EPIC Tripp: Garden of Eden – 1.08

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When we last left the family Belle is six days from growing up and has a B in school. The family, deciding that their current log is getting too small and won’t allow for a house to allow the multiple generations to grow together soon move to a new lot in the neighborhood.

After some work in building the house and rearranging the furniture, and the garden we have a new house for the family. It’s now 2 stories with a lot of room for growth and plenty of room for all their study items to be in the house.

Belle continues to frequently need to take a job to clear her head, although sometimes she plays her violin with emotion to also help, but jogging is a great way for her to get into better shape, which she certainly is, and also getting her mood up.

While she is out Kiana and Johnny take the alone time to reconnect in the new house, and christen their new room. The couple is still very happy together.

Belle is still working on her skills, and making breakfast in the new house she reaches level 5 in culinary. That means she only needs to get gardening or fishing to level 5 in order to be ready to grow up.

Belle has gone into a new phase, called Distant, which means she doesn’t want to be around her family, or really anyway or it makes her tense. If her loner and hot-headed traits weren’t rough enough this is just going to make her time as school make her that much more unhappy.

Kiana and Johnny both try to ask Belle about it, but she ends up yelling the forbidden words frequently, which gives Kiana the chance to teach her more about manners.

Johnny hasn’t been fishing for a while, but we do still want to try and get more of the collection of fish that hangs on their wall, so Johnny goes out for some much needed fun.

Meanwhile, because I forgot that Belle was at a B-grade I didn’t push her to do her homework, so she spends time reading books instead. It gives her the alone time she wants.

Belle continues to do the cooking, and is slowly getting better at it. Due to the fact she fishes more than her mom we learn she can make fried fishes, which is a new meal for the family. It is very exciting.

When Belle is gone the couple flirts and goofs around together at the table. They are both close to turning into elders. I will be sad to see them go, and I love this couple. They are adorable together and it while I’m excited to see what the next generation brings, I will miss these two.

Due to the fact we moved to the new house we do get some visitors from around the neighborhood. Some of these sims are well known to many simmers, including the infamous Nina.

With Belle’s birthday coming up and Kiana and Johnny getting ready to turn to elders, we want a fridge! Kiana only need to finish her flower arranging. I learned that adding the “scent” flowers to the bouquets offer different benefits. Adding a Lily actually adds a scent that can make a sim inspired and being inspired makes training in flower arranging go MUCH faster than normal.

I also discovered that daisy’s give a joy and Sunshine moodlets, so I have Kiana make one to give to Belle. Belle tends to be a bit of a mess with her hot-tempered tendencies so the flowers can help keep her happy.

We also get a easel to start on getting some paintings done, and hopefully get the arts and crafts badge for Belle. Sadly, she really seems to dislike painting, gives her not fun or no joy. So she never actually reaches the badge, although we did get close.

We then notice that Belle has the school project in her backpack. We had forgotten she gets them on Monday and hadn’t completed it yet. Looks like this is a robotics task, and due to the distant trait she works on it by herself.

Belle finishes it and we can’t help but decide to activate it. Belle laughs and claps at what she was able to do all by herself. Tomorrow is harvest fest so she stayed up late to finish it.

The next day the gnome are waiting for us. Belle takes care of both of hers without any sort of trouble.

Johnny and Kiana also were able to appease their gnomes on the first try. This means the yard begins being filled with seed packets that just keep coming and coming and coming.

The family sits down to a meal together and share the harvest festival spirit, be thankful with each other and decorate for the holiday. The only piece of the festival the family does not participate in is the large feast. Kiana has maxed her flower arranging and we are simply waiting for tomorrow to hopefully get her promotion.

Belle decides to go do some fishing to see if she can possibly reach a higher level in fishing as well. She has managed to reach level 5 in gardening so both of the skills she needs to get higher have been reached.

2nd generation heir must get to level 5 skill of two of the following before he/she becomes a YA: gardening, fishing, cooking.

After fishing Belle sits down to do some additional homework and extra credit in the hopes of getting up to an A tomorrow. It’s Friday and the last day of high school for Belle.

We wake up the next morning and sure enough Kiana gets that final promotion. She is now at level 10 in the flower arranging which means, we very excitedly get to have a fridge and wood burning stove.

Right at the end of fall we have a couple of birthdays. The first one happens right after we buy the fridge and stove. Johnny grows up into a elder. He’s still very handsome.

Once again, Belle comes home from school upset. She starts by going for a jog, and then headed to her violin up in her room to spend some time playing with emotion. Her mom is downstairs baking a cake.

Right before Belle goes in to blow out her candles she runs out to meet this young adult male. He seems decently cute and someone Belle might want to get to know more, but they only have decent conversations.

Belle then heads back inside, and she blows out her candles to turn into a young adult woman. It is now time for Belle to get over the rains and work through the next generation of this family, in the Sound of Music generation.

Kiana managed to max out her cooking, gardening, and flower arranging as well as reaching the top of her career and her aspiration during her turn as the founder of his challenge. Johnny is still working his way up the ladder in his career and is currently working on his aspiration. Belle grew up and received traits for manners, emotional control, and responsible. She reached the level of Pegasus scout while in the scouts, but still only maintained a B in high school.

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