DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 1

Rules | Chapter 2

So in the interest of trying to see if I could ever get into The Sims 3, the wonderful group over at suggested I try playing a wichacy, where you create a sim and try to fulfill wishes for them and carry that on through a Legacy style challenge. Wanting to play and try something a little bit different I decided to give it a shot and thus the DeLacy Wishacy was born.

Meet Sheyna DeLacy. She is a young adult sim who is Family-Oriented, Perceptive, Hopeless Romantic, Schmoozer, and Friendly. She is a Pisces and would love nothing more than to be a Fashion Phenomenon. Her favorite color is hot pink, favorite food is Dim Sum, and favorite music is pop. She moved into Twinbrook and bought herself a little shack.

The first thing Sheyna wanted to do was get a job in the Stylist career so you headed to the shop and talked her way into a job. The current owner is a much older lady but she thought Sheyna was friendly enough and had enough passion for this work.

Sheyna’s next big wish came from wanting to learn handiness and wishing to take a class in it. Since both of these wishes were easily achieved by taking a handiness class, and there happened to be a place to do that, off she went and left feeling much handier.

Now Sheyna wants to find a friend. She meets these two gentleman and the one is considered very attractive by her. She tries to talk to them for a bit but they head home quickly, probably due to the rain that is soaking Sheyna.

Not to be deterred she tries again, we would love to find a single sim to get her started on someone to share this crazy challenge with. Sadly this next gentleman, who is also considered very attractive is married, but they hit it off well and likely can become friends. Sheyna also meets another man, but he isn’t someone she finds very attractive.

About to give up and head home for the evening we walk around the corner and meet Mr. Goode. Goodwin Goode tells Sheyna he is single and she finds him very attractive. They are quickly in a flirtation and romantic relationship and Sheyna heads home feeling elated from the events of the day.

The next day is a day off work for Sheyna, so she doesn’t get to start on her job wishes quite yet. Instead, she really wants to meet a vampire so after a quick meal she heads to the supernatural club to see if there are any vampires around. There aren’t but she does meet someone new.

A new day brings the desire to write a love letter to her new beau and so Sheyna sits down and writes Goodwin a love letter. Then she gets some chores done around the house without any direction by me.

When Sheyna finally has a day to go to work she gets going on her dreams with gusto, styling anyone who gets on her stand. It’s a good day and she makes a good amount of amount.

That evening she heads back to the supernatural club to see if there is a vampire about. She still has a strong desire to meet one, a wish she may one day regret, but instead, the club is full of zombies. She plays Foosball with one for awhile and then heads home to the safety of her shack.

Will Sheyna DeLacy ever have wishes for Goodwin Goode again? Will this Wishacy be cut short by the fact Sheyna never finds love? These are questions to try and be answered in the next chapter.

Rules | Chapter 2

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