Latte Game – Generation 1.11

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Welcome back to the Latte Name Game. We are getting closer and closer to having some letters we can actually mark off of our letter list. Hard to believe it’s not even one full generation done, but this is what happens when I like to give slower updates. 😀

Let’s start with a quick family portrait of who all is here. I will also give you a look at the makeovers I gave the twins after they grew up last time.

I love this family! So we have Zophi standing next to Nick. Then there is Kevin (still the only teen so far) and next to him are his parents Kynzie and Ukupanipo. Kynzie is holding the youngest member so far, Isla. Then there is Yuri (who will be a teen soon) and Zorah.

Here is a close up of the girls after their make overs. First is Zorah and then Zophi. They are both super cute and look a lot like their mom I think.

Now, let’s see what is actually happening with the family shall we? First off the boys are working on a school project. There was some weirdness that happened in the game where one of the boys didn’t have the option to go to school with the rest of the kids. There was a button, but even if I pressed it, nothing happened. This started a handful of weird glitches that I eventually was able to resolve, but it made for some frustration for a bit.

Nick: Those are some good painted planets.

Yuri: All right, it says here… are a dweeb.

Yuri! You shouldn’t say things like that to your brother!

Yuri: Whatever, he’s only helping me because he likes school…..dweeb

I’m sorry Nick, you are a good brother to help Yuri.

Nick: That’s ok, I enjoy stimulating my brain with different experiences and someday I will take all of that to become successful in life and in business.

Yuri: *laughing* you are even nerdier than I thought. NERD!

*sigh* You are going to be a handful Yuri…you really are.

Little Isla had gotten herself all kinds of muddy somehow, but that wasn’t going to stop her from working on her movement. I think it was about this time I realized she was about 4 days from growing up and still had about 10 skill points to get. (Luckily many were part of the way to the next level, but still)

Kevin needed hydration and fun, and the girls needed social skills, so Kevin took the twins with him to the beach.

Everyone enjoyed the water, and the girls got some conversation in. They need someone to be best friends with now, and while I THOUGHT they could be each others best friends, they are actually not that close.

After playing in the water we see an event taking place near home with the bonfire and the 3 head over there to mingle, play with the fire, and try to finish up having a good time.

Poor Kynzie looks so sad in this picture. Some day her needs will be met better and she might even progress in her career. For now, she is the closest thing to a best friend her daughters have and so they try and socialize with her more.

She does, however, still work, and occasionally takes to going into the office at times now that the kids are getting older and there are people around to watch Isla.

Kynzie: Will I ever get to be more famous like I want?

I’m trying Kynzie. Followers are kind of hard to built, and fame isn’t easy.

Kynzie: *sigh* I know, but I just really want to do more than have kids.

I know you do, and I’m working on it. You’ve gotten a fame point and you are getting promotions here and there.

Ukupanipo is very close to having a new promotion. The only thing currently holding him back is his lack of a logic skill point. Luckily there is a chess table that he can spend time building up.

Yuri: RWAR, I come to cause destruction to your toys! *stomp stomp stomp*

Zorah: You look like you fell in the mud!

Zophi: Our siblings are CRAZY I tell you!

Nick: *pondering thoughts* Well it is possible that due to the number of us mom and dad had all at the same time, that the lack of oversight or attention has caused some of our siblings to act in ways that appear to be crazy.

Zophi: Nick! Yuri is ALWAYS a bear, and Zorah is sitting over there caked in mud in her swimsuit!

Isla spends a day spamming the potty and dinosaur to build up potty and communication skills. I believe this day she maxed her potty skill, YAY, and got about 1/2 way through level 4 in communication. Thank you dinosaur (that I cannot remember the name of).

The rest of the siblings might start getting jealous as Isla gets a bedtime story. The others did occasionally too, but this is one way Kynzie can help Isla with her imagination skills while helping her met other needs as well.

The twins watch some tv after school as we are desperate to get everyone their A’s in school. Kevin finally reached his in high school, Yuri has reached an A and Nick has had an A for a while. I believe Zophi has an A and Zorah has a B, but I could have those switched. Still, with everyone in red run ALL THE TIME, they need something fun before they can do homework.

Nick is VERY close to finishing up his aspiration, so he sits down with his dad to work that mental skill up just a bit more. We also realize that Ukupanipo is getting close on his aspiration, just simply needs to travel a couple of times, and it will be a fun family outing.

Isla’s imagination is getting worked from any angle we can think of. She is very close to growing up (I think we were down to a day at this point) and so Kevin reads her to sleep.

Sunday morning it’s time to see if we can finish up Ukupanipo’s aspiration. It’s also Yuri’s birthday, but we start with Uku needing to explore the beach cave, so the whole family travels to the beach.

The next thing that is needed is for Uku to drift off on one of the water rafts. Since those exist at this beach were we come. The boys left for scouts, but all of the girls are here. (The twins joined the drama club also.)

Lots of fun was had on the beach, games were played, conversations were had, and Isla got her thinking skill maxed I believe. She only needed to finish some imagination. Ukupanipo also drifted off and reached his aspiration! He now wishes for Knowledge and to be a Nerd Brain. Maybe Nick rubbed off on him.

Back at home Ukupanipo quickly mixes up and bakes a cake for Yuri’s birthday. Hold on to your butts……evil Yuri is going to be a teen.

Yuri: Yes, it has happened!! I am old enough to start on my evil plans!

And what are those plans Yuri?

Yuri: Like I would tell you all of them, but eventually I want to be best villain the world has seen. I shall study art and become a master forger!

Yuri: *laughs* I also will take candy from babies, and tell kids to “get off my lawn!”

So Yuri received the aspiration to be a Painter Extraordinaire. He also received the traits ‘Hates Children’ and became Creatively Gifted. I LOVE how sweet Ukupanipo’s look is as he sees his son growing up. Yuri looks almost surprised by it, but it will be interesting to see how he does. That is going to wrap it up for this update, and I will get a picture of Yuri’s makeover next entry!

Generation 1.10 | Rules | Generation 1.12

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