Howlnet Asylum: Week 1

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Welcome back to Howlnet. Our first week watching our insane sims has commenced and been completed and here are the things that happened during this first week.

Actually, first, I realized I never really showed you the asylum last time you joined us. You met the inhabitants, didn’t see where they leave. So here is a quick look inside. Right inside the front door and to the left you have one of the bedrooms, with 3 of the beds in it, a mirror, and then the “dining room” and the kitchen that also has a fishtank.

In the center area of the house you have the chess table, guitar, living room area with a TV, bookcase, easel, and workout bar.

Finally to the right of the front door there is another bedroom with 2 beds in it and one more mirror (since they don’t count as a “skill” object we went ahead and put one in each room. Then there is the single bathroom that has the tub/shower combo, and the toilet (which is “blocked” off from the tub to allow for someone to use the toilet and also bathe at the same time.

As you can see we have our 5 bed spots (5 single beds), 6 seating (2 chairs at the table, 2 at the chess board, and 2 in front of the TV), and 1 napable piece of furniture (the rocking chair). We have the one toilet and the one shower/tub combo, the one sink is in the kitchen. Our 5 skill building items are the chess board, easel, work out bar, guitar, and….I guess we only gave ourselves 4. We do have a TV, but no other electronic entertainment, we have the cheap stove and the one fridge.

All right, so let’s start out week one. Because we took time to create the ghosts that are in the backyard we actually don’t move everyone in until the evening of Sunday. As everyone gets inside Bert talks to himself, I send Darwin to start a meal, and the rest just wander around getting the layout of the place.

Our resident bookworm, Redd, makes a bee line for the bookcase and settles himself in for some reading. He doesn’t actually stay long, but he does start the process.

One of our virtuoso’s, Veronica settles in to start playing the guitar. She isn’t very good as she has no skill levels, but she must put a spell out because everyone starts coming to watch her, and I don’t believe anyone boos.

Suddenly there is a rush to get food. Everyone realized they were hungry and Darwin had made food not too long ago, so dinner was had by all.

Veronica and Bert show off how they are going to be helpful during the challenge. Veronica decides to cook, but she makes another salad, so no actual cooking is involved, and Bert works on cleaning up all the dishes in the house.

The ghosts start coming out after dark, and while some of the sims don’t seem to care, others are not happy about seeing them.

Luna decides to take a turn on the guitar and plays for a bit. People gather around, but so must not be as enthralling as Veronica is at it.

Darwin ropes Vernon into playing some chess with him. He needs skills, and also needs to still find the job in Law Enforcement. It takes a couple of days before he does, and they cannot pay the bills until he comes home with the first paycheck.

After playing the chess match with Darwin, Vernon decides he doesn’t want the left over salad that is in the fridge. No no no, he wants mac and cheese. Now hot dogs are his favorite meal, but apparently he had an hankering. He, however, makes a successful batch.

The guitar, I can tell, is going to be a very popular skill item with all of these sims. Ferby takes his turn at the guitar, this time in his regular genie outfit. They change in and out of outfits, due to being insane, all the time, so I will do my best to get the names right.

Our two vampires take some time out of doing other things to share a box of plasma juice. Luckily the fridge has plenty of it, although Darwin has already had a moodlet from being “hunted” by a vampire, so we will see.

The ghosts are out frequently, at least groups of them. Luckily we usually only get 3 or 4 of them at a time. I’m sure that is, at least in part, due to the number of sims already living here. We also get a chance to see Luna in werewolf form.

Veronica is going to be trouble if I don’t get through this challenge quickly I think, I can just feel it. She starts practicing her magic multiple times. I’m assuming she is running out of “magic juice” whatever they call her reserves and doing it again as it refills.

The ghosts really start to get the better of some sims this night. Even Darwin passes out from being too freaked out by the werewolves and ghosts. He is a skeptic afterall.

The next day we notice we have had our first toilet clog, so Darwin heads in to fix it before heading to work. Luckily he doesn’t have any problems.

Today Darwin enlists Vaynia to help him out with his chess game. We are trying to get most of the inmates to play with Darwin at least once, maybe he might even make friends.

I was worried it was never going to get used but our avant garde (at least I’m pretty sure this is Luna) started working on a painting, then her absent-mindedness kicked in and she wandered off.

Veronica is one of the most helpful inmates imaginable. I haven’t always taken pictures, but she cooks (and hasn’t yet started a fire), she cleans up dishes, she mops, and here she is cleaning up plasma boxes. If I ever do an ISBI in TS3 I might throw her into town and hope to marry her in.

Poor Burt actually gets picked on a lot. I feel bad for him. The others like to heckle him, and when he wets himself it just adds more fuel to the fire. I don’t know what Bret’s relationships are like, of course, but I can’t imagine he is making too many friends.

Ferby isn’t about to be outdone by the witch Veronica, so he cleans up Burt’s pee puddle. He was looking more concerned about him then gleefully aghast in the picture above.

It’s a quiet evening and after doing his “chores” for the day Ferby sits down to play some chess all by himself. I think these sims are going to end up with a fair amount of skill points by the end.

Here we find Veronica back to practicing her guitar. The virtuoso trait in her is very very strong. Vernon is also a virtuoso and I’m not sure I’ve seen him anywhere near the guitar, maybe once.

After giving a little concert…and she is getting better…Veronica goes and makes another meal…and doesn’t start a fire. I swear, these guys are all way too good at taking care of themselves.

We have more ghostly visitors this night, and Luna is not happy about them. She has also started going out hunting at night a lot more often.

We had a rash of bathroom accidents the next day. Seemed everyone needed to go at once and the toilet was clogged again, so I had Darwin head to fix it and everyone else just ended up wetting themselves. It a good thing I haven’t had to keep track of that. Regardless, I believe one of those sims was Vaynia, but she cleans up her own puddle.

It’s back to practicing chess for Darwin, he is nearly at a level 5 in logic so he asks Redd to sit down with him. The outfit Redd has on is just too much for me, I love it. It’s like he’s a pimp vampire. In the background we can see that Vernon is finally using the guitar.

I was beginning to wonder if the pull up station would ever get used either, and then I look over and see that….Redd went over and started working out after his chess match.

While he is working out I spy that Luna is getting ready to cook. I don’t believe she has cooked once so far, so we keep a close eye on her. She mixes up the mac and cheese then leaves it on the counter. That’s ok, it can’t burn anything down on the counter. I have Darwin head over to start cooking it, but before he gets over there Luna comes back and pops it on the stove. She then walks away. Luckily, some ghosts were haunting and one of them took over to finish the job.

We were so close to some potential excitement in this house, but no such luck. Those darn helpful ghosts. So instead of a fire, we check out Veronica working on her spells again. Her bar looks like it’s getting fuller.

Right at the end of the first week, we get our first excitement. A fight breaks out between our two werewolves, Luna and Vernon, in one of the bedrooms.

With that, we end our first week. Darwin has reached level 5 in logic, and is in the law enforcement career. He hasn’t achieved a promotion yet, but he has only been to work once, so that isn’t surprising. Next week he probably will get one. Maybe next week will be more exciting too.

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