Otts Family – Eddie 05

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Welcome back to the Otts family where last time Alan Otts depleted all of our points that we had so far. Let’s see how he does this time.

When we check in on the family we find Julia napping in Ariana’s bed.

Alan, is surprising, sleeping in his bed. I think he’s trying to suck up now.

Ariana is eating some food while watching some TV.

Finally, Eddie is working on a digital painting. He did sadly lose some money on a job as the client would not like anything he submitted to them for the final drawing they wanted.

I forgot to mention it before, but Alan is a Wild child and he shows this in the middle of winter by stripping down and running outside. Luckily sister Ariana is there to watch over him and it doesn’t last long.

Alan then shows he’s really trying to suck up by going to go nap on his bed instead of passing out on the floor…..I’m watching you Alan.

Ariana acts like she might start on her aspiration. I doubt she’ll get far, but you just never know.

Alan also starts using the potty more….which is great for Eddie who really doesn’t like doing diapers.

Lots of snow meant some fun father/daughter bonding time for Eddie and Ariana.

Ariana continues her sucking up by shoveling snow. Never seen a kid to this before now.

Then I go inside and find this…….

DAMN IT ALAN!!!! -5 points

The family needs to move so Eddie keeps working on digital paintings. He needs to get going on his aspiration, all it will take are some more dates with his wife.

After breaking the sink, Ariana decides to do pushups in the kitchen water.

Oh, so sorry Eddie, I completely forgot that your birthday was here. I never saw Eddie get a moodlet from missing his birthday, he really seemed about as surprised as I was.

Father and son do a little bit of bonding. I’m still mad at you Alan, but you are kind of cute.

Apparently, Alan decided to suck up some after losing us more points earlier. He hasn’t passed out, and then he did he this…

Julia really is a very good ISBI wife and mom. She recognizes her son needs a bath and gives him one.

But then she does this….oh Julia….I’m sorry! I know you are pregnant and tired, but why??? -5 points

Ariana, you are well on your way to getting yourself an A. You are certainly doing your best to make up for your brother.

To give Julia a bit of a break we had Eddie take the kids ice skating. It was Winterfest so it was a great time to get out, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Back at home Eddie reminds his wife that he really likes her by a kiss under the mistletoe. These two are very cute.

We then realize that Julia is showing her labor face. I didn’t notice the notification, but it’s time to send her to the hospital for the newest nooboo.

As Julia headed in, Eddie did his newest tradition of running into the hospital, getting on the computer and then panicking right outside the door.

The newest nooboo arrives with very little fuss. This might be the most successful birth I’ve seen the doctors perform so far. No hearts removed that I saw.

Meet our newest little boy named Arthur. Being born on Winterfest that seemed like a great name. +5 points

Back at home everyone is ready to open up their presents.

Everyone enjoyed their gifts, and while we never saw father winter, or whatever they call him, everyone had a successful holiday I think.

With a final look at Arthur, we will call this entry complete. Next time the family will be moving into a new house!


Self Wetting (-5) : 1 (-5)
Pass Out (-5) : 8 (-40)
Failing School (-5) : 0 (0)
Accidental Deaths (-10) : 0 (0)
Fires (-10) : -0 (0)
Social Worker Visit (-15) : 0 (0)
Negative Traits Earned (-5): 0 (0)

Single Birth (+5) : 3 (+15)
Twins (+10) : 0 (0)
Triplets (+15) : 0 (0)
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5) : 2 (+10)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10) : 0 (0)
Skills maxed by NTH family members (+10) : 0 (0)
NTH children earning an A in school (+5) : 0 (0)
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10) : 0 (0)
Positive Traits Earned (+5): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Skills Maxed (+5): 2 (+10)
NTH Toddler Becoming Top-Notch (+10): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Becoming Happy Toddler (+5): 1 (+5)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10) : 0 (0)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10) : 0 (0)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20) : 0 (0)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5) : 0 (0)

Total: -5

Well, we dropped some more points, but hopefully we will get some of the back soon. Here’s hoping at least.

Eddie 04 | Rules | Eddie 06

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