Comic Summer: Post 4.02

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Welcome back once again to Comic Summer. We are winding down this challenge and have completed all of our goals. I’m not even going to post my generation requirements this time as there is nothing left to do but to have the girls become young adults, so let’s see if we can finish this thing up!

We start with Oriole having a duel with one of the sages. I was hoping to get some knowledge because here is what has happened. Nerine got herself a curse from failing a potion, so Oriole went to learn the potion of curse cleansing.

I just love how this pictures makes it look like Analisa is looking at her achievement.

Analisa: I managed to learn to dance as an elder.

Yes you did, although you already knew HOW, you are just now very skilled at it

Analisa: But why is my name wrong? There is no space.

I know, but I had to change it so I could save your without warnings about your name being “unallowed.”

With the girls, and technically Pine, still in school and Oriole starting at the university, there is still lots of homework to be done and everyone is very diligent at working on it.

This is Oriole’s class load for this semester. Since he’s only going to get through this one I decided to give me four. I love that you an take an elective dance class, so we did that! πŸ™‚

The family updates were a little insane this time. The triplets and Marigold grew in toddlers, multiple of the child grew up, and Daisy is having a baby with her husband.

Our sweet boy, Basil, is out haunting again and Oriole takes time to give him all the attention he needs. I really love this dog, he’s so sweet!

Then it’s off to university where he attends class, does some homework, and participates in a debate. The debate didn’t go so great, but it was done on a whim, so there wasn’t much preparation put in.

More homework is being done back at home and we can see Analisa cooking up something back there. We still have a plethora of food in the fridge from Olive so what could it be?

Why it’s a cake for Pine, who is ready to fly the nest. He blows out his candles, spins into a Young Adult, and decides to go live with his uncle Reed’s wife and son to help them out. He manages to get two positive character traits in the form of Compassionate and Mediator. He adds Hates Children to Child of the Ocean and Lazy. He had B’s all through school and was a pretty successful ‘bad apple’ overall.

Lily and Oceana were out today and I think Lily was making Oceana made, which did not make for happy plumbing. We were still remember to fix things at noon, or I just simply bought new stuff, which started happening frequently.

A bunch more updates from around the family and one of which makes us realize it was good we moved Pine where we did. Hope, Reed’s wife, passed away and that would have left their son Cotton to be adopted.

Nerine is still working on scouting badges, and got this rather pretty, and one I don’t remember, painting. It’s really quite fun and I believe I kept this one to hang in the house.

This set is just to say, I had Oriole out fishing for Anglefish, and apparently this is a good spot for it. I also never realized how pretty it is back here with the steamboat and stuff. So why was Oriole fishing for Anglefish, well Nerine is still cursed. Not only does she have the curse she had, but once Oriole learned the curse cleansing potion the “sample” he got and gave to her gave her ANOTHER curse, and they were out of Anglefish. Luckily he catches what he needs and she is all better after this.

Or, well, at least she’s no longer cursed. Instead she gets sick and has to take some medication. Poor thing has had a rough go lately.

Oriole finally gets a familiar, this is Sunbird I believe, the phoenix. I think he suits Oriole just fine.

Homework and studying of some kind is almost never done around here as the family plugs along towards the end of this challenge.

Some of the family goes to visit Pine and Cotton and you can see poor Nerine is sick yet again. That poor girl got so sickly here towards the end. It was a nice, if fairly short, visit.

Nerine has gotten to know Tulip better and now they hang out together fairly often. It’s sort of fun to have the cousins together a little bit.

So the first two pictures are from the longest breakfast in the history of the sims. Analisa got up and made fresh pancakes, which was quite a treat, and the 3 kids were all at the table too. Analisa and Rye, at different times, got up and hugged each of the kids. So they would all sit down, Analisa would get up with Nyala and give her a hug, then they would sit back down, then Rye would get up with Nyala and give her a hug too, and then they would sit back down. It took HOURS. Then the teens invited over a bunch of cousins for movie watching.

A small extended family set of updates, but not a smaller family. Jay’s wife Kyra passes as their son Wasp ages up, and then Cyprus finally marries, and Daisy get’s a set of triplets all her own.

The family decides to get everyone together from the family that they can and throws a big house party/family reunion and many members attend.

Right after the party, sadly, Rye gets struck by lightning and then passes away. He actually passed away from old age, but you can’t help but think that the lightning didn’t help. The whole family is very sad.

It’s not all bad as Oriole gets himself straight A’s in college and then signs up for 3 more classes, which he won’t get to complete.

That doesn’t stop him from getting a head start on homework, especially as it gives him something to do to take his mind off losing his dad.

Another large set of family updates is here again. Daisy’s triplets are now toddlers, and many of the other kids have gotten older, including Tulip and Thyme.

And so one more party is thrown, ice cream is made and enjoyed, family is brought over to celebrate. It’s not only a big birthday party, but the celebration of the end of this challenge.

Our final kids are now young adults and ready to head out into the world. Nyala completed her scouting aptitude, got Responsible and Compassionate, and added Genius to her traits. Nerine also got her scouting aptitude, achieved Good Manners and Responsible, and added squeamish to her traits.

With that this challenge officially comes to an end and we will send it off with a final extended family collection. Let’s run through these guys really quickly. First row we have Stratus as a child, he’s the son of Glen and Cherish. Next up is Cyprus’ wife Karly. Beside Karly is Buttercup as a child, then Daisy’s triplets, Verbena, Poppy, and Grizzly. Finally on the top row we have Cherry, and her twin Doe starts the next line. They are Rose’s twin girls. Next to Doe is Wasp, Jay’s son, then Crow, Glen’s son. Next is Honey, Cyprus’ youngest, and then we have a grown up Cotton followed by the twins Barley and Blade. On the bottom row we start with Marigold, Hawk’s daughter, then we have Robin, Cyprus’ other daughter, and Dove, Jay’s daughter. To wrap up the final row we have Lake’s triplets, Mazus, Lupine, and Aster, and last but not least, Rose’s son Lark.

Thanks for sticking with me through all of this challenge and I will have a wrap up post here in just a few minutes if it’s not there already!

Post 4.01 | Rules | Family Tree | Wrap-up

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! These guys were such fun to watch, even if I know they weren’t always that fun to play. I really loved your naming theme; it really fit your chosen mini-challenge (spoiler: some of the names you chose are similar to those in my OWBC).

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