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Welcome back to the Latte’s! It’s good to see you again and we have another action packed update for you. Last time we were with the family little Hjordis grew up into a toddler and baby Amarja was born. That means we still have L, I, and X to go. To wrap up last entry we had some family holidays and Ixael grew up and moved out on his own. Let’s check in on the family now.

To start us off Zax called and invited us down to GeekCon and we decided to bring as much of the family with us as we could. So Oxkar, Ember, and Ixael also joined us for today’s events.

The family had a good time chatting, playing games, we even picked up some swag for fun. Overall it was a good day for everyone. The extended family continues to try and keep this whole family connected and it’s sweet.

Because I had kept forgetting before we also took this time go stop by the Straud house and flag the rest of the Straud kids. No marriage or babies for any of these kids. Especially since, in looking at gallery pictures, Orion and Opal appear to be both vampire and mermaid.

Easton spends a little extra time at the house getting to know is mother-in-law’s twin and some of her kids. This family will be around for a long time to come, probably for forever, since it’s made up of mostly vampires, but Zorah and Christine are human and will eventually pass on.

We then get some fun extended family updates. It looks like both Pixey and Oxkar are going to be having kids. These kids will be decently close in age to their cousins, Hjordis being a toddler now and Amarja just being born.

This one is a little harder to take. Kendra, as you may remember, is Kevin’s oldest daughter. Being the eldest son of Kynzie it makes sense that Kendra would be reaching her elder years. She is, however, on the same level of the family tree as Mikel (Ember’s son) who is still a toddler. When you have big family this happens, but it still feels crazy.

Anyway, back to our main family. Easton is continuing to work on his aspiration and keep his body in tip top shape. He, after all, is an astronaut, or working towards being one and needs to stay in good physical condition.

Halix, for her part is working with her daughter on her skills. Skills have been a little tough for Hjordis. She gets sad often, which seems odd with her Wild trait, but so be it. She doesn’t mind working blocks with mom though.

Another quick family update to stay Ember will only have the two sons, Ethan and Mikel for she is now an elder. All of Kynzie kids are elders, and Kevin of course passed last update.

Harvey has always been a good grandpa, and his good charisma makes him a good storyteller. Hjordis looks like she is trying so hard to keep her eyes open.

Oxkar invited Zophi to a party on the cliffs. Everyone in the family was super worn out from life so I sent Zophi by herself. We arrive and Ukupanipo is already there, and Zophi chats and dances the night away.

I’m pretty sure I saw a ghost head over this way and then saw this. That looks ominous. The bonfire just started up after that, but was the ghost a sacrifice?

Whatever the cause, this guy enjoyed his fire dancing immensely. It was great fun to watch him. About this time Zophi decided to take a nap on a bench and the crowd went a little crazy when Kynzie’s ghost also made an appearance.

Ixael also stopped by and of course Zophi had show him pictures of the babies. Hjordis was an active toddler now, and Ixael hadn’t been by since Amarja was born. It was a fun night for Zophi and she went home tired but happy.

Back at home everyone was having dinner together, well every except for Amarja of course. The family is beginning to run out of leftovers a little bit, so Zophi might need to cook up some more food soon.

The grandparents have been a terrific help to Halix and Easton. They would barely need to lift a finger if they didn’t want to. Both Harvey and Zophi are at level 9 parenting and I would love have one of them max it.

Looks like Nick’s eldest daughter if now a teen. That’s probably good as she has a little brother, Ivan, and their mom just passed last updated and Nick isn’t exactly a spring chicken himself.

Zax invites his dad over to hang out for a bit, and since no one in the family had met his new wife yet. So Harvey went over and got to know Kayleigh a bit better.

Our nightly family updates come in and we discover that Zax and Kayleigh are actually expecting now. We also get word that Oxkar has gotten married. This is not the same woman that he got pregnant. I went and searched out where they were, and they live in the same neighborhood, only a few streets away from each other.

It was a good thing Harvey visited Zax when he did, because early the next morning he let us know, his time was finally up. I had given him lost of youth potion, but he managed to top the athletic career, maxed fitness, and managed to end with 9 traits (Quick Learner, Goofball, Kleptomaniac, Self-Absorbed, Shrewd, Shameless, Gym Rat, Great Kisser, and Antiseptic) and he managed to complete 1 aspiration (Fabulously Wealthy.) He was a successful guy and will be missed.

While the family is across the hall mourning for Harvey, Amarja is in the other room growing up into a toddler. She is adorable and almost all Easton. She got his blond hair, and blue eyes.

Here is a closer picture of her. She has her mom’s complexion, but at the moment she takes after Easton the most. She is adorable though and get the Charmer trait.

A few hours later the family gets notified of yet another tragedy in the family. He might have been evil, but Yuri was always there for his siblings. Any family event he almost always attended, at least for a little bit, and had a great relationship with most of his siblings, and his nieces and nephews.

And that is coupled with additional happy news. What a roller coaster of a morning….this all happened within a handful of sim hours. Yes, Halix is expecting baby L. There is room for multiples, so we are going to be hoping for a single baby.

Halix heads over to tell Easton the news, and at first his face looks like he doesn’t quite believe her, or that maybe he’s suspicious of it in some way, but in the end he is happy about the news.

Pixey calls after the news of both her father and her uncle reach her and invites all of her siblings over to mourn together and take comfort from each other. The girls are the last to leave and it seems to have done the family some good.

Back at home the girls continue to be adorable. Hjordis is about a day away from growing up and just needs a bit more communication and imagination. It might not have been easy, but she should reach top-notch.

I love that toddlers can play together. They are just too cute, and probably some of the more diverse genetics in siblings we’ve seen for a bit. I’m happy to have blonde in the mix now.

Our next set of family news is for birthdays. Yuri’s eldest daughter, Yenifer, is now an adult, and Ember’s youngest, Mikel is now a child. Ember just became and elder this play session, so he should be a YA or older before she is gone.

Halix gets herself another promotion. She is flying her way up the music career and might actually make it to the top before she turns to elder at this rate.

New cousins are here as well. Pixey had a little girl named Paula and Oxkar’s fling had a little girl as well, which was named Olivia. I’m curious if Oxkar will start having kids with his wife now.

All of these kids put Zophi over the required 4 grandkids and she completed her aspiration finally. I had it in my mind it was all up to Halix, not even thinking that if her siblings had kids that would also count. Zophi (who apparently decided to die her hair back to brown) chose her next aspiration as Master Chef. Time for some family dinner parties.

And we end this update on a bit of a sad note in the notification that Nick has also passed away. It has been quite the roller coaster of emotions this update. Happy and sad have happened and everyone in the family will take their time to mourn their loved ones. Next time we will see Hjordis become a child, and see the appearance of Baby L. I hope you will join us then.

For fun, here is a close up of the two non-family members who added to the family. To the left is Oxkar’s fling, Imane Jaouad. One the right is the man whom Pixey got together with and his name is Gil Underwood.

In other family portraits, on the left is Robyn Villareal, Oxkar’s wife that he married earlier in the round. On the right is Nick’s daughter Natalie. I actually gave her slightly nicer eyebrows as she had super thin, very high on her forehead eyebrows and it just looked weird. She is very unique looking.

Thanks for sticking with me through this decently long post. There was so much going on I didn’t want to just cut the update so I hope you didn’t mind a little extra today. See you next time!

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Latte Game – Generation 3.03

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Greetings from the Latte’s! The family is growing more every day. When we were last with the family Halix and Easton got married in a lovely, although cold, ceremony at the park. Shortly after Halix was pregnant with the newest baby of the family. There were promotions, we celebrated Winterfest, and Halix finally had baby Hjordis. Let’s see how it’s going now.

Zophi heads up the moment little Hjordis needs something and feeds her a bottle. Having grandparents around to help with the baby is just wonderful. Zophi has high parenting skills too.

Ixael is getting ready to grow up soon. I will miss him when he’s gone, he’s been a fun sim, but we also need the space in the house. I have no doubt, however, with as close as this family is, that we will see him all the time.

Easton comes home with a promotion and he is on his way to getting through the astronaut career. I haven’t ever played this one, so I’m looking forward to see how he does.

Zax called and asked his mom to join him at a club. She brought Harvey as well and wouldn’t you know, Kynzie and Ukupanipo’s ghosts were there too. It was like a small family reunion and everyone had a good time. At the end of the night we even met Ember as well.

We have 4 more pregnancies we need to get through with these two, so there is no time like the present. I do love these two and want to see what all their kids look like.

We got the update to let us know Ember’s baby, Mikel is now a toddler. We will show you a better look at him at the end. She has had some cute little kids.

It’s time for Ixael’s birthday as well. He is now a YA. Ixael adds Glutton to his traits, and gets a job in Business. Then he moves out on his own. We will miss having his help with the baby, but he moves into the world rather quickly. I didn’t happen to catch the notice, but when I was looking at households shortly after he was already there.

Being retired, well she sold her restaurants, and needing more grandkids to make any headway on her aspiration, Zophi starts the process of upgrading items around the house.

Halix gets another promotion and is working her way up the music career fairly quickly. I’m hoping she will max it without too much trouble, and her aspiration is at the point where she needs to write songs, so that will take a bit of time.

Halix wakes up and tells me, and then Easton, that she is, in fact, pregnant with their next baby. Baby A is on the way, and I’m excited to see what they will look like.

Nick’s son grew up, and then in sad news Kevin has passed away. The whole family is going to be sad for quite a while with this one. Kevin will be missed, but he outlived 2 wives, and raised 3 children.

New Years comes around and the family is invited over again. Everyone was still sad about Kevin’s passing, but they all come together to celebrate with a meal and conversation.

Nick heads up and takes care of baby Hjordis. Having two decently young kids of his own I’m sure he’s used to taking care of babies. We also see Kendra was invited and came as well.

Once most of the family has left for the night everyone gathers and watches the countdown to the New Year. Everyone had a good holiday, and made resolutions. Zophi, Halix, and Easton all resolved to earn skills, and Harvey had the resolution to get a promotion.

So I saw this and was confused. What happened to this shell to make it start stinking? I zoomed in to make sure I saw a stink cloud and sure enough, I did. Then I turned the camera, and oh, it was an abandoned cupcake.

It’s birthday time for baby Hjordis and she grows up into a toddler. I apparently paused right as the baby form was still spinning and toddler form was just coming to the ground.

Here is baby Hjorids as a toddler. She is very cute, and her eyes are not from the Latte’s. I went back and checked and no one has had this color eyes. Perhaps from the Wilde side? Hjordis gains the Wild trait.

First things first, right before the makeover, Halix takes Hjorids down to learn the first level of potty skill. Gotta get started early with that one.

Easton has reached the final level of his body builder aspiration, but he needs more fitness skill and needs to be in peak performance. So he heads out to initially do an energetic yoga routine.

Zophi puts little Hjordis to bed with a story. Having read stories to so many kids at this point Zophi is a pro at this by now.

Harvey comes home with a final promotion. He finally did it, he reached the top of the Athletic career and is a Hall of Famer. This also gave him the resolution he made as well.

We got a family update and it looks like Zax finally got married. She is pretty and we’ll see if they end up having any kids. Zax has been an adult for a bit already but we’ll see. Pixey is also now an adult.

Final update was that Nick’s wife has passed away. It’s amazing the extension of life that being a mermaid/merman provides to the extended family so far.

Halix is also a good parent, and she reads to little Hjordis as well. They also play with the dollhouse together as well. Hjordis didn’t show up much in the update, but she is a busy little girl.

Hi you two, how is it going?

Zophi: We are discussing the family reunion

That is today, that’s right.

Halix: Yeah, we are inviting everyone we can.

We had much of the family over and they spent time eating, drinking kava together, and just talking and discussing. Most of the cousins were invited, although no one knows Yuri’s adopted daughter enough to invite her.

Zophi continues to be a wonderful grandma and gives our little Hjordis a bath. I love her little pigtails, she’s so cute!

Easton gets himself a new promotion and is slowly working his way up the ladder. I don’t think he should have any major problems reaching these goals.

Ukupanipo is out again and talking with his granddaughter. She is getting pretty big and should be giving birth to our newest Latte soon. I’m not sure why Uku is sad, but ghosts flit between moods really easily it seems.

Yeah, remember how I said she was close, well Easton and Halix woke up SUPER early in the morning with Halix in labor. It’s time for baby A to make an appearance. Halix’s needs are super high, so we just have the baby at home.

We have a new little girl! Her name is Amarja. Yes, I know there are lots of A’s, but every other letter is new. We do not have M, R, or J yet, so this felt like a good name. Welcome Amarja.

As Amarja was starting to make her appearance we got the notice that the 3 Straud kids are now all YA’s, and it will be time to go flag them, but that will be next update. For now this feels like a great place to close. We have room for 2 more kids at the moment so will be working on baby L soon.

Until then, here is a quick look at Zax’s wife. Apparently I caught her with her eyes closed, but she is pretty and I hope they have some kids together.

Then here are two of the cousins. First is Mikel, Ember’s youngest son with her husband Juan and then next to him is Ivan, Nick’s youngest who is now a child. Ember could potentially have additional children, but with the passing of Nick’s wife it’s unlikely he’ll have any more. Isla is the only one of Kynzie’s kids to not end up having kids of their own, Zorah and Zophi (the twins) having the most with 9 between them (the 3 Zorah had plus adopted daughter). Kevin had the 2 and then his adopted daughter as well. Everyone else has had 2 kids.

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Latte Game – Generation 3.02

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Welcome back to the Latte house. The last time we visiting Halix got engaged to the handsome Easton Wilde and was ready to start her time as the bearer of lettered children. Zophi managed to max her culinary career and Harvey just needs a little more time.

So let’s hop right in. We’ve all been invited to the wedding anyway, so we are going to head right to the park (that I didn’t realize wasn’t the one I wanted until we were there.)

The entire family was invited, everyone Halix knew. You can see Oxkar, Pixey, Zax, and Ixael of course. Zophi and Harvey are obviously there, but then we also had Nick, Vince, Kendra, Yenifer, Kevin, Zelphi, Opal, Orion, and Christine. I don’t think Zorah made it, and I don’t think Halix knew Isla or Ember enough to invite them, and I know she didn’t know Yuri.

While it was a cold wedding day the wedding was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun for everyone. There was chatting and hugging, the vampires mostly stayed indoors of course, and lots of drinking and some eating.

This, however, has to be one of my favorite pictures. Vince is apparently THAT GUY at a wedding, having not dressed up at all. His dad, Kevin, looks annoyed and like he wants to sink into the floor. Pixey and Ixael don’t look impressed either, and Vince doesn’t seem like he cares for their judgement. Everyone else just ignores him. It’s just like a real life wedding.

A moment together for the happy couple. I already love these two and am so happy for them. Of course, when the party wound down we got the message about moving them together. I said yes, the window went away and everyone started to head home and Easton was not a part of the household. Second time that has happened in this save.

Luckily once everyone went home we just invited Easton over to the house and asked him to join the household and he moved into the beach house with his wife. I have been debating if I leave the other Wilde guys here, and I think I will just for fun.

So Easton, as we mentioned before, wants to be a bodybuilder. That is his aspiration, so he heads to the gym to get that first milestone out of the way. In the background I spy other Latte’s.

Sure enough Oxkar is there and looked like he was giving Pixey some pointers on the treadmill, and Zax is talking with Ember, who is pregnant again you might remember. Gotta love when you travel to another town and 1/2 the family is there too. With a family as big as the Latte’s though this isn’t surprising.

I decided, since he didn’t have a job when he first came in, that we would put Easton into the astronaut career. That seems like it would suit a body builder aspiration. His work task was to play some chess, so he sat down with his new father in law to play.

Halix has been slacking a bit on her music aspiration, so she practices the guitar for a bit. She eventually gets to level 6, which is a check mark on her way to completing the next milestone.

Then we get the news that the wedding night fun resulted in the future baby H being conceived. Halix is thrilled, Zophi will be thrilled, but what will the father to be think?

He’s surprised but not upset by the news. After all, Halix explained there were going to be at least 5 kids. Now there is currently room for 3 sims in this house, and with this family, we know that could mean multiples, but we will see what happens.

This was completely autonomous and absolutely sweet as hell. These two are a very sweet couple and I’m so happy I brought the Wilde’s in to meet Halix.

Halix goes to tell her dad the good news as well and it’s more hugs all around. This family LOVES to hug. I’ve had kids go around hugging their parents when they are kids, but this family hugs each other all the time.

I didn’t realize this update was going to get so sugary sweet, I swear I didn’t, but don’t you just love them? Harvey is studying his opponents, for work, and he appeared to be explaining things to Zophi who had brought her breakfast over to sit with her husband.

Easton might want to be a body builder, but he isn’t one yet. Maybe you shouldn’t put the treadmill up quite that high Easton. I’m surprised you didn’t get a face carpet burn from landing with your face on the belt.

He might be partially a green cloud of stink, but we send him out to get to know his brother-in-law and have him help with the school project. He still needs logic skills, and this is a logical school project.

Ember had another boy. Mikel has been born and we will see him grow up later. I’m happy for Ember she seems to be doing well.

Nick randomly came by, just walked into the house, said something to an empty bed, stood around a bit and then left. It was a little weird. I’m a bit worried about Nick, hope things are ok at home.

Breakfast and conversation, one of this family’s bread and butter interactions. They do love to sit at this bar and chat with each other. I really should upgrade the counters at some point. *spoiler: I have not.*

Easton leaves for his first shift as an astronaut. He has all he needs in order to get a promotion, but I doubt he’s had enough time to get one, but we will see. His uniform at the moment is interesting.

Halix, however, did get a promotion and this was the branching one, so we choose music of course. Halix doesn’t need to try and become a comedian.

We keep having to rearrange things in the house….it’s starting to feel like they need a bigger lot, but it also feels like we JUST moved into this house. We’ll see what I end up doing, but we managed to find room for a keyboard for Halix to work on piano.

I love multi-tasking, like having a glass of milk while you get some hydration up. Why not have your milk while you hydrate? It is pretty funny though.

It’s Winterfest again and the Latte’s go all out. They spend the morning decorating the tree, and then they invite as much family as they can over to celebrate with them while Zophi cooks up a lovely turkey dinner. We had Isla, and Oxkar, Kevin and Kendra, even Yuri showed up and participated.

Yuri even took a little time to visit his parents graves and mourn them for a bit, as did Kendra (Kevin’s oldest if you can’t remember.) It was very sweet, and seems that Yuri might have mellowed out a bit in his elder years.

Once presents were opened and everyone left for the day Ixael went into his room and did his homework. Such a good kid. His birthday will be here soon, but I think I can call his A at least 3 days old now. Halix spent some time with her guitar, and even her mom came down and listened to her.

To give Zophi something new to do in her elder years, especially while we eagerly wait the first grand baby, we got Zophi a cupcake machine. I’ve never played with it, but might as well see if we can get her baking up.

Ember’s oldest son has grown into a child, so we’ll have to go take a look at him at the end of this update. This family has gotten so big! If you haven’t looked at it you can check out the Family Tree in the link at the top or bottom of this entry and just see how much it’s grown.

And all of this can only mean Baby H is on the way. We send Halix to the hospital with Easton, who of course just sits in the waiting room on the “expensive furniture” as his moodlet said and waited for the baby to be born. I don’t think I’ve had a single father (or spouse) go into the delivery room.

It’s only 1, and it’s a little girl. We name her Hjordis, which is apparently norse for something akin to swords woman. I might have that kind of wrong, but I want to get that J out of the way next, and this adds a few more letters too. I’m excited to see what she looks like as she grows up.

With that we will wrap up this entry as it’s getting a little long. Next time we will see how these guys fair with the baby and we will see Ixael grow up and move out as well. I will miss having him around. Hopefully we will also get Harvey to the top of his career.

Before I got, here is a quick look at Ember and Juan’s eldest son, Ethan. He’s a cutie and appears to be a good mix of his parents. He has the Child of the Ocean trait, which seems to fit a merman pretty well.

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Latte Game – Generation 3.01

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Hello and welcome to generation 3, already. It feels like just yesterday I was pulling my hair out trying to manage Kynzie and all the kids. This family has grown and changed so much since then. So last entry Ixael became a teen and Halix eventually grew into a YA. Zophi joined Harvey as an elder and Harvey worked to get the skills he needed to finish the Athletic career, and a lot of cousins also grew up.

We will start this update with a small gathering that actually occurred right at the end of the last update. After Zax’s birthday party we headed over to the Straud house to flag Zelphi. No babies for her. We also spent some time chatting with the other cousins for a bit.

As you might remember, we were not meeting anyone interesting for Halix in town and while we could keep searching I decided to bring in some “new blood” so to speak, some Wilde blood if you will. Yes, I downloaded 3 of the suitable (for this family at the moment) Wilde boys from Mojo’s Wilde ISBI. So we brought in Bellamy, Easton, and Austin and we will see if Halix hits it off with any of them.

We moved them into the house right across the bay and Halix headed over to meet these potentially suitors. None of them have bad traits and I will be ok with any of them.

After a friendly introduction to all of them Easton is clearly ahead. With one interaction they were friends. Same interaction with the other two (literally did the same interaction with all 3) were just slivers of a relationship. Easton Wilde, you are the winner.

After meeting and flirting a little with Easton Halix needed to go home. She autonomously decided to hop on the treadmill and work out some. She is super skinny already but that’s ok. Since Easton wants to be a body builder maybe she wants to keep up with him.

Meanwhile, we got a couple updates on the family. Nick’s wife is now an elder just like him, and his daughter is now a child. She looks rather adorable, but we will give you a picture of her later.

The gnomes have gathered, so that can only mean one thing. HarvestFest is here again. I have fed another Youth Potion to Harvey as he is not quite up his performance level at work to get that final promotion yet, and with the holidays being here he didn’t have enough days.

Harvey did, however, manage to max his fitness with his morning swim today. That means he has everything he needs officially for that final promotion. He just needs time now.

We invite over the Wilde boys for dinner and Austin decides to eat into the kids room, even though there are still a couple open spots at the table. Everyone enjoys getting to know everyone and chatting away.

It was time for an official date with Easton, so Halix invited him to Windenburg and they sat and chatted for a bit.

Then Kynzie’s ghost showed up. The look on Halix’ face seems to say, oh come one grandma….not now. Hehe, grandpa Ukupanipo also “walked” in downstairs about this time too.

See, and while I forgot to turn the UI on, he had a thought bubble about Kynzie and fist pumped. Apparently he was super excited to see his wife out at the club.

Back to the date, Easton decided to give Halix a romantic gift of a flower with a poem. It was very sweet, and these two are pretty cute I gotta say.

We have the first kiss! Halix was ready for it, and Easton was receptive. These two are going to have the chance to make some super cute kids I think. Zophi needs Halix to get married and have 4 kids to reach her aspiration, and luckily Halix will have 5 pregnancies.

This picture both made me mad and laugh at the same time. It took Kynzie FOREVER to get anyone to ask her for a selfie. Now that she is a ghost apparently the other ghosts are more accommodating. The date ended shortly after this, and Halix really needed to go home for some rest.

So now some more family updates. Ember is pregnant again, I don’t know that I caught the update that baby Ethan grew into a toddler. *Spoiler, I did find it later, it was mixed in with the pictures from Halloween and got missed…whoops.* I don’t think I did, but I’ll show him to you later, also Nick’s son, Ivan, is now a toddler.

Zax called him mom and wanted her to come over so Zophi and Harvey headed over. This family is still incredibly close and one of the first things Zax does is give his dad a hug. They hang out for a while and then head home.

Ixael got his high school A. Way to go Ixael! I think he has at least 4 days before growing up so I think he will count as the A for 3 days. We’ll see how it goes.

Easton invited Halix to the pet park. He is a dog lover….which might mean we will add a puppy to the crazy Latte mix, but we’ll see. Halix met a pup while she was there but it was a fairly short hang out session since Halix had to go to work.

It was a good thing she did because she got a promotion. I probably forgot to mention, she is in the entertainment job. I could not remember, and apparently never wrote down, what she rolled as a job, so we just went with what makes sense for her Musical Genius aspiration.

I missed the picture of it, but Zophi came home with a promotion as well. That makes her level 10 in Culinary and she is the first to reach that, so that is some extra points for us at the end of this generation!

Ixael and Harvey spend a little time together. Ixael doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it all that much, but I swear they were chatting just a second before this picture was taken.

I had almost forgotten that Ixael wasn’t quite a Llamacorn Scout, so I had him go grill some food and it was enough to push him over the edge. I love that grilling gives you Outdoor Adventure points, since we don’t have a good fishing spot near us.

I like when the family uses the bar stools together. In a family of 4 the table just seems so big sometimes. I believe Halix was out sleeping in the ocean to get some energy and hydration up. I love that mermaids can do that.

Pixey came by for a visit and Halix was happy to see her sister. They are the only girls this generation in this part of the family, but the do have a fair amount of female cousins.

Ah, Pixey is here to check out meet her sisters beau. Gotta make sure he’s good enough to be a part of the Latte’s. With a family as close as these guys are I would actually expect this.

Well, if this isn’t enough to chase Easton away I think he’s a keeper. I forget at times that Halix is eccentric, and while that isn’t necessarily why she dances this way, it is a fun trait that can very interesting to play with. He stays around and the two head out for a swim.

When Easton didn’t run away after swimming with a mermaid (not that I’m entirely sure he noticed) Halix decided it was time. Down on one knee, she went and asked the big question. He, of course, said yes! We will hold a wedding next time.

Ixael went on a little mini-vacation to Granite Falls since his aspiration is all about the outdoors. We aren’t going to make much progress, but he did collection some insects that we put in the house in the hopes of completing a new collection sometime.

That feels like a good place to wrap up this update. Next time we will start with the wedding of Halix and Easton. I’m excited to share that, but I don’t want to make this update any longer than it already is. So let’s take a quick look at the cousins.

This is Ethan on the left, Ember’s son. On the right is Ivan, Nick’s son. I would say the Latte genes are pretty strong since these boys certainly look like they could be related to me. Ethan is wild, and Ivan is Silly, they are both, of course, mermen.

This is Nick’s daughter Natalie. She looks so much like her dad it isn’t even funny. She has his eyes. She is Ivan’s older sister, so Ivan got more of their mom in him. And one more picture just for fun, because I found this guy just scrolling through the people in the manage worlds… I just couldn’t not share. Enjoy and I will see you all next time.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.14

Generation 2.13 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.1

Welcome to the Latte’s latest update! The family is happy to have you back visiting and this will be the last post before our next heir, Halix, takes over the family. Last time we saw Ixael reach his childhood aspiration and Halix worked on her scouting badge. Let’s see how things go this time.

Ixael’s newest aspiration is the Whiz Kid aspiration. He’s already up to level 8 or 9 in mental skill, so it made the most sense to work on first. Zophi, being the good mom she is, read to him for a couple of hours.

We get the fun news that a new little bear Latte is on the way. Ember is pregnant and the last of the kids to have kids I believe. She is the youngest of course, so we will see how many kids she ends up having.

We also get a look at Nick’s baby girl, who is now a toddler. She is a cutie, but I’ll give you a better picture at the end of this update. I’m happy for Nick. He might have gotten started late, but he seems happy.

Halix works on repairing the speaker in the dinning room. She is working through some of the initial milestones for her Musical Genius aspiration and should be able to get a decent start on it before becoming a YA.

Ixael comes home with his A in elementary school! Way to go Ixael. I’m very happy for him, and that gives us some points as well. Additionally, Halix certainly has had her A for 3 days, so I will likely count those points for her.

So this picture is just to say, I love this outfit on Halix! She loos adorable. Also, Zophi has taken to watching cooking on TV and has now maxed both cooking and gourmet cooking. We are going to miss her making meals for the family.

Halix finally got that final point for the Get Fit badge and is now a full Llamacorn scout, so she now has scouting aptitude. Very happy she finally reached this level. Not sure why it took so long.

I had slacked a little on working on Ixael’s aspiration, but Zophi sat down with him and played some chess so we got through that initial milestone. Only a little bit further to go. Gotta focus and do homework now.

Ixael is now on the last milestone, where he needs to make potions, and get to mental level 10. He’s almost through, just needs a little bit more mental work. Ixael should finish this second aspiration without issue.

Sure enough, shortly after that last picture was taken, I got the notice. Ixael completed 2 aspirations as a kid. He chooses Artistic Prodigy for the next one, although he’s not going to reach it.

Aww, look, Nick is going to have another baby. He may be an elder, but hopefully he’ll live long enough to watch his kids grow up some.

Harvey has almost maxed the fitness skill. I’m not sure that means he should be swimming with an umbrella. It can’t be easy.

Halix met this kid at school, he’s older than her though and becomes a YA the next day after this picture. I’m trying to keep an eye open for a spouse for her since we are going to need someone.

It’s now Ixael’s birthday. Zophi bakes up a cake and Ixael comes over to blow out the candles and becomes a teen.

It was also Zophi’s birthday and she is now an elder. I will miss her when all is said and done but I send Ixael over to get a bit of a make-over and also give a small make over to Zophi.

Here is Ixael after his make-over. He adds Kleptomaniac to his traits, and also gets the Mental and Socially gifted traits as well. He has 3 badges left to reach being a Llamacorn scout and then he will have Scouting Aptitude.

Vince is now a YA. That means we will need to go flag him soon. All of Kevin’s kids are now YA. Meanwhile Nick and Ember are still having kids.

We send Halix out to start taking care of the garden. Many of these tasks will start falling to her as she gets older and starts to take over the heirship.

This is a good look at Zophi’s makeover. We changed her hair some, and just gave her a bit more of a hairstyle that seemed to fit where she is in life now. She is still at level 9 in her career and she is close to maxing it.

Halix sits down and works on her journal writing, meanwhile Ixael works on his homework. Halix has her A already, but Ixael is sitting at a B so far.

Halix is working on guitar. She is getting better and better and has managed to get through two milestones of her musical genius aspiration so far. I love her face as she plays. She’s a uniquely pretty sim.

Pixey calls Halix and invites her down to the romance festival. We bring Zax, Oxkar, Yenifer, and Ixael with us as well. They spend time drinking the punch, talking with people and hanging out. Nothing too exciting happens.

Ember has her baby. A new baby boy Latte is here, and we will see Ethan later once he is a toddler. It’s about here we get the notice that Halix is ready to grow up soon.

We head over to Kevin’s apartment and flag Vince. He isn’t too thrilled with the idea, but I don’t overly care. They spend some time hanging out with everyone.

As Ixael heads home we spy this box and have Halix go search for a snow globe. We also take time to grab the posters that are around really quickly.

Right as I get ready to send her home we spy this sim. He’s kind of cute, also is a teen getting ready to be a YA. They chat for a bit and hit it off ok, but I’m not sure he is her great love.

He does come home with her after school the next day however, but their relationship actually starts to drop a fair amount, so that seals it. This is not Halix’ great love story.

Oh look most of the Staud kids have grown up into teens, including Christine, whom they adopted last entry I believe. The only one missing is Zelphie from this list.

Oh I spoke too soon. There is Zelphie, and she is now a YA as well which means it’s time to go flag her as well.

We have one final notice that Nick’s newest baby has arrived and it’s a little boy named Ivan. We will have to see what Ivan looks like as a toddler soon enough.

Zax invites us to his birthday party, so we bring the whole family and Pixey as well to make it so all the family is there. When we arrive we find that Nick, Ember, Isla, and Yenifer are also there for the party. A good time was had by all, and it happened to be spooky day so there was even a couple trick or treaters.

On our way out of the party Halix also grew up into a YA. She adds the Materialistic trait and I believe she got Good Manners and Responsible as well. It’s time for the next generation to take over. I’m very excited. So with that, we will call this update complete!

This is Nick’s daughter Natalie. She is a cutie, and I can see a lot of Nick in her. I’m excited to see what his son looks like now.

Here is Orion, in both human and vampire form. He is the only son of Zorah and Vlad. He’s not a horrible looking sim, although his vampire side is certainly darker.

This is Orion’s twin Opal. She is actually rather pretty for a Straud. She looks a lot more like her mom and is apparently going for the “party vampire” look.

Finally here is Christine. She was adopted by the Straud’s a bit ago and has also grown up into a teen now. She is just a normal sim, and I have to believe her growing up has been interesting.

So now that we have come to the end and checked out all the cousins let’s take a quick look at score.

Points for letters: 5 (K) + 4 (Y) + 1 (N) + 30 (Zā€™s) + 1 (O) + 3 (P) + 4 (H) = 48 Points
Top of the Career: 5 Points
– Ukupanipo: Conservationist
A Lifetime of Aspiring: 15 Points
– Beach Life: Ukupanipo
– Nerd Brain: Uupanipo
– Fabulously Wealthy: Harvey
Skilled Sims: 52 Points
– Cooking: Ukupanipo, Zophi
– Fitness: Ukupanipo
– Logic: Ukupanipo
– Parenting: Kynzie
– Video Gaming: Kynzie
– Creativity (child): Kevin, Yuri, Isla, Ember,
– Mental (child): Nick, Pixey, Halix, Ixael
– Social (child): Ixael
– Gourmet Cooing: Zophi
Collections: 1 Points
Paintings: 0 Points
Matriarchy: 2 Points
Helicopter Parent: 81 Points
– Toddler Skills Maxed: Kevin (5), Yuri (4), Nick (4), Zorah (5), Zophi (5), Isla (5), Ember (4), Zax (3), Oxkar (4), Pixey (5), Halix (5), Ixael (5)
– Watcher made it through
– Child Aspirations Met: Kevin, Yuri, Nick, Isla, Ember, Pixey, Halix, Ixael (x2)
– Age Child Up Early
– Aā€™s: Kevin, Yuri, Nick, Zorah, Isla, Ember, Zax, Oxkar, Pixey, Halix, Ixael
– Teen A’s for 3 days: Halix
– Teen jobs maxed
Let the Public Decide: 5 Points

Total Score: 209

Well the score really jumped up from the last time. It’s very cool to see how much can be done with this family. Well that’s it for now and we will see you next time when Halix takes over!

Generation 2.13 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.1

Latte Game – Generation 2.13

Generation 2.12 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.14

Hello and welcome back to the Latte’s! Last time we announced Halix as our next heir to this Name Game and had Zax, and Oxkar move out and start their own lives. We held a family reunion and got all of Zophi’s siblings together, and saw Halix grow into a teen.

All right, so with that bit of a recap out of the way let’s go check in and see what is up with the family this time. I’m so happy to be playing them again.

We start off instantly with the notice that Zorah is now an elder. No more little Straud babies for her. The 3 is probably plenty, although they will be flagged once they are YA’s.

Pixey is hanging out and worked on a painting while chatting with her mom. For some reason in my mind she was already moved out in this picture, but she wasn’t yet. Pixey is still a teen.

Inside the house Halix is working on her homework and Ixael is working on his Arts and Crafts badge in scouting. Harvey is helping out Halix with her homework.

Then it’s time for Halix to work on her Keep Fit badge. For some reason this one has been tough for her to complete. You would think that swimming as a mermaid would help, but apparently not.

It was Spring Fling again, and this time the family completes the egg collection. That give us some points for a completed collection as long as we display them in the house.

The eggs were sitting all around the house so we set up some shelves in the toddlers room and set up all the eggs. I put the lighted eggs on the bottom shelf.

The kids tend to be up fairly late as Zophi is out at work. Grandpa Ukupanipo came out to haunt and the kids spent some time chatting with him.

Harvey still needs to get his fitness up the rest of the way, so he works out with Zophi. I worry about him sometimes as I don’t want him to go prematurely but usually they swim and that doesn’t wear him out as much.

Ixael is working hard on his social butterfly aspiration. He invites all the kids he’s managed to meet enough to get into his relationship panel over to watch some TV and hang out. I have never reached this aspiration, but there is a first time for everything.

Pixey tries to make herself a cake, but managed to set the stove on fire at the same time. Thank you so much Pixey!

It’s not a great cake, and we had to replace the stove as well, but then it’s time for Pixey to grow up into a YA and start out on her own.

Pixey adds Romantic to her Self-Assured and Perfectionist traits. Adds Good Manners and Responsible to her traits for getting those Character values and moves out on her own.

Ixael still had his classmates over as Pixey heads off to her own future. They were all building sandcastles out on the beach. I believe both Harvey and Zophi were at work and weren’t able to say goodbye yet, but she’ll be back.

Zohpi comes home with a promotion. She is up to level 9 in her career now and has all the things she needs for that final promotion. It’s just a matter of time now.

Kynzie comes out to visit and soak up some moon rays. It sort of cracks me up to see a ghost “sun bathe” like this when it’s night time.

Kevin stops by for a visit, and the face’s he was making were just priceless. Zophi is still very close with all of her siblings, and I believe Halix will be much the same with hers. I think even Yuri is in the best friend range now.

Ixael continues to work on his friendships with kids. It takes so much work to build up friendships. I know cloud/star gazing helps and they did that as well. I have also learned that photos help a lot too. So after chatting for a bit, we do some photos.

Soon they are friends and that is one child friend down, only 2 more to go. Ixael might actually meet this aspiration, although it is a lot of work. I think this has to be my least favorite of the kid aspirations. It just takes so much more effort it feels like.

Kendra is now an adult. Of course we flagged her already as a young adult, so there shouldn’t be much more that happens with her here. If there are any of the cousins that you find yourself wanting and can let me know before they are gone I’ll gladly upload them for you.

Looks like Zorah got herself yet another daughter. This girl is one of kids that Ixael has been trying to make friends with. It seems her parents both passed away so Zorah and Vlad took her in. I guess that’s good for them, she will have a unique childhood for sure.

Oh look, everyone moved into town too. I know he doesn’t show, but Oxkar and Zax were part of the same “household” upon moving out, so they moved into Forgotten Hallow, which makes sense for Zax vampire wants, and Pixey moved into Windenburg.

Speaking of the newly moved in siblings, Pixey invited Halix out to the Strangerville bar. Zax also happened to be there, so the siblings chatted for quite a while before Halix headed back home.

We got some exciting news, Nick and his wife had a little baby girl they named Natalie. So happy for Nick. He got started super late in life, but he added a daughter to the cousins all the same.

As Halix went to leave I had completely forgotten I had her pick up one of the bikes at home a while ago. It’s nice she decided to use it to get home to Sulani.

Ixael continued his work on getting friends with more children his own age by hanging out with this girl next. I do not, at the moment, remember her name, but they cloud gazed, took pictures, and went fishing together. The fishing was partially to work on Ixael’s scouting badge, but by the end the were friends.

Back at home he hangs out with his big sister and Halix is happy to do so. They are close and share a bit more of a special connection being the youngest two of the family.

Monday brings school and new school projects with both kids work on together. Halix gets herself the A in high school she needs, but Ixael is still working on getting his.

After the school work is done Ixael invites Christine over to the house. Since she has been adopted into the family she might as well spend more time here. Ixael builds sandcastles with her and they star gaze that night.

It’s enough to put Ixael over the requirements for his aspiration and he is officially the first sim I’ve had reach this aspiration. Way to go Ixael. Next he will be working on Whiz Kid as he’s already mostly maxed his mental skill already.

Halix continues to work on her scouting badge. Not sure why it’s so difficult for her, but this workout pushes her closer and she should be able to get the scouting aptitude trait.

With that I do believe we are going to call this entry complete. We are getting closer to Halix taking over, probably one more update, and hopefully Zophi and Harvey will max out their careers next time as well.

Generation 2.12 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.14

Latte Game – Generation 2.12

Generation 2.11 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.13

Hi!!! I am very excited to welcome you back to the Latte’s! The heir poll was up and we got quite a few votes, so thank you to everyone who voted. I have missed this family and am very excited to share with you this update.

The last time we were with the family Pixey grew into a teen, Ixael was born, grew into a toddler, and then grew into a child before the heir poll. Harvey grew into a elder, Zax and Oxkar into young adults, and Ukupanipo passed away and joined Kynzie on the other side. Finally we had WinterFest and Net Years. So with that recap out of the way I know you are all wanting to know the answer to one question…..who won?

Baby Z?

Baby O?

Baby P?

Baby H?

Baby I?


It is…..


Congrats Halix, you are our new heir to this challenge. Here is the breakdown of points for you.

Halix: 9 votes (4 Boolprop + 5 WP)
Oxkar: 3 votes (2 Boolprop + 1 WP)
Pixey: 2 votes (1 Boolprop + 1 WP)
Zax: 1 vote (1 WP)
Ixael: 1 vote (1 WP)

I’m so excited it’s Halix. Not only do I love her, but she adds some good letters! So we say goodbye to Zax and Oxkar, who were already YA’s. I have moved them out together, but you can find them individually in the gallery. For members of this family search #NameGameLattes, or to see all my sims #ciyrosesims

We start with Pixey helping out Ixael with his homework to finish up her scouting badges. She is now a Llamacorn Scout, and switches to get a job as a Lifeguard. That seemed to have made the most sense for a mermaid.

Zorah invited us out to Granite Falls, and so Zophi and Ixael went. Ixael started meeting people and fishing, with Zophi collected a few things around the area. They went home shortly after.

But not before it started raining, and Ixael managed to max the first level of social butterfly. I am so bad at this aspiration! If anyone has any hints about how to make it easier I will take any I can get. I hate this aspiration.

Back at home we get notice that Ember married a bear. Ok, so he’s not actually a bear, apparently just in a bear costume, but still. This is quite funny, but that also means all of the gen 1 kids are finally married off, even though we won’t have a ton of cousins.

Halix continues to work on her scouting badges, and should make it without too much issue. Ukupanipo haunts tonight and comes in to chat with her while she does something on the computer.

Ukupanipo also must have spent some time in the kids bathroom as nearly everything was broken. We have upgraded to unbreakable toilets now, which should help.

All right, both girls come home with A’s, and right in time too. Halix is about to grow up, although Pixey has a couple of days. I noticed teen A’s need to keep them from 3 days but I’m pretty sure it’s been last minute for everyone, so I’m only counting A’s for the kids.

It’s family reunion day, so Ember comes by, and Isla is here helping Halix and Ixael with his project for school. The rest of the siblings were invited and came too, as did Kendra, Kevin’s eldest daughter.

Halix finally masters her aspiration and chooses Social Butterfly to try and help her brother. She grows up soon so she won’t complete it.

Zophi works on grilling up some food for the family while some of the others chat. Here you can see Kevin and Nick both came as well. We will be losing some of these guys soon I would imagine. It will be sad to see the extended family start to die off.

Zorah and Yuri were her as well. The twins and Ember are the only ones not grey at this point. Zophi isn’t too far away and that means Zorah shouldn’t be either, since Zophi has had more kids.

Apparently family reunion day happened to also be the birthday of Zorah’s twins. We will have to take a look at them a little bit later, but they don’t seem TOO bad at the moment.

Zelphie also grew up into a teen on the same day as well. It was a busy day for this family and everyone was happy to have connected with the extended family some more.

Halix and Ixael are getting closer, and Ixael needs a best friend, which I thought Halix could be, but they weren’t building up relationship very quickly. I think I might need to use the picture taking thing.

Gotta love those Erratic sims. Halix has a bit of a “moment” before her birthday. Zax came by and both Zax and Pixey just seem to be unsure what to do with their little sister.

Then it was time. Happy Birthday dear Halix. That face is just something else. I’m not even sure what do with her. I love her! So Halix adds Jealousy to her Erratic trait and is now a teenager.

I gave Halix a bit of a make-over, and while I love her growing up hair, I decided to put her back in a braid. She also lost her glasses, and had nearly every outfit with some red in it, so that back her color. She, of course, wants to become a Musical Genius and will get a job in entertainment. We might need to expand the house to make some additional room.

Most of the family is together for Halix’s birthday and she and Ixael talk some more at the table. We continue to have family members calls Zophi, who is friends with all of her siblings, and Zax has asked to come over multiple times.

At the end of this day I got a notice I was not expecting to see. Nick is going to be a dad. He is fairly old at this point, and I’m surprised they are starting a pregnancy, but hopefully Nick will be able to see his baby grow up some.

I think I’m going to wrap up the update about the family here. I know it’s a little bit short, but I do want to cover the cousins a bit.

Here are Zorah’s twins with the vampire Vald. Opal turned out to be a pretty normal and cute little girl. I think she takes more after her mom, which is probably good for her. Orion also has his mom’s longer face, but I think he might take a little more after his dad. I’m interested in what they will look like as teens.

Speaking of teens, here is Zelphie. For a Vlad spawn she isn’t that bad. She won’t win any beauty contests, but it’s clear her mom’s looks are strong. I haven’t edited the kids in anyway, what they grew up in is what they got. So while Zelphie in her human form isn’t that bad……

Her vampire self is rather scary. I was shocked when I switched over to this view and saw her, and while I don’t often take pictures of the “other” forms for any of the kids, this one felt worth sharing.

Finally, here is Ember’s new husband when not in a bear outfit He is pretty handsome, and I selfishly hope they have at least a couple of kids before Ember is too old. Time will tell. Ok, I hope you enjoyed that update and look for another update following Halix as we work to get her to YA and ready to take over the challenge next time.

Generation 2.11 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.13

Latte Game – Generation 2.11

Generation 2.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Heir Poll | Generation 2.12

Hello all and welcome back to the Latte’s. By the end of this update we will be having an heir poll to decide who is our next heir/heiress for this challenge. The book thing is, we will get rid of x next generation regardless of who you pick.

So last update, we lost Kynzie, Nick got married, Zorah got pregnant again, Isla got married, Nick grew into an elder and we attended his party, and Halix grew up into a child, as did Zelphie, Zorah’s first daughter.

Here is the current generation family, as they are just after we start this update (because Pixey isn’t QUITE grown up yet.) We have Halix, then Oxkar, Zophi, Zax (who is holding baby “I”), Ukupanipo, Harvey, and then the grown-up Pixey.

The very first thing that happens as we head in game is Pixey, who has been hard at work on her aspiration, manages to complete it. Just in time too because it is officially her birthday.

Happy Birthday Pixey!! She grew up into a nice hairstyle for her and kept some blue in her outfit, which I decided to keep for her some in her other outfits. Let’s take a look at Pixey post-makeover.

She really is quite lovely, and if I had given her more than an ‘x’ to add to our letters I would probably be campaigning to keep her, but as it is, I think one of the other kids will be a better choice. She added Perfectionist to her Self-Assured trait and rolled to be a Painter Extraordinaire. Of course, since she worked on mental as a child.

Sitting down to a burger Zophi let’s me know it’s time for the birth. You can probably make out the gender in the first photo if you are really paying attention, but Zophi is happy to be done with her pregnancies.

No hospital this time, Zophi is a trooper and gives birth at home to a new little boy named Ixael. This is the final baby for Harvey and Zophi. Generation 2 is complete.

The kids are working on getting their “Get Fit” badges, well Pixey is, and Zax has discovered the yoga mat. That mat is beginning to become popular around here.

Then, because we got the notice and decided to age him up a little earlier than the other so we could get to know him a bit before the heir poll, we have a new toddler in the house.

Here is Ixael as a toddler after a small make-over. Oh my goodness is he a cutie! If he keeps up his cute looks he might be one of my favorites of this gen. He rolls Inquisitive for his trait, and that’s probably good with as busy as this family gets.

I had to remember why I took this photo…..Kynzie decided to “visit.” You can see she managed to break the computer (by using it) and then most of the plumbing in the bathroom. This is the one downside of ghosts.

Zophi plays with her youngest son and they enjoy the experience. Ixael is usually not the happiest of toddlers being left to his own devices. He does like to autonomously watch though.

To try and get the kids their Outdoor badge I send them finishing, only to realize this fishing spot isn’t a good one for that, they need a more common one.

Oh look, Zorah had twins. The O twins, Opal and Orion, are born to Zorah and Vald. They are right there with Kevin in the number of kids so far, and I can only hope she doesn’t keep having them well into the next generation.

I realize I am a terrible watcher, and after sending the kids to get their outdoor badge, which they did and I apparently missed pictures of, we get home and Harvey ages up. I’m so sorry Harvey. I didn’t even realize you were at this point.

Harvey isn’t the only one with a birthday. It’s also time for Zax to become a YA. I am going to play through the end of this sim week so Ixael can become a child, and that will also make Oxkar a YA. Zax doesn’t get any make-over, just an extra outfit added to his looks. He gets Perfectionist added to Loner and Paranoid. He just misses the final scout badge, but he does get Responsible and Good Manners.

Harvey is still only at Fitness level 7, and so he works on dancing his way up the fitness level. It doesn’t seem to tire him out too bad, and then he heads off to swim for a bit as well.

Sadly, right after I went through Uku’s inventory, he waved good-bye. Zophi was just coming back from work and Zax woke up to come watch. I sent them both on their way back to bed. So long Uku, you can be with Kynzie again now.

The girl cousins are all aging up. We will be heading out to flag Imani and Evelynn by the end of this entry. We do not need more Latte’s than nessecary populating the hood.

Halix got up while Grim was still hanging around and he complained about the state of the kitchen. I realize it’s a bit of a mess Grim, this family gets crazy busy and doesn’t always clean themselves.

Harvey does come home with a new promotion. He is at level 8 in his career, and we will see if he makes it. I’m not holding my breath on it. I would just like him to see Ixael at least turn teen.

Kynzie is out and giving her lovely daughter a hug. It’s been very hard on Zophi to lose her dad. Both of her parents felt almost immortal at times, and it’s hard to lose them.

It’s WinterFest again and the family, while still mourning the loss of Uku, decorates the tree and enjoys opening presents with each other. They have a grand meal, and then Beach Father Winter visits and more presents are opened.

The kids do still work on school. Oxkar manages to come home with an A this day, and Pixey and Halix are likely to come home with an A after the next day of school, but it’s the weekend now.

Oxkar manages to get his final scouting badge (good deeds) putting his baby brother to bed with a story. Ixael and Oxkar will grow up here soon, and Ixael needs just a little bit more work on his skills tomorrow.

Halix is trying to get her mental skill maxed out, but of course, right as she sits down at the computer, it breaks. But she is now focused, so it’s out to the potion station.

Kevin’s son, Vince, has also now become a teen. The family has grown quite a bit from when we started with Kynzie in that tiny little house so long ago, although it doesn’t really feel THAT long ago.

Oxkar reads Ixael a final book to max out his imagination, and all Ixael should need to do is finish up movement, which he heads out to the slide to take care of. He will be another top-notch toddler.

Pixey and Ixael are on hand to celebrate with Oxkar on growing up into a young adult. He adds Self-Assured to his traits, and also got Scouting Aptitude, and Responsible. He purchases Always Welcome and Incredibly Friendly to help him with the Friend of the World aspiration.

Then it’s time for our final birthday before the heir poll. Zophi brings her youngest son, and she looks so proud and happy at him after he grows up.

Here’s a better look at him with a small make-over. Ixael is mostly his mom, but there is some of his dad in there too. He rolls Lazy and Social Butterfly for his aspiration. I still have never successfully finished that one, so we’ll see.

It was not just a bunch of birthdays, but it was also New Year’s Eve. The family gathered around and watched the count down. It was a successful and fun day for the entire family.

Aww, a kiss at midnight. These two are so sweet, and I have loved having Zophi and Harvey as the couple for this generation. They are very sweet.

As a final update, Zophi runs out and flags both Evelynn and Imani to not get married or to have children. Yes, they will live fairly lonely lives, but neither of them seem upset by it.

As a fun side note, we stopped by the Straud’s first, as Evelynn was initially listed as being there, and seeing Vald play with Orion was pretty funny, I will admit.

All right, I will have the heir poll up, you can use the links either at the bottom or top of the page and I will also put one up on as well. My favorites are Halix and Ixael, just in part of the letters they would bring in, but I love all of these kids.

Just for fun as I head off to leave you to vote, here is a look at Vince, Kevin’s son and Yenifer, the daughter of Yuri and his lover Hali’a. They are both pretty interesting mixes of their parents.

Here is also Zorah’s twins, Opal and Orion. Sorry that Orion is so much smaller, apparently I didn’t line the camera up as good on him. They are pretty similar and are both vampires as well.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.10

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Welcome back to the beach and to some time with the Latte’s. The last time we had a couple of birthdays, Zax and Oxkar grew up into teens, Halix became a toddler, Zophi became an adult, and then we got some notices about Kevin’s song growing into a child, and Isla got married. Zophi and Harvey need one more child, but sadly we will need to lose someone in order to make room.

This time we should see Halix growing up and with any luck, the birth of our final baby for this generation, maybe even Pixey’s birthday. I’m excited to see how this goes, and we are getting closer and closer to our next heir poll.

We join the family in the middle of dinner. Zax and Oxkar are working hard on scouting badges for sociability. This feels like it takes so long because it takes so many interactions.

The older siblings all hang out after scouts meetings in the rain to talk some more. They are all getting pretty close, and I’m hoping Halix will get to be close with them as well. I’m not sure why I’m really worried about it, this family is so close it would be weird if they suddenly weren’t.

Apparently Zorah is planning to keep up with Kevin and Zophi the kid department. She and Vlad *shudder* are pregnant again. I might be a little unfair to her choice in husband….but, I’m not sure I care.

We get a shock, and a bit of excited for Nick, he has FINALLY gotten married! Congrats Nick! Time will tell if they have kids at all, but I’m happy for him.

Halix is about ready to grow up and she is needing to finish a small bit of thinking, communication, and imagination and a full point of movement. She has been somewhat ignored (sorry Halix) but is doing well. She spends time watching and asking why from her dad.

It’s almost time and no matter how hard I tried we couldn’t get Kynzie that final promotion. She will not get another chance as today is her last day with us. She came home sick though, poor Kynzie.

She had provided all of the grandkids with a journal, and she gives the last one to little Halix, whom she won’t see grow into a child. Kynzie has been very active with all of her grandkids, and we will miss her greatly.

Kynzie heads up to their bedroom to do some final work on the computer and says it’s time. Ukupanipo is there mourning his beloved wife. He will join her soon enough, but for now he has lost his partner, soul mate and best friend.

Everybody is heart broken by the loss of Kynzie, but school projects are still here, and still need to be worked on. Pixey worked on her with her grandpa right before, so now it’s the boys turn. I love Uku’s face while helping Oxkar.

The first spawn of Vlad and Zorah is now a child. She is actually kind of cute looking. I’ll get a picture of her later for you to see better.

Harvey and Zophi are in a good mood so we decide to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Neither of them are getting any younger and I want them to still be decently young while trying to raise the final baby of this generation.

We have success, baby I is on the way. If Zophi keeps to what appears to be tradition in this family, she will have another girl but time will tell. She could just as easily have a boy. The only thing we know for certain is it will only be 1 child, as there is only 1 spot in the house.

It’s Spooky Day and the family start all getting dressed into costume for the occasion. Everyone is still pretty blue, but life does continue to move on for sims, and we are sure Kynzie will come visit again soon.

Zelphi got a call from Nick. It was his birthday and he wanted to know if we would come over. Of course Zophi said yes and brought most of her siblings and Oxkar and Zax with her. The family socialized together, enjoying each other’s company and building relationships stronger. Nick is now an elder, so if he is going to have kids it will have to be soon.

We “fix” the focus light in the kids bedroom. Somehow to got stuck providing inspiration instead of focus. I had been wondering what was happening. I turned it off and back on again….you know the old tech trick, and then put it into inventory and pulled it back out and it worked. YAY. Now Pixey can do her homework focused and hopefully complete her aspiration.

After doing homework she moves to making emotion potions. This also, of course, gives her work on the Young Scientist scout badge as well. I don’t think Pixey will have any problems maxing the scouts.

It was Halix’s birthday and she managed to max all her toddler skills. Upon growing up I realize, she has her grandpa Uku’s eyes. She is quite a pretty girl.

I get tired of braids all the time for the kids, so Halix gets a small make-over and she is ADORABLE! I love her guys! She got the Top-Notch toddler trait of course, and then rolled Erratic. That should make for some fun. She got the Whiz Kid aspiration just like her sister.

Halix gets a head start on her aspiration by playing chess. Grandpa Uku comes to join her and they get 2 of the 3 games needed in. They finish up the final game a short time later.

We had to expand the child/teen bedroom to include another bed for Halix, and added another desk with a new computer to offer more places for the kids to do tasks. Oxkar gets working on programing while Halix talks with her sister.

Another night and another family gathering around the table. Zophi is getting closer and closer to giving birth to the final baby. I believe other than Halix, who just grew up, all the kids of 4 badges completed so far. I need the boys to pick up the pace a bit, but they did start late.

I didn’t figure it would take Kynzie long to join us again. She is very mad though and breaks the sink, the bathroom sink, and the upstairs shower before she is done. Uku comes in later to try and calm her.

It obviously works because she start moping up some of the water puddles left by the myriad of people in this house. They are a fairly messy group, and probably didn’t realize how much cleaning Kynzie actually did.

It’s HarvestFest again and the gnomes gather around the plants, the TV, around the kitchen, just about anywhere they can. They are appeased and start dropping the seed packets everywhere.

Zophi whips up a grand feast for the family to enjoy. Most of them did partake and the holiday was a great success for everyone. It is still somewhat subdued without Kynzie, but the family is moving forward day by day.

We are going to end this update with the notice that Zorah had twins. A boy and a girl. I wanted to see if we could reach the birth of baby I, but this entry is getting long and I’m going to call it for this time. Next entry we will see Pixey grow up and the birth of the new baby. I’ve gotta see how many days are left before Zax becomes a YA so I know when to hold the heir poll. Thanks for visiting again and hope to see you next time.

This is Nick’s wife, Saanvi. She is really pretty, and I hope she and Nick might have 1 kid together, but we will see.

This is little Zelphie, Zorah’s vampire daughter, as a child. She is growing up into not a bad looking girl so far. We will how she does as a teen later, and compare the twins as they start growing up.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.09

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Hi and welcome back to the Latte’s! During our last entry the family FINALLY moved into the beach house, Kynzie FINALLY got the selfie requests and was able to complete her aspiration, Pixey grew into a child, Halix was born, and we flagged cousin Kendra.

So basically, there was a LOT going on last round and it was very eventual for the family. We are back to having a full house, so Zophi and Harvey will be unable to have their final baby (I) until Kynzie or Ukupanipo pass on.

We start this entry with a birthday. Apparently when I played last night I wasn’t paying close enough attention to birthdays and sadly, no matter how hard I tried (and I tried about 3 different times with doing different things to try) we just never quite had enough time to bake a cake.

So this is Zax all grown up and he got the paranoid trait. The looks on his faces as he grows up say about everything you need to know about his feelings about this.

Zax: You forgot on purpose….you are out to get me

I am not! I didn’t forget on purpose, and I did try, do you see the cake sitting over there on the counter, that was for you.

Zax: *squints his eyes at me*

This is Zax when he isn’t being completely paranoid and after a bit of a make-over. He is a pretty handsome boy, and certainly a combo of his parents. He gets the Vampire Family aspiration, which means he might be making nice with either uncle Yuri (who married Caleb Vatore) or Zorah who is with Vlad.

Then, I forgot Halix was also ready to grow up, and she spun out of her bassinet without a whole lot of fanfare. She got her mom’s coloring more than her dad’s and we’ll see what she is like as she get’s older.

I don’t think I changed much on her during a make-over so you’ll see her around. She rolled the Angelic trait as well. Must be something Zophi and Harvey together are doing. 3 of their 4 kids so far have been Angelic.

Zax, now being old enough, takes the canoe out for a bit that night. I’m struck again by the beauty of where they live. I would totally live here in this house.

I don’t know why everyone looks so unhappy here. It was kind of funny. It’s going to be Kynzie who goes first, and I’m not ready, but at the same time I need Zophi and Harvey to have that last baby.

Halix is here, and potty training begins in earnest. You can see Zophi was in her mom’s closet again. šŸ˜€

Uku takes another couple of missions to space. He hasn’t fully upgraded the rocket, but I can at least send him and get his aspiration milestone completed.

Zophi plays dolls with Halix the next morning. She is really been somewhat “forgotten” about. I have her working her skills, but she’s mostly doing it alone.

After playtime comes bath time, which Halix certainly needed. She was a very dirty little girl. I think she should be able to complete her skills before growing up, but we will see.

Our man Zax suspiciously checks the house, while dancing. He’s become quite the character around here. I realized I had never gotten the kids into scouts, so I quickly rectify that. I don’t know that Zax will have the time to complete it, but we’ll see.

A couple of story times help Pixey to get a milestone reached in her aspiration. I usually can get whiz kid done, but managing a family this size has been a bit daunting to me.

Homework time for the kids. We may end up needing to turn the toddler room into a “girls” room to give Halix a place to sleep. I think she grows up before Zax becomes a teen. I guess I should have added one more room to this house.

Harvey gets another promotion and is slowly working his way up the athletic career ladder. He needs charisma skills now on top of his fitness skills, so we will see how it all goes.

Grandpa Uku reads little Halix to sleep with a bedtime story. He really is a very active parent/grandparent. I highly recommend him to anyone who is starting a challenge that need someone who does good on his own.

He then tops another aspiration. That means he has done Beach Life and Nerd Brain. I cannot remember what we gave him next, I think it was something to do with knowledge, but I cannot remember right the moment.

It’s no wonder this family are all best friends. They spend a ton of time doing things together. Grandma Kynzie reads to the kids while Halix talks with Big Puds. Zophi and her dad eat together, and then Zax goes and autonomously works flash cards with Halix.

Kynzie has started working on wellness and uses the yoga mat a little more often. She does seem to have slimmed down some since moving here. I think she’s been able to be more active now that she is grandma. šŸ™‚

Homework and family time. This is actually a picture of the entire “Gen 2” portion of this family so far. Zax and Oxkar doing homework, Harvey and Zophi watching their kids, Halix watching all of them, and Pixey was just setting the table.

We got a notice that Isla finally got married. Ember still wasn’t in the neighborhood yet, so I went ahead and just had her move in with Nick. I don’t think Nick is ever going to get married, but you never know.

Time for another bath for Halix, and this time it’s grandpa Uku who get the task. I am ready to not have a toddler again, but sadly, with one more kid we need for this generation we are likely going to go straight back into a bunch of toddlers. We’ll see who ends up as heir.

Zorah invited her mom to visit her, and so Kynzie took all the kids as well. They got to know their cousin, Zorah’s daughter Zelphie. Then Zax works on writing because he’s sad and paranoid.

That last big gave Kynzie what she needed to complete the aspiration she had, so that is two down for her as well. With that youth potion these two lived quite a while. I cannot remember what she had next either.

As soon as we get back home Isla is there visiting, as well as Kevin’s toddler son Vince. Maybe Isla was watching him and came for a visit, otherwise not sure how Vince made is way all the way here.

Seriously, this family is constantly together. Either talking with their parents or their grandparents. I love them so much. Zax has been working hard on the sociability badge for scouts, as have the kids.

Maybe Vince was trying to invite us to his birthday because he is now a child. Kevin made some pretty good looking kids, his son looks a lot like him though.

Then I once again prove I’m a bad watcher when I have this many people, and missed Zophi’s birthday. She was coming back from somewhere I think when this happened. Sorry Zoph!

Kynzie maxed out another skill, this one not surprising with how much she started live streaming to get followers. Then I was preparing to close down the game and realized one more age bar was bubbling, so to not start the next one the same way we did this one, let’s have a final birthday.

Yep, it was time for Oxkar to age up to a teen. The face he made upon growing up was just too funny not to capture. He has a very unique look. I kind of like him. He did not reach his aspiration as a kid, but he did get an A in school, and has added Child of the Islands to his traits, and wants to be a Friend of the World.

Here’s a better picture of him after a bit of a make-over. He’s got his mom’s longer face, but I think more of his dad’s features maybe. I’m not 100% sure who he takes after the most. I like him. And that will wrap it up for us this entry. I hope you will visit us again next time.

Here’s a quick look at Vince as a child, and that’s Isla’s husband to the side over there. I hope they have kids someday!

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Latte Game – Generation 2.08

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Welcome back to the Latte’s house. Last time we finally got to move into the beach house made for them quite a while ago, we had multiple birthdays, and Ember moved out, so we have room for the next baby.

So without further ado let’s go check in on the family and see how they are doing with the new house.

So when we spend our first day in the house it is the Spring Day that includes an egg hunt. The kids all get into it right away and the adults have to try a little harder, but we find all of the eggs in the collection.

Welcome Spring Bunny. It was adorable that he came in and played dolls with Pixey while she was playing and getting her imagination up. This might be one of my favorite holidays.

This family loves to spend time together and the new beach house, even though it was cloudy this day, was a great place to gather on the new couches, grill out and enjoy each others company. I think this beach house is going to be great for them.

The welcome wagon came by and Kynzie went out and talked with them a little bit. One of them is clearly a fan of Kynzie’s wearing her signature look.

I then realize I am a terrible watcher and in the craziness of the move and everything else I completely missed that Kynzie’s birthday was here. She is now an elder and is sad we missed her birthday.

I’m so sorry Kynzie!!!!

Kynzie: I’ll be ok, but it would have been nice to have a cake.

I know, I just missed the notice with the move and everything. You could say I got you a house as a gift!

Kynzie: It is a nice house, but why did I have to grow up in the bathroom?

Awww, look at that, Yuri actually sent his mom a gift. He may be evil, but it would appear their talk, which happened a long time ago, might have softened him a bit. Maybe it’s because he is helping raise a kid too. Also, Kendra (Kevin’s eldest daughter) also sent a gift.

There are, most certainly, worse views to have while you are enjoying an evening together. I am sort of jealous of this family right now. Everything is so pretty here.

Zophi was feeling a little dehydrated, so we get a chance to see a very pregnant mermaid. I’m sure being in the water probably feels good on her back, not having quite so much weight carried around.

Oh geez, there is Vlad spawn in the world now. I don’t think I get Zorah’s decision still, but oh well. Her life, we don’t control her anymore, but these kids are getting flagged.

Zax started working on his creativity skill. He’s close to growing up before too long, and not that close to reaching his social aspiration. I have to figure out how to best reach that.

Oxkar goes and plays with Pixey. She is getting close, just needing another imagination and another communication skill before she grows up. This shouldn’t be too bad.

I think Harvey might need more practice with painting. This is what he came up with. It at least sold for more than it took for him to start painting it, but still. It’s a little week.

It’s time for little Pixey’s birthday, and you can see that Zophi is getting ready to pop. Pixey managed to max out all of her skills, so she gets the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

Here she is as a child, first right after growing up and then after her small make-over. Boy, she did grow up pretty. Very cute. She rolled the Self-Assured trait, and the Whiz Kid aspiration. We might be able to get her through that.

Harvey and Kyznie come out to help Ukupanipo with the building of the rocket. He only needs 5 updates to the rocket in order to complete a second aspiration, but I don’t know that it will happen, but we can get started at least.

Kynzie heads out with Ukupanipo to enjoy some time out together, but Kynzie ends up staying as she finally gets the second selfie request. She only needs one more, which happens later that night. Finally, Kynzie is down to the last little bit of her aspiration.

When Kynzie gets home Zophi is heading upstairs to give birth to our newest member of the Latte family. This is Halix Latte, the newest daughter. So our trend continues with having 1 sex first, and half-way through the other.

Pixey goes up to meet the baby, and is apparently not happy with having this new little sibling. The boys, it turns out, aren’t either. They will have to get over it because yet another one will be on their way soon.

The boys are getting quite close, and they even are able to become best friends, which fulfills the level of the aspiration they are on. Now it’s needing kids to be friends with, and adults to be friends with too. We will have to see how they do.

Ukupanipo is helping Pixey out with her aspiration, since she needs to play games of chess. We will also need to get her read too, but that might have to wait for just a bit though.