DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 6

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When we were last with the DeLacy family Charlie had grown into a toddler and little Lilly was also a toddler with an imaginary friend doll that watched her sleep. Goodwin was doing well as a fireman, and Sheyna hadn’t had much chance to work being pregnant all the time.

When we join the family we remember that Goodwin had somehow gotten fried, although I no longer remember exactly what happened. He and Sheyna are trying for another baby as they both hold the wish for it to happen. In the meantime, however, Goodwin is happy playing with his little girl.

Sheyna decides to make some food. The house is becoming a bit of a mess as no one autonomously puts food away and they never wish to do it or clean anymore. Still, Goodwin and Sheyna sit down together for breakfast.

Goodwin would really like to teach Charlie to talk, so he sits down and gets to work on it. It does take a little longer than I remember it taking Lilly, but eventually he does learn it.

Then I remembered I got the notice that it was Lilly’s birthday today. She doesn’t get a party, sadly, but that doesn’t seem to affect TS3 sims as much as it does TS4 sims. Lilly grew up well and got to “pick” the next traits, which was rolled and she got Clumsy. So Lilly is now Brave and Friendly, but Clumsy.

I do change her hair up a little bit because I’m not a huge fan of this style on her, but she is at least a cute little girl. I will be interested to see what she looks like as a teen when we get there.

Since it’s late when she ages up the first thing she wants is a bedtime story from mo, so she can go to sleep. Sheyna gladly complies with the wish, and I realize I will want to put a bookcase downstairs with the bedrooms as the time it takes for Sheyna to go get a book from upstairs is just silly.

Goodwin is trying to earn sim of the day, week, play session…whatever it is, and decides to work on the toilet all by himself. He broke it and instantly rolled up a wish to fix it, which he does without me even directing him.

The next day at work is all about maintaining things. Since it’s part of his job to keep things maintained we go ahead and direct Goodwin to take care of the engine. Right after that he wants to upgrade the fire alarm system, so he gets started on that.

Sheyna is still holding a wish to teach Charlie to walk, so on one of her last days at home we have her work on that skill as well. Charlie has learned to walk and talk, but not potty and no one is holding that wish.

The next day is school and Lilly heads off and gets an opportunity to drop off permission slips. After she gets home she pulls out her bike and heads out. This gives you a good view of her small makeover, and I think she is adorable. I might have her mom give her a full make-over later.

Sheyna would like to learn a bit of writing and so she sits down to work on it at the computer, and Charlie gets to play with his imaginary friend doll, who is named Cuddles. Cuddles was “dancing” in the basement before I stuck her back in Charlie’s backpack.

After dropping off the permission slips to the town hall Boinky, Lilly’s imaginary friend, is insistent on being played with. So Lilly sits down and plays with him.

Lilly: I know you get lonely when I’m in school, but I really have to focus, mom wants me to get good grades.

Boinky: Play with Boinky, Boinky protect you, watch over you.

Lilly: Oh Boinky, I love you, but I’m fine.

The quest for a new baby continues with Goodwin and Sheyna, this time in the shower. They keep trying, but I’m starting to wonder if another baby is going to happen for them. I thought at one point it worked, but sadly, she never popped.

Sheyna shocks me but deciding, all on her own, to finally clean up the papers that have been piled up outside her door since she moved here. She hasn’t cared about the papers for “years” but suddenly she starts recycling them.

Sheyna: They are making this place a mess.

So while I’m happy that you are cleaning, I think what’s making the lot such a mess are the piles upon piles of dirty clothes and all the dishes that are piling up around the kitchen/dining room.

After going back inside Sheyna, who is holding a wish for Lilly to get on the honor roll asks her to do her homework. No one wished for homework, but I decided that her wish for her to be on the honor roll meant she could direct Lilly to do the homework with the intent of upping her grades.

With that I feel like it’s a good place to end this update. So far the wish for another baby has gone unfulfilled, but we will keep trying. Charlie’s birthday is coming up and now that Lilly has wishes as well we will have to see how it goes. Sheyna should also be headed back to work, finally.

Chapter 5 | Rules | Chapter 7

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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