Comic Summer: Post 2.11

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SimNaNo Entry #9

Hello and welcome back for another day of the Comic Summer. As a quick reminder there is one day left on the heir poll for this current generation. If you wanted to wait until you got to know the R-twins a little better today might be your day! So let’s take a look at our goals.

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (6 of 9)
  • Workaholics (3 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (14 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspirational Family (12 of 30 aspirations competed)

So last update was a little short, not word wise, but in terms of what we covered so we could get the heir poll in and that means the only thing that really happened of note was the birth of the R-Twins, Rye and Reed. So let’s hop in and join the family.

We start with a super sweet moment between Petunia and Rye. This is before the make-overs so there might be some different clothes. Lavender Hates Children and she is already annoyed by having 3 young siblings. She’s going to have to deal and get over it though because she’s got goals to complete.

Blossom adds another boy to our growing extended family by having a little boy named Jay. I’ll have to see what he looks like later after he’s grown up a bit more.

I do have to admit, I LOVE twins. They skill up together so much easier, and even though I don’t usually have quite the ability to micromanage twins as easily, they usually build up skills pretty quickly by doing it together.

Olive sits down to write her memories down into a book to fulfill that requirement of the Family Scrapbook. Now she just needs pictures of all the kids to hang on the wall to complete her part of this challenge. Hard to believe we are getting so close to being with the final generation.

Petunia watches her mom cook and Olive is getting as good at Autumn used to be with the cooking. She mostly makes salads but today is a special day so she is making a special meal.

It’s WinterFest today and while the boys watch, all the girls in the family work to decorate the Winterfest Tree. I do love watching all of them “throw” the decorations on the tree.

Then everyone sits down to enjoy the meal Olive worked to prepare that morning. You can’t really tell for sure, but we are about 4 treasures away from completing the buried treasure collection, and I’m very excited for that.

After dinner Olive gets a call on the phone, and it her former lover, and still friend Father Winter. Yet, what is this? So now we know the TRUTH about Father Winter He’s a spy in disguise, a secret agent! I really did find this too funny that he called on WinterFest and everything. Are you busy today Clement?

Even though Olive said no to the job, Clement comes by to visit later that evening. It would appear having a good relationship with Father Winter gives you better gifts. Olive, Lily and Lavender all get super nice gifts, although I don’t remember who got what, they got stoves, fridges, reindeer decorations, coffee pots, and a computer.

Have an ADORABLE look at the twins eating their breakfast. They need bathes pretty bad, but I’ve been keeping the adults busy so I need to take some time for the twins again.

We got a sweet notice that night. Brook got herself a husband. I really do hope they have kids, because Brook was very pretty. We’ll see what happens with them though.

We also get notification that Orca gave birth to a little girl, and Blossom’s son Jay is a toddler. The family is growing rather quickly!

Seriously, I LOVE twins. Are they not the cutest??? These two boys are pretty cute and they are super friendly with each other. At this stage they do nearly everything together, directed by me or not.

Fabiana is a good mom, although we need to get her working more on her parenting if we hope to get that skill maxed and her aspiration maxed as well. We did go ahead and move her to the gardening aspiration for now and will put her back into the family aspiration as soon as it’s done.

It’s time for little Petunia to grow up. This is another of her outfits that you will see on her, as well as the one she is wearing in the heir poll. I think she is quite a pretty sim and a good mix of her mom’s. I think she has Fabiana’s eyes and nose, but just about everything else is Olive. She adds the Dance Machine trait and while she didn’t get any other childhood traits, I think she’s going to be just fine.

The toddlers are busy watching, watching, watching. They both are working on all of the skills, but while there are so many people in the house it’s the perfect time to use watching to quickly build up the thinking skill.

Brook invites us over to her house, where we meet her husband and a few other people who apparently live in this one bedroom hut with a twin bed. Not sure how that works, but if they are happy then that is great. Oceana does use this moment to clog their sink though. Gotta max that mischief somehow.

A quick trip to the magical realm see Olive training Lavender in magic. This was initially supposed to be a duel, but they never actually got to the dueling. I had Olive do some magically shopping after the training was over. Sadly, when we went home, I discovered that though everyone was fine when we left, the toddlers were not “cared for” while I was gone and were getting taken by the social worker. Now, this was NOT my fault, everyone was in great shape (just tired) when I left, and there were others left at home. There is a bug about this, so came back to right as I got home and had the toddlers each veggies a bunch to save them. This worked, thankfully.

Fabiana reads the boys to sleep whenever she can. She still needs more gardening and logic skills to get her next promotion, so we work on that as we can too. It’s tough being the stay at home parent, even with all the other sims around.

Lily has been zooming along with her piano, and wrote a song on the piano, so now it’s time to tackle another instrument. My idea is to have her write a song for each instrument and that will be what she gets the royalties from. She is gaining singing and guitar fairly quickly already.

Reed has maxed his potty skill. Right after this Rye did as well. They are both on track to get themselves up to Top-Notch toddlers and so we will strive for that. The goal is to get them skilled and ready to grow up with the L-twins.

It’s New Years and that means there is lots of hanging out together, toasting and everyone but the toddlers watch the countdown. We even had some guests join us as well. Does everyone want to share their resolutions?

Fabiana, Lavender & Lily: Gain a skill! Jinx. *laughter*

Olive and Oceana: A promotion!

Wow, ok, so everyone wants similar things.

Petunia: I don’t have a resolution.

…I know, and the toddlers are too young, so I guess that’s everyone. Happy New Years!

Lavender works on repairing something at noon the next day (Sunday) so she can reach a milestone. She is up to building a rocket, which was bought and placed on the roof.

The twins are almost through all of their skills, but Reed needs communication and so he talks with Petunia about Penguins. Petunia is a really good older sister and listens and watches over the boys while they play.

It’s almost birthday time, and while Oceana needs to go clog up a couple more sinks, I’m not about to leave while the twins are still little again. It can wait. Instead, she starts working the mixology skill. I didn’t get a picture of it, but the 3 girls all head out fishing as well. We are trying to find those last buried treasures however we can.

Lavender starts going through a Distant phase, so we send her up to the roof to work on the rocket. She will be growing up later tonight, but she might as well get a head start on the rocket in the meantime. If she is heir I want her through this aspiration so she can get to the nature one she will need to complete.

We got the family a new ice cream machine, and that is a fancy cake. That can all only mean one thing. It’s time for a quadruple birthday! All kind of birthday fun coming at you, and we are throwing a party as well!

Fabiana is the first to grab a cone of ice cream, and then with guest everywhere, including the L-twins birth father, we have four people blow out candles. Lavender first, then Lily, Olive brings Rye over, and finally Fabiana brings Reed and everyone is grown up.

The party manages to be a silver level, and one of the boys rolled to get the social butterfly aspiration, and there is no better start to that aspiration than a grand party so he’s already reach the milestone!

Here are the boys after their make-overs. Both managed to get Top-Notch Toddler. Reed is in the brown and he gets the Outgoing trait, but he wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp. Rye, in the yellow, gets the Good trait, and he wants to be a social butterfly.

We have taken pictures of the oldest 3 and started the current generations wall. Once the boys are teens we will add their pictures, and whoever wins the heir poll will get a vertical picture like Olive did last generation. I can’t believe we are over 1/2 way through this challenge already!

That is where we are going to end this update, but next time we will see who wins the heir poll and hopefully complete a few more goals. Right before I leave, here are a couple of family update pictures.

In the purple is Blossom’s son Jay, who is part Landgraab. Next to him is Orca’s youngest, and her daughter with her current husband, Rose.

These two are Orca’s other kids. In the purple is her daughter with Rosa, Misty. Next to Misty is Orca’s only son, Wade. He still lives with Jayme and not with Orca, but the other two live with Orca.

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,852 | 16,655 / 25,000
Pictures: +43 | 348 / 500

Post 2.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 2.12

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