Comic Summer: Post 1.01

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Hello all, are you ready to get started on our journey through the OWBC?? I hope you are because that is what is happening this time. I will probably be using this challenge for my SimNaNo as well, so we have lots to cover and do, so let’s not waste anymore time.

Let’s re-meet Autumn Comic. Autumn moved into the island in Mua Pel’am and we built a small little shack for her. We also prepped her with a bike, caldron, and a couple fish traps.

We also grabbed 3 flamingos as required in the rules, who we have to make sure are standing up by noon each morning. Since there are three kids I debated what colors to choose, and I decided to just grab one each for each person.

Some of the first things we did were set up the fish traps, and then we grabbed a garden box so we could plant a few things, and have a ready supply of strawberries later.

Then we got started on fixing up the islands. We cleaned up trash, confronted this litter bug (I think) and did some general work around the island. I have not gotten Autumn a job yet, but she will be going into conservation.

Since Autumn also needs to complete the Beach Life aspiration for the Island Living goals she sunbathed, in a different swimsuit in this one apparently. It was a long day of a lot of work, but it was productive.

Before the end of the day, however, we headed out to Glimmerbrook. It’s time to make Autumn a spell caster to reach our first requirement of the Realm of Magic.

Autumn got to know the mage of Practical Magic and after doing the initial required “quest” she gets her magic. I have only played a spell caster for a little while with the EPIC Tripp, so I’m excited to see how it goes.

She grabbed some additional motes, and then learned a little extra magic from him before heading home. We also searched for a tome, and I don’t think we found one, but maybe.

Sadly, back at home that night she was visited, and he took his snack, mentioned how “tasty” we were and that he would be back. This is actually the first time I’ve had Vald actually bite someone. The first time he seemed to “forget” to eat and just cleaned up the house instead.

So the next morning we checked on our flamingos, which were all still standing, and because we were so tired from being bitten we decided to take it a bit easy today.

Thankfully the potion that Autumn learned was the potion of plentiful needs. This only need apples, and since we have an apple tree and we are going to the jungle this is a great choice.

So this has nothing to do, specifically, with the story, but can I just say, Sulani is just TOO pretty and the flamingos basking in the setting sun makes for such a fun picture. This is also farewell to Sulani for a bit.

It was time to send Autumn to the jungle and find a spouse. She also needs to get started on the artifacts collection and finding relics. Before heading out into the jungle we needed to shop for supplies, so Autumn killed time playing chess.

After buying some supplies with vendors who were old we stopped by the bar and liked the bar tender. After spending time getting to know her we discover she is not a native (aka I can’t learn Selvadorada Culture from her) so we continued our search.

These two are both pretty and both are residents of the jungle. So we check with Autumn and see what relationship builds up the fastest.

Autumn: You see her?

Yes, she was one of the choices.

Autumn: She has a pretty smile, and has given me advice about the jungle.

Ok, Desiree it is.

After building up the relationship with Desiree to a friendship we actually send Autumn to the jungle to get to the temple. She heads out with only 2 machete’s which doesn’t give me warm fuzzies, but it’s all that we could get our hand on.

We managed to excavate multiple excavation sites, and made it through the temple. There were multiple puzzles that gave us a fair amount of skill boost because we failed but avoided the traps. We did become poisoned once, but managed to overcome it.

Right at the end, we were blessed with the skeleton, which made our initial “date” with Desiree not the easiest, but we managed to get a strong relationship bond and will make her our wife soon enough.

It was fun to practice magic and uncover artifacts as a skeleton though. It’s too funny to see the way the skeleton moves when casting magic. Luckily after a few hours the skeleton wore off just in time for a notification.

It’s the Romance Festival, and we, of course, invite Desiree to join us. After drinking the punch they hang out chatting and flirting and talking about the festival.

Desiree kisses Autumn’s hands and I know we’ve got her. The lady in the background seems quite sad that Autumn is the one getting this kind of attention.

So we ask Desiree to become our girlfriend, and she accepts! Super exciting news for these two and I’m happy to have Desiree and we invited her to spend the night with us.

As soon as we reach our island home, Autumn goes in for the first kiss. Of course, after that, additional fun was had with this couple. I already love them.

The next morning the two become the best of friends by the flamingos, whom I might note, are still standing tall. We will have to add more once Desiree joins the family, but for now she goes home.

Which means that Autumn gets back to work cleaning up the islands. It’s a never ending job but it’s a goal, so we are determined. I realized that Autumn actually has a lot to do between getting higher in spell casting, visiting the jungle a few more times, cleaning up the island, collection seashells….hopefully she’ll get it all done.

Desiree and Autumn then have a date. We have a plan for this date, but she invites us to a bar at the Bay.

Desiree might become one of my favorite sims. Her facial expression are just too much fun. This face should look a little familiar.

Desiree: Who me?

Autumn: Yes, my love, you. I want you to share this wacky, crazy challenge with me.

Desiree: Oooh, so shiny.

Then this happened. I love it when a sim jumps into another one arms. These two are going to be very happy together I think.

I love when a sim can do romantic things like read poetry, or like this, spontaneously express our undying love. Desiree seems to like it, which is great.

Autumn needed to go research on the computer, so it’s over to a library the couple goes, but instead of going any further, we decide to elope right then and there.

Desiree: I don’t know, are you sure you want to do this here?

Autumn: Of course! I love you

Desiree: Are you sure? You only met me a little bit ago.

Autumn: I’m sure

Desiree: Ok, then here it comes! I’ve got the ring….and now you are mine.

Autumn: I was already yours.

Congrats to the happy couple. Desiree Vasquez joins the family and moves into the house, but we have to spend some time at the library first.

Desiree has an aspiration to be a Renaissance Sim, so she reads some books. She is also an Erratic sim, which means she stops to talk to herself all the time.

Back at home the flamingos are added for Desiree. We are going to need a lot more of these, especially with Ley Lines possibly adding additional kids easily.

The Humor and Hijiinks festival was in town that night, so we took the new couple there to participate. They joined the jokesters and won, which means they were able to get some fun prizes.

Once home we used the money Desiree brought with her, as well as selling some extra stuff picked up in the jungle to expand the house. It turned out really good I think and here is a bit of a slide show for the tour.

I think the house turned out really well, and although we will need additional rooms later, this is the perfect house for a small family starting out. I’m excited for these two to begin their family.

We will wrap up this update, I know it’s getting a bit long, with a loo at Desiree after a bit of a make-over. She is really pretty I think. She is a Foodie, Vegetarian, and as mentioned before Erratic. The vegetarian isn’t my favorite, but it will be fine. She is also a quick learner with her aspiration and she joins the conservative career as well.

Prologue | Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.02

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