A Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Second Set

Initial Days

When I last made an update for the scavenger hunt I ended up with 140 points in the first few days with Antonia Vincent and had found multiple things on the scavenger hunt list. Now, I only need to reach 200 points in order to get my full credit for it, but I might continue this a little longer and see if I can find more of items, but for now, let’s get back to Antonia.

After a new day at work Antonia went to the salon to get herself a bit of a makeover. She has gone goth. This was and I Dare You item in the list and so here we are with our new goth inspired Antonia. +20 Points

You can sort of see in the back there that we are back at the bar we visited in those early days and that means we have taken a picture with the skull picture. + 10 Points

Then, down a dark hallway we spy a Bone Hilda house. That means we might be able to wake her up and get a picture with her. Antonia heads down the hall, knocks, and sure enough, out comes Bone Hilda. +5 Points

We start looking around the bar a little bit more and off in a room to the side we find our next scavenger hunt image. Here is, what I would consider, a creepy painting. +10 Points

As Antonia was getting ready to leave the bar she spies a couple of werewolves just outside. They were actually turned so to make up for the fact in the initial days Antonia took a picture with a werewolf who wasn’t turned, she takes a picture here. She also was able to capture fangs. +10 Points

On her way home from work the next day, which is the first day of fall, she visited the store and bought herself a fun fall treat. When she got home we took a good knife to it. Antonia carved herself out an evil Jack-o-Lantern. +10 Points

This picture got a little dark, but Antonia went out collecting and I happened to notice you can see the tree’s shadow. +10 Points

Back at home it’s the night of the zombies again and as one comes out of the ground beside Antonia we snap a picture. So now we have our official picture of a zombie. +5 Points

Antonia finally has a day off and so she heads down to the fall festival. The trees are starting to turn some beautiful colors and so Antonia takes a picture with the autumn leaves. +5 Points

In the patch right beside Antonia in the picture above there happens to be a pumpkin headed scarecrow. While, as scarecrow is on our list, so I send Antonia over to take a picture with it. +10 Points

I then look down and realize that Antonia is standing next to a bunch of pumpkins. I have already kind of gotten pictures of a pumpkin when she was carving it, but here we get an official pumpkin picture. +5 Points

After taking a picture in the photo booth, because, why not. I may continue on with Antonia at some point so we will gather them. Anyhow, then it was time to head into the Haunted House. +10 Points

With that, I will have officially finished finding what was needed for the scavenger hunt. As I mentioned, however, I may continue on and see if I can continue to find the other items on the list, including things like Ambrosia, or a death fish. This was a ton of fun however, and I hope you enjoyed traveling around with Antonia.

TOTAL POINTS: 250 Points
Previous Points: 140
+5 Point Pics: 4
+10 Point Pics: 7
+20 Point Pics: 1

Initial Days