EPIC Tripp: Garden of Eden – 1.06

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Generation 1: Garden of Eden

  • 2nd generation heir must get to level 5 skill of two of the following before he/she becomes a YA: gardening, fishing, cooking.
  • Scouts are allowed for the children and teens.

    Gen 1 Mini Challenge:
  • NO fridge allowed until the founder or spouse reaches level 10 of his/her chosen career. Sims must eat from their own garden. Before their garden is providing food, they will have to find others’ gardens from which to eat. +3 points
    >>Wood-burning stove can be used once the fridge is unlocked

We begin our second year with the Tripp family and during this season Belle will grow up into a teenager. Then she can start helping in the garden and work on getting either culinary or fishing skills.

In the meantime, however, we are still working on getting either Kiana or Johnny to the top of their career so we can finally get a fridge, and a wood-burning stove. The family has done well with using their garden with a grill to feed themselves, but it would be great to have as stove. To that end Kiana is still working on flower arranging and her goal today is to give a flower arrangement as a gift. She hands it to Mr. Goth who she greeted as he walked down the street.

Belle has managed to max her creativity skill, but she still needs to practice music and draw some things to reach her aspiration. However, in the interest of also getting some other skills higher she spends the afternoon playing chess with her dad.

Kiana proves she is a very good mom and tucks her daughter into bed. We have not had any issues with the monsters under the bed and Belle sleeps through the night.

Now that Belle is not a toddler anymore the garden work is handled much eaiser, and the fact it’s organized has made a huge difference for Kiana.

Kiana: Speak for yourself, the work still takes hours every day.

Yes, but you don’t have to take care of all the plants all the time, or wonder across the large garden nearly as much as it’s sorted by season.

Kiana: I suppose the is true, I am at a gardening level 9 now and can just focus on the plants that need work.

Kiana is also getting much better at cooking and has learned how to make campfire scrambles and breakfast scrambles. She even has the fruit to be able to make cobbler sometimes too.

Johnny has reached his decision level in the Military. Does he go for being an officer or for being some sort of spy? For Johnny it makes sense to keep heading for being an officer, no need to use any sort of strange electronics.

We have started seeing Belle yell a lot about doing just about anything. Here she yells during a conversation with her mom. Her mom asks about it and we discover that Belle has gone into a phase, Loud.

Bell: Hey mom this breakfast scramble is great! It’s nice to have something other than grilled fruit.

Johnny: I agree sweetheart, this is great!

Kiana beams with pride at her family enjoying her latest creations.

Belle spends the needed time to draw the rest of the drawings that she needed and we are now at only needing to play music for a few more house to reach her aspiration.

Belle comes home with a new school project, this time about chemistry, and as you might be able to tell from the picture above, Belle has joined the scouts. Kiana and Johnny sit down and help Belle with her project and it tuns out pretty good.

Belle enjoys setting off her project and watching it go off like it is supposed to.

We finally get a monster under the bed to wake Belle up late one morning, which was almost the time she would have gotten up anyway.

Johnny is also ready to get up so I have him start to head in to go spray the monster when I get this alert:

I had no idea this could happen, and was pleasantly surprised by how happy Belle was when it happened. She was doing so well that after school she ran out to start making a friend.

Kiana continues to work in her garden and on her flower arranging. The flower arranging skill takes FOREVER to level up at these higher levels, and she only has a single gardening skill left as well. Still, she continues to practice every day. I believe I counted here were only 3 flowers that she was not already raising herself. That makes her flower arrangements free to make and beautiful to sell.

I promise in the picture below Kiana is not scolding Belle, who is actually a really good kid. She is helping her her homework.

Scene’s like this are common in this family with Johnny needed charisma, Belle always working on her school work and Kiana left to her own devices often after finishing her gardening work.

Kiana is also the most frequent fixer of anything broken in the house.

Kiana: This stupid tub, I cannot figure out how this keeps getting broken. *grumble grumble*

I know Kiana, I have yet to figure out exactly how tubs and toilets filled with “river water” manage to break and spray water everywhere.

Kiana: At least I was able to upgrade the clothes line to try and and keep it from breaking all the time.

Belle has managed to get all of her needed things completed to reach her creative aspiration. We decide to give her a change to get a social one and she heads out to chat with the adults walking by. I also happen to love Belle’s “hot” clothing, and I haven’t touched any of these guys (other than Kiana obviously) so what they have is what the game gave them.

Belle reaches her social skills up quite a bit more and manages to get the Sociability badge for scouts pretty quickly. She also easily gets the Scholarly Aptitude one. So, because everyone is needing some fun chess is played, and watched by Johnny.

Belle sees the girl she is trying to be friends with, who I keep forgetting to write the name down of, and invites her in to try and make friends with her.

They talk and talk for most of the afternoon, build a sandcastle together, do the scouts secret handshake together and never manage to finish making friends. They are closer, however, and since it’s Love Day we needed to focus on her parents more.

Kiana and Johnny do a bunch of Love Day activities and head out on a date after giving each other gifts and flowers. The date goes well and they end it about 15 minutes early because they are both so tired after a full day of work, and an exciting date.

Belle has achieved yet another scouting badge in the Civic Responsibility badge and gets this alert.

Great job Belle!!!

Belle: Thanks, I really should work on the arts and crafts badge next, I already have so many crafts in my bag.

It’s true, I am sorry I haven’t let you focus on it much yet.

Belle, instead, is sent to go fishing for a while to work on the outdoors badge. This will also get her started on fishing skills she will need as a teen.

The family actually sits down to dinner with decent frequency and are very close with each other.

After looking at how much Kiana has been harvesting lately I decided it was time to have a farmer’s market again and Johnny, who had the day off, stocks up the table and starts trying to sell off a lot of the excess produce and flowers. Kiana keeps around 50 flowers and 10 to each vegetable to keep product to use at her bench or grill.

We then get a notification that Belle is growing up into a teenager. I head over to check out what she looks like now, and she looks a lot like her mom I think, only with blonde hair.

With her growing up we now get to start on the last requirement of this generation in giving her two skills to a level 5 in gardening, fishing, and/or culinary. With the size of our garden that should be an easy one for her to get, and then we will have to decide how to proceed from there. Join us in the next update when we get to start out with Belle’s teen years.

Post 1.05 | Rules Page | Post 1.07

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