Hope in Dumpsters: 3 Cases

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Generation 10

Option Two
Expansion Need: Ambitions

Private Investigator
Become Private Investigator
• Complete 30 cases – Done: 2
• Snoop 10 locations – Done: 0
• Write 5 papers on findings – Done: 0
• Reach level ten of Private Investigator Career – Level 2
• Go through 5 garbage and 5 mailbox – Garbage: 1, Mail: 0
• Don’t marry (if you chose) or have kids until Adult

When we last visited our little dumpster diver she had not only completed a beautiful, if eclectic house she had started her life as a private investigator. She has already completed two cases, although they were easy to solve, and has managed to already find her way back to digging through trash.

When we open up the house and do a quick search for Bobbie, we discover she is still warm and snug in her bed. She is dreaming of her life, and more specifically her job.

After she wakes up we notice that not only is the computer broken but the dishwasher is as well, and there is a puddle of water. Bobbie goes to clean up the puddle of water but complains that the rug is in the way. I would think the rug would soak in some of the water, but maybe the leak is just that bad.

We decide to give repairing the thing a shot, in hopes that it can be done without damage and things were going along well, I thought she was going to get away with it, but then suddenly, nope.

She then complains that the food processor is also in the way. Bobbie, I would think if the food processor is in the way it’s actually the countertop it’s sitting on and not the actual device.

Perhaps the food processor was actually in the way of what comes next.


Bobbie awakes from a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE dream where everything in her house was out to get her, all the salvaged items were blocking her path at every turn and death was her end.

So obviously I couldn’t just let her die, and since she had done 2 whole things, woke up and get electrocuted I decided to re-start the save.

When she lightly crawled out of bed and crept to the door to peer out Bobbie saw the smoke coming from both the dishwasher and the computer. She pulled out her phone and rang a repair man.

Bobbie: *thinking* If I get them repaired properly maybe they will like me more.

She slowly opens the fridge and grabs some breakfast and all seems peaceful. The rug remains in place on the floor, out of the way, the food processor doesn’t attempt to prohibit her food making. All seems right in the world. Just in case though, she decides to go watch TV upstairs.

It’s then she gets her first case for the day. A policeman is worried about a hacker hacking into the library computer. Bobbie vows to get to the bottom of the case.

Bobbie heads off to snope around the suspected hackers home and gets to look not only at their mail, but dig through their trash too. Bobbie approaches her job with the up most care, but also the vigor of someone born for this.

She gets the dirt, and the proof she needs, on the suspect and heads back to inform the police of her findings. He is very happy to have what he needs to stop this.

Feeling energized and ready for another case Bobbie heads to the library to use one of their computers. She vows to buy herself a laptop to carry around once she has the money. Sitting at the library computer she pulls up her website to see if any new clients have requested her assistance, and sure enough a little girl wants her help in discovering who used her toothbrush.

The case may not be one that Bobbie would normally attempt to take, but she is still in the process of making a name for herself, and no little girl should have someone use her toothbrush. Bobbie sets out to meet the young girl and get the scoop.

It seems she doesn’t have a lot to go on, but believes there is someone who might know the information.

Client: She might be persuaded to talk, if you know what I mean

Bobbie knows what she means and heads in to talk to the woman. After some idle chit chat Bobbie gives it the straight forward approach first. The woman claims to know nothing, so Bobbie tries to grease her palm a little, not getting much out of her still.

Deciding it’s all to plausible there is no information to get, Bobbie heads back to the little girl, and discovers it was all a ruse. Something to get Bobbie to hand over her cold hard cash. Well, jokes on her, she didn’t give much money to the woman but she got back her entire fee.

With the afternoon feeling like a bit of a bust Bobbie goes to the festival in town and takes a picture in the photo booth and looks around before heading home for the night.

That night Bobbie once again dreams about her work. She dreams of getting the evidence.

Swimming through anything she has to to….

In order to get the dirt she needs. Even if that means digging through more trash…..it is what she is good at after all.

Bobbie wakes up the next morning still a little wary of her house, but in better spirits and decides to spend the cool morning working on her logic skill.

While practicing Bobbie receives wonderful news from the agency. They are very happy with her work so far.

When the phone call comes in with a case Bobbie is ready to handle it. This is a case of love, or rather a determination of if it’s love. The client’s name is VJ and he want to propose, but doesn’t want to make a fool of himself. So he asks if we can snoop around.

Bobbie talks with his family, none of whom think very highly of this girl. Either she is not someone VJ should be with, or they are very particular, possibly closed-minded about their boy.

Since it is difficult to learn anything definitive from his family, other than their dislike of the girl, Bobbie takes a different approach. Hacking into the girls computer. Her social media pages, her email, anything that might give a hint of what she things of VJ.

The news was not good. This girl didn’t love VJ. Turns out his family was probably right. She thought nothing of him, talked about him to no one and seeming didn’t care. Bobbie brought the news back, closing out her file in the process.

Calling it a night, Bobbie heads home, another successful case under her belt. She is now a level 3 investigator and hopefully will be getting tossed a few more cases.

Tonight Bobbie dreams of cooking. Finding that next great recipe.

Making that perfect meal, the best dish.

One that leaves no dirty dishes…..nothing to throw into the dishwasher.

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Hope in Dumpsters: The DITFT Starts

House Tour | Rules | 3 Cases

So here I start with the new portion of this challenge. Last time we completed the Dumpster Diver portion of this challenge. Now we move onto the DITFT (Difference in the Family Tree) challenge. This is a 15-generation challenge (we will see if we get that far) but the generations can be randomized.

For Bobbie, due to the dumpster diver roots, we decided to start with generation 10 and we will move through as we go. Here is the basic information on the general rules and the rules for this generation.


*Have Fun
*No cheats for money and whatnot. (only exceptions is if something wrong happens with your sims and you have to reset them or what have you) 
*For the split gens, you can have both for your heir of that gen (if possible) or you may hand it off to the spouse or even the spare of that gen. Or you don’t have to play it (Some won’t be able to because many of the split gens involve Ambitions expansion)

Generation 10

Option Two
Expansion Need: Ambitions

Private Investigator
• Become Private Investigator
• Complete 30 cases
• Snoop 10 locations
• Write 5 papers on findings
• Reach level ten of Private Investigator Career
• Go through 5 garbage and 5 mailbox
• Don’t marry (if you chose) or have kids until Adult

The reason we picked Private Investigator is because it’s all about digging through peoples stuff, or lives, and that is something Bobbie did a lot of with dumpster diving. Not only did we get a sense for the things many people around town throw away, but also lots about the type of people who hang around the dump.

Bobbie wakes up the first morning, day 22 on this lot in this world and she starts out by making herself some breakfast on the new stove.

I clearly need to get some more lamps in here, like ceiling lamps to help get light in the darker corners of this house. We have lots of small lamps, but it doesn’t always reach everywhere.

Anyway, after some breakfast Bobbie went to her computer (yes, it was pulled from the dumpster) and looked for work. Since we needed to get her into the private investigator career we searched and found what we were looking for.

Then, for fun, we had Bobbie job up to the consignment shop where we spent so much time and had her ‘stakeout’ the place. Not that there was anything for her to discover here, but it’s just such a fun little animation. (Oh, this is actually the dump, but I only did this for a second and then went to the consignment shop.

I did notice it was family day at the dump and consignment shop however. This family was in the consignment shop and a different family with a toddler had just walked over to the dumpsters. You can spy Bobbie just outside the window.

After this fun it was time to do some actual work. So Bobbie went home to her trusty computer and pulled up cases she could take.

The first case she did took her to talk with a gentleman in town and off she went. This job was going to be great for Bobbie. She got to dig into people’s lives, as she had gotten used to doing, but with some more social aspects.

She then had to go do some research at the local hospital on sleep walking. Don’t worry, she’s not at the hospital for any other reason, besides Bobbie can’t even get married for another 7 days.

With this case wrapped up quickly Bobbie took another right away. There is no reason to waste time. We have to get into cases that have us digging through trash, and staking out locations so we can reach our goals.

This one started out with talking to another woman in the neighborhood about her problems. It was then we were told we would need to dig through someone’s trash. That sounds just up Bobbie’s alley.

After learning who’s trash we need to go dig through Bobbie heads off. She had to start out by picking up the guys trash bin, who doesn’t keep their bins upright? Regardless, then Bobbie gets to work with gusto. Look how happy she is to start digging.

After digging through the trash and having a conversation with the man of the house we get the information we need to finish up the case, and so Bobbie heads back to our clients home to tell them the good news.

After sharing the good news Bobbie gets notified she has already received a promotion to the next level of investigator. Happy about her first full day as a trash rummager…errr…private investigator, Bobbie heads to bed. She dreams of her new job.

Where she will leave no stone, or dirty dish un-turned in her search for the truth. Trash doesn’t bother her.

She will research and study, check and double check facts.

Until the truth becomes known, like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

While I leave Bobbie to continue to dream I will say good-bye for now. So far Bobbie had gained her needed career and has gone through 1 person’s trash. She has 6 days before becoming an adult and being able to get married and have kids to carry on this challenge to the next generation.

House Tour | Rules | 3 Cases

Hope in Dumpsters: House Tour

In The End| Rules |The DITFT Starts

So last entry I showed you how Bobbie wrapped up the dumpster diver portion of this challenge and that we received 214 points total. This will serve as the house tour and wrap up to that challenge.

At this point Bobbie has had 7 days added to her young adult time to allow her a week of being a young adult to start on the Differences in the Family Tree portion of this challenge. I am starting with Generation 10 and going to pick the private investigator. I will talk more about that challenge as we get started, but here is where we ended up with Bobbie dream house.

It is a 2 story house and has not one but two decks, one if the front and one in the back. We did not garden, nor fish, as we obviously never found the things needed to begin those in the dumpsters.

+1 point for each room of at least 6 squares: Here is where I floundered and could have gotten more points. I ended up with 8 rooms, 4 on the first floor, and 4 more on the upper floor. I could have easily split the bottom level into another couple of rooms. +8 Points

I am going to apologize in advance that these pictures are going to be somewhat dark. I did not do the smart thing and make sure it was light before I took these, and since Bobbie was not home the lights were not on.

We start with a kitchen, that has a new stove, and 4 countertops with a food processor. All 4 counters, the stove, and the fridge were bought from dumpster funds, but the dishwasher, food processor, and decor were found in the dumpster, as well as the trash compactor.

Back toward the front door we have a little “fun” area with the workout machine Bobbie had found, one of the stereos that had to take the place of the nice one stolen from us, and we see the piles of clothes around.

Turning further into that room we see a lovely little area set up for the computer, and doors leading to the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room for this house.

In this little niche corner we have a wonderful sitting area with matching couches, tables, lamps and a smaller bookcase.

Opposite the kitchen, on the far end of the room we have the more traditional living room with matching couches, a lovely tv, another bookcase, matching end tables, with plenty of light.

Back in the small laundry room, we did purchase the washing machine, but the dryer came out of the dumpster, as well as the lamp.

Now we have come to the lower floor bedroom, which is Bobbie’s room. It has the purchased bed, but everything else came out of the dumpster.

Apparently I didn’t get much of a picture of the bathroom that is right next to this bedroom, but it’s a standard bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink (all purchased sadly.)

Now to travel upstairs where we start with the second bedroom, and this set is all from the dumpster.

The third “bedroom” isn’t really being used as such, instead it holds one of the sets of 4 matching chairs we have. I somehow never got a picture of the dining room downstairs it would appear, but it had a table with a full set of a different 4 matching chairs.

Upstairs we have a dining table with more seating as well, if we end up hosting a big party someday. This table also has a full set of matching chairs, 6 in total.

Here we have another sitting area with a TV, a stereo, and a guitar for future entertainment.

Across from this tv sitting area we have our final large sitting area with lovely matching couches, another TV, another end table and lamp.

I apparently didn’t get a shot of this upstairs bathroom either, but it is there with a shower, toilet, and sink, all purchased as well. And that brings us to the final sitting area inside, this little reading nook.

As a final spot in the house we head back downstairs to the back deck where there is yet another grill, a small table with a couple of chairs to deck seating.

+1 point for $1000 in net worth: We had 51,911 in net worth. +51 points

+1 point for each Basic (bed, fridge, counter, sink, stove, table, chair, toilet, shower/tub, bookcase, entertainment device) pulled from the dump. +35 points (I just counted dining tables and chairs) (13 basics were purchased and didn’t count, 2 showers, 2 sinks, 2 toilets, 4 counters, 1 stove, 1 fridge, 1 bed….everything else came from the dumpster)

+1 point for anything beyond basics: There were so many items that I might have missed one or two wall hangings, but my best count is 118 items that were pulled from the dumpster (not counting the washer that was purchased) +118 points

+1 points for each skill point. Bobbie didn’t study much, but she does have 1 cooking still and 3 handiness. +4 points

So our final score is 216 points.

Not bad for my first try and I think the house is wonderful, although a little eclectic. Now, you will see more of this house as Bobbie will be staying here to start her DITFT portion of the challenge, and will only have the couple hundred dollars she still has her in pockets to start. There are a few things will with the cosigner as well that might give her some extra money before she starts her career as a private investigator. I hope you will join Bobbie and I for this next challenge and thanks for reading along!

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Hope in Dumpsters: In The End

3 to Go| Rules |House Tour

Welcome back to the final three days of the Dumpster Diver challenge. We are so close. When we last checked in on Bobbie she had just wrapped up day 18 and we had found a computer day 17 (I believe) which was an awesome find.

It is still winter, and very snowy when Bobbie wakes up around 9 AM on day 19. We let her get a slow start today, I’m just a softy, and get out to the dumpsters around noon. Once Bobbie starts to dive, I start looking around and see a group of people over at the consignment shop.

It’s the woman Bobbie talked about snow with a few days ago. Things seem to be going well with this group. Now, here is something I haven’t seen yet.

I don’t think anyone has been reading this large book. I don’t know if anything interesting would happen, but as he keep reading I move on. Nothing of interest seems to happen.

Back at the dump though there is a small group of people in the small building and one of them seems to be a reporter of some kind. Maybe he’s asking why there is a group of people who always hang out at the dump.

Day 19’s haul is laid out on the lawn. It is actually nighttime, even though it doesn’t look like it in this picture, but with so much snow on the ground the small things get lost easily.

Oh look, a desk. Just what we needed the other day when we found the computer. That’s ok, that means we can sell the other desk and use this one. Today was a large haul of bugs and gems/ores. We also got another one of those blooming wall decorations. The house will be covered in them.

So off so the science center Bobbie goes and then it’s off to the consignment shop, and she ships off the ore to get smelted. While at the consignment shop Bobbie stops and talks to this lady for a bit to get her social mood up some more.

Day 20 comes and goes without anything interesting happening. There were no people really out and about, Bobbie did her dumpster diving, and took care of her needs. With that, here is the haul she pulled for day 20.

It’s another nice day for gems, and a couple of bugs. We also got a new stereo that isn’t as fancy as the one we lost, but is still nice. Another TV, table and other nick-knacks are found as well. The bookcase is a nice find as well.

For the next to last day Bobbie takes her insects and donates them to science, for a small fee of course, and then heads to the consignment shop to cut up her gems. We officially can cut Plumbob gems now. It’s very exciting and while I didn’t catch the picture of the finished product because I accidentally hit the speed up instead of the pause button, I did show us cutting the gem.

The final day of our challenge arrives. What will Bobbie find on day 21? Will we find anything really exciting, like another bed perhaps? Only time will tell. We get Bobbie up a little earlier than she would like today and have her head out. While she does her final diving, which I meant to get a picture of but apparently did not, we spy a cute couple in the “dump shack.”

They start in here, but soon move out to the dump piles and continue like this for a good portion of the morning. Again, why you want to “date” in the dump I don’t know, but hey, to each their own.

We have Bobbie lay out her final day’s haul. It’s not much actually, one of Bobbie’s lesser days in terms of find, but we found yet another grill, another dishwasher and a new living chair, which is fun.

Bobbie gathers up the things to cut, sell, and cosign and heads off to complete her tasks. While she is gone I start the process of finishing the house, rearranging things, and buying the things we never found, but needed as “basics.” I will put a break down of the score and a tour of the house in the next entry.

Items bought since beginning: Toilet, Refrigerator, Bed, Counter (1), Shower, Desk

Final Score: 216

Not the best score, but hey, for my first try I don’t feel it was too bad. I also learned a lot of things I will likely do somewhat differently when I play it again. Thanks for reading along with Bobbie Hope, and I hope you enjoy the tour and wrap up next entry and are ready to start a Differences in the Family Tree with us next.

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Hope in Dumpsters: 3 to Go

Snowmen Winter| Rules | In The End

We only managed to get through two days last update as there were so many things going on around the dump while Bobbie was there diving. We are done to 5 days to go in this challenge before we shift into a Different in the Family Tree challenge.

As we start day 17 Bobbie gets up and gets her “chores” done for the day. After the burglar took our stereo we are hoping to get lucky enough to find another on, but understand that it’s potentially not happening. While Bobbie dives we take a look at who’s here. Inside we notice a naughty dog.

I’m worried that the desk isn’t going to make it, but the dog eventually leaves the office and the desk is still standing. Then I notice something fall into the snow. That, in itself, doesn’t seem that weird, but something caught my eye about it and I checked it out.

Sure enough, I thought something looked weird about the way he fell. He fell face first into the snow and is making a snow angel with his face in the snow. Not the way I would do it, but hey, what do I know.

Nothing much happens today at the dumpster, and Bobbie just dives away throughout the day. When it starts getting late we have her lay out her finds for day 17.

We had a buy a desk today as Bobbie found a computer! Yes indeed someone threw away a perfectly good computer, and Bobbie will be putting that to use after her 21 days are up. It’s a fairly small haul, Bobbie has not been getting started until after noon almost any day this week.

Bobbie takes her insects to the science team, and heads off to cut her gemstone at the consignment shop and put up all the things she has to consign. I do love the faces they make as they watch the machine.

Up and at them the next morning Bobbie is once again in a world covered in snow and ready for another cold day of diving. First though, because the small social interactions we had a few days ago didn’t fill Bobbie’s social meter, it’s bottomed out again, so she discusses snow with people at the dump.

She gets her social mood back up to a non-red color and it’s time to start diving. She still looks happy with this chosen path in her life, which is good. She’s got more years of this ahead, just in a different fashion.

While Bobbie dives we head across the street and take a look at who is hanging out at the tavern. This girl is enjoying some Foosball at the table, and there are a couple other women around, but nothing too interesting is happening.

The snow seems to be keeping home a lot lately, or at least indoors more often. It is getting cold, and I get notice that Bobbie isn’t feeling so well. It’s only been a few hours of diving, but I decide to take pity on Bobbie and let her lay out her finds.

It’s not a bad haul for a few hours of diving. We got a couple of TV’s, another of the infamous wall hangings, another couple of chairs, another end table (which we are almost overflowing with right now) and some other miscellaneous items, gems, bugs.

Off she heads, first to the science center to drop off the insects found, and then over to the consignment shop. After cutting the gem and putting everything up for consignment we let Bobbie have a little bit more social interaction for the day.

Snow seems to be the topic of discussion around here, it’s probably about how long it will last, or maybe she’s referring to the snowman army that was built across the street the other day. Either way, Bobbie heads home in a much better mood then she had been.

After dinner Bobbie cleans up and has a broken dishwasher. Worriedly I let her work to repair it. She is successful and doesn’t have any problems with it.

Bobbie heads to bed that night with the knowledge that she has two more days before her dumpster diving is mostly over. Since we will be joining the private investigator field once her house is complete she will still be digging in people trash for a living, but maybe slightly less wall hangings will be in her future.

Items bought since beginning: Toilet, Refrigerator, Bed, Counter (1), Shower, Desk

Snowmen Winter| Rules | In The End

Hope in Dumpsters: Snowmen Winter

People Watching | Rules | 3 to Go

We are almost through this challenge, I am on day 15 of 21. We send Bobbie out to her favorite dumpster to get started for the day and see there is quite a crowd at the dump today. Let’s go take a look.

This couple, the girl in the blue shirt and the buy in the blue shorts are flirting up a storm, blowing kisses to each other, giving flowers, etc.

They move outside and continue doing the exact same thing. I’m not sure why you would want your “date” to be at the dump, but hey, to each their own.

Not a whole lot interesting happens this day, and as the day turns to night we have Bobbie wrap up her diving and lay out the finds for day 15 on the lawn.

A couple more wall hangings again…those are another very popular item to throw away, another grill, a new dishwasher, a couple more chairs, a flamingo to match our other one and then the assortment of bugs.

Bobbie starts getting ready for bed and gets upset because the toilet is clogged. Sadly, she is in too bad of a mood to fix it, needing a shower, sleep, and someone to talk to.

During the night, while I watched Bobbie dream, the snow started coming down, and by morning we had a bit of a winter wonderland outside. Bobbie takes some time in the morning to get ready to head out and then she runs to the dump.

There are quite a few people at the dump this morning and so we let Bobbie do a little socializing with the woman who is inside the small building on the lot.

After getting some social time in it’s time for Bobbie to start her diving for the day. While Bobbie dies, as you know what it looks like for her legs to be sticking out of a dumpster, we watch the people who all came to the dump to….build snowmen apparently.

Then we spy some “drama” happening there in the back of that first picture above and head over to check it out.

It’s the same woman who called a guy a floppy lama and seemed to have a broken heart during the last update. I’m not sure this is the same guy as the hair is different, but maybe this is his “cold” outfit. Either way, she is still thinking about a broken heart and doesn’t seem to like this guy much.

I notice the chair she is upset about sitting a short distance from her in the junk yard. Perhaps this guy threw out her chair and she is upset at him for not discussing it with her first. Now it’s “junk”. You can see Bobbie’s legs just in the background of this picture.

Then I notice there is a snow cloud coming from the area by the building and head over to check it out. It is a very “exciting” day at the dump today.

Well as it turns out there was no fight going on, but rather this man destroying a snowman. I’m not sure if it was his snowman, or if he decided this particular snowman had to go for some reason, but it is soon destroyed.

After this very exciting day at the dump, Bobbie finishes up her diving for the day and we lay out her finds on the lawn, and go into build mode because there is too much snow to see all of is clearly.

WE FOUND A BED!!! This is very exciting. We go ahead and keep the bed Bobbie has been using as it is technically better than this bed, but we place this bed in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Then we move the lamps and table inside as well. The gems and bugs are picked up, and the bugs are dropped off to be studied and Bobbie heads to cut her gems.

Bobbie watches the machine do it’s work, looked over by the very creepy picture that sits on the wall behind her. We have reached the point where we have a pear cut and thus that’s what we make.

While the final gems were being cut this townie came over and just stood watching Bobbie cut her gems. After the gems were finished he took her over to the side and started dancing with her. Since Bobbie is usually devoid of much social interactions I let her have some fun.

While she slept that night, sadly, a black and white being visited, and was very unwelcome.

I tried to get Bobbie up in enough time to call the cops, but sadly the burglar got away with the super nice stereo that Bobbie had pulled out of the dumpster a while ago. We are very sad about burglary but luckily Bobbie has a few more days left and we have dug up plenty of stereos.

I will remember your face burglar. With that unfortunate turn of events, and the wrap up of day 16 I think it’s a good time to call this update. There are only 5 more days left in this challenge, and then we will begin a DITFT. I have decided that I will give Bobbie 7 days as a young adult after this challenge is done to get started on her DITFT career.

So she will have the 21 days from this challenge, and another 7, giving her a total of 28 days as a young adult and then she will be allowed to grow up. I am not going to start her over, and will leave her in this house, with whatever limited money she will have left at the end of the challenge.

Items bought since beginning: Toilet, Refrigerator, Bed, Counter (1), Shower (which she has had and I forgot I had bought)

People Watching | Rules |3 to Go

Hope in Dumpsters: People Watching

A Look Around | Rules | Snowmen Winter

For most of this challenge Bobbie has focused on diving in dumpsters, which makes sense as this is a dumpster diver challenge. This will continue but in the wee hours of the morning on day 12 we let Bobbie have a relaxing morning instead of running straight to the dump.

She starts by leaning Handiness by reading a book from the bookcase she dug up. She then sits and reads about Cooking for quite a while, but doesn’t finish up a point until she makes breakfast.

Breakfast on this day requires the use of the brand new food processor and Bobbie is happy to have the food processor even though it meant it took over the one food prep counter.

It’s about at this moment that I remember it’s not likely we will dig out a stove, so at some point we will buy her one so she can make additional meals.

We then take that brand new handiness skill and put it to work fixing the toilet. Right after that it’s time for Bobbie to head to “work” for the day at the dump.

While Bobbie begins her diving, I watch the people hanging out at the dump. Initially I thought this guy had earphones on, from a distance it sort of looked like it, but instead he’s just taking advantage of the book selection here at the dump.

A little while later he has a conversation with this guy about politics. It seems to go well, so apparently its not as polarizing a topic as it is here in our world.

Then I spot this little cat(?) across the street in the consignment shop. He’s thinking about something….a disguise?

One of sorts, more specifically with this guy it would look like. Why is he in the consignment shop looking so very suspicious? I watch for a while longer and then he leaves. Nothing interesting happened.

Then, apparently there was an electrocution around town somewhere. This gentleman showed up at the dump and engaged in conversation with this lovely looking lady. He appears to be thinking about her, I can only assume her thought bubble is for how this guy typically looks when not sooty.

The look around town ends as the day draws to a close, it was a much more interesting people watching day then some of them. Bobbie lays out her current treasures on the lawn. It was a short day of diving so it’s not as big as some days.

Lots more of that rug that seems so popular to throw out, a new TV, a couple of perfectly good trash cans…did people not think to just take the bag out and decided they were cheap enough they would just throw out the hold thing? Then some more gems and bugs.

So off Bobbie goes to the consignment shop to cut the gems, after donating the bugs to science and then she cosigns all the new gems.

The next day is day 13, we are getting closer and closer to the end of this challenge. Today Bobbie gets an earlier start and starts her diving. I, on the other hand, go check out the consignment store which seems busy for this early in the morning. We spy someone enjoying the rocking chair…

While other study or dance to the music.

Random Townie: Oh yeah!!! Get it on!

Meanwhile, on the bench out behind the consignment shop we have another couple studying, or reading in general. It is raining, so even though they are slightly under a tree they must be getting a little wet.

We end the day of diving a little early and Bobbie lays out her finds for the day. Lots more sitting objects again, with a couch, chair and bench. We also have yet another trash can, end table and only a couple of bugs today.

After a quick trip to the science lab to donate the 2 bugs she found it’s off to the consignment shop to cut the newest gems and put them up for consignment. So far Bobbie is getting a fair amount of money for her gems, and we forgot that she was going to start cosigning the metals as well after they were smelted.

We are up to day 14 now, and that means we have a week left of Bobbie’s dumpster diving days and we get to start with a DITFT. While Bobbie dives in the trash bins again, I swear that is what she is doing all day, we once again go people watching. These two are not having a good time together.

But they continue to make a go of talking with each other. They had just had broken hearts over each of those heads just a moment before this. Now she appears to be calling him a floppy eared lama!

It appearly breaks her heart that he is such a floppy lama and they lose even more relationship points.

I almost feel bad for this guy, but I’m not exactly sure what sort of relationship they had before all of this happened. That was the only thing interesting at the dump this day, and so Bobbie wraps up a little early. She wants some social time very badly, but we have her set all her finds out on the lawn.

Not many metals/gems today, but more bugs, and another couch and coffee table. There are also 3 wall hanging decorations in the background as well. After selling a few things, donating the bugs, and cutting and consigning the newest gems I take some of the money and work on finishing the outside of the house.

It’s winter time so there are icicles, but the entire house now has siding, a roof, a patio, windows and doors. 3 of the benches we have pulled out of the trash sit outside there is a grill we found, the fancy statue and a stereo. You can’t really make them out, but there are also a couple of flamingos and we got a frisbee as well.

Here is a look of the rooms inside so far. They are a bit cluttered at the moment, but I am working on sprucing the place up and reorganizing things.

Bobbie is lonely again, but the house is mostly clean, it mostly has flooring and it’s starting to get wallpaper in the rooms. We still have 7 more days to get everything finished and looking good before scoring but as day 14 closes Bobbie dreams of her trash.

Items bought since the beginning: Toilet, Refrigerator, Bed, Counter

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Hope in Dumpsters: A Look Around

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So first a quick little admin note. I have updated and given a better name to this challenge blog. With Bobbie Hope being our characters name and she is making her whole life out of dumpster diving, I thought this was fun. At the end of the challenge I am going to have Bobbie start a DITFT challenge to continue on with her.

As we join Bobbie for day six of this challenge we find her in her unfinished home in bed sound asleep. Bobbie sleeps well on the bed she bought, even though it’s a cheep bed. We continue to hope and pray that Bobbie will dig up a bed at some point.

Day six and seven go essentially the same way as every other day before. I tried to look around town a bit and see if I saw anything interesting and I could not find a thing. So imagine Bobbie’s legs sticking out of a dumpster for 2 straight days and she was able to dig out the following.

Day 6 Haul

Day 7 Haul

Bobbie is collecting a ton of bugs, which I have since learned that we can “donate” to the science center for more money than you can sell them for. So we have started doing that with bugs. The gems we are cutting and cosigning at the consignment shop and we have started smelting the ores.

So we find ourselves at day 8 in this 21-day challenge. Bobbie heads to the dump right next door and begins diving into the dumpster there over and over again. Today, however, she has many guests. It’s as though people are learning that you can get some real value from these babies.

While Bobbie continues her dives I happen to notice the lady with the yellow pants on here has something going on where the piles of junk lay. I head over to see what is going on.

Turns out she is in the middle of a scary ghost story about a phantom who plays music. Terrifying, or at least the guy in green eating invisible popcorn sure seems to think so. That is the most exciting thing that happens this day, so let’s see the haul for day 8.

Turns out we are very good at finding sitting items. We have some benches, a couch, a love seat and a chair. These rugs are apparently very popular to get rid of as well as we find many of them. We have, however, discovered 2 TV’s, one of them very nice. I believe this might be the second of this type of TV, but I can’t fully remember.

After selling off the things we needed to sell there was still a little time left in the day and poor Bobbie had been very neglected socially. I took pity on her and sent her back to the dump to talk to our resident ghost historian.

So after some social interaction Bobbie heads back to her house and has some quiet time before bed. The next day we decide to try an entirely new dumpster over by the salon. Bobbie looks happy to be checking out a different dumpster for a while.

While Bobbie begins her diving I once again decide to go check out things around the area and I found the most enjoyable scene happening inside the salon.

The makeup that has gone onto this poor woman’s face made me laugh. She is continuous being upset at, what I can only assume, was the perpetrator of this monstrosity, and they continuously loose relationship points. This goes on for most of Bobbie’s diving but nothing else of interest is noted.

Back at home we line up Bobbie’s newest hall and discover the salon is apparently a great place to find bugs and even a table. There is an additional cough and in the back is a trash compactor, which we had not dug out before. We also have another guitar.

So with day 9’s haul taken care of, and much of it moved off to the side we send Bobbie to the consignment shop to cut the gems and see if we can sell anything there, including our newest smelted pieces.

Day 10 arrives and after a quick meal and pick up of the home Bobbie heads to her favorite spot, the dump. Her social is pretty tanked again and so after a couple of dives she takes the late morning to make friends with this girl.

After getting the social up it’s back to diving and by the end of the day we once again have a pretty decent haul in our front yard. During this time we have begun being able to expand up to a second floor, but there isn’t anything there yet. The house does have stairs however and we are on our way to a more complete house.

The haul for day 10 isn’t as expansive as some other days, but we didn’t dive for nearly as long either. The dryer is sold right away, we already have that exact one. Apparently it was a popular but not great dryer as people threw it out left and right.

Trying to get everything taken care of before midnight we head quickly to the science lab to “donate” (aka sell) our caught bug. It actually makes for a rather pretty picture overall.

That evening we decide it is time to buy a counter top so we can at least make a salad. We still do not have a stove and thus are stuck with salads and things we can grill. Bobbie isn’t the best chef, but at least it isn’t possible for her to catch this on fire.

Day 11 dawns and while Bobbie would love to have waffles or something else to eat except bread, don’t look at me like that Bobbie, you haven’t fished out a stove yet. Fish one from the dumpster and I’ll consider letting you try and cook. Bread and jam is what she has….you can tell Bobbie is also a slob.

It is an absolutely stunning view while Bobbie starts her dives for the day. Hoping we come up with something interesting to watch it appears everyone is out enjoying the day as literally no one else shows up to the dump this day. Bobbie is able to dive in peace and have her pick of the dumpsters if she would like.

By the end of the day Bobbie has found quite a large amount of stuff and lays it all out so we can take a look at it.

Excitedly, we see Bobbie dug up a new food processor, thus taking over the one we had to sell on the first day due to the fact we couldn’t afford a counter to put it on. There is also a couple of very nice stereos in the mix, as well as a plethora of lamps. We once again donate all the bugs, consign our gems and smelt our ores. With a successful start to the second floor that you can see Bobbie goes to bed pretty happy with herself.

As Bobbie was sleeping I watched the cars drive up and down road and watched people come and go from the consignment shop or the vamp bar at the end of the street. During all this watching I happen to notice a car pull up to the empty lot across the street. Out pops this…..post sim?

She wanders to the edge of the lot and disappears. It’s the first ghost I have seen in this area and I’m not sure where she was going, apparently into the forest behind the lot. We are officially through a little over half of the challenge and we have currently 7 rooms, although 3 do not have doors. 3 downstairs, and 4 upstairs. We have no wallpaper and basically no flooring, nor do we have windows, but the walls are complete.

Items bought since the beginning: Toilet, Refrigerator, Bed, Counter

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Hope in Dumpsters: Digging In

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Over the course of the first two days of her time, Bobbie Hope has managed to dumpster dive a lot of rocks, bugs, furniture and some fun items like TV’s, statues, a bookcase etc.

As day 3 dawns we find Bobbie still sleeping in the fire house and when she gets up she goes and mooches some breakfast from their fridge.

No pictures were taken of Bobbie diving in the dumpsters today, but it worked much the same as the previous days. She would head to the junkyard and start diving in. At the end of day 3 the current hall is put out into the yard before selling all the bugs and rocks. This day, we had enough money to smelt some of the ore, and so we sent it off.

Day three also brought a ton of duplicate items, such as the 3 grills, so after selling much of the duplicate items, but keeping as many things as we felt we could we have Bobbie purchase a toilet and build up the beginning structure of her house. It’s a single large room at the moment, but it is on a foundation.

Poor Bobbie hasn’t been given any social time since she started diving in the dumpster and so she heads out, all on her own, and starts talking to the newspapers. I didn’t even know this was a thing.

With the finding a the loveseat Bobbie stays home this night and naps in her new house multiple times to get enough energy to start diving in again the next day. After getting a fair amount of sleep she heads back to the dumpsters.

Day four ends and we lay out the haul for the day on the lawn and then sell the things we don’t need and gather the gold we smelted and instantly sold, which gave us some much needed cash to expand out the house a little bit.

Bobbie is now super hungry, as she still has not found a fridge so she heads to a park. No one there has food, but she does talk with this guy, and apparently he shares some food, as she sits down at a table and eats whatever she was given.

On this day we deiced to finally buy a bed and a fridge, as it appears we are not going to find these soon in the dumpster. As Bobbie spends her first full night, sleeping in her own bed, in her own house she thinks of what she has managed to find and is ready to get started on the next day. So when the sun is up Bobbie is back to hitting the dumpsters.

Today I took a little pity on Bobbie, and after this woman finished her dumpster dive, it’s getting harder and harder to have these dumpsters to keep diving into all to herself, Bobbie went to talk with her.

Not being sure exactly what this does, I have Bobbie go dig through the trash piles at the junkyard, but I discover it’s only scrap metal that gets found. It will just live in her inventory.

That night, as she lays out her haul we realize we have gotten very similar things most days, and we start to wonder if we need to find some different dumpsters to dive into going forward. The bugs were sold, so were the rocks and the house was expanded a bit again.

As we worked to fit all the items we wanted to keep for now, in the small house and try to lay out some basic rooms, a wild horse ran onto Bobbie’s property. She went over and carefully let the horse sniff her hand. It was a very exciting thing to Bobbie.

Items bought since the beginning: Toilet, Refrigerator, Bed

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Hope in Dumpsters: First 2 days

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I started reading a blog about this type of challenge and it seemed like a lot of fun and it’s short. I was wanting to do something a little different last night so I started this challenge.

Meet Bobbie Hope, she is a young adult sim to is going to reach her goals by dumpster diving. I gave her the traits Slob, Gatherer, Eccentric, Mooch, and Frugal. She loves folk music, hot dogs and the color green. She starts 18 days from adult hood, so we adjust the life meter to make sure she gets her full 21 days, and give her a big lot beside the junkyard, which has dumpsters.

After zeroing out her bank account so all she starts with is the land and nothing more I send her over to the junkyard. She opens up a dumpster and dives right in.

Taking turns hoping from dumpster to dumpster Bobbie continues like this for most of the rest of the day, barely even noticing all the people who come to the junkyard.

Eventually, towards the end of the day, Bobbie has company at the dumpsters, it’s the girl from earlier who thought Bobbie should maybe use a disguise.

Day one’s haul is placed on Bobbie’s lawn. The bugs are quickly sold, as are the stones (I would love to have smelted or cut them, but with the fact she has no money yet there was not enough to do that with yet.) Additionally there was a clock and a food processor found, but we did not have the money for a wall, or a counter top so they were sold outright.

Bobbie is hungry so we head to Central Park to see if anyone has some food out and turns out she is in luck. There is someone and she mooches some food off of him and heads to a different picnic table to eat her food.

Bobbie then heads back home, of her free will, and pulls a book out of the bookcase she found and starts to read. It’s not a skill book, but one on curses.

Knowing there are beds at the fire station (thank you other blogs) I send Bobbie there to get some sleep. She doesn’t go on her own, as she wants to go home, but there is no bed, so I force the issue and get her to sleep.

The next morning she awakes feeling ready to head back to the dumpsters. First she takes a quick shower at the firehouse, and then mooches some food from their fridge as well.

Back at the dumpsters Bobbie gets started at diving in. She takes to it with decent gusto, but seems to be open to doing almost anything else as well. She does look super happy to be getting started for the day though.

Partway through her day it seems she started drawing the ire of certain visitors to the junkyard. What’s funny is, shortly after this he jumps into a different dumpster. She was in it first buddy!

As the evening begins to wrap up we have Bobbie dive one more time to gather as much as she possibly can for day 2. We keep hoping we will find a bed before too long. Additional people seem to be getting the hint that you can find all kinds of things diving in the dumpsters, but most don’t stay past one dive.

The haul for day 2 is put out on the long, over to the side. We have additional wall pieces now, and we had enough money to buy a wall to hand them on. The bugs were sold, and so were the rocks again.

Having a successful day of dumpster diving Bobbie heads to a local park where she sees some people having a picnic. She heads over and sits right now next to the first woman and manages to bum some food. The woman immediately gets up and walks to the next blanket over. Perhaps she didn’t want to sit so close to smelly Bobbie.

While at the park she decides to sit and read her book on curses some more, so to a picnic bench she goes and sits down to read for a bit.

Finally getting super sleepy for the night Bobbie makes her way back to the fire station to see if she can bum a bed again. No one is around so she heads right back up to the beds and slips in for the night.

Day two draws to a close and we can report no items have been bought so far, but multiple meals have been mooched and the firehouse bed and showers have been used a couple of times.

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