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SimNaNo Entry #18

Hello, welcome to our final SimNaNo update. It’s hard to believe we have gotten to this final update, or that we are already through July. Still, by the end of the last update, we had finished our photo goal, and we should not have any issue completing our word goal this update. We had lots of birthdays last time and we will see what all happens in this update.

We start with Mio working on some candles again. I love the look she has while she is waiting for the candle to set. She is quite a beautiful sim, in my opinion, and I’m very glad we found her. I think she is going to be rather elegant as she ages too.

Since Ricquel needs to make a best friend and she is really close with her sister, we have them become best friends forever. I love this interaction, although it makes me sad you can only ever have one best friend forever. Why can’t I have more than one? Still, who better to be your BFF growing up than your sister.

After school that day Orquid comes with with an A in school. Congrats to her! We have kept her busy, but all the kids are doing a great job with school. We should have a fair amount of points from the kids at the end of this generation.

There is a couple new family updates today and both Lowitja and Paula are now elders. That means we will not be getting any children for Lowitja and her husband, but that’s all right. Ijtiba and Amarja have had quite a few, and it’s possible Xjavier will still have some too.

It is Dequan’s birthday to toddlerhood, and this house is getting so chaotic I’m beginning to have trouble keeping up with everything. I’ll get it back under control soon. I love this family, but I’m also ready for a bit of a break. Anyway, Dequan is a cutie and he rolls the Independent trait.

The family has a dinner and movie night to spend time all together. Not the they necessarily need to spend MORE time together. I don’t know what movie they all watched, but everyone was needing fun and social, so this felt like the perfect way to take care of both all at once. It always amazes me when anyone in this family needs social.

The only thing Orquid had left to do with her aspiration was to play the violin for multiple hours. Mio seems to be pleased with the progress that she has made. Since she has already maxed out her creativity, this builds up violin itself. Maybe she’ll become some violin prodigy.

Shortly after that, we get the notice that she has completed the aspiration. She has enough time to likely get through a second, so we roll for another and she gets Social Butterfly, just like her sister. Luckily, since they were already best friends, she breezed through the first couple milestones in no time at all.

In order to help both Orquid and Ricquel with their social stuff, we stop by and get to know Ijtiba’s wife and their kids. Lucas being a child gave Orquid all the various aged sims she needed to meet and taking pictures gave 2 of the needed friends that both girls needed.

After their scouting meeting on another day, they went to Amarja’s house and worked on gaining friendships with her boys. There were a lot more photos being taken and lots of conversations. It’s almost spooky day, and I am determined to somehow figure out how to have the kids do trick or treating.

Before we get to that, however, we have some family updates. I had missed that Michelle remarried after Ixael’s death, not that I blame her with all those kids. So when she had Ixael’s final baby she gets Michelle’s new last name. Amarja is now an elder, and it’s weird to realize both Hjordis sister’s are elders while she is still technically a YA due to the constant pregnancies. Well that and the fact we fed her one youth potion while she was in college. Finally, Zax’s twins are also elders. The family has gotten a lot older.

Dequan is still here and he is working on his skills when the family is out traipsing around for social stuff. I have not had a chance to give him a make-over yet but it’s coming very soon. He is more Hjordis than Mio, and he also got Halix’s green eyes. I love the variety of looks for this generation.

The oldest boys sit and do homework together. I missed getting a picture of it, but part of what was making Haquim laugh here was because Jacque had just used his book like a puppet. It was quite humorous, but you probably had to be there.

It is now Spooky day and the kids all made pumpkins out in the yard. Well the girls did, the boys both broke their pumpkins, so they just had big holes in them. Then the girls went and made friends with Amarja’s boys, and we still don’t really understand how you might trick or treat. It must require you to be in your direct neighborhood.

Haquim, 3 days from becoming a YA, has gotten an A in high school. That is right at the limit that we would have to have in order to count points I believe. We will have to review the rules to make sure, but still, way to go Haquim.

The girls build a sandcastle after school the next day and work on their social skills a little bit more at the same time. You can make out one of the boys ‘ruined’ pumpkins in the background. These girls are just so awesome, I adore both of them.

With all of their work, both girls managed to finish up their social aspiration. I think this might be the fastest I’ve ever completed it but it still wasn’t easy, and having such a large extended family really helped. Orquid rolls the Whiz Kid next, and Ricquel gets Rambunctious Scamp for her next one.

Haquim has gotten himself very into dancing, and this was not a move I had yet seen. He’s almost doing a vogue type thing and I just love his face. He is so funny and very expressive and I love him for it.

Hjordis has her adult birthday without much fanfare. I did manage to get her a cake, but since it’s her adult birthday and she still has 2 more kids to have I wasn’t worried about having a big huge party.

Ixael’s twins are now children and I will show them off here soon, but we also got the news that Ricquel has gotten an A in elementary school already. All of these kids are doing really well in school so far. I’m a very proud watcher.

Today is a big day again and so a lot of family is once again invited over, although most of them do not show up in the pictures this time. It’s Orquidea’s birthday and we get to see what she is like as a teenager.

I’m going to show off a double make-over this time. First up is Dequan in his new outfits and haircut. He really is a cute little boy. Next up is our teen Orquid. She is quite lovely, even if I do say so myself. She gets the Socially and Creatively Gifted traits, and adds Goofball to her Perfectionist trait. She rolls the City Native aspiration, so I gave her what I felt she might deem to be ‘fashionable’ in the “big city.”

Before we wrap up this final SimNaNo update let’s look at Ixael’s twins who grew into children this update. First up if Mitchel and then his twin Maxwell. They grew up very similar looking, both even wearing blue. Here we close SimNaNo for 2021. Thank you so much for joining me, and I will be back to this family before too long but for now I’m excited to go play around with some other families for a bit too. I hope I see you over there.

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Latte Game – Generation 4.19

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SimNaNo Entry #17

Welcome back to one of the last 2 updates we have for SimNaNo. It is almost here, and I think I am going to be VERY close to finishing up the goals I set for myself this year by the end of this update. Last time it was mostly the Ricquel show, where she really was the star. We have an exciting update for you this time though, so let’s get to it!

We start this update in a similar place as the last update, with Ricquel. It’s not just her, however, as she is sharing breakfast with her sister and grandma. I have no idea why they all chose to sit as far apart as was almost possible in this room, but they did.

There was still a school project that Jacque hadn’t yet completed so I brought him and Orquidea out to work on the project together. Might as well get her started on some of the school stuff. It will be Monday again soon enough and there will be more projects to do.

Before that, though, it’s Firework Day! That means we got to invite a bunch of the family over, including Amarja’s boys, and we broke open little poppers, set of fireworks, and grilled some food. It was a lot of fun for the family, and hey, we completed the little plushies collection. We had only been missing one for forever, so this is pretty cool.

Ixael’s twins have now grown up into toddlers. It’s so funny how a lot of my extended family has been having twins or triplets. I have been very lucky since the first generation to only have single kids Part of that, of course, is the fact we keep the house pretty full, but there has been room multiple times.

They have, apparently, fixed the fact sims didn’t carry the laundry bag. It was just floating at their side for a long time. This is kind of exciting, although I know it’s not a big thing. It’s just cool that this animation is fixed. I also have not had the issues with the washer/dryer that I was having there for a bit, so maybe that has been fixed too.

Ricquel has completed her skills, for certain now, and she has been allowed to wander and roam the house as she desires. The rocking chair becomes a new play place for her, and this animation is just too cute. The fact it’s Ricquel makes it all the better.

Doing that school project obviously helped, because Jacque has now gotten himself an A in school. I’m very happy for him, and for our points. Since we aren’t guaranteed occult points now, it’s nice to have the kids being successful.

So it’s a big day for the family and as you can see a ton of family is over today. It is officially Ricquel’s birthday. Hjordis brings her to the cake and she gets to grow up. I missed the actual grow up because, while bringing her to the cake Hjordis was in labor. I tried to send her to the hospital, but she wouldn’t go.

So here is a picture of Ricquel all grown up. I didn’t end up switching her hair because I actually really like this cut on her. I’m not a huge fan of any of the others on her, although plenty looked fine, they just didn’t look like her. I also really kind of like this eco dress, it just looks cute on her.

Anyway, as I said, while attempting to get Ricquel grown up Hjordis was in labor and needing to give birth to our newest Latte. Sadly, since we didn’t get to the hospital there will be no birth certificate for this particular baby, but everyone please meet our newest little boy. This is Dequan Latte.

With everything happening the party pretty much wrapped up on it’s own, and then I got this notification. It appears that Lucas, Lyla and Ijtiba’s son, has grown into a child now as well. He was born right around the same time as Ricquel so that makes sense.

The next morning it’s a scramble to get all the homework done. All the excitement from the weekend, between the birthdays, the birth of Dequan, and Firework Day means the kids didn’t do it then. Hjordis and Mio help out the girls first, and then they head off and help the boys wrap up theirs as well before they all head off to school.

When they come home that day it’s a busy day of school projects to get through. The sisters help each other with their projects, and then Mio and Hjordis go help the boys later in the day. They were not in a good place when they got home so it took them longer to get to it. The girls volcano did not turn out the best, but that’s ok, it was still done and quickly so it’s a good grade boost.

Now, this is not something you see every day. This is one of Zax’s boys. I want to say it was Zven, but I’m not 100% sure of that. Either way, he showed up with his mermaid tail already there, “hopped” across the sand to the edge of the water where he proceeded to do a ‘regular’ human swim action around the ocean. It was a bit strange.

Ricquel has been asking to bring Matthew home with her from school, so of course I said yes. I forgot to mention before, she did get Top-Notch Toddler of course, but she rolled to be a Social Butterfly. She also got the perfectionist trait, so that should be fun. Since she is going to need lots of friends I have her spend time talking with Matthew.

It’s a fun new set of family updates, this time we have the news that Ixael and his wife are going to have another baby. The triplets that Ijtiba and his wife had are also now toddlers. I think they are all pretty cute, and we’ll get a good look at them in a little bit.

Then I prove to be a terrible watcher for a little bit. Right as school was getting out Jacque showed up and grew up on the beach. I had totally lost track of time and while I knew his birthday was soon, I didn’t mean to miss it entirely. I felt so bad. Anyway, I will show you his make-over in just a second, but here is another homework and food party for the kids and family.

So here is Jacque after a bit of a make-over. I think he turned out to be pretty handsome. He rolled the Friend of the Animals aspiration, which makes me not want him for heir. I don’t really want to deal with animals on the beach. Anyway, he also added the Squeamish trait to his Proper one. He did end up getting the Creatively Gifted, and while he did get to the final level of the social aspiration, I didn’t focus on it enough for him to reach it.

Just before we wrap up this update there is another set of family updates. We get the news that Xjavier’s wife is now an adult, and then we get the very sad news that Ixael has passed onto the other side. He will not get to meet his final child. Poor Michelle is alone with 3 kids and one on the way now.

With that, I think we are about to wrap up this update. There was quite a bit of excitement with all the various birthdays and hopefully, our next update will also have quite a bit going on. I’m sad I missed Jacque’s birthday, but let’s look at the 6 kids that had birthdays from the extended family. First up is Ixael’s twins, first is Mitchel in pink, and then his brother Maxwell. Next up is Lucas, Ijtiba’s son who is now a child. Finally, we have Ijtiba’s triplets. Yasir is first in the train shirt, then Yasmin, the only girl so far, and then finally York in the blue sweater. All of these kids are super cute, and I’m happy to see the family expanding again. Next time we have our final SimNaNo 2021 update, so I look forward to seeing you there.

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Latte Game – Generation 4.18

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SimNaNo Entry #16

Hello, and welcome back once again to the chaos of the Latte’s. We are down to 3 updates (including this one) left in SimNaNo this year. We are also in striking distance of all our goals, so that is super exciting. Last time we saw Orquid grow into a child, and Haquim grow into a teen. There were lots of family updates, and pictures of Ricquel. Let’s get back into it.

Ricquel is out of the toddler room and on her way to do something. What is she up to? Just look at that little smile. How are all these kids so cute??!!

Ah, Ricquel didn’t want to be left out. A lot of the family was upstairs, so she takes the opportunity to get some good watching in. Thinking is going very fast for her. Besides Ricquel you can see Orquidea is discussing something with Hjordis and Mio talking with Halix.

Without too much effort Jacque completes his aspiration. He isn’t due to become a teen for a bit still, so we roll for a new aspiration for him. He gets the social butterfly one, because of course he does. I doubt he’ll finish it, but you never know.

Hjordis is still a great mom, and she has not had any more grudges against any of her kids. I did read in the latest patch they fixed kids getting grudges against parents, but maybe it was part of the same issue. Anyway, she goes in and tucks little Ricquel into bed.

Mio has to collect things from bug boxes. We decide to start with grubs, because I didn’t really know what else to do. Hjordis goes down to take care of them. I admit, I sort of forgot this box even existed for a bit after I put it down the first time.

It’s homework time and the kids are FINALLY using the little pillow chairs I put down. I had to move Halix into the red room downstairs and make the yellow room another kids room to have enough beds for everyone (which was the plan when Halix passed away, but she is still with us so it happened early), but I think it worked out all right. Anyway, Haquim and Orquid are taking care of homework while grandma rocks away.

We see Ricquel is just a little bit of everywhere this update. Bothering her oldest brother while he did homework, chatting with her other brother on the couch. She is a busy little girl, but look how cute she is! I think she mostly stayed in her PJ’s, but I really do like those snowy escape PJ’s.

Ricquel photo bombs us again, and this time with such a cute confident looking posture. She was busy watching her grandma Halix cook. I think this might have been where she maxed out her thinking. If not it was shortly after, it was actually the first skill she mastered, which is unusual for me.

Let’s take a quick break from watching Ricquel to get some family updates. First up, Ixael’s wife gave birth to twin boys. Once again I wasn’t thinking about which name I have been using for the names, and went with Michelle’s. Then the grudge appears to finally be over when Hjordis and Haquim become good friends. Finally, Amarja’s triplets are now children.

Back to the main event, and we find Hjordis is once again pregnant. We have 3 more babies to go, but only room in the house for one more. This baby will fill the household. I’m surprised that Halix is still with us, I really expected her to be gone by now, but I guess she did turn elder right before we moved.

It’s another family gathering, although this one is mostly made up of the household. Amarja is here visiting though and everyone sits down and watches some TV together. Not sure what they were watching, or if there was a specific reason (like premier day or something) but it was cool to see them all together like this.

Mio goes in and plays some with Ricquel. I really do love this play interaction. How cute is this? Mio might be one of my favorite spouses ever, she really does love all her kids. They did this autonomously, by the way, which makes it even cuter.

I decide, now that the triplets are older, to send Hjordis and the older kids over to Amarja’s house to meet the triplets, and to get to know Lucas a bit more as well. They have a good time, and it helps everyone’s social quite a bit.

Back at home Hjordis continues to perform new dance moves I haven’t really seen before. She is a lot of fun to watch. Then Ricquel continues to be utterly adorable. She is getting closer to mastering all her skills, and her birthday will be here before we know it!

With the new patch came the ability to cook together as a family. So I decided to try it out. The three kids, that were old enough, were asked to cook with grandma Halix. They watched her for a bit, Jacque got his own little bit to work on, and it was pretty cute. I think I need a couple more open counters to make it fully work, but it was pretty cool that they can do this now.

In order to work on everyone’s badges, the kids are set out with cousin Lucas, to go fishing. They head to Willow Creek and end up going all the way out to where the Sim Sessions were held in order to fish. Still, it gave them all a chance to talk a little bit and get some fishing in. Plus, helped the 3 kids work their outdoor adventure badge.

Another couple of new family updates. Looks like Amarja isn’t the only one who is super fertile. Ijtiba and his wife also have triplets now. They have 2 boys and a girl, instead of 3 boys, but still. I look forward to seeing them grown up. Also, Isabelle, who is Pixey’s youngest has aged up into adulthood.

Mio does still go out and run the recycler. I have seen Halix using it a few times too, so it is used. Mio needs to do so much more work on her aspiration, but I just haven’t gotten to that point quite yet. Chasing all the kids is keeping me busy. It was a pretty night, however, and the full moon in the back provided a lovely view.

This smile is going to break me one of these days if she keeps it. We are getting close to it being Ricquel’s birthday and I believe she is mostly through, if not fully through all of her skills at this point. I’m super happy with how well she has done, and if she remains this cute and successful I will probably push her as a pick for heir.

Orquidea is not about to let me forget about her though and she is working diligently on her aspiration. She is getting through all of her drawings, although the inspired ones took us a little bit because she kept losing the inspired feeling while working on the picture. I finally put an inspiration light in the room on a shelf to help her out. With that I think I’m going to look at wrapping up this update. I know it’s a little bit shorter, but we have a lot coming up with all the birthdays and such so I don’t want to let this get super long.

Just before we go though, let’s take a quick look at the triplet’s that grew up this update. These are Amarja’s three youngest boys (so far.) First up we have Matthew, who is looking cute in his little sweater. Then it’s Marcus in the black shirt, and Martin in the pink/purple shirt. All three boys are very similar looking, but between their hair and clothes you can easily tell them apart. Anyway, next update expect a lot of excitement as we will have birthdays, and a new birth, and who know what else. I hope to see you there!

SimNaNo Totals:

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Pictures: +30 | 481 / 500

So like normal I will not be counting the title, links, or this box of information in my word totals so I do not ‘pad’ my numbers unfairly.

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Latte Game – Generation 4.17

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SimNaNo Entry #15

Hello and welcome back yet again to the Latte’s. We are down to, including this one, 4 updates left in SimNaNo 2021. I feel good that we are going to be meeting the goals I set for myself this year and I have had so much fun spending all this time with the Latte’s. I hope you have also enjoyed it. I am also excited to get back to some of my other families as well, however, especially with Cottage Living now out.

The last update Ricquel was born, leaving us with 3 additional kids left for this generation. We have room for one more kid until we either can have kids move out, or Halix moves to the other side. The family celebrated WinterFest and not a whole lot else happened. I think we are in for a full update this time though, so let’s get going.

Haquim starts working on his Arts and Crafts badge for scouts, and Mio was busy working out. She has made a New Years resolution to lose weight (*spoiler, she didn’t complete it.) I think she’s amazing, but it was one of the only things I thought she might like to do. Since it is currently New Years I had everyone make resolutions. Both boys wished to be better students.

Jacque is up to the level in artistic prodigy where he needs to play with three toys. So he heads up to the toddler room to go play with some toys. Orquid also plays with some toys in the back to work on her imagination. She is doing great on her skills so far, much like Jacque did, so I have no doubt she’ll max them out.

I do not know where these three were that put them all into their cold weather clothing, but they were watching the new years countdown. So happy new year from the Latte’s! Halix and Mio, even after 4 kids, are still very attracted to each other. They really are sweet, and if I didn’t keep them as busy as I do they would probably do even more together.

We are still working on new years resolutions. Hjordis needs to write a book, which is easy enough for her to complete. A new Lisa book will be out on shelves soon. Mio is back there working on the treadmill to lose a little weight. I don’t want her to get skinny, just a little bit of weight would be perfect.

I am not sure if Hjordis was picking up Orquidea in order to feed her, if she was putting her down for a nap, or what all was happening with this, but I still love this picture. Orquid looks so cute, and I love how happy she looks to see and be picked up (or put down) by her mom.

Haquim has completed his aspiration. Which is awesome, since I wasn’t completely sure if he would. He still has multiple days before he becomes a teenager, so perhaps we have time to get another one in. He rolls to get the Artistic Prodigy aspiration as well, and gets started on his drawings.

Hjordis takes over some the gardening, and I keep having my money trees reset. I thought they had fixed the plants, but they keep shrinking back down. Has anyone else had this happen with money trees? Either way, Halix has the gardening down, but she won’t be around for forever, so I figured Hjordis can take over. Shortly after this I get rid of the money trees. This family does not need them.

It’s Spring Clean Fun day at the Latte’s, which mean we are cleaning and doing “Easter” for the family. The Flower Bunny shows up and all three of the kids spend time chatting with the bunny and getting to know him. They also searched for eggs, well Orquid did not, but the rest of the kids did.

Flower Bunny then plays with Orquidea. I love this interaction and there is something extra special about it being the Flower Bunny to me. How cute does this look with the flower bunny outfit? I do enjoy this interaction, even if I don’t use it all the time for toddlers.

My camera zoomed up to Halix in the kitchen and I got really worried that she was getting ready to say good-bye. I know we are running out of space in the house, but I wasn’t ready to say good-bye quite yet. Luckily it was just to let me know she had achieved her new years resolution.

Baby Lucas, Ijtiba and Lyla’s son, has grown into a toddler. He looks like a cutie for sure. Zion, who is Amarja’s husband, has grown into an adult. He’s a bit younger than she is, but since she’s been pregnant that brought them a bit closer in age again. Finally Ixael, in his older years, is going to have a baby. I’m surprised, but it will be fun to see what he has. His wife, Michelle, brought a little girl from a previous relationship as well.

It’s time for little Ricquel to grow into a toddler! She got very similar coloring to her sister, although I think her skin tone is a little closer to Mio’s. Still she is quite a cutie herself and I’ll show you her make-over soon. The house is going to be even more chaotic now.

Here is Ricquel with her make-over. She is getting orange for her color as a toddler. I left her hair alone, I didn’t really like any of the other haircuts. I think this looks cute on her, and while it’s possible there is something in Cottage Living (which wasn’t quite out yet) I would like better, but it’s fine. She has slightly chubby cheeks, and it’s so cute. She rolled the Independent trait, which should make her skilling fairly easy.

That day Haquim come home with an A in school. Way to go Haquim! That gives us some extra points for the challenge, and he can focus a little more on his badges and aspiration now. Jacque is still working on getting his grades up.

We are back to two toddlers in the house, and so both Mio and Hjordis are back to in tandem reading toddlers to sleep. Both of these girls are getting good imagination this way, and we get to show off how good of mom’s they are.

The next day they work some more on their imagination skill together. I love the dollhouse when you have more than one kid. It’s super cute to watch them play and isn’t Ricquel adorable. She is nearly as cute as her sister in my opinion. She is, by the way, not a mermaid. I thought she was when I first gave her the make-over, but I must have been mistaken.

There are some new family updates and these are fun again. So Lyla and Ijtiba are expecting again, which is super fun. Xjavier is also now an adult, and on top of that he is now married as well. Brooklyn Gaffney looks like a super cute girl. I’ll take a good picture of her and share it later.

Ricquel works on her imagination some more, and look at this little face??!! I love that little serious face. I think she is going to be a little stubborn, feisty little girl. I also liked this purple alien toy, it’s super cute.

Meanwhile, Hjordis comes home with a promotion this day. She is now a best selling author and only has one more promotion to go in order to max the career. I’m glad she is almost done, and I’m not sure what I’ll have her do after completing it, but she is really doing well.

Another day and another party! I am trying to remember what the last update was that didn’t contain some sort of family gathering for this family. It makes me laugh that we have so many parties but it is also a ton of fun. I need to take Hjordis, Mio, and the kids around to the various family members houses to make friends again with everyone. So what is this party for?

Orquidea is growing up. Hjordis brings her to the cake and Amarja is there to watch the candles get blown out. She has got to be tired with her 4 kids running around. Ijtiba is also there in the background, we need to go visit to meet his wife and kids soon. Happy Birthday, Orquid! She is an adorable little girl, as expected!

So, after a bit of a make-over here she is. Orquidea is all grown up into a super skinny little girl. Like her brothers, she grew up and disliked green (the color she wore as a toddler). There has to be something in the water. Anyway, she likes yellow, so that is her color now. She grew up with Top-Notch Toddler, and now has Perfectionist, and she gets the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. How are all of my kids rolling this aspiration?

We are, however, not done with the update just yet, as we also get Haquim growing up into a teenager. He got to the last milestone in Artistic Prodigy, but we didn’t have enough time to get him through all the hours of violin practice.

Here he is after a bit of a make-over. He has very prominent eyebrows, and I wasn’t sure what haircut I wanted to give him, but I think this looks pretty good on him. He adds the Child of the Islands trait to go along with Erratic, and he gets a pretty purple mermaid tail. He did get the physically gifted trait from finishing the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

This update is getting long, so let’s quickly wrap it up with some pictures of our two newest family members. First up is Brooklyn, who just married Xjavier. I think she is rather pretty. Next up we have baby Lucas who is now a toddler. Lyla and Ijtiba’s son. That will wrap up this update and next time we’ll see how Orquid does as a child, and probably see Jacque grown into a teen as well. See you then!

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Words: +1,705 | 23,306 / 27,000
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So like normal I will not be counting the title, links, or this box of information in my word totals so I do not ‘pad’ my numbers unfairly.

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SimNaNo Entry #14

Hello and welcome to our countdown of the last 5 updates for SimNaNo. We have nearly made it! Hard to believe that we have gotten this far already. I know I say it nearly every time, but thank you to all of you readers who have come and read through the entries here and elsewhere on the site. I appreciate you all more than I can probably say. So when we left the family a couple days ago we had another baby on the way, a toddler Orquidea, and children Haquim and Jacque. I am looking forward to these last handful of updates and am interested in where we will get to. I had initially thought we might get through all the kids, but I don’t think we will get through 4 more kids in the next 5 updates, especially since Halix is still with us, and Haquim will need to move out. We’ll see though. I’ve rambled enough, so let’s get going.

A lot of the family has gathered into the toddler room, of course, to have a chat. Halix and Ijtiba are having some kind of discussion, Halix doesn’t look too happy with that finger, but I’m not really sure. Hjordis is reading our adorable little Orquid to sleep for the night.

There is a batch of family updates again, and we have some good and some sad ones this time around. Ijtiba, who we just saw above, has grown into an adult. He did get married, as we saw, but I can’t remember if he was having kids yet or not. Anyway, then we have a couple of very sad updates. Halix’s sister Pixey has passed away, and then Vince, who was Kevin’s youngest has also passed. I don’t think the family was overly close to Vince, but still, they will be sad. On a slightly more positive note though, Alvin, Amarja’s son, has grown into a child.

You are likely going to get a fair amount of toddler spam of Orquidea. She is SO CUTE! You cannot tell me that this little charmer isn’t just adorable playing with this little cat toy. Ok, I know I’m biased, but I really hope some of the other kids get her coloring and overall look. It’s such a great mixture of Hjordis and Mio. Anyway, she is busy working on her imagination right now.

It was WinterFest officially, at least I think so, and the family opens up their presents. Initially, I had planned on leaving everyone in their PJ’s and opening up gifts, but suddenly everyone wanted to change their regular clothes. Gotta love #simslogic. Anyway, everyone really liked their gifts, even the boys who had already wandered away when I went to take this picture. You can also see Hjordis is getting pretty big and will be having the new baby soon.

I want to remember this little girl just like this. I know toddlers are all pretty cute, but Orquid really has stolen my heart, so I have her mom take a picture of her and we will keep it in the family photos. Also, I love this little sleep outfit from snowy escape, it’s really cute in general. I think this is also one of the first times I’ve used hair from Batuu.

Haquim starts to clean up the floor, which reminds me I hadn’t gotten the boys into scouts yet. I quickly have them join the scouts as an after school activity and we will see if Haquim gets through his badges. I think Jacque is still early enough in childhood to have an easier time.

I set up a couple new portraits but I decided to lock them at various stages in the family. If you don’t lock them they just update like the game’s portrait will with the differnet memebers at whatever age they are currently. I will probably save a couple of these, but then set up new ones for each new generation so I have some pictures of the family through the next generations.

I haven’t had the kids do much gaming and since one of my WinterFest ‘tasks’ is to play games I go ahead and get the family my own Winterfest gift of a console and have them sit down to play some games together. They had a good time, and Mio came up and joined them shortly after this picture was taken.

This is our Father Winter currently. The funny part of having Winterfest in Sulani is, oftentimes, Father Winter comes in his bathing suit. The family didn’t end up getting extra gifts from him since most of them were super tired and had already gone to bed by the time he showed up. We had completed enough other things we didn’t really need Father Winter for a successful Winterfest.

Haquim goes out late at night and goes swimming with his grandma Halix. I’m not sure what all they might have been discussing, but maybe Halix is sharing some mermaid secrets with him. So far, even though I have heard that kids of a mermaid and non-mermaid are no longer guaranteed to be mermaids, so far all of our kids are. (Actually, I was wrong. Jacque is not an actual mermaid. I thought he was, but we were in CAS shortly after I wrote this up and realized I was wrong. Haquim and Orquid both are though.)

We got some good family updates this time around. To start Ijtiba’s wife had their baby. Which tells me they were pregnant. I forgot I was using the Latte side name’s and used Lyla’s instead and called the baby Lucas. Then Arthur, Zax’s youngest kid, has grown into an adult. Finally, Amarja’s triplets are now toddlers. All 3 little boys look pretty cute, but also unique. I’ll show pictures of them later.

Orquidea needed a bath and so Mio is happy to help, or at least she was until Orquid started splashing her like crazy. How could you be mad at that though when she looks like she is having so much fun in the bath?! Seriously I love this little girl!

Once bath time was done Hjordis takes Orquid and teaches her some manners. She looks like she is paying such close attention to her mom. I just realized how full her little lips are. I think she is going to be a bit of a heart-breaker as she gets older. Granted, I’ve always liked the genes in this family, but I think she is something special.

This look is becoming very familiar to us at this point. It is time for the newest Latte to make their arrival. What will Hjorids have this time? It’s time to head out to the hospital and find out. I’m really hoping for another girl, we’ll see what happens.

It’s apparently snowy and cold in whatever town the hospital is in. Not sure how we are getting there while Hjordis is in labor if it’s far enough to allow for snow, but hey, it’s all ok. We still have ghosts at the hospital, but they haven’t fully taken over. Eventually, they will be culled and we’ll get new people again.

This time Mio runs back to the delivery room to use the computer. We are, once again, in the room I have never seen used in another of my saves, but when the delivery actually starts Mio stands up and “freaks out” as is tradition. She is the only spouse who has come back to watch the birth of her kids, and I love her for it.

Welcome to the newest little Latte! Everyone meet Ricquel, our newest addition to the family. So the family continues to have ‘blocks’ of kids, but we’ll see what the last three are later. Hjordis and Mio head home with their newest little girl and that feels like the perfect time to end this current update. Next time we should see Ricquel grow up into a toddler, so I’m excited for that. We should also see Haquim grow into a teen.

Right before we leave the update, however, let’s take a look at some of the extended family that we got notices on this updare. First up is actually not a kid, but this is Alvin’s other mother. I realized I had never gotten a picture of Amarja’s lover, so here she is. Next up is Alvin, the son of Amarja and her lover. Then are Amarja’s triplets with her husband. They have all grown up into toddlers in different colors, which makes it nice to keep straight who is who. First up is Matthew, who is actually not a mermaid. Next is Marcus and finally we have Martin, both of whom are mermaids. All of them are cute, and I hope you enjoyed this update and see you soon for the next one.

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SimNaNo Entry #13

Welcome back yet again. We are getting so close to being done with all our updates for the month! This entry brings us to about a week away from being completely done with SimNaNo 2021. I really do hope you have enjoyed the updates, thank you to those who have liked/commented, it’s always nice to see. So the house is getting a little more chaotic as we ended the last update with the birth of our 3rd child, Orquidea, Jacque is getting close to being a child, and Haquim is working his way through school, plus all the day to day stuff for the adults of the family. So let’s get to seeing what Orquidea is going to look like a toddler!

Before that though, I have been working hard at making this house a little more personalized to the family with family photos. We have a more complete photo wall now, and I love it. It’s a lot of fun to have the various family members, at least from this generation, represented. We also have some of the other members though too, and it’s just fun.

It was a Monday, so that means school project time. I sent Mio out to help Haquim with it, and these faces….lol. Oh I love these two. Also, I will take the moment to say again, I LOVE Sulani. How pretty is it here at sunset??? Just a beautiful place. Anyway, they get through the project quickly and Haquim will get his grade boost from it. If you can’t tell from the picture it was a solar system project.

So far Hjordis has not gotten any negative sentiments for Jacque, which is good because he seems to really prefer her as his go-to parent. I’m not sure what he was asking for here, but he was probably babbling, or perhaps he was just watching her to gain some thinking skill.

Looks like possibly the picture above with Jacque asking to be put to bed. Either that, or I just happened to not take any other pictures between that one and bedtime. Either is totally possible for me. Anyway, Hjordis is there to help read Jacque to sleep.

Mio is still working on fabrication, although not as often as she probably should be. I’ve been having her focus on handiness lately, just due to all the stuff getting broken from ghosts. Still, poor Mio didn’t just get sprayed this time, the fabricator actually dunked her in the fabrication stuff. Poor girl was not happy.

Mio talked to Haquim about fabrication, and I haven’t ever really done that before but when she did I got this pop up. I thought that was pretty cool, cause she got a new recipe out of it. Did anyone else know this was a thing? I guess I knew it would happen with fish if you discuss fishing holes, but still. Are there are conversation pieces that do stuff like this?

Amarja gave birth to the newest Latte’s with her husband, and yes, you are seeing that correctly. Amarja had TRIPLETS. I have been very lucky so far in my various saves that only my spares have had triplets. I’m sure it will happen eventually to a playable sim.

So Halix got up in the middle of the night and was standing outside her room looking like this. When I went to check out what she was does, she was flirting with herself. Yes, actually flirting with herself. I love erratic sims, they are just too much!

Haquim is doing really well in school. He is already up to a B, and he is almost through his aspiration as well. We might have struggled to get him through all his toddler skills, but as a child he is thriving already.

Jacque was getting into trouble a little bit, throwing fits and such. So, we have Mio go and start teaching him to say please and thank you. Not only does this help with his manners, but also helps work his communication skill.

As always the toddler beds are the place to be. Hjordis brings in her dinner, or maybe this is breakfast since it’s pancakes….I’m really not sure. Haquim came in to do his homework on a toddler bed. He is also sick, clearly, so I hope he doesn’t pass it off to Jacque or anyone else.

It was probably night, or a super boring day at the household since it’s time for family updates again already. Lowitja has gotten married! I think the changes I made to MCCC have made a difference in the family expanding again. It’s weird that I had to go update it, but maybe I accidentally overwrote a bunch of stuff.

Hjordis got up to tend to little Orquidea, but Ukupanipo was out haunting and decided to try his hand at it. I find this funny as, if you have followed this family from the beginning, he was a good father but rather absent from a lot of the child care. Shortly after this Hjordis got in there to feed and change little Orquid (which I think is going to be her nickname.)

Since Orquid is ready to grow up into a toddler very soon it was time to get yet another baby on the way. It was very quickly achieved by Mio and Hjordis, and Hjordis goes to tell Mio. Poor Mio was needing a bath desperately, but she got to have that right after the announcement.

Right before WinterFest Eve Jacque completed all of his skills. He will be a top-notch toddler, and we still have a couple of days before he grows up to a child. He really flew through his skills, and I’m excited to see how he does as a child.

It is almost Winterfest, in fact, it is now WinterFest Eve and so the tree got drug out and we found and placed some candles and little plant runners for the table, which I thought turned out cute. There are also some candles that Mio fabricated on the coffee table in the background. I forgot to “stop” them so they are wax puddles now.

Since he is finished with all of skill Jacque is allowed to wander. So, since we invited over a lot of the family today, he heads down and talks to his, I think it’s cousin, Youssef. It’s quite a trek for a toddler to get all the way down here, so I think Mio carried him back up to the upper floors.

So beyond it being Winterfest Eve, the family was also invited over to meet the newest little toddler. This is Orquid, and I LOVE her. She is so cute, and got a lovely combo of both her mom’s. The blond hair is all Mio, but her skin tone is totally Hjordis, and I think her eyes are too. How cute is she??

Here Orquidea is after a bit of a make-over. I left her hair alone because I think it is absolutely adorable on her, and this little dress fits her perfectly. I am kind of sad that her name only adds a couple of new letters because she is so stinking cute! She gets the Charmer trait, and that seems fitting, as she has already charmed me.

Orquidea is not the only Latte having a birthday today. Jacque is also ready to grow up, especially since he already completed all of his skills. So with everyone already over to meet Orquidea, a cake is baked and Jacque is brought to blow out his candles.

He then goes and instantly starts making a mess. Jacque is our mess maker of the generation for sure. He’s the one in red over there to the side. We will get a make-over in just a moment, but you can see a lot of the family has aged up. We have more and more elders showing up to these events.

Here is Jacque after a make-over and I really like how he turned out. Jacque got the Top Notch Toddler, of course, and then he got the Proper trait. He is going to be working on the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. Once again, I rolled some likes/dislikes for him, and just like his brother, he rolled to dislike green, which is what I dressed him in as a toddler….is there a trend here? Anyway, since he grew up in red I decided to have him like red and gave him red clothes. He also likes violin and Japanese Folk music.

Right before we end this update here is a look at Lowitja’s new husband. I think these two make a fun couple and maybe they will end up kids, although they might not too. We’ll see what happens in the future. Next time we should see what the newest baby will be and see how Jacque and Haquim do with their aspirations. I hope to see you there!

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SimNaNo Entry #12

We are back with yet another update. We are getting very close to the end, only 6 updates left for the month! Can you believe we are already this far through July? It’s gone crazy fast and I’m looking forward to being able to play with the newest expansion soon and get back to my other challenges. Especially the DITFT where we are going to use a lot of those new farming things from the new pack. Before that, however, we have some more Latte’s to get to, so let’s go.

We start with Mio taking Haquim to the playground so he can play on the jungle gym and work to complete his first milestone for his aspiration. I love the faces they pull while playing pirates. Haquim especially is quite cute, and Mio seems to be having fun. It’s a good time for both of them.

There were also a LOT of kids at the park that evening. It was like every kid from the neighborhood came to this particular park to play that evening. It was fun seeing this many kids here. I did up the amount of sims that are able to be on a lot at a time in MCCC so that might be part of it.

Jacque!! What are you doing little man??

Mio: What am I going to do with this kid?

Oh I don’t know, maybe you should talk to him.

Mio: Jacque, sweetie, can you please stop pouring chocolate sauce on the floor? Where did you even get chocolate sauce??!!

Jacque: Mama, art!

Well, we know who will be our mess maker, or one of them this generation. Haquim never really made messes. There always has to be at least one, and we’ll see if there are more.

We got a couple of family updates again. Apparently, both Youssef and Xander share similar birthdays. Xander is Oxkar’s youngest son and Youssef is one of the kids that came from us not remembering to go flag extended family, in this case, Yenifer, who was Yuri’s daughter.

I’m not sure I remember exactly why I took this picture. Mio is clearly busy working on laundry, a never-ending task in this busy household, and Haquim came down and was talking with Hjordis. She is almost through her grudge against him, which makes me happy. She is also, getting closer to being done with her third pregnancy.

Once they finish having whatever conversation they were having both sat in the kitchenette and made these faces. You gotta love sims and their pouty faces. Both Hjorids and Haquim can be very pouty. I think Hjordis was because of the pregnancy, but no idea for Haquim.

Haquim then went upstairs and spent some time with his grandma. Grandma Halix helped him out with his homework, or maybe just made sure he did it. Haquim is a good kid, and Halix is a great grandma though. I’m not sure why Haquim didn’t sit down on one of the little pillow chairs to do his homework, but you know, sims do what they do.

Jacque continues to work on his skill, and Mio continues to show off what a good mom she actually is. I can’t remember where Jacque is up to right now on his skills, but I don’t think he will have any trouble getting his skills in and fully leveled up.

Haquim needs to practice his typing so he gets started doing that, once I got the computer replaced since someone in the family broke it. I’m used to my sims only practicing for a little bit at a time, but Haquim got through all of his hours in one sitting. He is already pretty high up in his motor skill, and I don’t think he should have any trouble completing his aspiration.

Jacque spends some time with his grandma Halix. First, they eat together for a bit, and then Halix reads him a story. I hope that Halix stays around for a lot longer. Mio and Hjordis can use the help as we get more and more kids, and she’s just so good with them.

Speaking of Hjordis, she came home with a promotion! She is doing really well, thanks to the degree she worked so hard to get. Hjordis is continuing to write the Lisa series of children’s books and they are still selling great. Not that the family has any need for money. I think I forgot to go to the awards ceremony though, of course.

There is absolutely no reason for this picture other than to show off how cute Jacque is. He is just an adorable little boy, and him playing with a toy is just so cute. I apparently captured a little bit of his “imagination” in the tail of a plane going through the wall a bit there.

That evening Mio reads little Jacque to sleep for the night. He had a busy day between hanging out with grandma and working on his skills. Mio really is such a great mom, and I am so happy she became a part of this family.

While Haquim was playing on the monkey bars outside (you can just see him in the lower right corner) he completes a milestone for his aspiration. Yet again I say, I don’t think there is going to be any issue with getting him through this aspiration. The Rambunctious Scamp is one of the easier ones to get through in my opinion.

We have a couple of family updates. Ijtiba is finally getting married. Lyla looks like quite a cutie, so way to go Ijtiba. Hopefully that means we will have some more Latte cousins soon. Then Ivan, who is Nick’s youngest boy, has grown into an elder.

We have some special visitors out tonight. All 4 generations of our Latte family are represented here. Ukupanipo is here for our founding generation, Zophi, his daughter, is here for generation two (or one if you are someone who sees the founders as gen 0), Halix, Zophi’s daughter, for generation 3 and finally our newest spouse, Mio for this current generation.

These two crack me, up, and the face on Hjordis as she dances away is too good. I’m not sure what moves she is pulling exactly, but it’s great fun to watch her. Mio is also enjoying her more conservative dancing.

Our dear little boys, Jacque and Haquim are busy playing away at the doll house. I love all the faces everyone in this family pulls. It’s not every member of the family but Hjordis, Jacque, and especially Halix pull some great ones.

We got a fun set of family updates this time! It’s been a while since we’ve gotten much beyond birthday reports from the updates, but this time we get quite a bit. We start with Ijtiba and his wife announcing a pregnancy. A new Latte is on the way. Ixael, in his later years, has decided to get himself a wife. She looks like a cutie. Then Amarja has also gotten married, and I apparently missed that she is also pregnant again with her new husband. So lots of marriages, and some more Latte’s are on the way.

Hjordis spends some time talking with Haquim. She still has a bit of a grudge against her son, but it’s a lot less and should be gone soon. Hjordis really is a good mom and loves her kids, even with that random sentiment.

Easton is out again, but this time he and Halix just chat away into the night some. You know I love these two, and it is nice to have ghosts be a thing so we can still see loved ones who have passed.

This picture is to let us know that the newest baby is on the way! Little Jacque will be a big brother soon. I am ready to see what this current baby will be. Also a little interested in what name I’m going to have to come up with here.

We are back to having ghosts in the hospital again, and this time it’s the doctor. Hjordis face does not look like she is enjoying this birth. Mio did come down again to watch the birth from the small window in the door. You can barely see her through the window back there.

We have a new little girl Latte. Everyone meet Orquidea, which has the meaning of Orchid apparently. It’s about the only name I could find for a little girl that starts with an O and contains a q and u. Sadly, that’s the only letters that are added, but still, I think it’s a fun name. I’m excited to see what she is like when she grows up. That will have to wait, though, because we are going to wrap up this update. Before that, though, I’ll give you a closer look at the newest members.

First up is Amarja’s new husband, his name is Zion Shizmizu. Their kids will probably be very cute. Next it’s Ijtiba’s new wife, Lyla Vaughn. We know she is pregnant now, so we will see what their kids look like soon enough. Finally, we have the wife that Ixael married in his golden years, this is Michelle Perry. I think it will be fun to see what happens with all of them now, and with Ixael end up with a kid before the end? We’ll have to see. For now, thanks for joining me for this update, and I hope to see you next time!

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SimNaNo Entry #11

Hello to all my readers! I am back with another update, and we are just speeding right along through July already! I hope you have enjoyed all the updates so far, and I thank you for joining me on this crazy journey of SimNaNo this year. So our last update found Jacque growing up into a toddler, we had Spooky Day, which we are still a little hit and miss on doing much for, and Hjordis and Haquim had some…interesting sentiments shared. There really wasn’t much else that happened, so with that little recap out of the way, let’s hop back in with the family.

We start with part of the family off traveling. Hjorids, Mio, Haquim, and Jacque went to visit Amarja and Alvin. Amarja lives in Newcrest, which we have built out a fair amount to give the neighborhood additional houses. I know you don’t see much of Jacque here, but he’s behind Hjordis (you can just barely make him out.) I would like to have Alvin and the boys be friends, so hopefully, this will help.

Once they had their visit with Amarja and Alvin, which wasn’t overly interesting, the family came home and we find Halix spending time with her grandsons. I believe Halix was preparing to read the boys a story. I don’t think Haquim is going to finish all his skills. He’s going to be close, but I think we are going to run out of time. So far Jacque is doing really well with his.

Halix and Mio read the boys to bed that evening, and while Hjordis would normally read one of them to sleep she was off doing something else. Don’t ask me what, I don’t remember. I really love having the ability to read the toddlers to sleep in this game. It’s so sweet and helps so much with imagination. Plus, Halix’s faces when she is reading stories are priceless.

The next day was HarvestFest and we start with Jacque enjoying some breakfast. Not sure what he was eating, but he seems quite happy in the high chair. I haven’t yet given Jacque his makeover. I should do that soon. He is quite an easy child to take care of so far. I believe Mio put him in the hair chair, but I’m not entirely sure. Mio is proving to be a great mom so far.

I really think this house looks so pretty when it’s decorated for the holidays. It was also, obviously, a very rainy day in Sulani. Thankfully weather doesn’t really affect sims ability to travel or have people over. Also, as just a personal aside note, I have to say I LOVE Sulani!!! It’s so pretty, even on a gloomy, rainy day. I like a lot of the other neighborhoods too, but Sulani has my heart right now.

Happy HarvestFest to all! A lot of the extended family came over to celebrate the day together. Halix cooked a grand meal, and while she was cooking Youssef came over to chat. Then the two of them had a bit of an erratic meltdown together. It was quite humorous watching them gesture wildly at each other making all kinds of faces. Gotta love those erratic sims, there is never a dull moment. The meal brought everyone up from the various areas of the house and we had a full table (and nearly full bar seating too.)

After a very busy day, Mio takes the time to bathe little Jacque. He was quite a messy little boy. It was a good day though, as both Haquim and Jacque got a lot of great thinking skill built today by watching all the various visitors. Not all of the visitors could be watched, I’m guessing they just aren’t as familiar enough with them. Still, there were enough people around hanging out that both boys made good progress.

While Mio is busy giving Jacque a bath, Halix heads in to read Haquim to sleep. We have tried to give Hjordis a bit of a break from Haquim to see if they can get over that grudge that Hjorids picked up against her son. Halix really loves her grandchildren, and I’m so happy she’s still around to help. Hjordis also loves her kids, but Haquim pushes her buttons, so it’s best to give her time.

So we finally got around to giving Jacque his make-over. He is a very cute little boy and I had a hard time deciding what haircut to give him, but I think this suits him really well. I think he has a lot more of Hjordis in him and I am looking forward to seeing what both boys look like as they get older. I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but Jacque got the inquisitive trait.

Halix was happy to see her late husband, Easton’s ghost when he was out haunting. I think this was the first time he has visited, and I’m sure he was taken aback about the changes we have made to the house. Easton also seemed genuinely glad to see his wife again.

Since he was visiting we decided to let Halix and Easton have a little fun. I can’t imagine what it must be like to woohoo with a ghost, but Halix doesn’t seem to mind. Easton certainly didn’t mind enjoying the company of his wife again. I miss you Easton, but at least we can still see you sometimes. I am wondering how long Halix actually has left before she joins him.

Looks like we have just a small family update this time. Ethan has grown into an elder. Ethan, for those who need the reminder, is Ember’s oldest son. Ember is Hjordis’ great-aunt (Kynzie, our founder’s, youngest daughter.) She passed away not that long ago. If you ever want to check out this crazy family’s family tree the link at the top and the bottom of the page do take you to the tree that I try and keep updated.

It is time to continue to grow the family, Haquim is almost a child, and Jacque is already a toddler. Luckily it didn’t take Mio and Hjordis long to conceive the newest Latte. We officially have baby O on the way. I’m kind of hoping it’s a boy, as I think I’m going to struggle to find a name that contains a Q and U that starts with an O for a girl. We’ll see how it goes, and I’m sure I’ll figure something out either way.

I love the faces sims make when giving/getting the news about a pregnancy. I do wish there was more of a chance of a ‘happy’ reaction right away instead of the initial ‘panic’ face. Of course, I also wish they wouldn’t ALWAYS panic when they went to the hospital too. It’s funny, once you’ve had multiple kids it feels like they could relax. Either way, Mio knew what she was signing up for, and both are happy.

Haquim’s birthday is today, just a few hours away, and he has managed to max out his communication, movement, thinking, and potty. All he has left to worry about is imagination, so he grabs a toy from the toy box and gets to playing. I think about throwing a birthday party and have Hjordis head out to start making a cake.

Jacque: Why does ‘quim must grow up?

Well he’s getting older Jacque, you will grow up too.

Jacque: No! I stay small bunny

Well you are going to, no way to stop it little man.

Jacque: Do you grow up bunny?

Un, well no….but you know what I’ll leave you to keep chatting with bunny here.

Jacque is killing his skills so far. I think we are already up to level 3 in imagination, communication, and thinking. Having the holiday was great for the thinking skill for both of these boys.

Sadly, Haquim had like a minute (and I mean a sim minute) left on his imagination skill when he wandered away to grow up. I was so mad, he was SO CLOSE! It has been a while since I didn’t get a sim in this family to be a Top-Notch Toddler, but we will have to settle for Happy Toddler. I had Hjordis stop making the cake, as we don’t need it now.

So here we have Haquim after his make-over. As a toddler, he had all blue clothes, and I did a roll to get a start of likes/dislikes, and he rolled a dislike for blue. That made me giggle, but I changed it so he likes blue, because I plan on keeping him in that color. He also rolled to like Pipe Organ and S-pop music, which I found kind of funny. He was a bit sad about his ‘missed birthday’ but he’ll get over it.

Anyway, Haquim rolled the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration to start with, so he will be working on that. He also got the Happy Toddler trait of course, and he rolled the Erratic trait. Because of COURSE he did. I think he and his mother are going to have to make up soon so they can tell stories to each other. With that, however, I think we will wrap up this update. Next time we should get a chance to meet the new Latte, and Jacque will be close to growing up to a child.

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Latte Game – Generation 4.12

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SimNaNo Entry #10

Welcome back to another Latte’s update! Last update we has Hjordis graduate from college, little Haquim grow up into a toddler and little Jacque was born. That was about all the super interesting things that happened, so now let’s see how they are going to do!

Hjordis, as is sometimes the case, comes home from the hospital still wearing her hospital gown. Not sure why they still do this sometimes, but anyway, we are back to working on the potty skill with Haquim. I’m not convinced that we are going to be able to max out Haquim’s skills. We will get happy toddler at least, but maxing them seems unlikely at this point.

We have Halix travel around to the various other households that contain Latte family members and work on making sure everyone is flagged that needs to be flagged. They are all across the different neighborhoods, but we do not need to be over populating the hood with Latte’s. Of course, at this point, the spares aren’t having that many kids, so we might have been able to leave some.

Once she gets home Halix gives our Haquim a bath. This kid gets so dirty and I’m not really sure why. Of all the different toddlers I’ve had in this game, I think he gets dirty faster than any I can remember (at least in this family.) At least bath time is cute, but it does take away from skilling time.

It is now Spooky Day again, and I discover that somehow our back door in the “basement” is considered our front door. I thought I had it set right, but apparently I did not. I can’t remember why this guy was here, but a kid walked all the way through our house to get to this door to trick or treat, so I have now fixed the door.

Halix, in a little mailman uniform (which I think is adorable) goes and uses the pumpkin carving station to carve our first ever pumpkin. I have managed to never do this until now and it was pretty cute to watch her do it. I hope to have the kids do it next Spooky Day. I apparently never got a picture of the pumpkins outside though.

After reading Haquim to sleep Mio and Hjordis decided to sit around in the toddler room talking. The toddler beds must be some of the MOST comfortable seating positions in the entire game. In all of my families sims flock to the toddler beds to chat, do homework, read, whatever. I think they need to “tone down” their draw.

Another day and another batch of family updates. So many of our girls are turning into adults today. Lowitja, of course, is Hjordis’ youngest sister. Paula is Pixey’s oldest daughter, and Olivia is Oxkar’s oldest as well. If you don’t remember, or just haven’t been around Paula and Oxkar are Halix’s siblings. There is a link to the family tree at the top and bottom of this page that I TRY and keep updated (although I haven’t updated any of them with elder picture) but you can see who everyone is.

Anyway, back to the family and our little wild child who decided to strip down to just his birthday suit (he must have learned from grandma Halix) and asked for a story to be read to him. At least I think he asked, but it’s also possible Hjordis asked him what he needed and this is what he asked for that way.

After that it was time to wrestle. Hjordis is a great mom, and Haquim being a little wild child is totally loving this. I love Hjordis’ face here, you have to wonder what Haquim either said or did that started him giggling back there and made his mom wonder what was going on. This is such a sweet interaction.

Now you are going to get a little bit of toddler spam. We start Haquim on a skilling session and start just spamming the different items. So to start he spends time babbling and chatting to the bunny. He also spends a lot of time hugging the bunny. He seems like such a happy little kid.

This green duck was found in the toy chest in Haquim’s closet, and he seems to be happy but also a little confused. I agree Haquim, rubber duckies tend to be yellow and I don’t remember ever getting a green one, but play away anyway. You need the imagination.

Hjordis has been working on writing books, and while I haven’t really taken any pictures of it, she is writing children’s books. It’s the “Lisa” series and are stories about a little girl named Lisa going through various firsts in her life. Her first day of school, making friends, going to the doctor, etc. One of those (I think Lisa Makes a Friend) got nominated. I always forget to attend the ceremony, so I’ll try and remember this time.

Did anyone know that ghost mermaids still SORT OF have a tail in the water? I don’t think I’ve ever even had a ghost in this family head out to the water. Maybe they have and I just never noticed, but it’s sort of weird to see Zophi here with half a tail just swimming around in the water.

Halix starts cooking some breakfast and then starts into a series of actions and faces. Hello erratic trait, nice to have you giving us some fun faces. I wasn’t sure what was going on, was she upset about the food, about cooking, what is happening. I mean just look at that face, she looks so angry!

Oh, nope, she’s telling herself a story. What the heck was this story about Halix??? Some sort of evil witch? Did you get some inspiration from the fact we had Spooky Day recently? I have no idea what kind of stories erratic sims tell themselves, maybe she has some voices in her head that were irritating her. I just love erratic sims.

Anyway, another morning brings another bath needed for little Haquim. How are you always SO dirty Haquim? You don’t make messes, amazingly, and you don’t really go anywhere beyond this floor of the house…so where is this coming from?

Well this was unexpected! What the heck did Haquim do to his mom that made her have a FESTERING grudge? My gosh! I do remember once he came out and was babbling at her and there were some negative relationship points happening, but for pete’s sake Hjordis, he’s a TODDLER!

Hjordis decides to head over to Amarja’s house because I want to get to know her son and make sure we can bring them over once he’s a toddler. So far little Alvin is still just a wee baby, but he should be growing up before too much longer, since Jacque is about to grow up into a toddler and Alvin was born a little bit before Jacque.

Ijtiba comes over and upsets his mom yet again. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what has him so angry. Was it because you grew up without a cake on the beach? I mean comes on Ijtiba! Poor Halix so taken aback. Of course, she doesn’t have a FESTERING grudge against her son.

Ijtiba decides to hang out at the house. He must not be miserable here since he’s over all the time. Zophi’s husband is out haunting today, so Ijtiba chats with Harvey while he makes himself some tea. Seriously, what is with ghosts and tea right now? I’m also not completely sure why Harvey is so sad, but maybe it’s just because he’s dead.

So we finally get the update that Alvin has grown up into a toddler. Wow, just look at that outfit. That is too funny. I will have to get another picture of him, in a different outfit so we can see him properly. Then Zax’s twins, Zorro and Zven are also now adults. So far no other updates for any of the Latte spares from this generation. I am really getting concerned that I have some weird MCCC setting set somewhere. I might have to reset everything and see if that helps.

Anywho, it’s time for Jacque to grow up now himself, and once again Mio goes in and helps him grow up. Look at those glasses! I will be having to give him a make-over soon, but we haven’t done that quite yet, and I am going to call this update here. Jacque got the Inquisitive trait, so hopefully he will do well with his skills. Next update we will see Haquim grow into a child, and we might have Mio and Hjordis work on the next kids. We still have 6 letters to get through.

Just for fun, before we go, here is a picture of the ‘party’ outfit for Alvin, Amarja’s son. He is a cutie for sure! I’ll be interested to see how he looks as he grows up more, since I don’t see a ton of Amarja in him right now. I do hope we will see you in the next update and that you are ready for more kids!

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Latte Game – Generation 4.11

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SimNaNo Entry #9

Woohoo, we have made it halfway through our post goal, and as of this update we are also ahead of the rest of our goals for the month! I’m so excited that we are this far along, and thank you for all those who have been reading and joining me. We will be trying to get back to the other challenges as soon as SimNaNo ends if you were keeping up with them before.

All right, so during the last update we took the family to the Sims Sessions, which was actually pretty fun, and then we had Hjordis nearly though college, found out baby J was on the way, and had the notice that Amarja was also pregnant. Sadly, right at the end of the update we lost Easton and Oxkar, so the family is super sad, but let’s jump in and see how they are doing.

To start the update we have a happy and fun event. Little Haquim is now a toddler. He got a lot of his mother’s coloring, but those eyes are all grandma. Hjordis also has green eyes, but she has the more hazel green, and little Haquim has the bright green eyes like his grandma.

Here is little Haquim after a bit of a make-over. I did this a little bit after he became a toddler, so you’ll see a few pictures of him with the other hair and outfit first. Anyway, see those bright green eyes? The rest of him is basically all Mio. Her blond hair, her super pale skin, I’m sure as he grows we’ll see more of Hjordis in his features. I think he’s a cutie, and I love him already. Haquim rolls the Wild trait, which is just great, he’s going to be a handful.

I think poor Mio might be getting sick again, poor girl. Still, she manages to start the potty training for Haquim. I had to move the potty over just a smidge since he couldn’t use it due to the shelves, but we are all good now. Luckily he was in the yellow for bladder already, so it gave him good practice.

Mio took Haquim out to get him some food and Halix decided to wander around in her birthday suit. Losing Easton might have cracked her already erratic disposition. Haquim seems to be very interested in his naked grandma, but Mio is trying to block the view while getting him, maybe it’s out of his high chair. It looks like there is a food bowl, so I’m going to guess she was getting him out rather than in.

Hjordis gets her final grades, and I’m a bit annoyed by that C. I’m going to assume that’s the class we didn’t have the homework done for the very first class. I knew I should have studied a bit more, but I could not remember which class it was for the life of me. Still, her overall GPA is still an A-, which is terrific. I will figure out the best way to do uni eventually.

Of course, now that Hjordis got her final class grades we get the notice that she is graduating tomorrow. This will be our first ‘played’ graduation. Technically Mio graduated after she moved in, but she wasn’t really in school while a part of the family. Hjordis, however, we helped get through and I’m excited to send her to the graduation. I wish the rest of the family could attend too, it’s weird only the graduate can go.

Before Hjordis gets to go graduate however, she needs to take care of her son. She reads him to sleep nearly every night, we are hoping this will help with the imagination skill. I think he had gotten nearly every skill at least started, except for maybe thinking at this point.

Ijtiba comes over and argues with him mom about something. I didn’t catch what the thought bubbles were about, just that he was upset and they lost some relationship due to this. Maybe he was mad about something to do with Easton’s death. Who knows? Right after this they switched into a pleasant conversation, so all seems to be ok now.

That evening we get a handful of family updates. It appears we forgot to go flag Olivia before MCCC scooped her up to get married. That means we will leave the marriage intact, but we are going to go flag them for no kids. Sorry Fuifui (Fuifui??), hope you weren’t looking for a big family. Xjavier is moving into Strangerville, which seems like a terrible place for a merman, but whatever, and Natalie (Nick’s daughter) is now an elder.

It’s graduation day for Hjordis. She arrives at the school in her cap and gown, and celebrates a bit with other members of the school who are preparing to graduate as well. When they finally head into the school we just sit and watch the building until they come out again, and then we manage to capture the throwing of the hats. Congrats Hordis!

Back at home we have Mio take a picture of Hjordis still in her gown. We want to celebrate this accomplishment, since it’s our first sim all the way through university. Uni in TS4 is no joke, not that it was always easy in TS2, but I knew how to always get good grades. I’m still learning here, and it’s got it’s own challenges for sure. Especially since she was also a part of the soccer team.

Then we are back to Mio helping out Haquim with all his skills. His little face with the flashcards is so cute. It was not too long after these pictures that the game crashed and I lost from right before the graduation on, and then I had to replay it. These pictures are from the replay, which went basically the same as the first time through.

After helping Haquim, Mio is back at working on her fabrication skill. She is running low on bits and pieces so she heads out to recycle a few more plates. How is it that sims collect so many of those plates? They aren’t even that interesting. They do make perfect recycling material though. We have also reached the level where we can do molded candles, which is kind of fun.

Hjordis is next to skill with Haquim. They played dolls, and she helped him a few times with the slide, which seems like the more fun skills to work on. We might be up to about level 2 on everything at this point. Haquim really likes to ‘escape’ the room and my planned skilling, and head out to the stereo and dance. He really is a cute little kid though, even if we aren’t getting quite the levels I would like on skills at this point.

The one problem with potty training is the potty doesn’t help with hygiene, so Haquim was getting pretty dirty. I do miss the TS2 days where it would fill the hygine if you didn’t use the diaper. Our very pregnant Hjordis is happy to provide a bath. I can’t imagine it’s easy getting down on the floor beside the tub nowadays, let alone carrying Haquim and bathing him.

Amarja has given birth to her own little boy. His name is Alvin, and so far she has shown no signs of getting married. For the time being she will be a single mom, and I have every intention of having Alvin over for a play date with the newest baby when it gets here, and becomes a toddler.

Speaking of the newest baby, it’s baby time! Mio, of course, does the traditional freak out when we arrive at the hospital, and Hjordis is ready to be done with this pregnancy. She handles it super well, however, so I’m totally fine with her continuing to have the babies. She doesn’t really even slow down while being pregnant. I love her so much!

Anyway, we head back to the delivery room. This time they are in the delivery room that no one ever really seems to use, except this time of course. Mio doesn’t join us, but instead runs to the cafeteria and hangs out there for the birth. Maybe Hjordis told her not to since she just kept standing in the window freaking out last time. The birth goes smoothly (we’ve had good docs), and we have a new little boy. Welcome to the family baby Jacque!

I think with the birth of Jacque we are going to call this update complete. It just feels like a good place to end. I wonder how far we will get through Hjordis’ name before we get a girl. For the most part all the earlier generations have had one gender through around 1/2 way through their name and then it switches. We’ll see if Hjordis keeps that going. Sadly, Haquim will have to move out before we can have the last baby (at least), since we need 7 kids. With Mio and Hjordis already taking up 2 spots we only have room for 6 kids, but that’s ok. We had to do that with Kevin during Kynzie’s generation, so it’s not the first time. Next update we should have a birthday for Haquim, and probably for Jacque as well. I hope to see you there!

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Latte Game – Generation 4.10

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SimNaNo Entry #8

Welcome back to the Latte’s! We are back for update number 8, which means with the next update we will be halfway through our update goals, and hopefully, we will be about halfway through the rest of our goals as well! Last update Xjavier grew up into a young adult and moved out of the house. Additionally, Hjordis worked on her final semester of college, and baby Haquim was born. Without further ado let’s get started.

We join the family over in Magnolia Blossom Park. Why are they here? Well I played this during the time the Sims Sessions were in progress and I took my simself (who I use to try out a lot of different things before taking a blogged family) to see what it was like, and it was fun. So I decided to take the family to participate and have some fun. It is, luckily, summer in my neighborhood as well, so it’s like going to an actual summer music festival.

The Latte’s invited a lot of the family to come with them to the festival. Each of the three performances found almost everyone by the stage waving their hands or bobbing along to the music. Each of the acts puts on quite a different show with different lighting and music, so it was a ton of fun to listen to and also to watch. Easton was pretty tired, so he kept napping in between performances, but the rest of the family spent time hanging out, or using the facilities. I do hope they put other things like this into effect in the future since this was a lot of fun to participate in.

At one point, one of the family members, I think it was Mio, went to the bathroom stall and I decided to have her take a picture of the festival so I could hang it on the wall in the house with her ticket. This was the picture she took (or at least the non-edited one) and I found it fun. It also happened to be Fireworks Day in the game (and when I played it, it was the 4th of July, so all kinds of fireworks in and out of the game.)

To celebrate, right at the end of the festival, we started having the family light up sparklers, and they set down quite a few fireworks, which we set off once everyone was away. This was actually a pretty fun way to have my family spend Firework Day, although since they didn’t grill or play games it wasn’t great for all of them.

The next day I noticed everyone had this moodlet and I really liked this. It was really cute, and I was happy everyone had a good time and was very inspired by the music festival. I really do hope this becomes a more common thing, or maybe they just put something in to repeat during the summer or something. It was fun, and I liked having a little something different for the family to do.

Back at home Halxi and Easton continue to be as affectionate with each other as always, and very cute. Hjordis is back there working on eating, and although she looks a little grumpy, I don’t think she is upset about her parents. She’s the same with her wife and I’m 100% sure that she learned it from these two.

Hjordis might have taken classes and be higher in parenting than Mio, but with her desperately trying to finish school, Mio steps up to take care of baby Haquim. So far he has been a pretty easy baby to take care of, which is good since I am focused on getting Hjordis through this last semester. Still, Mio is already showing to be a great mom.

Halix finally retires. I had said she was going to, and then forgot to do it, but I want her to be around to help with the baby for a little bit and not be so tired and leaving for work at night. She has done a great job with her generation of this challenge, and it’s time for her to have a break.

Our dear Amarja is now an adult. So far no updates suggesting she is getting married or even might have kids, but I keep hoping. I did go and check on the MCCC settings and realized that to be marriage potential they had to be a minimum of adult, which I thought used to be YA by default. Either way, I went ahead and set it back to be YA instead, which could explain why we haven’t gotten many marriage notifications lately.

I decided to let Halix and Easton have a bit of a home date. They were both up late, everyone else was asleep, so they grabbed some food and then came over to watch a movie together. Ukupanipo came out to haunt and decided to watch with them and chat for a bit. It didn’t stop Halix and Easton from enjoying their date, however, and I love that look they are giving each other in the final picture.

Hjordis heads to school for one of her final days of class. I think this day was her final exam for 2 of the three classes, or maybe it was one final and then a normal class. I can’t remember which, and she might have done her presentation this day too. Regardless, Hjordis stopped to grab some food really quickly before class. When she left home she was already hungry.

Back at home Mio has taken over almost all of the repairs and upgrades. She is going to get her handiness leveled up very quickly at the rate everything is breaking. I mostly bought brand new items for the house, so nothing has been upgraded, at least most of it hasn’t been. Between the ghosts, and the easy-breaking items, we have a lot of repairs, and it’s keeping Mio busy.

One of the updates that I have been hoping to see finally happens. Our dear Amarja is pregnant. She also lets us know that she is, at the very least, interested in women. I wonder if she will marry now, but so far, no update suggesting that. Still, I’m happy we will have a cousin for Hjordis’ kids to play with. Maybe there will be more soon enough.

I had to try and get a picture of this dance Halix is doing. She was doing moves I have not seen any other sim make. Do I not watch high-level sims dance often enough? I always wonder if Halix’s erratic trait makes some of these things happen or if they are ‘normal’ and just not something I’ve caught before. Still, it was a ton of fun to watch her show off her moves to Easton.

Halix has a very high parenting skill, so when I find her taking care of Haquim, I realize she doesn’t even need direction from me. She takes care of his needs without a lot of cooing or shushing him, she just changes his diaper, and picks him up and feeds him. Such a good baby, and such an amazing grandma.

Baby Haquim is going to be a toddler before too long, and we are 10 updates into this generation and have only had our first kid. Ten updates into last generation and Hjordis was ready to take over. That time in college has really extended this generation a lot. I hope you don’t mind, but I love Hjordis and Mio and am enjoying my time with them. Anyway, they head back out to the waterfall (which seems to be their favorite place since I didn’t tell them to go to the waterfall) and have a little fun.

We have another successful woohoo, and Hjordis only has a day, maybe two left in university, so I’m not worried about her having to get through school. She has also completed all of her homework and presentation already, so we are down to going to class and taking the final exam.

Tragedy, kind of, strikes the family. Easton was up making breakfast for the family when his very long life comes to an end. Easton will be missed so badly, and I wish he had more time to spend with the upcoming grandkids, but he had a very long life and accomplished all we asked him to do. Halix is going to be a mess without him, however.

Mio was there to see his passing, and grim arrived behind her as she started wondering what was happening. She did get up a minute later and cry over his body. Everyone else was asleep, which meant Mio was alone with grim, watching him take Easton. I thought about begging to keep him for another day, but decided he was probably ready.

Then the hits just keep coming when we get the notice that Oxkar has also passed away. This poor family is going to be in mourning for quite a while with these two losses back to back. First Halix loses her husband, and really her soul mate, and then her second brother. I think I’m going to end this update here. I know it isn’t the happiest of ways to end, but I need a little time to get ready to deal with all the mourning and grief. I hope you will be back for the, hopefully, more upbeat update in a couple of days when we should see Haquim grow up, and the new baby.

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Latte Game – Generation 4.09

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SimNaNo Entry #7

We are back again for another day of the Latte’s and update number 7 for SimNaNo 2021. We are getting closer to being 1/2 way through the update goal that we had, and I hopefully I’ll also be at least 1/2 way through all the goals. So last time, Hjordis got through the third semester of school, and she got pregnant. We also saw the updated house renovation (or really rebuild). Let’s see how this update goes!

Looks like the sickness that Mio had last update maybe spread to Hjordis. Poor girl comes home from soccer practice and looks just miserable. Halix is also coming home from work, and I really need to have her retire. Everyone is very tired of all the late evenings.

The mural in the workspace is finished, and I think the addition of the flowers along the top makes it a really pretty addition to the room. I really like it, and I reorganized the workspace a bit again, but it all works well. These murals are a lot of fun!

Our whole family hangs out in the living room for the television premier one evening. Mio was washing up dishes in the back but she does come and join the rest of the family for the premier. I really love how this floor of the house turned out!

Mio, in her PJ’s, works on making some candles. You know Mio I gave you some nice every day clothes that would probably be better for you to make candles in then your silky robe! Don’t you just love #simslogic?

It’s Love Day, and while I’m not sure the couples in the house are going to be able to do dates today, there is just too much going on, we can at least decorate the house. I think it’s really cute. I rarely use the love day decorations.

Hjordis is doing ok this semester, but the first day of class happened to have 2 classes, and sadly we only had enough time to get through one of the classes homework. That is likely going to set us back. I need to determine when to start the semesters to make it a little easier on that first day. Either way, she has her final 3 classes this semester, but she is also very pregnant.

The Latte’s have a new party, and invite a ton of the family over. I need to have Hjordis and Mio go and meet the handful of family members that we don’t already have a good relationship with (or rather no relationship with) so that we can invite them all over to the parties that happen once Halix is gone. You can see Amarja, Lowitja, and Ijtiba are all here, as well as many of the cousins, and the kids uncle Oxkar. So what is this party for?

It is Xjavier’s birthday! That means we have another X on our alphabet list, and while that didn’t add a new letter being crossed off, it is a unique letter which gives us some nice points. We even have people who are actually celebrating him blowing out his candles again.

Right after the party we get the notice that Ijtiba is moving into the neighborhood. I realized that part of why we probably haven’t seen all the family moving in lately is because we are a bit short on houses right now. So I built up Newcrest a bit and moved Amarja into the neighborhood so she was available more.

Halix does something that I haven’t seen her do before. I think her erratic nature might be making her a little crazier as she gets older. Anyway, what she is doing is flirting with herself in the mirror. It’s pretty adorable, I am going to miss Halix.

While Halix is busy doing that, the other members of the household are all doing their own things. Xjavier did move out of the house already, but Hjordis takes this time to get her presentation started so we aren’t rushing at the end of the semester to get it done and presented.

Mio is back to working on candles in her sleepwear. I really don’t think Mio likes to be in clothes very much. Anyway, she obviously burned herself with the candle she was making, and it burned her arm. Yes Mio, I’m sure that hurt, but this is why you should wear clothes while doing this!

Easton is busy repairing things. I forgot that Halix doesn’t enjoy handiness and so repairing everything makes her tense. So instead of having Halix do a lot of this we have Easton get started on it. Mio also enjoys handiness, which is good, because with all our ghosts, and all these bathrooms, things get broken a lot.

We did have Halix go and repair, or maybe she was finishing upgrading, either the washer or dryer. Sometimes you just have to do things you don’t really like, or want to do. We have had both the washer and the dryer bug out on us since we moved in and I had to replace them, but they seem to be fixed now. I just need to finish all the upgrades so they don’t break so often.

Once Hjordis got through the first step of working on her presentation we had her get going on her homework. It’s the weekend, which means no class, and we can get all caught up on homework and hopefully get a bit ahead. I think this should help our ability to get through the rest of this semester without too much work.

You can see that poor Mio got sprayed with the fabricator again. It kind of cracks me up how colorful she becomes with all the fabricator paint all over her. It was during this screen shot that Mio reminded me how much she hate cooking. I had totally forgotten she got that dislike. So Mio will eat leftovers from now on.

The Eco Living guy came by and asked if he could use the recycler. He offered to give us the bits and pieces if we let him, so we said yeah. Might as well, then we can get some pieces to use for fabrication. Mio is working on building up her fabrication skill still, which has been a bit slow going.

I’m not entirely sure how, but Hjordis has a soccer game. She is so pregnant, I can’t imagine she is really going to play, but since I remembered/realized that we could take the whole family to the game, that’s what we did. We invited all Hjordis siblings, Mio, and then Halix and Easton and they all came and watched the game.

Sadly, the game ended in a loss for the team, and Hjordis wasn’t feeling very social after the loss. She also probably didn’t feel great after playing soccer that pregnant. Still it was a lot of fun for me to send the whole family to go watch the game. This is Hjordis’ last game since she will be through school before next Saturday.

We get the notice that Christie has passed away. I do not blame you if you can’t remember who Christie is (or if you are a new reader and started at this generation) but she was the adopted sister of all our mermaid/vampire cousins. Zophi’s twin, Zorah, married Vlad (don’t ask me) and had 3 kids. One of their family friends passed, leaving a little girl the same age as Zorah and Vlad’s twins, and so they adopted her. She has been a part of the family since she was a child, and attended many of the family events. She will be missed.

These two are as bad and Halix and Easton. They are always seeking each other out to do this. It’s very sweet, and I love it, but sometimes I want you to finish the task I gave you first! Still, Hjordis is so pregnant she is not getting much else done, and I’m sure Mio being so loving helps.

It’s another day of chores and tasks for the family. We have Mio, who is actually in her little apron this time, working on her candle making again. She is almost at the point where she can make a new type of candle. Hjordis has also worked hard on her presentation and is ready to give it after the weekend.

Once done with her presentation Hjordis goes into the bathroom and then we see that she is now in labor. The newest Latte is on the way and we have to come up with an H name for the new baby. I wonder if we will keep the family tradition of starting with boys.

To the hospital we go with both Hjordis and Mio. Mio, as is traditional, freaks out when we get to the hospital. We have not gotten totally taken over by ghosts in this hospital, which is nice. Mio is the first spouse I’ve ever had to come back with Hjordis. She goes into the room next door, but stands there freaking out watching Hjordis give birth in the crazy machine.

Hjordis gives birth to a little boy. So the tradition in this family continues. Halix is the only first born to be a girl. Kevin was generation 1, Zax was generation 2, then we broke tradition by having Halix (and her sisters first last generation), and now we are back to boys with this newest little boy. He gets the name Haquim Latte. That would give us 3 new letters (Q, U, and M). With that birth it feels like the right time to stop this update and we will be back to see how Mio and Hjordis handle having a baby next time.

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Words: +1,630 | 10,776 / 27,000
Pictures: +32 | 218 / 500

So like normal I will not be counting the title, links, or this box of information in my word totals so I do not ‘pad’ my numbers unfairly.

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SimNaNo Entry #6

Hello and welcome back to the next SimNaNo update for the Latte’s! I hope you have been enjoying the updates so far. I have been having a ball playing with the Latte’s so much. I have really missed this family! I know I have been doing an every other day thing so far, but on the weekends you’re going to get a couple in a row to help me get to my goal of 18 updates this month. Hopefully, you remember yesterday was the wedding of Hjordis and Mio, as well as Mio’s graduation from college.

I also, at the end of the update, gave a hint about a complete house renovation. So, we are going to start with taking a look at the brand new house I have built for the family. It now has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. We might eventually expand the rooms some since a few are a bit smaller than I would like, but I really like how it turned out overall.

I know that these pictures were taken at night, and I will give you some lighter pictures in a bit, but since this was our ‘teaser’ I figured I would use them to get us started. So the front has a nice porch, and is basically a split level (one of my first real use of platforms) and the back has porches at each level and stairs down to the ocean.

There are 3 main “levels” within the house. The ground floor has a bedroom, two bathrooms, laundry area, kitchenette, and workspace. The second floor has most of the bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a little play area. We can officially sleep 9, even though we will never have more than 8, and I will probably split the yellow room to be 2 single beds once Easton and Halix are gone. Finally, the top floor has the toddler room (so they are close to the kitchen), dining room, living room, kitchen, and the area for the piano.

Here is a quick little look at how we have set up the entry hall, and the workspace, for now. I actually really like this red bedroom, which will typically become the former heir’s room I think, although right now it’s Xjavier’s room. Then we have the little laundry room.

Here is a look at most of the bedrooms on the second floor, as well as the play area, and one of the master bathrooms. You will see more of all these rooms as we play, but I’m super happy with them. The closet in the green room is one of my favorites.

Finally, we have one of the decks (that is actually on the second floor), the main living area, and the toddler room. I brought the mural with us for the toddler room so that is still there, which makes me happy. The toddler room is a lot more colorful and bright now, and I really like it.

As promised, here is the house in full daylight so you can see the outside a little easier. I have also moved more of the families things into the various areas, so you see a few of the clutter/collection items around now. With all of that done, let’s get back to visiting with the family!

Halix and Mio are checking out the new living room and Mio is apparently also eating some food. I have no idea what they were doing, although I thought that Halix was dancing. With Mio’s face here I think she must have been saying something to her mother-in-law. I have already moved the fishbowls out of the shelves here, but you will see that in later pictures.

Hi Zophi! Glad you made it through the house renovation intact! Hjordis is also working on eating some food, and the wedding and renovation have set her behind at school a bit. I don’t know that we are going to make A’s this semester, but we will see. This is in the little kitchenette on the ground floor (although I always think of it as the ‘basement’ of the house). I think it’s nice to have a little area down here.

Our cousin Mikel Robles (Ember’s son) has grown into an adult now. He has been flagged before when he became a YA, and I keep hoping we will get some notices about our current batch of kids who have moved out, but so far it hasn’t happened. I hope our kids will have some cousins soon.

Since Mio has the aspiration to be a Master Maker I got her a fabricator, and the recycler is on the side of the house. So far she is doing fine, although I don’t really know what I’m going to do with all of this. I also discovered that building the fabrication skill can also be done with the candle maker, so I buy her one of those as well because I always wanted to do some candle making.

Mio still helps Hjordis with her ball skills. Even though Hjordis is as high on the soccer team as she can be, I don’t want her to lose any levels. So we make sure to have Hjordis do some ball juggling, either alone or with someone daily. You can see the closet a little better here, and I think it really turned out good. I forgot to mention before if you like the house it is uploaded onto the gallery and can be found under #ciyrosesims.

We have moved, and expanded our family’s photo wall as well. Since Mio had her graduation picture we added that, and pulled out some of the other photos, like of Kynzie and Ukupanipo (our founder couple) and Zohpi and Kynzie. I never had Zophi take a photo with Halix when she took over and I wish I had. Still, I think it’s a lot of fun. There are other photos around the house now as well.

I decided the ground floor wall needed a mural. I really am enjoying how these look. Xjavier begins to work on it while his sister-in-law works with the fabricator behind him. I can’t imagine that when Mio gets sprayed with, whatever the fabricator is spraying, that Xjavier was very happy. Not only did it likely hit him too, but it probably ruined a portion of the mural he was working on.

Hjordis looks cute in her soccer uniform, and I really like Mio in the red apron. I gave her this outfit with the idea that she would probably want that when working on her fabrications. I was starting to feel like it was time to get these two started on a family.

So they swam over to the waterfall and had a little fun. I love these two, and the waterfall is a cute place for them to try and start a family. They look adorable, and Mio is so pretty in my opinion. I could not, at this moment, remember which one I gave the ability to have kids. I really hope I gave it to Mio, so that Hjordis can get through school first, but it might be Hjordis.

The one problem with this house is that I can occasionally lose sims. You just are never completely sure which level they are on. I could not use this for an ISBI, but anyway, I noticed that Easton had gotten up from bed and when I finally found him I discovered he had come downstairs specifically to do this to his wife. They may not be young anymore, but these two are still absolutely adorable and very much in love with each other.

Oh, but alas, I didn’t have Mio as the one to have babies. Baby H is on the way, and Hjordis will need to try and finish up school while being pregnant. Here’s hoping she doesn’t have a horrible pregnancy. I love how Hjordis looks like she is looking up at the confetti falling all around her.

Sadly, with good news often comes bad news. Halix’s oldest brother, Zax, has passed away, and the entire family is very sad. Halix was close with all of her brothers and sister and so losing the first one is tough. Oxkar is likely not that far behind him, but we will hope that it doesn’t happen soon.

Halix goes to the piano to work out her feelings, and try out the raised piano platform (which I think turned out great) while Easton worked on cleaning up all the dishes. Whatever issue we had with the dishes seems to be fixed as we have had no problems cleaning dishes now.

Kynzie comes out and haunts the family and makes herself some tea. My ghosts LOVE to make tea in the tea kettle, is that common for them? I don’t remember any of my other families having the ghosts do this, but maybe I’ve just never noticed. Anyway, Easton and Xjavier are up having some food, so they hang out with Kynzie. I’d like to think they get news of how Zax is doing on her side.

Hjordis came down to find Mio working on restoring the mural to ensure it’s maintained, and we see that poor Mio has gotten sick. She does not look happy with all of those little spots all over her.

Since Xjavier is about to have his birthday and move, out I have him give Hjordis some of the items that we might want to keep with this branch of the family, like some fireworks, and some repair parts.

And we will end this update with Hjordis’ grades for the semester. I was clearly right about her falling a bit behind in school. She still has a GPA of an A, and hopefully this final semester she can achieve high grades again and keep that. Either way, she’s done well, but pregnancy might make a big difference. We will be back in a couple of days now and can see how Hjorids does with her pregnancy. I hope you will come back and see us then!

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,687 | 9,146 / 27,000
Pictures: +40 | 186 / 500

So like normal I will not be counting the title, links, or this box of information in my word totals so I do not ‘pad’ my numbers unfairly.

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SimNaNo Entry #5

Welcome back to a new update for the Latte’s, and we are at update 5 for SimNaNo as well. So far we are on track to complete our goals, although I do need to keep the word out up, but we’ll see how it goes as the month progresses. Anyway, last time we had an engagement and we will see the wedding this update. We also saw Halix become and elder, and Ijtiba become a young adult and move out. Let’s get started with this latest update.

We start with the party for Halix’s birthday still in swing, but starting to warp up. Ijtiba and Amarja were busy chatting in the toddler room with Yenifer. Hjordis was also there, but decided to play with the clay instead of doing too much talking. The clay has become quite popular again. Someone, I believe Ijtiba, broke the dollhouse in the background as well.

The next day is Hjordis and Mio’s wedding day. As part of the day, Halix took photos with her brothers and sisters before the wedding began. Everyone looks very handsome and beautiful, and I love what both of her brothers are wearing, and I think Amara’s dress look amazing on her. I am always a little worried about what everyone will show up wearing to a sims wedding, but it is a great start. What I did forget to do was to take a photo of Hjordis and her parents, but that’s all right.

We actually had people actually sitting in the chairs I set up, and others stood to watch the event, but at least some sat. Even better, there were people watching the wedding! Mio is not dressed up in her formal attire, or if she is, we will need to update her formal wear. I believe she was in swim wear, which really shouldn’t be a surprise being on the beach. Go figure, there is always that one thing at any wedding that doesn’t go exactly right.

Regardless of the varying levels of formal wear the brides were wearing, the wedding goes forward without any problems. The sun was just setting in Sulani and I am reminded why I love having my sims live on this island. It’s just a beautiful location, and it makes the wedding absolutely breathtaking.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Welcome Mio Matsumoto to the Latte’s! I think she is going to be an amazing spouse to Hjordis, as well as a great addition to the family as a whole. I think she will also be a terrific mom. We will be giving Mio a make-over after the wedding is over. She is a lovely sim, but I really want to update her look. I can’t help but love this picture though.

Before I let the couple go inside, I made Mio change into her formal wear. This is her actual formal wear and the only option I think she had. I went ahead and used the camera to take a picture of the two for our family photo wall. I think this is a rather adorable picture of the to of them.

The wedding reception is in full swing when the couple comes up from their beach photo shoot and the family enjoys some leftovers that we pulled out of the fridge. I had a wedding topper on a little cake, but I’m not entirely sure if the couple ever got around to cutting the cake. I find it funny that Hjordis friend from school, who was invited to the wedding, is wearing the same dress that Mio usually wears during the day. She’s wearing a similar hat as well.

Here is a quick look at the current state of our family photo wall. We have added pictures of the wedding, and I absolutely love it so far. It’s fun to finally have some pictures of the family up in the house as decoration. I love the Moschino camera, it’s one of the best things I’ve figured out how to use.

Here is our Mio after a make-over, in a couple of different outfits. I think she is absolutely gorgeous! Mio joins us as a young adult, although she is getting close to her birthday so I will be having both her and Hjordis drink a youth potion. Her aspiration is to be a Master Maker, and she has the Muser, Clumsy, Insider, and Bro traits. I haven’t ever done this aspiration yet, so I’m kind of excited to try it.

After all the guests have left for the night Hjordis and Mio decide to consummate their relationship. These two aren’t in a rush to have kids, but they also can’t wait too long to start the family either. I would really like to get both of them through college however, since I got the notice that Mio is finishing up school.

Arthur has now grown up into a young adult. We actually flagged him already when we went and flagged the twins a couple of updates ago. All of Zax kids are now young adults. Actually it looks like almost all of the kids of this generation are young adults. There are still a couple of teens, but most of them have grown up.

We actually get a haunting from Harvey! He hasn’t been out for a bit, but he goes and works out at the punching bag. You can see Halix in the background who is working in the garden. I’m going to be redoing the house here soon to make some more room and hopefully have a little better set up for the garden.

Xjavier, who is about 4 days from being a young adult finally get his A. Since he just needed to get the A within 3 days of being out of high school we will get to count these points.

We are still in the same semester and Hjordis is working hard on her presentation. I cannot remember what class it was that she needed this presentation for but I find it kind of funny the pictures that show up here. You can see another presentation board is back there, which are for the two presentations Mio shows that she has for her classes.

Xjavier was out at the grill working on trying to finish up his scouting badge, but instead he sets fire to the grill. Everyone,