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SimNaNo Entry #11

Welcome back to the OWBC. Good to see you all, especially since after the last update I’m sure about half of you were disappointed in who become heir. That was such a close race. As a quick recap of last time, Rye was announced as heir, aspirations were worked on and some skills were maxed. Let’s take a look at our goal sheet:

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (6 of 9)
  • Workaholics (4 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (16 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspiration Family (10 of 27 base game aspirations completed)
  • Aspirational Family (goal) (12 of 30 aspirations competed)

So you might see where I added another ‘Aspirational Family’ goal and this is just kind of to see if I can complete what my initial “suggestion” for that goal would be. The official goal now is to complete all the base game aspirations, which I’ve switched focus to working on at this point, which I may or may not have mentioned before. Let’s get going with the family.

Oceana has been my, try a little of everything, sim. She just needs to go pick up a voodoo doll from the Hijinks festival and finish the last bits of mischief skill in order to complete the aspiration she’s been working on. I have her working on Mixology, but I’m not sure she’ll ever get through that aspiration.

Lavender sits and works logic with Petunia. I’m not sure Petunia is going to end up with an A in high school or not. I am trying to get her to a level 3 in something, but I’m not sure it’s happened yet.

The boys work on scouting badges when they aren’t working on their aspirations. Since they need to do lots of art for the art scout badge I have Rye sit and draw some pictures. He doesn’t quite have the badge yet, but we are getting close.

This is how Lily has been spending her days. Tied to the instrument drinking potions to keep her needs up and practice practice practice. She is finishing up writing the 4th song for her aspiration.

Then she completes it and licenses all 4 songs. Swaying in the Palms is the organ song I believe, Think of You is the violin, and then I think In a Boat is guitar, leaving In the Night to be the piano, but I’m not 100% sure of any of that.

Rye met this kid by using the chat with on the computer. This is a cousin, Jay Comic, who is Blossom’s son as you may or may not remember. He is apparently, now a child, and so Rye invites him over and makes friends with him.

All of Lily’s time spent at the organ finally pays off and she completes yet another skill. Only two more instruments to get that final skill level for and then she will have maxed all instruments.

Lavender has been tied to the chess table for a while, as all she needed to complete her aspiration was to finish up logic. So she sat and played and played and played. Sometimes she played with Fabiana or Petunia, and other times she played alone.

But it’s all worth it because she has now completed Nerd Brain! Way to go Lavender. I then have a decision to make about Lavender. Do I have her stick around and complete other things, or send her on her way?

After a bit of thinking I decide to have her complete one more thing, so I give her mansion baron and the only things we need to add are columns, and windows. The value of the house is already at the levels it needs to be for this aspiration. So it is completed quickly.

With that, it is decided Lavender will be more useful to the family if she moves out and hopefully gets married fairly quickly. So Lavender takes some money and moves into a small house. She completed 2 child aspirations, 2 adult aspirations, and maxed 2 skills (although only one was new.) She ended up with 19 traits, including Compassionate and Responsible which I think I forgot to mention when she grew up.

Oceana is a great aunt to all her nieces and nephews. They were working on sociability badges as well as getting Rye some more social skill. He’s very close to finishing up his aspiration, but it will take a little more time.

I still need to get Olive and/or Fabiana to max out parenting. I’m not sure of the best ways to build parenting, especially since the boys are almost teens. It’s a difficult skill, in my opinion, to get maxed out.

Lily finishes up the guitar skill after working on it for a bit. This gives her 3 out of the 4 instruments maxed out. All that is left is the violin which she will work on after this. However, first I would like to finish up her aspiration.

Desiree was out haunting this night, and she autonomously went over and hugged Petunia. I think it’s sweet when they do this automatically. Maybe Desiree is remembering what it was like for Olive to be the ‘bad apple’ of the bunch, although I’ll admit, my bad apples are still usually fairly successful.

With Oceana being in entertainment, she needs to work on her guitar, so this gives Lily the chance to mentor her, which is needed for her aspiration, and she completes it! Another aspiration down. We debate if Lily will leave the nest as soon as she finishes her skills, but decide to first have her work on a career, so she picks to be a Critic, and changes to the Party Animal aspiration.

It is finally time again for the Hijinks festival, so Oceana heads out with her nieces and sisters to go to the festival. Well, one sister, I guess. Lavender and Lily are there as well as Orca. They all join the pranksters and have a good time at the festival. Lavender does make me wonder a bit when she decides to snuggle a voodoo doll though. The pranksters win and get their voodoo dolls and other goodies.

Oceana attaches the voodoo doll given to both herself and Lily to different people and preforms multiple voodoo actions on them to get through the 5 she needs for her aspiration.

Then the four of them stand around for a bit after the festival ends and perform mischief actions on each other until Oceana finally maxes the skill and completes the aspiration. She changes back to Joke Star and we head home for the evening.

Back at home, we get a couple of notifications. First is that Brook gave birth to a little girl named Daisy, which is adorable, and then Rose has finally grown into a child. Sadly Rye had already become friends with her before she was a child, and so she doesn’t count.

Lily had been working on the violin and has officially maxed that now as well. That gives her all 4 instrument skills maxed. She is still a young, young adult, and hopefully she will be able to get through the critic career quickly. We’ll find out though.

Since she has completed all other musical talents, I go ahead and have Lily start working on singing. You also may spy Fabiana working on her gardening some more as well. She is close to finishing up the gardening aspiration and then can head back to her parental ones.

That, however, feels like a good place to leave this. It’s a little bit shorter than the ones I have been writing, but as you can see below our numbers for SimNaNo are looking good and we covered a fair amount of ground this update. Since I didn’t make it to the boys’ birthday yet, however, we will probably have at least 2 more updates still before the generation switches. Hope to see you next time!

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,375 | 19,383 / 25,000
Pictures: +30 | 409 / 500

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