefully this will work out for her.

So I was pretty sure I got a picture of it, but apparently not, so when Oceana gets back from the magical realm we find little Petunia has grown up into a toddler. We get started potty training her right away since she is a bad apple and I can’t see what she needs or has at any point.

Here is little Petunia after her make-over. She is a cute little thing but is not a spellcaster. She rolled Silly as her trait, which is better than Clingy for a bad apple I think. She has green as her primary color, even those that shirt is white.

Olive reads to the girls. I’m not sure what is happening with Lavender in this picture, but her face is priceless. Olive reads to the girls for a couple of hours each which helps Lily with her aspiration. All the books they read were written by aunt Blossom.

Olive continues to work out and find her clothes fitting looser and looser. She has made quite the dramatic difference in her weight, although I cannot remember if it was fast enough for her resolution. Still, she’s looking good and feeling good.

Then it’s time for Olive’s birthday. The cake turned out pretty badly, but it doesn’t need to look nice specifically for Olive, and so she goes and blow the candles out to become a full adult. Oceana had her’s last time and it took me a moment to figure out why this seemed wrong. Olive is technically the middle child, but with her pregnancies Oceana went past her.

Then it’s skill, skill, skill time for the family. Fabiana has been studying vampire lore and sits out on the beach chair to read more. Little Lily is working on her whiz kid aspiration by experimenting with the science station, and Blossom, I decided, would work on the wellness skill, and starts doing yoga.

Not to be outdone by any of her siblings, Oceana also maxes out the programing skill. The next things she will focus on is video gaming as she needs that for her job as well. I keep hoping the girls will finish up their careers but so far no such luck. I’ll keep trying though!

Then Oceana goes on a bit of a “fun” spree. She goes to help Petunia up the slide, but then glitches and refuses to go help her actually slide, so Petunia is sad. Then she goes up to the upper floor we added to the house and plays on the game mat, which she breaks. Then she goes to play on the computer and talk to her mom, who is out haunting tonight, and breaks Blossom’s computer. Thanks Oceana, great help.

I might not be able to see for sure what all her skills are, but enough notifications like this and I can keep track of how Penunia is doing. She is right on track to reach Happy Toddler at least.

Brook needs to go view art for her aspiration, so out she heads to look at some art. We bring Blossom with us, and then realize I made this mistake again. It’s art in a regular museum, not an art museum. I always mix that up for some reason. So we head to the regular museum.

While at this museum Blossom gets asked for a selfie, which just about blows me over as it took Kynzie in my Name Game MUCH longer to get selfies. I think this gives her two, as someone else asked outside.

Then the two decide to hit the gym right next door. Neither have been working out like Olive has been, and while they grew up swimming I’ve kept them pretty busy and not working on fitness, but they take a little time, and this might be where Blossom got asked for the other selfie. I can’t remember now.

Petunia has stared asking to do flash card from just about anyone who can. So both Blossom and Fabiana are more than willing to do flash cards with her. This helps Petunia work on her thinking easily.

That evening we get haunted by Deisree again, who is actually in a good mood for once coming out. The family talks to Deisree and Lavender spends time getting closer with her aunts and grandma.

Olive goes out and starts trying to fish. She has been swimming out to dive for treasures every day, but decides fishing might help. The twins will take up fishing as well, once they are a little bit older as I want to get them going on fishing on a spot for their badge. Those daily swims have done wonders for Olive’s waistline and she is showing off quite a trim body now.

Lavender hasn’t yet met any kids somehow, so Lily invites the girl she met at school over for Lavender to befriend, which goes swimmingly. Before long they are good friends. Lily is still working on the A, she has everything else she needs to complete her aspiration.

Autumn haunt us that evening, and sets off quite the string of events with this breaking of the toilet and shower. Thanks Autumn. So let me start by saying this. Everyone gets up and goes off to school/work the next day with no problems. Lily works hard and gets the check mark to get her A, and chooses to make some more friends, but throughout the day I check to make sure she is still on track to get her A.

At noon, Blossom goes to fix everything that is broken and after fixing a computer, comes to the bathroom and manages to set the toilet on fire. She can’t seem to do anything with the fire, so she decides to try and put it out with a spell, only to freeze herself. By the time the fire is out the toilet and shower have to be replaced, Blossom is frozen and Lily comes home without an A. THANK YOU AUTUMN.

In better news, however, Olive, who got a job in education I think I forgot to mention before, gets herself a promotion already. Way to go Olive! She is well on her way.

Lavender does meet a couple of kids, however, and invites them over to make friends. Few pictures later and she is friends with both of them and completes her aspiration. She chooses Artistic Prodigy next. She is also through most of her badges for scouts.

Olive works on the next batch of plentiful needs potions and while she can give them to the girls, they can’t drink them yet. That must come with being a teenager, or at least I hope so. Olive looks nice in her education “uniform.”

Oceana is back to helping Petunia with her potty skill, and I get the notice that potty skill is maxed. I do believe Petunia is going to reach happy toddler without too much issues, which is very exciting.

I added a video editing table to the upstairs skilling room, as well as a research computer which I have the girls working on. Since Olive needs Research and Debate for her job she is going to focus on that skill, and Blossom will work on the Media Editing skill.

I did manage to create a nice place for the urns to sit now, which is right outside of the skill room at the top of the house. Now the ghosts are upstairs and we don’t have quite the desire to go mourn as often and I can catch them when they go to do it easier before they get there. That feels like another good place to end an update. Everyone is so close to getting through jobs, and next time we will have more birthdays, so I hope you join us then.

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,744 | 11,079 / 25,000
Pictures: +49 | 235 / 500

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SimNaNo Entry #5

We are back again and about a 1/3 of the way through our updates for the month, and wouldn’t you know, we are also about a 1/3 of the way through the month, so we are right on track so far! I think I initially miscounted on the posts I was going to do, but then realizing I posted that one post “early” and that threw it off, so my goal was 15 updates, but now it looks like I’ll get 16 in, which is great! All right, enough rambling by me. Let’s get to our goals:

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (5 of 9)
  • Workaholics (1 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (8 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspirational Family (7 of 30 aspirations competed)

So we were able to add a skill maxed, another pregnancy marked off, and the Selvadorada spouse achieved. So let’s see how the family does now and what the newest baby will be.

We start off to a great start by having Desiree come in and break the dollhouse, which Blossom fixes the next afternoon since we have a new baby on the way and the girls still use it too.

Brook works on finishing up all of the bed upgrades for all of the beds in the house. I believe they are fully completed, but there might be one or two that need something. This should help us all get good amounts of sleep and rest and comfort.

Fabiana is a great mother and the girls enjoy bath time with her. How they manage to get so dirty so quickly is mostly beyond me, especially since they don’t play out in the dirt very much, but oh well.

All the work on the beds has managed to get Brook a maxed out skill. That’s another skill down, only 31 more to go. I don’t think there is anyway I’m maxing all of these skills, and the number of them just keep growing too, but I’m doing my best. We’ll see how it goes.

Void: I’ll take that piece.

Blossom: Hey!!

Void: What it was going to miss your mouth completely….

So I know the familiar really didn’t eat it, but that’s what I feels like happened to me.

Just a quick picture to show that we have added to our buried treasure collection and we are getting closer to finishing it. This one has been the hardest to finish. I find treasures frequently, but they are just the same ones I already have. I’ll keep trying though.

Blossom completed her aspiration. That’s another one down, and all I need her to do is finish up her career, which isn’t happening very quickly. I keep hoping, but so far, no such luck. I’m about to break down and buy a well to help out here. Still, finishing this aspiration has been great. Her new one is World Famous Celebrity, which I had initially made Brook, but she got changed to Painter Extraordinaire, since she still has paintings to do for work.

Such a dirty little girl, but she is adorable all the same. Still, I really would love to know HOW they get so dirty so fast. It feels like they need baths all the time.

Blossom went to repair the speaker at noon, there was the speaker and a couple of plumbing items that needed repairing. Instead of repairing it, she managed to catch the speaker on fire and couldn’t manage to put it out. Not only did it ruin the speaker, it burned up the archeology table, and on the other side of the wall got the fridge and magic mop. Thanks Blossom!

It’s crazy for me to believe it’s already the twins birthday, and the new baby won’t be far behind either. Olive brings Lavender to the cake first, and then Fabiana gets to bring little Lily over next.

Here they are after a bit of a make-over so they get their colors once again. Looking at them in CAS with the same hair style, the eye browns are different, and that’s basically it, so they are essentially identical. Lavender, on the left, rolled Geek for her first trait and she got Social Butterfly. Lily, on the other hand, rolled Art Lover for her trait and rolled Whiz Kid, because of course. Both girls got the Top-Notch Toddler trait and both are spellcasters.

After joining the scouts Lily gets right to work on her homework, and you can see we replaced the burned items as well. Oceana enjoys a piece of the cake Olive made for the girls. We don’t have many sweets around right now, mostly salads to try and help Olive with the weight loss goals.

Late that night, or rather probably early the next morning, labor pains strike Olive. Fabiana of course comes along, and is panicking by the time they reach the hospital. Olive is a little frightened, given how her first pregnancy went during the actual birthing machine process.

When she lays down and the machine covers her Olive makes this series of faces. I think she is remembering and keeping a close eye on those arms and as soon as one moves in she is pretty freaked out. I don’t blame her one bit for any of this, especially when we learn we have an intern.

Thankfully, and amazingly, everything is very smooth this time, and the only thing removed from her body with this little angle of a girl who gets the name Petunia. Petunia will be our bad apple of this gen, which I always feel bad assigning, but I just have the feeling if I give the game room we will end up twins again.

Back at home, this is a fairly traditional sight. Oceana is working on potions, and she is close to finishing her aspiration. As soon as someone gets low on plentiful needs potions we are brewing up another batch. Those things are great in this house!

The next morning I remember to have Olive fuse a relic together and then she adds the gem. All that’s left now is to use it on someone outside of the family. This should be a blessing relic, and provide money to whoever we use it on. That feels better than the curse to me as a general note, especially since curses can spread.

After school the girls are usually pretty unhappy and so they take some time to build a sand castle together. I do love this interaction and it provides so much fun is great. These two are pretty close and it won’t be hard to make them best friends for Lavender’s aspiration.

One of Fabiana’s requirements for work was to give the gift of produce to someone. So she takes some of the strawberries and gives them to Olive. I worry this will be disappointing, but instead Olive laughs and it’s a positive experience all the way around.

Brook begins working, in earnest, on her aspiration. Holding a Meet and Greet at the local pub one night, and traveling to a celebrity hot spot the next day. I bring Olive along, who reverts back to her hospital gown for some reason and we hope maybe a couple of people will ask for a selfie. We do, at least, get to deal with the paparazzi.

After changing back into normal clothes, Olive takes the opportunity to use the blessing relic on this fan. It feels good to bless someone and hopefully the fan will be thankful for the money. That marks off most of Olive’s requirements, just the pregnancy and to finish up her aspiration now.

I did a little rearranging of the living room as the TV broke and I was tired of the tiny TV they had, so we got a nice stand and a nice TV, but to allow it to fit easier we moved it again the wall that a couch use to sit on and reorganized the room a bit. We are going to have to add on another level to the house soon.

Back at home, life continues pretty much how it has been. Olive continues to work out and has been doing great, she is noticing the progress for sure Fabiana has taken over running the yard sale table once in a while. Not that the family needs much in the way of money anymore, but it’s fun all the same.

Then it’s Oceana’s birthday. Hard to believe she is an Adult now, but that’s what happens as life moves on. She is so close to finishing up her aspiration and so while the party rages on and lots of fun is had, Oceana heads off to work her magic, and has begun teleporting everywhere.

And she does it. She is now a top ranked magic user, although she can continue to level up for more points to spend. She changes to Computer Whiz as she has a job as a Tech Guru, which I cannot remember if I mentioned before or not. So hopefully she can get through everything soon. However, I believe that is a good place to stop this update. It’s a little bit shorter than I have been doing, but I’ve played ahead enough and there is a lot to cover next time. So see you in a couple of days!

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,617 | 9,335 / 25,000
Pictures: +38 | 186 / 500

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SimNaNo Entry #4

We are up to entry number four for SimNaNo and I think I’m on track to meet my goals, but we will see how it goes. So far so good though. You aren’t here for my talks about that though, you are here for the Comic’s. So let’s do a quick recap. Last time Orca got her aspiration complete and moved out. Twins Lily and Lavender were born and grew up to toddlers on the same day that Autumn passed on. Olive and Fabiana got engaged and then married. Here is a look at our other goals:

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (4 of 9)
  • Workaholics (1 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (7 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspirational Family (7 of 30 aspirations competed)

None of this has really changed although we are working harder on Olive’s aspiration. I did add the requirements for the 3 super mini-challenges I am kind of working on. I used my suggested number of aspirations as my number to reach, I think it’s still going to be tough, but we’ll do our best.

We start where we left off last time, with Olive at the magical realm. She is working on her potions and her magical skills. She still needs to be up to the top level of magic in order to complete her aspiration, and I need her to get a job soon. I’m not sure we are going to get through all the aspirations and I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to get all the skills, but we’ll keep trying.

Oceana came and joined Olive in the magical realm and started getting to be friends with the sages as well. I believe she is likely going to be the one to challenge them to duels. I could be one of Olive’s kids as well, so we will see how it goes.

I really do like this current sage. She’s rather pretty, but of course, our spouses have to come from Selvadorada, and I think we’ve had good luck so far. With these sages being friends Oceana was able to get some additional magical training.

Then the sisters had a couple of friendly duels. Oceana lost both times to her older sister. That makes sense, Olive is higher in her magical training than Oceana is, but they both need to max it. I should start having them duel more often and that might help boost up their magic levels.

Today is a special day for the family. Why you might ask, well you’ll see in a moment. Blossom hasn’t been seen much, but she is speeding through her aspiration. She just needs to finish another bestseller and then she is at level 7 in her career and should start progressing quickly, I hope.

So why is it a special day? Because it’s WinterFest of course! This is the first holiday with the twins being old enough to participate. They have a lot of fun decorating the tree, and opening presents together. Every one got something good I believe, but the toddlers had to go to bed before Father Winter arrived.

Olive and Brook took each of the twins to teach them some things with flash cards. The twins haven’t had a lot of devoted attention to gaining skills with traveling to the magical realm so much, so we need to focus on getting them through their skills once the holiday is over.

Once Brook is done with flash cards, it’s time for her to take more pictures. This photography skill is not an easy one to master at all. Luckily Lavender is a great photo subject, and that look on the bottom one is just too priceless. These two are going to be trouble I think. At least they are adorable.

I discovered that Fabiana could read magical tomes to the twins. I have no idea if this does anything or not. I find it fun though and so had her read to them one of the potion tomes. This, luckily, also gets her started on the Successful Lineage aspiration as well. Luckily the read to a Child doesn’t require it to be an actual child, toddlers also count.

Olive got a phone call about someone wanting to have a duel at the dueling grounds. We go ahead and say yes, even though the twins were needing things. Olive won the duel easily and felt very confident after wards. Then she headed home

Desiree came out and haunted that night though, and Brook was up and active so she, of course, got out the camera. Desiree might have been sad when she first showed up but Brook got her cheered up right away. We miss Desiree but the girls are doing really well. I do need to have more room before too much longer, but we’ll see how it goes, and I’m hoping Brook can get through her career.

The girls get pretty messy some days, and with as much as we have been away the girls haven’t gotten as potty trained as I would normally try and have them at this point. So while Olive was at home she made sure to get the girls a bath. I love the splash I caught in this picture of Lavender. They are both so cute.

The family was struggling with fun. I have been pushing them all pretty hard, and so everyone was pretty unhappy at their social and fun needs so decided to hold a movie night for them. Dinner was eaten in the living room and a movie was watched with most of the family. It helped everyone have a lot more fun and the whole family went to bed much happier that night.

Autumn came out that night and started haunting. The house is back into a pretty bad state again. With being done there is a toilet that I haven’t been home around noon to fix it, or I keep missing the noon time slot. With Autumn out however, a sink, another toilet, and now as you can see, a shower are broken as well. There is also a computer broken now, so we need to fix some things.

Another story time, or rather potion reading happens the next day. We did manage to remember to have Olive finally fix everything in the house at noon that next day. There was a lot, but with her magical skill she was able to get it all done before the hour was up. Brook has been working on upgrading beds as well.

Brook got called out by Orca to come hang out with her and one of her friends at the cliffs. I know the picture is dark, but of course it was close to dark, so Brook played around with the picture taking a bit as well. They never did light the bon fire however.

She wasn’t the closest with Orca, so Brook took the chance to also take pictures of and with Orca She is up to level 4 in photography and this pushes her close to the top. I think she might manage to max it before too much longer, but it’s taken a while. After this the sisters were much closer of course.

The girls headed over to the pool that is up there and went swimming until it get cold. About the time Brook felt like she was going to freeze to death they all got out and put on their cold weather clothing. They didn’t stay much longer after this as Brook was starting to get tired and I wanted to get her back home.

The Christmas Tree s still up but we are up to New Years now. Olive has worked on collecting more buried treasure and manged to find a new piece. We are down to needing 8 pieces, and I will probably send Olive out a little bit more soon. With her collector’s trait she is good at finding things. The twins were feeling neglected so they were played with.

Brook: I want to get a promotion, so I’m going to work on it.

Blossom: I am too, and I’m close, so I think I can make it.

Fabiana: Count me in on that as well. I want to get a promotion too.

Olive: I want to get back into shape, so I’m going to try and lose weight.

Oceana: I just want to finish my aspiration.

Oceana and Blossom take advantage of the time at home with the twins to read them stories, talking to them, and teaching them more things. The twins are excited to have so much undivided attention by their aunts. Shortly after this I send both Brook and Blossom to work to try and get promotions, but sadly neither got on.

Right before Brook left for work I had to capturing shots of Oceana practicing her magics, and Lily working on her potty skill, and she finally did it. Another skill maxed. This is one of the hardest skills, in my opinion, to get completed so I’m excited. She will likely work on the painting skill as well, since that is also needed for her career. I’m debating if I have her finish her career. She seems to have stalled, but we’ll see what happens.

Before the new years countdown begins some of the girls get together to eat some dinner. Olive has been brewing potions, as you can almost make out the blue liquid with a bit of smoke still coming off of it. The others are all napping so they can enjoy the countdown.

The five adults who are still here in the house gather to watch the countdown. Blossom left about an hour before to go read one of the twins to sleep as she had gotten up. Luckily she made it back in time to finish the countdown and everyone had a great new years. Fabiana gives Olive a kiss, and Brook gets up and gives her a hug.

Right at the end of the evening, Desiree was coming out to haunt, and it was about this time that Olive realizes she is pregnant with baby number 2. At the moment there is no room for it to be more than one baby, so this might be our bad apple. I’m trying to decide if I wait for the next baby for the bad apple, but I haven’t fully decided yet.

With that we are going to call it good and next time we should see the new baby, and the twins should also be growing up. I’m hoping we will see Brook and Blossom get higher in their careers and Oceana through her aspiration. We’ll see how it goes.

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,843 | 7,718 / 25,000
Pictures: +36 | 148 / 500

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SimNaNo Entry #3

We are ready for another update already?? All right! Let’s get back into it all. So last time we had a lot going on. Orca was a dating fiend, we had a couple of trips to the magical realm, and at the end Olive gave birth to twin girls, Lily and Lavender, who were special Father Winter babies. That takes care of pregnancy one, but the house is now full. Let’s a take a quick gander at our goals:

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

We still have plenty of things to go, haven’t crossed anything off for a while, although we have found our spouse, they just aren’t married yet, and we know the game might snatch her up for someone else. Still, it all feels doable, just gotta kick some other people out of the house. So let’s see if we can accomplish this.

Oceana takes the opportunity to get out the house and travel back to the magical realm to browse for some books and get some more ingredients. She needs to get to level 5 in magic, and is only at level 3 currently. She needs to get a lot further, and quickly.

Even though I didn’t figure it would work Oceana challenged one of the sages to a friendly duel. She did lose, but she held her own for a bit, and it didn’t seem like a complete blowout, which was nice. I think Oceana might actually be able to beat them before too much longer.

Back at home we are back with Orca continuing her romantic endeavors. She only needs 2 more kisses at this point, and still knows a good 4 or 5 more sims she could achieve this with This lady came to a party one time and I thought she was cute, so we have Orca call her over and picture taking ensues.

She seems QUITE surprised when Orca goes in for the first kiss, but there is no rejection of it either. Orca is one kiss away from completing this milestone, which feels like it’s taken forever to get through, but probably hasn’t been that long.

Olive still needs to get through the potion making, but she’s through all of the potion books, and is no longer learning any by experimenting with the cauldron. I think she is going to have to travel to the magical realm herself soon and see if she can get some training. She also needs to get up to level 5 in magic. I feel lots of magic coming our way.

This elder was an adult when Orca initially started getting to know her, but now it’s time for Orca to seal the deal with her and see if she can get that final kiss. I’m surprised that Orca isn’t higher in the photography skill by now with as many pictures as she takes, but since we aren’t really experimenting or playing around with the filters much on these that might be why.

Success! Orca has finished another milestone She’s almost through her aspiration and just needs to go on 3 gold level dates in order to finish all her goals for this challenge. Orca does have a bit of an advantage having only an aspiration to focus on, but still. I’m happy to have her almost done.

It was right around the when I was looking out across our flamingo flock and realized, by gads! We are missing 6 flamingos. Totally forgot to buy them when the twins were brought home. It’s been a while since we had to buy any. However, this was quickly rectified while they were still babies, and flamingo flock is full once again.

Orca heads out for her first gold level date with this girl, whom was early on in our dating spree. I have NO idea what Orca is talking to her about, but this face is just WAY too funny to me. I think she might be complaining about her life, how I’m such a task master and she can’t wait to leave the house.

Orca: Well can you blame me? I practically live on potions from my sisters.

It’s not THAT bad. You are getting what you want most out of life aren’t you?

Orca: I mean I guess, but did it have to be all done in like a week?

It’s been longer than a week. Are you sure your trait is dramatic??

Our next date is with Rosa, of course, as she and Orca have been girlfriends since they were teenagers I didn’t actually get pictures of the other date she went on, but Rosa and Orca had a good time I basically didn’t even have Orca leave the lot, and once we reached gold we ended the date.

Orca: Everyone heard that right?? I wasn’t even allowed to go home!

Oh for pete’s sake Orca, you are SO dramatic.

Once the date ends, we get the notice that Orca managed to finish the aspiration.

You can now go home Orca, and you can move out.

Orca: About time! See ya Rosa, I’m headed home now. I’m tired.

Orca: I got an apartment!!

Congrats, that was fast.

Orca: Yeah, I looked on my way back over here.

How, didn’t you basically swim back?

Orca: HECK NO!! I wasn’t at the close beach remember, that’s a restaurant now.

Oh right! Well anyway, I guess we’ll give you some funds and you can be on your way.

Orca: All right! See you all!!!!

Wow, she was REALLY ready to leave. With that, we have space in the house again, so I don’t actually mind.

Olive doesn’t waste any time in inviting Fabiana over. As a side note, you can see our completed first generation wall of pictures, although you can only barely see Olive’s frame. She, of course got red as her frame color. I like all the different colors of frames you can use. It’s a lot of fun.

Right there in the hallway, we have Olive drop down to one knee and ask Fabiana the important question. All of these trips back and forth from Selvadorada have been taking their toll. Fabiana, thankfully says yes!

Without even thinking about it, a little ceremony is held right there on the landing. Very quickly after getting them married I realized a couple of things. First, I shouldn’t have had Fabiana move in yet, because the house is now full again, so no babies yet. Secondly, I was going to have Olive complete the Soulmate aspiration, but now that will have to wait for someone else.

Brook takes Fabiana’s picture to hang on the wall of the house. Fabiana joins the household and we find out the following about her: She is unemployed, which quickly changes when we get her a job in the gardening career. She has an aspiration of Mansion Barron, but it is changed as I do not see anything in the rules about not being able to do that. She now has the Successful Lineage aspiration.

Fabiana might not have initially planned on jumping into a premade family with Olive, or expecting her to be carrying Clement Frost’s children, but she’s more than happy to take care of the little ones anyway. Lily and Lavender will be lucky to have her, since I have no idea how often Father Winter will be over. I wonder if he gives his own little ones special gifts?

Brook continues to work on her skills and on her career as a Stylist. She did finally get another promotion and her skills are counting again. She needs to work a little more on Charisma, Photography, and Painting, but I’m hoping a few more trips to the magical realm, with her left at home might help that. This is not an easy career to max, but I’m hoping she can do it.

I did, by the way, add Fabiana’s flamingos to the flock and it is now 2 full lines of flamingos. If we keep up with kids this way we are going to have a full yard of flamingos. I have also just realized that saying, or typing, flamingo flock is actually pretty fun. I have also left, as you can see, a couple of gnomes to look after the flock. We have the death gnome for protection and the bunny gnome to feed them.

Brook takes Olive’s picture for her spot as heir on the wall of photos, and we still need to get Olive into more writing, but she also needs to get through potions, so we have a lot still to do. Spot also gets his place in the picture too and will official be in the family scrapbook.

As hard as it might be to believe, it’s Lily and Lavender’s birthday’s today and Fabiana and Olive head up stairs to help them with growing up. They are adorable little girls, and MIGHT be identical. As soon as they grow up Olive and Fabiana start teaching the girls to walk. However, my camera gets pulled as I prepare to take a new picture.

Autumn is preparing to say good-bye. For as much as this saddens me, at the same time it means we will have room for another baby, which is actually good. So while I will miss Autumn greatly, I thank her for starting us off so strongly and am ready to say good-bye.

Autumn, however, has one final surprise for us. As she begin to lay on the ground and wait for grim, who was already forming at the edge of the lot, we noticed that all Autumn needed to complete one final aspiration was to have 8 people in the club. We have 7. So a quick invite went out to join our club, and amazingly enough, she joined and with Autumn’s final breaths she completed a fourth aspiration.

Oceana wanders out and is in a bit of shock seeing her mom laying on the ground. When Olive joins her in a few moments, followed by one of the girls crying and sadness ensue. The family will miss Autumn, but Desiree has shown them that they will see her again, and so the loss is lessened slightly.

Olive needs go to the magical realm to get more potion recipes, so we send her out. She talks with the mischief sage but before anything more can happen she wander off and the sage of practical magic shows up.

So Olive decides to become fast friends with the sage so she can ask for potion recipes. The pictures work like a charm and Olive finally knows how to make the Potion of Plentiful Needs with apples.

Then Olive heads up to the upper floors where the sage of untamed magic is wandering and does the same to him. Not only is Olive now friends with him, but she learns a new potion recipe here as well. She’s down to needing a single recipe, and then to level up her magic, to compete her aspiration.

Then we notice the sage of mischief is downstairs, so Olive heads down and becomes quick friends with her as well. This allows her to learn a final potion and now her goal is to practice a lot of magic. I will probably being Oceana and Olive here together and see if they can duel their way up.

So I would say that it feels like a good place to end the update, but I know you would all be very sad to not see the L-twins after their make-overs, am I right? Well I wouldn’t do that to you, so let’s see them.

Presenting Lavender and Lily Comic. Lavender’s color is purple, of course, and she rolled the Charmer trait for her toddler years. Lily got white because while I know Lilies come in lots of colors, the classic Lily is white. She rolled the Wild trait. Both are actually spellcasters with the Strong Bloodline traits, and they also got the special Father Winter’s Baby trait as well. That will actually wrap us up for today and I hope to see you back in a couple of days!

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +2,080 | 5,875 / 25,000
Pictures: +38 | 112 / 500

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SimNaNo Entry #2

Welcome back for another post. Last time we made some good progress on the SimNaNo goals, and also on the goals for the challenge. Both Autumn and Brook completed some aspirations, Desiree completed her aspiration and then passed away after providing us with a great foundation. Orca was making great progress on her aspiration and Olive found her future wife in Selvadorada. So let’s take a look at our goals again.

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

So Olive is working hard on completing her nature aspiration, but we have found our spouse, just haven’t married her yet. She also needs to do the relic still as well, but we have time for that. One thing we do need to get through is the buried treasure collection. This has been slow going, but hopefully we’ll get there soon.

We start with some excitement. Olive, while attempting to magically repair the broken sink manages to catch it on fire.

Olive: How did it catch fire though???

I agree that is a VERY good question, especially as that looks small and the spewing water feels like it should put it out. Regardless, we need to put it out.

Olive: I can’t. I can’t reach it.

What do you mean you can’t reach it?!!! It’s literally in front of you.

Olive: Nope, can’t reach it.

As Olive tries to leave the bathroom, but cannot because of the fire, Oceana comes in to put it out. Thank goodness. #simslogic people.

After the excitement of the fire, which, by the way, ruined the mirror and we had to get a new one. Olive invites over Father Winter to make herself feel better. This shower fun should help a lot. This house is getting pretty full, so we’ll see what happens.

Orca continues to work on her aspiration. She shouldn’t have too many troubles getting through it, now that we have a bit of a system, and she knows enough people to make it doable. It’s difficult when you don’t know very many people around time.

Before long Orca got her first kiss, and I believe she became “girlfriend” number 7, I think. It might have been #6 though. I didn’t make the best notes of who became girlfriend/boyfriend other than I know it was the first 8. So Orca is moving right along not too badly.

The house is, once again, a compete and total mess. Sink is broken, fridge is broken, people keep pulling out food to make and then not making it, and with Orca doing all the relationships and trying to get everyone to the magical realm enough, I sometimes miss the noon to one window in order to get everything fixed. I did realize that Brook had not updated the kitchen yet, however, which I’m sure is part of why.

Olive proves to us that she is, indeed pregnant with Father Winter’s baby, or babies at this rate. We do have the Ley Lines trait after all, and while I have heard rumor it can affect the birth number up until she gives birth, if she did it at home, I have trouble believing it makes no difference at all.

Spot: She is to have more magical creatures?

Yes Spot, Olive is pregnant. She will be 3 different time.

Spot: Will they contain magic?

Well, some say babies are magical, but I won’t actually know if Olive’s kids will be born spell casters or not. I’m sure some will be.

I know we haven’t seen much of her, but Blossom is still here. She mostly keeps to herself, writing books, and working on publishing them all. She’s up to level 7 in her career I believe, and on the last level of the aspiration. She will likely move out after finishing both, but I need to get in gear on her career a little more.

Desiree comes out to haunt for the first time and I’m happy to see her, even though no one else really notices.

Hi Desiree!!! We miss you around here!

Desiree: Does anyone else miss me, where is everyone?

I have been keeping them busy, but I think Autumn is on her way to talk with you.

Desiree: Ok, and why am I in the living room on the floor?

I’m working on that. I know, but we can’t have a basement, and I haven’t made a good place for you yet. I promise I will get it done eventually!

Oceana has got herself a familiar and is quite happy with him. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what I named this one. They each have quite a few they can call, and I want to say I called him Void, but I’m not 100% sure. I think the dragon fits Oceana the best. She is the least “traditional” of the girls in this family and you get a decent look at her arm tattoo in this shot too.

Brook finished up writing an archeology book which means she has completed her aspiration. She is very close to being done. I’m wanting her to finish her career if at all possible, but it’s slow going right now. Brook ends up getting the World-Famous Celebrity, which isn’t likely going to happen.

Olive is having a rough pregnancy. I think she is one of the only sims I have ever caught running to the bathroom to throw up while pregnant. I have the option to have them throw up plenty, but never seen them do it on their own. Of course, you can see a “club” gathering is happening right now, so perhaps this seem preferable to beach combing for trash, or maybe that’s what did it.

Fabiana Villa (I finally got her name) invited Olive on a date to a restaurant that we just added. So Olive, of course, went and gave Fabiana the news that she was expecting. Now they weren’t an official item, but Fabiana still seems a bit suspicious of the news. Olive explained about losing her mom and taking comfort in her good friend Clement Frost and Fabiana was able to get on board.

They are a cute couple and I am excited to have them together. I had completely forgotten my plan to have Olive finish her aspiration so she could do the Soulmate one, so that will likely have to wait, but we’ll see how it goes. Olive ordered them some food and the date was basically over by the time it came. They had stood around talking for forever before getting a table, but they enjoyed the meal and went home.

Dinner was simple and around the TV tonight. Some nights are just like that, especially in the sims. It is also almost time for Brook and Blossom to grow into adults. They are still living at home and working on careers because I want to get those points.

In fact, that same night, because I wasn’t paying enough attention, both girls grow up. Brook seems like she thinks growing up was a grand idea, Blossom is also happy with the idea. I feel bad neither got cakes for this birthday, but the adult one sneaks up on me all the time!

Orca has taken a bit of a break and it was time to get her back into the swing of things. With the baby on the way we are going to need more room in this house, and Orca’s only requirement is to complete the aspiration. So some picture taking later the first kiss is achieved, and boyfriend a little bit after that. She really is racking up quite a few romances.

Olive invites Fabiana over and they make it official. First they become best friends, and then Olive asks her to be her girlfriend. Fabiana says yes right away and it’s a good day of Olive. She’s getting big and the birth of the newest Comic is going to be here before we know it.

Part of Oceana’s aspiration is to go and win some duels with other magic users. So she heads to the magic realm, alone this time, and duels three different people. She manages to win each of the duels, which is GREAT for her. She is now on her last milestone, which requires her to reach the top of the magic levels, and know a handful more spells. She might be who I use to beat the sages, but we’ll see.

Orca gets herself another boyfriend a day or two after Oceana’s trip to the magical realm. This puts her almost at her required amount. I believe she needs 3 more kisses maybe, but I believe this is the last one she needed to make a boyfriend. Hopefully, she will be done soon and can start her life outside of this house.

Orca invites Rosa over, and now that she is also a Young Adult, Orca is able to get a kiss from her that hadn’t been counted before. Rosa is a really interesting looking sim, but Orca is all in on just about anyone. She’s just enjoying dating around and having a lot of fun.

Case and point! This is Ian, and I believe he was Orca’s final boyfriend. So I think my count was off before when I said the woman at the beginning was girlfriend 6. I think she now has 8 boyfriend/girlfriends now and has 2 more people to kiss to get to that 10 sims kissed. That will put her on the last milestone of the Serial Romantic, which I know includes having 8 boyfriends/girlfriends, so that will mark off quickly.

Fabiana came over again today and she and Olive sat to chat and enjoy some time together. While the conversation flowed easily, Olive was struck with pains.

Fabiana came with Olive to the hospital and did the prenatal freak out, but then she left Olive there. I guess she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to stick around. I had planned on having Olive propose this visit, but I guess the baby had a different idea.

So the visit doesn’t start off on a great start. Somehow, and I have never seen this happen before, the doctor managed to make the mechanical arms fight above poor Olive.

Olive was rightfully terrified of the events enfolding in front of her eyes, while the person who was supposed to be in control of the machine and using it to get her baby out of her panics behind the controls.

Hang in there Olive! I’m pretty sure this can’t do permanent damage to you.

Olive: Pretty sure!!!????

The mechanical arms continue to fight above Olive, and we all hold our breath to see what happens. Ok, admittedly, I wouldn’t tell Olive this, but I was kind of laughing through this birth because it was a MESS!

Olive: Oh look, that looks like a……..*beeeeeeep*


Doctor: *mumble mumble* maybe this button?

DOCTOR!!!! Seriously dude! You aren’t even an intern, let’s go!

The doc FINALLY gets everything under control, Olive’s heart is back in her body, she is awake and giving birth to twin girls! Gee, who is surprised???!!! This gives us 8 sims in the house, so no marriage yet, and no more babies yet. We need the sisters to get going.

Anyway, may I introduce our newest twins. Lily and Lavender Comic. I’m not 100% sure which one Olive is holding above as they look exactly the same right now, but these are Clement Frost, aka Father Winter’s babies and I’m excited to see what they look like upon growing up.

And with that utter insanity under our belts, I think it’s time for me to wrap up this post. It’s getting long, although that is good for my SimNaNo goals, but it’s time to leave for today. I wanted to get to the birth of our girls before I ended so we’ve reach that. Thanks for joining and we will see you in a couple of days!

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +2,052 | 3,795 / 25,000
Pictures: +38 | 74 / 500

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SimNaNo Entry #1

We are back with another update for the Comic’s today, and this is officially our first SimNaNo post! This is super exciting and I hope you will enjoying having the story continuing throughout the month.

Last time the O-twins became young adults final, and Orca got a good start on her aspiration. A visit to the magical realm took place where we were able to get Oceana through some of her aspiration. Autumn completed the family’s first book, which will be added to by Olive, and Desiree worked on her aspiration. Let’s take a quick glance at what is left for Olive to do, besides have the 3 pregnancies.

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

So as you can see, we haven’t marked anything off of the list that way, but we have gotten a good start on the Career, Aspiration, and Skills mini-challenges. So let’s get into visiting the family, which is why you are all here right?

Autumn is back in the jungle, and what is she doing? Well, she is cursing the guy at the bar. For this level of the jungle adventure aspiration she needs to activate a relic 5 times. We need another relic so I don’t need to keep cursing people.

Brook is also here in the jungle. I decided to change her from also being jungle adventure (especially since I’m testing some ideas about the aspiration portion of this challenge) to be the archeology aspiration instead. This means she needs to still be in the jungle, but doing more with artifacts and excavation sites. So while Autumn curses the guy at the bar, Brook gets started uncovering artifacts she found last time.

I saw this dog running around for a bit, and then he looked so sad. Head hung low, tail low, and just was slinking off to the side. I felt so bad for the little guy, so I had Autumn go make friends while Brook finished up work on her artifact. He seemed to perk right back up.

Autumn heads into the jungle alone, as she needs to reach the temple pretty quickly to get open another treasure chest. So what’s the fastest way across the bridge by the waterfall? Why to fly on your broom of course. Jogging all the way is for suckers.

Off on one of the side places, hoping to find an artifact (spoiler: we did) we also get a blessing of being a skeleton for awhile. This will be great for Autumn so she can get through the temple easier. At least I hope she can.

So this temple I had never seen before. It’s all decked out in decorations and has a bar and stereo system installed. Has anyone else ever seen this temple? It’s too funny to me, and Autumn did get to the bottom and got open the rare chest.

Desiree comes and joins Autumn in the jungle for a night. She hasn’t been back to Selvadorada since she left to go be with Autumn in Sulani. They enjoy their night together, away from the kids, and after one final pass to ensure the temple isn’t ready again yet, they both head home.

Back at home Desiree completes her final skill and gets through her aspiration. This is super exciting. Even though I know it’s not likely to be completed she takes on Big Happy Family in hope that maybe she’ll live long enough to see the grand kids.

So Father Winter asked Olive to hang out with him in Brindleton Bay. So she went. We still have plans here. Admittedly they are not moving super fast, but Father Winter isn’t getting any younger at all. They never do make it into the bar as Olive is talking to him one moment and then he just disappears.

However, a little later we invite him over and things move along quite well. There has been no woohoo yet, I want to see if I can get Olive a little farther through her aspiration and clear out the house a little bit first, but we have him ready. There will be Father Winter babies in our future. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it, but Olive is bi-sexual, and Orca I would consider to be pan-sexual. The others haven’t really taken that very far yet, although I think Oceana is likely closer to asexual than anything else.

While Olive works on seducing Father Winter upstairs, downstairs, Orca invites this lady over, whom she met the other day. This will be another new girlfriend for her and add another kiss to the list. So to build up the friendship we take pictures of her and chat and flirt for a bit.

They eventually move inside and before long Orca got her kiss and another girlfriend under her belt. I believe that puts her at 4 girlfriends currently. I think she eventually needs 8, but 10 first kisses.

Orca quickly moves on to another kiss from this girl, who also becomes her girlfriend rather quickly. They had already gained a friendship before this, so it didn’t take as much effort to get her ready for a kiss.

So I noticed this later that night, a flamingo has gone missing. I’m not sure how long it was missing, I was popping back and forth from the jungle to the house there for a little bit, but this is the first time I noticed it, and I noticed it through the window, so I don’t think its been missing long. I check everyone’s inventory, the family inventory to make sure I didn’t accidentally move it in there somehow, and no where. I cannot find the flamingo, so I buy a new one and move on. They had all been there.

Brook must give an archeology lecture to someone, so once she completes authenticating the artifact you can just see on the table, she brings both of her mom’s over to listen to her findings and her talk. Autumn is very proud of her daughter, as she too is quite versed in archeology. Desiree listens patiently as she might not know much about archeology, but she does know about Selvadorada.

Orca hosts another party, although it was her mom that invited all the guests as Orca needed new lips to kiss. She now has this super funny, and very fun introduction: Enchanting Introduction. She throws rose petals up in the air and gets both friendship and romance started right away. She does this with multiple people at the part until the camera drags me away.

No no no no!!! I’m not ready for Desiree to go! I’m sad about this, but at the same time we are going to need more room soon, and she managed to complete the Renaissance Sim aspiration, which is great. Desiree didn’t max any of her skills, but she worked hard to raise her girls, and has done well.

After that, the party ended pretty quickly of course, and Autumn was a wreck. She tried to brew herself a potion and it went horribly wrong. She was able to do it again and concentrate a little better the next time, but she is super sad to have lost Desiree.

She does, however, need to head back to the jungle to wrap up her aspiration. So we take a couple of side paths and eventually get through the temple. Autumn’s a pro at this by now. She finally reaches the last place, picks up a gold relic, which is nice, and a few other treasures.

When she opens the temples final treasure chest she completes her aspiration. I am not sure if she will survive long enough to see another completed or not, but we look through the list and decide to start her off on a fortune aspiration. She goes with Fabulously Wealthy.

I then watch in shock and I get quick screen after quick screen showing she’s completing milestone after milestone, and then it’s done. She finishes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration without ever even moving. Well that puts her at 3 aspirations finished. This time she picks Leader of the Pack, as we already have a club at home.

Even though we haven’t seen her yet, Olive was brought along on this trip as well. She needs to go spouse hunting. We first spy this guy in the black shirt, and wonder, hmmm….do we pick him. Then the girl in the green dress walks in and I like her a lot too.

Isn’t she adorable? I think her name is Fabina. However, then this other girl, in the while blouse walks in. All of them can discuss the jungle and other Selvadorada items, and are clearly residents.

Olive and Autumn talk to all of them for quite a while, and Fabina hits it off better with Olive than about anyone else. So pictures were taken, even if it looks like we were taking the picture of this guy in white, we were not. Olive has found her future spouse. This was a successful trip to the jungle.

Before heading home Olive seals the deal with her. They are not officially a couple yet, but they have reached a level of romance that should allow Olive to invite her over and out on a date to finalize their relationship.

That however, will happen next time with the family. Autumn and Olive head home to be back with the rest of the girls, who are all still very sad about Deisree. I need to get another floor added to the house to serve as a mausoleum for our dearly departed sims. But all of that will wait. I feel like we are making great progress this generation now.

We do still need to focus on getting more buried treasures, and we have a lot more aspirations to try and get through, but Brook is close to completing her’s, and Orca is well on her way. I need to spend some time on both Olive and Oceana’s soon, and Olive will need to eventually get a job, but all of that will come next time.

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,743 | 1,743 / 25,000
Pictures: +36 | 36 / 500

I’m not counting titles, or the links, or this box of data in the word count, just so you know. I’m not trying to “pad” the numbers.

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Comic Summer: Post 2.02

Post 2.01 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 2.03

Well hello and welcome back! So our last entry had us getting starting with the second generation of this challenge. We talked about my messed up goals and what I was going to do in order to make up for it. After looking at it, I might have bit off more than I can chew, but we’ll see how we do. Let’s start by taking a quick look at what we need to do this generation besides the three pregnancies.

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

So last entry we got 2 of the required collections done. We still have a lot of work to do on the buried treasure collection, but we’ll keep working on it. So Olive and her siblings are all still and home and will remain there for the time being. She will be working on completing the potion aspiration, which falls in nature.

We start with Brook working on a painting. For the Stylist path of the career she needs a good amount of painting, photography, charisma, and writing. Might as well get her going on upping those skills as I can, although more work will be needed on charisma.

Desiree enjoys dancing the Selvadorada dances and she is getting good at it. She is very close to completing the Renaissance Sim aspiration, and for as much as I would love to keep her around forever, her time is getting short.

One of the last skill she needs to get up to a level 8 is the gardening. The garden has gotten bigger and if I was keeping her around I would probably have her do a garden, but we have other heirs that need to complete nature aspirations, so they might be the best options.

I’m not entirely sure I remember what this picture was taken for. You can see that we still have a long way to go on the buried treasure, and we need to get started on that soon.

Desiree finishes raising up her fitness level to level 8, which just leave gardening and logic I believe for her to complete. She is so close!

I decided to use Brook for gaining handiness, and I can’t remember if I mentioned that before or not, but I did. So she is going around working on making updates on everything to not only keep them from breaking as often, but then to add things to make them better. I probably won’t do the self-cleaning so the spell casters have an early easy spell to use.

Brook continues to work her photograph skill by taking random pictures of her sisters, the scenery and other items. I can see why this skill is considered a bit of a pain to have to complete, as it builds fairly slowly, although I use filters and poses, flash and not flash a lot.

Orca takes Rosa on another date to a beach on the other side of the islands and we are hoping things go well enough to get a girlfriend. She is going to need many more after this, and she is going to be meeting people as she can.

The date went great, as you can see and not only does Orca get her first kiss but she gets a girlfriend to boot. The girls had a good time playing around on the beach.

Orca decides to “seduce” Rosa, and that simple act attracted a couple of other onlookers. Orca introduces herself to these two guys as they might be needed for additional romances later.

The date ends, and Orca has completed milestone one of her aspiration. I haven’t ever done this aspiration so it’s kind of fun to try it out, although it does take some effort for sure.

Before hurrying home before curfew is up Orca greets this guy who was one of the ones eyeing her on her date with Rosa. She doesn’t need to have anything more than a bit of casual fun so we aren’t really worried about who they are.

It was also important to get home because it was time for the twins birthday’s to adulthood. Yes, this means all of the Comic kids so far are finally going to be YA. They don’t really look much different of course, although I might give them another outfit at some point. For now, however, Oceana adds Perfectionist to her traits, and Orca adds Lazy.

The weekend brings water fun for the whole family. They all head out and enjoy the water. Orca naps on the canoe that floats out there while the rest are swimming. I’m tempted to turn someone into a mermaid at some point, but not sure yet.

Autumn is finally at level 5 in writing and is able to write her non-fiction book (that is required for family scrapbook.) As a note, one of the pictures of Olive that Brook took before is hanging on the wall as well, so first generation is complete. I felt like this was a fun way to title it and we will keep them in the bookcases.

Everyone who know the repair spell was engaged, and Brook was at work, so when noon rolled around Desiree worked on repairing the shower. It took her until just have 1 PM to finish it, so I went ahead and didn’t stop her.

Orca needs to meet more people, as she needs to kiss 10 sims eventually, so we have her start the latest yard sale where we sell extra jungle artifacts and seashells. It works out and Orca meets a lot of new people.

Now why are these three standing around chatting you might ask? Well, they all have one major thing in common, besides being sisters. They are the three spellcasters that were born in the family. This can mean one thing.

That’s right it was a trip to the magical realm. Oceana hadn’t yet been there, and needed to visit to complete her first milestone. After searching for tomes, and chatting with people some shopping was done. Once the shopping was finished it was time to head home.

Back at home, while the others are getting back, Brook and Desiree work some logic. Desiree is super close to finishing it, and while Brook doesn’t need it specifically, she can chat and work charisma.

Orca throws a house party to bring over some of the people she has met and see if she can get friendly with some of them. At the moment she needs charisma and to get 3 first kisses. She is also buying the Great Kisser trait as there is no way I’m going to have her working charisma the “hard way” when she has to do so much kissing.

The good ol’ trick of taking pictures of and with gets Orca friends with this girl right away. I cannot fully remember her name, but I think it’s something Me’lai or something like that. Unless I’m mixing up my names.

By the end of the party she was accepting flirts and in a good enough move to give Orca her second first kiss. In looking ahead at the aspiration she needs a strong romantic relationship with 3 people, and like 8 girlfriends/boyfriends.

So Orca puts a little more effort into the relationship, and before she leaves for the night we have a strong romance and a second girlfriend. We realize that while Rosa is still marked as a girlfriend, she is still a teen, and therefore cannot get a stronger connection with Orca right now.

That feels like a good place to stop this update for now. Our next post will happen during SimNaNo and so we will be trying to get on average about 1800 words a post (so far I’m failing miserably at writing that much, but we’ll see how it goes,) and about 36 pictures, so we’ll start keeping a total and hope for the best. I might have to sneak in an extra post, but we’ll see.

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Comic Summer: Post 2.01

Post 1.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 2.02

Hello and welcome to a new generation of Comic Summer! Hard to believe less than a month ago we started this and are now going into generation 2. Now before I go any further I have to make a quick note of something.

I totally broke the rules for Matriarch and On Ley, Not the Lonely Mini-Challenges. So while I will leave the Ley Lines as a lot trait, I will not be able to collect those points. I also almost missed that Autumn needs to write a book for Family Scrapbook. So we still need to get that done for her. So to make up for my not reading the rules well enough, I’m instead going to work on trying to complete some of the following:

Workaholics Anonymous (15 Points)
Top any 10 career tracks with any combination of household members

Aspirational Family (20 Points)
Complete all aspirations available to you at least once!

Tricks of the Trade (20 Points)
Max all skills at least once with any combination of household members!

With that out of the way, let’s look at what Olive is going to have to do.

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

I decided to separate out the “requirements” and the “continuing” items so it’s easier to see what is and isn’t needed. So beyond Autumn needing to finish her book, Olive will need to continue the collections, keep Sulani clean, and work towards beating the sages as she can, but then she needs to complete a nature aspiration, write her own book, and build and use a relic. She was born a spellcaster, so we can already mark that off.

Olive finishes up her birthday party by talking with Father Winter. Olive is Bi, so she will be on the look out for guys or girls that she is interested in. I actually have some plans for her and the rest of the spares. I am going to use them to try and get through some aspirations and jobs. Orca will probably stay around until I can get through her aspiration, if I can, and Brook will try and get through a career. Blossom and Oceana are likely going to stay for a bit and help Olive with her kids.

Olive then sits down with her mom’s and someone she has liked grown to call her aunt. Her elder style choice leaves a little to be desired, but she has been around for forever and a friend of the family.

So Brook needs to work the photography skill. Now I don’t mind photography for gaining friends, but I can see what people aren’t huge fans of building up the skill. It is a bit annoying. Still, we are building up decently quickly. I should have her go take Olive’s picture, so we can get it on the wall.

Oceana and Orca are still teens, so they have to continue to work on their homework. They have A’s already, but multiple days before growing up, so to keep the A’s, they continue homework.

Autumn still needs to get the rest of the logic needed to complete her career. You can see, in the background that Olive is starting to work on her potion aspiration. Desiree is still working on getting skills to level 8. She has 2 at 8 already, and then I think 4 at 7, and 1 at 6. So we are getting closer and closer.

Two of our spellcasters are working on learning some spells. The others are having to watch some TV to get some fun in their lives. Apparently school, cleaning up the beach, and work are not fun for some reason.

Orca having the serial romantic aspiration we need to get her a girlfriend or boyfriend. When she said she wanted to bring a friend home from school I said yes. It’s a Pancake. I can’t remember her first name right now.

In order to get them up to a good friendship Orca spends some time taking pictures of her…..Eliza maybe? She’s not the prettiest sim, but we don’t have to marry her, we just need a day eventually.

After the picture taking, they share a selfie together. Of course, Oceana chose that time to come home from work, so she photo bombs them. So far there is not romance between these two, but I’ve got to get started if we are going to get through it.

Brook: *mmrgh, mmrgh* *slurrrp*

Desiree: Just keep playing your game Des, don’t pay attention to your daughter.

Olive: Could she be eating any louder….focus on Blossom

Blossom: Geez Brook! Could you maybe slurp those noodles a little quieter.

Brook needs to start painting, and since we placed an easel between the kids drawing desks we send her up to do a classic painting. I love that this little horse is “classic.” It’s too funny to me, but she gets the skill levels easily.

Autumn is able to finally get the Master of Marine Affairs promotion and is level 10 now. That maxes out our first career. Only 9 more to go if we want those points. Autumn can now focus on writing to get that book done for the Family Scrapbook.

We do have some fun, good news though. The artifact collection is done. Autumn, and Brook to, was able to uncover an entire collection. This is super exciting, although we have a lot of artifacts still to uncover and authenticate.

Blossom being in the writing career as high as she is means she has gotten a couple of inspirational stuff already. Both Blossom and Brook are working on writing as both need it for their careers.

Olive has chosen her familiar, at least for now. Little Spot, I believe I called him, is her frog familiar. These are our three spellcaster’s as well, outside of Autumn of course. Blossom has been able to get her level up a fair amount, but Oceana has a long way to go. I still need to take her to the magical realm.

So Autumn began to write books, and one of the things she can write are travel books. I thought the title of this one was perfect and I had to have Autumn write it.

Autumn, within about one day has reached the level 4 of writing, which means she just needs one more level before she can write the family history. That means we still need to take a picture of Olive, but then the Family Scrapbook on track.

It’s new skill day, so everyone works on upgrading skills that they can to reach the goal. Oceana takes on handiness so she can fix the toilet at noon while her mom and sister magically fixed the rest of the broken things in the house.

Orca brings over Rosa Pancakes (which is her name) and gives her a rose and starts the flirting. We need 2 days and a girlfriend, so Rosa it is. The look on Desiree’s face makes it look like she’s not happy about this, and Oceana doesn’t either. Autumn is trying to pay no attention.

We have added a restaurant to Sulani. Thank you Wyldhawke for the lovely restaurant for the one beach location. It’s wonderful to have one. When we arrive, we notice this red sea shell and realized it’s the final one needed for the collection, so Orca grabs it and completes our second collection.

Back to her date Rosa and Orca go inside and reach a gold date in no time. They share a mea and then head home before Orca gets grounded for breaking curfew. Rosa will become her girlfriend next time.

So that is going to wrap up this entry for today. Next time we will see the twins grow up into YA, hopefully Desiree and Orca can finish their aspirations, and we will probably take another trip to the magical realm. Thanks for joining us!

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Comic Summer: Post 1.10

Post 1.09 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 2.01

We are back, and should be wrapping up generation one this entry. It’s likely going to be a little bit longer than before as I try and get ready for SimNaNo. So I hope you don’t mind and if it feels too long feel free to let me know. So let’s take a quick glance at our requirements again.

Founder Requirements

  • IL: Live on Mua Pel’am
  • IL: Clean up Sulani completely
  • IL: Complete Beach Life aspiration
  • IL: Start Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Start Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Start Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family (in progress)
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster

So as you can see, we are basically through everything Autumn needed to do. Now, I have realized I totally messed up what was required for Matriarchy, so I won’t be doing that, but I am going to try for either aspirations or career goals, so we’ll see more on that later. Let’s dig in.

Blossom works on fixing things at noon when we start. She is certainly growing in her magic faster than her mom, but I haven’t had her practicing very much. Then it’s a special day.

Oceana and Orca are growing up. So first up is Oceana, who gets an… interesting outfit. She also had cowboy boots on as well. I’m not sure what causes EA’s outfit choices upon growing up, but hey, it’s nice that some things never change.

Then it was Orca’s turn. She also got an interesting grow up outfit, and is much more subdued, but both will be getting make-overs soon. I don’t hate the bright colors of Oceana’s outfit, but it’s just not her.

So here we are after make-overs. Just like the other two, this is their second outfit choices, the first being the outfits they were wearing when you voted in the poll. Oceana maintains her blue, she adds Bro to her genius trait and gets the Spellcraft & Sorcery aspiration. Orca gets Romantic added to her Slob trait, and she gets the Serial Romantic aspiration.

We get started on our wall of family photos for the Family Scrapbook mini-challenge. We don’t have any sort of mausoleum and won’t be able to build on under the house, but I do have to keep the graves, so we’ll see what I do. I might put it higher up on the house. We are missing Olive’s picture so far, but these have been fun.

Orca and Oceana work on their homework and work on skills. I keep hoping that Olive can get high enough skills to get herself an A, but since I’m not sure what skills she has, or where she is at. I guess time will tell.

Olive, however, decides to go through a distant phase. Well that will be fun with her in a house this full. I’m not sure how she will do, but we’ll find out. I don’t always pay as close attention to these phases as I probably should.

This family are all slobs I think. Rarely does anyone do their dishes, although some of that might be my fault. I have to tell people to do dishes pretty often, and they are typically a large pile.

Then we are getting ready to head back to the jungle, but Autumn gets herself very sick. I’m not sure if I have noticed this particular sickness before. She does look pretty sick, but luckily we had bought extra medicine, so Autumn takes it and feels better.

Autumn may have never really had a failure at repairing items before, but the same cannot be said of Blossom. I saw this black cloud and figured that couldn’t be good. The computer and desk caught on fire. We were able to put the fire out, but that means it will be another day before it can be repaired.

It is WinterFest for the family. So the whole family gets together to decorate the tree, and then open up gifts with Father Winter. We got a bit of a late start to the holiday this day, so Olive passed out at one point, but it was a lot of fun.

There also might be something to being friends with Father Winter. I don’t know if this is why they got these gifts or not, but wow! Thanks Father Winter, not sure where I will put either of these, but I’ll figure it out.

Olive takes some time to chat with Father Winter as the rest of the holiday is mostly cleaned up. The holidays are fun, but can be a lot of effort to get everything in for everyone.

While the festivities begin to wrap up for the day we also have one more celebration. It’s hard to believe Desiree is already an elder. She is doing well with her aspiration, but still needs multiple skills up to level 8. This takes more time than I would like, but we’ll see.

A mother/daughter trip to the jungle is in order. Brook gets herself blessed with skeleton form. They spend a lot of time excavating a lot of dirt piles, and I probably spent too much time with it, but both Autumn and Brook get through a lot of their aspiration. I am not likely to finish it for Autumn as she would have to complete multiple relics, and I don’t have enough pieces for that.

Still, both of them got into the temple and were able to make their way through the temple and to the treasure at the end. Before the end Autumn also gets blessed with skeleton form and then they head home.

Back at home the world has continued and isn’t much different. The girls all talk and chat with each other and do their own things. I decided to get Brook and Blossom into actual careers at this point, so Brook is a Style Influencer, and Blossom goes into Writing.

With Blossom into the writing career she gets started learning writing while the youngest twins continue to work on their homework. Once again though, bowls of popcorn are left everywhere.

Then it’s New Years! The whole family gathers to watch the countdown to the new year and we are through another year for this family. It’s amazing to know all these girls are at least teens now.

I love Orca’s face in this shot. She’s working on her video gaming, while Oceana and Olive play chess. Desiree keeps working on dancing, and while I’m fine with that, it would be great if she could work on things that have at least 8 levels.

It’s the weekend and so Orca and Oceana head to a fishing spot to complete their scouting badges. Both manage to finish before their scout meeting and then gets to collect their badges, become Llamacorn scouts, and then get jobs. Oceana gets a job as a Lifeguard, and I believe I gave Orca a retail job.

Brook continues on her archeology skill and starts to authenticate some of the artifacts we brought home that might fill in some of our artifact gaps that we have so far.

She does find a couple and we are down to having two more artifacts to find. I know one is a knife, trying to remember if the other is a mask or a statue. I believe I have all of the skulls and vases, but can’t remember for sure.

The O twins still need to get some skills to level 3 for their schooling and so they join Autumn in fishing. Trying to find some additional treasures. That is going to be the harder collection to complete I believe.

Monday sees Orca and Oceana coming home with an A, which is great. Olive still has a B, so I don’t think she is going to end up getting an A at this point, but we’ll see.

I completely forgot to back Autumn a cake, even though I had ever intention to do it. I’m sorry Autumn! She is just needing to get her logic level up the rest of the way up to 10 and then she should complete the Conservation career.

She spends her evening working on some additional potions. We will need more trips to the jungle to get more relics and the potion of plentiful needs is still one of the most useful things to have.

The next evening, after school (where Olive did not get an A) she grows up into a young adult. Olive will now be taking over the challenge and we will be working on getting her tasks complete now. She added Art Lover to her Self-Assured and Geek trait.

So with this being the end of this particular generation, and we completed the requirements from Autumn for our initial goals, so we are on track to still complete the Island Living, Jungle Adventure, and Realm of Magic bonuses. We also still have Boolprop Naming Scheme, One Bad Apple, and Family Scrapbook in play (although Autumn still needs to write a book.)

I hope you will join us for the next generation. I’m excited to be done with this first generation before a month was over. That gives me hope that we will complete this before the end of August, so strap in for more.

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Comic Summer: Post 1.09

Post 1.08 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.10

Hello hello, and welcome back. I think we are 2 posts away from passing the reigns of this thing over to the next generation. I’m very excited to be as far as we are so far, and be going as quickly as we are. Last time we celebrated HarvestFest, and this time we should get to some birthdays. Whoo, very exciting times! As always let’s take a quick review of the founder requirements:

Founder Requirements

  • IL: Live on Mua Pel’am
  • IL: Clean up Sulani completely
  • IL: Complete Beach Life aspiration
  • IL: Start Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Start Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Start Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family (in progress)
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster

So last time we were able to use a relic on someone outside of the family which means Autumn’s requirements are done, as we have technically started all the collections. I haven’t marked them off as they are not finished, but all she needed to do was get a good start, which we have.

So to start off this entry we have our favorite Selvadorada tourist over for a visit again. The oldest girls sit and talk with her. I am debating how long I keep them around, but I think I’m going to get Olive grown into a YA first and then we’ll make a final decision.

This was a pretty fun little update to come out of a school event for Oceana. I love it. I don’t always read the notifications as closely as I probably should sometimes and little things like this are just a hoot.

Autumn is getting pretty good at this magic stuff. She works on fixing all the broken things, including the fridge that was smoking last entry, all while still holding onto her lunch. We really need to have everyone do a little bit of cleaning. It’s a good thing we don’t have a laundry in here.

I got my timeline mixed up. This was actually the day Desiree quit her job, not last entry. The girls ran out to “cheer” that she was home when she got home, and she promptly left the job so she could focus on skills. Also on selling stuff as that has been keeping up in plenty of money.

Shock of all shocks, Father Winter is back over again. Just kidding, this isn’t shocking at all. Of course, he is back in his winter gear, but it’s almost WinterFest so I guess that probably makes sense. Poor Blossom is having a hard day today, and really needs a bath. She has been super moody.

Olive decides to cook something…which is a little frightening since she’s never cooked before, but she does great. I also have to remind myself, this isn’t an ISBI, but I still don’t want to have to replace things if I don’t have to do it.

Autumn chats a little with Olive about what it will be like to be heiress and the things she is required to do, like keep the island clean, find a spouse in Selvadorada (resident, not tourist), complete her potions aspiration (as it’s a nature one), have 3 pregnancies, and the like.

It’s a day for saying “huh?” at the computer apparently. Both Brook and Blossom are confused by their computer, and Olive works on her homework. She is still at a B in school, but I have a sneaking suspicion that is because of her skills, not her homework. I need to have people play chess with her more or something.

Blossom went to go back some Mac ‘n’ Cheese in the cauldron and Brook beat her too it. The Mac in this cauldron was not great, and no one really enjoyed eating it, so we cleaned it out.

It’s time for club activities yet again, and while Brook and Olive initially help in the beach clean up, both quickly decide that homework is a more fun alternative and head in to complete theirs. Desiree also gives up and moves inside as well.

I got both Brook and Blossom a teen job, as they had completed everything they had for scouting. Brook is a babysitter, and Blossom a barista. I do love the outfits they give to the sitters in this game. Brook looks so cute here.

Orca and Oceana head up to work on their artistic aspiration, but as you can see Oceana got herself an illness. Probably picked up going to the scouts. Autumn buys some medicine and gives it to her to cure her right up.

Another trip to the magic realm is in order, and suddenly we start having a weird thing where the game keeps trying to start a club activity when we travel. We didn’t have the club active when we left, but each hop around started it again. Very weird. We sent Desiree home as she didn’t need to be here for this.

Autumn begins working on her duels. She wins one and loses one. At some point we have to win duels against each of the sages, but that isn’t likely going to happen with Autumn. The rest of the generations need something to work on.

Back at home that night a big party is thrown. It’s Blossom and Brook’s YA birthdays. They have done quite well for themselves. Both were able to get A’s all the way through school, each got scouting aptitude as a trait, and each completed a single childhood aspiration.

Blossom now has Top-Notch Toddler, Collector, Goofball, Creative, Dance Machine, Creatively Gifted, Scouting Aptitude, and Weak Bloodline as traits. She keeps her barista job for now, and is still going to be working on Purveyor of Potions.

Brook now has Top-Notch Toddler, Collector, Glutton, Geek, Dance Machine, Physically Gifted, Scouting Aptitude, and Weak Bloodline as her traits. Can you tell these two are twins? Brook also keeps her babysitter job for now and still has the Jungle Explorer aspiration.

Desiree: It’s spewing water. Darn thing

*Sigh* you broke it?

Desiree: I didn’t break it, it just started spraying water everywhere.

Yes, that means you broke it.

We are going to be taking a trip with Brook and Autumn to the jungle to see if we can get both of their aspirations done. So Blossom works on a potion for them. She also has a little familiar called Leaf.

I realized that I did not pay enough attention to the Matriarchy requirements for this challenge, so we will not be getting those points, so I’m debating going for either 10 careers across everyone, or all the aspirations.

Our dear sweet Olive everyone…..I don’t know what she is staring off into space for, but this is our heiress. I really hope I can get her through an aspiration or two. It would have been great to have some quick learning traits, but she can use her aspiration points as soon as she is YA.

An evening with the eldest two and their mom’s. Blossom working on learning some more magic, probably with Autumn’s help, while Desiree and Brook eat some food for the night. You can also see, we for sure are down to 3 seashells to collect, as the table has the conch shell. It’s very excited, and next entry we should see the wrap up of this generation. Thanks for joining me!

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Comic Summer: Post 1.08

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Welcome back to the Comic Summer! When we were last with the family we saw Olive become our heiress based on the votes of our poll. The twins, Orca and Oceana both worked on their aspirations, the B twins, Blossom and Brook, got A’s in high school, and a quick trip to the magic realm happened. Let’s take a quick look at our founders lists:

Founder Requirements

  • IL: Live on Mua Pel’am
  • IL: Clean up Sulani completely
  • IL: Complete Beach Life aspiration
  • IL: Start Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Start Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Start Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family (in progress)
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster

We have knocked off almost everything required by the founder. She lives on an island in Mua Pel’am, with all the kids from 3 pregnancies (which isn’t listed, but is a rule), we found Desiree (her spouse) in Selvadorada, we have fully cleaned up the island, completed the Beach Life aspiration, have technically started the Buried Treasure, Seashell, and Ancient Artifact collections. Autumn is a spell caster and all her kids have ‘Weak Bloodline” as a traits, and we have built a relic. All that is left is to insert the gem and use it on someone.

We start with a picture of most of our household doing electronic things. Brooke, Olive, and Desiree are playing a video game, Orca is on the computer doing some chatting I believe, and Blossom appears to just be watching the fun.

Autumn, on the other hand, is out digging for seashells in the middle of the night. It’s a bit dark out there, but we have a collection to finish at some point. I cannot remember if she found any seashells this time or not.

Then it’s time to wind down for the day with some food and a little TV. I have no idea what they are watching, but I apparently caught the title screen of whatever it was. Looks like Blossom and Olive might have already head up to bed.

Early in the morning Olive grows up….whoops. Sorry Olive, I thought your birthday was today.

Olive: It was yesterday

Yeah, I kind of gathered that. I was going to throw you a party today

Olive: Well, I grew up anyway.

You are heiress though, which means once you are a YA I can help you out more.

Olive: More challenge rules?


Olive: *sigh* fine

We take Olive into CAS and give her what will be familiar to you for a hair choice, and the first every day outfit is the same as in her voting picture. This is another shirt we decided to give her. Olive has put on a little weight, not having quite as much time in the ocean as her siblings, but that should be changing as she gets older. She is still very pretty.

Autumn is still the main cook in the house, and so she whips up some food for breakfast. I had every intention of her making a cake this morning, but alas, that has come and gone.

Instead, that evening, Father Winter comes by the house again. He’s over here almost as much as our other friend….who I realize I have never learned the name off. Whoops.

Not sure why Father Winter decided to sit on the opposite side of the room from everyone else, but you can see in the background there we are down to 3 or 4 seashells left to find. There are two spots on the top shelf, 1 on the second shelf and I cannot tell or remember if the conch shell that can’t go on a shelf like that, is sitting on the white stand behind Autumn.

Here is a fun sight you just do see every day. I do hope this Father Winter stays alive and is around for awhile still. He’s a lot of fun to have around, and I have some thoughts about him. We’ll see what happens as time moves on. I love that he is also wearing sunscreen on his nose indoors.

Upstairs we get our first look at Oceana since we entered the house this time. She is working on her motor skills and getting that last aspiration milestone complete, which includes getting a high score on the typing game.

For some reason Brook and Blossom have taken to napping on the beach towels at night instead of going upstairs to their room.

Brook: They are playing the stereo up there

Blossom: …and playing on the computers

So turn off the stereo and I’ll get them out of the room, or tell them to play quieter.

Brook & Blossom: Ughh…..

Brook: Fine

Blossom: All right

…and Orca was taken by the Grim Gnome.

Just kidding around with you, of course this means it’s Harvest Fest!

One of the first things Autumn does to celebrate is to insert an uncommon refined gem into the relic she created earlier. Now we must find a non-household member to use it on. I do not remember what this one does for sure, so I don’t think I want to use it on a friend. We’ll see our eyes open.

Harvest Fest is going to be a day of getting things done with this family overall I think. Autumn heads down to start authenticating artifacts. I don’t think she has authenticated a single “counterfeit” artifact. I think my EPIC family found more of those.

Desiree has started working out in the garden for the day. She still needs to get 8 skills up to level 8. She has 1 right now and 2 or 3 of them at level 6 and a couple more at level 5. She quits her job, as she was already above level 3 and it wasn’t a job she could stay home for, so if we are going to focus on skills, she will stay here. We don’t need the money much right now anyway.

Orca finally finished up her aspiration, and will now have Physically Gifted, which is great. She gets the artistic prodigy aspiration next. I don’t think she’s likely to complete it, but it might help us finish up some of the scouting badges.

Little Oceana hadn’t quite finished up her aspiration, so she takes some time, instead, to play out on the playground and go swimming. She just need to finish up building her motor skill and she would be all set.

While Autumn and Desiree work on Autumn’s logic skill (which she needs for another promotion in conversation) Blossom practices her magics. I’ll be happy when Olive is old enough to control and I can get her started on magics as well. They build it up a bit faster with the weak bloodline trait, and every kid after this, if we can maintain spell casters, should build it even faster.

Finally little Oceana completes her motor skill and has also finished up her aspiration. She, like her sister, moves into the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and we will see how far she can get in it. I don’t expect either to finish it, but we’ll see how it goes.

The gnomes come to inspect the smoking fridge. That will be something that has to get fixed tomorrow. It’s never ending, and we should really start thinking about upgrading appliances now. I might have Olive work on getting this upgraded around here once I get my hands on her.

Autumn manages to get a good meal cooked up, despite the broken fridge, and while Brook is out finishing up her school project, which you can just make out from the window, most of the girls are here eating. I believe Oceana was upstairs drawing pictures, but came down to eat a little while later.

To end our Harvest Fest fun, Autumn spies someone to use the relic on. You can’t tell easily from the picture, but he is a fish poacher, and since one of our goals is to keep the island clean and healthy for the remainder of this challenges, he’s the perfect person to try this out on. It gives him a curse. The curse of the ancients, so Autumn quickly sims back home.

This feels like a logical place to stop, although when we get into SimNaNo next month these posts are going to get a little longer and hopefully include a few more pictures so I can meet my goals. I’m excited to work on bringing you those updates and for now, see you next time.

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Comic Summer: Post 1.07

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Hello and welcome back to another update of the Comic Summer. I am sure you are all here wondering about who won the heir poll right? Well we will get to that in just a second. First let’s recap, last time the O twins grew up into children, Olive got an A in school, and Autumn took another trip to the jungle where she finally got a couple relic bases.

Founder Requirements

  • IL: Live on Mua Pel’am
  • IL: Clean up Sulani completely
  • IL: Complete Beach Life aspiration
  • IL: Start Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Start Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Start Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family (in progress)
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster

So we still have to use the relic on someone, and Autumn sent some of our “extra” uncommon gems to be refined so we could use them. That means we are completely finished with the founders requirements, but we are super close. Ok, let’s find out who won the heir poll shall we?

Was it…..






Well the heir is….

Are you in suspense?

Irritated even?


The winner is…..

Olive Comic!!

That’s right, our Bad Apple won you over. This race was really close, and while I was rooting for Oceana, those teal eyes, the voters made their voices heard. I also love Olive, well all the girls really, so I would have loved whoever you picked because they are all great in their own ways. Here is how the vote broke down:

So you can see, Olive won easily. Even though my vote would have gone to Oceana it would not have been enough to have her catch Olive. Thank you to everyone who voted, it was actually a pretty close race until the last couple of days when Olive pulled ahead. With that announcement done, let’s see how the family is doing.

The ‘O’ twins are working hard on getting Arts and Crafts badges for scouts. Neither of them has gotten this badge yet, but we are going to be working on it more. They have about a week or so before they grow up. We also need to work on their aspiration. Luckily while Autumn was in the jungle they were working on their Motor skill.

Blossom, who was born a spell caster, starts working on potion making. As she also has the Purveyor of Potions aspiration that will be a good thing to get her started on. I might keep the girls around for a bit to help with aspirations, although Brook doesn’t have a unique one.

The family travels down to the playground in Oasis Springs and everyone plays on the jungle gym together until Orca and Oceana have become playful and reached that milestone. Then it’s time for fishing. Eventually almost everyone reaches ther fishing badge goal.

So I always feel a little bad for Olive being she hasn’t had a ton of help, but Desiree let’s her know, she is our next heir. That means she’s going to have to get used to the idea of being told what to do a lot. That smirk on Autumn’s face cracks me up.

It’s been awhile since I captured a great Desiree face, but this one was pretty good. These two are very much in love with each other, and are super cute. I adore them, and would probably have them have more kids if I could, but we don’t have room and I don’t need more kids for the challenge.

Autumn continues to magically repair things at noon each day. She also has gotten in a fair amount of practice lately. She is on her way to the master level of magic, and while she doesn’t have all that many spells yet, due to lack of practice and going to the magical realm, she’s not doing too badly.