Comic Summer: Post 3.13

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Hello and welcome back to another update for the Comic Summer. We are down to a couple of updates left. I’m not sure if we’ll have 3 or 4 updates left, but we are close. So last time we announced that Oriole was the final heir of the challenge. So let’s look at our final requirements:

Generation Two Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • RoM: Have a child with Ancient Bloodline
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel
  • FS: Take pictures of all the kids and spouse

Generation Three Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • RoM: Have the Ancient Bloodline
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel
  • FS: Take final picture

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (9 of 9)
  • Workaholics (10 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (40 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspiration Family (26 of 27 base game aspirations completed)
  • Aspirational Family (goal) (31 of 30 aspirations competed)

So I just removed the “on-going” challenges from the second generations requirements, and moved them down to the final generation requirements. We have already marked off the being a spellcaster and having ancient bloodline as Oriole has had those since birth. Let’s get going.

We start with our girls becoming best friends, which isn’t terribly hard to do with twins, and gets us closer to finishing up Nerine’s social butterfly aspiration. It’s so nice to have twins who are friends with each other for this aspiration.

It’s another homework and journaling party for the kids. Analisa needs one of the kids to get 3 positive character traits, so we are taking the kids volunteering and writing in journals whenever we can.

Then it’s a super sad evening as our loyal and wonderful dog, Basil, passes into the next life. We will miss you Basil, Analisa especially!!! It was too soon!

We set up a special table on the balcony upstairs with the rest or our urns. Basil was a wonderful dog and I know the family is going to miss him terribly.

Since Nerine needs to make friends with additional adults we invite over members of the family. Rose heads up stairs and talks with Nerine and you can see in the background one of the family scrapbook walls.

It’s time again for some additional extended family updated, and we have quite a few this time. Cyprus and Glen are Wade’s oldest sons and they are both going to have babies for their own. Then Birch finally gets married, and Daisy, whom I had figured was going to be single all her life, married her long time roommate Vincent Dreamer.

Nerine continues to try and make friends with the family members who are over. This time it’s Jay and Petunia. She doesn’t quite become friends with either of them, but she is getting close.

It’s back to Winterfest once again and the family gathers to celebrate. They share a grand meal cooked by Analisa, Nerine works on her friendship with Jay and presents are opened. It’s a good time by all.

That evening the boys head out to go finish and try to finish up their outdoor adventure badges. It does finally work and both boys finish up their badges and reach Llamacorn Scout.

Sadly, that evening we find out that Petunia has passed away. Then a couple of our kids are teens, Buck is Misty’s son, and Aspen is Birch’s daughter.

Then we finally get notice that Rye has completed our final aspiration. He achieved the Soulmate goals and we are not just counting down until the girls turn into young adults.

We have a little ways to go with that though, and Pine sort so surprises up by growing up his the toddlers bedroom without fanfare. Sorry Pine. Here he is after his make-over. He obviously never got through a child aspiration, but he gets Child of the Ocean trait, and Friend of the animals as an aspiration.

Additionally updates are here again, this time Birch’s twin Bay is getting married, Kyra and Jay welcome a new little girl named Dove, Cherish and Glen welcome a little boy name Stratus, and Hope, Reed’s wife, has turned into an elder.

Additional time with multiple members of the expanded family get Nerine through more of her social butterfly aspiration. She is also getting to know Blade and Barley, Wade’s youngest two kids with his wife. Then she traveled to meet and get to know Tulip and Thyme.

Thankfully shortly after getting home Nerine finishes up her aspiration by finishing up her social skill. She next chooses the go for Whiz Kid, and she might have enough time to complete it.

Oriole heads to the magic realm again and while he is there we decide to go ahead and put together one of the relics, and then use one on someone in the next room. This completes one of the requirements for him.

It’s New Years again and Reed comes over to celebrate with the family. Everyone makes their resolutions and they enjoy the new years programs on television. It was a good night for the family and it’s hard to believe there is another year down.

After the new year turns over we get a visit from our lovely boy Basil. Oryx was happy to see Basil and spent some good time petting him and playing with him in his ghost form.

Time for our final update about the extended family for this update and this time Rose and her husband are expecting, Birch and his new wife are expending, and finally little Dove, Jay’s daughter is a toddler now.

It’s time for the much anticipated birthdays that will spell the final transition to the final generation’s goals for this challenge. After blowing out the candles, and the family did throw a bit of a party, Oriole and Oryx are now young adults. Oryx gets the final traits of Active, Responsible, Emotional Control, and Compassionate. Oriole gets his traits Perfectionist and Responsible.

We are going to get ready too this update but first we will go through all the extended family members we have added or who grew up this time. First up we have the newest baby mama’s and spouses. Anita Dolan is Glen’s newest baby mama, and Maren Farr is Cyprus’. Next to them is Birch’s wife Lucille Kealoha, and of course Daisy’s husband Vincent Dreamer.

On the last two rows are all of the kids. We have Buck Comic, Misty’s son, Aspen, Birch’s daughter, then is Lark, Rose’s son, and finally Barley and then Birch, which are Wade’s twins. On the bottom row we have Wasp, Jay’s son, Cotton is next in purple, and is Reed’s son. Our final three toddlers are Robin, Cyprus’ eldest, Stratus, Glen’s eldest, and finally Dove, Jay’s youngest.

Thanks for joining us for anything update and we will be back again soon with what might be the final update or two. If you want more details about the extended family I suggest checking out the family tree below.

Post 3.12 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 4.01

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