Howlnet Asylum: The Ending

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Welcome to the final update for the Howlnet Asylum. Everything was make or break for this update. I have never completed a TS3 LTW, so let’s find out if I was able to do it here. When we last were with the inmates here everyone was doing well, but Veronica (our witch) was starting to “bake” everyone else and Vaynia got turned into a block of ice. We also had our first fire, and many many many ghosts.

Since I’m not an avid Sims 3 player it took me a while to figure out what was going on here, but Luna appeared to be trying to catch a blue “bug.” I wasn’t sure if this was a werewolf thing or not, but suddenly Bert rematerialized. He was the blue “bug” that Luna was chasing, they were playing.

I think that is just adorable! Moving on though, Bert is becoming quite the dancer and this time we spy him jamming out to Vernon’s musical stylings with Redd.

The inmates here have been cooking so much we’ve basically been out of ingredients for a while, so when Darwin ran off to work, naked I might add, one morning we had him stop by the store before heading home to pick up groceries.

Back at home that night the ghosts are out in full force again. If I don’t get Darwin through this soon I’m not sure how much longer the residents can deal with the ghosts.

It is the weekend, so Darwin gets up early and invites the next chess partner over. I believe it takes him 2 tries to beat her, but we are working on level 8 at this point, but have barely started.

Right after that, Darwin is feeling good, and we are coming up on week 6 of this challenge, which is just FAR TO LONG, so he invites the next players over. He comes by with no problems and another victor is in hand.

We can see Luna is trying to make friends with the last chess player. With another victory under his belt Darwin takes a nap, or maybe sleeps for the night, I can’t remember exactly. Whenever he is up again, he invites the next player over.

We decide if we can get about 3 in each day we can wrap this up before too much longer, so Darwin calls out of work for 5 days, hoping that will give us enough time. The next player is called over, and this one takes us twice to beat as well.

We ask the next chess player over but she can’t make it right away so we go ahead and let Darwin take a nap, go to the bathroom, freshed up and eat before calling again. This time when he calls there is no issue and she arrives late in the evening.

Darwin has no trouble beating her the first time, so we are done to only a few more sims needed. Of course we also need to max the logic skill, but that is going to take a while longer. Suddenly though, we see Redd fixating on one of our guests.

Bert seems to be dazed as well, but I don’t believe he was. Maybe he’s in shock it wasn’t him. Luckily nothing more happens and the guests leave late in the evening that night with no hard done to them.

The next day we invite over another player. This time we get a woman in a long fancy dress. I believe it takes us twice to beat her as well, but that’s ok, the more time Darwin spends playing chess the faster his skill will go up.

The next player is invited over after a small break and Darwin gets to work beating him without an issue. We are getting closer to half-way through level 8. This is going to take awhile. In the background above you can see Bert convinced Luna to dance with him this time.

One more sim is invited over, and this is a sim we have played before, I’m almost positive. She is not happy when Darwin beats her at this game, although I believe we got the notice she had reached level 2 during this game. The guests are mingling with our other residents as well.

After another short break we get ready to call on the next sim and find out, the next one is in our household. Who might the next ranked chess player be? Why none other than Luna. This makes sense as Darwin has played chess with her fairly frequently.

He beats her without an issue and we suddenly get notified, that was our last match. Darwin is a Grand Master now, and still only 1/2 way through level 8 of chess. Over the course of this challenge Darwin has brought in multiple bonuses and the family has over $12,000, so in an act of sheer desperation on my part, Darwin quits his job to focus solely on playing chess.

I’m not sure if it makes it faster or not, but Darwin tries to play with the other residents as often as he can. First up is Bert, and while Darwin has no friends about the housemates, from their interactions, at least a couple are friends with Bert.

We can see in the background above Luna started another painting, which got about as far as the last one did before she gave up and wandered off. No paintings were ever even close to being finished in this challenge.

Next up we have Veronica play with Darwin. She has had more than enough magic practice, I have no idea what all she can even do, but anything to keep her from getting more powerful and doing worse things to the residents.

Next Darwin sits down with Luna again to play with her. In between all of these guys Darwin is having to repair the sink and the TV, clean out the bad food from the fridge (since the residents keep making food when there is some already) and just take care of himself in general.

We are getting closer and closer, and I believe we have reached level 9 at this point, (and are almost through level 9) so we are close. Vaynia is our next resident to sit with Darwin. He is also doing a lot on his own, but it keeps his social up to play with others.

Bert is back again to help and there were others that helped as well, I just didn’t keep taking pictures of Darwin playing chess over and over and over again. Veronica was back to practicing magic as well.

After Bert walked off I kept Darwin sitting. He was getting tired, I was worried he was going to get too tired to continue, but I kept watching the progress and suddenly, though I missed the picture, the 30,000 popped up above his head and notification that he reached his LTW came up. Darwin did it!!! He can be free of this place!

That’s it! That’s the end!! Semi-anit-climatic I know. This house was fairly boring, but I’m so excited I finished it! This was my first asylum and it was interesting to say the least, and since I had no idea what to do with the chess LTW for the first few weeks I’m barely mad about the time it took.

Amazingly, we lost no sims during the entire thing, and everyone is decently happy and healthy. So, let’s review our points for this challenge:

+1 Point per skill point any of the 8 sims have (only living sims)
Darwin: 19 (10 Logic, 6 Handiness, 3 Cooking)
Luna: 11 (1 Athletic, 4 Cooking, 5 Logic, 1 Painting)
Vaynia: 11 (1 Athletic, 4 Guitar, 6 Logic)
Redd: 8 (2 Athletic, 3 Guitar, 3 Logic)
Vernon: 21 (5 Athletic, 3 Cooking, 9 Guitar, 3 Logic, 1 Social Networking)
Bert: 11 (5 Cooking, 2 Guitar, 4 Logic)
Veronica: 18 (2 Athletic, 4 Cooking, 9 Guitar, 3 Logic)
Ferby: 12 (4 Cooking, 4 Guitar, 4 Logic)
Total Skill Points: 111 Points

+1 Point per friend any living sim has (not including household)
Darwin: 2 Friends (non-household)
Everyone else has at least 2 household friend, but no non-household friends. This feels like a bit of a sad thing to not get points for that as Vernon and Veronica are friends with everyone but Darwin.
Total Friend Points: 2

+1 per 1000 Lifetime Aspiration points your sim has
Darwin: 47,446
I’m guessing you round down, and that it’s only for the controllable sim, so that’s where I’m going to get the points
Total Lifetime Aspiration Points Points: 47

-1 per day you are in the asylum
We we in the asylum for basically 6 weeks and 2 days (just slightly under). So that is 44 days.
Total Days Points: -44

-20 Points for each resident who died (NONE)
-30 Point for each visitor that died (NONE)
-1 Point for each Repoman visit (NONE)

TOTAL POINTS: 116 Points

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Howlnet Asylum: Through Week 4

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After the glitch that left Veronica outside to get snacked on my zombies, and then caused us to also reset the lot I was nervous about the state of our asylum and if it would last until the end. Still, I pressed on, keeping a close eye on everything.

So when we came back to asylum after the reset and everyone had wandered back inside the Bert went and started cleaning the fish tank. These guys are super good at taking care of pets in a tank.

I had never played with werewolves before so I had no idea what Vaynia was doing with Luna right away, and I couldn’t look at the action to determine what it was, so I watched for a bit and discovered, they were playing fetch.

The vampires are getting restless and it’s only a matter of time before something beyond this happens I’m sure. I am starting to continuously get messages about someone not knowing what to do because they were dazed by either Vaynia or Redd’s gaze.

This is a fairly typical scene in the house. Everyone doing a little something different, but all behaving themselves and or sleeping.

Bert broke the sink while cleaning up dishes and his reaction was just priceless. I love seeing these faces, it’s just way too funny to me. He almost seems to be sliding down the counter in dismay while being so upset.

Of course, it was Darwin to the rescue to fix the sink, which stuck at the “broken” animation for a short time and then righted itself luckily. Bert helped in the way he knew how, mopping puddles.

And of course, true to form, while there is a perfectly good bowl of mac and cheese sitting right on the counter, after Luna made it, Vernon doesn’t find that sufficient and starts another meal. (The sink was actually fixed here)

There werewolves started fighting again, they seriously provide the most entertainment in this whole house, and I happened to notice they have “skill bars” over their head, which makes me think this isn’t due to them having a bad relationship, but perhaps a werewolf skill of some kind?

Another day at the chess table for Darwin, another sim on the guitar working on their music. Vaynia picked up the guitar and while no one booed her, they didn’t seem overly impressed either.

The ghosts started putting in many more appearances as well, at night. Vaynia and Luna were left without a bed I believe this night, and the ghosts came in and started helping themselves. Neither Luna or Vaynia seemed interested in having them around.

The next day I noticed Vaynia stating by the TV and happened to notice, she was working out. So apparently they are beginning to use the TV for more than the kids channel, which is why it always seemed to be turned to before.

In one of the bedrooms I find Redd and Vernon having a pillow fight. Ahh, the great battle between werewolf and vampire continues, in fluffy form.

Then, it happens. Luna had started making some food, and I’m not 100% sure what occurred, but I believe a ghost may have distracted her and a fire broke out. Our very first fire in almost 3 weeks at the asylum has finally broken out. I did not interfere, but Fergie was on it and had it out before it even blackened the stove.

The snow was starting to disappear as we headed into spring and out near where the snowman was I happened to see, the asylum had gotten a gnome visitor.

Vaynia decided to terrorize Vernon, “dashing” around him evilly, and he was not a fan. Vaynia was actually starting to get a lot more negative’s on her interactions I was noticing now.

Insane sims really just randomly change clothes all the time, into whatever they want, and it’s always humorous to see what they wear at different times. Redd decides to work out in his bathing suit at the TV, and Veronica doesn’t seem interested, even though she is also in her bathing suit.

We had a MASSIVE haunting that night. I believe at least half of the graves spawned ghosts this night and the kitchen/dining room area was completely overrun. Most of the sims had run into the different bedrooms to get away from the ghosts.

Vernon took a try at the workout station on this day, and Bert accused Vaynia of being evil. She looks so taken aback and like she’s trying to say, “who, meeee???” Yes, Vaynia, you, and you totally are!

Now a storm rolled in this time and so when I happened to see Fergie looking singed I figured he must have gotten struck by lightning. I didn’t see it happen, but it’s hard to watch all of them all the time. However, then I saw him free Veronica and I decided I needed to keep an closer eye on them.

I finally deciphered what Darwin needed to do to start on his LTW of being a chess master and was able to get the first ranked player over, and beat him easily. Funny enough either the next ranked player, or the 3rd on was Vaynia. She really had caught the chess bug. So he was able to get 3 games out of the way fairly quickly

Both players stayed around after the came and appeared to have a good time talking with some of the other people who lived here. Overall everyone was on their best behavior.

Over the next couple of days, nothing terribly interesting happened. The sims went about their daily lives, talking with each other, skilling, watching TV, making food and sleeping. Ghosts came out and haunted and Vaynia apparently liked one of them.

Then I caught it, I found out what likely actually happened to Fergie to make him want to freeze Veronica. I saw her working on her magic, as she tends to do, and I saw Vaynia seemingly watching it with interest and a bit of fear and then she burned.

I was worried what would happen, but Vaynia was fine, just charred. I knew having Veronica getting better at magic would not be a good thing for the rest of the sims. At least she isn’t evil.

I had decided, because everyone started complaining the easel wasn’t open, to remove the painting that Luna, I believe, had started weeks ago and Bert hoped right on the chance to start painting. He then stopped and left an unfinished work, again.

I caught Vaynia stunning Vernon, the poor soul, but luckily she didn’t do anything beyond that. I’m worried these vampires might go on a rampage soon.

Darwin managed to get, after some work, the next two chess players over and he has now played 5 or 6 of the 15 players needed in order to get to chess master. He did have to play the guy twice as he lost the first time, but he’s nearly at level 8 in logic, which should help him continue.

The TV has broken a couple of times and I’ve been nervous about having Darwin fix it, but the TV is so popular, so he’s been told to do it each time, and both times he has repaired it without any problems, luckily.

I’m not entirely sure what happened exactly in this scenario, but I happened to notice both Luna and Vaynia were charred, this was very likely the work of Veronica and her new magic abilities.

However, nearly right after this encounter, Luna walks away and Vaynia is suddenly an ice sculpture. Now, perhaps I am wrong on this other charred sim is actually Veronica and she cast the spell, but I’m not sure what transpired.

I was a little nervous for Vaynia, but she thawed out and was fine. She and Luna even mopped up her puddles later. Darwin has managed to get yet another promotion at the job and he is working his way through the ranked chess players. I’m hoping he can complete the goal in the next 2 weeks, but we will just see what happens.

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Howlnet Asylum: Week 2 and possibly beyond.

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Ah, welcome back to the asylum….errr, to Howlnet Mental Hospital. Last week, Darwin, whom all our hopes are set managed to get up to logic level 5 but had not yet begun his trek through the ranked players. The rest of the inmates took care of themselves with mostly good results.

We start this update with Darwin. The other inmates have taken to occasionally breaking the bathtub, but Darwin is very good to get in there quickly to fix it.

Vernon has taken to the guitar, now that he has had a turn on it and has started spending quite a bit of time practicing and playing for the other inmates.

All of the uncontrollables show off their ability to take care of themselves frequently. It is rare that I need to have Darwin clean up messes. He needs to fix things, but cleaning is usually take care of by the others.

Darwin is constantly interrupted in his sleep by ghosts. It doesn’t matter what room I put him in, it seems the ghosts enjoy waking him up. In the other room, with only 2 beds it feels like it happens less frequently as the other bed is usually taken.

During the latest rash of ghost sightings, Ferbie got to know the aquanitence of one of the genies that died in the set up rounds of this asylum.

Luna makes me nervous by deciding to try and cook. I believe we still had food in the fridge, but no she wanted to cook all by herself. Luckily she, like all of the inmates so far, seems to be fairly good at keeping an eye on it. We’ve had burnt food but nothing else.

Ferbie appears to enjoy cleaning. He doesn’t have a neat trait, or anything that seems to point to liking to clean other than being a genie, perhaps, but he still spends time scrubbing everything in the kitchen.

Our resident witch, Veronica, continues to practice her magic and I have a feeling she’s getting pretty good at it. We better hurry up and figure out how to start getting to chess master before she is able to truly do damage around the house.

Vaynia, on the other hand, has caught the chess bug after playing with Darwin one night and sits at the chess table fairly frequently now.

After work one day, Darwin is allowed to visit the two places he is allowed to go outside of the asylum. He visits the bookshop and buys a few books, then visits the grocery store and buys some groceries.

Back at home, the music being played by our guitarists must be getting better. Bert and Ferbie take a dance break in the middle of their doing nothing, and I believe it was Veronica playing.

With new groceries in the house Bert decides to cook some waffles. He is not a good cook, as far as I know, but he manages to also not set the house on fire.

Darwin chooses, on the other hand, to spend the evening out in the snow building a snowman. He has a good time with building it alone, in the quiet of the night.

The social butterfly fairy, Burt, really must enjoy dancing, because after eating he ropes Vaynia into dancing with him to Veronica’s playing. It seems like many of the inmates are forming relationships.

The next time Vernon picks up the guitar I catch Veronica walking by making this face…

It seems she is none too happy about someone else playing “her” guitar.

Vaynia and Ferbie, our two evil sims started taking turns “scaring” Redd. They seriously did the sneak and scare action back and forth multiple times and laughed and laughed.

Darwin managed to catch himself a promotion in his law enforcement career. It would seem to me, if he’s stable enough to be doing law enforcement, and doing well enough to get promotions maybe he should be allowed out more, but what do I know.

The fish tank has actually fish in it now, and everyone is actually really good at feeding them and cleaning the tank. It’s been a good thing to have, because they all love to watch the fish and the bubbles as well.

The bathtub had broken again, so Darwin diligently went to clean it. He had built up enough handiness he decided to make it self-cleaning. He would still have to repair it if it broke but one less cleaning task would be nice.

That night was a zombie moon, and the werewolves had also turned. Our poor skeptic, Darwin, really gets freaked out everytime they turn. He also seems to be nervous eating across from one.

Veronica has decided to get herself stronger, I suppose maybe she needs to be to be a better conduit for her magics, but regardless of why, she tries out the workout bar. She lands on her behind frequently, but tries away.

Veronica became unroutable, apparently, as Naars gave me a message and the next thing I know Veronica was outside the gate. I have the main gate locked for anyone but residents, unless we are inviting someone over, then we unlock it for a bit and lock it back up afterwards, but zombie were sprouting around Veronica.

There ended up being three of them around her and they continued to try and “zombie attack” her and every time she laughed it off, or got scared but nothing else happened. At least it was that way for the first 5 or 6 times. I kept praying she would go inside, but suddenly this happened…

She got bit, and that was very sad to me because I didn’t want Veronica to die, I liked Veronica, but alas, she wouldn’t come inside. The very nice morning I noticed that Darwin couldn’t pay the bills, the mailbox was jacked up. So I read up about it and apparently this can happen, and I was going to likely need to reset the lot, which I did. Mailbox started working, but Veronica never had any repercussion about getting bit. Don’t know if this is normal after a reset, but I guess time will tell.

This feels like a good place to end this update, I’m not entirely sure where this is in terms of weeks as I have played through 4 1/2 weeks almost already, and I will bring more updates, but this will do for now.

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Howlnet Asylum: Week 1

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Welcome back to Howlnet. Our first week watching our insane sims has commenced and been completed and here are the things that happened during this first week.

Actually, first, I realized I never really showed you the asylum last time you joined us. You met the inhabitants, didn’t see where they leave. So here is a quick look inside. Right inside the front door and to the left you have one of the bedrooms, with 3 of the beds in it, a mirror, and then the “dining room” and the kitchen that also has a fishtank.

In the center area of the house you have the chess table, guitar, living room area with a TV, bookcase, easel, and workout bar.

Finally to the right of the front door there is another bedroom with 2 beds in it and one more mirror (since they don’t count as a “skill” object we went ahead and put one in each room. Then there is the single bathroom that has the tub/shower combo, and the toilet (which is “blocked” off from the tub to allow for someone to use the toilet and also bathe at the same time.

As you can see we have our 5 bed spots (5 single beds), 6 seating (2 chairs at the table, 2 at the chess board, and 2 in front of the TV), and 1 napable piece of furniture (the rocking chair). We have the one toilet and the one shower/tub combo, the one sink is in the kitchen. Our 5 skill building items are the chess board, easel, work out bar, guitar, and….I guess we only gave ourselves 4. We do have a TV, but no other electronic entertainment, we have the cheap stove and the one fridge.

All right, so let’s start out week one. Because we took time to create the ghosts that are in the backyard we actually don’t move everyone in until the evening of Sunday. As everyone gets inside Bert talks to himself, I send Darwin to start a meal, and the rest just wander around getting the layout of the place.

Our resident bookworm, Redd, makes a bee line for the bookcase and settles himself in for some reading. He doesn’t actually stay long, but he does start the process.

One of our virtuoso’s, Veronica settles in to start playing the guitar. She isn’t very good as she has no skill levels, but she must put a spell out because everyone starts coming to watch her, and I don’t believe anyone boos.

Suddenly there is a rush to get food. Everyone realized they were hungry and Darwin had made food not too long ago, so dinner was had by all.

Veronica and Bert show off how they are going to be helpful during the challenge. Veronica decides to cook, but she makes another salad, so no actual cooking is involved, and Bert works on cleaning up all the dishes in the house.

The ghosts start coming out after dark, and while some of the sims don’t seem to care, others are not happy about seeing them.

Luna decides to take a turn on the guitar and plays for a bit. People gather around, but so must not be as enthralling as Veronica is at it.

Darwin ropes Vernon into playing some chess with him. He needs skills, and also needs to still find the job in Law Enforcement. It takes a couple of days before he does, and they cannot pay the bills until he comes home with the first paycheck.

After playing the chess match with Darwin, Vernon decides he doesn’t want the left over salad that is in the fridge. No no no, he wants mac and cheese. Now hot dogs are his favorite meal, but apparently he had an hankering. He, however, makes a successful batch.

The guitar, I can tell, is going to be a very popular skill item with all of these sims. Ferby takes his turn at the guitar, this time in his regular genie outfit. They change in and out of outfits, due to being insane, all the time, so I will do my best to get the names right.

Our two vampires take some time out of doing other things to share a box of plasma juice. Luckily the fridge has plenty of it, although Darwin has already had a moodlet from being “hunted” by a vampire, so we will see.

The ghosts are out frequently, at least groups of them. Luckily we usually only get 3 or 4 of them at a time. I’m sure that is, at least in part, due to the number of sims already living here. We also get a chance to see Luna in werewolf form.

Veronica is going to be trouble if I don’t get through this challenge quickly I think, I can just feel it. She starts practicing her magic multiple times. I’m assuming she is running out of “magic juice” whatever they call her reserves and doing it again as it refills.

The ghosts really start to get the better of some sims this night. Even Darwin passes out from being too freaked out by the werewolves and ghosts. He is a skeptic afterall.

The next day we notice we have had our first toilet clog, so Darwin heads in to fix it before heading to work. Luckily he doesn’t have any problems.

Today Darwin enlists Vaynia to help him out with his chess game. We are trying to get most of the inmates to play with Darwin at least once, maybe he might even make friends.

I was worried it was never going to get used but our avant garde (at least I’m pretty sure this is Luna) started working on a painting, then her absent-mindedness kicked in and she wandered off.

Veronica is one of the most helpful inmates imaginable. I haven’t always taken pictures, but she cooks (and hasn’t yet started a fire), she cleans up dishes, she mops, and here she is cleaning up plasma boxes. If I ever do an ISBI in TS3 I might throw her into town and hope to marry her in.

Poor Burt actually gets picked on a lot. I feel bad for him. The others like to heckle him, and when he wets himself it just adds more fuel to the fire. I don’t know what Bret’s relationships are like, of course, but I can’t imagine he is making too many friends.

Ferby isn’t about to be outdone by the witch Veronica, so he cleans up Burt’s pee puddle. He was looking more concerned about him then gleefully aghast in the picture above.

It’s a quiet evening and after doing his “chores” for the day Ferby sits down to play some chess all by himself. I think these sims are going to end up with a fair amount of skill points by the end.

Here we find Veronica back to practicing her guitar. The virtuoso trait in her is very very strong. Vernon is also a virtuoso and I’m not sure I’ve seen him anywhere near the guitar, maybe once.

After giving a little concert…and she is getting better…Veronica goes and makes another meal…and doesn’t start a fire. I swear, these guys are all way too good at taking care of themselves.

We have more ghostly visitors this night, and Luna is not happy about them. She has also started going out hunting at night a lot more often.

We had a rash of bathroom accidents the next day. Seemed everyone needed to go at once and the toilet was clogged again, so I had Darwin head to fix it and everyone else just ended up wetting themselves. It a good thing I haven’t had to keep track of that. Regardless, I believe one of those sims was Vaynia, but she cleans up her own puddle.

It’s back to practicing chess for Darwin, he is nearly at a level 5 in logic so he asks Redd to sit down with him. The outfit Redd has on is just too much for me, I love it. It’s like he’s a pimp vampire. In the background we can see that Vernon is finally using the guitar.

I was beginning to wonder if the pull up station would ever get used either, and then I look over and see that….Redd went over and started working out after his chess match.

While he is working out I spy that Luna is getting ready to cook. I don’t believe she has cooked once so far, so we keep a close eye on her. She mixes up the mac and cheese then leaves it on the counter. That’s ok, it can’t burn anything down on the counter. I have Darwin head over to start cooking it, but before he gets over there Luna comes back and pops it on the stove. She then walks away. Luckily, some ghosts were haunting and one of them took over to finish the job.

We were so close to some potential excitement in this house, but no such luck. Those darn helpful ghosts. So instead of a fire, we check out Veronica working on her spells again. Her bar looks like it’s getting fuller.

Right at the end of the first week, we get our first excitement. A fight breaks out between our two werewolves, Luna and Vernon, in one of the bedrooms.

With that, we end our first week. Darwin has reached level 5 in logic, and is in the law enforcement career. He hasn’t achieved a promotion yet, but he has only been to work once, so that isn’t surprising. Next week he probably will get one. Maybe next week will be more exciting too.

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Welcome To Howlnet Asylum

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Welcome to Howlnet Asylum….ahem, I am sorry, I mean welcome to Howlnet Mental Hospital. Here we do our best to house and ignore….ahem….I am so sorry, I mean we house and care for many of the insane supernaturals of the world. Allow me to show you around our Asylum.

We were built in Appaloosa Plains, back before it became the hot spot it is now, thinking that the beautiful scenery and quiet town would allow for a place of healing. We were built on one of the hills surrounding the town at the end of a fairly long road. It does make for a bit of a trek into town, but as I said, the idea was provide quiet and respite, while still being in a close enough proximately to a town to get needed supplies.

Sadly, as the town grew, the desire to have our hospital anywhere nearby caused a lot of problems with the town and our budget keeps getting cut. We are hoping that by having one of our promising inmates successfully navigate his goals, and slowly integrate back into society they will be more accepting of keeping us open.

Let me start introducing you to the different inmates we have around here. We had 14 additional inmates of various lifestates here that have since passed on. They have been laid to rest in the backyard of the asylum, and some of the inmates say they still visit them. Of course, they are all insane, so who’s to really say.

This is Ferby Killian. He is our one genie, or at least the last genie still here. As with all of our inmates he is considered insane, has a hatred of the outdoors, and is very absent minded. He is also a wonderful sculptor, but sadly we had to get rid of anything that gave him the opportunity to sculpt, and he is evil.

Veronica Devalle is our resident witch. She, luckily, isn’t the strongest at her magic, so she doesn’t cause as much trouble as she could. She is also disciplined and a bit of a virtuoso.

Bert Kendall is our current Fairy in residence. As I mentioned before, all of our inmates appear to have a hatred of the outdoors, be very absent-minded and, of course, are insane. Bert, however, is also a social butterfly and a night owl. Sadly, he is also one the other inmates can find easy to pick on at times.

Vernon Fox here is one of our werewolves. Sadly, having werewolves in with everyone else can cause some issues when they turn, but we try and keep everyone as calm as possible. Vernon is another virtuoso and he loves to gather things.

We also have a female werewolf in residence. This is Luna Howells. She loves fish, and normally we try to keep the fish tank stocked for her to keep her angler side happy, but she is also a bit of an avant garde.

Here is Redd Cavazos. He is one of our two vampires in residence. Don’t worry we always keep the fridge stocked with plasma juices to help when they start feeling a bit peckish. He is also a disciplined man who loves books. The books keep him pretty quiet most of the time.

Here is our last supernatural patient, Vaynia Goothe. She is also a vampire and is our other evil patient. She also is uncannily lucky all the time. We aren’t always sure what to do with her.

Our final patient, who is the one we are placing most of our hopes on currently is Mr. Darwin Howland. He is the only human currently here at Howlnet, although we have housed others in the past. He is a supernatural skeptic, which is partially why he was sent to us, and a bit clumsy. He is also considered a nurturing loser who just happens to be insane.

He is getting a job in law enforcement and his goal is to become a chess legend. If he can accomplish this, and maintain good relations with the to and in his job, he will be allowed more freedom and may even be allowed to live on his own. Hopefully, he will also be proof that we are helping people here.

It has been a pleasure showing you around Howlnet and we hope you will check back with us soon to see how Darwin and all of the other inmates are doing.

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