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Hi hi hi! Welcome back to the Otts family. We have had much more successful entries, even though we still lost some points, the last couple round and we hope like crazy that we are on the upswing now. So let’s not waste any more time and just get into it.

We start with Alan and Adura taking a little trip out to a park. I do not remember why we came out here, but I do know Alan took some time to play his violin. I think I was hoping Audra would introduce herself to some sims.

A little later that afternoon once everyone is home again we spy this site. I’m not sure where Alan is, but everyone else is napping, IN A BED!!! Progress people!

Alan’s faces are just too funny to not catch sometimes. This is him making faces at Audra, he was needing some charisma. This put him right over, which puts him ready for a promotion.

Poor Audra was exhausted, but also had to pee. She started to go to bed and almost instantly got up and walked into the bathroom where she just didn’t quite make it. -5 points

Audra: Was that my water breaking?

No, sadly, you just peed yourself. Sorry honey.

Audra: Oh yuck, now I need another shower. Man, pregnancy bladder is no joke.

Alan comes home a little while later with the promotion I knew should be coming. Great job Alan! This was the branching promotion and he picked the musician track.

Oh my gosh guys. Why isn’t THIS worth points???!!! Everyone is sleeping, at the same time, in the right beds. Including the cat!

Look at this cute little Jill!!! I love her.

I am pretty sure Bailie is around the corner, walking to the table with her food, which means everyone ate breakfast today too. It’s a miracle. Are we, PERHAPS, getting on a schedule of some kind?

Since Bailie needs to play on playground equipment while playful we decide to head to the part. Bailie decides to stand around and talk to everyone who came with them, and Bryce was talking to new people…..

Which means, he has managed to get the first milestone of his aspiration completed!!! +5 points

Way to go Bryce!!! You got us the first positive points since about the time your sister was born!!!!

Bryce: I did? How?

You reached a milestone in your social aspiration.

Bryce: Oh, cool. Can I do more?

By all means, please try!

Aunt Ariana and Uncle Arthur are way more interesting to Bailie than playing on the jungle gym. Well, at least one kid is getting us points.

Bryce spends some time with his dad playing chess. I’m ok with this, perhaps Alan can become his best friend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone autonomously become best friends. Anyone know if that is a thing?

Audra! What are you doing? The bench you were sitting on is literally right next to the bathroom. You can even see it in the back of this picture. -5 points

Audra: Ah, my water broke.

No, again, you just peed yourself. You’ve been in labor before girl! What is up with you?

Audra: I’m so tired of being pregnant!

Back at home Bryce sits down to do his homework. Come on A’s!

He’s quickly followed by his sister.

Bryce: Copy cat.

Bailie: Am not, I just was doing some stuff first!

You should both be doing your homework, so keep at it!

I get this notification and have to wonder….is this going to be like his dad being “evil” or will he ACTUALLY be mean?

Audra: My water actually broke this time.

So the notification says, yes. Ready to go to the hospital?

Audra: Let me just take this trash out first.

Back to being super mom I see!

It’s another trip to the hospital I have decided must have changed it’s name to Ectoplasm Medical Center. Even the doctor is a ghost this time!

Audra: I don’t want to be…, but ghosts are SO SLOW!

They don’t really have anywhere they have to be I guess.

Audra: Yes, but this baby isn’t going to stay in forever!

Here comes Ghost Doc, and man, Audra is right.

Audra: I told you! Come on doc, this baby is ready!

It’s a new little boy! Everyone meet Brodie Otts. It’s impossible to tell who he takes after yet, but the family is ready to get home.

Where we find Eddie visiting. Well Eddie, I appreciate you moping, but it won’t do much good seeing as how you JUST broke the sink. I mean, come on ghosts, can we bypass ANY plumbing?

Since it’s the weekend we decide to try and take Bailie to the park again. She plays for a short period of time and then is done. Alan appears to have had a great time.

We decide to change parks, as this one doesn’t have any food options nearby or ways to make food, and I don’t want to have to call it a day too early. Apparently at this park though there was a cos-play event happening.

The kids both decide to play on the jungle gym, but Bailie is never playful enough to have it do her any good. Alan even tries to joke with her and nothing.

So, back home we head, without any points gained from the excursion. I will keep trying. Once we get back home we get this notice.

About time Ariana, I’ve been wondering if you and Arthur were going to do anything more than just live in StrangerVille alone for a long time.

Bryce, don’t pour all of that onto poor Jill.

Bryce: I didn’t pour it on her, she is in the way.

You shouldn’t be making the mess anyway!

Oh well, I guess mom has it “taken care of” in her own mom way. I do love Audra.

It’s birthday time again! Who for this time you are asking? Why, Alan! He is going to be an adult now.

Happy Birthday Alan, welcome to adult hood!

You actually are looking more and more like your dad as you get older. I love genetics. I think that feels like a great spot to stop this update. I know it’s slightly shorter than some of the others, but next time we will see what little Brodie looks like as a toddler!


Self Wetting (-5) : 7 (-35)
Pass Out (-5) : 35 (-175)
Failing School (-5) : 0 (0)
Accidental Deaths (-10) : 0 (0)
Fires (-10) : -0 (0)
Social Worker Visit (-15) : 0 (0)
Negative Traits Earned (-5): 0 (0)

Single Birth (+5) : 6 (+30)
Twins (+10) : 0 (0)
Triplets (+15) : 0 (0)
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5) : 16 (+80)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10) : 2 (+20)
Skills maxed by NTH family members (+10) : 0 (0)
NTH children earning an A in school (+5) : 2 (+10)
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10) : 0 (0)
Positive Traits Earned (+5): 4 (+20)
NTH Toddler Skills Maxed (+5): 4 (+20)
NTH Toddler Becoming Top-Notch (+10): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Becoming Happy Toddler (+5): 3 (+15)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10) : 0 (+0)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10) : 1 (+10)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20) : 110,225 (+20)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5) : 1 (+5)

TOTAL: +20

Well, we have broken even with the last update. We have at least stopped the constant point loss, so that is a good thing. The kids have been doing their homework dutifully so hopefully they will come home with A’s soon.

Alan 07 | Rules | Family Tree | Alan 09

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