Hope in Dumpsters

Welcome to the Hope in Dumpsters main page! If you found us by accident you are just as welcome as those who searched us out! This is a story based initially on the Dumpster Divers challenge for the game The Sims 3.

I read through the blog of someone else who started this challenge and I thought it sounded great so I decided to give it a shot. The initial challenge is short, only lasting 21 sim days total. If you are looking for a quick, fun challenge to give a shot I do highly recommend this challenge.

Once the Dumpster Diver portion of the challenge is completed this will be turning into a Differences in the Family Tree (or DITFT for short.) Once that change happens the rules link on the posts will change to be that challenges rules, but you can always come here and I will post both sets of rules below:

Dumpster Diver Challenge
Differences in the Family Tree Challenge

I hope, perhaps, that my play through might inspire you to also try this challenge, as it has been a lot of fun. The links will take you to boolprop.net, and if you are a simmer who is not already a part of that community and would like to find like minded people who share your enjoyment of this crazy game I highly suggest joining. It’s active and vibrant with all kinds of activities and fun events going on.

Anway, enough rambling on my part, and without further ado you can see all the recent (or at least the most recent 50) posts for this challenge below. They will start with the most recent, so if you are new the story I suggest starting at the beginning, there will be links on each page to take you through this challenge and this challenge alone so you can keep to this story if you want. Enjoy!

If there are over 50 new updates you can find older posts in the archives.