DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 10

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So the last update I know was a little short, so I will try and explain a little more what happened when I didn’t take pictures for a bit. Not sure how I missed taking so many pictures, but here we are.

As the weekend is here all the DeLacy’s were able to sleep in as much as they wanted, and Lilly wanted to read a book. Since she had a challenge to read a high school book, that’s what she did.

Charlie had thrown a wish to learn how to drive, but so far we have not attempted this. I did, however, get a notice that Sheyna got a free vacation. I didn’t know what that meant until she and Goodwin just left and became unselectable for a bit.

Of course, Charlie instantly threw a wish to throw a “teen party.” Having never done this I was like sure thing. So he set it up to be late that evening and then he went and pulled the laundry out of the dryer. Bless that kid. So the appointed time came for the party and we invited Charlie’s romantic interest, Lilly’s romantic interest, Nick and another fellow I don’t remember the name of now.

Charlie danced with his romantic interest, and so did Lilly, though I missed a picture of this. Then both Charlie and Lilly wanted to talk to the other guests, and so it was. That was when we discovered this was happening inside.

That’s Charlie and Lilly’s romantics interests slow dancing together. Nothing more seemed to have come from this and the kids had an ok party. Lilly wanted to do laundry and so she started another load, which got nearly all the laundry on the lot done. YAY. I then received noticed Sheyna and Goodwin would be home soon.

The teens made sure that Rebecca had all she needed, you can see the floor is delightfully clothes free in this room. Charlie was a good older brother and played with Rebecca and got her food.

When Sheyna and Goodwin came home, however, Goodwin went over and scolded Lilly. She was grounded. The reason? Trashing the house!!!! Now this is hilarious. The house was a disaster before they left, the kids actually did laundry so the house was cleaner than when they left but ok. Charlie went to bed and felt like he almost gloated the fact Lilly is the one to get grounded even though she did nothing wrong.

The next morning, however, Charlie got grounded too, also for trashing the house so maybe Lilly rated him out about the party. Not realizing this meant he couldn’t leave the house I tried to have Charlie ask to learn to drive. Ooops, can’t do that while grounded, so he begged for forgiveness and got his dad to take him out. He’s almost through learning.

I feel like the laundry may have been stuck before. Suddenly everyone is wishing to do laundry all the time. Here is Lilly starting some laundry, Sheyna rolled a wish shortly after this. I did, just to verify it wasn’t glitched before, did direct someone to do laundry to make sure it worked (even without a wish) and I don’t know if that put it back into gear or not, but I’m glad for whatever it is.

I can say that officially all clothes are off the floor (minus maybe one or two from changing for bed) and the hampers are basically empty now. I’m so happy to not just have piles of clothes living everywhere.

The full moon came again and Goodwin and Charlie would not come home on their own from learning to drive. They stood by the lake, Goodwin freaking out, to the point where I thought it possible a kid could drive into the lake.

Nope, they were just starving, but refused to go home. Charlie instead sat down to brood. Since he hates the outdoors he was also miserable with a desire to go inside, and yet still they sat there. I finally forced them to come home so they didn’t starve out there, or freeze to death. The rest of the family was happily getting ready for Monday.

With Monday comes school and Charlie headed out to the bus, Lilly was making some waffles and without thinking about it I tried to send her to school. Sheyna then told her she was mad about it and grounded her from the computer. No big loss to Lilly, it’s broken and has been for a while.

I felt bad because Lilly wasn’t going to go to school on her own, I was the reason for it, so instead she met wishes in cleaning dishes, taking out the recycling, etc. It must have worked because she was able to go to work later that evening.

Sheyna, having Monday off, spent the time finishing up Rebecca’s potty training as well as teaching her to finish talking. Rebecca is all trained up and ready to grow up in the next few days with all her skills.

Lilly really is a very good big sister to Rebecca and always throws wishes to chat with her and snuggle her. I’m excited to see how Rebecca grows up. Sheyna now wishes for Rebecca to grow up well.

When Charlie got out of school that day she wished to go over to another classmates house and I said, OF COURSE!!! So he went off and when I checked on him later he was building an igloo. We then received notice that a field trip would be happening the next day.

When the kids woke up, Charlie missed the bus, or rather refused to head to the bus, but Lilly was on early. She went to school and I tried to send Charlie for quite a while before realizing Lilly was outside school building her own igloo. Turns out it was a snow day. Of course, then they both got notice that they had skipped school on field trip day.

Silly game!

Sheyna had a couple of additional work projects today, so she went out and diligently did her job. I still don’t feel like I understand what makes a look “fit” what they are looking for or not. I’m sure there is something that goes into that.

Rebecca is close to growing up now, and the family is getting ready for her to be a child, and that should leave plenty of time for Goodwin and Sheyna to focus on their careers. Goodwin is getting close to another promotion, which should put him at level 8. They are still a couple who are very very much in love.

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DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 9

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So at the end of the last update, I made a note that Lilly had thrown prom wishes for Nick. When I loaded the game back up they were gone, so I guess it was a fleeting thing.

Instead of getting into the information about Prom, let’s first take a look at home the family is fairing overall and what they are all up to. First, Sheyna threw wishes to potty train, Rebecca.

She also threw wishes to play with her and teach her to talk. None of these things were finished yet, but that’s ok, Rebecca is still young, and her parents have proven to be good parents to all their kids.

Lilly decided to cook and wanted to grill some hotdogs, I believe. Things did not go exactly the way she hoped it would. Good thing her dad is a firefighter.

After the near-disaster of dinner being burned and nearly the house too, Lilly took a safer path for dinner and made up something that didn’t require the grill.

We had received the notice about Charlie growing up and after everyone had started to head for bed for the night Charlie decided he was tired of waiting for a cake that wasn’t likely to ever come.

Charlie hadn’t gotten an A in school, only made it up to a B so I didn’t get to choose the next trait, and since we are rolling anyway this doesn’t seem like quite the loss it might, but he rolled Brooding. Yes, he is a brooding vampire who hates the outdoors.

Goodwin had been rolling wishes to do things with Sheyna and to hold, snuggle, and play with Rebecca. Rebecca seems to be the “favorite” of the house as Lilly and Charlie also roll wishes for her, but so far only Sheyna has wished to teach her skills. So it was time for her to learn to walk and they completed this in the middle of piles upon piles of dirty clothes since no one wants to do laundry.

Charlie: Hey dad, dad, look at my fangs. *Argh*


Charlie: What? Look at my fangs, so pointy!

Goodwin: Charlie, Charlie….if you want to intimidate someone you have to actually release your fangs.

Oh boy, vampire training.

Goodwin: See son, it’s got to be like this…

Charlie: Oh….yeah, look at those. Wait, how do you…

Goodwin: Ok, what you have to do is…

Well, that’s enough vampire lessons for me today, let’s go check on Rebecca.

Rebecca also has an IF named Boinky. We will have to change that at some point if we don’t want to get confused with two Boinky’s around.

Boinky #2: I am on a ledge, sneak sneak sneak, see Rebecca

Rebecca: *stares off into the distance*

Sheyna is very excited to get back to work on Friday. She is only a handful of days away from being an elder and is still only at level 4 in her career and LTW. Having 3 kids really has kept her from progressing as fast as she would like.

That night is prom and Charlie is home to take the limo to school. Lilly was at work so she went from work to the school instead of coming home first and riding in the limo. Neither kid had a date.

However, let’s check out how prom went fro these two. First, let’s take a look at Charlie’s prom:

Well looks like Charlie not only found himself a girlfriend, he made prom king, got into a couple of fights and then started getting a little paranoid at the end. How did Lilly’s prom end up?

Lilly’s prom went back and forth. She started out with a pretty picture, then got herself all paranoid about aliens and llamas, but then she got to be prom king, got a boyfriend that wasn’t Nick, but then apparently asked her crush to dance (was it Nick or Kristian?) and got turned down. Still, both kids came home seemingly happy about prom.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but Charlie had thrown a wish to do laundry. BLESS THAT BOY!!! So he threw some clothes into the washer. Well low and behold, would you know it, but Sheyna went and switched it to the dryer all by herself.

Then right before Goodwin had to leave for work again he threw a wish to kiss Sheyna. These two, I swear, are just the cutest. I really do love them as a couple, too cute for words.

This feels like a great place to end this update, although it is a little bit shorter than some of the others. We are heading into the weekend for the family and I have been very bad about taking pictures as of late.

I will explain though, that I have recently gotten and installed the world adventures expansion for the game, so now we are starting to see wishes to go on a vacation, I also am working hard to see if I can get Sheyna enough points to buy herself a youth potion since Goodwin has so far to go being a vampire, and Sheyna is almost an elder and still only at level 4 in her job. She did get through 2 makeovers and can start to focus on work now, so here’s hoping.

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DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 8

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Welcome back to the DeLacy Wishacy, where the last time we joined this family Charlie grew up into a a child wearing…interesting pj’s. Sheyna and Goodwin were trying to baby 3, but to no avail during the last update. So what has the family been up to then? Let’s find out.

The first things that Charlie wishes for upon growing up are ointments or potions, so we have his get to work on the alchemy table. He seems to do better than his father, but ultimately the potion blows up in his face all the same.

Sheyna is relaxing in the rocking chair, one of her favorite places when we notice her clothes have changed. I have not gotten the notice, but it is clear she is pregnant again. Both parents will be thrilled.

Goodwin is doing great at his job, I really should have started with a male sim. Poor Sheyna isn’t anywhere close finishing her lifetime wishes because she has spent so much time pregnant. I have vowed, even if they wish for it, this will be their last baby. Poor woman needs to become the fashion phenom she wants to be.

Regardless, Goodwin’s job keeps him busy and he’s rising through the ranks quickly. One this day he has to “save” a same from the fire. You can actually see the person he needs to save panicking in the background, in no way in danger of the small fire burning inside. Still, Goodwin breaks his way through to convince the guy to run and succeeds once again.

Both Goodwin and Sheyna are marvelous parents about 90% of the time. They almost always autonomously do things with their kids, or for their kids, and the rest of the time they wish for their kids. So both Lilly and Charlie are pretty doted on. Lilly even gets a bedtime story from mom.

Lilly: Charlie, you are still all singed and smell all burnt.

Charlie: Yeah, so? I was hungry

Lilly: But we have school today, do you want to show up all, all….gross?

Charlie: *shurgs* I’m a boy, not sure anyone will care.

Lilly: Well then can you go downstairs so I can eat without having to smell you??

The next day was Saturday and Lilly wanted to invite people over, actually she wanted to become best friends with Nick. They became good friends last update and she is wanting to take it further. So she is allowed to invite him and some other sims over. Her half-sister also shows up today, and the two of them start by working on some homework.

Charlie, one the other hand, had been wishing to learn writing and to take a writing course. Since it’s Saturday he’s allowed to ride his back to the writing course and leaves feeling very happy with his choices for the day.

Back at the house Nick has also come over, and we don’t recognize him at all. Nick has grown into a teenager. That’s ok because Lilly, amazingly enough will be a teenager the next day. She throws wishes to play dominos with Nick. So a domino table is bought and they sit down for a game.

Downstairs Sheyna is having a pillow fight with Charlie. I cannot remember which one of them wished for this, but it was a wish for sure. I believe Charlie wanted it.

Charlie also took a turn at the dominos board with a girl that was invited over with Nick and his dad. He really wanted to have a 4 person game, but the 4th person would never sit down, so we let it go. After some good domino games and a lot of fun, the kids sit at the table and have some juice before it’s time to say goodnight.

The next day is a very exciting day for the whole family. First, early in the morning Sheyna goes into labor. We will soon have our new little DeLacy.

We have a new little girl. Meet Rebecca DeLacy. From her coloring I’m going to say she takes after her daddy and will be a little vampiress.

Lilly was wanting to sleep in a “top bunk” so she took over Charlie’s bed for the night, and Charlie asked his dad for a bedtime story. It took a bit since Goodwin was upgrading the shower, but he was happy to oblige after the fact.

It was then birthday day. First to “grow up” was Boinky, who turned into a “live” toy after being played with by Lilly.

Then it was Lilly’s turn. I had meant to throw her a party and the household just got crazy enough and no one wished to throw one so it didn’t happen. Lilly wants to “attend a party” which was how I was going to get away with it, but regardless, she grew up well all the same.

A bit of a makeover was in order because while I don’t hate that hairstyle on some sims, it did not suit out little Lilly. This is much better.

After everyone was done blowing noise makers and cheering for Lilly’s birthday it was Lilly’s turn to cheer for her friend Boinky to grow up too. Boinky is going to be around a while I think. I do find it funny to watch Lilly doing things with an invisible “person” to everyone else and only when I select her do I see Boinky.

Sheyna finally upgraded the shower she was asked to upgrade and that night, with everyone home and a few small minutes of time on her hand she set out to return the shower. While there she chatted a bit before heading back home.

Lilly, bless her heart, appears to like to be neat. Even though it isn’t a trait she hold she is always wanting to clean. I keep hoping she will want to do laundry but so far, no such luck. Charlie even wished to buy Bonehilda, which was done, but no one has wanted to activate her, and she doesn’t do laundry anyway.

Regardless of all that, I moved the washer and dryer into the basement, hoping it would trigger some wishes, no such luck, but Lilly wished to repair the shower that had been broken all week. They kept moping up the puddles, but no one wished to fix it.

Lilly turns out to be a big help with little Rebecca too, and a quick glance at these two pictures, of mom and big sister dotting on little Rebecca you can really see Sheyna has been a good mom and taught Lilly well.

Charlie, not to be forgotten in all the chaos that seems to surround this family somedays, held a wish to right a novel since his writing class. So he diligently worked on one nearly ever day, almost any chance he could get. Turns out, he’s not half bad at sci-fi writing for a little kid.

Goodwin throws up wishes for his wife with a fair amount of consistency. He loves her deeply, and wishes for a kiss and stargazing together are accepted readily by Sheyna, who, even after her mid-life crisis, still loves her husband.

We will end this update with one additional birthday that happened during this play session. Little baby Rebecca is now a toddler.

I love that this little girl has her mom’s hair, and she is indeed a little vampiress. It will be interesting to see how the family does now with the children getting older. Lilly did manage to get an A in elementary school, and Charlie is at a B currently.

Rebecca rolled the traits of Loves the Outdoors and Couch Potato, which should make her interesting. So now we have one kids who always wants to be outside, Rebecca, and one who never wants to be outside, Charlie. Goodwin has gotten up to a level 8 Fireman, he just keeps succeeding. I hope Sheyna will now have time to focus on her career.

As one final little side note that I think is adorable, I got notice that prom is almost here. Lilly threw up two wishes right around this time. Ask Nick to Prom and Kiss Nick. Seems that little girl friendship really is blossoming. I’m making a note to try and remember to ask him to prom when I am back with this family next. We will see what happens.

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DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 7

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Back with the DeLacy family and we will start with Goodwin being at work as a firefighter. He had the desire to get his athletic skill up and since there is exercise equipment at the fire station, she takes advantage and starts working out.

It is not easy to have two sims with “controllable” careers, and while I am looking at Sheyna, who started work today, I click back on Goodwin and it says he’s out preparing to handle a fire. He gets there and does a great job.

While both parents are gone for the day we have a baby sitter taking care of Charlie. Lilly gets home after school and want to make friends with someone, so she plays peek-a-boo with her brother, and gives him a big hug. Awwwww

Sheyna is happy to be back at work, but apparently has been out of the game too long as her first client isn’t thrilled with her work. All she wanted was accessories and these looked nice with her “new dress” but whatever.

At her second attempt he just wants some new facial hair. I think he could use a whole new wardrobe, but hey, who are we to judge. This time it turns out much better and he is added into her portfolio.

On our final make-over in the course of a couple of days, this fairy got a promotion and wants to be made over to look even richer than he already is. Since he was wearing suits and tuxes already I’m not sure how we were supposed to do this, but we gave him some combinations that we thought would say to the world, I only buy the best, and also am “in” on fashion.

He was thrilled with the result, sadly, I missed the pictures of him sizzling his own butt (yes, seriously, he kissed his finger, turned to the side, bent over and did the “I’m hot” action to his butt.) Sheyna took her portfolio picture and got out of there.

Then I go to check on Goodwin and he’s off again. This time he’s headed to the school. Apparently a plant is trying to eat all the students and teachers. After he takes care of the plant he sees both of his daughters outside the school and says hello to them.

Poor Lilly, actually the whole family, got no sleep the night before. Charlie was crying and no one wanted to go to their own bed which left people falling sleep in the rocking chair, and napping. So when Lilly finally got home, after the excitement of the day she passed out.

The radio quickly woke her up and she headed to her actual bed. Everyone got a really good nights sleep that night, which was much needed and in the morning it was Leisure Day. Hurrah!

The first thing Sheyna and Goodwin do is try for that elusive baby. I was sure this time it worked, but alas, no such luck.

Lilly has decided she will be queen of this update and after eating some breakfast autonomously starts to clean up all the dishes. Before too long Goodwin also helps out and cleans up some of his plasma juice boxes.

Goodwin then really wants to upgrade 5 things. Sheyna had this wish not that long ago and upgraded quite a few things, but the stove was bot part of that, and so Goodwin has a good. Before long it’s fireproof.

Sheyna eats in the newly cleaned up dining room, and while there are still a couple of plasma juice boxes on the table, everyone is feeling much better about the upstairs of their house. Now if only someone would wish to do laundry.

Instead of wishing for laundry, Lilly throws a wish to go to the festival. I check and no one else has this wish, so Lilly heads out on her bike. It’s a long ride to the festival grounds, but she makes it without a problem.

Lilly wanted to get a photo taken, so she heads to the tent to do that and then I just leave her to see what she does next. She ops to go and complete in the eating contest.

Lilly: Ugh, hotdogs??!!!! Why did it have to be hotdogs?

What’s wrong with hotdogs?

Lilly: Nothing specifically, I just am picking out hotdogs.

Random woman: Why haven’t they started yet? I really need to use the bathroom soon!

Ooook….this should be interesting.

The competition begins, and the lady who needed to use the bathroom finishes first. Lilly is ahead of both of the guys however.

Lilly: *mmmhese mre moo maa*

I’m sorry Lilly I didn’t make any of that out with your full stuffed full of hot dogs.

Lilly: *takes a quick breath* These aren’t bad.

Right as she was about to finish Lilly walks away and pulls out Boinky.

Lilly: What is it? I was about to get 2nd.

Boinky: Must protect you

Lilly: Protect me from what, an upset stomach?

Oh for pete’s sake Boinky, she was fine, I was watching her.

Boinky: NO, I PROTECT!

*backs away slowly* You talk to him Lilly

After a fun afternoon at the fair Lilly head’s home and wants to make another friend. We know 2 kids in the neighborhood and Lilly invites them over. Both show, yay!

Lilly and Nick talk about their favorite foods and about school. I then get the notification that it’s time for zombies again and sure enough, one pops out of the ground right by the kids.

Doesn’t seem to deter them in the least and before long Nick and Lilly are friends.

You know, Lilly, he could potentially be a good match for you later.

Lilly: Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He doesn’t even know dad and Charlie are…….*looks around and lowers voice* vampires.

So they content themselves with making silly faces at each other and I decide to head inside and see how everyone else is doing.

Charlie is busy playing at the play table Lilly had wished for as soon as she became a child. She hasn’t played with it once. Sort of like the bake sale table she wished for, but she has no toy oven.

I was notified earlier in the day that is it Charlie’s birthday today, and it was right around this time that I got pulled over to Charlie to watch him grow up.

Oh Charlie, that “outfit” you grew up in. I really hope that isn’t your “everyday” outfit. Still, he’s a pretty handsome young boy, and still has those vampire eyes. Since he did not get potty trained I didn’t get to “pick” his trait, which would have been rolled anyway, so he gets animal lover.

With that, I again feel like this is a good place to end the update. Will Sheyna and Goodwin have anymore kids? How will Charlie do in school? Sheyna already threw a wish for him to get on the honor roll as well. We will have to see next update.

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DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 6

Chapter 5 | Rules | Chapter 7

When we were last with the DeLacy family Charlie had grown into a toddler and little Lilly was also a toddler with an imaginary friend doll that watched her sleep. Goodwin was doing well as a fireman, and Sheyna hadn’t had much chance to work being pregnant all the time.

When we join the family we remember that Goodwin had somehow gotten fried, although I no longer remember exactly what happened. He and Sheyna are trying for another baby as they both hold the wish for it to happen. In the meantime, however, Goodwin is happy playing with his little girl.

Sheyna decides to make some food. The house is becoming a bit of a mess as no one autonomously puts food away and they never wish to do it or clean anymore. Still, Goodwin and Sheyna sit down together for breakfast.

Goodwin would really like to teach Charlie to talk, so he sits down and gets to work on it. It does take a little longer than I remember it taking Lilly, but eventually he does learn it.

Then I remembered I got the notice that it was Lilly’s birthday today. She doesn’t get a party, sadly, but that doesn’t seem to affect TS3 sims as much as it does TS4 sims. Lilly grew up well and got to “pick” the next traits, which was rolled and she got Clumsy. So Lilly is now Brave and Friendly, but Clumsy.

I do change her hair up a little bit because I’m not a huge fan of this style on her, but she is at least a cute little girl. I will be interested to see what she looks like as a teen when we get there.

Since it’s late when she ages up the first thing she wants is a bedtime story from mo, so she can go to sleep. Sheyna gladly complies with the wish, and I realize I will want to put a bookcase downstairs with the bedrooms as the time it takes for Sheyna to go get a book from upstairs is just silly.

Goodwin is trying to earn sim of the day, week, play session…whatever it is, and decides to work on the toilet all by himself. He broke it and instantly rolled up a wish to fix it, which he does without me even directing him.

The next day at work is all about maintaining things. Since it’s part of his job to keep things maintained we go ahead and direct Goodwin to take care of the engine. Right after that he wants to upgrade the fire alarm system, so he gets started on that.

Sheyna is still holding a wish to teach Charlie to walk, so on one of her last days at home we have her work on that skill as well. Charlie has learned to walk and talk, but not potty and no one is holding that wish.

The next day is school and Lilly heads off and gets an opportunity to drop off permission slips. After she gets home she pulls out her bike and heads out. This gives you a good view of her small makeover, and I think she is adorable. I might have her mom give her a full make-over later.

Sheyna would like to learn a bit of writing and so she sits down to work on it at the computer, and Charlie gets to play with his imaginary friend doll, who is named Cuddles. Cuddles was “dancing” in the basement before I stuck her back in Charlie’s backpack.

After dropping off the permission slips to the town hall Boinky, Lilly’s imaginary friend, is insistent on being played with. So Lilly sits down and plays with him.

Lilly: I know you get lonely when I’m in school, but I really have to focus, mom wants me to get good grades.

Boinky: Play with Boinky, Boinky protect you, watch over you.

Lilly: Oh Boinky, I love you, but I’m fine.

The quest for a new baby continues with Goodwin and Sheyna, this time in the shower. They keep trying, but I’m starting to wonder if another baby is going to happen for them. I thought at one point it worked, but sadly, she never popped.

Sheyna shocks me but deciding, all on her own, to finally clean up the papers that have been piled up outside her door since she moved here. She hasn’t cared about the papers for “years” but suddenly she starts recycling them.

Sheyna: They are making this place a mess.

So while I’m happy that you are cleaning, I think what’s making the lot such a mess are the piles upon piles of dirty clothes and all the dishes that are piling up around the kitchen/dining room.

After going back inside Sheyna, who is holding a wish for Lilly to get on the honor roll asks her to do her homework. No one wished for homework, but I decided that her wish for her to be on the honor roll meant she could direct Lilly to do the homework with the intent of upping her grades.

With that I feel like it’s a good place to end this update. So far the wish for another baby has gone unfulfilled, but we will keep trying. Charlie’s birthday is coming up and now that Lilly has wishes as well we will have to see how it goes. Sheyna should also be headed back to work, finally.

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DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 5

Chapter 4 | Rules | Chapter 6

When Charlie was born Goodwin wanted to leave work right away and go hold his new son. It was actually quite cute. He also has the desire to teach Lilly to walk.

Sheyna, on the other hand, still needs to finish the challenge of working out for 4 hours. So she gets to it while the babies are asleep. She manages to get all the work out done.

When Goodwin gets home he hold his son, Charlie, and is a very happy vampire. Then he grabs Lilly and starts to teach her how to walk.

The next day is Love Day and both Sheyna and Goodwin have the wish to go to the festival that is in town. So they get the kids taken care of in the morning, hire a babysitter, and hop into Goodwin’s truck to head to the festival grounds.

When they first arrive at the festival both of them throw a wish to get a greeting card photo. So that is done. Then they both wish to do other festival activities, such as hunting eggs. Watching Goodwin gathering eggs it’s everything.

Goodwin: Oooo, here’s one. Snatch you up my pretty little egg! My you are pretty one.

Umm….nice find? At least it’s in the shade so you don’t start burning up.

Goodwin: That’s what my umbrella is for, to protect me in the sun while out doing activities.

Right, oh…I think there is another egg behind you in the square.

Goodwin: Oooh….*giggles and runs off*

Both Sheyna and Goodwin go to get their faces painted. Neither get what they requested, and while Sheyna semi looks like she got part of her face painted like a dog, Goodwin looks…well, see for yourself…

Luckily the sky had clouded over and Goodwin was able to complete the festival activities without the need of the umbrella. Then it begins to hail and the couple heads home and relieves the babysitter.

Sheyna, with her face still painted, worked on upgrading the sink. It’s then we notice that the update wish has been replaced so I shouldn’t have actually directed her to do this.

Lilly has become very good friends with her imaginary friend doll. I am starting to think, at least Lilly’s doll, is a little creepy. It now stands over her and watches her sleep.

Imaginary Friend: I have a name you know

Yes, I know, but I keep forgetting to write it done and can’t remember it off the top of my head

Imaginary Friend: I must watch over the child, must protect the child.

Lilly isn’t in any danger at the moment, you don’t have to just tower over her in her crib.

Imaginary Friend: MUST watch the child, MUST protect the child.


I have received notice that is is now Charlie’s birthday. At first I felt bad for Charlie, as both parents threw wishes to watch Lilly grow up, but didn’t throw any wishes for Charlie to grow up. Then, a little later in the day they both threw wishes to rock the baby in the rocking chair. Awww, they just don’t want their sweet baby boy to grow up.

Sheyna and Goodwin discuss life, his fitness level, getting a treadmill and how Sheyna is staying in shape after a couple of kids. Incidentally, they both are holding a wish to have another baby.

Charlie is picked up by his parents and watched as he grows up into a toddler. He is clearly a vampire like his dad, you can see it in the creepy look of his eyes. Still, he is a cute little boy, looks much more like his father than Lilly did.

Instantly both parents throw the wish to teach Charlie to walk. Sheyna gets first crack at it and begins the training while Goodwin goes to take care of his little girl.

The house has fallen a into a mess currently, and a shower has been broken in the bathroom for some time. Luckily Goodwin woke up with the wish to fix it so it is no longer flooding.

I truly expected the wish to come from Sheyna as she is the handy one, but Goodwin has been learning it for work, so he threw the wish. I need someone to want, or wish to do laundry. Goodwin has wanted it in the past, but so far no such luck.

This feels like a good spot to end our time with the family. We got notice that it is now Lilly’s birthday so we will see her growing up during the next play through. It is very exciting. Then the decision will be made if Sheyna becomes pregnant again to meet both of their wishes.

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DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 4

Chapter 3 | Rules | Chapter 5

When we left this lovely little family Lilly had been born and was getting close to being a toddler. Goodwin and Sheyna got married in a small little home ceremony and Goodwin started wishing for another baby. Sheyna also grew up into an adult.

This time we start with Sheyna still holding the wish to upgrade multiple items, so she makes the shower self-cleaning. It will be nice to not have to worry about cleaning it all the time.

After the upgrading the shower Sheyna autonomously went to take care of little Lilly. She would be a dream ISBI sim. She is a great parent to her sweet little baby girl.

Goodwin is really wanting a vampire sunscreen and since we cannot find it to buy anyway we start the work to make one on our own. Sadly, he is terrible and singes himself even attempting to find a potion.

Umm….Goodwin? Perhaps you should go shower before handling the baby. Although, Lilly just seems happy being held by her daddy, so I guess I’ll let it go, still, go shower!

Sheyna has taken to checking herself in the mirror a lot. Since she got older it seems she is super worried about wrinkles. Sheyna, I PROMISE you, you will still get clients who want you to make them over!

Then, because I forgot at the end of the last chapter, that we got the notification about little Lilly’s birthday, Lilly grows up alone in her room. She didn’t seem to overly mind though. She is a very cute little doughy baby. I actually see a LOT of her mother in her.

Sheyna once again proves she makes a wonderful mom and instantly starts wishing to buy toddler things, like toys, high chair, etc. She always wants to snuggle her daughter, and…..this initially sounded scary….attack her with the claw. But, turns out, it’s an adorable tickle type session.

Goodwin has started work at the fire department and has done well, getting a promotion already. His wishes have all moved to a new baby, and things for Sheyna and Lilly, so they have tried for baby a couple more times. Sheyna focuses on the baby they do have though, and rocks with Lilly completely autonomously.

Lilly is a very good little girl, and used to being alone a lot of the time. She is Brave and Friendly so she highly enjoys her imaginary friend toy.

We visit Goodwin at work and he wanted to maintain the Firetruck, and so it was. Looking at the rules he is allowed to do what he needs to do at work, so even if he doesn’t wish for it we can likely do this again.

Sheyna gets the challenge to work out for 4 hours or more, and so she gets started by using her husbands chin-up bar. She makes it nearly 3 hours before she calls it quit for the day.

Then we get a notice and zoom straight to Sheyna. She is now pregnant with the couple’s second child. I have also been informed that she has gained the Eternally Faithful reputation.

Sheyna: I want to divorce Goodwin.

WHAT?!!! You just got eternally faithful and have another baby on the way!

Sheyna: Yes, exactly. I want to divorce Goodwin. He got me pregnant again, and he cheated on me

That’s not fair! He didn’t cheat on you. He had a high school sweetheart he had a baby with and he was trying to figure things out with her when he met you. He’s been faithful since you made your relationship offical.

Sheyna: I don’t care, I don’t want to be pregnant again!! I wan a divorce.

This is partially just the mid-life crisis talking, and pregnancy hormones . You do not get to divorce Goodwin. He’s a good dad, and been a good husband!

Sheyna: *sigh* Fine.

Go potty train Lilly for a little bit. You will thank me later!

Then during a zombie moon Sheyna also works on teaching Lilly how to talk. She is now fully potty trained, and knows how to talk after this little sit down.

Goodwin, meanwhile, the good husband he is wishes to read a pregnancy book so he is prepared to be a dad. Seriously, he is a really good dad! Sheyna is just going through some stuff.

Goodwin then has the wishes to have a baby, have a baby specifically with his wife, and woohoo his wife.

Goodwin: What? I want to expand the family!!

Yes, I get that, and I’m all for letting you, but I don’t know that Sheyna wants to spend much more time pregnant, even though she is family-oriented.

Goodwin: Is it because I’m….*looks around and lowers his voice*

a vampire?

I do not think that’s what it is. Sheyna is worried about getting older, especially since you won’t got older quickly as a vampire, and the pregnancy hormones are hitting her strong this time.

Goodwin: I shall go make her feel desirable and wanted!

Sheyna: *signing* Ba ban na ba na ba na

You seem much chipper now.

Sheyna: *dreamily* I have the best husband in the world!!!

Oh good, so you don’t want to divorce him anymore?

Sheyna: Divorce him!!!??? Are you crazy!!!??? I’m pregnant!

Yes, I know you are, but you……you know what. Not important. I am glad you are happy with your husband.

Sheyna: I am HUNGRY though, this baby gets cranky without food!

Goodwin, of course, headed back to work feeling good and being a very happy man. Apparently that woohoo did the trick and everything is back to normal with these two. Goodwin even fights a fire all by himself!

By the end of the day he’s ready to go home to his wife, which is good because, I know what this face means:

It’s baby time!!

After what felt like an eternity to both Sheyna and myself she gives birth to a new baby. We now have a baby boy, who happens to take after his dad in that he’s a vampire.

Meet Charlie DeLacy

With the birth of Charlie it feels like a good time to end this update. This family is very sweet, and next update will likely see Lilly learn to walk, as Goodwin is holding the wish for it.

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DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 3

Chapter 2 | Rules | Chapter 4

During the last update, Sheyna worked on getting another promotion and had some dates with Goodwin which resulted in them taking their relationship to the next level.

We start this update with a fun announcement. Yes, that second woohoo with Goodwin resulted (based on the rules) in a Try for Baby situation to ensure the next generation would make it, and Sheyna has become pregnant.

The storm is howling outside as Sheyna settles in to being pregnant with Goodwin’s child. She luckily doesn’t have to go anywhere today. Instead she can just enjoy watching the snow.

Knowing that she will have a baby Sheyna has gone to buy some books about pregnancy and parenting. While at the bookstore she also bought additional books on cookies, logic and handiness. Once home she buckles down and starts to learn what to expect.

In no time the baby shows it is due to come. Sheyna doesn’t head to the hospital, it’s so far away, and makes more sense for her to just stay here and have the baby. We have a baby girl that is named Lilly DeLacy. Sheyna loves her little girl.

Since we can’t do anything without Sheyna wishing for it, we hope she desires things for her daughter, and of course, she does. She wishes for a crib and items for the baby and spends time with her autonomously all the time.

Goodwin invites Sheyna over for a Christmas party and Sheyna of course says yes. She also decides to bring baby Lilly along so that Goodwin can meet his daughter. Sheyna decides now is the time. There is a daughter in the picture and in the middle of the party she drops to one knee.

After getting engaged at the party, a wedding is quickly thrown together and Sheyna and Goodwin get married at Sheyna’s shack and have Goodwin move in right away.

Once he has gotten settled Goodwin almost instantly wants to start doing things with his daughter. The shack has had a basement added and has been expanded some to offer room for the new couple and their baby girl.

Lilly also got a little toy from a far away family member. It is placed with her in her crib and after a little bit of a search I learn a little more what this thing can be used for and is good for.

The rocking chair in Lilly’s room has become one of the favorite chairs in the home. Both Sheyna and Goodwin love to nap in it, or just sit, sometimes with Lilly and rock.

Sheyna has a birthday into adult hood and Goodwin has locked in a wish to have another baby with Sheyna. They will be getting started on that one right away. There is at least one heir, and Sheyna has even gotten a promotion to level 3 as a Stylist.

Will Sheyna and Goodwin have another baby? What will Lilly be like as she grows up? Will Goodwin reach his goals? These are all questions to be answered in a later chapter, but hope you have enjoyed so far!

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