Otts Family – Bailie 16

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Hello and welcome back to another entry in this Alphabetcy/ISBI! We are getting closer to generation C taking over, and man, when I think about the fact there are still 24 generations to go it’s insane. Why did I do this to myself??? Anyway, let’s check in with the family, shall we?

We start with Bailie drinking her one and only youth potion. I was getting notices about it almost being her time, and we still have multiple days before Calvin is ready to take over, so while I know she’s ready to go be with Adalyn, we can’t lose her quite yet.

Bailie then goes and starts working out. I keep a close eye on her, because while she needs to finish up the bodybuilding aspiration I’m also not about to let her die from working out too much.

While Bailie was working out Calvin came out and started working on one of the multiple school projects he and his sister have started but never finished. I wonder if anyone will ever finish them if I just leave them out?

Bailie is also still working on getting to the top of her career. Not that it’s critical, but if we can get her through this it will help. She is confident after her workout and decides to write this fun title.

And just because I think they are fun, here is a list of books Bailie has published. I did name most of these, and one of my favorites is the workout book Sweat it Up, Sweat it Out!

And then Bailie did it, she maxed out writing. Not that it provides us any points since she is the TH, but hey, I’ll take what I can get as it means we might be able to get her through some new aspiration levels depending on what we get for her next one, if we do.

One of the twins is over, I cannot, for the life of me, remember which one this is, but Calvin and Bailie are always happen to have any of them stop by the house.

Bailie then goes around and starts upgrading the beds. She doesn’t have enough handiness to do both upgrades, but we can at least make most of the beds more comfortable.

It’s Winterfest for the family and we have split the holiday into two days. I stole it from IllusoryThrall and if you don’t read her blogs or watch her stream I suggest you start! 🙂

Winterfest Eve is made up of decorating the house, putting up the tree, Father Winter coming (because of course he comes BEFORE you open presents Winterfest morning) and attending a holiday service. It was a lot of fun to allow them to decorate and have Father Winter arrive while they were starting to get ready for bed.

Bailie managed to ask Father Winter for a gift. Why this Father Winter has a very red beard I’m not sure. Gotta love those later game Father Winters that show up.

Father Winter then proceeds to go outside and find some spoiled food that I didn’t even know was there, it was probably Calvin.

Calvin: Hey!

You’re the one that keeps testing me by cooking.

Anyway, he also changes into swim trunks and sits by the pool. You can tell his arm also glitched into his stomach making him look REALLY weird.

Then I learn that APPARENTLY I missed a marriage notification for Brodie. He is married and is now expecting a new little Otts! I also noticed that Bryce is now gone and I missed his death notice. Britta has also gotten married, which means I forgot to go flag her, she is Ariana’s daughter. We’ll go check that she won’t have kids.

The next day being Winterfest means we invite over all the kids and Brodie as well. We have everyone over to open presents, have a grand meal and then play games together. It’s a wonderful Winterfest and I really like the split, so I think I’ll keep it and put it in more of my challenges like this.

Right after Winterfest is done we are told that Brodie is now an elder. That means he’s not likely to see his child grow up to adulthood, but hopefully his wife will be around for a while yet.

Calvin gets energized and decides to go work out. He has had a pudge for quite a while, so it surprises me a bit, but I’ll take it. It’s rare for me to have super in shape sims unless they have the athletic aspirations.

Then we get some great news! Bailie has maxed out her fitness skill! No, sadly, this still doesn’t provide us any new points, but it’s a feat nonetheless, especially since she is lazy.

But even more importantly it means that Bailie has completed her aspiration! That’s right, the lazy sim who helped us lose so many points during her toddler years, but also stole my heart, has finished the bodybuilding aspiration. That is +15 points! Way to go Bailie!

With that, before anything can go downhill again, we are going to wrap up this update. I know it’s a little shorter than I sometimes do, but I don’t dare tempt my game since we gained some points. Next time we will probably see Calvin grow up and take over the reigns as our new TH!

Right before I go though, here is Brodie’s new step-daughter, Brynlee, and his wife Cora. Then we have Britta’s new husband, Douglas. I’m hoping we will see Cora and Brodie’s newest baby next time as well. Let’s look at the points! We are ALMOST at 200 guys!!! We have actually made up for last generation. It’s very exciting!


Self Wetting (-5) : 9 (-45)
Pass Out (-5) : 56 (-280)
Failing School (-5) : 0 (0)
Accidental Deaths (-10) : 1 (-10)
Fires (-10) : 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit (-15) : 0 (0)
Negative Traits Earned (-5): 0 (0)

Single Birth (+5) : 8 (+40)
Twins (+10) : 1 (+10)
Triplets (+15) : 0 (0)
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5) : 29 (+145)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10) : 4 (+40)

Skills maxed by NTH family members (+10) : 2 (+20)
NTH children earning an A in school (+5) : 11 (+55)
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10) : 0 (0)
Positive Traits Earned (+5): 11 (+55)
NTH Toddler Skills Maxed (+5): 11 (+55)
NTH Toddler Becoming Top-Notch (+10): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Becoming Happy Toddler (+5): 7 (+35)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20) : 136,451 (+20)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5) : 3 (+15)

TOTAL: +185

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EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.04

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Hello and welcome back to EPIC Tripp! Last time we had a wedding and a new years celebration, and some birthday’s too. This time we get started on the next generation and keep working on our goals. Speaking of the goals, let’s take a look at what those are:

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

Bonnie is in the business career, and Rene, her husband is going back to the gardening career. I want him to do the Botanist branch of the gardening career that Kiana maxed all those generations ago.

We start right off the bat, however, with Miranda finishing up her current aspiration. We go ahead and give her the Master Actress aspiration next (I think, although I’m not 100% sure I wrote that down right.)

Regardless, still in her party wear Miranda goes out and bonds with the bees.

Miranda: *cackling* Yes my pretties, bond with me, do my bidding!!! Hahaha!

Oh yeah, Miranda is enjoying the “evil” bees far too much.

Frank pops by for a visit, and Remington, who had run away, comes back home. Miranda is out to great both of them and give some love to Remington.

Rene heads out to start his work tasks of tending all the plants, watering, harvesting, weeding etc. I think I’m going to like having Rene in gardening. Initially I was going to make him an astronaut, but he’s lazy, and that doesn’t really fit, not that a botanist really does either, but at least he could work from home and it’s not based around his fitness.

Then, before I could catch her, Miranda and Frank head out to Cornelius and Miranda tries to take the cake. Luckily the cowplant spits her back out drained, but unharmed, for now.

Rene then needs to start bonding with the bees. If he is going to work in the garden and get anywhere at all without getting attacked all the time it’s time he starts that. I would also like him to make friends with Patchy at some point.

Bonnie spends some quality time with Remington. Not really sure why he ran away the last time. He is a SPOILED cat, and doesn’t have any traits I would expect to make him a wanderer. Oh well, he’s back to his pampered life now.

Frank’s daughter is born into the family, a little baby named Ruth. She is the newest Tripp, and it’s fun to start having heirs to follow a little more.

Since this generation was business or politics, Ruth is named for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Although not REALLY in either business or politics specifically I figured it was close enough for a spare.

Bonnie is rather quickly making her way up the Business ladder. I believe her next promotion comes with the choice in which direction her career will take her, and I’m excited to already be half-way to unlocking the next set of things.

Miranda has become quite the social butterfly in her older age. She chats with the ghosts, and then with the Day of the Dead celebrators. We are trying to get those last couple of skulls, but seem to just keep getting the same ones over and over now.

She apparently likes to keep busy as she also works on repairing and upgrading various objects around the house, and her magic keeps our broken plumbing, thank you ghosts, from getting too out of hand.

She also picks up the slack left by the rest of the family as we try and juggle jobs and the large family garden. I am still shy ONE plant, the plantsim fruit, and I am bound and determined to get it!

Bonnie is feeling the little bit of weight she has put on and double’s her efforts to work it all off. She jogs on the treadmill nearly every day, so you would think she would be in better shape then she appears to be already.

Since Miranda needs to go back to work for her aspiration, we pick out an easy commercial for her to appear in, and isn’t it funny that after all of this time, Miranda is a blonde for a role. In all her active years up to this point they have changed her blonde hair, but now that it’s gray, they make her blonde.

Rene is the next one to get a promotion and he is on his way up the career ladder himself. I will probably have him work from home a lot more as the family grows some, but if I remember correctly, he needs a computer sometimes while working from home, so I need Bonnie to get through her career quickly.

The two spend a fair amount of time together and Rene works on reading books. He has the Nerd Brain aspiration after all and we need him to get through some book reading.

But in the evenings he is all Bonnie’s. These two really are cute, and very affectionate with each other. I really do see Bonnie as being “evil” in name only. She is actually a very caring person.

And then she announces they will be parents before too long. That’s right, our generation 6 is on the way. Will it be a girl? I don’t know that I am going to influence this birth, especially since they can have any number of kids now.

Miranda heads out and does a “scene” for the public. It’s a dancing scene, and really the only one to see is is Abby. Still it counts for Miranda’s aspiration and she is that much closer to finishing another one.

Bonnie plays chess with her mother to get her logic skills up. She needs more if she is going to reach the top of the business career. Rene watches some TV instead. I’m not really sure what he’s watching, but it could have been premier day.

We end this update with the knowledge that Frank is now an elder, and his little girl, Ruth, is now a toddler! I will get a picture of her next time I am in the game, as she looks like she’s just adorable. It’s probably time for another trip to their home.

Next time Bonnie should give birth to her first child, and hopefully we will make more progress on her career as well as Rene’s career. Thank you for joining me. I know some of my posts are a little shorter lately, but I haven’t had a ton of time to play, but don’t want to leave you hanging either. Happy New Year as well!

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Latte Game – Generation 4.01

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Hello!!! I know it has been FAR too long since I wrote again. Sorry all! Been taking some time with the holidays and just for myself and playing other things, BUT I have some updates played and it’s time to share them! So last time we ended with an heir poll and I’m sure you are interested to see who won the heir poll. So let’s get to announcing that.

Who won our heir poll?

Baby H?

Baby A?

Baby L?

Baby I?

Baby X?






That’s right! You all voted for the first born, which mean I get an entire generation of keeping myself spelling Hjordis correctly. 🙂 The heir poll was pretty close and here is the breakdown of that:

So as you can see, all three of the girls were very close. My vote went to Amarja just cause I really liked her, but I didn’t really have a specific favorite. What’s funny to me about this graph is, Amarja was pretty even on both polls, but my wordpress readers really wanted Lowitja, while my boolprop readers really wanted Hjordis. Xjavier was pretty even amongst both groups as well.

So now that we know that Hjordis is the heiress for this new generation that means the new generation starts right now as Hjordis is a YA currently. There is very little room in the house however, so she isn’t likely to get married right away yet.

We start with Uku destroying our doll house. Why do ghosts do this? I know he’s mad, but I get tired of fixing this thing all the time. Oh well, they won’t be needing it for a little bit. Why is that? You’ll see.

Before that though we learn that Vince has become an elder. For those of you who probably don’t remember, Vince is Kevin’s son, who was Zophi’s oldest brother and our first born baby of the family. Ijtiba is also going through a mean streak.

So the next morning is a swirl of activity as the family prepares. They are heading out on a trip and we are all very excited about it. Where are they going? It’s somewhere new!

Mt. Komorebi was just waiting for me and I wanted to send a family, and these guys specifically so badly! So we updated one of the vacation lots to have enough beds for all of this family and here we are.

The family starts off by having a snowball fight in their front yard. This is the most snow I think anyone in this family has seen, except for perhaps Easton when he lived in mojo’s game.

The whole family went up and while I found it really funny to see Amarja sledding down the hill, it was fun to watch Hjordis and Amarja try out the others. I also LOVE the sledding with their kids!

And then it’s up at the top of the hill to try it all again! There are even some locals here today as well. I really do like this world a lot.

So the girls decided to take a break and hang out together. They get some hot soup from the vendors and vending machines and sit and chat in the sun that is coming out up on the mountain.

The family then takes a hike up to one of the shrines as well. It’s fun that they can do this sort of thing as a whole family event now. I wish there were ways to do stuff like this, maybe not the shires, but just taking a walk or a jog together.

Halix headed back to the vacation lot and the rest of the family went to a little hot pot restaurant that I found. I will probably try to build myself one later, but this was fun watching them make the food and chat away.

Halix is a good mom to all of her kids. I hope that Hjordis can be as close with her kids, and the whole family as Halix has been. There are a few of the spares that have fallen off from the family and I want to try and bring them back together this generation.

To finish out their first part of the vacation the family went to the hot springs, but no one stayed in the hot springs long, instead they headed “home” and enjoyed hanging out by the first there instead.

The next morning the girls started off with Hjordis dragging them out for a morning jog.

Amarja: Ugh, I don’t know why I have to go on this jog.

Because it’s a sister thing and you are doing it.

Hjordis: It’s a beautiful day and we should enjoy it.

Lowitja: If we are going to be out here, let’s get going! I’ll lead.

After their job the girls went back to the hot springs to soak their muscles for a bit. It was a good time for all of them, even if they didn’t start out very excited to do it.

The family made multiple snow pals while on their trip and I enjoy seeing the different styles that show up. Some are short, some are taller, they each of a bit of personality and I had fun seeing what they came up with.

Amarja decided that snowboarding was the thing for her, and by the time we were done she was heading down the “easy” slope without any problems. Ijtiba decided skiing was his sport of choice and was also heading down the easy slope, along with his brother by the end.

Ijtiba even got himself an energized moodlet from a really good ski run. I thought this was super cute. I don’t think anyone else in the family got this.

The family begins to wrap up their vacation and enjoy some time together at the house. It was a very eventful holiday and the family really enjoyed it, but it’s time to get home and actually consider starting the next generation, and get the kids through the rest of their aspirations.

I really had fun on this vacation! It was so cute to watch the family do all of these things together. The next time we are with this family we will see how Hjordis gets to start out her reign as heiress.

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Meeple Monopoly – Post 1.03

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Hello and we are back with the Meeple’s! Right now that is just Jewel Meeple, but she has a fiance in Alvaro Puckett who was almost her husband last time but Jewel got abducted AS the wedding was starting. So let’s see how things go this time.

We find Jewel finishing off the coast near her home. This location really is lovely and I feel like I should spend more time in some of these other hoods. Most of my families currently live in Sulani because I love that world so much, but Willow Creek is a very pretty place.

But let’s not waste any additional time this time around. We aren’t going to throw an official wedding party, but we invite everyone Jewel knows and greet a few people passing by and decide to hold the wedding.

The actually ceremony took place as darkness begun to descend upon Willow Creek and the lighthouse lit up the sky. None of our guests bothered to come out and look, but hey, that’s ok. It really just needed to be these two anyway. They need no one else.

So Alvaro was going to come with 20,000 simoleons, but we basically said “no thanks” to the money, even though it would have been great to have, it also would be against the rules. As it was, he still brought about 8,000 with him, which we cheated away. Jewel, as you can see, has built herself quite the little nest egg however, and I am very happy about that.

With Alvaro now a part of the family we gave him a mini make-over to bring a little more purple into his wardrobe. However, for the most part we leave his look alone as I like his facial hair and hair.

With most of the guess gone for the evening the couple hangs out with the remaining few sims who are still hanging out. We have rearranged a little bit, as you can see in the picture, putting the easel Jewel earned from work in the house and moving the other outside for now.

One of their guests would not leave the couple alone. They put up with him for a while and eventually he decided to leave. Alvaro had something to discuss with his new bride before they went to bed and prepared for their honeymoon.

Alvaro: Jewel, darling, I have something I need to tell you that I have kept from you.

Jewel: *skeptically* ok, what is it?

Alvaro: Perhaps you should down for this.

Jewel: Just tell me.

Alvaro: Perhaps it would be easier if I show you.

Alvaro: Remember how the last time you got taken up to a spaceship before we were able to get married and you saw all of those things. I know you were scared, and I wasn’t completely sure what was happening either, but…..

Jewel: You are one of them?

Alvaro: *sigh* Yes. That was my family. They were a bit upset that I hadn’t told them about you yet. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.

Jewel: Ummm….ok. I mean, I was scared, but that was because I didn’t understand anything anyone was saying, but they didn’t hurt me or anything, just kind of walked around me looking at me and glowing a lot…..wait, you are glowing now!

Alvaro: I know I should have told you before the wedding, but you were so excited, I was scared you would think less of me.

Jewel headed off to get ready for bed while Alvaro patiently gave her time.

Jewel: So you are an alien, were you born in…….space?

Alvaro: No, I was born here. My earth father raised me, but never hid from me who or what I was. My family visited me often, and when father passed I was offered the chance to join them, but I wanted to stay here.

Jewel: You said earth father……

The two talked into the night and by the time they climbed into bed Jewel had assured Alvaro that she wasn’t going anywhere and still loved him.

The journey the next morning started much to early and by the time the couple reached their beach rental it was evening once again. Both were tired, but both were also excited to be on their honeymoon.

The night before they had talked so long they held off doing anything to consummate their marriage, but they took full advantage of their house on the beach to do just that before falling fast sleep with each other. Alvaro wore his disguise, or as he liked to call it, his human form, to avoid causing any sort of attention to be drawn to them for anything other than their honeymoon.

Alvaro, who wasn’t nearly as sleepy as Jewel, is up first the makes food for the couple. They eat it out on the deck enjoying the view that they were just able to glimpse in the dark last evening.

After both felt satisfied a quick cannonball of their deck into the pristine waters below found the couple enjoying the water together. There were lot of canoes out but the couple didn’t really notice any of them.

Then it was time to relax and enjoy their beautiful beach honeymoon by hanging out at the beach. They built sandcastles, relaxed and worked on their tans, and simply enjoyed the day.

That night they found a restaurant an island over from where they were that was easy to access and headed out for a nice dinner together. The atmosphere was wonderful, and while they didn’t want to splurge too much, the couple treated themselves to a nice fresh fish dinner.

After dinner the happy couple stood by the bonfire lit outside and cozied up together near the fire. They didn’t really need the warmth, as the night air hadn’t gotten that cool yet, but their passionate kiss warmed them up even more and their hurried back to the house.

The happy couple continued to enjoy their honeymoon by visiting the community center and going snorkeling. Jewel was starting to not feel so great however, so they spent part of their last time near the house.

It didn’t stop them from showing their love off for all to see. While waiting for some food to be ready from a food stand near the beach and a short walk from the house the couple made out on a bench.

Finding a more secluded spot they ate their dinner and talked some more. Their honeymoon was ending, but it had been a lovely time and made me realize I probably want to take couples on honeymoons more often now.

Jewel: Honey, can you come in here for a moment?

Alvaro: What is it my sweet, are you still not feeling well?

Jewel: My stomach is still pretty sour, but that is part of what I wanted to talk to you about. We are expecting!

Yep, one of those first woohoo’s of the honeymoon caused a little nooboo to already be on the way. It’s a good thing that Jewel had that nest egg set up since each baby of this generation is going to cost us a thousand simoleons.

The honeymoon wrapped up and the couple headed back home. I was able to give Jewel a little bit more of a make-over with the new make-up sliders and gave her a much less sever coloring across all of her outfits. I love those new sliders, and I’m excited to see who the nooboo takes after. But that will have to be the next update as that is where we are going to end this update.

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Roots of Emerson – Post 1.03

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Tim goes about his work happily over the next few weeks. Time seemed to just melt away for Tim. Having met Kayla and having her agree to be his girlfriend made him feel like everything in his life was on the right track.

Tim started keeping track of his plants a little more diligently, marking off things about their height, if they had been watered or needed water, and spent time researching the best ways to care for and help his garden flourish.

He continued to keep some of the rocks clear, not only from his garden, but from the community space as well. Sometimes he found useful things like fossils or gemstones in the various rocks, and he happily sent them off to others who had more use for them then he did.

For fun Tim occasionally watches TV. On one particularly stormy day Tim got through his chores in the garden as quickly as he could. He didn’t mind the rain, but the thunder and lighting made him a bit nervous. So to pass the time he decided to watch a little TV, but the lightening eventually knocked out the power in the house so Tim decided to head into town.

As Tim got closer to town the storm started to dissipate. Tim visited a local produce stand and talked with the person running the counter. He sold off some of his produce and purchased some extra seeds that were available.

He turned around to excitedly see Kayla was also in town. Her neighborhood has also lost power, which made sense to Tim seeing as how she lived just a few streets over. They sat down at the picnic table to enjoy the nice weather in town. Then Tim got up the courage to invite Kayla back to his house.

The storm was still going by the time they got back, but the rain had at least eased up some. Tim warned Kayla that he was still working on renovating the upstairs. He figured that sounded better than telling her he hadn’t been able to finish it yet.

They sat and watched Tim’s little tv and he was nervous. Kayla assured him the house was lovely and that the most important thing to her was being able to hang out with him. This made Tim smile, but he couldn’t help but feel it might bother her just a little bit, regardless of what she said.

So Tim turned off the TV and he and Kayla just chatted and snuggled on the couch together. Most of his worries melted away as Kayla reciprocated every move he made. He was in heaven and vowed to finish the house as soon as he could. He would love to have a little more money coming in and made a note to go plant his new seeds soon.

Once Kayla left for the evening that was exactly what he did. Digging in the dirt gave Tim a sense of pride and the fact he was able to have the house he had also made him swell with pride in what he had been able to accomplish. His parents might have given him the land and the unfinished house, but the rest was all money he had saved and earned.

Back inside that evening Tim cooked up a nice meal with veggie he had harvested and kept for himself. He was also able to finally make some headway on the upstairs of the house, getting wallpaper and carpet in the main bedroom and hall way.

Tim spent other days doing a fair amount of fishing. He knew if he wanted his plants to thrive, fish made a great fertilizer, with a little work. He didn’t have the money, or the desire to spend the money he did have, on fancy fertilizers or fish, so he caught his own. Every catch, no matter how small, meant his garden had that much more fertilizer.

Tim started wandering around the neighborhood down some different streets and other areas then he had before. He spotted a magnificent looking tree and took some time to go study it a bit. He had a sense it needed some water and so he went and grabbed his watering can and came back to water it, talking to it a little bit as he went. He almost felt an inappreciable change in the tree, but couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. Tim vowed to come check back on the tree again later.

Every time Kayla’s name popped up on Tim’s phone he was excited. One night she called and said she was headed out to see a DJ at a local club and she wanted him to go with her. DJ’s weren’t really something Tim knew a lot about, but he did want to see Kayla so he met her at the club. He greeted her with a kiss before heading inside.

Kayla looked amazing as always, and they had gotten there a little early so they had a drink at the bar. Normal club music pumped through Tim’s body, and when Kayla thanked him for coming and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek he nearly melted. He flushed and smiled at her, and stumbled out something he can’t even remember. It was one of the first times she had initiated a romantic gesture and Tim wasn’t fully sure how to handle it.

As the DJ started her set Tim watched and listened from the bar area. Kayla ran up to dance right away, this was exactly what she was here to do. She would steal glances back and Tim and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. It might not be his ideal evening out, but he wasn’t going to say he wasn’t having a good time either.

Not everyone seemed to be having a good time, however. There was a girl who came in and started confronting Nancy Landgraab right in the middle of the dance floor. Some people ignored them, but as the fight got louder and began to turn physical both Kayla and Tim decided it was time to get out of there.

Kayla came back to Tim to his street and they settled onto a bench near his house and the pathway that led Kayla back to her house. Neither was quite ready for the evening to end. Tim told Kayla he had a lot of fun with her.

He offered Kayla a bit of a massage and they just snuggled together and looked out at the water. It was a beautiful night, and while the lights started to come on all around them Tim decided it was as good of a time as he was going to find.

Tim lead Kayla behind the bench and took a deep breath. Kayla looked initially concerned, and then confused as Tim slowly got down on one knee. He fumbled a bit for the ring he had been carrying around for awhile. It’s partly why he hadn’t finished the house, he wanted the best for Kayla. Confusion turned to shock and then excitement and awe as Kayla realized what was happening. She slide the ring on her finger and leapt into Tim’s arms.

A kiss sealed the deal. Kayla was to become Mrs. Emerson and join Tim in growing the family and trying to become a success in his farming. The happy couple hung around the bench a little longer as night descended and then Tim walked up the path with Kayla to make sure she got home ok before floating home himself.

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Otts Family – Bailie 15

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We are back with the Otts again today and welcome back. Last time we had a tragic death of Adalyn who drown in the pool during her children’s birthday party. It was quite sad and everyone in the family is super sad. Cordelia moved out and we are left with Calvin (your chosen heir) and Bailie left. So let’s check in.

We find Bailie cleaning up the bathroom. Adalyn often did the cleaning while Bailie worked on her books and her work, but now she has to take that over and handle a lot more of the house herself.

The house went into it’s own form of “grief” by having nearly everything break. I wish I could blame the ghosts, but it wasn’t them this time. Bailie had to fix the downstairs stereo, the upside stereo, the kids computer, the fridge and the stove. Thankfully she is able to do it without issue.

HarvestFest is here again for the family and the gnomes decide to gather around the fridge. It always interests me where they decide to gather. It can be irritating when they block the sims from being able to do things like cook though.

Wait, what….why? Why are you grilling Calvin???? What are you doing?

Calvin: Don’t worry, I got it, plus, mom is trying to get to the stove to cook.

Right, I’m helping her GET to the stove so you don’t need to cook.

Calvin: It’s fine, see, I got it. No fire.

One of the brothers, I can’t remember if this is Cedric or Corey, came over and joined his mom and brother for the meal. The gnomes all gathered around to keep them company as well.

Calvin decides to pick up where Cordelia left off by starting some of the school project sitting out in the yard. One of them might have been destroyed as well.

Calvin has some evening popcorn with his great grandma Julia. The family is still very much missing Adalyn, but life is slowly returning to normal for them. It will be WinterFest before too long.

After talking with Julia he goes and hangs out with his mom while she works on her book some more. She has been writing a grief book and a book about her life. Hopefully they will sell well. We are still not swimming in money or even have enough to feel comfortable adding on/changing up the house much.

Bailie is down to having just a little bit of work left to finish up her fitness skill. Since she is lazy it takes a long time for her to get a single point. I need to remember to have her use the fact she can drink an energy drink more often to help.

We got a notice that Cordelia is moving into the world, which means she might eventually get married, but we will see. Adalyn also comes out to haunt. Bailie goes and hugs her, and you can get a little peak at the make-over I gave her before.

Bailie works with Calvin to make sure he is still doing his homework and working his way towards an A. He is working hard on school most of the time and I think we should be able to get an A without too much effort.

WHY!!!????? There is so much food sitting in the fridge that is still good. We don’t need MORE food!

Calvin: But I wanted Mac n Cheese.

Oh my gosh, I swear if you start a fire…..

Calvin: You know, I have gained you points multiple times, maybe you should trust me some.

Yeah, not going to happen. Can you PLEASE wait until you are heir to cook? PLEASE???

The house is quite, and there isn’t much going on with it just being these two, but they are counting on each other. I’m starting to get notices about Bailie’s time almost being up. I don’t really want to give her a youth potion, but Calvin has over a week left before he is heir.

It has been quite a while since I went ahead and did a club meeting, and since the kids can all still be a part of it, we go ahead and throw a meeting. The kids and Bailie work out, read together, and hang out with each other. Hopefully this will all help Calvin in school.

Bailie needs to finish up a sliver of the writing skill, and the logic skill for her job, and about 20% left on the final fitness skill. I know not much happened this time, but it feels like a good place to wrap this up. The score didn’t actually change, and that’s ok. Hopefully next time we will see Calvin get an A, Bailie finishing her aspiration, and Calivn growing up.


Self Wetting (-5) : 9 (-45)
Pass Out (-5) : 56 (-280)
Failing School (-5) : 0 (0)
Accidental Deaths (-10) : 1 (-10)
Fires (-10) : 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit (-15) : 0 (0)
Negative Traits Earned (-5): 0 (0)

Single Birth (+5) : 8 (+40)
Twins (+10) : 1 (+10)
Triplets (+15) : 0 (0)
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5) : 28 (+140)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10) : 3 (+30)
Skills maxed by NTH family members (+10) : 2 (+20)
NTH children earning an A in school (+5) : 11 (+55)
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10) : 0 (0)
Positive Traits Earned (+5): 11 (+55)
NTH Toddler Skills Maxed (+5): 11 (+55)
NTH Toddler Becoming Top-Notch (+10): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Becoming Happy Toddler (+5): 7 (+35)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20) : 136,451 (+20)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5) : 3 (+15)

TOTAL: +170

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EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.03

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We are back with another update for EPIC Tripp. We are slowly working our way through this generation, and last time Bonnie was getting close with the guy who is likely going to be her husband for this part. Before we get into the update let’s remember what we are working on.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So Bonnie is working her way up the business career. I haven’t decided what career to put her husband in when he joins the family but we’ll figure that out when we need to.

Bonnie is taking on more of the responsibility for the garden. It will be nice when she gets to the level of being able to just tend the garden all together and not have to do watering, weeding, and harvesting all separately.

All three of these ladies are spending a little more time trying to get in shape. The pool gets a lot of use by some of them, and the pool side towels and chairs as well.

It is now WinterFest and the family celebrates by decorating the tree. Bonnie then invites her intended, Rene, over for opening presents. The family then also enjoys a grand meal.

After the meal Bonnie gives Rene a special present and they share their first real kiss. Then Miranda and Abby also share a special moment in the kitchen of themselves. Seems the holiday and older age are causing some additional sweetest between these guys.

The next day Bonnie continues to bond with the bees in the garden. We continued to have a bit of an issue with the bee boxes, and ended up clearing out the cache and re-loading the game. That seemed to solve the issues we were having.

Abby makes a visit, after Bonnie leaves for work, to the original homestead of the Tripp’s. This is the house her great great grandma built, or at least the lot. The house was added onto a bit by great grandma Belle. She makes a collection circuit of the area to look for the final metals/crystals.

Miranda cracks me up with her tense mood in which is caused by the thunderstorm happening outside, but then she decides she wants to go out and “relax” on the beach towels by the pool. Bonnie got a chance card and obviously the “right” call for Bonnie being evil is to Blackmail, which causes a loss in performance. Then, have a fun picture of Remington being cute.

It was time for Miranda’s birthday, and so there is a party thrown for her. Miranda grows up into an elder and gets herself a bit of a makeover. I think the shorter hair looks very nice on her.

Rene is over for the party too and Bonnie spends some time with him. Rene should make for a good edition into this family.

The cake is cut and the young couple enjoy a slice before heading upstairs to have a little “fun” in the money piles in the vault. Sadly, Rene decided to leave before they got to having the actual fun.

We then get some fun news. Frank is expecting a child. He and his wife and going to bring new little Tripp’s into the world.

Miranda finally gets the chance to lay out on that beach towel that she had been wanting to lay out on. She lays out there for quite a while and Abby works on fishing today. We still have a lot of fish to catch.

Our dear Bonnie comes home with a new promotion and is now a Regional Manager in business. I guess trying to blackmail her old boss didn’t hurt her as much as it could have.

That evening we have a plethora of ghosts out to hunt for the night. Zygo, Lara, and Ferdinando (I think) are all out and Zygo is even cleaning. It’s just so nice of him!

I’m not sure this is the outfit I would be wearing to work out in, but to each their own I guess. Bonnie really has been trying to work out daily. She’s such a lovely sim to me.

Through everything Abby has managed to max out her fitness level. This gives Abby multiple maxed skills, such as gardening at this point. Abby has done well and I’m going to be sorry to see her go.

It’s now new years in the sims world and since none of the family has ever met Frank’s wife we head over to the house where they live to meet the family. Bonnie is the first one to meet her and talks for a bit.

The family sits and hangs out with each other and we learn that Frank actually has a step-son. So the family gets to know him as well. It’s a lovely time waiting for the new years “fun” to begin for the night and Selena is getting closer with the family now.

During the rest of the evening, while the new year’s TV was on in the background toasts were made a performance by Miranda occurred, and the family counted down to midnight where hugs were shared around by all.

The next day Bonnie decides to invite Rene over for a very important question. With Patchy watching on Bonnie decides it’s time to propose to Rene. Rene, thankfully, says yes and is very happy to be near this challenge.

Since it’s Bonnie’s last day off of work I want to get her married this weekend so a Sulani wedding arch is purchased, friends and family were invited over and the wedding took place on the beach.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and I am very proud of this picture. They are lovely together and I’m sure they will have adorable babies. Since we lifted the child restriction last generation I’m planning on them having at least two.

The “reception” after the ceremony went on until the evening and there was much fun and entertainment to be had for the whole family. Frank, Selena, and Malakai (the step-son) were all in attendance as well.

And so with the wrap of the party, we are going to wrap this update. This is Rene, after a bit of a make-over, although really his clothes just changed some. He is a Lazy, Cheerful, Bro who switches from Computer Whiz to be Nerd Brain, since we won’t get a computer until Bonnie finishes her business career. I decided to put Rene into the astronaut career, as we haven’t finished that yet. Thank you for joining us once again.

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Coloure Wheel: Skilling Away

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Hello and welcome back after a very long respite to the Coloure Wheel. The last time we were with the family Meg, Carlotta, and Christine all grew up into children, and Velma was born. While the 3 eldest are not triplets, due to a glitched grow up they might as well be. So let’s get back to the family.

We start with Meg and Christine playing chess for their aspirations. Both of these girls rolled to have Whiz Kid, and are working on their mental skills. Carlotta has Rambunctious Scamp.

Speaking of Carlotta, she is working on her homework. All three of these girls are working toward getting A’s, but they are only at B’s for now. I also realized I had apparently missed getting Carlotta into scouts, so she has that now too.

Garrett comes home with a new promotion and he is slowly moving through the writing career. He has almost maxed out his writing skill, so we are close to him finishing up his aspiration as well.

Charlene helps the twins with their aspiration by grabbing a couple of the children’s books written by Garrett and reads to the girls. After a couple of books the girls are at their next milestone.

Little Velma is also still here and being taken care of. Even the ghosts try and help out as they can. Velma will be growing up soon and I’m excited to see who she takes after.

Little Carlotta works on her typing. We need to take her to the playground and have her get playful and play on the equipment, but so far it hasn’t worked quite yet. So she is working on typing to build up her motor skills.

You gotta love Erratic sims. Charlene stops painting to make this face and tell herself a story. It’s quite a story apparently as she goes on for quite a while before finishing up her painting and going to bed.

Carlotta got in some quality time with her dad after a big snowstorm. They went out and made a fun snow pal together. It was a beautiful night, even though it was very cold as well.

Charlene is a very good mom to all of her kids. It’s almost time for little Velma’s birthday and so she takes time to snuggle her youngest and ensure she had everything she needed.

Then little Velma grew up and she got white hair like her mom. I do have a mod that allows the white hair to be genetic, but it doesn’t affect the eyebrows. If I do this challenge again I will probably pick a different color for Charlene’s hair.

After a bit of a makeover, we see how cute little Velma is. So she has her mom’s hair, but great-grandma’s red eyes, just like her older twin sisters. So we are continuing to have some fun genetic differences here.

For some reason, everyone changed into their outerwear, but that doesn’t stop little Velma and Charlene from spending some time playing with the dollhouse. Velma is super cute, and I think she shares a skin tone closer to her dad.

Then it’s time for Winterfest. For some reason, the girls are all still in their outerwear, but Garrett is wearing normal inside clothing. The family takes some time to decorate the tree and set up the presents. The family enjoys all the normal Winterfest fun.

Then we find out that Charlene is expecting again. There is still room for another set of twins, so there is a chance for that, but that means baby 5 is on the way. We are hoping to possibly get some boys into this family since it’s very female-heavy so far, but I am loving all the kids.

Charlene continues to take care of little Velma as she can, and Velma is working on her skills. She has maxed out her potty skill and is working on the other four. She is a pretty good little girl even though she is clingy.

Garrett works on his writing some more and has been writing a lot of children’s books lately. That is enough for him to max out his writing skill and Garrett completes his aspiration. Garrett next gets the Big Happy Family aspiration.

After Winterfest, the girls are back at school, but come home and get their homework completed. The focus lights help ensure both Meg and Christine complete another milestone of their aspiration. Now they need to finish up their metal stuff.

Charlene still gets happy to see her extended family who has been gone for a while now. If only all of these ghosts wouldn’t break everything all of the time. We are going to perform a remodel/update of the kitchen now that the family has some money coming in.

That is going to be all for this update. Next time we should see Velma grow into a child and see the new baby show up. I’m interested to see how this goes and I’m looking forward to seeing the girls grow up as well. Thanks for joining us! I know it has been a long time since an update, and it will probably be a bit before we get back here again, but it’s always fun to see them.

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Meeple Monopoly – Post 1.02

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Hello and welcome back to the board game challenge with Jewel Meeple! So last time Jewel worked her way into a very small little house and found herself a boyfriend. She is working as a painter/artist. Let’s check in.

Jewel’s boyfriend, Alvaro Puckett, is over again and keeps Jewel company while she paints. She’s getting pretty skilled and he seems to like to watch her. Yes I have finally learned his name, since he appears to be sticking around.

Alvaro further endears himself to us by cleaning up after Jewel. Jewel isn’t a slob, but she also isn’t always the most reliable about doing her dishes. I really need to get a sink in the kitchen, but we are going to need a little more room in the house first.

Jewel heads out for an evening job, I would have liked Alvaro to go with her, but sadly you still can’t do things like go jogging together, at least that I know of. If you have a way PLEASE let me know!

Once Jewel is back from her jog they decide to go enjoy the evening together. It’s a warm evening and looking out over the water is quite peaceful. Alvaro even offers to give her a massage, which she readily accepts.

The time is right, and the mood is set, and the location is lovely, so Jewel drops down to one knee and proposes to Alvaro. He wasn’t sure what was happening at first, but gladly takes the ring. He is now the future Mr. Meeple (he is taking her last name) and will be the stay at home dad to any kids they have.

Now that there is going to be a wedding Jewel starts getting more serious about her morning or evening jogs. She’s got to look great for her wedding day, which will be small affair, they don’t have THAT much money, but a beach honeymoon is also in her future.

Life for Jewel, over the next couple of days proceeds pretty much like normal. Jewel paints paintings, and has gotten up to level 6 in painting. She frequently begins to paint all on her own.

She cooks herself food, something she isn’t great at yet, but she is learning. I do really like the new food from snowy escape, it is pretty fun to have for Jewel to make and tends to be decently cheep.

She also makes the collection runs. We haven’t done the full circuit for a while, choosing to stay closer to her home lot instead of around the entire neighborhood, but there is still plenty to gather.

I don’t remember ever seeing this particular painting before, in fact Jewel starts painting a lot of pictures I don’t remember seeing before. It actually makes me ask if there were new paintings, but apparently I just haven’t seen these. It’s fun to have enough options that I still haven’t seen them all.

Jewel finally gets herself another promotion and is on her way to the top, eventually. She is also selling paintings on Plopsy more often and for about double what they would sell to a collector for, which is great. Her little nest egg is going up, although the kids that will be incoming after she is married will probably drain that fairly quickly.

Alvaro asks to come hang out with Jewel, who of course says yes and greets him with a kiss. I am, once again, very thankful for getting Jewel into this little house as it has saved her from a lot of icky weather. Alvaro, however, is not having a good day.

This makes Jewel, being the loving girlfriend she is, sad. So she decides to paint about it while trying to cheer Alvaro up. All the cheering up makes her playful, so she paints about that as well. Having successfully painting some good paintings makes her very confident. So she paints about that too, and while her painting session for the day comes to an end, she finishes off with a landscape painting. Never had a sim get through the needed emotional paintings that fast and it such rapid succession.

The next night I decide it’s time. Jewel has some money saved up for the honeymoon as well as enough to pay bills a couple of times and hopefully enough paintings listed on Plopsy to afford kids. Jewel invites everyone she knows over, buy’s the cheapest wedding arch she can, places it in a lovely location on her lot and prepares to become a Mrs. In her formal wear the ceremony begins, but wait…..

What are these strange lights? Jewel walks away from the arch and into the alien lights, and Alvaro pulls out his violin.

Alvaro: *singing* …and then she walked away. My wife to be went up in space for all the world to see. Will she ever come back down, will I ever see her again? My wife to be went up in space and left me to wait and see.

So what do you do when aliens take your wife to be, and she was the only playable sim on the lot? Well you hang around an wait for a while, chatting among yourselves.

Then you might move the “party” inside and chat while still waiting. Jewel was gone for a long time. Most of the guests eventually left having said it was getting late. I can’t fully remember how long sims are usually gone, but it certainly did take a while.

Around midnight Jewel was finally brought back to earth, and the few stragglers that were still hanging out talking were there to see her arrive dazed and a little bit out of sorts.

Alvaro was, of course, still there. He had been sitting on the cooler waiting to see if she would come back. When she did she told him the craziest stories about what had happened, and all he could do was give her a big hug.

The wedding will have to wait for another night, as that has been quite enough excitement for one update. It was a pretty crazy ride, and while I know this is certainly a shorter update, it feels like the right place to stop. Next time we will have a wedding, I hope, and a honeymoon.

I also forgot to mention last time, I have instituted a small “extra” rule for myself with this challenge. Since I started this after snowy escape came out, and that means we have vacation lots now, I looked through the worlds and made a breakdown of what “worlds” I feel like are likely close enough for a day trip and which ones likely require a more substantial (read stay at least a night) trip. If they want to travel to any area in their “group” they can without restriction. If they want to travel to an area outside of their group they have to take a vacation to that area. Each “section” has multiple vacation homes, restaurants, libraries, parks, nightclubs and/or bars, etc. So they should have everything they might need in any given group of neighborhoods. I determined and formed 6 groupings across all the different expansions and did my best to take things like climate, general foliage, coastlines, etc into account. So we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, thanks, as always, for reading!

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Roots of Emerson – Post 1.02

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Tim has heard rumors of a girl who lives near him that tries to stay out of the public eye, but spends a lot her time in her yard. A friend of Tim’s tells him they think she would be a great match for him, but Tim is unsure.

Before anything can happen, however, Tim has to get through his morning, and maybe even the next couple of days with chores on the farm. He starts his mornings with a nice fruit salad from the things he has managed to collect.

Then it’s time to go around and collect all the new plants that are growing and taking them to the market to sell to the various people who will pay to have others gather these supplies for them.

Then it’s time to weed and work in the garden. With the seasons beginning to change Tim needs to prepare the plants for summer time and they will need to be checked and watered more frequently.

Tim knows the flea market was on it’s way too town and while this time he didn’t find anything, it’s always good to go down and see who and what is there. Tim chats with some of the people he has met already, checks out the wares but doesn’t see anything he needs right now.

So instead of shopping Tim tries some trick shots at the basketball hoop. He’s not that good at shots, but it’s fun to try and make a basket from outside the fence that lines the boundaries of the court.

Heading out to a bar that evening Tim meets a few new people, but not all of them are as friendly as he has gotten used to. Apparently the flea market brought in people from other areas.

A few days later, Tim walks up to a door and politely knocks. He is nervous and his hands are sweating. He finally gave in and allowed himself to be set up. He is going to meet the person that is supposed to be “perfect” for him. She doesn’t like to go out often, so Tim heads to her house.

Come In….

Tim hears a nice voice inviting him to come inside.

I’m in the back, just walk straight back to the back door, I’m on the deck.

Tim went back to the back of the house and found a lovely girl finishing up cooking on a grill.

She invited Tim to sit down and grab a plate. Tim sat and started to eat. It was very good food. She introduced herself as Kayla. Tim introduced himself and they chatted away through dinner. He learned she was an only child and loved to cook.

As the evening progressed they moved inside and watched a movie together. Tim understood why their mutual friend suggested this date. Not only was Kayla attractive and loved the outdoors, her love of cooking would allow them to put his fresh produce to good use. When the time got late Tim excused himself so he could get home, knowing the morning would come much to early.

As Tim expected, the morning came and he wasn’t fully rested, but he set about his chores happily none the less. When it was time to break for lunch he was brought back to reality quickly when he cut himself making a salad. It would be nice to have a girl like Kayla to help him cook.

His heart skipped a beat when he looked down and saw Kayla’s name on his phone. When he answered she said she had a wonderful time and was hoping he might want to go hang out in a park nearby. Tim was finished with enough of his tasks for the day that he said yes.

Tim and Kayla found a nice bench to sit and chat on. Tim found out that Kayla was, in fact, a bodybuilder. She wanted to be very fit and strong so she could live a long, healthy life.

Tim knew he was starting to feel something special for this girl and so he moved a little closer and took her hand. He looked deep into her eyes and told her he thought she had to be one of the sweetest people he had ever met.

Kayla expressed she was getting a little hungry and Tim knew it was getting late enough he would want to eat again soon himself. Not wanting to have the date end they walked to the near by 50’s diner to see what they had.

Inside they went simple, each getting a root bear float and a sandwich. During the meal they continued their earlier conversations easily. Tim knew he was falling for Kayla, quickly, and he thought she might be feeling the same about him.

As they finished up and prepared to walk out of the restaurant, Tim took a chance and gave Kayla a kiss. She reciprocated and the kiss stretched on. Realizing they were still in the restaurant, and there were patrons probably watching them now, Tim slowly ended the kiss. He looked deep into Kayla’s eyes and asked her to be his official girlfriend.

Yes yes yes! Kayla excitedly squealed and they decided to commemorate their decision with a picture. Tim couldn’t remember having a better meal in his life. They made their way home and Tim went back into his fields to finish his work for the day, but he felt like he was lost in dream.

The next morning was gloomy as Tim checked on his plants and then decided to head out fishing for the day. Kayla called right as he was getting started and asked about hanging out. It killed Tim to tell her he couldn’t but she understood. It was a good sign that they both wanted to spend so much time together.

The house still wasn’t finished though, and Tim wasn’t sure he wanted to bring Kayla over, especially after seeing her house. He wanted to get it a little more completed before asking her if she would be with him for forever. He felt lighter and happier then he had in a long time. He made sure to call his parents and let them know the good news. Life was really starting to come together.

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Otts Family – Bailie 14

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Hello and welcome back to another update of the Otts family. Today we should have some more birthdays and hopefully we will get some additional points and other things completed. So let’s check in with the family.

We took another trip down to the park to see if we could get Calvin his first level of the Rambunctious Scamp. We brought Corey and Cedric along as well, but Calvin once again will play for a little bit and then stop. I’m guessing this is just Calvin and not an issue, but we went ahead and went home so we didn’t lose points.

Audra: *sob* This bathroom is flooding, I mop and mop but can’t stop it.

It’s your fault Audra! If you would stop breaking the sink it would stop flooding the bathroom.

Audra: But I’m mopping and mopping….

Yes, because water is still spewing out of the sink……ugh, never mind.

Bailie barely looks like herself anymore to me, she really did buckle down and work on her fitness. She writes fitness books frequently and we just need to finish up getting the skill maxed.

Bailie: Can you possibly keep it down over there? I am trying to write.

Oh, sorry Bailie.

Calvin comes home with an A in school on this day. Way to go Calvin! That is +5 points! This generation really has brought us back from the last one. Here’s hoping we can keep this going.

Cordelia asks to bring a friend home from school and of course we say yes. This guy shows up and while his outfit, for me, leaves a lot to be desired, Cordelia did go from a rotten mood to laughing and smiling.

Our original founding wife, Julia, comes out to haunt and Bailie is happy to see her grandma. It’s been a little while since Julia, or Eddie actually, have haunted. I believe Julia also left our plumbing alone.

Adalyn maxed out her dancing skill a couple updates ago, but that doesn’t mean she has stopped dancing. She really loves to dance. The next time I do make-overs I’m probably going to give Adalyn a slightly updated look.

These two are just too cute for words. While Bailie is working on her new book, I rearranged the upstairs a bit, and Adalyn heads up and sits next to her and keeps her company. I am going to miss these two when they are gone.

Dear Brodie stopped by and when the kids get home from school everyone hangs out with Brodie and catches up with him. I’m not sure how this family got so close, they did it all on their own since I can only control Bailie.

Ever the studious boy Calvin does his homework, but apparently he glitched himself to the top of the cat tree. Either that or he is trying to turn into a cat. Calvin, that’s not really going to help your sister with her aspiration you know.

Meanwhile, Cordelia continues her habit of going out and randomly starting a school project that is sitting in the yard, and then just getting up and walking away from it later. Since she has an A I’m not worried about, but it is funny to me.

It’s Alvin’s turn to haunt this night and once again Bailie is happy to see her past family members. She knows she will be joining them at some point, but hopefully not in the near future.

Adalyn enjoys relaxing in the pool sometimes. Outside of Bailie using it to do laps Adalyn is about the only one to use the pool. The kids don’t really go in for some reason.

Today is the day of the kids birthday. That morning they have some breakfast together before they head off to school. We will be throwing a party after everyone gets home from school and work this day.

The family is invited over and Cordelia is the first to blow out her candles. Bailie made a matcha cake for the kids and with that Cordelia is now a young adult and will be moving out. She did not make any progress on her aspiration, but she did get two character traits, Responsible and Good Manners. That is +10 points!

Next up its Calvin’s turn at the cake and he grows up with a bit of a weird hair for him. I think Calvin is going to be a pretty handsome young man. When I am in giving him a make-over I am going to do a small make-over on Adalyn as well.

Here Calvin is after his make-over. He is a very handsome boy I think. So Calvin, obviously did not complete his childhood aspiration. He has added Glutton to his Kleptomaniac trait and got the Quick Learner from choosing Renaissance Sim for an aspiration.

As I come out of giving the make-overs my camera is drawn to the pool. No Adalyn, NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! Bailie tries, desperately to plead with Grim but to no avail. I can’t believe this just happened. That would be a -10 points.

Cordelia stays around long enough to get Adalyn placed into the garden next to Alan and Audra and then she gathered her things and moved out. That is where I am going to end this update. I can’t believe Adalyn is gone and I’m just not ready to play anymore, so let’s go to the points.


Self Wetting (-5) : 9 (-45)
Pass Out (-5) : 56 (-280)
Failing School (-5) : 0 (0)
Accidental Deaths (-10) : 1 (-10)
Fires (-10) : 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit (-15) : 0 (0)
Negative Traits Earned (-5): 0 (0)

Single Birth (+5) : 8 (+40)
Twins (+10) : 1 (+10)
Triplets (+15) : 0 (0)
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5) : 28 (+140)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10) : 3 (+30)
Skills maxed by NTH family members (+10) : 2 (+20)
NTH children earning an A in school (+5) : 11 (+55)
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10) : 0 (0)
Positive Traits Earned (+5): 11 (+55)
NTH Toddler Skills Maxed (+5): 11 (+55)
NTH Toddler Becoming Top-Notch (+10): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Becoming Happy Toddler (+5): 7 (+35)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20) : 136,451 (+20)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5) : 3 (+15)

TOTAL: +170

Bailie 13 | Rules | Family Tree | Bailie 15

EPIC Tripp: It’s Just Business – 6.02

Post 6.01 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 6.03

Welcome back to a new update for this EPIC Tripp. If you are around the US and celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving to you. If you aren’t in the US then I still hope it’s a good day for you all. All right, let’s take a quick reminder at our goals for this generation.

Generation 6b – It’s Just Business

  • Heir(ess) must join Business or Political career. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or any previously unlocked position.
  • Once heir reaches level 10 of chosen career, computers, tablets, and video game consoles are able to be purchased and used.

So far Bonnie hasn’t joined the business career, having spent her first little bit as a YA going through the jungle and being on the look out for a sim somewhere to perhaps marry.

We start off with Bonnie visiting the bar.

Bonnie: ….well I guess blondes probably do have more fun.

She is not the nicest sim all the time and a bit oblivious to when someone is feeling a little down.

Back at home Bonnie gets herself a job in the business world and needs to study up on some logic, so Miranda helps her out.

Bonnie: Now if I am looking at this right……..REMINGTON NO!!

Miranda: What???? What’s he doing?

Bonnie: *quickly switches pieces* oh, nvm, that’s his scratching post

That’s right, this little fluff ball doesn’t do anything wrong, do you little Remington. You are just too cute little cat!

Anyway, back to the people of this household. Miranda is a bit stuck in her magic right now, so she starts working on practicing more. She also has decided on a new familiar, not that she still doesn’t have the owl, but a voodoo doll really seems to fit her better.

Once Abby gets home from work, the two of them watch a movie “together.” I’m not sure they could really be farther apart in this room. It’s pretty funny to me that this is how they watch the movie. You know there are 3 couches right in front of you right?

Miranda: You are not like the main character Abbs.

Abby: Well he was a boss just like me.

Miranda: Yes, but that’s where it ended. He was a guy for one, and evil. I’m more like him then you.

Yes eventually they do sit down to discuss the movie.

Thanks Ferdinando. At least we don’t have any toddlers or children to cry over the loss here. Still, it does get annoying to have to fix everything all the time. Oh well, so be it.

Bonnie, while getting through her morning chores, spends some time with Cornelius. He’s a very well behaved cow plant overall and loves pets from Bonnie. Not that that would save her if she ever tried to eat his cake.

After giving Cornelius, and the bees, some love for the morning Bonnie heads out to her first day at work. She looks quite nice in her work outfit, even if it doesn’t totally suit her all that well.

Bonnie: It’s constricting.

I figured that was the case. You like to be a lot more free.

While at work, Bonnie got a choice to hide paperwork showing people at the top were getting money funneled to them. Of course she decided to hide it, she wants to be one of those people some day. Plus, her mom’s organization might be behind part of that money.

We have a bit of a glitched bee hive that I end up having to reset. They were stuck in ‘enraged’ status, no matter how much we paid attention to them, and they didn’t get the option to treat for mites. Abby and Miranda take care of gathering wax and honey from the bees and selling off excess plants while Bonnie is at work.

There are a lot of hours before Abby heads to work and Bonnie comes home so these two head off to try and find us some more collectables. Miranda heads into the telescope to search the stars, and Abby heads off into space…..on her own search of the stars.

Bonnie is evil, but has a soft spot, it seems, for all things that aren’t people. Cornelius, the bees, and Remington is no exception. He was feeling lonely having been alone with Abby and Miranda doing their searches for the day.

After a very long day at work, Bonnie gets dolled up and heads out to the roof top lounge hoping to run into some fun young adults, instead there are a lot of elders around and a smattering of adults. No one really interests Bonnie so she finishes up her pretzel and goes home.

Bonnie decided she needs a little extra room in that work uniform and hops on the treadmill for a good run before work the next day. Miranda comes up to chat with her about making her a potion or a spell that would probably do the trick.

Later that evening Patchy is out and Frank comes over to visit. It’s Abby’s birthday tonight and we are going to throw a big party to celebrate. After Bonnie gets home from work we will start the party.

Bonnie comes home with a promotion this day! Way to go Bonnie! She is already an Assistant Manager, which brings her near halfway through. The next promotion is the halfway mark.

The party for Abby is a lot of fun and there are a lot of people there. We brought the honey cake the family made earlier with us and Abby is able to blow out the candles. Belle was even there to perform some entertainment.

Two sweet things happened during the party. Bonnie got to know her potential husband some more. He is cheerful, lazy, and a bro. She met a couple of other guys as well, but these two have a really high relationship already. Then Abby and Frank share some time together as well.

As the party begins to wrap up for the night Bonnie stays at the bar for a little bit longer and is greeted, in what is becoming a tradition of my ghosts, by nearly every ghost in the family coming to the bar. Bonnie is able to greet each one and then heads home.

It was a successful party and Bonnie has gotten a good start into the world of business and has found who she is likely to choose to share the rest of this challenge with. I’m excited to see how Bonnie does for the rest of the time, but for now we are going to wrap up this challenge. Just for fun here are a couple random pictures.

Belle somehow manages to make a snow angle in the bar itself. Maybe it’s ghost snow? It was rather funny to just watch her fall to the floor and then be in snow.

I played around with platforms a bit and gave the family a sunk in living room. There are still no walls, but it offers a nice separation from the other room. I really do like the platforms, even if they are a little finicky so far. All right, see you all next time.

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Latte Game – Heir Poll #3

Generation 3.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 4.01

Oh my gosh, it’s time for an heir poll again! I know it’s actually been a long time since we had one for this family, but I’m so excited to be able to throw this one. I really don’t know who is going to be heir and I love all of these kids, so it’s going to be a tough choice.

So, as always, there will be the poll up here and another over at if you want to vote either place, both places, whatever you want. And with that, let’s see who the choices are:

Hjorids is the eldest of the current Latte clan and just became a young adult. She got the scouting aptitude, Physically Gifted, and Responsible traits as well as the ones listed above. We have not yet had her aspiration, and she would add 4 letters (J, R, D, and S). I really do like her, although with Halix and Easton just becoming adults it might feel a little weird to have Hjordis take over already but it’s not a big deal.

Next up in Amarja. She is an interesting genetic mix of her parents and I also really like her. She would have a new aspiration for us as well, although as a job I didn’t write down what branch, so I would probably make her a journalist. Amarja would add 3 new letters (M, R, and J). She also has scouting aptitude, socially and mentally gifted and is on track to get Responsible and Good Manners.

Our final girl of the generation is Lowitja. She just became a teen and is finishing up her scouting aptitude. She does have the Mentally Gifted trait and is on track to get a couple character values. She has a new aspiration and we would need to bring spellcasters into the mix. I’m not sure how spellcaster/mermaids would do, but I’m willing to find out if she is who you pick. Lowitja would add 3 letters (W, T, and J).

Now we move on to the boys, and the final two kids of this generation. Ijtiba is still only a child and is working on his scouting badge and aspiration. His aspiration is the same as Hjordis and job is what his mom already has, so I would rather have Hjordis if you want to see this aspiration done. Ijtiba adds 3 letters (J, T, and B).

Now our final child, Xjavier sadly got “left out” of a lot of the blog without my meaning to, but he’s a good kid. He is another child that would need to become a spellcaster if we are to complete his aspiration, but his job is also new. Xjavier adds 3 new letters as well (J, V, and R).

I don’t dislike any of these kids and I’m excited to play any of them more. So far we have had all girl heirs and if we continue that with choosing one of the 3 girls I will get another generation of the Matriarchy, and since both boys have similar desires as their sisters I think I would prefer one of the girls, but I will leave it up to you.

Generation 3.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 4.01

Latte Game – Generation 3.10

Generation 3.09 | Rules | Family Tree | Heir Poll | Generation 4.01

Hello and welcome back to the Latte’s. Last time with the family we welcomed the final member of this generation, Xjavier and we are likely ending this update with a new heir poll! Super excited to see who everyone chooses, I think it’s going to be a hard choice.

The eldest girls are working on homework and other skills today while hanging out. This family has always been so close, and I think they are going to continue to be super close this generation.

So it’s almost birthday time and we invited a lot of family over, one of them being Orion Straud, who burned up in the setting sun. Easton went out to plead for Orion’s life and Grim actually listened. I wasn’t sure if it would work and those cousins are going to be around for forever.

Back to the birthday, it’s actually a double birthday. First up little Xjavier grows up into a toddler, and we will see his make-over in a second. Then Easton brings little Ijtiba to the cake and he grows up into a child.

Amarja puts little Xjavier to bed and the girls are already getting a head start on taking care of kids. Not sure who will end up heir, but both Hjordis and Amarja are great with the younger kids.

After a bit of a make-over here are the two youngest boys in the family. Xjavier is, of course, on the left and is another kid that looks a lot like Easton. Ijtiba also still looks a fair amount like Easton as well. Xjavier is an Inquisitive toddler, and Ijtiba got the Glutton trait and managed to get Top-Notch Toddler.

Horjdis is trying to finish up the scouting badge and so she heads out to fish. Additional kids also came too, and I think they were additional cousins, but not 100% sure who all came with us.

We then get some family updates. Ivan is now a young adult, which means it’s time to go flag him. Since I barely remember who Ivan is I’m would imagine you don’t either, but Ivan is Nick’s son. Nick being Zophi’s brother. Pixey, Halix’s sister, had a baby (her second) and named her Isabelle.

Zophi got invited out, I believe to a nightclub, but she meets up with her twin, Zorah, and her last living sister, Ember. We are going to be losing Zophi soon, and while I will miss her, she has achieved much for this challenge and I’m sure she misses Harvey.

Monday comes and we all know what that means. It’s school project time. Each of the kids pulls out their project and works on them on the beach, finishing them up. Hjordis will be happy to be done with school projects soon.

We get a tiny little family update and see that Arthur is now a child. Arthur is Zax youngest child. The extended family is likely close to being done with growing, other than if Ixael gets married.

I know I say this nearly every time, but I really love this family. From homework, to dinner time, to TV watching they all spend so much time together and seem to really like the time they spend with each other. I also adore the genetic diversity we have in this family so far.

Also, Easton makes the best faces! I’m not sure what he’s surprised by, or excited by maybe, but this face is just too great. Love them so much!

However, then the day I knew was coming, and was mostly prepared for came. It was Zophi’s time to leave this world. She had completed her aspiration, her job, raised her kids, and been a wonderful grandma to all of her grand-kids. See you around Zophi, please don’t break all of our stuff.

It is almost her birthday and Lowitja just finished up her aspiration. We kind of forgot about her aspiration there for a bit and didn’t focus on her as much as we probably should have. She gets the Artistic Prodigy aspiration next, but isn’t going to get a chance to complete it.

Apparently, all of the kids and family members were born right around the same time as we get a huge rush of family updates right before birthday’s around here too. Isabelle we saw born to Pixey earlier, Kaylieigh and Robyn (Zax and Oxkar’s wives respectively) turn elders, Paula is Pixey’s other daughter, is not a teen as is Olivia, Oxkar’s eldest.

Then it’s Happy Birthday to Halix, who ages up into an adult. It’s hard to believe she is only an adult, but all of those kids really hold back that age bar. Easton is probably going to have a youth potion when he becomes elder so he isn’t quite so off age with his wife.

Then it’s also little Lowitja’s birthday. We saw she had completed her aspiration and so it was time for her to become a teen herself. She is lovely, although I’m not crazy about that hair on her so she got a bit of a make-over.

Here is Lowitja after a make-over. I know it’s much darker than it was before, but I actually really like this look for her. She added Gloomy to Art Lover as a trait (partly the reason for the make-over. Gotta love those gloomy art lovers.) She also got Purveyor of Potions for an aspiration, which gives her Collector as a bonus trait.

Easton finally finishes up the Bodybuilder aspiration and will now have a long life. Not something he necessarily needed, but being married to a mermaid, who gets super high fitness from all the swimming, it will be nice for him to have it. Next he gets the Chief of Mischief aspiration.

Lowitja, much like her sisters, is already great with her younger siblings. She puts little Xjavier to bed who is working on his skills, even though we haven’t seen much of him this update. The beds are also still a popular place to do homework, or chat, as Halix and Amarja show.

Zophi is out haunting, pretty quickly, and she is out with her mom. Not sure why Kynzie gets so angry as a ghost, but Zophi is able to calm her down. She is happy to see her mom again.

A final little extended family update, and we see that Mikel, Ember’s son, is now a young adult, and Zax’s twins are now teens. The extended family is growing up so fast, much like our current family.

The three eldest Latte children this generation, spend a lot of time hanging out together all on their own. I do not direct these hang outs, they just seem to gravitate to each other.

We end this update with 2 final birthdays. First up is Hjordis, who is officially a young adult, and will either be moving out or taking over depending on the results of the poll. Xjavier, whom I know we didn’t see really at all during his toddler years, is next up and grows into a child.

After a bit of a make-over, here is Xjavier. He grew up looking just like his dad, and his brother Ijtiba. He did manage to get Top-Notch Toddler, even though you never really saw him working on it, and he is Erratic, just like his mom.

With that we are going to call this update, especially as it’s getting a little bit long, and we need to get to the heir poll. It will be up for about a week. Super excited to see who is going to become the next heir.

Before we leave the update, however, here is a look at the current kids who grew up this update. Oliva is Oxkar’s eldest child, next up are Zax’s twins. First Zorro and then Zven. Starting the second row is Paula, Pixey’s daughter, and then Zax’s youngest Arthur. Finally is Pixey’s youngest Isabelle.

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Meeple Monopoly – Post 1.01

Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.02

So, yes, this is yet ANOTHER new challenge from me. I know, I know, it’s a sickness. I promise I haven’t given up on my other challenges either, they will keep getting updates too. I just got super excited about the new pack and started some different things.

This is a Board Game challenge, which is basically an 8-generation legacy. Each generation is based off a property set in monopoly and one other board game. You can read more about it in the Rules link above which takes you to the set I’m using to play.

Let’s look at the requirements for Generation One.


Mediterranean Avenue & Baltic Avenue 
Generation 1: Purple

  • What better way to start out on your sim’s life journey than with The Game of Life? But, unfortunately for you, life is hard, and this first generation will be no exception. Your sim may only enter one of the six careers that are shared by Life and TS4: entertainer, athlete, detective, doctor, business, & artist. They may never quit or change professions (but they may retire), and if they are fired you must get them back into that profession as soon as possible. Spouses and children may not be employed.
  • You MUST send your sims on a honeymoon/vacation as soon after their wedding as possible. If you have to sell the couch and microwave to afford the rental, so be it.
  • In The Game of Life, players receive a large chunk of money after the birth of each of their children. Well, real life isn’t like that, and for the purposes of this challenge, neither is life in the sims! Kids COST money. A LOT of money. So after the birth of every child, you must SUBTRACT $1,000 dollars from your sims’ household. You may do this via cheats, or by buying one or two expensive decorative objects that you MAY NOT SELL until the next generation takes over. Now just hope you don’t go bankrupt.

So we need a lot of money this generation. Since we can do any of the “Life” careers we are going to pick painting as it’s a great way to get money quickly.

Meet our founder, Jewel Meeple. She is going to take on this first generation of the challenge. Jewel wants to be a Painter Extraordinaire and she is Good, Materialistic, and Family-Oriented.

Since the rules state we have to do a standard legacy start, Jewel buys the newly emptied 50 x 50 lot in Willow Creek, buys the requisite suit of armor and now has 0 simoleans. Yes I could have let her keep 1800, but decided I needed more of a challenge here.

This rough start to life here in Willow Creek isn’t enough to dampen our Jewel here, and she heads out to start fishing. She even catches a fish right away, which, of course, is sold fairly quickly. We do need food, and most fish are not useful for food here.

Next thing Jewel does is make a collection run around her neighborhood. There are lot of snapdragons and rocks to dig. This gives her a couple hundred simoleons at least and will give her some food for dinner as none of the plants were fruit or veggies.

Jewel heads to the park in order to meet some people, see if we can meet any spouse potentials, and have some fun. She also collects a few more plants and rocks as well. Then she sits down for some chess with Dustin Broke, who gets up and leaves pretty quickly after she sits down.

After meeting just about every young adult she could come across Jewel heads over and buys some popcorn shrimp for dinner. It’s not the best meal she’s ever had, but it is food, and it’s better than starving so she sits in the park and eats.

There still isn’t enough money for even a tent after some of the other things she needed to do but Jewel did get a job as a painter. Now we just need to get her an easel. The bench isn’t the most comfortable spot for the night, but life should start looking up for Jewel soon.

The bench did save her from a visit from Vlad, who walked by her empty lot in this outfit. Since she wasn’t “home” but rather sleeping on a bench across the street he didn’t mess with her.

She gets invited out to the Hijinks festival, and since I know you can make some money she invites everyone she knows to go with her. While I know they don’t get as much money, she joins the Jokesters, who win and she had a good evening with a lot of fun to be had. Plus the earned money will be put to good use.

Between the collection runs, the festival, and eating the cheapest food we can find Jewel has managed to afford all of this. It’s not a great start but it is something and now she can start painting to hopefully get some more money coming in.

While she isn’t sleeping outside anymore, having to run to the pubic toilet whenever she needs to go and having almost nothing to her name is starting to weight on Jewel. She splurges on some fish tacos the next day at the park and then get a phone call that gives her about 1000 simoleons because she made the right choice apparently.

After another collection run, while Jewel was in the shower (which is why it isn’t yet in the house) I built this tiny little house for Jewel. She doesn’t have much money left now but at least she won’t be sleeping outside any longer. It’s got a whole two walls, the roof pieces making up the other two.

The bathroom gets rearranged a little bit after this picture, but Jewel now has a very cheep bed and the start of a small little kitchen. It’s pretty good for less than a week in town. Plus, no more running to the park down the street to use the bathroom.

Jewel celebrates her first meal in her new house by making a cheap salad to eat. She has no real seating so she sits on the cooler and ponders the easel. It’s good she is inside as well because we hear a storm starting to rage outside.

A few paintings later we are starting to get more than we are paying for canvases, which helps her paint a little bit more and we post a couple on plopsy in the hopes someone will buy one for much more than the canvas.

The house is getting a couple of decorations, and a brick path was added to lead to the main path through the neighborhood, although it is just some terrain paint, it looks nice. Jewel is well on her way to getting the money she needs to expand and keep growing this generation.

Jewel is in a good enough mood to invite over one of the young adult sims that she met at the park. I cannot remember his name right this moment, but they are hitting it off. He is an art lover and good I believe, although I could be wrong about that. He doesn’t seem to mind the small house.

After Jewel goes to bed he decides to paint, and he even completes the painting. This allows Jewel to sell it off for a decent price later and helps her pay for the loveseat she splurged on in the picture before. She also has managed to sell a painting on Plopsy for a decent amount.

Sadly, Vald visited again and this time he was able to get in a drink from Jewel and he apparently really enjoyed her. This leaves her super drained the next day and Jewel doesn’t get through the whole collection run before heading to work.

She came home and took a nap but was woken up by a phone call asking her out on a date. Of course she says yes and they head out. During dinner Jewel gets up the nerve to give him her very first kiss. I think these two will be fun together.

Before saying goodnight Jewel takes one more chance and surprises him by suggesting they make it official and become boyfriend/girlfriend exclusively. He might be surprised but says yes, and Jewel is super excited. Now she just needs to save up enough money for a wedding and a honeymoon as well.

It might be a little bit before they can afford to get married, but Jewel is super happy to have a boyfriend, and invites him over after work every chance she gets. She has managed to expand the kitchen a tiny bit, and is starting to sell paintings for a decent price now, which should help with the upcoming bills as well.

In the short time Jewel has been here she has come pretty far, managing to get a roof over her head, a small house built up, a job, and a boyfriend. We will probably be proposing soon, which will mean I have to learn his name, but that will wait until the next update.

So far I’m enjoying this challenge, and I really like Jewel. I hope you will enjoy it as well as we continue and I will see you next time!

Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.02