Otts Family – Bailie 04

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Welcome back to the insanity that is the Otts. We all know we love this crazy family. Last time we got news that the new generation is growing and this time we should be welcoming the first baby C. Adalyn proved she belongs in this house and was a good big sis-in-law to Brodie, and we received word that Ariana has passed on. So let’s see how it goes this update!

We are going to start at a very exciting moment when Adalyn starts walking into the hospital to have our newest Otts. Bailie is back there freaking out. I was really nervous sending her because she was exhausted.

Bailie decided to nap in a chair in the waiting room, and while I always find it interesting what spouses do while the other goes to have a baby, I am totally fine with her decision to nap instead of try and follow and pass out.

Especially since I’m about ready to pass out. Yeah, do you see it? Uh huh….


Ok, well meet Corey and Cedric Otts. The twin sons of Adalyn and Bailie Otts. Of course it was twins. We had started out this generation so good….well, I’ll think positive.

Meanwhile, while the twins were being born, we received notice that Ariana’s husband has remarried since her passing. Well good for him I guess. Their daughter was at least a teen already.

My dear, sweet….I mean “evil” Alan. He goes in and feeds one of the boys, and cuddles and talks with them while Adalyn gets some sleep.

Alan, you have no idea how much you are going to be missed, but at least you got to meet your grandsons.

Alan: Shhh…he’s falling asleep.

*whisper* Oh sorry….

Bryce came by to visit and to meet his nephews. I think Bailie is still in shock over the fact she has twin sons in the house now. It’s hard for me to believe too.

Then, coming home from work, Alan does this, which I have been dreading coming. The neighbor who was prepared to come over and start fighting Alan looked on in disgust as his prey lay dying in the room. Servers you right for getting ready to beat up an elder.

I’m not ready, so I have Bailie plead for Alan’s life. Sadly, death doesn’t care, yet again. Death has been very cruel to this family. No one every reaches death here. *sniff* bye Alan.

Eddie is out and pays tribute to his son by playing the violin. Eddie may not be very good at it, but he remembers his sons mentoring all the same. It’s a sad day for us all Eddie.

Brodie comes up to help Adalyn with the twins. They haven’t been too bad, but still Adalyn could use some more sleep for sure. Once one wakes up the other usually will need something soon after.

Hard to believe, but it’s time for Brodie to grow up. Bailie is back on the computer, but Adalyn celebrates her brother in law blowing out his candles. They all wish Alan was still here to see him grow up, but he’s ready to start life on his own.

Brodie reaches the first milestone of his aspiration, Big Happy Family, by turning into a YA, so thanks for the +5 points! He adds non-committal to his traits, to go along with Kleptomaniac and Music Lover, and he manages Good Manners and Responsible. That’s another +10 points. Thanks Brodie! You will be missed!

Analyn’s sister came by to meet the boys as well. She actually does a decent job of taking care of whichever baby this is. Sorry, I am not sure who is where, although I THINK this might be Cedric.

Adalyn goes through life in a bit of a daze, napping on the couch, and then cleaning up some dishes. She could use a good night sleep, but that will have to wait until the babies are a little older.

These two still make time to sit and talk with each other. They are so sweet, I love them. Bailie hasn’t been able to do much working out since she’s been taking care of the babies so much.

That does not mean that Adalyn doesn’t do her part. It often takes her a couple of tries, but usually she can get the baby taken care of by herself. They often are changed when they don’t yet need it, but at least she gets there.

Bailie is also pretty out of it, heading to bed at about 6 AM since she was up all night with the twins and just came down to get some food. I’m just hoping she makes it to bed.

She does, and everyone gets some much needed sleep, including the babies. I love this little family unit right now so much. They are so sweet all the way around.

Audra is out the next night and enjoys chatting with her daughter. We miss you around here Audra, but Bailie is doing great as TH! I love that she seems to be very proud of showing off her painting.

Alan! You are out! It’s so good to see you again! I miss you Alan. He is very sad and just heads to a bed to cry it out for a bit.

And it’s time for the twins to grow up. The first picture is Cedric, I think, and then you can see Corey growing up as well. I haven’t yet given them make-overs, but they both rolled Wild, so that should be fun.

Well I feel like that is a really good place to leave off for this update. Next time we will see the twins toddler hood and see if Adalyn and Bailie every get anymore sleep.


Self Wetting (-5) : 8 (-40)
Pass Out (-5) : 43 (-215)
Failing School (-5) : 0 (0)
Accidental Deaths (-10) : 0 (0)
Fires (-10) : 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit (-15) : 0 (0)
Negative Traits Earned (-5): 0 (0)

Single Birth (+5) : 6 (+30)
Twins (+10) : 1 (+10)
Triplets (+15) : 0 (0)
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5) : 23 (+115)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10) : 3 (+30)
Skills maxed by NTH family members (+10) : 1 (+10)
NTH children earning an A in school (+5) : 5 (+25)
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10) : 0 (0)
Positive Traits Earned (+5): 9 (+45)
NTH Toddler Skills Maxed (+5): 5 (+25)
NTH Toddler Becoming Top-Notch (+10): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Becoming Happy Toddler (+5): 4 (+20)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20) : 136,451 (+20)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5) : 2 (+10)

TOTAL: +115

Oh my gosh, it’s so very exciting. We had a whole round of nothing but positive points. Now that the twins are now toddlers however, I expect that score to drop some, but hopefully we can get some positive points as well. So far Bailie and Adalyn have made great strides.

Bailie 03 | Rules | Family Tree | Bailie 05

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