Howlnet Asylum: Through Week 4

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After the glitch that left Veronica outside to get snacked on my zombies, and then caused us to also reset the lot I was nervous about the state of our asylum and if it would last until the end. Still, I pressed on, keeping a close eye on everything.

So when we came back to asylum after the reset and everyone had wandered back inside the Bert went and started cleaning the fish tank. These guys are super good at taking care of pets in a tank.

I had never played with werewolves before so I had no idea what Vaynia was doing with Luna right away, and I couldn’t look at the action to determine what it was, so I watched for a bit and discovered, they were playing fetch.

The vampires are getting restless and it’s only a matter of time before something beyond this happens I’m sure. I am starting to continuously get messages about someone not knowing what to do because they were dazed by either Vaynia or Redd’s gaze.

This is a fairly typical scene in the house. Everyone doing a little something different, but all behaving themselves and or sleeping.

Bert broke the sink while cleaning up dishes and his reaction was just priceless. I love seeing these faces, it’s just way too funny to me. He almost seems to be sliding down the counter in dismay while being so upset.

Of course, it was Darwin to the rescue to fix the sink, which stuck at the “broken” animation for a short time and then righted itself luckily. Bert helped in the way he knew how, mopping puddles.

And of course, true to form, while there is a perfectly good bowl of mac and cheese sitting right on the counter, after Luna made it, Vernon doesn’t find that sufficient and starts another meal. (The sink was actually fixed here)

There werewolves started fighting again, they seriously provide the most entertainment in this whole house, and I happened to notice they have “skill bars” over their head, which makes me think this isn’t due to them having a bad relationship, but perhaps a werewolf skill of some kind?

Another day at the chess table for Darwin, another sim on the guitar working on their music. Vaynia picked up the guitar and while no one booed her, they didn’t seem overly impressed either.

The ghosts started putting in many more appearances as well, at night. Vaynia and Luna were left without a bed I believe this night, and the ghosts came in and started helping themselves. Neither Luna or Vaynia seemed interested in having them around.

The next day I noticed Vaynia stating by the TV and happened to notice, she was working out. So apparently they are beginning to use the TV for more than the kids channel, which is why it always seemed to be turned to before.

In one of the bedrooms I find Redd and Vernon having a pillow fight. Ahh, the great battle between werewolf and vampire continues, in fluffy form.

Then, it happens. Luna had started making some food, and I’m not 100% sure what occurred, but I believe a ghost may have distracted her and a fire broke out. Our very first fire in almost 3 weeks at the asylum has finally broken out. I did not interfere, but Fergie was on it and had it out before it even blackened the stove.

The snow was starting to disappear as we headed into spring and out near where the snowman was I happened to see, the asylum had gotten a gnome visitor.

Vaynia decided to terrorize Vernon, “dashing” around him evilly, and he was not a fan. Vaynia was actually starting to get a lot more negative’s on her interactions I was noticing now.

Insane sims really just randomly change clothes all the time, into whatever they want, and it’s always humorous to see what they wear at different times. Redd decides to work out in his bathing suit at the TV, and Veronica doesn’t seem interested, even though she is also in her bathing suit.

We had a MASSIVE haunting that night. I believe at least half of the graves spawned ghosts this night and the kitchen/dining room area was completely overrun. Most of the sims had run into the different bedrooms to get away from the ghosts.

Vernon took a try at the workout station on this day, and Bert accused Vaynia of being evil. She looks so taken aback and like she’s trying to say, “who, meeee???” Yes, Vaynia, you, and you totally are!

Now a storm rolled in this time and so when I happened to see Fergie looking singed I figured he must have gotten struck by lightning. I didn’t see it happen, but it’s hard to watch all of them all the time. However, then I saw him free Veronica and I decided I needed to keep an closer eye on them.

I finally deciphered what Darwin needed to do to start on his LTW of being a chess master and was able to get the first ranked player over, and beat him easily. Funny enough either the next ranked player, or the 3rd on was Vaynia. She really had caught the chess bug. So he was able to get 3 games out of the way fairly quickly

Both players stayed around after the came and appeared to have a good time talking with some of the other people who lived here. Overall everyone was on their best behavior.

Over the next couple of days, nothing terribly interesting happened. The sims went about their daily lives, talking with each other, skilling, watching TV, making food and sleeping. Ghosts came out and haunted and Vaynia apparently liked one of them.

Then I caught it, I found out what likely actually happened to Fergie to make him want to freeze Veronica. I saw her working on her magic, as she tends to do, and I saw Vaynia seemingly watching it with interest and a bit of fear and then she burned.

I was worried what would happen, but Vaynia was fine, just charred. I knew having Veronica getting better at magic would not be a good thing for the rest of the sims. At least she isn’t evil.

I had decided, because everyone started complaining the easel wasn’t open, to remove the painting that Luna, I believe, had started weeks ago and Bert hoped right on the chance to start painting. He then stopped and left an unfinished work, again.

I caught Vaynia stunning Vernon, the poor soul, but luckily she didn’t do anything beyond that. I’m worried these vampires might go on a rampage soon.

Darwin managed to get, after some work, the next two chess players over and he has now played 5 or 6 of the 15 players needed in order to get to chess master. He did have to play the guy twice as he lost the first time, but he’s nearly at level 8 in logic, which should help him continue.

The TV has broken a couple of times and I’ve been nervous about having Darwin fix it, but the TV is so popular, so he’s been told to do it each time, and both times he has repaired it without any problems, luckily.

I’m not entirely sure what happened exactly in this scenario, but I happened to notice both Luna and Vaynia were charred, this was very likely the work of Veronica and her new magic abilities.

However, nearly right after this encounter, Luna walks away and Vaynia is suddenly an ice sculpture. Now, perhaps I am wrong on this other charred sim is actually Veronica and she cast the spell, but I’m not sure what transpired.

I was a little nervous for Vaynia, but she thawed out and was fine. She and Luna even mopped up her puddles later. Darwin has managed to get yet another promotion at the job and he is working his way through the ranked chess players. I’m hoping he can complete the goal in the next 2 weeks, but we will just see what happens.

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