Welcome to Sims Stories

Welcome to my blog home for all things TS3 and TS4. If you have stumbled across this page accidentally and are still interesting in things about the Sims, you are in luck, cause that’s what we are all about here!

I am a bit of a glutton for punishment when it comes to start challenges and I have quite a few, some on hiatus and some still considered active. I likely won’t keep this list updated, but at the moment, in September 2019 I have a Wishacy, Dumpster Diver, Name Game, and EPIC challenges going across TS3 and TS4. If you are curious about any of the rules or understanding what those challenges are the links will be posted on their pages, and on their individual updates as well.

I have so many challenges I would love to play, and I hope to continue to bring you fun updates throughout time and bring stories that make you laugh or get inspired to try things yourself. All the versions of these games have things to enjoy and so many different ways to play or options to try.

As a quick little background about me, I have been playing The Sims since the original version, and while I didn’t get or play through all the expansions for TS1 I did enjoy the game, and got all of the content for TS2. I believe TS2 is likely my favorite version of the game, but as I said before, all the versions have something I really enjoy. I still have 3 active challenges going in TS2 as well as a couple in hiatus that I have links to on this site if you want to check them out. They are hosted in other areas.

I work from home most days doing support for our sales system, have two adorable/beautiful cats that are about 11 years old this year (2019) and outside of simming I knit, cross-stitch, scrapbook, watch too much TV, and play lots of other video games. Please enjoy the site, the stories that are posted, and I love comments and will always try to respond to any thoughts you want to share with me, even on “old” posts.

I am here to answer any questions I can, connect with you about my sims, these games, or even stories about your own sims. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet!

If you are someone who enjoy The Sims or enjoys reading about The Sims, talking about them, or just understanding more about the game I suggest you come check out Boolprop. It’s an active community made up of simmers of all kinds and we would love to have you over there!