A Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Second Set

Initial Days

When I last made an update for the scavenger hunt I ended up with 140 points in the first few days with Antonia Vincent and had found multiple things on the scavenger hunt list. Now, I only need to reach 200 points in order to get my full credit for it, but I might continue this a little longer and see if I can find more of items, but for now, let’s get back to Antonia.

After a new day at work Antonia went to the salon to get herself a bit of a makeover. She has gone goth. This was and I Dare You item in the list and so here we are with our new goth inspired Antonia. +20 Points

You can sort of see in the back there that we are back at the bar we visited in those early days and that means we have taken a picture with the skull picture. + 10 Points

Then, down a dark hallway we spy a Bone Hilda house. That means we might be able to wake her up and get a picture with her. Antonia heads down the hall, knocks, and sure enough, out comes Bone Hilda. +5 Points

We start looking around the bar a little bit more and off in a room to the side we find our next scavenger hunt image. Here is, what I would consider, a creepy painting. +10 Points

As Antonia was getting ready to leave the bar she spies a couple of werewolves just outside. They were actually turned so to make up for the fact in the initial days Antonia took a picture with a werewolf who wasn’t turned, she takes a picture here. She also was able to capture fangs. +10 Points

On her way home from work the next day, which is the first day of fall, she visited the store and bought herself a fun fall treat. When she got home we took a good knife to it. Antonia carved herself out an evil Jack-o-Lantern. +10 Points

This picture got a little dark, but Antonia went out collecting and I happened to notice you can see the tree’s shadow. +10 Points

Back at home it’s the night of the zombies again and as one comes out of the ground beside Antonia we snap a picture. So now we have our official picture of a zombie. +5 Points

Antonia finally has a day off and so she heads down to the fall festival. The trees are starting to turn some beautiful colors and so Antonia takes a picture with the autumn leaves. +5 Points

In the patch right beside Antonia in the picture above there happens to be a pumpkin headed scarecrow. While, as scarecrow is on our list, so I send Antonia over to take a picture with it. +10 Points

I then look down and realize that Antonia is standing next to a bunch of pumpkins. I have already kind of gotten pictures of a pumpkin when she was carving it, but here we get an official pumpkin picture. +5 Points

After taking a picture in the photo booth, because, why not. I may continue on with Antonia at some point so we will gather them. Anyhow, then it was time to head into the Haunted House. +10 Points

With that, I will have officially finished finding what was needed for the scavenger hunt. As I mentioned, however, I may continue on and see if I can continue to find the other items on the list, including things like Ambrosia, or a death fish. This was a ton of fun however, and I hope you enjoyed traveling around with Antonia.

TOTAL POINTS: 250 Points
Previous Points: 140
+5 Point Pics: 4
+10 Point Pics: 7
+20 Point Pics: 1

Initial Days

A Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Initial Days

Second Set

Hi guys, so I will be back to normally scheduled updates here soon, but for the month of October the wonderful community over at boolprop.net are doing some fun Halloween events and one of them is a scavenger hunt through the Sims.

The goal was to make a sim and without cheats or mods find as many things as you can within the game, and take pictures of them (although I only needed to get to 200 points.) The caveat is, those pictures had to also include your sim. Sometimes that’s easy, other times it’s a little harder. So here I start on my scavenger hunt with Antonia.

Meet Antonia Vincent. She is a TS3 sim who is Evil, Frugal, Night Owl, Supernatural Fan, and a Cat Person. She moves into a small house in Moonlight Falls and wishes to become a Master of Mysticism. Now, we aren’t working towards that goal specifically here, but maybe she will be fun to use later for something more.

Lucky for us the house Antonia bought is right down the street from the town cemetery. So we head down to the cemetery to get our first sets of points. So here is Antonia in the cemetery. +5 points

One of the ‘I Dare You’ challenges in this is to mourn 3 strangers. Well, this is a new town for Antonia, she knows no one buried here currently, so we find 3 tombstones with names on them. Antonia mourns the loss of life for Alexa Burt, Marco Dolor, Victor Chesterson. +20 Points

Since we are in the cemetery, even though we’ve already taken pictures of them, sort of, here is specifically a tombstone. +5 points

I let Antonia take a break from searching for things in the cemetery and let her wander through the catacombs for a bit. She gets mauled by a bear, but while she was in there we watched a family show up, and then the little girl went home on a broom. This must be a witch family. So, Antonia goes to introduce herself, and get a picture of a witch. +5 points

Turns out the guy in gray, who is part of this family, is human. The guy in blue, however, is a witch and I will prove it later. There is another member of the family sitting near by when we start talking, and she gets up and magics an apple. So here is an apple. +5 points.

We watch as the family members start to trickle off home, and as soon as the guy in blue heads out to the street we run out too and wait. Sure enough, out pops a broom. +5 Points

After a second or two Mr. witch hops on the broom and I remember to take yet another picture to show a witch riding a broom. I told you I’d prove it. So here he is riding a broom. +10 points

It’s time for Antonia to head home because she is getting tired and hungry. She also wants to find that job as a mystic, which she is able to do and will become a fortune teller. While she heads into the house though we catch a picture with a doorknob. +5 points

When then walk into the bedroom where we have purchased some nice candles. I go ahead and take a picture of them for another +5 points.

That night one of the next ‘I Dare You’s’ in the scavenger hunt is to spend the night in the cemetery. So about 7 PM (give or take) I send her back and wouldn’t you know but magic girl is still there, so we chat for a bit and then start our naps on a bench. We stay there until morning, about 7 AM or so before heading home. +20 points

Antonia gets up the next day and gets herself ready, she is going to work today. Wouldn’t you imagine my surprise (having not played much of TS3) when her work outfit contains a witch’s hat. +10 points for me.

After this day of work she is exhausted and unhappy so she goes home and sleeps for a bit, then it’s off to the festival, where she sees and chat’s up a ghost. Wouldn’t you know it, this is also a Goth ghost (Oliva Goth) but I’ll only count the ghost this time. +5 Points.

Antonia decides to go get her face painted, and while it doesn’t turn out the way she wants, her face is obviously painted with face paint. +5 points.

After this we decide to hunt down where Oliva Goth came from and see if we can get a picture with another member of the Goth family. Samuel Goth had just come home right as we pulled up so we rang the door bell and chatted with him for a while. +10 Points

We then get notice it’s a full moon tonight so out Antonia goes to a park where I can try and get a picture of her with the moon. Not as easy as you might think, but I believe it turned out pretty good. +10 points

She went home before the zombies started popping out of the ground, and I’m annoyed, because I seem to have lost my pictures of the first zombie that came out. Sadly, I will have to wait to get a new zombie picture because this is a picture of a scary face on a fairy zombie. +5 Points

The next day, after work, we decide it’s time to see if we can meet some vampires or werewolves, so we head to the club in town. One of the first people we meet is a vampire, who looked like she might be getting ready to snack on someone, but stopped once we said hi. +5 points

There is also technically a skull in the background of this picture, but I’ll be coming back to the club, and will get a better picture then. Meanwhile, over by the bar we spy a wolf. So we head to take a picture. I know he looks normal, but he is a werewolf….do I need to wait for him to change? +5 Points

Antonia heads home after all of this excitement and point earning after gathering many flowers, gems, bugs, etc. There are still a lot of things to try and find, and I will try to bring some more later. I hope you enjoyed our little scavenger hunt start.

Total Points: 140 Points
+5 Points Pics: 12
+10 Point Pics: 4
+20 Point Pics: 2

Second Set