EPIC Tripp: Sound of Music Wrap

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As hard as it is to believe, Lindsey Tripp, our generation 3 sim is ready to take on the next leg of this challenge. So with that it’s time to take a quick look back over this last generation and see how we are doing.

We’ll take a quick look at the rules for this generation, and take a sneak peak at what’s coming up for Lindsey. I also forgot to take a look at the points for the last generation so we will do that too.

Belle was in the music career and Francis took the culinary career, which was also unlocked this generation. I believe I managed to keep the rules this time, although we did have a bit of a snafu early on with rooms being “separated” that I shouldn’t have been a couple of times.

Generation 2: Sound of Music

  • Heir must choose between Music or Painting careers.
  • Spouse may work in any of the listed jobs the heir did not choose, or culinary or gardening.
  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the painting skill, walls and floors may be any material. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the handiness skill, thermostats are unlocked. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Once heir reaches the top of the music or painting careers, radios are able to be purchased and used.

    Gen 2 Mini Challenge:
  • Make at least 1,000 simoleans by busking. +3 points

The first two bullet points were easy and already explained. We are still working on painting and handiness, and Belle is still working on finishing up the final promotion in music. That should come quickly at the beginning of the next generation. We did manage to meet the mini challenge, however.

Now I gave myself a whole set of mini challenges for this challenge as well and I haven’t taken a look at them to see if I’ve kept to them or not, so I think I should take a quick look there as well.

Selected Mini-Challenges

Roll the Dice: Give yourself 5 extra points if you randomize traits of all children for the whole challenge (minus the required traits following the crossroads). You can still do this mini-challenge if you choose to have a passed-down family trait, as long as you roll for all the rest of the traits besides the family trait.

“Every family has one…”: This mini challenge is in addition to the Roll the Dice challenge. Give yourself 1 point for each sim who rolls the Erratic trait.

“No well-behaved woman ever made history.”: Can you make your challenge into a Matriarchy? Must use strawberries to try and give birth to girls so each generation can have an heiress. The use of mods to tamper with gender does not count! 10 points

Gnome Mania: Give yourself one point for each gnome on the family lot by the end of the challenge. Additionally, give yourself one point for each TYPE of gnome the family has collected. These are the gnomes you will receive during HarvestFest so do not cancel the holiday!

Hoarder: An extra 10 points for each completed collection the family has ON the lot at the end of the challenge.

Doing it the Hard Way: Give yourself 10 points if you did not use any aspiration rewards during the challenge.

DIY: No handyman may be called at any time during the challenge; all broken appliances, plumbing, and electronics must be fixed by someone in the household. No maid or butler may be hired. Nannies are not allowed, but daycare is – you have to work, after all. 5 points

Love the One You’re With: 5 points if all spouses are found within the town and not created for the heir(ess) in CAS.

I did randomize all of Lindsey’s traits, so that is still going strong. So far no one has rolled an erratic trait but I’m sure it’s coming at some point. So far so good on the matriarchy. I have plenty of strawberries, so hopefully we can keep to that. I am still collecting gnomes, and working on other collections as well. So far no aspiration rewards are being used (although that is very hard sometimes.) I have managed to do everything DIY and both Johnny and Francis were just from the neighborhood, not created by me, so it looks like we are on our way to meeting these for another generation.

Let’s take a quick peak at what the next generations goals and requirements will be.

Generation 3: Let There Be Light

  • Your heir(ess) has a choice between the Science career and becoming a self-employed Archaeologist.
  • Only the archaeologist is allowed to travel to Selvadorada and only for work-related purposes, until reaching level 10 archaeology.
  • Cannot take assignments by mail until reaching level 10 archaeology.
  • Spouse may work in the field the heir did not choose, or any other previously unlocked profession.
  • When the heir(ess) reaches the top of the archaeology or science career, the light bulb is invented and lights can now be placed. Phones may also be used, as well as telescopes and microscopes;
  • Sims may now use planes to travel to foreign lands;
  • Indoor plumbing has been invented, so dishwashers, toilets and showers may now be placed indoors;
  • Dryers of any quality may now be purchased, and you may now replace the cheap washer with an expensive one.

    Gen 3 Mini Challenge
    Choose one:
  • Discover all potions and inventions during this generation (scientist). +3 points
  • Discover all relics and assemble all totems (archaeologist). +3 points

As discussed in prior entries, even though I realized later science would have also made sense for Lindsey, she is going to be an archeologist. I’m not sure what her spouse will do, likely painting so we can get the painting skill maxed finally. This generation we get electricity and indoor plumbing, which is very exciting!


The thing I forgot last time was to look at points. Whoops! So here we go:

-5 for each restriction broken (-10 total) – I totally did this twice with the rooms, but I don’t believe I have broken others.

1 point per $100,000 the family has accrued (+1 total) – the family has only just reach $100,000. I expect this to go up a fair amount this next generation.

1 point per each skill maxed per generation (by any family member) (+6 total)
Gen 1:
– Kiana: 3 (Cooking, flower arranging, and gardening)
– Johnny: 0
Gen 2:
– Belle: 3 (Cooking, piano, and violin)
– Francis: 0
Gen 3:
– Lindsey: 0

Mini Challenges:
– Gen 1: No fridge +3 Points
– Gen 2: $1000 busking +3 Points

Now the other mini challenges will be counted at the end, as will the ending bonus. So not a super high score so far, need to work on maxing some more skills, but for only 2 generations in I feel like I’m doing ok. See you for the next generation.

Post 2.10 | Rules | Post 3.01

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