Coloure Wheel: Birthdays!

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Welcome back to the Coloure Wheel! The last we were with the Coloure family twins were born, and then glitched and didn’t age up at the right now, and another baby was added to the mix. Have you figured out my naming theme yet? At the end of play, we had 3 toddlers, essentially triplets.

Let’s start out by checking in with 4/5th of this family all in the same room. Charlene, the mom, is back watching her girls as they eat and sleep. In the yellow all the way at the end is Christine, then Meg is next eating, and napping is little Carlotta.

Garrett, our Coloure daddy, comes in to give little Carlotta a bath as everyone else starts working on their skills. Charlene maxed painting aspiration last time, as you may remember, and now is working on Super Parent.

The twins really do look a lot alike, but Carlotta has a much different look. I hope we keep going with unique looks like this throughout the 14 kids needed.

It seems like all these toddlers do it eat, but here is a fun look at them all working on their movement in order to come get breakfast. They were really skilling, I just apparently didn’t take pictures.

Aww….both Charlene and Garrett are good parents, and this is such a sweet picture of them with Carlotta. She specifically asked for a hug.

The girls are growing up in a few days, so it’s time to work on the next baby in the family. Maybe it will be a boy this time. There is room for it, so let’s hope we don’t get multiples again.

Another early morning for Charlene with Christine wanting food early, and Benny is out eating spoiled food. Well I guess if someone is going to eat it, a ghost is probably a better bet. Everyone also needs a bath.

So it was lotto day, and we didn’t win, of course, but I think this lotto might have been rigged. I’m sure he is VERY excited about his winnings because he REALLY needed the money.

Back from that time in the shower, success. Yes, Charlene, that is your husband and the father to all of your children, present and future. It’s cute she thought of him.

Why not working extra movement and gain some fun without having to go out in the rain, let’s dance! I think Meg was playing with the dollhouse, or maybe she was on the slide, and so these two were dancing to work on movement.

I just love this picture and I’ll let you take it all in. Carlotta on the potty, watching with pretty big interest, Garrett and Christine playing, and Meg’s upset face. It wasn’t because she wasn’t the one playing, but it works out so well here.

I love this painting. I think I’ll put it in the girls’ room when they get their kid’s bedroom. The house is a weird mishmash of rooms right now, but it’s fun anyway.

Ah, see, proof that at least Meg skilled. Her little face here is just too darn cute, and I love the little jacket she is wearing. I’m going to have to save these kids and use some of them later maybe.

Oh look, more skilling. I think at this point, Christine needed 1 thinking, Meg needed 1 imagination, and Carlotta needed 1 communication, 1 imagination, 1 thinking and 1 movement….although she was most of the way there with most of those.

Oh boy, we know what this face means, it’s time to head to the hospital for the next little Coloure baby. Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?

This is where Garrett has been for all 3 of the births. He runs in, sits down in that chair and waits. I wonder what he would do if I just didn’t bring him next time. Charlene was less than impressed. I don’t think she really wants to do this 10 more times (or maybe a little less if we get more multiples.)

Who guessed girl??!!! Meet Velma Coloure, our newest little addition. We won’t’ know what her coloring is like until she gets a little older.

Back home it’s time for bed. The girls will be bubbling when they wake up in the morning and we will have birthdays!!! For now, Charlene reads Meg to sleep (I believe she read Christine to sleep just a moment before) and Garrett gets Carlotta.

Happy Birthday, Christine and Meg! Christine grew up into the purple sweater and Meg grew up into the striped shirt. I’ll show you their updated make-overs in a moment.

Christine is very dirty and needs a bath, but she is also hungry so sits down with Garrett for some breakfast. You can get a peek at her make-over here.

Both girls join the scouts, then sit down and do their homework while Charlene eats some breakfast. Looks like Christine is still in need of a bath as well.

But first, we need to get little Carlotta her birthday cake. She bubbles only a few hours after her sister’s birthday days. It’s sort of fun having them slightly offset but still basically the same day. All 3 maxed all their toddler skills giving them Top-Notch Toddler trait.

So let’s end this update with a closer look at the girls. Christine is in glasses with the shorter hair. She rolled Bookworm and will be working on the Whiz Kid aspiration. Her twin Meg, rolled Mean. I found it funny she was Fussy before, which uses the same icon as mean. She is also going for Whiz Kid aspiration.

This is little Carlotta after her make-over. She is quite the pretty girl if I do say so myself. She rolled the Loves Outdoors trait and got the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

Next time we will see what Velma looks like as a toddler, have WinterFest, Garrett will drink his first youth potion, and we’ll see how the girls do in their aspirations, and maybe Garrett will finish his. He only needs to finish the last Writing skill point. Until next time!

Age Up! | Rules | Family Tree | Skilling Away

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