EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.07

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I am back once again with the Tripp’s! It has been a lot of fun to get back into many of my families and I am determined to try and finish this challenge before another year has passed. So let’s just get right into it. First here is a look at the goals we have left:

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So we only have the one piece left, and that is getting Bonnie through the business career. Her career has been pretty smooth so far, so I don’t see it taking too much longer for that to happen, but with all the kids it’s likely slowed a bit. If you remember, they currently have 3 kids (the twins, Steve and Bill, and then Corie (their daughter.))

We start with the twins following around Patchy and chatting with him. Neither boy has been too happy lately, needing attention pretty badly, but this should help them out. Both are going to be really working hard if we are going to get all their skills in before their birthday.

I still would like to get more of the collections done, and of course since we just got Cottage Living I have more plants to go find again. I had them work on beach combing. We didn’t really get anything very exciting though, and it’s going to take more time.

After having all 3 of her kids Bonnie was feeling a little bit out of shape, or at least that she wanted to get back in shape and lose the baby weight, so she started running on the treadmill again. Bonnie is still one of my favorite sims, at least look wise. I think she is really pretty and feel her clothes and hair are all very suited to her.

While she was busy working out Zygo, her grandfather, comes out to haunt and say hello. I love that he popped up here and waved at her and then she waved back. Bonnie might be evil, but she is still close to her family.

We get the sad news that Frank has passed onto the other side. He was quite a bit older than Bonnie, so this makes sense. I’m sure his kids will be sad, and I should go visit or ask the family to visit us soon.

Bonnie comes home with a promotion and she is doing really well. She is needing more logic and charisma now, which Rene also needs for his aspiration. I think this puts her at around level 7 or 8 at this point. I cannot remember which level President is.

It is time for little Corie to grow up and I was super excited to see what she looked like. She got Rene’s hair while the boys got Bonnie’s and I love that they each got a slice from their parents.

Here is Corie after a bit of a make-over. She got purple upon growing up and I decided to keep it. I love this hair on her, and thought it was super cute. Corie got the Inquisitive trait and I think she also got her daddy’s eyes, but she appears to have her mom’s nose. We’ll be able to tell when she gets a little older.

Right before we gave her the make-over all 3 of the kids worked on their thinking skills by watching Rene and each other over and over again. The thinking is one of the slower skills for both of the boys, but we are getting there.

Bonnie and Rene sit down and play some chess together while all the kids are occupied with other things, perhaps they were even in bed at this point. They haven’t had a lot of time together with as busy as the kids keep them.

That night Lara and Kiana were both out haunting. We have missed having Kiana around, and it’s always fun to see Lara too. I love that Lara goes and watches about the weather, the one thing she doesn’t really need to pay attention to anymore.

Rene finally got enough time in to get himself a promotion at work as well. He is moving into the botanist path since Kiana had already taken the flower arranging path. We got another cowplant berry, although Cornelius is thriving still.

Bill is a cutie, and I believe this picture was to show that he has completed his movement skill. He is the one I’m the most worried about reaching all his skills. Steve, behind him on the bed, is doing a little bit better and should reach all of his.

Bonnie gets a fun work option. Now she is an evil and this is supposed to be the “criminal” path that we are on, so of course we go for the takeover. Bonnie isn’t worried about her reputation, and heck, why wouldn’t this family want more fame and money?

More toddler spam to say that Steve has completed all of his skills. Bill still needs a bit of thinking and it is almost the boys birthday. Rene is also working on potty training Corie. I am so ready for these twins to be children. I love toddlers, but I have been skilling a LOT of toddlers lately and I’m ready for a bit of a break.

Amazingly enough, even though Bill passed out once while trying to get that final little bit of his skills done, both boys manage to complete all of their skills in time for the family to throw a bit of a party. They invited family over, but for some reason no one actually came. Maybe it was late. Anyway, Bonnie brought both of her boys to the cake and both grew into children.

Here are the boys after their make-overs. Both boys got Top-Notch Toddler, which is great. They also both keep their colors from when they were toddlers. So Bill is first in the green and with the curly hair. He got the Child of the Ocean trait and gets Artistic Prodigy for an aspiration. Steve, on the other hand, has straight hair and got the Proper trait. He did, however, also get the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Right as we wrap up this update we find Zayo is out haunting again and is apparently mopping up some invisible mess or puddle from our house. It’s nice to have them helping clean up though.

One final piece before we leave. This is Ruth, Frank’s little girl. She grew into a child last time and I did not yet have a picture of her at that time. That nose is clearly one of the family traits, since it’s the same nose Bonnie has and I think she is really cute.

That is going to wrap up this update for now. Next time we should see Corie grow into a child, and we’ll see how the boys are doing on their aspirations. I hope maybe Bonnie will also get another promotion or two since she won’t have to spend quite so much time taking care of toddlers. Thanks for joining me, and hope to see you next time!

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EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.06

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Hello there, and welcome back to the Epic Tripp. We are getting this update out before SimNaNo begins in July when we are focusing on our Latte Name Game challenge. I had, however, played this update and wanted to get it out before I get busy with that. So here we are, and as a reminder these were our goals for the current generation.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So with the last update Bonnie gave birth to the twins, Bill and Steve, and we lost Abby to the grim reaper. Bonnie was doing well in her job, and we should see the boys grow up. Since Bonnie had twin boys we will be going for a girl. Now let’s see how this round goes.

Bonnie, even with her evil trait, is a very good mom and takes good care of her boys. The twins keep her very very busy however, and she is always pretty tired. Rene, being Lazy, is also usually very tired by the end of a day taking care of the twins and the garden.

Speaking of Rene, he is now a full adult. His birthday was held without a lot of fanfare, everyone was super tired from all that had been going on, but he got a cake at least. Happy Birthday Rene!

Bonnie comes home with a new promotion. She is doing great in the business track and she is now the Vice President. So she has 3 more promotions to go in order to complete our tasks for this generation and finally unlock computers.

Frank, his wife, and other members of the family came by to visit, and see the twins. It’s kind of fun to have some extended family now, since we had just the immediate family for so long.

I think this might have been Firework Day, since we appear to have more than just family over today. We are also playing with the water, which I’m pretty sure is one of the things I had set to do for that day.

However, a very ominous black smoke showed up by the pool and we realized it was time to say goodbye to Miranda. I knew it was getting close, but didn’t expect it to happen in the pool. Everyone was very sad, and Miranda will be missed. She was an interesting sim to play.

Miranda gets the special headstone from being a magic user and is laid next to Abby in the garden. We have quite a few headstone in the garden now from the various generations. The ones right behind Abby and Miranda I believe are Belle and Francis, our generation 2 couple.

This picture actually doesn’t mean anything at all, other than the fact we still have the Winterfest Tree, but I caught this action shot of Remington jumping on the counter, and thought it was kind of fun. I know I had the game paused for some reason when I noticed this and just had to take a picture.

With Abby and Miranda gone that leaves the house quiet for Rene and Bonnie, so they decide to get started on the next baby. Hopefully pregnancy will be easier on Bonnie this time.

Rene then gets himself a promotion in the gardening career. I believe I have taken him, or will be taking him, down the Botanist career since we had Kiana do the Flower Arranging branch.

Rene checks on the twins and then gives a little love to Remington. He’s been slightly more neglected since the twins were born and we lost Abby. Miranda helped some, but it’s getting tougher. We are ready for the twins to grow up though, they are making Bonnie and Rene very tired.

Then we find out that Bonnie really is pregnant, which is probably a part of why she has been a little more miserable than normal. Rene is happy about the news, and while Bonnie is excited about maybe getting a little girl, I’m not sure she’s ready for pregnancy again.

Bonnie is still working on her aspiration as well, it takes up some of her time and gives her something to do beside take care of the twins when she is at home. I believe she has gotten all the skills she needs for the next promotion, now it will just take time.

Then the twins grow up. Here they are after a little bit of a make-over. Bill is on the left in green and he is silly. Steve is on the right in red and he is independent. They are both so cute I think, Rene and Bonnie make some pretty cute kids.

The boys get going on their skills with Rene helping Bill with his movement, and then they play together with the dollhouse. Mr. Independent, Steve, can work on his potty skill all on his own, and we have Bill watch to gain a little for himself. Remington looks a little unsure of the attention he’s being given from Bill, but so far the cat is handling the toddlers well.

Rene does end up helping little Bill with his potty skill, and Bonnie reads the boys to bed that first night. They are doing pretty well so far, although Bill likes to wander, so I doubt he’ll have any trouble getting his movement skill up. This house is big enough that toddlers will practically gain a skill just walking from one end to the other.

Pregnancy has not been any easier on Bonnie this time around, and I’m crossing my fingers that we don’t have twins again. It won’t be much longer, however, and because Bonnie is really not a sim that would want to be pregnant any more than she has to be, we feed her a bunch of strawberries.

Rene gets himself another promotion at work, and then we get the notice that Frank’s daughter, Ruth, is now a child. She was an adorable little toddler and we might have to invite the family back over to hang out soon.

Poor Remington got sick, so Rene takes time off work to get him to the vet. They get him all healed up and Rene is happy to have Remington healthy again. He is also getting older and isn’t going to be around that much longer, which will make us sad, but he’s been a great pet.

Finally it’s time for Bonnie to give birth to our next baby. She has the little girl we wanted/needed, and her name is Corie. That means we have 3 kids this gen and that is where we are going to end with the kids.

Corie is named for Corie Barry, the CEO of Best Buy and listed a couple of times on lists of Most Powerful Women.

Now that little Corie is born Bill goes to check out the new sibling and is very unhappy to have a new baby sister. I don’t think Steve really cared about Corie. Hopefully Bill will grow to like Corie eventually.

With all of that done I think that leaves us in a good place to stop this update. Next time we should see what little Corie looks like when she grows up and the boys should get through more of their toddler skills. I hope to see you over at the Latte Name Game during the month of July for SimNaNo!

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EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.05

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We are FINALLY back to EPIC Tripp! I’m so happy to be back to playing a little more frequently and actually have some updates to share with you. I don’t know that it will stay this consistent, but I hope you enjoy the updates as I manage to get them to you. Now, it has been a really long time since we had an update, so let’s look at our goals.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So really the part we have left is to get Bonnie through her business career. When we left last update Bonnie was almost halfway through the business career, so we have some work to do, but are well on our way to meeting our goals soon enough. So let’s go check in with the family.

We start with seeing Miranda and Abby enjoying each other’s company on the couch. In their older years, these two have gotten closer. Their marriage may not have started out as a great love affair, but they have grown to love each other and their lives very much.

Patchy is still around and he really enjoys going over and playing with Cornelius. This is probably one of my most successfully cared for cowplants. This family really seems to like their cow plant, even though they occasionally get themselves eaten.

You may or may not remember that Bonnie is very pregnant with her first child. Rene is very excited to meet his son or daughter and takes time to talk to the baby. Bonnie loves her husband but is very ready to be done with being pregnant. I have not influenced this pregnancy because they have unlocked the ability to have multiple kids. You may remember, Bonnie was the second child for Abby and Miranda.

Speaking of the first born Tripp of the last generation, Frank comes by for a visit and sits down to chat with his mom Abby. Abby is always happy to see her son, and I really do want to go to his house again at some point and let Bonnie and Rene get to know his kid and step-son.

That evening we have a couple of ghosts visiting, as has really become common. This family has been around for, let’s see, this is the 6th generation, and so there are plenty of ghosts in our garden to come out and haunt us. Tonight is Lindsey and her mom Belle, generations 2 and 3.

Remington the cat is still here, and he closely watches Bonnie work on authenticating a statue found in the jungle. Bonnie’s aspiration is to be an archeology scholar, and she is still needing to find/authenticate items. Luckily between her great-grandma Lindsey’s time being an archeologist and her grandma Lara also visiting multiple times, she’s got plenty of items to still go through.

Bonnie is needing more logic for work so she plays a lot of chess. Usually, Miranda will play with her, but on this day she managed to get Abby to sit down for a bit and play. Bonnie is close to having another promotion, which will be great.

Knowing that Abby and Miranda were not going to be around for forever as full members of the family I decided it was time to take another trip to Frank’s home. As soon as we arrived his little daughter Ruth was outside with her mom. Bonnie and Rene both took time to talk with her and start making friends. Perhaps their kids will play together someday.

Upstairs we find Frank’s step-son, Malakai, playing chess. He has grown up into a handsome young man. He got to know most of the family as a young boy, although Rene was not yet a part of the family.

Bonnie was taking care of Ruth for a bit and then went to sit and talk with Frank. Right at that moment, Abby got up to say goodbye to the world. Most of the family just kept talking, but one of the other members of the household walked in and saw Abby on the floor. Then everyone was very upset and Grim came to bring Abby to the other side.

Miranda made sure Abby was placed in the garden at home and strengthened her connection to the world. She knew she would join her before too much longer, so while she was sad, she had lived in this house with its ghosts for years and knew she would see Abby again.

Abby then managed to max out her Charisma. I cannot remember for sure how she did that, or if it was for a purpose, but it was probably for her Master Actress aspiration.

Apparently we had slacked for a little bit on feeding Cornelius as Rene got drawn in by the cake. Luckily Cornelius spit him back out, but Rene was very drained after the encounter. Rene is doing really well with his job though and spends a lot of time in the garden, so I guess it was bound to happen.

Then in the morning, Bonnie woke up with labor pains. It was finally time to meet the newest Tripp. Babies are still going to be born at home around here, and luckily we have the bassinet already, so Bonnie went over to give birth to the next generation.

Then it was SURPRISE time for me. Bonnie was carrying twins this whole time! Not only did she give birth to twins, but twin boys….which means she will be sure to have another baby so we can continue with the matriarchy. For now, meet Bill and Steve Tripp.

Bill is named for Bill Gates and Steve for Steve Jobs, both very successful businessmen.

For now, that is going to be where we end the update. Abby managed to max out 6 skills in her lifetime and she completed 4 aspirations and got 4 additional raises beyond level 10 of her job as The Boss. I’m sure we will be seeing her again, but she will be missed. I hope you enjoyed the update and we will see you next time.

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EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.04

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Hello and welcome back to EPIC Tripp! Last time we had a wedding and a new years celebration, and some birthday’s too. This time we get started on the next generation and keep working on our goals. Speaking of the goals, let’s take a look at what those are:

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

Bonnie is in the business career, and Rene, her husband is going back to the gardening career. I want him to do the Botanist branch of the gardening career that Kiana maxed all those generations ago.

We start right off the bat, however, with Miranda finishing up her current aspiration. We go ahead and give her the Master Actress aspiration next (I think, although I’m not 100% sure I wrote that down right.)

Regardless, still in her party wear Miranda goes out and bonds with the bees.

Miranda: *cackling* Yes my pretties, bond with me, do my bidding!!! Hahaha!

Oh yeah, Miranda is enjoying the “evil” bees far too much.

Frank pops by for a visit, and Remington, who had run away, comes back home. Miranda is out to great both of them and give some love to Remington.

Rene heads out to start his work tasks of tending all the plants, watering, harvesting, weeding etc. I think I’m going to like having Rene in gardening. Initially I was going to make him an astronaut, but he’s lazy, and that doesn’t really fit, not that a botanist really does either, but at least he could work from home and it’s not based around his fitness.

Then, before I could catch her, Miranda and Frank head out to Cornelius and Miranda tries to take the cake. Luckily the cowplant spits her back out drained, but unharmed, for now.

Rene then needs to start bonding with the bees. If he is going to work in the garden and get anywhere at all without getting attacked all the time it’s time he starts that. I would also like him to make friends with Patchy at some point.

Bonnie spends some quality time with Remington. Not really sure why he ran away the last time. He is a SPOILED cat, and doesn’t have any traits I would expect to make him a wanderer. Oh well, he’s back to his pampered life now.

Frank’s daughter is born into the family, a little baby named Ruth. She is the newest Tripp, and it’s fun to start having heirs to follow a little more.

Since this generation was business or politics, Ruth is named for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Although not REALLY in either business or politics specifically I figured it was close enough for a spare.

Bonnie is rather quickly making her way up the Business ladder. I believe her next promotion comes with the choice in which direction her career will take her, and I’m excited to already be half-way to unlocking the next set of things.

Miranda has become quite the social butterfly in her older age. She chats with the ghosts, and then with the Day of the Dead celebrators. We are trying to get those last couple of skulls, but seem to just keep getting the same ones over and over now.

She apparently likes to keep busy as she also works on repairing and upgrading various objects around the house, and her magic keeps our broken plumbing, thank you ghosts, from getting too out of hand.

She also picks up the slack left by the rest of the family as we try and juggle jobs and the large family garden. I am still shy ONE plant, the plantsim fruit, and I am bound and determined to get it!

Bonnie is feeling the little bit of weight she has put on and double’s her efforts to work it all off. She jogs on the treadmill nearly every day, so you would think she would be in better shape then she appears to be already.

Since Miranda needs to go back to work for her aspiration, we pick out an easy commercial for her to appear in, and isn’t it funny that after all of this time, Miranda is a blonde for a role. In all her active years up to this point they have changed her blonde hair, but now that it’s gray, they make her blonde.

Rene is the next one to get a promotion and he is on his way up the career ladder himself. I will probably have him work from home a lot more as the family grows some, but if I remember correctly, he needs a computer sometimes while working from home, so I need Bonnie to get through her career quickly.

The two spend a fair amount of time together and Rene works on reading books. He has the Nerd Brain aspiration after all and we need him to get through some book reading.

But in the evenings he is all Bonnie’s. These two really are cute, and very affectionate with each other. I really do see Bonnie as being “evil” in name only. She is actually a very caring person.

And then she announces they will be parents before too long. That’s right, our generation 6 is on the way. Will it be a girl? I don’t know that I am going to influence this birth, especially since they can have any number of kids now.

Miranda heads out and does a “scene” for the public. It’s a dancing scene, and really the only one to see is is Abby. Still it counts for Miranda’s aspiration and she is that much closer to finishing another one.

Bonnie plays chess with her mother to get her logic skills up. She needs more if she is going to reach the top of the business career. Rene watches some TV instead. I’m not really sure what he’s watching, but it could have been premier day.

We end this update with the knowledge that Frank is now an elder, and his little girl, Ruth, is now a toddler! I will get a picture of her next time I am in the game, as she looks like she’s just adorable. It’s probably time for another trip to their home.

Next time Bonnie should give birth to her first child, and hopefully we will make more progress on her career as well as Rene’s career. Thank you for joining me. I know some of my posts are a little shorter lately, but I haven’t had a ton of time to play, but don’t want to leave you hanging either. Happy New Year as well!

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EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.03

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We are back with another update for EPIC Tripp. We are slowly working our way through this generation, and last time Bonnie was getting close with the guy who is likely going to be her husband for this part. Before we get into the update let’s remember what we are working on.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So Bonnie is working her way up the business career. I haven’t decided what career to put her husband in when he joins the family but we’ll figure that out when we need to.

Bonnie is taking on more of the responsibility for the garden. It will be nice when she gets to the level of being able to just tend the garden all together and not have to do watering, weeding, and harvesting all separately.

All three of these ladies are spending a little more time trying to get in shape. The pool gets a lot of use by some of them, and the pool side towels and chairs as well.

It is now WinterFest and the family celebrates by decorating the tree. Bonnie then invites her intended, Rene, over for opening presents. The family then also enjoys a grand meal.

After the meal Bonnie gives Rene a special present and they share their first real kiss. Then Miranda and Abby also share a special moment in the kitchen of themselves. Seems the holiday and older age are causing some additional sweetest between these guys.

The next day Bonnie continues to bond with the bees in the garden. We continued to have a bit of an issue with the bee boxes, and ended up clearing out the cache and re-loading the game. That seemed to solve the issues we were having.

Abby makes a visit, after Bonnie leaves for work, to the original homestead of the Tripp’s. This is the house her great great grandma built, or at least the lot. The house was added onto a bit by great grandma Belle. She makes a collection circuit of the area to look for the final metals/crystals.

Miranda cracks me up with her tense mood in which is caused by the thunderstorm happening outside, but then she decides she wants to go out and “relax” on the beach towels by the pool. Bonnie got a chance card and obviously the “right” call for Bonnie being evil is to Blackmail, which causes a loss in performance. Then, have a fun picture of Remington being cute.

It was time for Miranda’s birthday, and so there is a party thrown for her. Miranda grows up into an elder and gets herself a bit of a makeover. I think the shorter hair looks very nice on her.

Rene is over for the party too and Bonnie spends some time with him. Rene should make for a good edition into this family.

The cake is cut and the young couple enjoy a slice before heading upstairs to have a little “fun” in the money piles in the vault. Sadly, Rene decided to leave before they got to having the actual fun.

We then get some fun news. Frank is expecting a child. He and his wife and going to bring new little Tripp’s into the world.

Miranda finally gets the chance to lay out on that beach towel that she had been wanting to lay out on. She lays out there for quite a while and Abby works on fishing today. We still have a lot of fish to catch.

Our dear Bonnie comes home with a new promotion and is now a Regional Manager in business. I guess trying to blackmail her old boss didn’t hurt her as much as it could have.

That evening we have a plethora of ghosts out to hunt for the night. Zygo, Lara, and Ferdinando (I think) are all out and Zygo is even cleaning. It’s just so nice of him!

I’m not sure this is the outfit I would be wearing to work out in, but to each their own I guess. Bonnie really has been trying to work out daily. She’s such a lovely sim to me.

Through everything Abby has managed to max out her fitness level. This gives Abby multiple maxed skills, such as gardening at this point. Abby has done well and I’m going to be sorry to see her go.

It’s now new years in the sims world and since none of the family has ever met Frank’s wife we head over to the house where they live to meet the family. Bonnie is the first one to meet her and talks for a bit.

The family sits and hangs out with each other and we learn that Frank actually has a step-son. So the family gets to know him as well. It’s a lovely time waiting for the new years “fun” to begin for the night and Selena is getting closer with the family now.

During the rest of the evening, while the new year’s TV was on in the background toasts were made a performance by Miranda occurred, and the family counted down to midnight where hugs were shared around by all.

The next day Bonnie decides to invite Rene over for a very important question. With Patchy watching on Bonnie decides it’s time to propose to Rene. Rene, thankfully, says yes and is very happy to be near this challenge.

Since it’s Bonnie’s last day off of work I want to get her married this weekend so a Sulani wedding arch is purchased, friends and family were invited over and the wedding took place on the beach.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and I am very proud of this picture. They are lovely together and I’m sure they will have adorable babies. Since we lifted the child restriction last generation I’m planning on them having at least two.

The “reception” after the ceremony went on until the evening and there was much fun and entertainment to be had for the whole family. Frank, Selena, and Malakai (the step-son) were all in attendance as well.

And so with the wrap of the party, we are going to wrap this update. This is Rene, after a bit of a make-over, although really his clothes just changed some. He is a Lazy, Cheerful, Bro who switches from Computer Whiz to be Nerd Brain, since we won’t get a computer until Bonnie finishes her business career. I decided to put Rene into the astronaut career, as we haven’t finished that yet. Thank you for joining us once again.

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Coloure Wheel: Skilling Away

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Hello and welcome back after a very long respite to the Coloure Wheel. The last time we were with the family Meg, Carlotta, and Christine all grew up into children, and Velma was born. While the 3 eldest are not triplets, due to a glitched grow up they might as well be. So let’s get back to the family.

We start with Meg and Christine playing chess for their aspirations. Both of these girls rolled to have Whiz Kid, and are working on their mental skills. Carlotta has Rambunctious Scamp.

Speaking of Carlotta, she is working on her homework. All three of these girls are working toward getting A’s, but they are only at B’s for now. I also realized I had apparently missed getting Carlotta into scouts, so she has that now too.

Garrett comes home with a new promotion and he is slowly moving through the writing career. He has almost maxed out his writing skill, so we are close to him finishing up his aspiration as well.

Charlene helps the twins with their aspiration by grabbing a couple of the children’s books written by Garrett and reads to the girls. After a couple of books the girls are at their next milestone.

Little Velma is also still here and being taken care of. Even the ghosts try and help out as they can. Velma will be growing up soon and I’m excited to see who she takes after.

Little Carlotta works on her typing. We need to take her to the playground and have her get playful and play on the equipment, but so far it hasn’t worked quite yet. So she is working on typing to build up her motor skills.

You gotta love Erratic sims. Charlene stops painting to make this face and tell herself a story. It’s quite a story apparently as she goes on for quite a while before finishing up her painting and going to bed.

Carlotta got in some quality time with her dad after a big snowstorm. They went out and made a fun snow pal together. It was a beautiful night, even though it was very cold as well.

Charlene is a very good mom to all of her kids. It’s almost time for little Velma’s birthday and so she takes time to snuggle her youngest and ensure she had everything she needed.

Then little Velma grew up and she got white hair like her mom. I do have a mod that allows the white hair to be genetic, but it doesn’t affect the eyebrows. If I do this challenge again I will probably pick a different color for Charlene’s hair.

After a bit of a makeover, we see how cute little Velma is. So she has her mom’s hair, but great-grandma’s red eyes, just like her older twin sisters. So we are continuing to have some fun genetic differences here.

For some reason, everyone changed into their outerwear, but that doesn’t stop little Velma and Charlene from spending some time playing with the dollhouse. Velma is super cute, and I think she shares a skin tone closer to her dad.

Then it’s time for Winterfest. For some reason, the girls are all still in their outerwear, but Garrett is wearing normal inside clothing. The family takes some time to decorate the tree and set up the presents. The family enjoys all the normal Winterfest fun.

Then we find out that Charlene is expecting again. There is still room for another set of twins, so there is a chance for that, but that means baby 5 is on the way. We are hoping to possibly get some boys into this family since it’s very female-heavy so far, but I am loving all the kids.

Charlene continues to take care of little Velma as she can, and Velma is working on her skills. She has maxed out her potty skill and is working on the other four. She is a pretty good little girl even though she is clingy.

Garrett works on his writing some more and has been writing a lot of children’s books lately. That is enough for him to max out his writing skill and Garrett completes his aspiration. Garrett next gets the Big Happy Family aspiration.

After Winterfest, the girls are back at school, but come home and get their homework completed. The focus lights help ensure both Meg and Christine complete another milestone of their aspiration. Now they need to finish up their metal stuff.

Charlene still gets happy to see her extended family who has been gone for a while now. If only all of these ghosts wouldn’t break everything all of the time. We are going to perform a remodel/update of the kitchen now that the family has some money coming in.

That is going to be all for this update. Next time we should see Velma grow into a child and see the new baby show up. I’m interested to see how this goes and I’m looking forward to seeing the girls grow up as well. Thanks for joining us! I know it has been a long time since an update, and it will probably be a bit before we get back here again, but it’s always fun to see them.

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EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.02

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Welcome back to a new update for this EPIC Tripp. If you are around the US and celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving to you. If you aren’t in the US then I still hope it’s a good day for you all. All right, let’s take a quick reminder at our goals for this generation.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So far Bonnie hasn’t joined the business career, having spent her first little bit as a YA going through the jungle and being on the look out for a sim somewhere to perhaps marry.

We start off with Bonnie visiting the bar.

Bonnie: ….well I guess blondes probably do have more fun.

She is not the nicest sim all the time and a bit oblivious to when someone is feeling a little down.

Back at home Bonnie gets herself a job in the business world and needs to study up on some logic, so Miranda helps her out.

Bonnie: Now if I am looking at this right……..REMINGTON NO!!

Miranda: What???? What’s he doing?

Bonnie: *quickly switches pieces* oh, nvm, that’s his scratching post

That’s right, this little fluff ball doesn’t do anything wrong, do you little Remington. You are just too cute little cat!

Anyway, back to the people of this household. Miranda is a bit stuck in her magic right now, so she starts working on practicing more. She also has decided on a new familiar, not that she still doesn’t have the owl, but a voodoo doll really seems to fit her better.

Once Abby gets home from work, the two of them watch a movie “together.” I’m not sure they could really be farther apart in this room. It’s pretty funny to me that this is how they watch the movie. You know there are 3 couches right in front of you right?

Miranda: You are not like the main character Abbs.

Abby: Well he was a boss just like me.

Miranda: Yes, but that’s where it ended. He was a guy for one, and evil. I’m more like him then you.

Yes eventually they do sit down to discuss the movie.

Thanks Ferdinando. At least we don’t have any toddlers or children to cry over the loss here. Still, it does get annoying to have to fix everything all the time. Oh well, so be it.

Bonnie, while getting through her morning chores, spends some time with Cornelius. He’s a very well behaved cow plant overall and loves pets from Bonnie. Not that that would save her if she ever tried to eat his cake.

After giving Cornelius, and the bees, some love for the morning Bonnie heads out to her first day at work. She looks quite nice in her work outfit, even if it doesn’t totally suit her all that well.

Bonnie: It’s constricting.

I figured that was the case. You like to be a lot more free.

While at work, Bonnie got a choice to hide paperwork showing people at the top were getting money funneled to them. Of course she decided to hide it, she wants to be one of those people some day. Plus, her mom’s organization might be behind part of that money.

We have a bit of a glitched bee hive that I end up having to reset. They were stuck in ‘enraged’ status, no matter how much we paid attention to them, and they didn’t get the option to treat for mites. Abby and Miranda take care of gathering wax and honey from the bees and selling off excess plants while Bonnie is at work.

There are a lot of hours before Abby heads to work and Bonnie comes home so these two head off to try and find us some more collectables. Miranda heads into the telescope to search the stars, and Abby heads off into space…..on her own search of the stars.

Bonnie is evil, but has a soft spot, it seems, for all things that aren’t people. Cornelius, the bees, and Remington is no exception. He was feeling lonely having been alone with Abby and Miranda doing their searches for the day.

After a very long day at work, Bonnie gets dolled up and heads out to the roof top lounge hoping to run into some fun young adults, instead there are a lot of elders around and a smattering of adults. No one really interests Bonnie so she finishes up her pretzel and goes home.

Bonnie decided she needs a little extra room in that work uniform and hops on the treadmill for a good run before work the next day. Miranda comes up to chat with her about making her a potion or a spell that would probably do the trick.

Later that evening Patchy is out and Frank comes over to visit. It’s Abby’s birthday tonight and we are going to throw a big party to celebrate. After Bonnie gets home from work we will start the party.

Bonnie comes home with a promotion this day! Way to go Bonnie! She is already an Assistant Manager, which brings her near halfway through. The next promotion is the halfway mark.

The party for Abby is a lot of fun and there are a lot of people there. We brought the honey cake the family made earlier with us and Abby is able to blow out the candles. Belle was even there to perform some entertainment.

Two sweet things happened during the party. Bonnie got to know her potential husband some more. He is cheerful, lazy, and a bro. She met a couple of other guys as well, but these two have a really high relationship already. Then Abby and Frank share some time together as well.

As the party begins to wrap up for the night Bonnie stays at the bar for a little bit longer and is greeted, in what is becoming a tradition of my ghosts, by nearly every ghost in the family coming to the bar. Bonnie is able to greet each one and then heads home.

It was a successful party and Bonnie has gotten a good start into the world of business and has found who she is likely to choose to share the rest of this challenge with. I’m excited to see how Bonnie does for the rest of the time, but for now we are going to wrap up this challenge. Just for fun here are a couple random pictures.

Belle somehow manages to make a snow angle in the bar itself. Maybe it’s ghost snow? It was rather funny to just watch her fall to the floor and then be in snow.

I played around with platforms a bit and gave the family a sunk in living room. There are still no walls, but it offers a nice separation from the other room. I really do like the platforms, even if they are a little finicky so far. All right, see you all next time.

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EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.01

Wrap | Rules | Family Tree | Post 6.02

Hello, and it is so good to be back to the EPIC Tripp again. I know it has been far too long since I was able to update this, and it’s good to be back. Last time we wrapped up the end of generation 5 and we are heading into generation 6. Let’s take a look at the goals for this generation.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

These goals seem pretty simple compared to the last one with the choices we had to make, and I think Bonnie is going to end up going into Business. I had considered if I was going to have her get married or not, but I think I probably will. I have some plans for the end of this challenge, but we have a few generations to go first.

So the first thing that happens as soon as we enter the lot is Miranda heads out to the glowing lights. She takes a ride on the spaceship and is brought back later. We don’t have any ability for females to get pregnant by aliens in this challenge, so there was no fear there.

She had her familiar with her, but apparently they don’t get to go on the spaceships. Her familiar looks so confused as to why all that is left are are glowing lights. He patiently waits for her in that exact spot until she returns.

Abby heads out with Lindsay and Lara’s ghosts to play around on the water slide. All three of these ladies are getting pretty good and enjoy doing “tricks” down the slide. It’s funny to watch the criminal boss enjoying trick sliding down a water slide, but each to their own.

Remington is still around and a very pretty cat. Abby takes time to pamper the sweet cat with a good brushing. He is actually rather pampered overall, but sometimes they get busy and forget to spend enough time with him.

While Bonnie needs to get into business at some point, her aspiration is about having a jungle adventure, so we start off by taking her to the jungle. Might as well get her through her aspiration first, or at least the parts that require her to travel. So out she goes and we start by excavating dirt piles around town.

She completes a level of her aspiration pretty quickly. We are also on a bit of a spouse hunt. So far, no one has caught our eyes, but we are looking. Since Miranda came from Selvadorada I thought Bonnie might find someone here.

Back at home it was Harvestfest and so Abby and Miranda are spending some time together, and checking off traditions. They haven’t ever been super lovey with each other, and they have a marriage more of convenience than passionate love, but they love each other in their own ways and holidays are a good time to spend time together and connect a little more.

The cat also gets some special treatment for the holiday.

Abby: Whose a good little cat??? Yeah, whose a good boy?

Remington: Meow, meeerow

Abby: Yes, that’s right, it’s you. You are the sweet little cat, my good little boy.

Back in the jungle it’s still HarvestFest and Bonnie takes care of the gnomes that pop up around her rental home. It doesn’t take her very long and then it’s time to head out to the jungle again.

Bonnie cuts through the forest making her way to the temple, and uses every trick she has at her disposal to gather any treasures she can. The bees were particularly irritating during this trip, but luckily we had plenty of flowers.

When Bonnie made it to the temple she started to pass through all the different tests. She doesn’t have all of the skills needed, but she has enough to normally get it knocked down to the right device, and only a couple of options to try.

After getting all the way through the temple Bonnie heads back to town to grab some food. Still no potential spouses have been found, so we might not be finding a spouse for her here in Selvadorada. With this all taken care of Bonnie can finish most of the rest of her aspiration from home, and maybe we’ll find a spouse in the new Mt. Komorebi.

She did manage to pick up a blessing while out in the jungle, and so when she gets home she gets to sleep soundly and happily in her bed. With her aspiration almost completed now it’s time to focus on spouse hunting and getting through business. Her connections to the criminal underworld will likely be helpful there.

Abby’s mom and grandfather are out haunting again tonight. Lara has been quite active lately and while I am tired to fixing sinks and tubs nearly ever day it is nice to see them so often again. Plus, they aren’t always breaking things, they can be very helpful as well.

Belle comes out a bit later as well and heads straight to the violin of course. Her son-in-law Ferdinando watches her play. I’m with you Ferdinando, I could watch her play for hours. I’ve seen other sims play the violin and they have similar movements, but there is something special to me about watching Belle.

With Bonnie returned, everything starts to get back to normal with the family. Bonnie begins her bonding and taking care of the bees, while Miranda and Abby help with the garden itself. Cornelius is still back there and as healthy as ever. He is the most well cared for cowplant I think I’ve ever had.

Once all the chores are through Bonnie heads out to multiple locations spouse hunting. This sim is the most likely candidate at the moment. He’s a young adult and I don’t remember his name at the moment, but he was protesting at the location Bonnie was visiting. He may be too good for Bonnie, seeing as how she is evil, but we will see. I want to take them to Mt. Komorebi at some point soon, they certainly have the money, but that will be next update.

I know this update is a little bit shorter, but we are getting back into the swing of this blog, and there are many updates getting scheduled to come your way, so please check back soon. Next time we will see Bonnie start through her business career trek, probably vacation in the new pack, and hopefully find a husband. See you next time!

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Comic Summer: Post 4.02

Post 4.01 | Rules | Family Tree | Wrap-up

Welcome back once again to Comic Summer. We are winding down this challenge and have completed all of our goals. I’m not even going to post my generation requirements this time as there is nothing left to do but to have the girls become young adults, so let’s see if we can finish this thing up!

We start with Oriole having a duel with one of the sages. I was hoping to get some knowledge because here is what has happened. Nerine got herself a curse from failing a potion, so Oriole went to learn the potion of curse cleansing.

I just love how this pictures makes it look like Analisa is looking at her achievement.

Analisa: I managed to learn to dance as an elder.

Yes you did, although you already knew HOW, you are just now very skilled at it

Analisa: But why is my name wrong? There is no space.

I know, but I had to change it so I could save your without warnings about your name being “unallowed.”

With the girls, and technically Pine, still in school and Oriole starting at the university, there is still lots of homework to be done and everyone is very diligent at working on it.

This is Oriole’s class load for this semester. Since he’s only going to get through this one I decided to give me four. I love that you an take an elective dance class, so we did that! 🙂

The family updates were a little insane this time. The triplets and Marigold grew in toddlers, multiple of the child grew up, and Daisy is having a baby with her husband.

Our sweet boy, Basil, is out haunting again and Oriole takes time to give him all the attention he needs. I really love this dog, he’s so sweet!

Then it’s off to university where he attends class, does some homework, and participates in a debate. The debate didn’t go so great, but it was done on a whim, so there wasn’t much preparation put in.

More homework is being done back at home and we can see Analisa cooking up something back there. We still have a plethora of food in the fridge from Olive so what could it be?

Why it’s a cake for Pine, who is ready to fly the nest. He blows out his candles, spins into a Young Adult, and decides to go live with his uncle Reed’s wife and son to help them out. He manages to get two positive character traits in the form of Compassionate and Mediator. He adds Hates Children to Child of the Ocean and Lazy. He had B’s all through school and was a pretty successful ‘bad apple’ overall.

Lily and Oceana were out today and I think Lily was making Oceana made, which did not make for happy plumbing. We were still remember to fix things at noon, or I just simply bought new stuff, which started happening frequently.

A bunch more updates from around the family and one of which makes us realize it was good we moved Pine where we did. Hope, Reed’s wife, passed away and that would have left their son Cotton to be adopted.

Nerine is still working on scouting badges, and got this rather pretty, and one I don’t remember, painting. It’s really quite fun and I believe I kept this one to hang in the house.

This set is just to say, I had Oriole out fishing for Anglefish, and apparently this is a good spot for it. I also never realized how pretty it is back here with the steamboat and stuff. So why was Oriole fishing for Anglefish, well Nerine is still cursed. Not only does she have the curse she had, but once Oriole learned the curse cleansing potion the “sample” he got and gave to her gave her ANOTHER curse, and they were out of Anglefish. Luckily he catches what he needs and she is all better after this.

Or, well, at least she’s no longer cursed. Instead she gets sick and has to take some medication. Poor thing has had a rough go lately.

Oriole finally gets a familiar, this is Sunbird I believe, the phoenix. I think he suits Oriole just fine.

Homework and studying of some kind is almost never done around here as the family plugs along towards the end of this challenge.

Some of the family goes to visit Pine and Cotton and you can see poor Nerine is sick yet again. That poor girl got so sickly here towards the end. It was a nice, if fairly short, visit.

Nerine has gotten to know Tulip better and now they hang out together fairly often. It’s sort of fun to have the cousins together a little bit.

So the first two pictures are from the longest breakfast in the history of the sims. Analisa got up and made fresh pancakes, which was quite a treat, and the 3 kids were all at the table too. Analisa and Rye, at different times, got up and hugged each of the kids. So they would all sit down, Analisa would get up with Nyala and give her a hug, then they would sit back down, then Rye would get up with Nyala and give her a hug too, and then they would sit back down. It took HOURS. Then the teens invited over a bunch of cousins for movie watching.

A small extended family set of updates, but not a smaller family. Jay’s wife Kyra passes as their son Wasp ages up, and then Cyprus finally marries, and Daisy get’s a set of triplets all her own.

The family decides to get everyone together from the family that they can and throws a big house party/family reunion and many members attend.

Right after the party, sadly, Rye gets struck by lightning and then passes away. He actually passed away from old age, but you can’t help but think that the lightning didn’t help. The whole family is very sad.

It’s not all bad as Oriole gets himself straight A’s in college and then signs up for 3 more classes, which he won’t get to complete.

That doesn’t stop him from getting a head start on homework, especially as it gives him something to do to take his mind off losing his dad.

Another large set of family updates is here again. Daisy’s triplets are now toddlers, and many of the other kids have gotten older, including Tulip and Thyme.

And so one more party is thrown, ice cream is made and enjoyed, family is brought over to celebrate. It’s not only a big birthday party, but the celebration of the end of this challenge.

Our final kids are now young adults and ready to head out into the world. Nyala completed her scouting aptitude, got Responsible and Compassionate, and added Genius to her traits. Nerine also got her scouting aptitude, achieved Good Manners and Responsible, and added squeamish to her traits.

With that this challenge officially comes to an end and we will send it off with a final extended family collection. Let’s run through these guys really quickly. First row we have Stratus as a child, he’s the son of Glen and Cherish. Next up is Cyprus’ wife Karly. Beside Karly is Buttercup as a child, then Daisy’s triplets, Verbena, Poppy, and Grizzly. Finally on the top row we have Cherry, and her twin Doe starts the next line. They are Rose’s twin girls. Next to Doe is Wasp, Jay’s son, then Crow, Glen’s son. Next is Honey, Cyprus’ youngest, and then we have a grown up Cotton followed by the twins Barley and Blade. On the bottom row we start with Marigold, Hawk’s daughter, then we have Robin, Cyprus’ other daughter, and Dove, Jay’s daughter. To wrap up the final row we have Lake’s triplets, Mazus, Lupine, and Aster, and last but not least, Rose’s son Lark.

Thanks for sticking with me through all of this challenge and I will have a wrap up post here in just a few minutes if it’s not there already!

Post 4.01 | Rules | Family Tree | Wrap-up

Comic Summer: Post 4.01

Post 3.13 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 4.02

Welcome to the first update of our final generations updates for the OWBC. We are about 2 or 3 updates from the end as it will depend a lot on how much happens with the family from here on out.

Generation Two Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • RoM: Have a child with Ancient Bloodline
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel
  • FS: Take pictures of all the kids and spouse

Generation Three Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • RoM: Have the Ancient Bloodline
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel
  • FS: Take final picture

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (9 of 9)
  • Workaholics (10 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (40 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspiration Family (27 of 27 base game aspirations completed)
  • Aspirational Family (goal) (31 of 30 aspirations competed)

So last time with the family we finished that final base game aspiration and got Oriole through the relic requirement. We just have a few more things to complete and so let’s see if we can get through them here.

The party we had thrown for the boys continued a little into the night at after it was over Oryx moved out and into his own home. He is out in the world for MCCC to determine if anything more will happen with him.

Pine gets his picture taken for the family scrapbook wall and we only need 3 more to complete that challenge. Once the girls become teens and then one of Oriole now that he is heir and gets his book written.

Speaking of books, it takes a couple of sit downs at the computers, and a few distractions, but Oriole gets his part of the anthology completed. That’s another goal down for him and we really just need to get him through his aspiration.

I had forgotten to mention it earlier but Analisa managed to actually complete Super Parent when Oryx grew up with his three character value traits. in the positive. Both her and Rye have gotten the Big Happy Family one next.

We started to get “bored” right around here since there wasn’t a ton to do left but to wait for everyone to grow up so we watched the extended family updates a lot. A couple pairs of the twins grew up, Lake, who is Petunia’s oldest, is having a baby, and Reed’s boy is a child.

Apparently something was causing issues with completing chess games for a while. The girls both were nearly maxed mental skill after hours of sitting at the chess table, but had made zero progress on the aspiration, so I just said “forget it.”

Oriole, while working on potions, managed to curse himself with some sort of frightening curse. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but luckily he had a Curse Cleansing potion from before. It fixed him right up in no time.

Kyra, Jay’s wife, is now an elder, while Ivy, Bay’s only girl, is now a teen, and we had some deliveries too. Birch now has a second daughter, and Rose had twins!

This might have been TV premier night, but I can’t remember, but certainly most of the family gathered together. Nerine might be working on scouting badges.

For some reason I think Pine has started asking Oriole for advise instead of his parents. I get asking your older brother, but Oriole doesn’t have the parenting skills to give me many options.

With Oriole’s book done we adjusted the walls a little bit to put the shelf up so it could be center and not in the corner like before. We also got Oriole’s picture up and all that’s left is the girls.

Speaking of the girls it was time for their birthday once again. Both of them completed a single aspiration since Whiz Kid broke and we didn’t force a new one. Their make-overs completed and I’m showing a secondary outfit to what they had in the poll. Nyala adds slob and creatively gifted to her mean trait. She rolls Fabulously Wealthy for her aspiration. Nerine adds materialistic and socially gifted to her goofball trait, and rolls Jungle Explorer for her aspiration.

Then, of course, in true sims fashion they do their homework together sitting on the bathroom floor. Could have walked across the “hall” to the table, but oh well. It’s nice to know some things, like the importance of bathrooms in a sims life, never really change.

Oriole has taken up much of the gardening, and while he’s out there he practices a little magic. I haven’t gotten him a familiar yet, but want to do that at some point.

These two are still very sweet and very much in love with each other. They might be rivaling Autumn and Desiree as my favorite couple this challenge.

Sadly the family is ready to go through another sad period where many of our elder sims start to pass away. We start with Rye’s twin, Reed passing. Then Misty, Orca’s daughter is next, but then we get a happy birthday to Oak.

With the girls becoming teens we are able to get their pictures and finish up our family scrapbook walls. That means they are all completed and we have finished that mini-challenge. I’m quite happy with how the walls turned out.

Then Oriole goes and finishes up the final requirement for this challenge other than the girls becoming young adults. He finishes a nature aspiration and just to give me, and him, something to do he takes on Academic next.

One of the first things Oriole needed to do was to gain research and so he heads up to work on his grandma Olive’s research machine.

Oryx comes over for a visit and the whole family gathers, although I’m not sure where Rye is at this moment, maybe he’s taking the picture. The siblings are happy to see Oryx again and hang out.

Then, while Nerine works on her arts and crafts badge upstairs, Oriole argues about college with his parents. Not in terms of where to go, or how to pay for it, but more, what to study. Since it’s the end of the challenge he won’t complete anything, but hopefully it will still be fun.

Lots of extended family updates happen then and some craziness ensues as well. First Cyprus is now an adult, and then Hawk and Danna welcome a little girl. Buttercup, Birch’s daughter, is now a toddler, Lake and Esmeralda welcome TRIPLETS to the extended family. Rose’s twin daughter, Cherry and Doe, are toddlers, and finally, Kellie, Wade’s wife, passes away leaving Barley and Blade to be adopted out. When I went to look for these two Barley was gone. He was no longer in the family tree, nothing. So I ended up going back to a previous save, pulling him out of it and adding him back in. Then I had both boys move in with their older brothers instead and messed up all kinds of the relationships trying too fix everything in this branch of the family.

Regardless of all of that though, it was time for one more birthday for this update and it’s Analisa’s turn. There isn’t a ton of fanfare because I almost forgot to make her a cake, but she is now an elder like her husband.

Analisa’s birthday feels like a great place to end this update and so it’s once again time too review all the people who have grown up or come into this crazy family.

On the top row we find Averie Adair, who married Bay. Next two her are two of our baby mama’s, Danna Padilla who had Hawk’s baby, and Esmeralda Yost, who just had triplets with Lake. Next up a couple sets of twins. First is Tulip and Thyme, Petunia’s twins. Second row we start with Elm and then Eagle, Bay’s twins. Then we have their siblings Oak, who is the youngest, and Ivy, the only girl. Last up on that middle row we have Cotton, Reed’s boy.

Finally, on the bottom row we have all the toddlers from this update. We start with Rose’s twins, Cherry and then Doe. Next is a closer look at Buttercup, Birch’s youngest, and then finally we have Honey Farr, who is Cyprus’ daughter, and finally Crow Dolan, who is Glen’s youngest.

That will wrap up our update for this time and I hope we will see you next update where I think we will likely finish up this challenge.

Post 3.13 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 4.02

Comic Summer: Post 3.13

Post 3.12 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 4.01

Hello and welcome back to another update for the Comic Summer. We are down to a couple of updates left. I’m not sure if we’ll have 3 or 4 updates left, but we are close. So last time we announced that Oriole was the final heir of the challenge. So let’s look at our final requirements:

Generation Two Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • RoM: Have a child with Ancient Bloodline
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel
  • FS: Take pictures of all the kids and spouse

Generation Three Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • RoM: Have the Ancient Bloodline
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel
  • FS: Take final picture

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (9 of 9)
  • Workaholics (10 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (40 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspiration Family (26 of 27 base game aspirations completed)
  • Aspirational Family (goal) (31 of 30 aspirations competed)

So I just removed the “on-going” challenges from the second generations requirements, and moved them down to the final generation requirements. We have already marked off the being a spellcaster and having ancient bloodline as Oriole has had those since birth. Let’s get going.

We start with our girls becoming best friends, which isn’t terribly hard to do with twins, and gets us closer to finishing up Nerine’s social butterfly aspiration. It’s so nice to have twins who are friends with each other for this aspiration.

It’s another homework and journaling party for the kids. Analisa needs one of the kids to get 3 positive character traits, so we are taking the kids volunteering and writing in journals whenever we can.

Then it’s a super sad evening as our loyal and wonderful dog, Basil, passes into the next life. We will miss you Basil, Analisa especially!!! It was too soon!

We set up a special table on the balcony upstairs with the rest or our urns. Basil was a wonderful dog and I know the family is going to miss him terribly.

Since Nerine needs to make friends with additional adults we invite over members of the family. Rose heads up stairs and talks with Nerine and you can see in the background one of the family scrapbook walls.

It’s time again for some additional extended family updated, and we have quite a few this time. Cyprus and Glen are Wade’s oldest sons and they are both going to have babies for their own. Then Birch finally gets married, and Daisy, whom I had figured was going to be single all her life, married her long time roommate Vincent Dreamer.

Nerine continues to try and make friends with the family members who are over. This time it’s Jay and Petunia. She doesn’t quite become friends with either of them, but she is getting close.

It’s back to Winterfest once again and the family gathers to celebrate. They share a grand meal cooked by Analisa, Nerine works on her friendship with Jay and presents are opened. It’s a good time by all.

That evening the boys head out to go finish and try to finish up their outdoor adventure badges. It does finally work and both boys finish up their badges and reach Llamacorn Scout.

Sadly, that evening we find out that Petunia has passed away. Then a couple of our kids are teens, Buck is Misty’s son, and Aspen is Birch’s daughter.

Then we finally get notice that Rye has completed our final aspiration. He achieved the Soulmate goals and we are not just counting down until the girls turn into young adults.

We have a little ways to go with that though, and Pine sort so surprises up by growing up his the toddlers bedroom without fanfare. Sorry Pine. Here he is after his make-over. He obviously never got through a child aspiration, but he gets Child of the Ocean trait, and Friend of the animals as an aspiration.

Additionally updates are here again, this time Birch’s twin Bay is getting married, Kyra and Jay welcome a new little girl named Dove, Cherish and Glen welcome a little boy name Stratus, and Hope, Reed’s wife, has turned into an elder.

Additional time with multiple members of the expanded family get Nerine through more of her social butterfly aspiration. She is also getting to know Blade and Barley, Wade’s youngest two kids with his wife. Then she traveled to meet and get to know Tulip and Thyme.

Thankfully shortly after getting home Nerine finishes up her aspiration by finishing up her social skill. She next chooses the go for Whiz Kid, and she might have enough time to complete it.

Oriole heads to the magic realm again and while he is there we decide to go ahead and put together one of the relics, and then use one on someone in the next room. This completes one of the requirements for him.

It’s New Years again and Reed comes over to celebrate with the family. Everyone makes their resolutions and they enjoy the new years programs on television. It was a good night for the family and it’s hard to believe there is another year down.

After the new year turns over we get a visit from our lovely boy Basil. Oryx was happy to see Basil and spent some good time petting him and playing with him in his ghost form.

Time for our final update about the extended family for this update and this time Rose and her husband are expecting, Birch and his new wife are expending, and finally little Dove, Jay’s daughter is a toddler now.

It’s time for the much anticipated birthdays that will spell the final transition to the final generation’s goals for this challenge. After blowing out the candles, and the family did throw a bit of a party, Oriole and Oryx are now young adults. Oryx gets the final traits of Active, Responsible, Emotional Control, and Compassionate. Oriole gets his traits Perfectionist and Responsible.

We are going to get ready too this update but first we will go through all the extended family members we have added or who grew up this time. First up we have the newest baby mama’s and spouses. Anita Dolan is Glen’s newest baby mama, and Maren Farr is Cyprus’. Next to them is Birch’s wife Lucille Kealoha, and of course Daisy’s husband Vincent Dreamer.

On the last two rows are all of the kids. We have Buck Comic, Misty’s son, Aspen, Birch’s daughter, then is Lark, Rose’s son, and finally Barley and then Birch, which are Wade’s twins. On the bottom row we have Wasp, Jay’s son, Cotton is next in purple, and is Reed’s son. Our final three toddlers are Robin, Cyprus’ eldest, Stratus, Glen’s eldest, and finally Dove, Jay’s youngest.

Thanks for joining us for anything update and we will be back again soon with what might be the final update or two. If you want more details about the extended family I suggest checking out the family tree below.

Post 3.12 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 4.01

Comic Summer: Post 3.12

Post 3.11 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 3.13

Well it’s been quite the break for me again, so it is time to get this post out there and to give you the results of the final heir poll so you know who is taking over the final few updates of this challenge. So, let’s first get to the results.

So just who became heir?

Was it Oryx…


Or perhaps Oriole…


Maybe Pine…


Or was it Nerine…


Could it be Nyala…


The heir is…

Oriole Comic!!

Congrats to Oriole, who was a no-brainier favorite. This vote wasn’t even really close and I will show you the table in a second. That mean we will end this challenge with a male heir and Oriole will have the final “challenges” to complete.

This is the table of results. Oryx had gotten no votes, and since it was clear who was going to win, I threw him a vote just for fun. I was really torn between wanting one of the girls or Oriole so I’m super happy with this choice.

Generation Two Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • RoM: Have a child with Ancient Bloodline
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel
  • FS: Take pictures of all the kids and spouse

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (9 of 9)
  • Workaholics (9 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (39 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspiration Family (26 of 27 base game aspirations completed)
  • Aspirational Family (goal) (31 of 30 aspirations competed)

So, we are down to needing pictures taken this generation and then the final few things from Rye (career, skill, and aspiration.) We will have a handful of things for Oriole to do when he’s a YA, but for now let’s see how far we get.

We start with working on badges with Oryx. He didn’t get the young scientist badge as a child, so it’s time to focus on the last badges in his teen years.

Analisa works on teaching Nerine either to say sorry or to say thank you. I can’t remember which, but she is such a god mom.

Rye finally maxes out the career for Engineering. I had too look up if it went beyond 10, but from what I can see it doesn’t, and it mentions in the description that we’ve reached the pinnacle, so I’m marking it off.

Analisa can now go into Full Parent mode. A mode I will likely never use again, but she needed to reach it once for the Super Parent aspiration, and so we did.

Multi-tasking parenting, as I believe Oryx was asking for advise, while eating and mom was trying to get the twins to sleep. It’s almost their birthday and I am so ready to not have toddlers anymore.

Our first of many family updates to come. Ivy grows too a child, Wasp too a toddler, and Hope and Reed welcome a little boy named Cotton.

We then get to say, Happy HarvestFest from the Comic’s. It’s a busy day with the twins taking care of the younger twins, cooking of the grand meal, eating of the grand meal and poor Basil getting surrounded by gnomes.

We also have finally maxed out the final skill for this challenge. Rye only needs to finish up the aspiration and we will have completed all of our Super Mini-Challenges. I did not think we were going to make it there for a bit!

Cake pictures means it’s time for the girls to grow into children. Their brother Pine is there too cheer them on while daddy Rye helps them blow out the candles.

It maybe not be the blow outs the family have had in the past, but the kids all sit down to play a video game together to celebrate no more toddlers in the house! It’s a fun day.