Otts Family – Eddie 04

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Hello and welcome back to the insanity of an ISBI with the Otts family. Let’s see how things are going with them.

One quick look at this picture should tell you, we are going to start with some excitement with Julia in labor.

We quickly send the couple to the hospital, where Eddie nearly instantly sprints down the hall.

Where he actually gets on the computer while Julia checks in and gets into the machine. After a short time a new little nooboo arrives! +5 points

They have a new son, a little boy named Alan. Back at home, Eddie reads Ariana off to sleep.

Julia, still being a good mom, and a good NTH spouse since that one passout incident, and plays dolls with little Ariana.

Ariana checks out her new little brother, and she is happy to have a little brother.

Ariana then gives us some extra points by maxing out her potty skill. +5

After some sort of outing, which was apparently not interesting enough to take pictures of, Julia and Ariana stand around outside again. I get worried one of them will pass out or pee themselves.

But Ariana just comes in and plays with the tablet for a bit.

She then uses the potty like a big girl. I love this child!

Before we know it, it’s time for little Alan to grow up into a toddler.

The siblings bond…how cute!

Then he goes and does this…..-5 points

And again….-5 points

and AGAIN!!! This time he actually got OUT OF BED to do this….we don’t like Alan. -5

Ariana on the other hand shows why she is currently the favorite. She maxes out her communication skill. +5

At least Ariana likes her brother…..

It’s birthday time for Ariana. She manged to max 2 of her skills, and got to at least 3 in all of them giving her a Happy Toddler trait. +5

She is quite the pretty little girl. We randomly rolled for her to have the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. We’ll see if she ever gets there.

The first thing she does is to go play some chess. That’s right little lady, you keep earning those skill points.

Sims are weird, Julia comes home the next day, walks into the house, picks up Alan, sets Alan down, walks back out to the street where both kids come out to talk with her, in the rain…..

I love you Ariana. She sits down to do school work.

Sadly, we had a bit of a predicament where Eddie was using the bathroom when Julia wanted to go and she ended up peeing herself….sigh -5 points.

Eddie gets started on training Alan to use the potty. He lots us a bunch of points, he can work to get some of them back in skills.

We finally bought a table and some chairs, and Ariana and her mom watch some TV.

ALAN!!!!!! You were AT YOUR BED!!!! *grumble grumble* -5 points

Let’s end this update with some good news. A new little nooboo is on it’s way. Have to get some points back somewhere! Hopefully this kid is better than Alan.

All right, we are ending this mess before it gets any worse!


Self Wetting (-5) : 1 (-5)
Pass Out (-5) : 6 (-30)
Failing School (-5) : 0 (0)
Accidental Deaths (-10) : 0 (0)
Fires (-10) : -0 (0)
Social Worker Visit (-15) : 0 (0)
Negative Traits Earned (-5): 0 (0)

Single Birth (+5) : 2 (+10)
Twins (+10) : 0 (0)
Triplets (+15) : 0 (0)
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5) : 2 (+10)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10) : 0 (0)
Skills maxed by NTH family members (+10) : 0 (0)
NTH children earning an A in school (+5) : 0 (0)
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10) : 0 (0)
Positive Traits Earned (+5): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Skills Maxed (+5): 2 (+10)
NTH Toddler Becoming Top-Notch (+10): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Becoming Happy Toddler (+5): 1 (+5)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10) : 0 (0)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10) : 0 (0)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20) : 0 (0)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5) : 0 (0)

Total: 0

Yep….stupid Alan made us lose ALL our positive points so far.

Eddie 03 | Rules | Eddie 05

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

3 thoughts on “Otts Family – Eddie 04”

    1. LOL…Alan is cute, it’s his only redeeming factor to me at the moment. But don’t worry, I’ll remember this for your next heir poll. 😛 It is only at zero…I swear that kid just wants to sleep on the floor!


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