Latte Game – Heir Poll #3

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Oh my gosh, it’s time for an heir poll again! I know it’s actually been a long time since we had one for this family, but I’m so excited to be able to throw this one. I really don’t know who is going to be heir and I love all of these kids, so it’s going to be a tough choice.

So, as always, there will be the poll up here and another over at if you want to vote either place, both places, whatever you want. And with that, let’s see who the choices are:

Hjorids is the eldest of the current Latte clan and just became a young adult. She got the scouting aptitude, Physically Gifted, and Responsible traits as well as the ones listed above. We have not yet had her aspiration, and she would add 4 letters (J, R, D, and S). I really do like her, although with Halix and Easton just becoming adults it might feel a little weird to have Hjordis take over already but it’s not a big deal.

Next up in Amarja. She is an interesting genetic mix of her parents and I also really like her. She would have a new aspiration for us as well, although as a job I didn’t write down what branch, so I would probably make her a journalist. Amarja would add 3 new letters (M, R, and J). She also has scouting aptitude, socially and mentally gifted and is on track to get Responsible and Good Manners.

Our final girl of the generation is Lowitja. She just became a teen and is finishing up her scouting aptitude. She does have the Mentally Gifted trait and is on track to get a couple character values. She has a new aspiration and we would need to bring spellcasters into the mix. I’m not sure how spellcaster/mermaids would do, but I’m willing to find out if she is who you pick. Lowitja would add 3 letters (W, T, and J).

Now we move on to the boys, and the final two kids of this generation. Ijtiba is still only a child and is working on his scouting badge and aspiration. His aspiration is the same as Hjordis and job is what his mom already has, so I would rather have Hjordis if you want to see this aspiration done. Ijtiba adds 3 letters (J, T, and B).

Now our final child, Xjavier sadly got “left out” of a lot of the blog without my meaning to, but he’s a good kid. He is another child that would need to become a spellcaster if we are to complete his aspiration, but his job is also new. Xjavier adds 3 new letters as well (J, V, and R).

I don’t dislike any of these kids and I’m excited to play any of them more. So far we have had all girl heirs and if we continue that with choosing one of the 3 girls I will get another generation of the Matriarchy, and since both boys have similar desires as their sisters I think I would prefer one of the girls, but I will leave it up to you.

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Otts Family – Generation B Heir Poll

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Hey guys, can you believe we are already at the heir poll for Generation B?? We are going to be picking the next TH that will lead off Generation C.

Hopefully you are caught up on the family, or at least this generation. Feel free to catch up if you need to, or just pick who you like the look of the most. The poll will be up here and also over at Feel free to vote in either or both places. The polls will be until until the 11th.

Let’s take a look at your choices.

First up is Corey. He is the twin to Cedric and has an aspiration I’ve never tried before and think it could be fun. He’s pretty adorable and got himself all A’s in school. He did ok as a toddler, had some trouble right after we moved, but as since done well. He’s almost through his first level of the aspiration and would be fun.

Next is Cedric, Corey’s twin brother. Cedric also has an aspiration I haven’t done before, and he has an interesting set of traits. He manged to get Happy Toddler, and also got an A in high school.

Cordelia, as is common in this family, is the only girl in this generation. Cordelia has done well so far. She got Happy Toddler, and an A in elementary school. She is working towards an A in high school, but I’m not 100% sure about her aspiration.

Calvin is the youngest child of the generation. He has some interesting traits, and I haven’t ever done Renaissance Sim yet, but I think it could be fun to do. I also have never played the Law career and think it could be fun to try.

I believe Cordelia and Calvin are on track to get some positive traits, but I’m not 100% sure if they will keep them. All 4 of these kids would be a lot of fun. All four of them have some good and bad things about them, but also all have a bunch of personality. If one of the twins is chosen the torch will pass immediately, if Cordelia or Calvin is picked I have a little more time to try and get Bailie through her aspiration.

I don’t actually envy you this time, as all of these kids are fun. I hope you have enjoyed this generation and I’m excited to see who is chosen!

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Latte Game – Heir Poll #2

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It is time for a new heir poll guys! Almost hard to imagine we are already back here and ready to vote on the next heir. Seems like just yesterday you all picked Zophi.

So, I will have this heir poll set up here, and then another one over at if you want to vote in either place, or in both if you feel super strongly about one of these guys.

Let’s get to the options:

First up is Zax. He was the oldest, and has been YA for about 5 sims days now. Zax just missed out on getting a full scout aptitude trait, but he did get A’s through school and also has Responsible and Good Manners. I have never done his aspiration, but with his aunt and uncle marrying two of the vampires I’m not sure I want to bother with it yet.

Next up is Oxkar. On top of the things listed above, he also got the Scouting Aptitude trait and Responsible. I have not done this aspiration or job before, although my ISBI spouse Audra is technically in this career but since I can’t control her I can’t say I’ve “DONE” it. He adds a couple of letters and wouldn’t be bad to have as heir.

Pixey is a great sim, and she carries the looks of her dad the most. She is not my favorite for heir as she adds only the letter “x” to our name game. She has an easy enough aspiration, however, and a fun mix of traits. She is on track to get Scouting Aptitude, Responsibility, and Good Manners.

The other girl in the family is next. Halix is one of my top picks. She adds some good letters (A, L, and X) although her blend of traits and aspiration could be interesting. Like her sister above, she carries her grandfather’s eye color but is otherwise mostly her mom in coloring. She is also on track to get the Scouting Aptitude, and likely a character trait or two.

Last, but certainly not least in my book, we have Ixael. He also brings an A, L and X into the mix and would be my other pick for heir. He has some interesting traits and an aspiration that I have not done before. He carries his mom’s looks much more than his dad’s but he has been fun so far. He got Top-Notch Toddler and I see no reason he won’t get Scouting Aptitude.

This would be a tough pick for me as I really, once again, like all of these kids. My lowest pick would be Pixey just because of letters, I did not do a good job with her name, but everyone else is completely up for grabs in my opinion. I love them all. This poll will remain open until the 21st and then I will gather the votes.

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Otts Family – Generation A Heir Poll

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All right guys. We are finally at the heir poll for this first full, born in, generation of this ISBI. Boy has this been a tough generation. I’m happy to leave this one back in your hands as well. At the moment, I’m not sure I want any of these three as heir, but alas, here we are.

So hopefully you are all caught up on the posts so far, and know what all has happened with these 3. It’s been pretty crazy. I will leave the heir poll up here, and one over on for you to vote in. The poll will be up for about a week, I will count them all up on the 13th.

So let’s get to your choices shall we?

First up we have Bryce. Bryce has, I went back and counted, lost us 45 points, all in passing out. He has gained us…..technically 5 points for completing the first level of his aspiration as a kid. Now, his traits are not too bad, I have never done Joke Star, so maybe it would be fun, but he also only has 4 days left, and I feel like I would like time for Alan to get through painting.

Bailie is the second child, and just like with Eddie’s kids, is the only girl. She has passed out 4 times, but it was all as a toddler. She also was the first kid to get an A in school, and seems to be working towards getting another in high school. Her traits and aspiration are completely opposites of each other, but she could be fun to play possibly. She has about 8 days before becoming a YA, so might give Alan enough time to finish painting.

Brodie is our third and final kid in this family. He is about 7 days from growing into a teen, so we would have lots of time left with Alan as TH if he is chosen. He is also a bit of a fight between his traits and his aspiration. Being non-committal isn’t necessarily a bad thing with the happy family, he’s much like his uncle Arthur, but that also means he’d be waiting a LONG time to finish all his aspirations. I will, however, also point out that Brodie NEVER ONCE passed out (so far) and only lost us points when the chemistry set caught fire.

I’m not completely sure where all these guys are at in positive character traits, but I think there should be at least a couple on the way. I have no idea who I want. I only don’t really want Bryce because he is so close to taking over if he’s chosen and I would really like to have Alan finish painting before he does, but we will see what you guys think.

I’m not sure I’m in love with the idea of having any of these 3 as the heir, but I will leave it all up to you guys now and see what you all think. Thanks for sticking with me, reading the posts, and voting. It’s always fun to see what other people think.

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Latte Game – Heir Poll

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Well, we have made it. Hopefully you are fully caught up on the craziness that is the Latte Family Name Game challenge. If not, I would encourage you check out at least the last couple of updates.

Just like with the ISBI heir poll that is also currently happening I will set up an poll here as well as over at and you can vote in either, or both if you are feeling extra strongly about your choice. I will leave it up for about the same amount of time as well, so get to voting.

Here are the options for this generation.

Kevin was our first baby born to Kynzie and Ukupanipo. He did well in school, getting straight A’s. He has gotten a couple of gardening skills already, and while he has moved out currently, I can move him back as he is marked as playable still. He didn’t end up with any of the character value traits, but he is creatively gifted.

We just watched Yuri grow up into a YA during the last update. He has been a fun sim to write for, being Evil. He has a pretty easy aspiration/job request that will get the family some much needed money if chosen, but hating children might put a damper on his desire to have kids. He did end up with responsible as a character value. He also got straight A’s in school.

Nick is on of my favorite kids. He has a more unique genetic look then some of his other siblings, and he is an interesting mix of things. I love the fact he rolled to be erratic with being an investor and mansion barron. It feels fitting someone like that would be erratic. He is a teen for a few more days, and we are trying to get him up to an A in high school, so he gets A’s as well. I know he’s close to getting some character traits (positive) but cannot remember which ones specifically.

Zorah is next, she is one of the twins Kynzie had for the ‘z’ baby. She is an interesting combo of things, and I don’t know how much I want to do Beach Life again, but it was fairly easy and I have never done the comedian job before, so that could be fun. I also think she is an interesting mix of her parents. She did manage an A in elementary school, he is at a B in high school currently.

Zophi is the other twin had by Kynzie. She is probably one of my favorite sims. I have never done her aspiration, and she is at least family oriented and would be happy to have many kids. She also would take out some nice letters. She only managed a B in elementary school (she kind of got lost in the crazy) so is sitting with a C in high school currently.

The next to last girl, and child in this family is Isla. She is also one of my favorites for this family. I think she is adorable, has a fun aspiration I haven’t tried before, an interesting mix of traits, and would bring some pretty babies into the mix I think. She has an A in elementary school and will be growing up soon into a teen. She managed to finish her childhood aspiration. She should have 1 or 2 character traits by the time she is through teenage hood.

Finally we have the newest member of the family, Ember. We do not know much about Ember yet, as she hasn’t been a toddler for ever a full day yet, but her traits are interesting. I’m not sure I want to deal with an unflirty sim being the heir to a name game, but her aspiration and job would make her interesting to play, but also give the family money.

Really I wouldn’t hate any of these kids, but I have at least let you know my favorites and the rest is up to you. Enjoy voting!!!

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Otts Family – Founding Heir Poll

Eddie 08 | Rules | Eddie 09

Oh my gosh, guys, it’s here!! My first heir poll for this family, and for the founding generation. Hopefully, you have read through what has gone on with this family and have a sense of who these 3 are….if not, why not going read them??

If you don’t have time or just want to vote you can vote either here or over at the site where I will have the poll set up there as well. I’m going to give it basically a week since I’m out of town all next week and won’t have time to play anyway.

Without further ado, let’s get into introducing our heirs and give you a little bit of feedback in case you need it!

We start with the eldest Otts, the only daughter, Ariana. She was a quick favorite early on, being a very fun child sim who did homework, got herself an A, and is on track for getting the responsible trait, and manners trait. I have done a chef before, so her aspiration is less interesting to me, but I really do like her look. I feel so is a fun mix of her parents.

Next up we have the second child of Julia and Eddie. This is their first son, Alan. Alan started out rough. I hated him initially, as he passed out constantly as a toddler, but as he got older he got better. He managed to get an A in elementary school, reached a milestone on his child aspiration and while I have done the musician aspiration before it’s one of my favorites. I’m not sure I love his traits, but he really has grown on me as a sim, and I think he could be a lot of fun.

He is also right on track to get the responsible trait, but also might reach the non-empathetic trait, which could be interesting to play with. We will see, he’s not there quite yet, but about 1/2 way.

Finally, we get the youngest Otts, Arthur. Arthur hasn’t done much to really stand out so far in his life, having been a bit overshadowed by his siblings to this point in his life. He has one of the more interesting aspirations to me, as I haven’t played it yet, and the career I decided to roll and it could be interesting as well.

He is currently nowhere close to getting any traits, positive or negative, within range, but he still has all his teenage years as well, so that could change.

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