EPIC Tripp

Thank you for nominating the Tripp’s for a Palmer Whisper plumbob this year!

Welcome to my page for the Evolution and Progress in Change (EPIC) challenge story.

If you have never heard of this challenge it’s likely because you aren’t a part of the boolprop.net site! Boolprop is a terrific community of simmers across all versions of the game who share their stories and find people who, like them, love the Sims games, and stories they can tell. I highly recommend joining if you are looking for a community.

Anyway, back to the challenge. I will post a link to the rules further down but this challenge has rules for each version of the Sims, so don’t feel like you have to have TS4 in order to try it. My decision to use TS4 was based on it seeming like a fun way for me to learn a lot more about TS4 and how it all works.

What is great about this challenge is each generation has it’s own “rules” and mini challenges, and then there are mini challenges you can add to give you additional goals or challenges for playing. Before I forget, here is the link to the rules, and they will also be on each update as well.

Evolution and Progress in Change Challenge

Enough rambling and babbling from me, let’s get onto the updates. If you have never played or read any any version of this challenge I suggest you start at the beginning, or the Garden of Eden updates. The most recently 50 posts will be posted below, but I will put an archive in as well to allow you to go back further if we get above 50 posts in the future. I hope you enjoy reading about the Tripp family.