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SimNaNo Entry #7

Welcome back to post 7 for SimNaNo. This is going to be a pretty long update, so let’s waste no time and get right to the goals:

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

  • Have 3 pregnancies each generation (5 of 9)
  • Workaholics (1 of 10 careers topped)
  • Tricks of the Trade (10 of 40 skills mastered)
  • Aspirational Family (10 of 30 aspirations competed)

We made great progress last time and Olive really just needs that last pregnancy and go write the novel. Well that and keep the island clean, but that hasn’t seemed too difficult.

So you got to see at the end of the last update the new area for the graves, but I didn’t show you the actual addition to the house. So here it is. I plan to put the rocket ship on the roof. We have a lot of the skilling items we are actually using up there and will move things in and out as needed

Void: She is not that funny

She’s working on it…shhhh.

Void: I can’t listen to this.

Yes Oceana is working on her comedy. Her first comedy routine is called Hairstyles Mishaps. You can see Olive working in the back and you can just see Blossom’s plumbob as she working Media Editing.

This towel-clad Brook picture is to say Brook maxed the dancing skill!

Brook: That’s right, I’ve got moooves.

Uh huh, you do, go paint.

Brook: Hey, that was my spotlight.

Yes, but if you want to be out on your own and released from this house before you are an elder you need to get your….done.

Well she ran off quickly. I will note I have given every one of the girls, and Fabiana a potion of youth. I want them to have time out in the world, and with it taking so long for the last baby/babies to have space in the home, I gave them one each, staggered out.

Oceana and Blossom head out for a little time away from the house. Blossom is working on the celebrity aspiration, but I don’t know that she is going to get there. She does hand out some autographs. I love how jealous the girl in blue looks that someone else is getting an autograph. She gets one a few moments later and faints.

Back at home we have an almost full family pictures….well, ok, a little over 1/2 a full family picture. While Olive works on grading papers everyone else eats some food and chats with Petunia.

This time I remember a birthday and Fabiana grows up into an adult like Olive is. They are still very cute together, but then it’s back to work. Feels like it’s never ending around here.

Blossom works more on the media production skill. I had never used this before, but it’s kind of fun. She does some inspirational blogs, and records some yoga videos that she edits and uploads.

I think I missed the picture of Lily coming home with an A and completing her aspiration. She gets Rambunctious Scamp next so we head to the playground, where we find a very pregnant Orca. Lily loves her aunt Orca. I have apparently been asleep at the wheel as this is Orca’s second child.

Back at home, without me even realizing it was time, little Petunia grows up to a child. Sorry Petunia. She doesn’t look very happy with me for forgetting her birthday.

This is Petunia after a bit of a make-over and with a smile on her face. She’s cute, and I actually can see a lot of her grandpa Desiree in her, although she looks a lot like her mom’s too. Even as a bad apple she managed to get Happy Toddler and she gets the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, and she is a Glutton.

I guess when we saw her Orca was about ready to pop and gave birth to Misty.

I send all the girls out to swim, which will work their fitness (or in Petunia, Lily, and Lavender’s case motor) while also upping everyone’s fun. They sometimes need it and in the clear water with turtles swimming around frequently it’s a lot of fun.

So I really like the paintings Brook was painting here and had never seen them before. It even helped put her over her milestone. Way to go Brook! She just needs to paint some masterpieces now and she will be finished.

This feels like a common sight in this house. Someone back there brewing a potion, the potion of plentiful needs of course, that potion is a life saver in this family, and multiple conversations going. It’s a fun kind of chaos.

Oceana finished up her second aspiration! This computer whiz one takes some time, but was a lot of fun, and Oceana hacked her work so she should be getting a promotion.

It’s time for the L-twins’ birthday and they both grew up with a…..hijab, is that what it’s called? Yeah, or at least similar. I wonder if they are trying to tell me something. They only have it as a bedtime head attire, so they do not keep it.

Here they are after their make-overs. I think both girls are absolutely beautiful, and with both being spellcasters, at this moment I’m secretly hoping one of them in heiress. Lily, in white of course, adds Vegetarian to Art Lover. She apparently heard stories of her grandma Desiree. She gets Master Actress as her aspiration as well. Lavender, on the other hand, gets the Hates Children trait. Sigh She gets the Nerd Brain aspiration and they each competed 2 aspirations each.

Both Blossom and Oceana complete skills. That’s 2 more out the way. These girls are on a roll!

I decided it was time to get the girls started on their magical training and Lily starts first and works with the cauldron. With mom being a potion expert they will hopefully learn quickly and maybe get some mentoring out of the deal.

Blossom has also been working on the Wellness skill. Before I had the mat out on the beach, but then the stormy season hit and Blossom is so close to maxing it, so I bring it inside and have her work. She is up to level 9. I admit, I wanted Blossom to get the promotion she needed so she could move out with Brook, but she wasn’t gaining it quickly, so we bought a wishing well and wished for a promotion, which the well granted.

One of the girls Lavender befriended as a girl came home with her after school and we chatted for a bit. I’m not completely sure why her fists are clenched, I guess the convo turned awkward.

The next day, thanks to careful watching over Brook’s performance and Blossom’s wish they both come home with the final promotion, level 10 Stylist and Writer. Blossom is not going to finish that other aspiration, but that’s ok. I just have one small thing left for reach of them.

Since I hadn’t used the board at all I have Brook fill it up with some impressions and she makes a style, because why not? She then takes some money and moves into a little two bedroom where she and Blossom will both live. Brook ends up with 17 traits, 1 career competed, 5 skills maxed (only 4 are new though) and 2 aspirations competed (not including the one childhood one.) She did great and deserves to have a good life.

Blossom comes home and gets back on the yoga mat. You can see she’s gotten good and before the end of the night she has maxed wellness. She moves out with Brook. Blossom managed to have 14 traits, maxed 3 skills (all new), and completed 1 adult, and 1 child aspiration. She might not have gotten as far as Brook, but she was only a couple things away from completing the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration, but I need room for kids.

After Brook and Blossom are settled in their new home These two head out to the waterfall and have some fun. I’m hoping for a successful woohoo as I believe, as long as she does the youngest can turn into kids before the eldest are YA, so we can have our heir poll. I’m hoping.

Teleporting back home and we discover SUCCESS!!! We have the final pregnancy of this generation and I’m not sure if it will be twins or not, but we have room for it to be. We’ll find out soon enough.

Olive heads back to Fabiana, who can’t teleport here and there like Olive and is still at the waterfall, and she shares the news. It’s like Fabiana is saying, but how can you know so fast???? So our final baby or babies are on the way. However that is where we will end this update. There was a lot going on this time and I know this had a lot more pictures, but hopefully you don’t mind.

As just a quick aside, these are Orca’s two kids. Wade she had with Jayme Jayme Kahananui, who was one of her girlfriends before, and he lives with Jayme. He is Clingy, but since Jayme doesn’t have red hair, that must have come from grandma Autumn. Misty, on the other hand, still lives with Orca and her other mama is Rosa Pancakes, who was Orca’s main squeeze for a long time. She is an Inquisitive toddler.

Orca is now married to this man, Juan Esteban Sandoval, and they are living with Misty and Juan sister. This family tree is going to get crazy quick at this rate. For now, however, that is all the time we have Next update we will see the new baby, and MIGHT get to an heir poll. That is my goal at least. We will see what happens, but thanks for joining us!

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,689 | 12,768 / 25,000
Pictures: +44 | 279 / 500

Post 2.08 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 2.10

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6 thoughts on “Comic Summer: Post 2.09”

  1. I do love a complicated family tree. I always have to keep the entire neighbourhood tracked with free family tree software just to keep up to date with who has kids with who.
    Can’t wait to see the latest little bundles.

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      1. It comes from the glitched days when the neighbourhood would ditch all the family ties so I had to keep track of everyone to make sure nobody ended up marrying their sibling or parent.

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