Latte Game – Generation 1.02

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Kynzie and Ukupanipo had a lovely wedding last update and the wedding night ended with some fun in bed. Kynzie needs 6 pregnancies so we need to get started soon.

The first thing that Ukupanipo does is head to the ocean. He is needing some hydration and is getting itchy scales. He has a beautiful red tail.

When Kynzie wakes up after the late night party she heads to the bathroom and takes an important test.

And it turns out we have the first baby on the way. This will be baby ‘K’ and we are going to cross our fingers she has just the one baby. Multiples at this point would be pretty hard in this small house.

Kynzie: Uka, my love, I have some news

Ukupanipo: Oh no, what is it, what is wrong?

Kynzie: There is nothing wrong darling, I just….

Ukupanipo: Are you wanting to move, I don’t want to leave the island. Are you sorry we got married? I knew it was all too fast, please don’t leave me already!!!

Kynzie: UKU!!!

**Ukupanipo stops pacing and looks to Kynzie**

Kynzie: I’m pregnant my love. We will have a baby soon.

Ukupanipo: Oh my gosh, a baby? Wait, but we don’t have things for a baby, the house isn’t big enough, we don’t have a crib…..

**Kynize reaches out and stops Ukupanipo from starting to pace again.**

Kynzie: We will get all those things. Are you ok with this?

Ukupanipo: Oh! Yes, oh my darling, yes!

Ukupanipo needed to get a tan for his aspiration, so the couple decided to head to a beach. It was going to be good for Kynzie to get some swimming in herself, and Ukupanipo was going to swim again for his scales.

While there and getting her swimming in Kynzie met this new mermaid. Sulani players will recognize this sim. Nalani is a very pretty sim and I know she makes very pretty kids. Someday I will probably use her.

After Ukupanipo gets the required amount of sun Kynzie once again needed food, so she cooked some up at the grill and these two sat down and talked out some more about life together.

The next thing that Ukupanipo needed to do was get an A+ at a Kava party. I had never held a Kava party before, so I took a shot and tried it out. The party went well, but I ran out of time to finish up the last few items. Luckily we had found a Kava bowl just sitting by the road to use.

Ukupanipo has gotten a job in Conservation and he has been working from home. Lately, that means heading off to the island and studying the plants, caves and animals. The second day of this he brought Kynzie with him. Almost instantly we get the notice that she is going into labor. While Ukupanipo tries to finish up studying the plant he was working on Kynzie talks to this person who is also visiting the island.

The couple heads off quickly to the hospital after that and Ukupanipo starts to freak out about having a baby. He stays outside freaking out and checking his phone while Kynzie heads in.

Kynzie: Ok, let’s get this baby out of me doctor, I’m ready.

Doctor: Yes, just lay back and relax, this should be over soon.

Doctor: Just continue to relax, the machine is doing it’s work. Um….you should feel….hmmmm

Kynzie: Hmm????

Doctor: I don’t…..what is happening?

Kynzie: Doctor, what is going on?

**Doctor is continuing to play with the controls.**

Kynzie: Doctor!!!??? Is that my heart????

I guess there was reason for Ukupanipo to be freaking out, and I was likely good that he stayed outside this time. The heart got shoved back in Kynzie’s chest and the doctor got the machine under control.

A short while after all of this Kynzie is told she has a new little baby boy.

Everyone meet baby K. This is Kevin Latte. He appears to take after his mom, but it’s hard to tell as a little baby, and we will see what happens when he becomes a toddler. He is born, incidentally, on Love Day.

With Kevin’s birth, I’m going to call it a good time to end the update and we will see him grow up later. The next baby will be the “Y” baby and I’m going to have to come up with a good name.

Generation 1.01 | Rules | Generation 1.03

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