Roots of Emerson – Post 1.04

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Tim left most of the plans for the wedding up to Kayla, she knew what she wanted, but he was sure to stress that he didn’t want to make it too extravagant. Kayla had always wanted a much smaller and more intimate wedding, so that worked out fine for her. The announcement went out and Tim started getting calls congratulating him, and a few brought by gifts as well.

None of the plans or excitement about the up coming wedding would stop the work he had to do in the garden however. The plants didn’t take a day off and neither could Tim.

One afternoon, with the wedding getting closer and closer, Kayla stopped by the house to hang out. They had both been pretty busy and hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time just being together. Tim was super happy to see her.

It was a lovely day, however, so instead of just hanging out in the house Tim suggested they head into the spice festival that was going on. He wanted to check out if there were any seeds or anything he wanted to pick up.

Both enjoyed the bright colors of the festival, and Tim was able to get some new plants to put into his garden as well. Each of them attempted to eat the curry, although neither of them were able to fully make it through the whole dish.

As the wedding got closer Tim found himself unable to sleep more and more. It wasn’t that he was tired, but he was getting nervous. The house was almost done, and he was pushing to get it completed in time. Still the nerves came, so on those nights Tim went out and did some fishing.

The big day finally arrived, and while Tim had to tend to some plants first thing in the morning he was able to be done in time to be ready for the wedding. It was another beautiful day, and Kayla had made sure everything was ready. As they gathered with friends and family to exchange their vows and begin their life together.

Kayla, of course, looked beautiful but Tim felt like he looked very dapper himself. It was a lovely wedding, and after it was all done they gathered into the house to celebrate with each other a little longer. Food was laid out and they just enjoyed each others company. Tim felt it was one of the most perfect days.

Once the party ended, Tim and Kayla found themselves alone in the house. Tim had a surprise for Kayla and he led her upstairs to the newly finished master bedroom, and Tim was so proud of what he was able to show her, and that night they enjoyed being man and wife.

Tim was very happy with his married life with Kayla and they were finding out new things about each other all the time. Their life started to fall into some general patterns for their day to day. Kayla enjoyed going for daily runs and was working on getting her house sold off, and Tim continued to work in his garden and fishing during the day.

Fall settled in and Tim’s garden was changing over to fall plants again and Spooky Day was on it’s way as well. Tim wanted to decorate and have candy ready for if any trick or treaters came by. Kayla suggested they dress up too. Tim worked on get the house all decorated before the big day and felt it turned out great.

When Spooky Day finally arrived everything was ready and while the main part of the day went by like it normally would, that evening Kayla and Tim dressed up into costumes to great the trick or treaters that came by.

As the evening wound down Tim found himself picking up around the house while Kayla went upstairs to start getting ready for bed. After Tim was done he head upstairs himself where he found Kayla on the bed with news to tell him.

Tim was over the news with the news that Kayla was expecting. He had wanted a family of his own so bad. He had told Kayla about his desire to have both a son and a daughter to help carry on the family, so when Kayla told him they would bringing the first of those into the world he was over the moon.

Tim had started working on getting any of the final pieces of the upstairs completed, and luckily one of those rooms was set to be a nursery, so Tim decided to focus on that one first. Kayla had also started sharing some of the new with her friends as well.

Everyone she told was thrilled for her, knowing she had been worried she would never find anyone to share her life with, and now she was going to have a family of her very own. Kayla was so happy to have found Tim, or really to have had Tim find her. She felt safe and happy here in their house starting their lives together.

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