Hope in Dumpsters: People Watching

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For most of this challenge Bobbie has focused on diving in dumpsters, which makes sense as this is a dumpster diver challenge. This will continue but in the wee hours of the morning on day 12 we let Bobbie have a relaxing morning instead of running straight to the dump.

She starts by leaning Handiness by reading a book from the bookcase she dug up. She then sits and reads about Cooking for quite a while, but doesn’t finish up a point until she makes breakfast.

Breakfast on this day requires the use of the brand new food processor and Bobbie is happy to have the food processor even though it meant it took over the one food prep counter.

It’s about at this moment that I remember it’s not likely we will dig out a stove, so at some point we will buy her one so she can make additional meals.

We then take that brand new handiness skill and put it to work fixing the toilet. Right after that it’s time for Bobbie to head to “work” for the day at the dump.

While Bobbie begins her diving, I watch the people hanging out at the dump. Initially I thought this guy had earphones on, from a distance it sort of looked like it, but instead he’s just taking advantage of the book selection here at the dump.

A little while later he has a conversation with this guy about politics. It seems to go well, so apparently its not as polarizing a topic as it is here in our world.

Then I spot this little cat(?) across the street in the consignment shop. He’s thinking about something….a disguise?

One of sorts, more specifically with this guy it would look like. Why is he in the consignment shop looking so very suspicious? I watch for a while longer and then he leaves. Nothing interesting happened.

Then, apparently there was an electrocution around town somewhere. This gentleman showed up at the dump and engaged in conversation with this lovely looking lady. He appears to be thinking about her, I can only assume her thought bubble is for how this guy typically looks when not sooty.

The look around town ends as the day draws to a close, it was a much more interesting people watching day then some of them. Bobbie lays out her current treasures on the lawn. It was a short day of diving so it’s not as big as some days.

Lots more of that rug that seems so popular to throw out, a new TV, a couple of perfectly good trash cans…did people not think to just take the bag out and decided they were cheap enough they would just throw out the hold thing? Then some more gems and bugs.

So off Bobbie goes to the consignment shop to cut the gems, after donating the bugs to science and then she cosigns all the new gems.

The next day is day 13, we are getting closer and closer to the end of this challenge. Today Bobbie gets an earlier start and starts her diving. I, on the other hand, go check out the consignment store which seems busy for this early in the morning. We spy someone enjoying the rocking chair…

While other study or dance to the music.

Random Townie: Oh yeah!!! Get it on!

Meanwhile, on the bench out behind the consignment shop we have another couple studying, or reading in general. It is raining, so even though they are slightly under a tree they must be getting a little wet.

We end the day of diving a little early and Bobbie lays out her finds for the day. Lots more sitting objects again, with a couch, chair and bench. We also have yet another trash can, end table and only a couple of bugs today.

After a quick trip to the science lab to donate the 2 bugs she found it’s off to the consignment shop to cut the newest gems and put them up for consignment. So far Bobbie is getting a fair amount of money for her gems, and we forgot that she was going to start cosigning the metals as well after they were smelted.

We are up to day 14 now, and that means we have a week left of Bobbie’s dumpster diving days and we get to start with a DITFT. While Bobbie dives in the trash bins again, I swear that is what she is doing all day, we once again go people watching. These two are not having a good time together.

But they continue to make a go of talking with each other. They had just had broken hearts over each of those heads just a moment before this. Now she appears to be calling him a floppy eared lama!

It appearly breaks her heart that he is such a floppy lama and they lose even more relationship points.

I almost feel bad for this guy, but I’m not exactly sure what sort of relationship they had before all of this happened. That was the only thing interesting at the dump this day, and so Bobbie wraps up a little early. She wants some social time very badly, but we have her set all her finds out on the lawn.

Not many metals/gems today, but more bugs, and another couch and coffee table. There are also 3 wall hanging decorations in the background as well. After selling a few things, donating the bugs, and cutting and consigning the newest gems I take some of the money and work on finishing the outside of the house.

It’s winter time so there are icicles, but the entire house now has siding, a roof, a patio, windows and doors. 3 of the benches we have pulled out of the trash sit outside there is a grill we found, the fancy statue and a stereo. You can’t really make them out, but there are also a couple of flamingos and we got a frisbee as well.

Here is a look of the rooms inside so far. They are a bit cluttered at the moment, but I am working on sprucing the place up and reorganizing things.

Bobbie is lonely again, but the house is mostly clean, it mostly has flooring and it’s starting to get wallpaper in the rooms. We still have 7 more days to get everything finished and looking good before scoring but as day 14 closes Bobbie dreams of her trash.

Items bought since the beginning: Toilet, Refrigerator, Bed, Counter

A Look Around | Rules | Snowmen Winter

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2 thoughts on “Hope in Dumpsters: People Watching”

    1. It was funny to be that Bobbie dreamed of trash, but I can’t blame her. It’s what she does day in, day out. Yes, people-watching is just too funny in this game. Some of the “thought bubble” conversations are just too much.

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