Latte Game – Generation 2.14

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Welcome to the Latte’s latest update! The family is happy to have you back visiting and this will be the last post before our next heir, Halix, takes over the family. Last time we saw Ixael reach his childhood aspiration and Halix worked on her scouting badge. Let’s see how things go this time.

Ixael’s newest aspiration is the Whiz Kid aspiration. He’s already up to level 8 or 9 in mental skill, so it made the most sense to work on first. Zophi, being the good mom she is, read to him for a couple of hours.

We get the fun news that a new little bear Latte is on the way. Ember is pregnant and the last of the kids to have kids I believe. She is the youngest of course, so we will see how many kids she ends up having.

We also get a look at Nick’s baby girl, who is now a toddler. She is a cutie, but I’ll give you a better picture at the end of this update. I’m happy for Nick. He might have gotten started late, but he seems happy.

Halix works on repairing the speaker in the dinning room. She is working through some of the initial milestones for her Musical Genius aspiration and should be able to get a decent start on it before becoming a YA.

Ixael comes home with his A in elementary school! Way to go Ixael. I’m very happy for him, and that gives us some points as well. Additionally, Halix certainly has had her A for 3 days, so I will likely count those points for her.

So this picture is just to say, I love this outfit on Halix! She loos adorable. Also, Zophi has taken to watching cooking on TV and has now maxed both cooking and gourmet cooking. We are going to miss her making meals for the family.

Halix finally got that final point for the Get Fit badge and is now a full Llamacorn scout, so she now has scouting aptitude. Very happy she finally reached this level. Not sure why it took so long.

I had slacked a little on working on Ixael’s aspiration, but Zophi sat down with him and played some chess so we got through that initial milestone. Only a little bit further to go. Gotta focus and do homework now.

Ixael is now on the last milestone, where he needs to make potions, and get to mental level 10. He’s almost through, just needs a little bit more mental work. Ixael should finish this second aspiration without issue.

Sure enough, shortly after that last picture was taken, I got the notice. Ixael completed 2 aspirations as a kid. He chooses Artistic Prodigy for the next one, although he’s not going to reach it.

Aww, look, Nick is going to have another baby. He may be an elder, but hopefully he’ll live long enough to watch his kids grow up some.

Harvey has almost maxed the fitness skill. I’m not sure that means he should be swimming with an umbrella. It can’t be easy.

Halix met this kid at school, he’s older than her though and becomes a YA the next day after this picture. I’m trying to keep an eye open for a spouse for her since we are going to need someone.

It’s now Ixael’s birthday. Zophi bakes up a cake and Ixael comes over to blow out the candles and becomes a teen.

It was also Zophi’s birthday and she is now an elder. I will miss her when all is said and done but I send Ixael over to get a bit of a make-over and also give a small make over to Zophi.

Here is Ixael after his make-over. He adds Kleptomaniac to his traits, and also gets the Mental and Socially gifted traits as well. He has 3 badges left to reach being a Llamacorn scout and then he will have Scouting Aptitude.

Vince is now a YA. That means we will need to go flag him soon. All of Kevin’s kids are now YA. Meanwhile Nick and Ember are still having kids.

We send Halix out to start taking care of the garden. Many of these tasks will start falling to her as she gets older and starts to take over the heirship.

This is a good look at Zophi’s makeover. We changed her hair some, and just gave her a bit more of a hairstyle that seemed to fit where she is in life now. She is still at level 9 in her career and she is close to maxing it.

Halix sits down and works on her journal writing, meanwhile Ixael works on his homework. Halix has her A already, but Ixael is sitting at a B so far.

Halix is working on guitar. She is getting better and better and has managed to get through two milestones of her musical genius aspiration so far. I love her face as she plays. She’s a uniquely pretty sim.

Pixey calls Halix and invites her down to the romance festival. We bring Zax, Oxkar, Yenifer, and Ixael with us as well. They spend time drinking the punch, talking with people and hanging out. Nothing too exciting happens.

Ember has her baby. A new baby boy Latte is here, and we will see Ethan later once he is a toddler. It’s about here we get the notice that Halix is ready to grow up soon.

We head over to Kevin’s apartment and flag Vince. He isn’t too thrilled with the idea, but I don’t overly care. They spend some time hanging out with everyone.

As Ixael heads home we spy this box and have Halix go search for a snow globe. We also take time to grab the posters that are around really quickly.

Right as I get ready to send her home we spy this sim. He’s kind of cute, also is a teen getting ready to be a YA. They chat for a bit and hit it off ok, but I’m not sure he is her great love.

He does come home with her after school the next day however, but their relationship actually starts to drop a fair amount, so that seals it. This is not Halix’ great love story.

Oh look most of the Staud kids have grown up into teens, including Christine, whom they adopted last entry I believe. The only one missing is Zelphie from this list.

Oh I spoke too soon. There is Zelphie, and she is now a YA as well which means it’s time to go flag her as well.

We have one final notice that Nick’s newest baby has arrived and it’s a little boy named Ivan. We will have to see what Ivan looks like as a toddler soon enough.

Zax invites us to his birthday party, so we bring the whole family and Pixey as well to make it so all the family is there. When we arrive we find that Nick, Ember, Isla, and Yenifer are also there for the party. A good time was had by all, and it happened to be spooky day so there was even a couple trick or treaters.

On our way out of the party Halix also grew up into a YA. She adds the Materialistic trait and I believe she got Good Manners and Responsible as well. It’s time for the next generation to take over. I’m very excited. So with that, we will call this update complete!

This is Nick’s daughter Natalie. She is a cutie, and I can see a lot of Nick in her. I’m excited to see what his son looks like now.

Here is Orion, in both human and vampire form. He is the only son of Zorah and Vlad. He’s not a horrible looking sim, although his vampire side is certainly darker.

This is Orion’s twin Opal. She is actually rather pretty for a Straud. She looks a lot more like her mom and is apparently going for the “party vampire” look.

Finally here is Christine. She was adopted by the Straud’s a bit ago and has also grown up into a teen now. She is just a normal sim, and I have to believe her growing up has been interesting.

So now that we have come to the end and checked out all the cousins let’s take a quick look at score.

Points for letters: 5 (K) + 4 (Y) + 1 (N) + 30 (Z’s) + 1 (O) + 3 (P) + 4 (H) = 48 Points
Top of the Career: 5 Points
– Ukupanipo: Conservationist
A Lifetime of Aspiring: 15 Points
– Beach Life: Ukupanipo
– Nerd Brain: Uupanipo
– Fabulously Wealthy: Harvey
Skilled Sims: 52 Points
– Cooking: Ukupanipo, Zophi
– Fitness: Ukupanipo
– Logic: Ukupanipo
– Parenting: Kynzie
– Video Gaming: Kynzie
– Creativity (child): Kevin, Yuri, Isla, Ember,
– Mental (child): Nick, Pixey, Halix, Ixael
– Social (child): Ixael
– Gourmet Cooing: Zophi
Collections: 1 Points
Paintings: 0 Points
Matriarchy: 2 Points
Helicopter Parent: 81 Points
– Toddler Skills Maxed: Kevin (5), Yuri (4), Nick (4), Zorah (5), Zophi (5), Isla (5), Ember (4), Zax (3), Oxkar (4), Pixey (5), Halix (5), Ixael (5)
– Watcher made it through
– Child Aspirations Met: Kevin, Yuri, Nick, Isla, Ember, Pixey, Halix, Ixael (x2)
– Age Child Up Early
– A’s: Kevin, Yuri, Nick, Zorah, Isla, Ember, Zax, Oxkar, Pixey, Halix, Ixael
– Teen A’s for 3 days: Halix
– Teen jobs maxed
Let the Public Decide: 5 Points

Total Score: 209

Well the score really jumped up from the last time. It’s very cool to see how much can be done with this family. Well that’s it for now and we will see you next time when Halix takes over!

Generation 2.13 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.1

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