EPIC Tripp: Crossroads Wrap

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Somehow it’s already time for another wrap up! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t, but it has been a fun ride so far. We are now 1/2 way through this challenge, which is pretty cool to me. I feel like I can actually see the end of this challenge already.

Abby took the criminal track this generation, sending us down path “B” for the rest of the challenge until we take it full circle later. I’m excited to see how this works as we continue on. Abby did complete her career and Miranda took the actress route and got to level 10 herself.

So much has been completed this round and we have plenty more to look forward to, so let’s take a look at both and take a look forward for where the family goes from here.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • Heir(ess) has a choice between the Criminal or Secret agent career.
  • Spouse can ONLY choose one of the previously unlocked careers.
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Secret Agent track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Self-Assured trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the criminal.
    • Secret agent track allows sims to purchase and use tablets.
    • Proceed to generation 6-a
  • IF HEIR(ESS) CHOOSES DETECTIVE: Detectives can choose to have high morals, which would conform with track A, or they can choose the more under-handed road, which would designate them onto track B. Less ethical detectives (the B track) are those who bribe or beat up sims for information, rather than befriending them. They steal objects from others and claim them as “evidence,” and blackmail other sims.
    • Performing any of these actions forces the challenge onto the B track.
    • Avoiding these and taking the high road allows the challenge to enter track A.
  • Whichever kind of detective the heir(ess) decides to be has an effect on what kind of job his/her spouse must take.
    • Moral detectives cannot have criminal spouses.
    • Underhanded detectives cannot have law enforcement spouses.

Once again there were no mini challenges this generation as it depended on which path the generation chose to go. Obviously we chose the criminal career and reached the top of it which unlocked multiple kids.

We also continue to have a lot of mini-challenges, so let’s take a look at the ones chosen and still going for this entire challenge:

Selected Mini-Challenges

Roll the Dice: Give yourself 5 extra points if you randomize traits of all children for the whole challenge (minus the required traits following the crossroads). You can still do this mini-challenge if you choose to have a passed-down family trait, as long as you roll for all the rest of the traits besides the family trait.

“Every family has one…”: This mini challenge is in addition to the Roll the Dice challenge. Give yourself 1 point for each sim who rolls the Erratic trait.

“No well-behaved woman ever made history.”: Can you make your challenge into a Matriarchy? Must use strawberries to try and give birth to girls so each generation can have an heiress. The use of mods to tamper with gender does not count! 10 points

Gnome Mania: Give yourself one point for each gnome on the family lot by the end of the challenge. Additionally, give yourself one point for each TYPE of gnome the family has collected. These are the gnomes you will receive during HarvestFest so do not cancel the holiday!

Hoarder: An extra 10 points for each completed collection the family has ON the lot at the end of the challenge.

Creature Comforts: 3 points for each type of creature which joins your family’s household at any point in the challenge (Ghost, Vampire, Alien).

DIY: No handyman may be called at any time during the challenge; all broken appliances, plumbing, and electronics must be fixed by someone in the household. No maid or butler may be hired. Nannies are not allowed, but daycare is – you have to work, after all. 5 points

Love the One You’re With: 5 points if all spouses are found within the town and not created for the heir(ess) in CAS.

So far we are still rolling for the traits (minus the required one), and we haven’t had any erratic sims yet. We almost lost the matriarchy this generation but we have managed to preserve it, we are still collecting gnomes and finishing collections, and we are slowly working on gathering creatures. No handymen have been called, and Miranda was found in the hood so the mini challenges are all still going.

So let’s take a quick peek at what we have to do this next generation before I get to the points. These will be the goals for Bonnie.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So Bonnie has very limited things she has to do. She will be going into either Business or Political, either one I feel like Abby could continue to pull strings for with her criminal connections. At the end of this career choice we will finally have computers and video games, which should be a ton of fun. I’m excited to get started on this generation.


-5 for each restriction broken (-15 total) – I totally did this twice with the rooms, and then realized I had broken it once at the very beginning with food, nothing else so far.

1 point per $100,000 the family has accrued (+61 total) The family currently has just over 6.1 million points so far.

1 point per each skill maxed per generation (by any family member) (+26 total) *I apparently missed a few points last round, so I have updated the lists now*
Gen 1:
– Kiana: 3 (Cooking, Flower Arranging, and Gardening)
– Johnny: 0
Gen 2:
– Belle: 4 (Cooking, Gardening, Piano, and Violin)
– Francis: 0
Gen 3:
– Lindsey: 4 (Archaeology, Cooking, Handiness, Selvadoradian Culture)
– Ferdinando: 2 (Painting, Gardening) *He also has Selvadoradian Culture, but it can only be counted once*
Gen 4:
– Lara: 7 (Archaeology, Cooking, Dancing, Fitness, Logic, Rocket Science, Selvadoradian Culture) *Also has Gardening, which Zygo has*
– Zygo: 1 (Gardening) *Also has Logic*
Gen 5:
– Abby: 4 (Cooking, Dancing, Gardening, Mischief)
– Miranda: 1 (Guitar)
– Frank: 0
Gen 6:
– Bonnie: 0 (Yet)

Toddler Skill Points (5 Max per toddler)
– Belle: +5 Points (1 for Happy Toddler, 4 for maxed skills)
– Lindsey: +5 Points (Top-Notch Toddler)
– Lara: +5 Points (Top-Notch Toddler)
– Abby: +5 Points (Top-Notch Toddler
– Frank: +5 Points (Top-Notch Toddler)
– Bonnie: +5 Points (Top-Notch Toddler)

Mini Challenges:
– Gen 1: No fridge +3 Points
– Gen 2: $1000 busking +3 Points
– Gen 3: Complete all totems +3 Points

Chosen Mini Challenges:
– Roll the Dice: +5 Points (if I keep to it)
– Every family has one: 0
– No well-behaved woman: +10 Points (if I keep to it)
– Gnome Mania (Types): +9 Points
– Gnome Mania (Total): +24 Points
– Hoarder: +90 Points (Geodes, Frogs, Insects, Eggs, Elements, Seashells, Microscope Prints, MySims, Omiscan Artifacts) *Almost through gardening, crystals, and metals*
– Creature Comforts: +3 Points (Spellcaster)
– DIY: +5 Points (if I keep to it)
– Love the One You’re With: +5 Points (if I keep to it)

Finishing the Challenge: 0

Total So Far: 262

We somewhere lost a gnome. Not sure how, but we are down to 9 types, so maybe I missed one in the HarvestFest. We are very close to finishing up 3 other collections as well. I did miss some completed skill somehow last time, but that is all up to day now. So we are growing the points quick, which is awesome. We’ll see how Bonnie does on adding any more points next time.

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.11

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Hello again and welcome back to the Tripp’s. By the end of this update we are going to be at the wrap up point to this generation and ready to take on Generation 6. Hard to believe it’s go so quickly.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So all I really have left is to have Bonnie age up and then we will be heading down the B side path of this challenge. During the wrap up we will take a look at what that path will look like, but until then let’s take a look at what is happening now.

Bonnie takes some time to play with Remington. I love that she has a little fish laser pointer that she plays with. Remington is an adorable kitten and the family already is super attached on this little cat.

A quiet dinner, with everyone sitting next to each other, staring straight ahead. Gotta love how quiet this meal feels like it probably should be. Also, I guess Abby was distressed enough by whatever is happening that she eats spoiled food.

Bonnie!!! No!!!!

Bonnie: What? Cornelius and I are just playing together, relax. Sheesh.

It’s time for Miranda to head back to the magic realm and she is getting better at flying. She stops at the stores and find herself at almost another level up the magic ladder.

Part of Miranda’s current aspiration is to duel and win some duel’s against other magic users. While hanging out in the magic realm she gets these completed. Although she also ends up cursed at one point.

Back at home our little Remington is out in the sand. You can see how small he is based off the foot prints. He will be growing up to a full grown cat. Miranda and Remington have a rocky start, as she spends the entire first set of interactions, regardless of what I suggest she does, yelling at him.

Miranda continues to take her evil and meanness out on the pollutants of the island. She gets tired of having to clean up piles of trash on her land.

Remington soon wins Miranda over too, and she stops yelling at him, poor little kitten, and bonds. Maybe she just needed to get some of the meanness out before being able to enjoy Remington.

I adore the fact that Miranda can now read like this. She makes it up to the master level of magic, and is learning a lot of skills now. I would like to get Bonnie to be a spell caster as well, but we’ll see what happens.

This may look like Johnny is talking with the gnomes, but he’s actually talking to Remington. He was angry here, and I was worried he would also be mean to the kitten, but the kitten actually made him happy soon after this.

This picture is to show I have found all the different gardening items besides the plantsim fruit. That is the last one to find, and otherwise we have this entire collection. I am so happy to be almost done with this collection.

Remington then grows up into a lovely looking cat. It’s hard to believe he’s already a full grown, adult cat instead of a kitten, but he gets along great with all of the family now.

I learned that familiars can help bring Miranda back to life if she accidentally does something to kill herself. As I am focusing strongly on getting her through this aspiration and up the magic levels I figured it’s a good idea.

Abby spends some time petting Remington. He is actually a very spoiled kitty in this family. I’m hoping he will be around a long time. I do love watching the cats in this game, having my own in real life.

Miranda has bonded well with the bees and it’s time for Bonnie to take over more and more of the garden care. I am looking forward to unlocking the next things with Bonnie’s generation and I have plans for her.

Abby is trying to get more in shape. I’m not sure if I want to have her do more, although she is almost through her current aspiration. We just need to go make friends with the hermit in the woods.

And here is an exact reason why Miranda has an active familiar now. While this didn’t kill her, she did have a spell backfire and freeze her. It was kind of funny actually.

Abby: Oh yes, my fuzzy little Remington. You will serve Bonnie well.

Who you talking to Abby.

Abby: Oh just Remington here. He’s a good cat.

Yes, yes he is. He suits you, but I’ll make sure Bonnie takes good care of him too.

With that last look, it became time for Bonnie’s birthday. She blew out her candles and became a YA. It’s time to wrap up this current generation and move on to Gen 6. It’s been a wild ride this time, but also a TON of fun. hope you have enjoyed it as well.

That’s going to wrap up this update, which I know is a bit shorter, but the wrap up on the generation is next and that will hopefully fulfill your reading desires. Thanks for sticking with me.

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.10

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It’s time again to visit with the Tripp’s and thanks for joining me! I’m excited to bring you this update, and with it we are nearing the end of this generation. So last time Bonnie grew up into a lovely teen, the family took a trip to Granite Falls, and Miranda topped the acting career.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So Abby chose criminal, has topped criminal, and both her kids, Frank and Bonnie, have gotten Evil as a trait. That means we are only waiting for Bonnie to grow up to YA to move to the next generation. That won’t happen this update, but probably next update. So let’s get going.

With Bonnie’s archeology aspiration she works on uncovering more of the artifacts that Lindsey, and probably Lara, brought home in their respective jungle adventures. We will need to take some trips soon.

Frank comes over and hangs out and he helps Bonnie with her school project. She really only needs to get an A at this point and then I will probably send her out to the jungle to get work on her aspiration.

It’s Firework day, which is probably why Frank was over, and so the family is actually around late enough to set off fireworks together and I get to see what they look like.

Abby continues to slowly work on the sugar skulls. We only need 3 more to complete the collection, but sadly we aren’t having much luck in getting new ones. You would think with Abby’s pull and influence she might be able to get them to give her a new one, but alas.

The firepit that we started out with Kiana and Johnny with is still around, and is still occasionally used. Abby needed to grill up some beetles for her aspiration, but then can’t eat them because of the vegetarianism. So she puts them in the fridge and Bonnie makes herself a marshmallow before school.

Miranda is heading back to the magic realm and is getting better at the flying on things. The mop doesn’t try to shake her off or flatten her and she lands gracefully by the portal.

After some work Miranda is able to finally learn some practical magic to go along with her untamed magic and then heads off for more supplies. It’s slow going since I haven’t played this before and am not completely sure what I’m doing, but it’s been fun.

Bonnie is excited to be one badge away from Llamacorn Scout, all she needs is the get fit badge. That shouldn’t be too hard to get done here soon.

So off to the treadmill she heads. I am really proud of her make-over. She just feels to me like a girl who just threw her hair up in a clip and got into work out clothes to stay in shape. It’s not long before she gets her badge and she gets a job as a Retail Clerk.

Miranda practices her magic and one of the new spells she was able to learn is Repario. That means she is starting to go around repairing anything that is broken.

Bonnie returns from school with the A she needed. She has now completed all the things she needed to as an heir and we are just waiting for her birthday. I would like to send her to the jungle, but that won’t happen quite yet.

First we are sending Abby out to the forest. There she is finally able to complete the insect collection by catching the final insects she needs (and swiping the mantis from the lodge, although we did see one, just couldn’t reach it in time.) She also finds the last 3 forest plants, and is able to identify them.

While in the forest we get word that Frank got married. This is exciting as I was wondering if he would end up married or not.

Here we have displayed our completed insect collection. We haven’t received the plaque just yet, but I will probably hang it over by the frogs one which is just on the other side of the deck from these. I have just a few things left to find for 3 of the collections, so I’m very excited to have these done.

The pool is getting a fair amount of use at the moment. First Bonnie and then Abby head out for a swim. Bonnie also catches some rays in the late afternoon sun and becomes sun-kissed.

Miranda has gotten a new level of magic, and so she is able to read additional spell and potion books. She also got a magic package in the mail with some ingredients. I will need to send her to the magic realm again soon.

Before I do we have Miranda work a potion, which doesn’t go so well for her. It turns into a brown oozing sludge and makes her pass out. Luckily she is just fine.

Bonnie works on her boxing skills, you can see she has developed a bit of a pooch she would like to get rid of. She doesn’t want to rely solely on her mothers influence to make it on her own. She knows a beautiful girl can get a lot of what she wants just by being beautiful and she intends to stay that way.

Frank called Bonnie and asked if she wanted to join him at a club. She said yes, and when we got there we discovered nearly every one of their ancestors was there. Bonnie was able to meet Kiana and Johnny, Francis (Belle was the only one not in attendance, but Bonnie has met her before), Lindsey and Ferdinando, and Lara and Zygo (who were both gone before she was born.)

Back at home, Bonnie starts the process of bonding with the bees. She’s going to need to be bonded with them some so she can go about taking care of the garden. Our final forest plants are planted, and it leaves us with 2 plants left. The UFO plant and then the forbidden fruit, which we need to finish the magic tree first.

Frank is back visiting and hanging out while Bonnie works on some homework. She has the A, but she has multiple days before she grows up still and we don’t want to drop back down. Abby helps her with the homework.

The romance festival is around again and I send the whole family there. Frank’s wife meets him there, and this gives you a decent look at Selena. She’s cute. Bonnie takes a little time to talk with her.

Bonnie and Abby spar together with the sparring buddy, which is such a weird little machine…… still, it’s good they are both still trying to be healthy.

Miranda continues to study her magic tomes. She will randomly stop to laugh an evil laugh between pages.

Miranda: With this tome I will be able to make anyone fall in love with me.

Miranda, you already have Abby

Miranda: And?

Um….you actually love her, and she made you the star she said she would.

Miranda: Yes, I didn’t say I would fall in love with them, but that I could make people fall in love with me. I could make myself a star now.

But you are already a star.

Miranda: Bonnie then, I could make Bonnie a star.

That isn’t what Bonnie is destined for. Although I’m sure you could help her with her path as well.

I said a couple of entries go I was thinking it was time to get Abby a cat, and right towards the end of my play session I realized I still hadn’t done that. So the family starts the process of adopting a cat.

This adorable little fuzz ball, who is just too cute for words, is named Remington. He is a friendly kitten who is frisky and clever. I think he is going to be a great addition to this family.

Remington is named for the Remington shotgun favored by Bonnie during her crime spree with Clyde Barrow.

Remington is already fitting in so nicely and is such a good cat. I’m excited to see what sorts of shenanigans he is going to get up to with this family. This feels like the perfect place to wrap up this update. Next time we should see Bonnie grow up and take over for the next generation, and we will see if we can complete any more collections. Thanks for spending time with me at the Tripp’s!

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.09

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Hello and welcome back once more to the Tripp’s. This generation feels like it’s taking a bit since we had Bonnie later in the generation. Hopefully, though, this time will mean that we have some additional success with everyone.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So we finished the criminal career with Abby and are just waiting for Bonnie to grow up to a YA. Last time we saw her become a child, Miranda worked on becoming a spell caster and worked on her career some more. So let’s jump right in.

So we get to start by wishing you all a happy WinterFest. Our “Father Winter” is quite the combo of beach attire and hair colors. The family invited Frank to spend the day with them, because I felt bad we forgot him at HarvestFest, and they family had a nice day.

Miranda spied some fish poachers and went out to cause them great despair. She doesn’t know many spells yet, but she uses this one to great effect.

Abby and Miranda have an unconventional relationship. This does not mean, however, that there isn’t also love.

Little Bonnie is working her way through her aspiration and also trying to work some other skills as well for her scouting badges. The monkey bars provides a lot of fun for her, especially when she is feeling energetic.

Miranda might be level 10 in guitar already, but that doesn’t stop her for picking it up once in awhile, or using it to help her practice singing.

Bonnie comes out of her room one morning and is going through a bear phase. More specifically she’s in a strawberry bear phase. The bear outfit always cracks me up a little bit.

Abby has her next part and this time she’s doing some romantic scenes. The hair is still red of course. Why none of these parts could use her own hair color I will never know. Still, things go well.

This is probably my favorite picture of this particular job. A kiss in the rain. Something I don’t think Miranda has ever done with Abby, even though Sulani does get rain, it’s usually thundering too.

That puts her up to superstar, so only one level to go. Abby must have gotten tired of hearing Miranda complain and really put her goons to work making sure the director’s are using Miranda.

We managed to finally complete the element’s collection during Miranda’s extraction of elements from one of the metals. That gives us another collection completed, and makes me very happy.

So here is our completed element board, and then the “extra” one that is sitting on the floor. It would be nice if they had made it so the element board would house this one too, but that’s ok.

Miranda takes her next job and this time it’s a very fancy affair. She is quite happy with this particular movie and is very happy to star in it. Her wife has made her the star she claimed she would. This movie gives Miranda her last career level.

Now that Miranda is finally done with her career I could consider having both Abby and Miranda quit their jobs. It’s not like we need the money, but for now we will focus on little Bonnie. She is working on her artistic scouting badge I believe.

Belle is out again and playing her sweet violin for us. You can’t see it, but Bonnie is on the piano playing with her, although one is certainly better than the other, but it’s sweet none the less.

Would you believe it’s already Bonnie’s birthday?? It feels like just yesterday that she was turning into a child and now she is ready to be a teen. She completed 2 aspirations as a child, so she has Mentally Gifted, and Creatively Gifted. She’s also a Griffon scout I believe, and should be able to finish the last badges quickly.

I really went back and forth on a look for Bonnie, but settled for this. She might be one of my prettiest sims ever. The picture on the right is her party outfit, which I’m actually quite proud of and hope to use sometime. Bonnie added Music Lover to her traits, which makes sense, and I rolled her aspiration and got Archeology Scholar….well that means more trips to the jungle, maybe we’ll find our last treasures.

Instead of the jungle, however, we send the family, including Frank, to Granite Falls. Abby needs plants to harvest so we take a family vacation. Miranda is here as well.

Before sending Abby off to the park we start Bonnie fishing and she starts catching things pretty quickly. Luckily this is a good spot for the Outdoor Adventure badge, so she is able to get that badge easily during this trip.

We decide to get the whole family involved with the fishing, but Miranda doesn’t do well having no fishing experience and wanders back in the house. Hoping we can catch some new fish here to add to our collection.

That night we make sure Abby relaxes a bit before her trek tomorrow. The fire in the cabin is quite cozy and Miranda even comes and snuggles with Abby for a little bit before bed.

Then, because Miranda and Abby are ‘Seldom Sleepy’ they go out and play horseshoes with Frank. Their relationship with him has fallen since I haven’t wanted to travel any time he’s asked because of Miranda’s career glitch.

The next morning mother and daughter share some breakfast and then it’s’ time for Abby to go plant picking. I realized somewhere in all of this she either used or lost the Elderberry she had and they aren’t out quite yet, so we will have to come back for those.

I apparently never took pictures of Abby collecting plants or insects, but after a long day of searching she happily snuggles with her wife by the fire. I decide to send the kids home after this night and keep Miranda and Abby here one more day.

Before heading home though, Bonnie finishes up her fishing badge with her brother. Frank heads home after fishing and say bye to his mom’s.

Bonnie decides to do her homework before heading home. The next day is Monday so it’s good she wants to be prepared. I want her to get an A as quickly as possible so she can use some vacation days to head to the jungle.

Both Miranda and Abby have met the hermit now, and collected everything from his gardens. We’ve gotten a couple extra insects this trip and that feels like a good place to leave this update. Next time we will probably see Bonnie grow up and take over for the next generation. Maybe Miranda and Abby will both make progress in their aspirations as well.

I hope you will join us then and I’m excited to be over half-way through this challenge. This is the farthest I’ve gotten in any sort of legacy challenge before so it’s very exciting to me.

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.08

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We are back with the Tripp’s and while it’s been the same amount of time of you readers, for me it’s been awhile since I played this family, so it’s fun to have an update to write up for you. So last time Bonnie was born, grew into a toddler, Frank became a YA and moved out and the family worked on collections and their jobs.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So there really isn’t anything left to do in this generation but to make sure Bonnie gets the evil trait and grows up. That means Abby and Miranda will probably be focusing on collections, aspirations, and getting Miranda further in her active career.

So we begin on a dark and stormy evening with Abby heading towards some swirling colors. What could be happening and why?

Why Abby is here with Miranda so that Miranda can work on become a spell castor. If you remember a couple of entries ago, Miranda finished up some aspirations and chose to go the spell casting route next.

After going on her required mote hunt she returns and is granted magic. She spends some time buying up things in the shops, like wands, books, and brooms (well a broom and a mop) and then heads home.

Back at home we find little Bonnie working on her toddler skills. She’s the matriarch now and must get all her skills in so she can be top notch.

Abby sits down to read her books. She can only learn 1 spell and 1 potion from what she bought as the other is too high a level for her still, but it’s a start

The family was getting enough money that we bought Abby a vault. We aren’t going to lock it, but it seems appropriate that she would have one. It’s already got lots of money and special items in it.

Cornelius is still alive and watches Abby work in the garden. Cornelius hasn’t needed to eat anyone lately and barely gets his lure cake out before someone is there feeding him. I wish I could feed him “early” and have him accept it, but oh well.

Abby then takes on the task of giving Bonnie a bath and playing dolls with her. Where is Miranda you might be wondering??? Well she is still dealing with glitches in her career.

So she spends time working out and then with the director, and Zygo’s ghost as well. She still has some baby weight from Bonnie, and we are hoping she can go to this gig tomorrow.

While Miranda is having the work ‘party’ Abby heads out to use the water slide. She’s got some skills doing it on her feet like this.

Miranda is able to go to work, but is not happy with the state of the new wardrobe guy. Time for another word with the boss, aka Abby, about the state of help she’s dealing with.

Finally in her right outfit Miranda is able to shoot her scenes, and since one involves giving another character what for she puts all her venom into that scene. By the time she has to play the guitar and sing she’s feeling much better about the day.

The gnome coalition is back and apparently having a meeting in the living room….maybe about the clay??? Whatever their reason this means it’s once again HarvestFest.

Miranda and Abby try to make sure the gnomes are comfortable and happy, but one must have said something a little untoward towards Miranda….or maybe she’s just surprised by what topic they are discussing.

After the gnomes had moved outside and were all happy Abby cooked up a Tofurkey grand meal and the family ate together. We should have invited Frank over, but wasn’t thinking about it.

Especially since it also happened to be little Bonnie’s birthday as well. After dinner and a little time Abby make a cake for the heir and helped her blow out the candles.

She joined the scouts and got started right away on her homework, which her mom also came and helped her with. She grew up into the glasses, which is cute.

She gets a bit of a make-over though, and while this picture makes her look unhappy, she looks very cute in my opinion. Bonnie will have to choose between the business and political careers, so she is already starting to look the part. She gets Evil as her first trait, and rolls Whiz Kid for her aspiratoin.

Bonnie gets started right away on working that mental skill and also working her scouts badges. We gotta get her ready for teenhood.

Abby plays chess with her, and then later so does Miranda to get those 3 needed chess games in. We will get through this first milestone today yet.

Once the chess games are over it’s time for stories to be read. Abby once again is the parents in this situation as Miranda is dealing with getting settled in with the new people in charge at the agency and discussing her work.

Miranda has also been practicing her magic. She only knows one spell, but it’s fun to use on fish poachers or litterbugs that come around. Sometimes though Miranda just uses it on anyone walking by.

These were two were quite the pair. Lindsey, as you can see, is angry tonight. On her way into the house she kicked over the back trash bin and then heads out front to grill. Zygo was working on picking up all the trash, but when he took it out back, he couldn’t put it in the bin because it was kicked over. So he got sad and brought it back in the house.

It’s a small family meeting to tell the family that Abby is going away for a couple of days to go to Granite Falls and see about finding more insects. We thought about finding plants, but realized it’s now winter, so they won’t be growing.

So Abby heads out she while she catches a couple of insects the family already had, she is able to catch the 5 fish she needed for her aspiration. We’ll come back in the summer for the plants and insects.

Miranda gets back to work on her magic. We visit the magical realm again and pick up new items, and then she works her potions. She also attempts to fly on the mop, but it isn’t easy going and she just barely hangs on.

Abby has now taken to napping in the money. I do believe it’s time to get Abby a cat. The Boss feels like a title, and a job where she should have one. Especially if she is going to be sleeping in piles of money.

Abby has certainly taken on more of a parenting role with Bonnie lately, but it’s still Miranda she goes to for advice and is good friends with. Still, Abby continues to be a present parent.

Miranda gets the chance to reprise her role in the musical western and preforms well. She didn’t even have an issue with the wardrobe guy this time. She is feeling quite good in her career. (AR: We’d been doing better if it weren’t for the stupid glitch.)

That feels like a good place to end this update as well. We will have more to come, but I hope you enjoyed this latest entry and we should see Bonnie become a teen next time, and will Miranda become the star she wants to be???

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.07

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Hello. It’s nice to see you back at the Tripp house! We are zooming along through generation 5 and Frank is about ready to be a YA, but will he actually take over? If you remember last time Abby finally became “The Boss” and that meant we could have more kids.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So the only thing we need to keep going is any child born now needs to get the evil trait. So let’s hope in and see how things are going for the family.

We start with confetti, which can only mean one thing. A new little Tripp is on the way. Now Abby and Miranda are not super young anymore, so both buy and drink a potion of youth to give them time to raise the new little baby.

Kiana: It is restored.

I take it that means this baby you sense is a little girl?

Kiana: Yes

If it’s all the same to you I’m still going to have her eat strawberries left and right.

Miranda tells Abby the news, and this is her face. I’m a little scared of what this means.

Abby: Just that the matriarchy will continue. hahaha

Ok….I mean, I guess.

As promised I start feeding Miranda strawberries whenever she gets hungry. I’m sure you will be sick of them by the end but I am determined to get a little girl this time, regardless of how sure Kiana is.

Cornelius is still fed regularly, and I don’t believe he has had to eat anyone in quite some time. The girls have done a stellar job of keeping up the garden, and both are friends with the bees.

It’s Love Day (which means I was wrong last entry and I have no idea why the horns) and the girls exchange flowers. They will not go on a date because of the glitch with Miranda’s gigs if we travel, so this will have to do.

Frank was sent out to beach comb and he found our missing shell! That is another collection complete. Thank you Frank, because Abby was not finding it and kept getting pinched my a crab or popped on by a bird.

Grandpa Zygo is out and sharing the love day spirit with his grandson. Frank has not had time to find a girlfriend. He barely has met anyone outside of his family. Kiana also is visiting tonight.

The next day is Miranda’s next shooting day. So she heads over and sticks her nose up at just about everyone else on set. Her wife is now the boss and she feels good.

Hair and make-up and done tastefully and then she heads into wardrobe and that’s when her day goes downhill quickly.

This is yet another gig where she is in this dumb costume. She was supposed to be through with these jobs. She gets through her tasks and leaves.

Back at home, with his distant phase going on, Frank takes time to get in touch with his creative trait and spends time in the studio away from everyone else.

We finish our display of shells and place the plaques for the shells and the microscope prints (since one of them is right there) on the wall. The collections are slowly starting to come together.

After having a chat with Miranda where she basically told Abby if she ever had to be in a full body costume like these last two jobs she was not going to be happy, and that anger would be taken out on Abby, Abby decided to take out the canoe they had bought to do some late night fishing.

Before the baby was born Abby took one more quick trip to the jungle to try and find the last fossils we needed. Abby does find the missing mustache fossil, but we are still missing the last jungle specific one.

Back at home, Miranda goes into labor and we meet the newest little Tripp. It is a little girl this time, so the matriarchy can continue, and she is named Bonnie Tripp.

Bonnie is named after the famous Bonnie Parker, the female companion of Clyde Barrow, who together formed the criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie appears to have dark skin just like Abby, but I have learned not to take too much stalk in babies coloring so we will see who she takes after as she gets older.

Johnny and Belle are out tonight, and Johnny made pancakes then the two watched the weather channel. It’s not the weather for here, however, since this is calling for snow and I’m pretty sure the islands are not planning to see snow as we go into the summer.

Abby, working on completing her Collector aspiration, heads to Sixam using her mothers rocket to gather some rocks/crystals/aliens to see if we can find the things we need.

Once she comes home she bakes up a hamburger cake and it’s time to celebrate Frank’s birthday. It’s been great to have you here Frank, even though you ended up fairly ignored during your teen years! Here’s some money, good luck.

Since it’s summer and baby Bonnie has a few days before she will grow up, the girls take a vacation to Granite Falls to harvest unknown plants, and pick up as many insects as we can. Miranda made her way to the hermit’s hut as well, and even found a will-o-the-wisp.

We have installed a water slide, because, our yard wasn’t full enough already, and the ghosts love it. I think the ghosts have used it more than anyone in the family.

Abby gave a sugar skull offering and went to talk with the celebrator to see if we could get a new skull. Sadly, we did not, but he did get to see pictures of Bonnie and the trip to Granite Falls.

Speaking of Bonnie, this sad sad little girl is Bonnie newly all grown up. I do not remember why she was so sad here, but I think it was because someone was gone.

She got a tiny bit of a make-over, but I left her hair alone. She is adorable and she got the inquisitive trait. I am not sure I’ve had an inquisitive toddler so far. At the very least we haven’t in this challenge.

Miranda starts with the potty training, and Bonnie didn’t want any of it. She was very defiant the whole time, but she did it anyway. She probably realized mom wouldn’t let her up.

Trying to rope her into bed, Bonnie runs outside and starts thinking about something and throwing an tantrum because she is tired. Well if you would let your mom take you to bed, you could sleep!

Miranda finally manages to wrangle little Bonnie into bed and starts reading her a story. She may be mean and evil, but she’s a decent mom for sure.

Miranda has got her archeology skill up enough to try and find the final elements. As luck would have it, Abby swiped a metal that should contain the last element we need, and so Miranda gets started on trying to extract it. Abby has been learning herbalisim to identify all the plants they brought back.

While collecting the harvest for the day Abby manages to complete her Aspiration. She then goes through Mansion Barron and Fabulously Wealthy in quick succession to finally land on Outdoor Enthusiast. In the hopes that she can spend more time in Granite Falls soon.

Miranda is back and work and the make-up artist must have gotten a talking to because he is much more in touch with his job while getting Miranda ready. Miranda felt like she made it clear to Abby she wasn’t going to be a faceless “costumed” character anymore.

So when she gets her wardrobe finished she is so happy to be in this show. She gets to sing, gets to dance, gets to play the guitar and it’s going to go great!

Miranda performs, and takes risks on almost everything. She, unfortunately, failed at the singing, going into a coughing fit in the middle of it. The fact she couldn’t redo it made her vow to talk to Abby about this director.

With that I feel like it’s a good place to leave you. A lot has happened this round and we will see next time if Miranda is successful in getting the director’s head on a platter. Bonnie should be growing up before too much longer into a child and generation 6 will be here before we know it.

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.06

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We are back with the Tripp family today for some more EPIC fun. Last time we lost Lara, our most successful sim in this challenge so far, and Frank grew up into a teenager. The family celebrated Winterfest and everyone worked on their jobs and aspirations.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So to start off, we are still working on the goal of having Abby reach the top of the criminal career so we can start having multiple children. That is basically the last time we have to take care of for now so let’s get right into seeing what happens this time.

Since I didn’t show it at the end of the last update here is Frank with a bit of a makeover. Apparently I caught him closing his eyes but this is his basic look.

Zygo teaches Frank some of the nessecary knowledge needed in order to help keep the garden in tip top shape. Frank is going to miss Zygo when he is gone, although I’m not sure he’s interested in learning about the garden.

Zygo did return from work with the final promotion though, so way to go Zygo! I didn’t think he was going to make it, but this is level 10 for sure.

Miranda and Abby take a day to go see if we can hunt down some more collectables. So a quick visit to Strangerville is in order.

Miranda stops and buys a Bizarre Fruit that we can use to plant in the garden and Abby works on her Collection aspiration by searching out the frogs. We also collected the few metals that are around.

I know the picture is super dark, but Zygo with his bees is just such a fun sight, especially with his science outfit on still. He looks truly like the mad scientist.

This girl is actually the Day of the Dead Celebrator this time when Zygo gives the sugar skull offering. They stargaze for a bit and Zygo gets the skull, but it’s one of the ones we already have. We only need 3 more.

The next day is Love Day I think. So of course the girls celebrate with loud horns and lots of confetti. Abby also works this day, I believe, and we are hoping for a promotion.

Out in the garden, with a fairly gloomy afternoon already underway, Zygo is ready to go join Lara. He was kept alive quite a while to get through the science career and he is now left to go be with his love. Zygo managed to complete his career (science), he maxed 2 skills (gardening and logic) and completed 4 aspirations (The Curator, Mansion Barron, Fabulously Wealthy, and Freelance Botanist.) All of that left him with 12 traits and we spent much of the rest of his points on potions to stock in the fridge.

The family has a wishing well now, and Abby goes out and wishes for a promotion. She, instead, gets a bonus. That’s ok, she should be in range to get the promotion tonight as it is.

Miranda works on mentoring Frank on the guitar. This is all she needs to complete for her aspiration, but they only last 2 of the 3 hours. Frank is still sitting at a B in school and needs to finish his good deeds badge for scouts as well.

Because there are still 3 temple treasures we need to find, and we want to extract an element we are missing still, Miranda works on building up some archeology skill by uncovering artifacts Lara brought home through her many adventures.

However, it is time for a new gig. Luckily Miranda is able to attend this one. So she gets started with practicing her acting. Everyone seems to give her a wide berth, so potentially they have heard how she came to be at this talent agency, that she knows “the boss”.

Miranda was not allowed to bring her old make-up artist and costumer with her so she takes some time to get to know the new wardrobe person she will be working with.

The make-up artist feels less competent since he’s applying the makeup and fixing her “hair” through the costume head. Miranda isn’t impressed with him.

The performance goes well, but Miranda isn’t thrilled with the idea of being in a costume with no one knowing it’s her, however, and vows to talk with Abby.

Abby, for her part, is now The Brains of the operation. She has close ties to the boss is in a great position to pull additional strings for Miranda in the coming days.

Frank, the somewhat forgotten son in this update, works on his fitness. I know it looks like he’s almost being forced into doing this, but he chose this task himself.

Abby and Miranda head to the Hijinks festival as it is the perfect place for Abby to complete her mischief requirements for work and she even maxes the skill. Now it’s just about time. Abby is primed to take over the position of The Boss.

Frank gets started on his school project. It’s a robotics project and he wishes he could have his grandpa Zygo there to help him with it. He eventually gets through it, but it takes a few working sessions.

The girls head out to get some sun on one of the super nice days this season. Miranda is a little less conservative then Abby. Of course Miranda isn’t entirely sure what her next gig’s wardrobe will entail yet and she’s not about to have tan lines showing.

Miranda offers to mentor Abby on the guitar. Frank hasn’t wanted any more mentoring and is going through a distant phase, so really doesn’t like being around his mom’s right now.

That’s enough to complete her aspiration. She then gets through the 2 Fortune aspirations and settles on doing the Spellcaster aspiration now that we have RoM. That means she is going to need to make a trip at some point.

Abby was up using the microscope when I got this notice. That means the final picture from the microscope prints has been found. They are hung all around the house, mostly upstairs in the study area.

The family sits down that night to watch a movie together. Everyone needed some social time and it was a nice time for the family. These guys may be mean and/or evil in a lot of ways, but they are still family.

Frank, I realized, is near dropping his grade from a B to a C. He really was the forgotten son this round. So Abby sits down and helps him with his homework, and Patchy is there to offer moral support as well.

Abby comes home that night, however, promoted to the boss. I apparently never caught a picture of it, but Frank also finally finished his last scouting badge and became a Llamacorn Scout.

With the criminal career topped, the girls celebrate and we will see if a new life is brought into play. If so, we are going to eat so many strawberries so we ensure there is a little girl heir to take on the family. Frank has done well, and he will grow up soon, but that feels like the perfect place to leave you. I hope you join us next time for more fun!

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.05

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Well hello and welcome back to the EPIC Tripp. Last time we had lots of birthdays. Frank grew into a child, Miranda and Abby became adults. There were promotions and we are hoping Abby can top the criminal career before she and Miranda are elders so we can have a little girl.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

As a quick glance, we are still working on getting Abby to the too as I mentioned before, which will unlock multiple children. So far Frank has gotten the Evil trait, and we do not have any other goals this generation.

We are going to start with Miranda at her latest gig. Things start off with her co-worker ok, but they decline quickly. I don’t think Miranda is much for acting with others.

You may recall last time Miranda convinced the hair and make-up girl to be her forever assistant, as well as wardrobe girl. She is a hassle and when the make up doesn’t go well the first time Miranda is quick to call into question if she has what it takes. Still, she pays well.

Miranda shrinks her co-worker. It’s supposed to be flirting, but it looks more to me like Miranda is making her week in the knees with her stare. Whatever looks good on camera I guess.

Miranda does well and that is the last time she goes to work. We now have a glitch. She can audition, but never gets the option to go to the gig. I was reading up on it, and it’s apparently a thing, but supposed to have something to do with travel. I made sure to not travel anywhere, or follow Zygo to his job and still didn’t get the option. So Miranda and joined a new talent agency and picked an entirely different part to see if we can get her going again.

Back at home Frank is working on his aspirations. I have no idea if the girls will have a chance to have another kid this gen, so I am operating under the assumption that Frank is our newest heir.

Zygo, while out in the garden, gets called to meet the aliens. Thank goodness he is a elder and can’t accidentally bring home a new kid. This seems to be because of his work tasks of contacting aliens.

This picture, amazingly enough holds all but the starting generation of the EPIC. You have Belle’s ghost dancing (gen 2), Lindsey’s ghost eating some food (gen 3), Lara eating some food (gen 4), You can just make out Abby beach coming through the window (gen 5), and then Frank, our currently gen 6. The only gen of this entire challenge missing is our founder, Kiana.

The next night is the men who are out and about. This looks like Ferdinando and I believe that is Francis as well. Of course Zygo is bonding with the bees so this is 3 generations of spouses. Only Johnny and Miranda missing.

Zygo is “invited” back to visit the aliens again. He is getting so close to finishing the science career. I’m not going to give either he or Lara any additional youth potion. They either reach their goals or they don’t.

Of course, right as I say that, it’s HarvestFest and Lara wants to leave us. I can’t do another sad holiday! NOT YET LARA.

Miranda is the first to notice and gasps. Zygo knows just what to do. This is what death flowers are for after all. Lara is brought back and no one needs to have a sad HarvestFest.

Since he didn’t get a soul today, Grim decides to go out and play with the cowplant…..I can’t remember his name now.

Mirana: Cornelius

Oh right, thanks Miranda.

The whole family, including Patchy, sits down to a grand meal. Then I remember Abby is a vegetarian and she made a grand breakfast. Oh well, she will deal with it today. Sorry Abby, I really am, I for some reason actually thought the breakfast was safe.

Afterwards, because apparently feeling sick for eating meat means cake is the solution, Abby goes and gets herself munched on by Cornelius. Luckily she is spit back out. You know Cornelius, you might not want to bite the hand that feeds you, or the evil one married to her.

Back inside and fairly oblivious to the near demise of Abby the rest of the family chats, dances, and cleans. It’s tough to get Abby up the criminal track since she only works 2 or 3 days a week.

Grandma is on-site to give the monster under the bed what for. I have not had monster scares this bad….well ever in this challenge I don’t think. Lindsey was probably the worst with her squeamish trait, but Belle just made friends with it.

After putting a stop to the monster, Lara takes one final look at the sky. Belle is there this time to mourn her passing and bring her into the afterlife. We shall see you again Lara.

Abby was at work when her mom passed, and while she is sad when she comes home, she also got promoted, so that gives her a bit of a boost. Look at that, 3 days a week. Even working hard she is going to need to a whole week, at least, to get promoted.

It’s the day of the Flea Market and everyone decides some time out the house might do them some good. So out we head. Sadly no one is selling anything interesting and no posters are available.

I send everyone else home and have Abby hit up some of the other areas of town and she manages to find a couple of posters that haven’t yet been taken to add to our collection.

Back at home, Miranda just needs to mentor someone on the guitar. Frank, who I apparently missed the picture of, has already maxed Whiz Kid and is working on Artistic Prodigy, cannot be mentored on the guitar sadly. So instead he plays the piano.

The day before his birthday he completes this aspiration as well. He only has about 1/2 the scouting badges so far, and he cannot seem to make any headway on the Good Deeds badge.

Frank misses his grandma. He and Zygo are the two who mourn her death the most. Miranda didn’t seem overly affected by it at all. So grandson and grandpa comfort each other.

Then it’s time for WinterFest. Happy WinterFest to all! Presents are opened, decorations are hung, and Abby cooks an acceptable grand meal. In the middle of all of these we got a call that the Spring Fling Bunny wanted to come over, that’s him in the blue sweater.

It also happens to be Frank’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Frank! He’s a teen now and has added Creative to go with his Evil trait. He gets Mentally and Creatively gifted and he goes for Nerd Brain for his aspiration.

That feels like a good place to end this update. Zygo is so close to a promotion, I thin he might max science before he leaves us, and Abby still needs 2 more promotions to max out the criminal track. Hopefully Miranda will be able to get back to acting soon.

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.04

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Hello hello and welcome back to EPIC Tripp! I hope you are doing well and I am excited to show you what is happening with the family. Last time we had Frank join the family, breaking the matriarchy. Abby and Zygo worked on their careers and Lara worked on her aspiration.

Let’s take a look at what is left on this generation, or what it brings going forward from this generation on.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

All right, so we need to get Abby to the top of the Criminal career, give Frank the evil trait at some point (I’ve debated if I roll and if he happens to get evil great, and otherwise I’ll give it to him as a YA, or if I should start with the Evil trait.) Well let’s get started.

We begin with Lara’s friend, Cleo, inviting her out to karaoke. Lara goes and has a good time singing with her friend, and a couple of solo’s when Cleo went to take a nap.

Abby finally reached her branching promotion and of course we too the path towards boss. After all, how is she supposed to influence the boss to make Miranda a start without being close to the boss, or being the boss herself.

Before sending Lara home from karaoke, Lara checks out the boxes sitting around to see if she can find some snow globes. She does, in fact, find two of them and neither are ones we already had.

Zygo works on getting us a new sugar skull when the offering he gives is accepted, and after some chit chat and general friendliness he gets one, and it’s a new one! We only have 3 more to get.

Abby: Miranda, I have told you, I can’t just tell them to give you better parts, I have to earn some points with the boss.

Miranda: Give me a moment.

Miranda: Arrrgg…..she promised… me… I… would… be… a… star!

Miranda: Ok, I will do another commercial, but if I don’t get a part in a show or a movie soon….

Abby: I’ve been talking you up, they know who you are now.

Miranda: I better be, and once you become boss you better give me all the best parts.

This cow plant probably needs a name.

Miranda: His name is Cornelius and he’s a good boy isn’t he???? Yes he is.

Well ok, I’m not sure I will remember Cornelius, but ok.

Belle still visits often and is happy to see her granddaughter. They share a lovely hug, and while I know I will have to let Lara join Belle in the after life before too much longer I am not ready to face it quite yet.

Frank needs to get his thinking up a little bit more so he plays with his blocks for a bit. He’s a good kid, and his work on skills is progressing.

Abby needed to do mean interactions with someone, so when a litterbug came onto their lot I sent her out. When she threatened the girl her face was pretty priceless. Abby then told her to go away.

Frank asked Miranda to do flash cards with him. So she sat down and did it. Frank is basically even on most of his skills at this point.

These two are so sweet, I love them. Zygo has gotten another promotion at work, although I missed the notification he only needs 2 more promotions. He does have his needed breakthroughs.

Hard to believe, but it’s already Frank’s birthday. Frank managed to get all of his skills and will get the happy toddler trait. Abby is there to help him blow out his candles.

Frank is now a child. I decided to give him Evil as the first trait so that way anything he rolls in the future won’t contradict the evil trait. He also is going for Whiz Kid as his aspiration.

Lara is still working on the final level of her aspiration. She has been boxing or working with this guy every day to try and get that leveled up.

Frank plays some chess with his grandpa which helps him work the first milestone of his aspiration. He will also need to be read with, but for now getting the chess games will be great.

The day of Miranda’s commercial comes and she needs to practice acting. It doesn’t matter that this actress was using the mirror, Miranda needs it, so she just takes it.

Then it’s time to head into hair and make up. It’s our usual hair stylist and the first time she does her hair it’s a disaster. Miranda tells her she is not happy about it, and so she redoes it and is relieved when this time it comes out perfectly.

Then it’s into wardrobe, where things go without issue. The last time we had to wear this dress Miranda was very pregnant and this time they don’t have to work to get her into it nearly as hard.

Miranda decides she probably needs to keep these two near her, and wants them as part of her permanent team. She may not always be the nicest, but she promises she will more than make it worth their time.

Frank works on his homework, and he has joined the scouts as well. He is working his way slowly through the aspiration so far.

We start by having grandma read him some stories, but discover it doesn’t count. Looking at the requirement it’s to have an ADULT read to him for 2 hours. Apparently elders don’t count, which is just silly.

Miranda finally gets an audition for a roll in a movie. She needs to be fit, so she works hard on the treadmill at home. Soon she has her fitness to a level that will be acceptable for the movie.

Abby comes home with a new promotion and she is now a getaway driver. That means she is up to level 7 in the career and only needs 3 more levels. She is working on level 8 mischief.

More games of chess out of the way and not only has Frank raised his mental skill, but we have already reached the initial milestone and get to work on the next milestone. Abby also is able to work her mischief with Frank, who laughs at her.

It’s someone’s birthday today….who could it be?

Why it’s Abby’s adult birthday. Miranda had her birthday a bit ago, but we didn’t remember in time to make her a cake. Luckily she didn’t mind, and Abby blows out her candles.

Kiana seems to have mostly forgiven Miranda for having a boy, and they chat along with Frank in the kitchen.

Kiana: Frank is a sweet boy and there still may be time to keep the line intact.

I am sure there will be Kiana, but Frank will be a good heir if it comes to that.

With that I believe this update has probably gotten long enough and we will wrap up this update. Miranda did get her part in the movie and we will see how she does with that next time.

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.03

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Welcome back for some more adventures of the Tripp family. As you may remember we are almost 1/2 way through this challenge as it is 10 generations and we are right in the thick of generation 5. Hard to believe.

We are early awaiting the birth of Miranda and Abby’s child. Last time we had some promotions, followed Miranda to work and had other fun just hanging out with the family. We also had a bit of an eerie message from Kiana. Let’s see where we are at in goals.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • Heir(ess) has a choice between the Criminal or Secret agent career.
  • Spouse can ONLY choose one of the previously unlocked careers.
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So Abby, of course, is in the criminal career, and Miranda joined the Acting career. Abby is working her way up to boss, and Miranda joined the agency that is run by Abby’s current boss (or at least that’s our story, and we are sticking to it.)

We are going to start off right away with the birth of the new Tripp. Excited to see the new baby.

Suddenly Kiana’s message becomes clear. It’s a boy….the matriarchy is broken. I realized after the birth that I had been so caught up in keeping up with everything I had completely forgotten to feed Miranda strawberries. Well all the more reason to get Abby to the top of the career, maybe they can have more kids.

Anyway, regardless of all that, this is Frank. He clearly got Abby’s coloring, but beyond that we will have to wait for him to grow up more in order to see who he takes after.

Frank is named for Frank Costello, mob boss in New York during the 1920’s and 30’s.

It also happened to be Spring Fling and the eggs were all found this year. So there is a nice display of them in the toddlers “room.”

Lindsey was out tonight and spent some time talking with her granddaughter. Abby also took the opportunity to cause a little mischief. Typically people don’t get upset by Impersonating Mermaids, so she does that with most of the family.

Miranda: You promised me Abby!

Abby: Aaaak, I know, I’m working on it, but I’m not the boss yet, I can’t just get you ANY audition yet.

Miranda: You promised I’d be a star.

Abby: I know, and you will, I just need more time to move up the ladder a bit more.

Lara continues to work on her body building aspiration. We still needed to work out a few hours so onto the treadmill she went. She’s clearly getting pretty good.

And it was enough for her to reach another milestone. All we need now is the muscle density or whatever they call it. That one is likely going to take some time. I have already fed Lara and Zygo some youth potions. I’m not ready to let them go yet, and I would really like Zygo to reach the top of his career.

Kiana: This is an unusual plant.

Yes it is. It’s from Sixam, which is a alien world Lara has traveled to.

Kiana: Is this Sixam the reason things became broken?

I don’t think so, I just wasn’t paying enough attention that’s all.

Happy Birthday Frank. Welcome to toddlerhood. He is a cutie, and he got his mom’s same hair, and color as well. I think he’s mostly Abby actually, but he is cute.

Here’s a closer look at him. He got the Clingy trait, so that should be fun. Hopefully we’ll be able to get all his skills in.

Miranda got invited to what I figured out is basically a roast, so she brought Abby with her. This gave Abby a whole bunch of people to do mischief interactions with who didn’t necessarily hate them. I did crack up at the outfit Caleb is wearing back there.

Back at home grandpa and Frank sit down for some food. Frank is a little cutie, and I don’t think I changed most of his outfits at all. It’s time to get him started on skills after food though.

Awww, Johnny gives his granddaughter a hug. If I remember correctly he never got to meet Lindsey in life, although maybe when she was a baby. I think he was gone fairly early.

I didn’t capture all of the skilling little Frank was working on, but grandma Lara is there to read him off to sleep. Even if I lose the points for the matriarchy, which I’ll be sad if I do, Frank is a cutie and would make a good heir regardless.

Gaining mischief without a computer and/or ruining family relationships isn’t that easy. So we buy Abby the last two mischief books and she starts to read. Frank uses the time to watch her and gain some thinking.

When Frank asked Miranda to play I wasn’t sure what her response would be. She is evil and mean, but to her own son she would give the world, and in fact, intends too if Abby will ever make her a star.

It’s TV premier night and this is the first year we’ve been able to participate. Abby is at work I believe, and unable to join the rest of the family in veggie burgers and TV watching. Miranda watches enough and then heads to bed while Belle is out and joins in.

Zygo comes down with a sickness of some kind and ends up needing to drink some OJ to feel better. Poor guy was pretty miserable for a bit.

So I realized after a bit that Miranda missed her gig because she was having Frank. So we cancel that gig and get another one. Then she works some more with the bees. She’s tired of getting stung.

After that it’s time for Frank to have a bath. Frank is doing well on skills, he’s got at least 2 levels in each skill I believe and he is usually left to his own devices as I work everyone aspirations and careers.

It’s love day and these two are as in much love as they ever were. Zygo spends time professing is undying love to Lara, and they exchange roses. Abby and Miranda get through enough romantic interactions that Love Day is a success for all, but I apparently missed the pictures.

Lara has the Seldom Sleepy trait so she sleeps at random hours for random intervals, just enough to not be sleepy. That means she can talk much more often with the family ghosts. Ferd, her father, is out tonight and they talk.

I keep forgetting to fill in the “gap” with a chair, so it always looks like people are sitting so far away from each other. Abby is still working on her mischief points, and needs to be level 7, I believe for the next promotion.

Patchy spends some time chatting with Frank. This is actually our Patchy and he has started getting down from the tree again, so I’m not sure what was happening before, but it seems to be resolved itself.

Zygo occasionally sends off the bees to bring him back presents, and wouldn’t you now it, but they brought back the final statue needed to complete the collection. That’s another on marked down and completed.

With that I think we will end this update. Next time hopefully both Abby and Miranda will make progress on their careers and maybe even Zygo will too.

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.02

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Welcome back to EPIC Tripp. We have been zooming along through our EPIC generations so far, and are working on generation 5 already. So hard to believe. So last entry we had a had a trip to the jungle where Abby met the woman who would be her spouse and then we had a wedding, welcoming Miranda to the family. Let’s take a look at what this generation entails.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • Heir(ess) has a choice between the Criminal or Secret agent career.
  • Spouse can ONLY choose one of the previously unlocked careers.
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Secret Agent track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Self-Assured trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the criminal.
    • Secret agent track allows sims to purchase and use tablets.
    • Proceed to generation 6-a
  • IF HEIR(ESS) CHOOSES DETECTIVE: Detectives can choose to have high morals, which would conform with track A, or they can choose the more under-handed road, which would designate them onto track B. Less ethical detectives (the B track) are those who bribe or beat up sims for information, rather than befriending them. They steal objects from others and claim them as “evidence,” and blackmail other sims.
    • Performing any of these actions forces the challenge onto the B track.
    • Avoiding these and taking the high road allows the challenge to enter track A.
  • Whichever kind of detective the heir(ess) decides to be has an effect on what kind of job his/her spouse must take.
    • Moral detectives cannot have criminal spouses.
    • Underhanded detectives cannot have law enforcement spouses.

So last time we made the decision on which path Abby would take. Due to her Kleptomanic trait and the fact that Miranda is Evil and Mean it was decided that we would take the Criminal tract. No special agents either, I decided to go the basic criminal track, so all kids will be evil, but they can have as many as they want once Abby reaches the top.

After Winterfest Lara got a bit of a cold. Her grandfather, Francis, was out haunting and talked with her a bit. She went and got some OJ and started feeling better.

We get news that Miranda is pregnant! YAY, a new little Tripp is on the way. Generation 6 will be here before we know it. This is also the generation where we can have multiples if Abby can work her way up the ladder.

Miranda heads out to tell Abby. They are both very excited about this turn of events. There feels like there is always so much to do around here now that I sort of lose track of time a bit.

And it was Lara’s birthday before we knew it. Hard to believe she’s already an elder. Lara you have done very well for this family. We will miss you, but enjoy your elder years. She retires from being an Athlete.

Miranda heads out to feed the cow plant. We’ve got to keep him happy and fed so he doesn’t eat anyone by accident. You can see Lara is the trees back there working on harvesting everything.

Abby continues to work on her aspiration by grilling up some food. She needs to do more of this, but we will get there eventually. Lara comes out to chat with her while she works.

Abby comes home after that first day of work and gets a promotion. Mischief is a bit hard to build quickly without a computer, but so far we are managing ok for now.

Late one evening Lara got up and wandered upstairs. When I went to check where she was heading I saw she was heading up to watch her grandma Belle play on the violin. I don’t blame her, I love watching Belle play.

Miranda invites over the director for her first commercial and chats with him for a bit. Surprisingly, when left to her own devices, she actually is friendly and nice to him. I thought she was supposed to be mean.

The day of her first gig comes and Miranda heads into hair and make-up for the first time. I’m not sure I love Miranda in red hair, but it doesn’t look bad on her. She already looks the part of the diva.

Into costume she goes. Good thing they gave her a lose dress, although I’m sure they belts had to be let out a bit. Already her back hurts and she is ready to be done with the day, but we still have some steps left to go.

She needs to spend a bit more time practicing her “acting” so she takes care of that in the mirror in costume’s shop. I’m sure the costume people are not happy about it, but I also don’t think Miranda probably cares.

After grabbing some food and checking in with the director we are almost ready to go. Miranda is getting super tired so I want to get through these before she goes passing out on me.

She plays a risky song, and shows off the product riskily, but sings safely. She’s never worked on her singing so I wanted to make sure she did well. She completes the gig and gets herself a promotion at the same time. Her agency sends a snarky message about being surprised she did well, so Abby will need to have a chat with them.

Before then though she has a chat with her mom, and pulls some mischief things with her too, like impersonating a mermaid, which doesn’t bother anyone in this family. It’s been a good way to build up some mischief skill right now.

I forgot it was new years this day. At midnight Zygo and Lara share a little kiss. Abby was busy eating so she didn’t come over and give Miranda a kiss, but it was a good new years over all.

Awww, look who else came out haunting. It’s our founders Kynzie and Johnny. They celebrate new years with the family as well.

Kiana: That one will break it.

Kiana, what are you talking about.

Kiana: She will break it.

Ok….well, I guess she doesn’t feel like sharing more information about what that means at the moment. Hopefully Abby and Miranda can continue to progress quickly in their careers. Zygo is still sitting around level 7 in his career, I really need to spend more time with him at his job and be more successful.

That feels like a good place to end this update. Next time we will meet the new baby more than likely and we will see if Abby and Miranda can progress any further in their careers.

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EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.01

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Hello and welcome back to the EPIC Tripp! We are starting on generation 5 already. It’s so hard to believe that we are nearly 1/2 way through this challenge. That last generation went so fast, but they were very successful. So let’s get this started by looking at our goals for this generation.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • Heir(ess) has a choice between the Criminal or Secret agent career.
  • Spouse can ONLY choose one of the previously unlocked careers.
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Secret Agent track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Self-Assured trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the criminal.
    • Secret agent track allows sims to purchase and use tablets.
    • Proceed to generation 6-a
  • IF HEIR(ESS) CHOOSES DETECTIVE: Detectives can choose to have high morals, which would conform with track A, or they can choose the more under-handed road, which would designate them onto track B. Less ethical detectives (the B track) are those who bribe or beat up sims for information, rather than befriending them. They steal objects from others and claim them as “evidence,” and blackmail other sims.
    • Performing any of these actions forces the challenge onto the B track.
    • Avoiding these and taking the high road allows the challenge to enter track A.
  • Whichever kind of detective the heir(ess) decides to be has an effect on what kind of job his/her spouse must take.
    • Moral detectives cannot have criminal spouses.
    • Underhanded detectives cannot have law enforcement spouses.

This is the generation where we make a choice. Now Abby never rolled anything that specifically pointed one direction or the other, however, she is a kleptomaniac so she is likely on her way to criminal, but we will see what happens. Let’s get to it.

Right after Abby’s birthday we send the family to the jungle. Lara still needs to finish up the jungle adventure aspiration and we are still looking for the last of those fossils.

Lara heads into the jungle and gets herself to the temple without any issues. She checked for any fossils and didn’t find either of the 2 we are currently missing. I hope I can find them at some point.

She does, however, earn her aspiration. Apparently this is not the picture of that, but it happened at the same time. That means Lara has completed two aspirations and now gets the body builder aspiration as well.

Abby is also here, and while Lara has been running around the jungle Abby has been meeting the young adults around town. This girl, Miranda, is really pretty and Abby works to get to know her.

They hit it off better than Abby does with anyone else. We get to know Miranda and discover she is Evil, she is also Mean. Now I know that isn’t a great combination, but I was leaning towards sending Abby into the Criminal career and an evil spouse would make that perfect.

So Abby invites her back to the vacation house. They both look like they are up to something in this photo, which is too funny. We also learn Miranda’s last trait is cheerful. That’s quite the combo.

Yes, things seem to be going very well indeed. First kiss is had and we are officially going to try and get Miranda into the family. I might regret this, but since she’s controllable, I’ll hopefully be ok with this mean/evil sim.

So we take the chance with Abby, and…..rejection. Well to be fair, it was super early in the morning, everyone was tired, and I should not have tried this before they got some sleep. We’ll try again later.

The next morning Abby and her mom talk with each other in the kitchen. Everyone got some sleep and is feeling much better. Some food is cooked up so the family can eat together before we try this proposal again.

This time it’s a success! A wedding party will be thrown once we get back home from this trip so these two can get married, but for now, we will wrap up our trip to the jungle.

Not before a bit of a celebration, and a bit of sickness for poor Lara. She came down with some sort of bug, so it’s time to get the family home.

Back at home Abby takes a job in the criminal field. That means every child will have to have the evil trait, and once Abby reaches the top of the career we can have additional kids. We will also be following path B from here on out.

The first thing Abby needed to do for work was get her mischief up. From reading, I believe it was Salem’s blog, I learned that kids laugh off mischief interactions we send Abby to the park. Mischief Managed.

Zygo manages to bread the final frog we needed in order to complete the collection. That is another collection down and the plaque is placed with all of the frogs up on the balcony.

It’s a night of early generation hauntings as both Kiana and Belle are out tonight.

Kiana: Allow me to clear some of these dishes, how on earth do they keep this house clean?

It’s much bigger than the one you had when you started out isn’t it?

Kiana: Oh my yes, but it’s wonderful. My family has done so well.

Belle: Yes, it is so nice to see them being so successful still.

You two got them off on the right track for sure!

Since Lara needs to work out on a gym we send her and Abby to one of the gyms around the world and get Lara through her first milestone. Lara has, by far, been my most successful sim for sure.

Back at home it’s wedding time. Miranda and Abby look lovely in their dresses and the wedding party is a lot of fun. No goals or anything this time, just a nice party at the Sulani local hangout.

Back at home, I am surprised by Zygo having a birthday. I had completely forgotten I had received his birthday notice. It seems to early, and he hasn’t accomplished nearly as much as I would have hoped, still only sitting at level 7 in the science career. I should make more of an effort.

Happy Winterfest from the Tripp’s! It was a lovely holiday and a decision was made regarding what Miranda would do for her job. She was already in the Criminal career, but that is Abby’s to take on. Since Abby will be working towards being a crime boss, I decided it would be fun to have Miranda in the acting gig. So she gets herself an agency (which I like to believe is controlled by Abby’s bosses, and one day Abby) and prepares to enter acting.

Miranda’s first gig is something that requires music. Since her aspiration is musical genius (like Belle before her) I go ahead and leave it, and Miranda picks up the guitar. She isn’t going to go the violin route, not for that you need actual talent. Here Miranda will make it on her good looks, decent voice, and the ability to pluck a guitar adequately. Abby will use her connections to ensure Miranda is a success, as any true criminal would.

I think I’m going to call this update a wrap here. It’s been fun getting these two together, and I have a whole lot of ideas in my head for how this evil, mean (read temperamental) wanna be actress is going to make it big thanks to her criminal mastermind spouse. We’ll see how it actually plays out later. Hope you enjoyed this update!

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