Howlnet Asylum: The Ending

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Welcome to the final update for the Howlnet Asylum. Everything was make or break for this update. I have never completed a TS3 LTW, so let’s find out if I was able to do it here. When we last were with the inmates here everyone was doing well, but Veronica (our witch) was starting to “bake” everyone else and Vaynia got turned into a block of ice. We also had our first fire, and many many many ghosts.

Since I’m not an avid Sims 3 player it took me a while to figure out what was going on here, but Luna appeared to be trying to catch a blue “bug.” I wasn’t sure if this was a werewolf thing or not, but suddenly Bert rematerialized. He was the blue “bug” that Luna was chasing, they were playing.

I think that is just adorable! Moving on though, Bert is becoming quite the dancer and this time we spy him jamming out to Vernon’s musical stylings with Redd.

The inmates here have been cooking so much we’ve basically been out of ingredients for a while, so when Darwin ran off to work, naked I might add, one morning we had him stop by the store before heading home to pick up groceries.

Back at home that night the ghosts are out in full force again. If I don’t get Darwin through this soon I’m not sure how much longer the residents can deal with the ghosts.

It is the weekend, so Darwin gets up early and invites the next chess partner over. I believe it takes him 2 tries to beat her, but we are working on level 8 at this point, but have barely started.

Right after that, Darwin is feeling good, and we are coming up on week 6 of this challenge, which is just FAR TO LONG, so he invites the next players over. He comes by with no problems and another victor is in hand.

We can see Luna is trying to make friends with the last chess player. With another victory under his belt Darwin takes a nap, or maybe sleeps for the night, I can’t remember exactly. Whenever he is up again, he invites the next player over.

We decide if we can get about 3 in each day we can wrap this up before too much longer, so Darwin calls out of work for 5 days, hoping that will give us enough time. The next player is called over, and this one takes us twice to beat as well.

We ask the next chess player over but she can’t make it right away so we go ahead and let Darwin take a nap, go to the bathroom, freshed up and eat before calling again. This time when he calls there is no issue and she arrives late in the evening.

Darwin has no trouble beating her the first time, so we are done to only a few more sims needed. Of course we also need to max the logic skill, but that is going to take a while longer. Suddenly though, we see Redd fixating on one of our guests.

Bert seems to be dazed as well, but I don’t believe he was. Maybe he’s in shock it wasn’t him. Luckily nothing more happens and the guests leave late in the evening that night with no hard done to them.

The next day we invite over another player. This time we get a woman in a long fancy dress. I believe it takes us twice to beat her as well, but that’s ok, the more time Darwin spends playing chess the faster his skill will go up.

The next player is invited over after a small break and Darwin gets to work beating him without an issue. We are getting closer to half-way through level 8. This is going to take awhile. In the background above you can see Bert convinced Luna to dance with him this time.

One more sim is invited over, and this is a sim we have played before, I’m almost positive. She is not happy when Darwin beats her at this game, although I believe we got the notice she had reached level 2 during this game. The guests are mingling with our other residents as well.

After another short break we get ready to call on the next sim and find out, the next one is in our household. Who might the next ranked chess player be? Why none other than Luna. This makes sense as Darwin has played chess with her fairly frequently.

He beats her without an issue and we suddenly get notified, that was our last match. Darwin is a Grand Master now, and still only 1/2 way through level 8 of chess. Over the course of this challenge Darwin has brought in multiple bonuses and the family has over $12,000, so in an act of sheer desperation on my part, Darwin quits his job to focus solely on playing chess.

I’m not sure if it makes it faster or not, but Darwin tries to play with the other residents as often as he can. First up is Bert, and while Darwin has no friends about the housemates, from their interactions, at least a couple are friends with Bert.

We can see in the background above Luna started another painting, which got about as far as the last one did before she gave up and wandered off. No paintings were ever even close to being finished in this challenge.

Next up we have Veronica play with Darwin. She has had more than enough magic practice, I have no idea what all she can even do, but anything to keep her from getting more powerful and doing worse things to the residents.

Next Darwin sits down with Luna again to play with her. In between all of these guys Darwin is having to repair the sink and the TV, clean out the bad food from the fridge (since the residents keep making food when there is some already) and just take care of himself in general.

We are getting closer and closer, and I believe we have reached level 9 at this point, (and are almost through level 9) so we are close. Vaynia is our next resident to sit with Darwin. He is also doing a lot on his own, but it keeps his social up to play with others.

Bert is back again to help and there were others that helped as well, I just didn’t keep taking pictures of Darwin playing chess over and over and over again. Veronica was back to practicing magic as well.

After Bert walked off I kept Darwin sitting. He was getting tired, I was worried he was going to get too tired to continue, but I kept watching the progress and suddenly, though I missed the picture, the 30,000 popped up above his head and notification that he reached his LTW came up. Darwin did it!!! He can be free of this place!

That’s it! That’s the end!! Semi-anit-climatic I know. This house was fairly boring, but I’m so excited I finished it! This was my first asylum and it was interesting to say the least, and since I had no idea what to do with the chess LTW for the first few weeks I’m barely mad about the time it took.

Amazingly, we lost no sims during the entire thing, and everyone is decently happy and healthy. So, let’s review our points for this challenge:

+1 Point per skill point any of the 8 sims have (only living sims)
Darwin: 19 (10 Logic, 6 Handiness, 3 Cooking)
Luna: 11 (1 Athletic, 4 Cooking, 5 Logic, 1 Painting)
Vaynia: 11 (1 Athletic, 4 Guitar, 6 Logic)
Redd: 8 (2 Athletic, 3 Guitar, 3 Logic)
Vernon: 21 (5 Athletic, 3 Cooking, 9 Guitar, 3 Logic, 1 Social Networking)
Bert: 11 (5 Cooking, 2 Guitar, 4 Logic)
Veronica: 18 (2 Athletic, 4 Cooking, 9 Guitar, 3 Logic)
Ferby: 12 (4 Cooking, 4 Guitar, 4 Logic)
Total Skill Points: 111 Points

+1 Point per friend any living sim has (not including household)
Darwin: 2 Friends (non-household)
Everyone else has at least 2 household friend, but no non-household friends. This feels like a bit of a sad thing to not get points for that as Vernon and Veronica are friends with everyone but Darwin.
Total Friend Points: 2

+1 per 1000 Lifetime Aspiration points your sim has
Darwin: 47,446
I’m guessing you round down, and that it’s only for the controllable sim, so that’s where I’m going to get the points
Total Lifetime Aspiration Points Points: 47

-1 per day you are in the asylum
We we in the asylum for basically 6 weeks and 2 days (just slightly under). So that is 44 days.
Total Days Points: -44

-20 Points for each resident who died (NONE)
-30 Point for each visitor that died (NONE)
-1 Point for each Repoman visit (NONE)

TOTAL POINTS: 116 Points

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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