Latte Game – Generation 2.10

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Welcome back to the beach and to some time with the Latte’s. The last time we had a couple of birthdays, Zax and Oxkar grew up into teens, Halix became a toddler, Zophi became an adult, and then we got some notices about Kevin’s song growing into a child, and Isla got married. Zophi and Harvey need one more child, but sadly we will need to lose someone in order to make room.

This time we should see Halix growing up and with any luck, the birth of our final baby for this generation, maybe even Pixey’s birthday. I’m excited to see how this goes, and we are getting closer and closer to our next heir poll.

We join the family in the middle of dinner. Zax and Oxkar are working hard on scouting badges for sociability. This feels like it takes so long because it takes so many interactions.

The older siblings all hang out after scouts meetings in the rain to talk some more. They are all getting pretty close, and I’m hoping Halix will get to be close with them as well. I’m not sure why I’m really worried about it, this family is so close it would be weird if they suddenly weren’t.

Apparently Zorah is planning to keep up with Kevin and Zophi the kid department. She and Vlad *shudder* are pregnant again. I might be a little unfair to her choice in husband….but, I’m not sure I care.

We get a shock, and a bit of excited for Nick, he has FINALLY gotten married! Congrats Nick! Time will tell if they have kids at all, but I’m happy for him.

Halix is about ready to grow up and she is needing to finish a small bit of thinking, communication, and imagination and a full point of movement. She has been somewhat ignored (sorry Halix) but is doing well. She spends time watching and asking why from her dad.

It’s almost time and no matter how hard I tried we couldn’t get Kynzie that final promotion. She will not get another chance as today is her last day with us. She came home sick though, poor Kynzie.

She had provided all of the grandkids with a journal, and she gives the last one to little Halix, whom she won’t see grow into a child. Kynzie has been very active with all of her grandkids, and we will miss her greatly.

Kynzie heads up to their bedroom to do some final work on the computer and says it’s time. Ukupanipo is there mourning his beloved wife. He will join her soon enough, but for now he has lost his partner, soul mate and best friend.

Everybody is heart broken by the loss of Kynzie, but school projects are still here, and still need to be worked on. Pixey worked on her with her grandpa right before, so now it’s the boys turn. I love Uku’s face while helping Oxkar.

The first spawn of Vlad and Zorah is now a child. She is actually kind of cute looking. I’ll get a picture of her later for you to see better.

Harvey and Zophi are in a good mood so we decide to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Neither of them are getting any younger and I want them to still be decently young while trying to raise the final baby of this generation.

We have success, baby I is on the way. If Zophi keeps to what appears to be tradition in this family, she will have another girl but time will tell. She could just as easily have a boy. The only thing we know for certain is it will only be 1 child, as there is only 1 spot in the house.

It’s Spooky Day and the family start all getting dressed into costume for the occasion. Everyone is still pretty blue, but life does continue to move on for sims, and we are sure Kynzie will come visit again soon.

Zelphi got a call from Nick. It was his birthday and he wanted to know if we would come over. Of course Zophi said yes and brought most of her siblings and Oxkar and Zax with her. The family socialized together, enjoying each other’s company and building relationships stronger. Nick is now an elder, so if he is going to have kids it will have to be soon.

We “fix” the focus light in the kids bedroom. Somehow to got stuck providing inspiration instead of focus. I had been wondering what was happening. I turned it off and back on again….you know the old tech trick, and then put it into inventory and pulled it back out and it worked. YAY. Now Pixey can do her homework focused and hopefully complete her aspiration.

After doing homework she moves to making emotion potions. This also, of course, gives her work on the Young Scientist scout badge as well. I don’t think Pixey will have any problems maxing the scouts.

It was Halix’s birthday and she managed to max all her toddler skills. Upon growing up I realize, she has her grandpa Uku’s eyes. She is quite a pretty girl.

I get tired of braids all the time for the kids, so Halix gets a small make-over and she is ADORABLE! I love her guys! She got the Top-Notch toddler trait of course, and then rolled Erratic. That should make for some fun. She got the Whiz Kid aspiration just like her sister.

Halix gets a head start on her aspiration by playing chess. Grandpa Uku comes to join her and they get 2 of the 3 games needed in. They finish up the final game a short time later.

We had to expand the child/teen bedroom to include another bed for Halix, and added another desk with a new computer to offer more places for the kids to do tasks. Oxkar gets working on programing while Halix talks with her sister.

Another night and another family gathering around the table. Zophi is getting closer and closer to giving birth to the final baby. I believe other than Halix, who just grew up, all the kids of 4 badges completed so far. I need the boys to pick up the pace a bit, but they did start late.

I didn’t figure it would take Kynzie long to join us again. She is very mad though and breaks the sink, the bathroom sink, and the upstairs shower before she is done. Uku comes in later to try and calm her.

It obviously works because she start moping up some of the water puddles left by the myriad of people in this house. They are a fairly messy group, and probably didn’t realize how much cleaning Kynzie actually did.

It’s HarvestFest again and the gnomes gather around the plants, the TV, around the kitchen, just about anywhere they can. They are appeased and start dropping the seed packets everywhere.

Zophi whips up a grand feast for the family to enjoy. Most of them did partake and the holiday was a great success for everyone. It is still somewhat subdued without Kynzie, but the family is moving forward day by day.

We are going to end this update with the notice that Zorah had twins. A boy and a girl. I wanted to see if we could reach the birth of baby I, but this entry is getting long and I’m going to call it for this time. Next entry we will see Pixey grow up and the birth of the new baby. I’ve gotta see how many days are left before Zax becomes a YA so I know when to hold the heir poll. Thanks for visiting again and hope to see you next time.

This is Nick’s wife, Saanvi. She is really pretty, and I hope she and Nick might have 1 kid together, but we will see.

This is little Zelphie, Zorah’s vampire daughter, as a child. She is growing up into not a bad looking girl so far. We will how she does as a teen later, and compare the twins as they start growing up.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.09

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Hi and welcome back to the Latte’s! During our last entry the family FINALLY moved into the beach house, Kynzie FINALLY got the selfie requests and was able to complete her aspiration, Pixey grew into a child, Halix was born, and we flagged cousin Kendra.

So basically, there was a LOT going on last round and it was very eventual for the family. We are back to having a full house, so Zophi and Harvey will be unable to have their final baby (I) until Kynzie or Ukupanipo pass on.

We start this entry with a birthday. Apparently when I played last night I wasn’t paying close enough attention to birthdays and sadly, no matter how hard I tried (and I tried about 3 different times with doing different things to try) we just never quite had enough time to bake a cake.

So this is Zax all grown up and he got the paranoid trait. The looks on his faces as he grows up say about everything you need to know about his feelings about this.

Zax: You forgot on purpose….you are out to get me

I am not! I didn’t forget on purpose, and I did try, do you see the cake sitting over there on the counter, that was for you.

Zax: *squints his eyes at me*

This is Zax when he isn’t being completely paranoid and after a bit of a make-over. He is a pretty handsome boy, and certainly a combo of his parents. He gets the Vampire Family aspiration, which means he might be making nice with either uncle Yuri (who married Caleb Vatore) or Zorah who is with Vlad.

Then, I forgot Halix was also ready to grow up, and she spun out of her bassinet without a whole lot of fanfare. She got her mom’s coloring more than her dad’s and we’ll see what she is like as she get’s older.

I don’t think I changed much on her during a make-over so you’ll see her around. She rolled the Angelic trait as well. Must be something Zophi and Harvey together are doing. 3 of their 4 kids so far have been Angelic.

Zax, now being old enough, takes the canoe out for a bit that night. I’m struck again by the beauty of where they live. I would totally live here in this house.

I don’t know why everyone looks so unhappy here. It was kind of funny. It’s going to be Kynzie who goes first, and I’m not ready, but at the same time I need Zophi and Harvey to have that last baby.

Halix is here, and potty training begins in earnest. You can see Zophi was in her mom’s closet again. 😀

Uku takes another couple of missions to space. He hasn’t fully upgraded the rocket, but I can at least send him and get his aspiration milestone completed.

Zophi plays dolls with Halix the next morning. She is really been somewhat “forgotten” about. I have her working her skills, but she’s mostly doing it alone.

After playtime comes bath time, which Halix certainly needed. She was a very dirty little girl. I think she should be able to complete her skills before growing up, but we will see.

Our man Zax suspiciously checks the house, while dancing. He’s become quite the character around here. I realized I had never gotten the kids into scouts, so I quickly rectify that. I don’t know that Zax will have the time to complete it, but we’ll see.

A couple of story times help Pixey to get a milestone reached in her aspiration. I usually can get whiz kid done, but managing a family this size has been a bit daunting to me.

Homework time for the kids. We may end up needing to turn the toddler room into a “girls” room to give Halix a place to sleep. I think she grows up before Zax becomes a teen. I guess I should have added one more room to this house.

Harvey gets another promotion and is slowly working his way up the athletic career ladder. He needs charisma skills now on top of his fitness skills, so we will see how it all goes.

Grandpa Uku reads little Halix to sleep with a bedtime story. He really is a very active parent/grandparent. I highly recommend him to anyone who is starting a challenge that need someone who does good on his own.

He then tops another aspiration. That means he has done Beach Life and Nerd Brain. I cannot remember what we gave him next, I think it was something to do with knowledge, but I cannot remember right the moment.

It’s no wonder this family are all best friends. They spend a ton of time doing things together. Grandma Kynzie reads to the kids while Halix talks with Big Puds. Zophi and her dad eat together, and then Zax goes and autonomously works flash cards with Halix.

Kynzie has started working on wellness and uses the yoga mat a little more often. She does seem to have slimmed down some since moving here. I think she’s been able to be more active now that she is grandma. 🙂

Homework and family time. This is actually a picture of the entire “Gen 2” portion of this family so far. Zax and Oxkar doing homework, Harvey and Zophi watching their kids, Halix watching all of them, and Pixey was just setting the table.

We got a notice that Isla finally got married. Ember still wasn’t in the neighborhood yet, so I went ahead and just had her move in with Nick. I don’t think Nick is ever going to get married, but you never know.

Time for another bath for Halix, and this time it’s grandpa Uku who get the task. I am ready to not have a toddler again, but sadly, with one more kid we need for this generation we are likely going to go straight back into a bunch of toddlers. We’ll see who ends up as heir.

Zorah invited her mom to visit her, and so Kynzie took all the kids as well. They got to know their cousin, Zorah’s daughter Zelphie. Then Zax works on writing because he’s sad and paranoid.

That last big gave Kynzie what she needed to complete the aspiration she had, so that is two down for her as well. With that youth potion these two lived quite a while. I cannot remember what she had next either.

As soon as we get back home Isla is there visiting, as well as Kevin’s toddler son Vince. Maybe Isla was watching him and came for a visit, otherwise not sure how Vince made is way all the way here.

Seriously, this family is constantly together. Either talking with their parents or their grandparents. I love them so much. Zax has been working hard on the sociability badge for scouts, as have the kids.

Maybe Vince was trying to invite us to his birthday because he is now a child. Kevin made some pretty good looking kids, his son looks a lot like him though.

Then I once again prove I’m a bad watcher when I have this many people, and missed Zophi’s birthday. She was coming back from somewhere I think when this happened. Sorry Zoph!

Kynzie maxed out another skill, this one not surprising with how much she started live streaming to get followers. Then I was preparing to close down the game and realized one more age bar was bubbling, so to not start the next one the same way we did this one, let’s have a final birthday.

Yep, it was time for Oxkar to age up to a teen. The face he made upon growing up was just too funny not to capture. He has a very unique look. I kind of like him. He did not reach his aspiration as a kid, but he did get an A in school, and has added Child of the Islands to his traits, and wants to be a Friend of the World.

Here’s a better picture of him after a bit of a make-over. He’s got his mom’s longer face, but I think more of his dad’s features maybe. I’m not 100% sure who he takes after the most. I like him. And that will wrap it up for us this entry. I hope you will visit us again next time.

Here’s a quick look at Vince as a child, and that’s Isla’s husband to the side over there. I hope they have kids someday!

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Latte Game – Generation 2.08

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Welcome back to the Latte’s house. Last time we finally got to move into the beach house made for them quite a while ago, we had multiple birthdays, and Ember moved out, so we have room for the next baby.

So without further ado let’s go check in on the family and see how they are doing with the new house.

So when we spend our first day in the house it is the Spring Day that includes an egg hunt. The kids all get into it right away and the adults have to try a little harder, but we find all of the eggs in the collection.

Welcome Spring Bunny. It was adorable that he came in and played dolls with Pixey while she was playing and getting her imagination up. This might be one of my favorite holidays.

This family loves to spend time together and the new beach house, even though it was cloudy this day, was a great place to gather on the new couches, grill out and enjoy each others company. I think this beach house is going to be great for them.

The welcome wagon came by and Kynzie went out and talked with them a little bit. One of them is clearly a fan of Kynzie’s wearing her signature look.

I then realize I am a terrible watcher and in the craziness of the move and everything else I completely missed that Kynzie’s birthday was here. She is now an elder and is sad we missed her birthday.

I’m so sorry Kynzie!!!!

Kynzie: I’ll be ok, but it would have been nice to have a cake.

I know, I just missed the notice with the move and everything. You could say I got you a house as a gift!

Kynzie: It is a nice house, but why did I have to grow up in the bathroom?

Awww, look at that, Yuri actually sent his mom a gift. He may be evil, but it would appear their talk, which happened a long time ago, might have softened him a bit. Maybe it’s because he is helping raise a kid too. Also, Kendra (Kevin’s eldest daughter) also sent a gift.

There are, most certainly, worse views to have while you are enjoying an evening together. I am sort of jealous of this family right now. Everything is so pretty here.

Zophi was feeling a little dehydrated, so we get a chance to see a very pregnant mermaid. I’m sure being in the water probably feels good on her back, not having quite so much weight carried around.

Oh geez, there is Vlad spawn in the world now. I don’t think I get Zorah’s decision still, but oh well. Her life, we don’t control her anymore, but these kids are getting flagged.

Zax started working on his creativity skill. He’s close to growing up before too long, and not that close to reaching his social aspiration. I have to figure out how to best reach that.

Oxkar goes and plays with Pixey. She is getting close, just needing another imagination and another communication skill before she grows up. This shouldn’t be too bad.

I think Harvey might need more practice with painting. This is what he came up with. It at least sold for more than it took for him to start painting it, but still. It’s a little week.

It’s time for little Pixey’s birthday, and you can see that Zophi is getting ready to pop. Pixey managed to max out all of her skills, so she gets the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

Here she is as a child, first right after growing up and then after her small make-over. Boy, she did grow up pretty. Very cute. She rolled the Self-Assured trait, and the Whiz Kid aspiration. We might be able to get her through that.

Harvey and Kyznie come out to help Ukupanipo with the building of the rocket. He only needs 5 updates to the rocket in order to complete a second aspiration, but I don’t know that it will happen, but we can get started at least.

Kynzie heads out with Ukupanipo to enjoy some time out together, but Kynzie ends up staying as she finally gets the second selfie request. She only needs one more, which happens later that night. Finally, Kynzie is down to the last little bit of her aspiration.

When Kynzie gets home Zophi is heading upstairs to give birth to our newest member of the Latte family. This is Halix Latte, the newest daughter. So our trend continues with having 1 sex first, and half-way through the other.

Pixey goes up to meet the baby, and is apparently not happy with having this new little sibling. The boys, it turns out, aren’t either. They will have to get over it because yet another one will be on their way soon.

The boys are getting quite close, and they even are able to become best friends, which fulfills the level of the aspiration they are on. Now it’s needing kids to be friends with, and adults to be friends with too. We will have to see how they do.

Ukupanipo is helping Pixey out with her aspiration, since she needs to play games of chess. We will also need to get her read too, but that might have to wait for just a bit though.

The kids all have dinner together and then work on homework. Pixey, instead of doing homework down here, went upstairs but also did her homework as well.

It’s now Fireworks Day, which includes playing games, so Pixey and Oxkar play some chess, getting Pixey another game under her belt. You can also see grandpa Uku and Zophi swimming around.

Poppers are bought and opened up to mixed success. Everyone was enjoying the day a lot. It was a beautiful day, and games were played, work on the rocket was completed, and additional time was spent together.

Food was grilled, some dancing was had, and everyone enjoyed the holiday a lot. It was a great success and we even got started on reading to Pixey, although we don’t have a full hour in quite yet.

With the rocket built Ukupanipo gets started on updates. He is able to get through two after some time. It’s quite a long process to get through these, but we’ve been taking Uku’s built up PTO.

Monday came and the kids brought home their projects, which the adults pitched in and helped with as well. We wanted to head to the hijinks festival, but the projects were finished first. They enjoyed the festival and learned some new food recipes.

We got a horrible fright when Zophi went to run the dryer and it caught fire. We had been cleaning the lint trap so I’m not completely sure what caused it, but luckily Zophi put herself out as she was the only one awake at the time.

Harvey is the first sim to head down to the beach and do some yoga on the yoga mat we placed down there. I’m happy to see this, and it’s pretty fun to see a sim doing yoga on the beach.

We are going to end this update with Kynzie and Ukupanipo heading over to Kevin’s apartment to flag Kendra who we received noticed had grown into a young adult. It’s weird visiting apartments, we always just seem to be in the hallway.

With that we will end this update, but here is a quick look at some of the cousins that we recently got notices about. The extended family sure is growing.

This is Yuri’s daughter with Hali’a, Yenifer. She is growing up very cute so far. It will be fun to see what is is like as a YA.

This little vampiress is Zorah’s daughter with Vlad. She’s a bit creepy in her vamp form in my opinion, but she’s cute enough. I’m curious what she will look like as she grows up more.

This is Kendra, Kevin’s oldest daughter with his first wife.

Here is Evelyn, which I believed was Kevin’s second daughter (first with his new wife) but she is only Kevin’s adopted daughter, she isn’t a full Latte, but she’s fun anyway.

This little cutie is Kevin’s only son, Vince, with his current wife. They are now both elders and won’t be having any additional children for them, but he’s adorable.

Just for fun, this is Yuri’s adopted daughter, Imani. She is Caleb’s daughter, who you might remember Yuri married last update. That’s all the updates for the cousins though, so we will see you next update.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.07

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Hellooooooo! Welcome back to the Latte’s. Last time we had a new member added to our family, Pixey. We are now out of room in the house again until Ember moves out. So let’s jump in right where we left off last time.

As you may or may not remember, Kynzie had stayed out Winterfest Eve trying to get a fan to want a selfie with her, so she arrives back home on Winterfest and the family, having no real room for a tree at the moment, sings around the present pile.

A very dirty little Oxkar digs into his Winterfest meal in his bed. I’m so ready to be out of this house. I keep with Ember’s help we can get there before Uku and Kynzie are gone.

So I can’t remember for sure why I took this picture. I’m pretty sure it was something Zophi and Zorah were doing. Perhaps she was just visiting for Winterfest, or maybe for the birthday that’s about to happen.

Pixey is a toddler now! Pixey rolled the Angelic trait, just like her brother Zax. I guess the, may your kids be just like you, curse doesn’t exist in Sims. Zophi was a clingy toddler.

Anyway, here is a closer picture of Pixey after a big of a make-over. She is pretty cute, a lot more like her dad than either of her brothers, but I’m interested to see what she looks like as she gets older.

While I was at it, I gave our man Zax a bit of a make-over as well. I think he is going to grow up to be a good looking man. He’s a pretty skinny little boy right now though.

Yuri proves he is still alive, and does, in fact, keep up with his family. Probably his sisters tell him, especially Isla who always was pretty attached to him. I think it’s adorable how this family stays in touch.

Kevin’s daughter, Kendra, came by of her own accord and visited with the family. I’m debating if I allow the Latte’s to populate into the world, or if I will just block them from continuing for too long. There are quite a few of them already, and I don’t want to have long lost cousins as our only choices late in the challenge.

Oh my gosh! I am a terrible watcher! I hadn’t played in long enough I forgot it was almost Harvey’s birthday. He’s an official adult now.

Sorry Harvey! I didn’t mean to forget your birthday.

Harvey: Eh, I don’t feel any older, and that’s the key.

You can also see the dressing like Kynzie has spread to additional members of the family. Her popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

I’m pretty sure it was the tv premier night and the family gathered together to watch some TV. Both of the girls are dressed in outfits that Kynzie also has access too. I did discover the ability to give them more than 1 outfit of each type, which was very exciting, since I didn’t know you could do that!

Kevin is going to have another baby. I just found out Evelyn is technically not his. She was pregnant when they get married with another sim’s baby, but that doesn’t matter to Kevin. He, unlike the girls, started with girls. We are the 1/2 way point in his name, so will it be a boy?

Well, this was a turn I did not expect. It’s not completely out of the blue though. Yuri would marry a vampire. I’m pleasantly surprised it’s Caleb and not what’s his name…..

Yeah, Vladislaus, thank you game…WAIT. WHAT???!!! Zorah! How could you???

This one is unexpected. Why Zorah!? Ok, decision made. Any kids of the lettered kids, will no be able to procreate. I do not need a bunch of little Straud/Latte spawn running around town.

Back at home, Isla came by….dressed like her mom. This is getting ridiculously hard to tell all the daughters apart with this happening. Anyway, she comes by and mops the grass. Thanks Isla.

Pixey and Oxkar play dolls together. Oxkar is getting close to growing up and I do not think he’s going to get all his skills. It’s going to be tough. We’ve been away from the house so much with Kynzie.

Ember is still spending a bunch of time painting. She is up to level 9 already, which is pretty crazy for only being a teen. I have needed her painting for money. Zorah is over again, I hope she isn’t avoiding home, she made her choice.

Zax’s aspiration is actually the social butterfly, but he has been working on a lot of his skills. I am not good at the social butterfly one, but one of these days maybe I’ll make it. A family this big you would think it would be possible to make friends.

While the parents are at work, the grandparents watch the kids. It’s one of the nice things of living in the house with them. Raising kids isn’t easy, as they well know, and so they help out whenever they can.

Harvey is flying through his career, which is wonderful. He also is constantly coming home with something he “nicked” from work. For many days it was dirty dishes. I’m not sure why we would want dirty dishes, but it’s what he brought home.

One of Zophi’s tasks for her aspiration was to read to her children, so she takes time out to read a book. Oxkar got up and wandered away as you can see, but Zax stayed for the whole story. Aspiration milestone complete.

Happy New Year from the entire Latte clan, at least those that live here. It looks like everyone is mostly over their, I want to dress just like mom, phase here.

These two enjoy the early mornings together. Before the toddlers are up and everyone is running around trying to get ready for work and school. They are so close to having the money to move into the beach house.

The siblings all get together to celebrate Isla’s adult birthday. Zophi takes the time to solidify the relationships she has with each of her siblings. The only one that isn’t basically full is Yuri. That seems fitting.

Zophi has to get home though, because Isla wasn’t the only one with a birthday today. Oxkar, as expected, didn’t QUITE get through all his skills, but he only was missing a single Thinking level, so he is still a Happy Toddler.

I love that I caught this look. Oxkar rolls the Insider trait and wants to be a Social Butterfly. Maybe he and Zax and work together to complete these aspirations together. Time will tell. He’s a pretty cute kid in my humble opinion.

The next morning the family sits down for a bit of time together before we have yet another birthday. In a family this size it seems like there is almost always one birthday right after another. It also happen to be Family Reunion day (which I added as a holiday.)

Ember has grown up and that means she is officially a YA and can move out to make room for a new baby. Ember got the Childish trait to go along with Outgoing and Unflirty. She also got Responsible.

The family reunion brought almost everyone together and they had a wonderful meal split into a few different rooms, with some people having to leave for work and others school.

Uncle Nick was even around to help out with a school project for Zax. It’s was a fun holiday for most of the family, although not everyone got in on the action.

Uku managed to max his career, and got the final promotion needed. Also, Ember, right before she left, sold a masterpiece painting she had done. Bringing us that much closer to getting the beach house.

Zophi adds to that fun by getting herself a promotion as well. Last I checked we were about $6,000 away from being able to get it, so we have to be getting close.

Harvey gives the very dirty little Pixey a bath, and you can’t see it from this photo, but they really do look a lot alike. It’s very cute.

I know this update is getting long, but I would like to try and move into the beach house at the end, so if I can’t do it soon I will end, but for now, the boys share a meal together. I have a feeling they will get to be friends soon.

I haven’t tested, but Zohpi running into the bathroom to throw up one morning seems to suggest to me that she is getting ready to welcome another Latte. She will only need one more after this.

Kynzie holds one more Meet and Greet, and still no one asks for a selfie, but Zophi takes a picture with her anyway. However, once everyone left Kynzie just stayed and the guy in the green head scarf asked for one! She then got asked for 2 autographs, but FINALLY. Maybe Kynzie might do it yet!

Once Kynzie comes home we check, and YES. We can afford the beach house I built so long ago. So the family moves in and here will be where we end the update. I’m so excited to get to play them in the new house!

In other news, while I apparently never caught it, Yuri’s baby mama had a little daughter that got named Yenifer Latte. We also got notice that Kevin had his baby.

It was indeed a son, which I find very funny. So if he keeps having kids, the next will be a baby I. I will leave you with a cute pick of little Yenifer, who also grew into a toddler during this play session. She’s adorable.

Thanks for sticking with me through this pretty long update! I hope you enjoyed it and I’m excited to play in the beach house next time.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.06

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Hello and welcome back to the Latte’s house. We have had quite a few eventful updates, and this last one was no exception. We welcomed little Oxkar to the family, Zax grew into a toddler, Ember became a teen and Kynzie became a superstar.

So we are going to start this entry off with a bunch of promotions. First Ukupanipo got an update. He is now at level 9 of the Conservation career. I don’t think he’s going to max it. I’m thinking of letting him retire.

Then Harvey got a promotion. This was the branching career point and Harvey choose to go the Sports Star track instead of body builder. That brought in a nice chunk of cash and I think we are about 20k away from being able to get the beach house and still afford some bills.

Zophi is next to come home with a promotion and she also reached the branching point of her career. She, of course, chooses the Chef route. She did not want to become a mixologist.

So I pretty much just realized I have never actually READ these promotion things where it tells me what I get. I just randomly go into the family inventory and see what all has dropped in. They are kind of interesting, I should start paying attention.

Anyway, we still keep Ember chained to the easel. She is doing really good though, and don’t worry she doesn’t plenty more than just paint. She’s just getting good enough to make good money. She even did a masterpiece already.

Harvey is a good man, and got up before Zophi was able to get woken up by the crying baby to take care of little Oxkar. I’m excited to see who he takes after more.

Kynzie has started a Lifestyle Brand and so we gave her a little bit of a make-over to more befit someone of her status. Ukupanipo got a bit of a makeover as well. We have her do a new meet and greet still desperate to get those selfie requests.

Kynzie hangs out there most of the day, and still no requests for selfies. She did meet her new daughter in law (Kevin’s second wife) though and got to chat with her a bit.

Zax is still working on his skills. It can be so hard to get a toddler skilled up when you don’t spend time playing him. I really hope Kynzie can get these selfies before too much longer.

It seems so fast, but it’s already time for Oxkar to grow into a toddler. Harvey does the honers.

Harvey takes little Oxkar down to the slide and starts helping him get his movement. Zax is going to just miss out on getting all of his skills I think. He has 2 days and about 6 skill levels left.

Seeing Oxkar and Zax playing together with the dollhouse just brought a smile to my face. These two boys are so cute. It’s obvious they are not identical since Zax got his dad’s black hair and Oxkar got his mom’s brown hair.

Speaking of the boys and how similar they are, here is a side by side comparison after a small make-over of little Oxkar. Oxkar, by the way, rolled the Silly trait. I have never played a Silly toddler I don’t think, so that should be fun.

You can see Oxkar got his mom’s longer face. Both boys got the green eyes, and Oxkar also got his mom’s (and grandfathers) more sever eyebrows. I like the way Zophi looks with them though so it will be fun to see how these boys change as they get older.

Zophi takes time one more to let her parents know she is expecting her third child. Luckily we know it can only be a single birth as this house will again be completely full. After this she will need two more, but she will either need to move away from her parents, or one of them will have to pass on to make room for the final baby.

I know I haven’t shown it, but I SWEAR, Ember does more than paint. She was very inspired though and was gaining painting skill like crazy on this day. She really does gain it fast, which I think is partly due to her making the creativity as a child.

A surprise announcement popped up. I had to go look. Yuri still lives alone, so he just knocked her up. I wonder if he will have them move in later, or even have more of a relationship. Of all the kids, I did not expect Yuri to be the one having a baby.

In a desperate chance to try and get Zax the last of the skills he needs Harvey works on flash cards with him. He needs thinking and imagination now, but I just don’t think he’ll make it.

Kynzie is the next person to get a promotion. She is now at level 9 of her job as well and needs a TON of followers to get the next promotion. I’m sure we can do it, but it would be great if we could make headway on her aspiration.

I don’t know why it seems Zophi is always going into labor first thing in the morning, but once again she pops out of bed right as Harvey was getting ready to get up for his morning jog, and says it’s time to head to the hospital.

Zophi gets there and realizes she didn’t eat and is very hungry. Sadly she is going to have to go through labor without anymore to eat, and luckily she will come out feeling much better. The machine does miraculous things.

This time, while the doctor works on helping Zophi deliver the newest baby Harvey actually comes down the hall to freak out a couple of times. So far no father ever comes all the way into the room.

Hmmm, just like her mom, about 1/2 way through her name she gets a girl. Meet Pixey. Not a ton of new letters in that name, but it would give us the X. I couldn’t figure out a good P name that had an x, and I want this to be the generation we get rid of the x.

Back at home Zophi decides to imitate her mom and dresses just like her. I noticed Isla is also doing this now. I’m guessing it’s a part of the celebrity, that people will start to dress like you.

Luckily she realizes it just isn’t here and switches back to her normal clothing. Just in time too because it’s Zax birthday. He is missing 2 skills. One in imagination and one is thinking. That’s ok, he’ll get Happy Toddler at least.

Welcome to childhood little Zax. I do not think I have given him a make-over yet, so I will get a close up of him then.

Kynzie decides one more time to try and head out into the public. She visits two different locations. It is now Winterfest, and while Kynzie has been asked for hugs, no one seems to want a selfie. Is there a trick to this? Do they need something specific? It’s getting a little frustrating that no one will ask, and just offering ones doesn’t meet the requirement.

While out, Kynzie also participating in a karaoke competition that she did not win. I forget Kynzie is NOT a singer. Just listening to her in my headphones was bad enough.

And with that will wrap it up for today. Next time we will see the family celebrate Winterfest, and maybe, just maybe they will finally have the money to move into the elusive beach house. I sure hope so, because it would be great to have them there for the water being so nearby.

But right before we go, we got some grow up notifications for Kevin’s two daughter. Kendra grew up into a teenager and little Evelynn grew into a child.

Kendra has the Ukupanipo eyebrows for sure. She is an interesting looking sim, and Evelynn looks a lot like her mom. I’m interested to see what Yuri’s baby looks like. Maybe next time.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.05

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We are back with the Latte’s today! As just a fun update, we have been nominated for a Golden Plumbob over at If you are a part of that community and have enjoyed this story, please vote.

Kynzie is getting pretty high on the star level. I believe she was at a level 4 at this point and she needs to have fans ask for selfies now. So we had a meet and greet.

Kynzie chats with her fans, but no one asks for a selfie. Apparently this is fairly luck based, and Kynzie has not been lucky so far.

While at the meet and greet we see a notification that Isla is finally moving into the world. Not that she hasn’t been actively around, but hopefully she can do some other things now.

Kynzie can now pull an all-nighter, so we decide to hold another meet and greet at the bar where she first met Uku. Once again, fans milled around, she talked with many of them, but no one asked for a selfie.

It’s such a pretty location though, so it was fun all the same. I do wonder if there is anything I can or should be doing. Does a higher or lower level of relationship cause that to occur more? Just not sure.

On her way home a bunch of fan started following Kynzie. She stopped and got them all cheering. She talked for some of the a bit more, but still no one asked for a selfie.

Kyzie and Uku’s last daughter, Ember, is getting ready to grow up soon and they have some dinner with her only. I’m sure Yuri would be jealous.

I might be crazy, but it was time to add a new member to the Latte family. Zophi only has 1 son, so 4 more pregnancies are needed. Baby I is probably could to be a lot like Ember, in being quite a bit younger.

I was trying to get a cake done for Ember, but she woke up after a good nights of sleep and just grows up by her bed. I’m sorry Ember!

She needed a bit of a makeover so here she is post make-over. She adds the Unflirty trait to add to her Outgoing trait. She has the Successful Lineage aspiration. She also got the Creatively Gifted trait as well. She reminds me a lot of her mom, Kynzie.

Ukupanipo is a good grandpa and tends to baby Zax while everyone else is busy. With all of the adults you would think babies would be well taken care of, but occasionally I have to direct them.

Zophi, I think, made a special pancake breakfast to make up for missing getting Ember a cake. This family is so close it just kills me, I love them!

Even though it has nothing to do with her aspiration I decide the fastest way to get Ember the skill needed to get an A in high school is to start her painting. She got creatively gifted as a child, so why not. Plus, if she can get good enough, fast enough, we can get that beach house!

Kynzie is a superstar now, and we could probably finish her aspiration is ANYONE would ask her for a selfie now and then. I don’t know why no one wants this, maybe because she lives so far? Wouldn’t that be a bigger reason to want to do it??

She got her “star” to put in the ground, so we hold a meet and greet. Everyone almost instantly leaves. Sheesh, maybe this is why, some fans we have.

This one little girl is the only one who comes over to watch Kynzie place her marker on the walkway. I had hoped she would ask for a selfie, but she doesn’t….of course.

It’s Zax birthday, and Zophi does the honors of helping him to grow up. Oh my but is he a cutie. Dad’s hair, the green eyes of his mom. I’m excited to see what is looks like as he continues to grow up!

I put in a holiday called Spooky day, which involves everyone wanting to dress in costume. Oh my gosh this was so much fun! It was just too cute, and I got to use the Halloween decorations for once.

Oh, here is Zax after a bit of a makeover. We really just changed his hair and a couple of his outfits around a little. I also didn’t mention before, he is an Angelic child. So we’ll see how he does.

The family all needs some fun, so I decide to have Kynzie get as much of the family together as possible. They head down to the beach so everyone can play in the water and chat.

Oh right, it was also HarvestFest this day, so perhaps this might become a bit of a tradition. Back at home a grand fest is thrown together for the family to enjoy.

Early the next morning Zophi wakes up with a familiar pang. She is in labor. Harvey is up and headed to the hospital with her, luckily not in his mascot uniform this time!

It’s so early there is no one to even check-in with, and Zophi heads straight back to the delivery room.

Zophi: It’s only going to be one baby right?

I sure hope so, but we’ll just have to see.

Zophi: This doctor isn’t pulling out my heart or anything right?

Nope, he seems pretty competent, I think you’ll be fine.

Wouldn’t you know it, it’s another boy. This family seems to have boys early. I wonder if she will start having girls like Kynzie did half-way through her name. Meet Oxkar.

Back at home life continues to on. Little Zax needs a bath, but he’s working hard on his skills. With Kynzie needing to be done so much it’s not always easy to get Zax what he needs.

I think that gives us a good place to end this update. Next time we will see like Oxkar grow up to a toddler and will be close to having Zax grow into a child. Also, we will see if Kynzie can get anyway with her aspiration.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.04

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We have another fun update for the Latte’s today. So let’s get into what is going on with the family. To start, Zophi got home the day of her sister and mom’s birthday’s to a promotion!

As everyone was starting to get ready for bed Isla made an appearance and Ember went and let her in. It’s funny, only a few people use the front door, almost everyone comes to the side entrance. They share a secret handshake, which I had never seen before. SO CUTE!

Ember is super tired though, so Isla tucks her into bed. I love this sisterly love. All the sisters are super sweet with each other, I love it.

Speaking of which, the next day Isla calls up Zophi and asks her to head to a lounge with her. Zophi says yes, and get a chance to practice her drink mixing, which will help with another promotion.

After Zophi returns from her outing with Isla, Zorah calls her their mom to see if she wants to visit her new apartment. Of course she does!

Once Kynzie gets home it’s time from Ember to start on her school project and Kynzie sits down to help her with it. Kynzie has always been a good mom.

Nick came by for another visit and hung around for a bit, but most of the family was otherwise engaged in things.

Zophi and Harvey decide it’s time to start on the next generation. She might only need 5 kids vs the 6 her mom needed, but multiples could still throw that off.

It was a success. A new little Latte is on his or her way. This will be a new baby Z.

This was Harvey’s face when Zophi told him the new that he was going to be a dad. I love this family.

The family heads over to Kevin’s for a visit, but they all just stand around in the hallway for a bit and then leave. Go figured.

I did Zophi, Zorah and Nick talking down by some signs at one point, but they dispersed pretty quickly.

Harvey is starting to make his way up the corporate ladder. A bunch more of those Harvey and you might reach your aspiration and get us into that beach house. The family at least now, consistently, has the money to pay their bills and not go broke.

Kynzie is needing people to ask her for a selfie, so when Zophi asks her to go to some event at a bar, she takes the chance. The paparazzi are there of course and Kynzie “deals” with them.

Then Kynzie tries to go in and enjoy her time with her daughter. I remember why they are here, it was alien night, and so Kynzie meets some aliens.

After Zorah leaves for the night Kynzie spends some time talking with some fans, and she even gets asked for another autograph. Still no selfies though.

Zorah stops by the next day and we have to wonder if living in that big apartment is actually a good idea for her. Digging through the trash of all things.

She doesn’t get caught by Zophi when she heads outside, but Zorah gets a shock. Apparently Kynzie didn’t tell her about the pregnancy. Either that, or she’s just surprised how big Zophi already is!

So Kynzie got the leaked phone fame quirk….lucky her. One of the messages that came in was from Lilith…….let’s avoid her from now on.

Ember meets a friend and he comes home with her afterwards. They play dolls for a bit, but he is very sad. Maybe it’s because his name is Baby Goth…..yes, really, that is his actual name.

After playing with him, Ember heads upstairs to finish up the final picture she needs to do for her aspiration. So close, just needs to finish the last little bit now. Baby follows her and they “talk” like this…..through the wall.

No matter that any of them moved out. There is almost no day that goes by without at least one of the kids stopping by, this day it’s Isla, who helps herself to the computer and some food.

Kynzie decides to make an outing with the family happen and maybe get asked for selfie, so down to the beach they go. The family had a good time, but no such luck with Kynzie and her aspiration.

While there, however, a death happened, and death seems to have a bit of a thing for Yuri. Somehow that makes sense to me. Maybe Yuri really will take over the world someday.

Harvey got another promotion. He’s working his way up and up. Keep going Harvey!

Hey look guys, all the people who still live in this house in one picture. It’s a lot less rare now that they only have 5 people living her, soon be 6, but still.

We get the notice that it’s the time we’ve been waiting for. A quick look at Zophi shows she is very ready!

Harvey was on his way to work when the notice came in and we send them to the hospital. Harvey is still in his mascot outfit.

Zophi goes to check in and Harvey finds it important to wash his hands. Then he goes to watch TV. This hospital seems to be connected with the same one the Otts family visits that is fully run by ghosts.

Finally getting checked in Zophi heads back to have the baby. We have a new little baby boy. He has the name Zax Latte. Welcome baby Zax!

With that, it feels like a good place to end. This update is starting to feel a little long, but I wanted to get to the birth. In other news Kevin’s first wife Lana passed away (although I didn’t see a notice of it) and he got remarried!

His daughter Kendra also grew up…..she got blonde hair. This is the same little black haired girl from before… we edited her back to black hair. It’s sort of strange.

Not sure why she turned blonde, but we’ll see if it stays black now. I will also go get a good picture of Rebeca Temple the next update as well. Thanks for visiting!

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Latte Game – Generation 2.03

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Welcome back to the Latte’s! We had so much going on last round, birthdays, wedding, Love Day, fame, it was action packed. So let’s get going and see what is happening now.

After tying the knot I realized I never received the notification of have Harvey move in with the family. So we had Zophi invite him to cuddle next to the bonfire and invited him to move in.

They are adorable. This is Harvey Flanagan. He is a goofball, kelpto, self-absorbed sim who is going into the Athletic career and wants to be Fabulously Wealthy. Yes Harvey, let’s get this family enough money to buy that beach house!

Kynzie has been lagging behind in her career and aspiration while dealing with her many children, but now that they are all mostly grown she has been able to focus much more. She reaches a milestone when reaching a few fame level.

Ukupanipo: He’s talking about himself again.

Yes, he will do that a lot. He’s self-absorbed.

Ukupanipo: Well Zophi doesn’t seem to mind.

We get a notice that Zorah is moving into one of the neighborhoods. That just leaves Isla not in yet. It appears most of the kids have moved into San Myshuno into apartments. Nick is the only one living elsewhere.

Zophi and Harvey are ready for some fun, but not quite for a baby yet. I want to get Isla out of the house first before we bring in additional babies.

Since he is in the Athletic career it becomes tradition for Harvey to wake up and go for an early morning jog. He has a beautiful place to jog around.

Isla and Harvey sit down and talk about the latest episode of whatever it is they were watching. Isla is pretty close with most of her family so it makes sense she would want to get to know Harvey.

Ember is still trying to finish up her childhood aspiration. It shouldn’t be hard for her to complete, but getting the time at home and to direct her to do it hasn’t always been easy.

Harvey is our first sim to autonomously make some tea!! Kynzie got this as a Christmas gift and I forgot to put it out for a while, but no one has autonomously used it before now.

I see notification for Kynzie and Ukupanipo from most of their kids all the time. Yuri is about the only one that doesn’t call or text. This makes sense with as much resentment as he seems to hold towards them. He still sends gifts though….so it’s not all bad. This time Nick wondered if his parents wanted to stop by and visit. They, of course, were happy to go see their youngest son.

Ukupanipo: He’s talking to his food now.

I think he’s just smelling it and mumbling about how good it smells.

Uku: No, he was talking to it a minute ago. I don’t know about this guy.

Don’t worry Uku. I’ll keep an eye on them. I can control him if I need to.

Uku: Ok, but I still don’t know.

Zophi was invited by Zorah to have a karaoke night and so she invited Harvey to come join her. They were both so tired, but made a night of it and ended up having a lot of fun.

Ukupanipo needed some charisma for his next promotion so to the mirror we go.

Uku: See this is how one talks to oneself.

Then the day came. It was finally time for Isla to grow up and start to find her place in the world. After a hug from her mom, she went and blew out her candles.

Isla added “Bro” to her Cat Lover and Bookworm traits. She also gained Responsible and Good Manners in character traits as well. She did get an A in high school and is on her way to being a success in life. I hope she has kids! Good bye Isla, I’m sure you will visit!

Not to be outdone, there is one more birthday happening today. Kynzie is officially an adult. I thought she was adult before, but apparently when I gave her the youth potion she was a YA and it wasn’t really needed, but oh well.

The presents were notified and the kids started streaming to the house. It was sort of funny. First Zorah showed up and then a little while later Nick arrived as well.

So the family sat down and enjoyed each others company. Zophi was sadly at work during the impromptu party, but the rest of the family had fun.

Ember was also very happy to see her older brother. She never had much time to spend with Yuri or Kevin, but Nick was there for much of her toddler years.

With that I think we will call this update complete. The family is doing well and now that Isla has moved out of the house it’s time to work on the newest generation of kids for Zophi and Harvey.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.02

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Hello again! Welcome back to the insanity that is the Latte house. Although it has become a lot less insane with all but 3 of the kids moved out. Last time Zophi found her match, but we have yet to get him in the house yet. So let’s see how things start.

So first, Kynzie needed to go to a hot spot I think, or she needed to travel somewhere for work, I cannot remember exactly why she was here anymore, but her fame is starting to grow.

Kynzie: They actually want my autograph.

Yes, we almost have you up to 3-stars. We might reach your aspiration yet.

Kynzie: Oh that would be wonderful!

Alexander Goth is apparently a HUGE fan of Kynzie’s. She is a social media person, so I guess it would make sense that a younger sim would be interested.

Kynzie: Did he faint?

Yep. Got so excited to see you in person apparently

Kynzie: This is why people become recluses isn’t it?

One of the reasons I’m sure. I built you a beautiful beach house on a private island to eventually buy, but you need more money first.

Kynzie: *sigh* oh a nice beach house, I always though being a star brought money.

I think it does, just 7 kids take up more.

After heading home Kynzie get’s a phone call from Kevin. He is apparently hosting a charity event and would like Kynzie to attend. It’s Kevin, so of course we oblige.

It’s quite a high falutin time. Lots of fancy dressed people. Uku feels a little under dressed and mostly just enjoys the art.

It doesn’t seem fair, since, this also happens to be Ukupanipo’s birthday. It’s hard to believe he’s going to be an elder. It’s about here that I realize he’s a full life stage ahead of Kynzie. With the age potions we apparently put Kynzie back at the beginning of young adult, so she is about to be an adult, while Uku was an adult when he set his age bar back.

Back at home Uku bakes his own cake (only he knows how he REALLY wants his cake). While Zophi tries to help Isla out with homework.

Then, with his girls around Ukupanipo becomes an elder. He has lived a good life, and is almost leveled up in his career. He just needs to spend some time focusing on logic.

As soon as his blows out his candles, notices saying the kids who have left have sent him a gift, but not from Kevin. Instead Kevin sends his gift through his daughter. I thought this was ADORABLE!

Homework waits for no sims, but the girls sit at the table and talk with each other and their dad on his birthday. Uku is probably thinking it’s amazing he survived all those kids, especially these girls.

The next day is Love Day and after Ember and Isla head for school Kynzie and Uku decide to sneak down to the beach for a romantic date. Zophi was busy sleeping in.

Kynzie: When did we get old?

You are still technically young, but I think the kids might have aged Uku faster.

Kynzie: He’s still handsome as ever!

The love is still very much alive with these two. They are so cute!

After their date was done I switch control back to Zophi, who is ready to face Love Day and anything I can throw at her. So what I have her do is ask Harvey on a date to the local bar.

His outfit cracks me up. You are on a beach, and wear that? Whatever floats your boat. He’ll get a make-over once he’s a part of the family. The date progresses wonderfully.

Zophi has to psych herself up for my next ask.

Zophi: Are you SURE?? Are we ready?

You are Zophi, I believe in you.

Zophi: Ok *big breath out* Harvey?

Harvey: Ohh…..

*holds my breath*

Whew, he said yes!

Zophi: What do you mean “whew”? I thought you said we were ready!!!!??

And clearly I was right. *guilty smile*

Now it’s time for a wedding. Uku and Kynzie were still at the beach, so siblings are all invited to join them.

Being mermaids most of them run to the ocean. None of them live in Sulani for some reason, they moved to land locked areas, as merpeople! Oh well, Kynzie and Uku head over to talk with some of the kids as well, and Isla decides to sunbathe instead of watching the wedding.

That’s ok though, because they don’t need anyone but each other. It’s a beautiful spot for a wedding.

I spy a little party crasher to the side, and had to go check. Yep, even though she wasn’t officially invited, Kendra apparently found her daddy here.

After the ceremony, it’s time for family fun in the ocean. Welcome Harvey, not sure you expected everyone to be merpeople, but I promise you will fit right in!

I believe that will be the wrap of this update as well. Next time Zophi and Harvey are going to get started on the newest Z baby. I’m excited to see what their kids look like. I know this is a slightly shorter update, but it felt like a good place to end.

I had mentioned the beach house I built for the family, if they can ever afford it. I put it up in the gallery, along with all the spare kids. You can find it all under the hashtag #ciyrosesims. Here are some pictures of the house, hopefully we will get to move there soon.

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Latte Game – Generation 2.01

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Welcome back! I hope you are ready for more Latte’s. Last time we have our heir, Zophi grow up into a YA and it is now time for her to take over the “growing” of the family in alphabet letters.

So, the first thing we need to do is find a good spouse for Zophi. We want someone who will bring in some interesting genetics, so Zophi heads out to a community lot.

While she hangs out to see if any young adult males walk by or come in, I’m scouring the streets, we see a very familiar face to the simming world. It’s sort of funny to me to she her pregnant.

There are a ton of YA females running around this place, but no men. Finally we spot a guy who might work and have Zophi run out to talk with him. Turns out, he’s married.

Time to try a new spot. Similar circumstance here too. Lots of female YA’s, not really any males. Has the game forgotten to create any? I do see one male, but he is very boring, and while I might have to become less picky, I want some genetic differences here.

It’s getting late enough we will try one more spot. A bar over in, I cannot remember. A couple of young adult males show up, but they are her brothers. First Nick and then Yuri were there.

Right before we think this might be all a bust we see this man a little further down the road walking up to the bar. He has an interesting face, might be a vampire, I cannot tell. Certainly would be different though. Zophi goes and talks for a bit, but then he just leaves before she can learn much about him.

We send Zophi home, hoping for better luck the next time she heads out. For now we will focus on the other members of the family. Ukupanipo is working on his handiness for his aspiration. We are down to needing a rocket ship now, but they have no room to have one of those, nor do they have the money for one.

Kyznie, on the other hand is starting to do really well. She is gaining followers left and right and is her way to being a 3 star celebrity. I would love to get her video equipment, but again, money and space are a bit issue. I keep hoping I’ll be able to get them a new house someday.

The next level of Kynzie aspiration is to hold a meet and greet and we think, why not?! Maybe some young adult males will show up and we can get Zophi a date. So one is planned and the family gets to come.

The event was a great success, Kynize signed autographs, got to sit down and talk with friends and family, and the family got to catch up with members who have moved out recently. It was a gold event in no time.

No young adult males were there, but there was an adult male, Zophi and he hit it off great. I was thinking, ok, we might have found the guy, but then….turns out he’s married.

Isla is still around, even though she hasn’t shown up much in this round. She is still working on her acting skills, trying to get some of the aspiration milestones under her belt early, and doing her homework. She now has an A in high school.

I finally go through all the gifts and things that were given to the family over the last holidays and birthdays and decide to try out Kynzie’s tea brewer. It’s kind of fun, but I don’t really know much about it yet.

Zorah comes by to visit the family and Zophi and her catch up on her hunt for a husband.

Zorah: Well have you gone to bars? I hear they are good places to meet people

Zophi: Yes, multiple bars actually. *turns towards me* I mean, we have a watcher remember?

Down the road I spy a young adult male at the food stand. Who would have thought one might walk right onto our road? So I send Zophi down.

Sorry Zorah! Zophi’s on a mission!

Sigh, another married man. I’m wondering if all the YA’s are just already paired up. Since she’s right next to the local bar, I go ahead and send her over. Wouldn’t you know, a young adult, male, bar tender.

Could it be? Wouldn’t it be sweet if in the same bar where Ukupanipo started out as a bar tender before we met Kynzie, that Zophi would find Mr Right? She starts to get to know him, Evil….hmmm….well not the end of the world. Further conversation in though, and Mean…..*sigh* If we have to, we’ll go with him, but I keep hoping to find someone nicer.

Apparently I managed to get no pictures of this, but Kynzie needed to go to a hot spot, so she took Zophi with her. While there a paparazzi started down the walkway. He was young adult, male, interesting look. Zophi ran out to great him. They talked, chatted, he was single, a goofball, and self-absorbed. Not the worst combo. Then he had to go, but they were already friends. So it was decided they would have a date.

The couple heads to a little cafe for their date. While the date was going great, this guy wouldn’t leave.

Zophi: *in her head to me* Can you not make this guy leave?

Sorry, I don’t have control over him.

Zophi: It has been very nice talking with you, but I’m going to focus on my date now.

Unknown guy: Oh yeah, sure, go ahead. I was just leaving anyway

The date continued to progress and it seemed like they were hitting it off really well. We learned he is also a Kleptomaniac, which will add a different element.

Zophi: Are you sure?

Yes, he’s ready, you are ready, go for it?

Zophi: So this is for real?

Go for it Zoph!

Their romantic relationship isn’t building up super fast, but they are becoming good friends and headed into Lovebird status. Yes, we found our match!

Right after that first kiss was done, Harvey (that’s his name) did this autonomously. So cute!

The date ends and it was super successful. We will be heading back out on another date soon, but for now it’s time for Zophi to head home. It’s back home where I see this sweet sight. Kynzie loves her girls.

Ember is working on getting her A in elementary school. I haven’t spent any time focusing on her aspiration. She has sadly become a bit of the forgotten child.

Zophi takes some time, now that she has a guy in mind, studying mixology to get a good start on her job the next day. I’m ready to get her another date, but I also need to focus on some of the other members for a bit.

With that we are going to call it the end of this update. Zophi has at least found someone to date and hopefully in the next update we can get them further into their relationship. I’m going to need to redo the house, or move the family here very soon, however, if we are going to have space for the next generation.

Generation 1.15 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.02

Latte Game – Generation 1.15

Generation 1.14 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.01

Welcome back to the Latte’s house and to the Name Game we have going on here. So far we have grown up the 3 oldest children (all boys) and that means we have crossed off K, Y, and N. This will be the last post of Kynzie being the main focus, as we start the switch over to the new heir, Zophi.

Kynzie: Zophi isn’t leaving through

No, you are right, she isn’t. So you’ll still be featured. Maybe just some more time to work on your job/aspiration

Kynzie: Oh, that would be nice, I want to do better.

Yes, I know, the kids took up your time a lot.

Kynzie: But I am NOT having more kids!

I know, you are done, it’s fine!

So as a quick little announcement. I was fighting with my notifications so I didn’t get this notice, but Kevin got married to a lady name Lana. She looks very sweet.

As we start with the family this time, it’s time for another child to grow up and move out on their own. Nick’s turn to come to the cake.

Kynzie: All my babies are growing up and leaving.

Nick: Oh mom, I’ll come visit all the time.

See ya Nick. I wish you well and do let us know if you do something like, get married, I think I have notifications right.

Nick: I’m heading over to be near the college I think.

With Nick gone the house is going to get a lot quieter, and in fact, both Uku and Kynize are able to sit down with Ember for some food. I have not focused on Ember, and I don’t think she’s going to make Top-Notch toddler. The first of all the kids.

I can, at least, get her to Happy Toddler, and get her started playing with blocks. She only has a 2 in most of her skills and has like 3 days to go, but we’ll see.

Isla is determined to get an A in high school and does her homework in her brother’s old room. It’s where Ember is currently sleeping as well. This family really needs a bigger house.

Yuri stops by for a visit and starts off playing some chess with his dad. Uku needs logic skills for promotions now.

It is now New Years, and Nick has apparently moved into a new house and would like Isla to visit. She brings Zophi and Zorah with her to go hang out for a bit.

Nick: Welcome to my new house. It’s small, but it’s just me right now. It’s fun to be close to the college.

Isla: Yeah, this is great, but can we go in, it’s cold out here. How are you not freezing?

She is right Nick. You grew up in the tropics, how are you standing around in no coat?

Nick: Hmmm….I’m not sure, but I’m not cold, so…. *shrugs*

After the girls got home they all stayed up with their mom to watch the countdown to new years. They celebrated and went to bed. The house is almost all girls now, Ukupanipo being the only male left.

Ember needs imagination, it’s her lowest skill at this point. So out to the dollhouse she goes, and Isla is there to play with her. She is a good older sister.

However, it is time for birthday’s again. I can’t believe we are basically at Zophi taking over this challenge. First up, however, Zorah takes her shot at the cake.

Zorah: Whooo, I’m an adult! I’m a mermaid!

You’ve been a mermaid for “years” now.

Zorah: Happy Birthday to me!

Oook, well, anyway, then it was time for Zophi to grow up too.

Happy brithday Zophi, our new heir!

I forgot to write down what Zorah got for character traits, I’m pretty sure she got Responsible, but I’m not completely sure. Still, she did get the Kleptomaniac trait. She could be an interesting sim later. Before she leaves the family hangs out for a bit longer.

I was upstairs checking on Ember when I heard raised voices from downstairs.

Yuri: …..and we basically RAISED OURSELVES!!!

Yuri! You shouldn’t be yelling at your mom, she did the best she could!

Kynzie: No, it’s ok. I understand. We weren’t there for you as much as we wanted to be, your father and I. But, Yuri, we always loved all of you guys. We only wanted the best for you

Yuri: But we were alone all the time, and I didn’t have a bath almost my entire childhood.

Kynzie: Yes, I know, we were overwhelmed. I am sorry we didn’t spend as much time with you as we wanted.

Yuri: *sigh* I know you loved us mom, I just……

Kynzie: I do love, your dad loves you, your sister Isla idolized you. I hope you will keep visiting!

Luckily for her, Zorah was on her way to her new home before all of this started to take place. Maybe Yuri will feel better after getting that all off his chest.

Yuri must have felt a little bad because she stayed well after everyone went to bed, and spent time cleaning up the house.

Thank you Yuri, your mom will really appreciate it.

Yuri: Don’t tell her it was me, ok?

If you want.

Now, I had gotten the notice that Ember was ready to grow up, but she needed one final imagination skill. So I had her and her mom work on it over and over again the next morning. Yuri had even stayed to see his baby sister grow up.

Sadly, about 1/2 way to that final skill point, Ember was ready to grow up, and so right there in front of the dollhouse, she spun. Happy Toddler is all she will get.

With that I am going to end this update here. We have, at this point, crossed off 4 letters, K, Y, N, and Z. Zophi is going to start looking for a husband next update. With this being the end of the generation I’m going to look at the points so far.

But right before I do the score, some news has happened. Kevin and Lana had a baby girl. Her name is Kendra and she grew up into a toddler during this play. I thought I’d show you a picture of her. So far none of the other kids are in a relationship that I have seen.

Now onto a score:

Points for letters: 5 (K) + 4 (Y) + 1 (N) + 20 (Z’s) = 30 Points
Top of the Career: 0 Points
A Lifetime of Aspiring: 5 (Beach Life: Ukupanipo) = 5 Points
Skilled Sims: 10 (Ukupanipo: Cooking, Fitness) + 5 (Kynzie: Parenting) = 15 Points
Collections: 0 Points
Paintings: 0 Points
Helicopter Parent: 34 (Toddler Skills Maxed) + 1 (Watcher made it through) + 3 (Child Aspirations Met (Kevin, Yuri, Nick)) + 5 (A’s: Kevin, Yuri, Nick, Zorah, Isla) = 43 Points
Let the Public Decide: 5 Points

Total: 98 Points (so far)

So that is is for now. Points are going well, and in this next update Zophi will be trying to start getting us some additional points. Isla and Ember will also be growing up again soon which will mark off a couple of additional letters, and hopefully Ukupanipo and Kynzie can get some work done towards their aspirations and jobs.

Generation 1.14 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.01

Latte Game – Generation 1.14

Generation 1.13 | Rules | Generation 1.15

Hi all, and welcome back to the Latte’s and the Name Game we are doing here. This family has been crazy, and the last time you got an heir poll to see who would end up being the next name we used. The results are in and who is next on our list?

Baby K?

Baby Y?

Baby N?

Baby Z-1?

Baby Z-2?

Baby I?

Baby E?




Zophie! You are our next heir!

Zophie: Huh? What’s going on?

I said you are our next heir for the Name Game.

Zophie: Oh, cool.

So the point break down made it pretty clear Zophie was the favorite by a long shot, but here is the breakdown of the votes:

Zophie: 6 votes
Zorah: 2 votes
Kevin: 1 vote
Yuri: 1 vote
Isla: 1 vote
Nick: 0 votes
Ember: 0 votes

I’m excited for Zophie to be the hair as her looks are very striking and I’m excited to see what he kids look like and see what names I can come up with. Now that the heir poll is complete, Yuri heads off to live his own life. Both Yuri and Kevin have been uploaded to the gallery and you can find them searching #ciyrosesims.

The family with miss Yuri and his painting skill, but it’s time for him to be on his own. We came back to the house and found a fun little glitch. Ukupanipo is standing on the table and couldn’t get down.

Zorah was doing a workout with the TV.

Zophi was upstairs with little Ember. She has started watching and trying to get started on her thinking skills. She just became a toddler and has plenty of time.

Zophi, of her own accord, took Ember into their parents room and started reading her a story. She is going to be a good mom, I’m glad she won the poll.

Kynzie is still trying to build up her followers, so when she hears the flea market is in town she invites many of the kids, include Yuri and Kevin to meet her there, and that way she can shout out to the location.

Isla got to come along and seems super happy to see her oldest two brothers again. She has always been pretty close with her brothers. I was rooting a little for Isla, she’s just adorable.

Back at home, the oldest three kids still left in the house have a meal together. This family has had their ups and downs, and while they are still struggling with money things are generally looking up.

Kynzie is still around, of course, and gets started with potty training Ember. I haven’t worked her probably as hard as the other kids, so we will see how she does from here.

Isla is our little social butterfly. She is always wanting to chat with people, and takes to chatting on the computer when Kynzie doesn’t need it for work.

I should have had Isla join the drama club like her sisters, but oh well. Zorah and Zophi haven’t really dedicated themselves, but I have Zorah work her lines a bit.

Ukupanipo is a good day, and this entry we have pictures to prove it. Here he is reading Ember to sleep. He does love his youngest and has probably been able to spend more time with her than most of the other kids. At least individually.

We received our notice that it was Isla’s birthday. She had reached an A in school a while ago and is ready to grow up, so a cake was baked and Isla came to blow out the candles.

As you can see, even Kevin came by, which made Isla very happy. Here is a look of her after her make-over. She got the cat lover trait and got the Master Actress aspiration.

She gets started on learning some acting skills early. It was about here that I realized my slip in not having her in drama club, but it’s ok. She can learn it on her own.

The kids came home with their school projects and some of them get started on them that evening,m and others get them done the next day. Zorah started hers a little early.

A bit of a collage of Kynzie being a good mom, helping with skills or projects and trying to spend time with her kids.

Almost all of the members of the family sit down for a meal together for the first time in a while. It is almost winterfest and the family is looking forward to celebrating.

Happy Winterfest from the Latte’s! It’s present time!

A grand meal is created and enjoyed by everyone in the family. This is actually one of the few pictures of all of the family together.

Ember finally tracks down Santa to ask for a gift, which he gladly gives her. She is a cutie pie, and I’m interested to see what she looks like as a child.

Zophie, in a rage, and during a mood swing I believe, decides to destroy the dollhouse. She will have to fix that soon since Ember still needs that to learn her skills.

I know this is a bit of a shorter update, but I’m going to call it good there, for now, and we will say goodbye to the Latte’s. The next update will likely be the last for Kynzie’s generation as Zophi will likely be a young adult and ready to take on the next set of letters.

Generation 1.13 | Rules | Generation 1.15

Latte Game – Generation 1.13

Generation 1.12 | Rules | Heir Poll | Generation 1.14

So very exciting news for this update. You will have an heir poll by the end. WOOHOO!!! That means we will actually get to mark off some letters for our name game!

So as we remember, or maybe you don’t, but this house is full, poor, and a little crazy. The kids are all super fun though and I’m excited to jump in and see how they are all doing. Hopefully they will start getting some money saved up so we can move into a larger house, or at the very least one with more bathrooms.

Zorah: …and you just have to picture a big forest stretching out behind us.

Oh hi Zorah, didn’t mean to interrupt. Talking about your drama club sets?

Zorah: Yes, how come you never come watch?

Oh, um….well, as a watcher I can’t actually watch EVERYTHING.

Zorah: You would think a watcher could watch what they want.

I mean, sure, but I don’t actually make the rules.

Zophi reaches the next level of her aspiration. It’s not going to happen. I’m not good at social things yet, but Zophi is best friends with her mom at least.

This poor family has been so broke for so long. Neither Kynzie or Ukupanipo has been able to get very far in their careers and the kids need so many things, bills are always a struggle to pay, so we get Yuri (who is going to want to be a painter extraordinaire) to start painting.

This family gathers at random times and only in small groups. Granted, there is never enough room at the table for everyone to eat together or anything like that. It is nearly Kevin’s birthday however.

Isla is still working diligently on her aspiration. I think she can reach it. I find the creative one the easiest one to reach, mental probably next, with motor after it, but I haven’t done the motor one much. Social has to be the hardest.

Yuri, dear?

Yuri: Yes?

What are you attempting to do?

Yuri: Wash these dishes of course? Didn’t you just see me scrap them off into the trash

Yes, I did, but I think you might have just dumped the entire dishes into….you know what, continue on.

Isla adores her older brothers. She is going to be sad as they start leaving the house. She spends time chatting with Kevin and Nick as Yuri “washes” up.

I have no idea what….Zophi, said that made Yuri just about use it, but they appear to be teasing their mom. She is trying to livestream….maybe she’s doing poorly and let off some choice words.

The siblings have move from the strange dark corner to sit on the couches. This feels like a much better option. I did have to change the stairs because people kept getting stuck behind them somehow. Zophi has now joined them…so that must have been Zorah above.

These guys are starting to get closer and closer as a family. More and more conversations just start to happen and their social and fun meters are doing much better regularly. Now if I could only keep them hydrated easier. We need to be closer to the ocean, but that takes money.

Ukupanipo, even though we haven’t seen much of him, is still here and even maxing out some skills. This is great as he is gaining us some extra points! I will add them all up at the end of this generation.

Then, a day we have been waiting for is here. It’s Kevin’s birthday and his age bar is bubbling, so we have Uku mix up a cake and some of the family gathers around to celebrate!

He doesn’t really look any different as a young adult of course, but he get his final trait, which I believe was Ambitious. He will be moving out to a place on his own but remain “playable” until the heir poll is done, and then will move into unplayable if he isn’t chosen.

It was then I happened to notice Zophi and Zorah’s lifelines were bubbling. It was apparently a night for birthdays. Neither of this girls reach their childhood aspirations, had the house been less crazy we might have made it, but they grow up anyway. First Zorah blows out the candles…

….and then Zophi managed to make it back from the ocean swim in time to blow out hers as well.

The twins grew up into teenagers and got their next traits. Zorah added Unflirty to her current Slob trait, and Zophi is now also Hot-Headed. These two should be ball of fun.

Both needed and got make-overs, although I left Zophi’s hair alone. It felt like it suited her well. You will see their makeovers in the heir poll.

A good-bye dinner for Kevin is had….

Guys, he might be back and it’s not like he’s gone forever!

Family: We know, but we’ll miss you Kevin!!!

Zophi: Well you know what you moving out means right Kevin?

Kevin: Do I want to know?

Zophi: Mom and dad are going to go for that last kid!

Ukupanipo: *just stares into space*

Kevin needs money to move out, so….

Yuri, you need to get to painting some more.

Yuri: Yeah yeah, and you call me evil.

Yuri: Here, have something pink!

I don’t care, it sells.

Oh my gosh, look guys. It’s a VERY rare site. All the siblings (besides Kevin) are in the same room! Kynzie is even here, the only one still living here who is missing is Ukupanipo.

Kynzie gets invited to the Geek Festival, and so in order to get some more fame and followers she goes ahead and goes. She isn’t feeling great, but it’s worth it for the fame points.

One of the boys, I want to say Nick but I could be wrong, starts a fire on the grill. It has to be replaced, which brings us back to about $50 in the bank after it was replaced.

Yuri!!! We need more paintings to sell!!

Yuri: Leave me alone!!!!

No, you want to be a painter, it’s great practice and your family needs money!

Yuri: If I paint some more, will you leave me alone???!!!

I might.

The boys are getting closer and closer to being YA’s and either being forced to move out like Kevin, or become the next heir. Kynzie and Ukupanipo discuss the “journey” they might be on.

We then get exciting news. It took a couple of tries but baby E is on the way!!!

Kynzie: This is the last one right??!!!

Yes Kynzie, this will be your last baby.

Kynzie: Oh thank the watch it’s almost over. I don’t want diapers and questions again, but so be it.

Think of it this way, you will only have 1, and like 6 other people capable of helping this time!

I believe this is Zohpi, who is sent to sleep in the ocean one rough night. Her tail is beautiful.

While she is sleep hydrating the rest of the older kids are playing some cards. Isla joins them later, but is trying to get through the last of her drawings.

The next day is HarvestFest!

Hey everyone it’s HarvestFest!!!

Family: Doesn’t that mean we get to sleep in??!!!

Oh, right, sorry guys.

Gnomes are all appeased quicky, and then Ukupanipo cooks up a wonderful feast! You can also see that Isla is going through a bear phase.

Nick and Zophi sit and work on their homework together. Nick is at the level he should get an A quickly, but so far he has not.

Meanwhile, Yuri is being a good boy and doing some more painting which Zorah talks with him.

Zorah: But wouldn’t it look better if you did that line over there?

Yuri: Do you want to be a painter?

Zorah: *scoffs* no, but Isla does, and I bet she would say the same thing!

Ok you two, knock it off. You usually get along….we don’t need to start bickering!

Isla is down to just needing to play the violin for a bit longer and she will have reached her aspiration! Go Isla!

Ukupanipo had finished his first aspiration of beach life a little bit ago and has been working on Nerd Brain ever since. He finally got through reading books, and there is always something to repair, so all that was left was to work on the wordworking station. Luckily both Kynzie and Ukupanipo had gotten a promotion so there was some money in again.

Yuri: What???!!! What have I been doing all this painting for then?

We still need money Yuri, plus, you are getting a head start on your aspiration. You shouldn’t have any problems finishing it up.

Yuri: *grumble grumble*

Many, he has been in a bad mood lately.

Kynzie: Oh my gosh, it’s happening!!!!!!

Kynzie: Why, why did I sign up for this????!!!!

Just remember it’s the last one!

And we have another girl! So for the family who started out with only boys we ended up with 4 girls by the end. Welcome the E baby, baby Ember Latte. (I know, there are 2 e’s, but I liked the name)

In a family this size there is almost always some birthday, and while I know this is getting long I just want to get Ember grown into a toddler. But, that isn’t who we are celebrating this time.

Yuri is now a YA. That means we can mark of K and Y from our letters. Yuri always looks so surprised to be growing up, I love it. He adds Kleptomaniac as his last trait…of course he does. He did, however, get the Responsible trait as well.

Not a whole lot happened over the next day or so, but Kynzie is now a level 10 parent and able to efficiently take care of a baby again. Then I saw it was time. We could age up baby Ember.

Squeee!!! She’s another cutie and probably looks more like her mom than the rest of them! With her aged up, she becomes Independent and I used a randomizer to get the rest of her traits so we can do the heir poll!!!

So, this generation it isn’t going to make much of a difference who we choose, since most of the letters will be new anyway. My favorite option is Isla, not only do I get a few new letters, but she has a fairly easy aspiration to reach that will also provide money to move, but it will be up to you all! I will get it set up soon! Thanks for sticking with me through this long update!

Generation 1.12 | Rules | Heir Poll | Generation 1.14

Latte Game – Generation 1.12

Generation 1.11 | Rules | Generation 1.13

Welcome back to the Latte Family and the crazy Name Game we are currently playing. We are still in Generation 1, and Kynize can’t even have the last baby she needs because the house is full.

This update is going to see a lot going on, so let’s get started. When we ended last time Yuri had just grown into a teen. He is ready to take on the world, but still has to finish high school.

We are starting to struggle with a house this small with this many sims. Only 2 bathrooms between the 8 sims is just too little, especially as things break all the time. We invested in an outdoor camping showing just to provide additional options. Otherwise, below is what we tend to get.

Kevin has expanded his garden, and then has had a LOT of trouble keeping up with it. The plants are starting to die off again. There are just too many sims with too many needs to keep up with some days.

Yuri may be evil, but ever the good older brothers, Kevin and Yuri both helped their sisters with their school projects Monday evening.

Yuri: Mom told me I had to help.

Well at least you still listen to your mom.

Yuri: She isn’t knee deep in toddlers anymore, she actually pays attention, so I have to play the part. The day will come….

We’ll see.

Regardless, the projects are finished in no time.

With hours, likely, to spare, Isla finishes up her final skill points and a cake is made. Poor Ukupanipo is sick, and the family, in general are as miserable as ever, but they come together to celebrate anyway.

It once again takes way too much effort to get anyone to bring her to the cake, but eventually it happens, and Isla is growing from a toddler to a child.

Isla managed to get Top-Notch toddler and become a bookworm. She is interested in getting through the creatively gifted child aspiration. So to get her started she heads out to get inspired by the clouds.

This feels like a great place to show the make overs both Isla and Yuri went through. Let’s start with Isla, whom you can sort of see above. She is absolutely adorable to me, and I love her. Of all the kids, she might, at the moment, have my favorite look so far.

Yuri is going for the hiding in plain sight, or fake it till you make it, status mentality. He is a very handsome sim, however.

Now, let’s get back to the action. Since Isla has a day before she has to go to school, she focuses on trying to get some creativity going and draws at the desk while she is still inspired.

After school her siblings all need to sit down and do some homework. We are still trying to find the right balance of objects that provide fun for the kids. If anyone has suggestions on what provides the most fun, especially for a group, I’m all for it!

Since Yuri is now a teen and also acquired his mermaid tail he also find school to be very dehydrating and typically needs a trip to the ocean before starting on anything else. So now the boys head down together.

After a trip to the beach they work on a school project together. Kevin may not always agree with Yuri, but Kevin has been around Yuri’s whole life and there is a connection there, evil or not.

Kynzie is trying to get out more before the final baby has to come and also to gain some followers and fame. She takes a break and eats out at a food stand and shares her thoughts with her followers.

She then comes back home and livestreams a game she has been playing. It’s slow going, but she is almost at the 100,000 follower mark needed for her next promotion.

We then have yet another birthday party. Is it any wonder that Kynzie has put on a little weight with all these birthday cakes around all the time, and the fact she was home 24/7 for a while there? Still, Nick had managed to reach his aspiration awhile ago and was part way to another, although he didn’t quite make it. Still, he was happy to come up to the cake and become a teen.

Apparently I caught his eyes closed, but that’s ok, you’ll see them. He became Mentally Gifted and Loves the Outdoors. His ultimate goal is to amass a fortune (much like his brother, but in legal ways) and become a Mansion Barron.

Ukupanipo needs to read books for his newest aspiration, and so he sits down with the girls to read while they work on homework. The look on Isla’s face her is precious to me.

With no toddlers left in the house, and being a family of mermaids (besides Kynzie) the whole family takes a fun day at the beach.

There were a ton of mermaids out this day, but here is a look of Yuri’s tail. I know Nick is one of the ones out there too, I believe he is the other blue tail, but I could be wrong. I wish the tail automatically showed up

The twins enjoyed the water as well and keep working on their social skills in attempting to reach that social butterfly aspiration. I have never completed this one, so we will see how it goes.

As the day got later, the girls worked on a sandcastle together, and Kevin and Nick shared some meme’s on their phones.

Finally, the whole family, after a day of a lot of fun, sat down for some food and homework. Everyone worked together to get everything done, although that did basically destroy all the fun they had had, but it was a good day.

I think this is a slightly shorter entry, but I think that is a good place to end this for now. The girls will be growing up to teens before too much longer, and Kevin will be a young adult in less than a game week I think. He already has an A in high school and I just want to give him the chance to skill up a little bit more.

I am so happy this family has been as successful as they have been. We’ve had our ups and downs, and there are still struggles, they still have very little money and the house is so small for this many sims, but they all get along well, and are an overall happy family, even if they always look sad in pictures!

Generation 1.11 | Rules | Generation 1.13

Latte Game – Generation 1.11

Generation 1.10 | Rules | Generation 1.12

Welcome back to the Latte Name Game. We are getting closer and closer to having some letters we can actually mark off of our letter list. Hard to believe it’s not even one full generation done, but this is what happens when I like to give slower updates. 😀

Let’s start with a quick family portrait of who all is here. I will also give you a look at the makeovers I gave the twins after they grew up last time.

I love this family! So we have Zophi standing next to Nick. Then there is Kevin (still the only teen so far) and next to him are his parents Kynzie and Ukupanipo. Kynzie is holding the youngest member so far, Isla. Then there is Yuri (who will be a teen soon) and Zorah.

Here is a close up of the girls after their make overs. First is Zorah and then Zophi. They are both super cute and look a lot like their mom I think.

Now, let’s see what is actually happening with the family shall we? First off the boys are working on a school project. There was some weirdness that happened in the game where one of the boys didn’t have the option to go to school with the rest of the kids. There was a button, but even if I pressed it, nothing happened. This started a handful of weird glitches that I eventually was able to resolve, but it made for some frustration for a bit.

Nick: Those are some good painted planets.

Yuri: All right, it says here… are a dweeb.

Yuri! You shouldn’t say things like that to your brother!

Yuri: Whatever, he’s only helping me because he likes school…..dweeb

I’m sorry Nick, you are a good brother to help Yuri.

Nick: That’s ok, I enjoy stimulating my brain with different experiences and someday I will take all of that to become successful in life and in business.

Yuri: *laughing* you are even nerdier than I thought. NERD!

*sigh* You are going to be a handful Yuri…you really are.

Little Isla had gotten herself all kinds of muddy somehow, but that wasn’t going to stop her from working on her movement. I think it was about this time I realized she was about 4 days from growing up and still had about 10 skill points to get. (Luckily many were part of the way to the next level, but still)

Kevin needed hydration and fun, and the girls needed social skills, so Kevin took the twins with him to the beach.

Everyone enjoyed the water, and the girls got some conversation in. They need someone to be best friends with now, and while I THOUGHT they could be each others best friends, they are actually not that close.

After playing in the water we see an event taking place near home with the bonfire and the 3 head over there to mingle, play with the fire, and try to finish up having a good time.

Poor Kynzie looks so sad in this picture. Some day her needs will be met better and she might even progress in her career. For now, she is the closest thing to a best friend her daughters have and so they try and socialize with her more.

She does, however, still work, and occasionally takes to going into the office at times now that the kids are getting older and there are people around to watch Isla.

Kynzie: Will I ever get to be more famous like I want?

I’m trying Kynzie. Followers are kind of hard to built, and fame isn’t easy.

Kynzie: *sigh* I know, but I just really want to do more than have kids.

I know you do, and I’m working on it. You’ve gotten a fame point and you are getting promotions here and there.

Ukupanipo is very close to having a new promotion. The only thing currently holding him back is his lack of a logic skill point. Luckily there is a chess table that he can spend time building up.

Yuri: RWAR, I come to cause destruction to your toys! *stomp stomp stomp*

Zorah: You look like you fell in the mud!

Zophi: Our siblings are CRAZY I tell you!

Nick: *pondering thoughts* Well it is possible that due to the number of us mom and dad had all at the same time, that the lack of oversight or attention has caused some of our siblings to act in ways that appear to be crazy.

Zophi: Nick! Yuri is ALWAYS a bear, and Zorah is sitting over there caked in mud in her swimsuit!

Isla spends a day spamming the potty and dinosaur to build up potty and communication skills. I believe this day she maxed her potty skill, YAY, and got about 1/2 way through level 4 in communication. Thank you dinosaur (that I cannot remember the name of).

The rest of the siblings might start getting jealous as Isla gets a bedtime story. The others did occasionally too, but this is one way Kynzie can help Isla with her imagination skills while helping her met other needs as well.

The twins watch some tv after school as we are desperate to get everyone their A’s in school. Kevin finally reached his in high school, Yuri has reached an A and Nick has had an A for a while. I believe Zophi has an A and Zorah has a B, but I could have those switched. Still, with everyone in red run ALL THE TIME, they need something fun before they can do homework.

Nick is VERY close to finishing up his aspiration, so he sits down with his dad to work that mental skill up just a bit more. We also realize that Ukupanipo is getting close on his aspiration, just simply needs to travel a couple of times, and it will be a fun family outing.

Isla’s imagination is getting worked from any angle we can think of. She is very close to growing up (I think we were down to a day at this point) and so Kevin reads her to sleep.

Sunday morning it’s time to see if we can finish up Ukupanipo’s aspiration. It’s also Yuri’s birthday, but we start with Uku needing to explore the beach cave, so the whole family travels to the beach.

The next thing that is needed is for Uku to drift off on one of the water rafts. Since those exist at this beach were we come. The boys left for scouts, but all of the girls are here. (The twins joined the drama club also.)

Lots of fun was had on the beach, games were played, conversations were had, and Isla got her thinking skill maxed I believe. She only needed to finish some imagination. Ukupanipo also drifted off and reached his aspiration! He now wishes for Knowledge and to be a Nerd Brain. Maybe Nick rubbed off on him.

Back at home Ukupanipo quickly mixes up and bakes a cake for Yuri’s birthday. Hold on to your butts……evil Yuri is going to be a teen.

Yuri: Yes, it has happened!! I am old enough to start on my evil plans!

And what are those plans Yuri?

Yuri: Like I would tell you all of them, but eventually I want to be best villain the world has seen. I shall study art and become a master forger!

Yuri: *laughs* I also will take candy from babies, and tell kids to “get off my lawn!”

So Yuri received the aspiration to be a Painter Extraordinaire. He also received the traits ‘Hates Children’ and became Creatively Gifted. I LOVE how sweet Ukupanipo’s look is as he sees his son growing up. Yuri looks almost surprised by it, but it will be interesting to see how he does. That is going to wrap it up for this update, and I will get a picture of Yuri’s makeover next entry!

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