EPIC Tripp: Garden of Eden Wrap

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So our Generation 2 sims, Belle Tripp, is ready to take over the challenge. Kiana and Johnny were very successful during their generation, having brought a daughter into the world and raised her. Belle has a level 5 gardening and cooking, and a level 4 fishing. She only ended up with a B in high school because I wasn’t paying enough attention, but she also have a 5 in violin.

For fun I wanted to look back at the “goals” for this generation and take a sneak peak at what is coming up for Belle next generation.

So to start, let’s review the rules for this generation. Each of them was kept to the best of my ability, although I probably had a couple of times early on where we didn’t eat from the garden, but rather ate what was able to be grilled on the grill. However, we had a large garden, a wood and stone house, candles for lighting, outside “plumping”, a washing tub and clothes line. Kiana was in the gardening career and Johnny went into the Military.

Belle was born at home, and we did a log of jogging, but also purchased the punching bag for athletic skills. Belle reached the skill goals as we discussed earlier, and she was in the scouts, but not quite reaching the highest level. We have managed to unlock a fridge and the wood stove as a part of the mini-challenge for this generation.

Generation 1: Garden of Eden

  • Must plant a garden on the lot. Founder should choose a lot with easy access to a fishing hole.
  • House may only be wood or stone, with a dirt, stone, or wood floor. Wooden windows are allowed.
  • Electricity has not yet been invented, so NO lights (except candles/torches) or electronics.
  • Toilet must be placed outside, outhouse-style (except without the “house” part…so no walls enclosing it).
  • No showers allowed, and the tub must be placed outside (I.E. filled with pond water).
  • Since there is no running water, sprinklers may not be used.
  • Only the cheapest washing machine is allowed, and no dryer (just the clothes line). If you have the wash tub, that would be most appropriate to start.
  • Male founder or male spouse must enroll in the military, astronaut, or gardening career. A female founder or female spouse must enroll in the culinary or gardening career.
  • Women must have babies at home – NO hospital.
  • No vacation travel (planes haven’t been invented yet).
  • Can only gain athletic skill from the weight bench, jogging or swimming. Also, you can use the punching bag.
  • 2nd generation heir must get to level 5 skill of two of the following before he/she becomes a YA: gardening, fishing, cooking.
  • No phone use (they haven’t been invented yet). Must go to others’ houses to visit/meet someone. May travel within the towns (through loading screens but not on vacation). Phones can only be used to travel or take days off from work or school – they can’t be used to socialize.
  • Scouts are allowed for the children and teens.

    Gen 1 Mini Challenge:
  • NO fridge allowed until the founder or spouse reaches level 10 of his/her chosen career. Sims must eat from their own garden. Before their garden is providing food, they will have to find others’ gardens from which to eat. +3 points
    >>Wood-burning stove can be used once the fridge is unlocked

That felt like a very successful round as there were a lot of things that had to be watched in this generation. Occasionally when left to their own devices my sims would pull out their phones, but I tried to also redirect them if I saw it happening.

Taking a quick look at my mini-challenges for the entire challenge, it would appear I have not yet lost the ability to continue trying for any of these. I rolled the dice for Belle’s traits, still able to try for the matriarchy, collecting the gnomes, working on collections, so far no aspiration rewards have been used, and the family has repaired everything themselves, and Johnny (our only spouse so far) came from the neighborhood.

Selected Mini-Challenges

Roll the Dice: Give yourself 5 extra points if you randomize traits of all children for the whole challenge (minus the required traits following the crossroads). You can still do this mini-challenge if you choose to have a passed-down family trait, as long as you roll for all the rest of the traits besides the family trait.

“Every family has one…”: This mini challenge is in addition to the Roll the Dice challenge. Give yourself 1 point for each sim who rolls the Erratic trait.

“No well-behaved woman ever made history.”: Can you make your challenge into a Matriarchy? Must use strawberries to try and give birth to girls so each generation can have an heiress. The use of mods to tamper with gender does not count! 10 points

Gnome Mania: Give yourself one point for each gnome on the family lot by the end of the challenge. Additionally, give yourself one point for each TYPE of gnome the family has collected. These are the gnomes you will receive during HarvestFest so do not cancel the holiday!

Hoarder: An extra 10 points for each completed collection the family has ON the lot at the end of the challenge.

Doing it the Hard Way: Give yourself 10 points if you did not use any aspiration rewards during the challenge.

DIY: No handyman may be called at any time during the challenge; all broken appliances, plumbing, and electronics must be fixed by someone in the household. No maid or butler may be hired. Nannies are not allowed, but daycare is – you have to work, after all. 5 points

Love the One You’re With: 5 points if all spouses are found within the town and not created for the heir(ess) in CAS.

So with all of that still in place, let’s take a quick look at what we will be working towards with Belle during generation 2 of this challenge. The new generation is called the Sound of Music generation.

Generation 2: Sound of Music

  • Heir must choose between Music or Painting careers.
  • Spouse may work in any of the listed jobs the heir did not choose, or culinary or gardening.
  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the painting skill, walls and floors may be any material. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the handiness skill, thermostats are unlocked. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Once heir reaches the top of the music or painting careers, radios are able to be purchased and used.

    Gen 2 Mini Challenge:
  • Make at least 1,000 simoleans by busking. +3 points

Belle, due to her enjoyment of her violin all her younger years will choose to go into the music career instead of painting. Her spouse we will decide on when we find him. It will be interesting to see if we can get any of these new goals met while still keeping our mini-challenges alive. I hope you are as excited as I am to see what the next generation of this challenge brings us.

Post 1.08 | Rules | Post 2.01

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