Otts Family – Founding Heir Poll

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Oh my gosh, guys, it’s here!! My first heir poll for this family, and for the founding generation. Hopefully, you have read through what has gone on with this family and have a sense of who these 3 are….if not, why not going read them??

If you don’t have time or just want to vote you can vote either here or over at the site where I will have the poll set up there as well. I’m going to give it basically a week since I’m out of town all next week and won’t have time to play anyway.

Without further ado, let’s get into introducing our heirs and give you a little bit of feedback in case you need it!

We start with the eldest Otts, the only daughter, Ariana. She was a quick favorite early on, being a very fun child sim who did homework, got herself an A, and is on track for getting the responsible trait, and manners trait. I have done a chef before, so her aspiration is less interesting to me, but I really do like her look. I feel so is a fun mix of her parents.

Next up we have the second child of Julia and Eddie. This is their first son, Alan. Alan started out rough. I hated him initially, as he passed out constantly as a toddler, but as he got older he got better. He managed to get an A in elementary school, reached a milestone on his child aspiration and while I have done the musician aspiration before it’s one of my favorites. I’m not sure I love his traits, but he really has grown on me as a sim, and I think he could be a lot of fun.

He is also right on track to get the responsible trait, but also might reach the non-empathetic trait, which could be interesting to play with. We will see, he’s not there quite yet, but about 1/2 way.

Finally, we get the youngest Otts, Arthur. Arthur hasn’t done much to really stand out so far in his life, having been a bit overshadowed by his siblings to this point in his life. He has one of the more interesting aspirations to me, as I haven’t played it yet, and the career I decided to roll and it could be interesting as well.

He is currently nowhere close to getting any traits, positive or negative, within range, but he still has all his teenage years as well, so that could change.

Eddie 08 | Rules | Eddie 09

4 thoughts on “Otts Family – Founding Heir Poll

  1. I was going back and forth between Alan (surprise surprise lol) and Arthur. I did end up picking Alan because, as a TH, The Musical Genius one is going to grant you A LOT more points. And you’ll be able to complete it in Alan’s tenure as TH. The Big Happy family one requires grandchildren. So you’d be stuck on that one the whole time Arthur’s TH.

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    1. Yeah, I love the musician aspiration/career. Belle in my EPIC has that one and I have adored it. They will need a bigger house either way. 🙂 Thanks for voting, I think I’m kind of secretly hoping Alan will win so I can work him to the bone to win be back points. 😉

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        1. Yeah, I thought that was an interesting roll. I know you’ve loved Alan from the beginning. Stupid kid had to suck up to grow on me, but he did a pretty through job. I still love all 3 through, and really wouldn’t be upset to get any of them.

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