Latte Game – Generation 3.07

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Hello and welcome back to this busy family. When we were last with the family we found out that Halix is pregnant with baby I, which means only one more pregnancy to go after this. Lowitja grew into a toddler and caused some bugs in the family, we had lots of extended family updates, Amarja becoming a child. So let’s jump right in and see what’s happening now shall we?

So to start the remaining sisters, Zophi, Zorah, and Ember, all went to a dance party. Wouldn’t you now that more of the family would be there in spirit??? Harvey, Ukupanipo, and as is pretty standard with any social gathering, Kynzie were all in attendance as well.

Back at home Halix and Amarja share some conversation. With Halix you never know where a conversation might go, that erratic trait can cause it to veer in very different directions.

It’s back to spooky day again, and so Easton dresses up in Star Wars gear, and Halix is a criminal I think. I don’t fully remember. I’m still getting used to this holiday and how everything works.

But everyone got in on the action. The yoga and hot dog are Hjordis and Amarja and Zophi is talking with a trick-or-treater that came by. I think I need other houses around that the kids can go to?? Not sure how it works exactly.

In an effort to help these guys be best of friends quickly, and thanks to Teresa over at the Odyssey for sharing this, I get the girls to take pictures with each other. It certainly boosts the relationship up quickly!

Sure enough, after pictures, and Hjordis doing something that took her out of her costume, the two become best friends. That is a milestone for Amarja. This s still one of the harder aspirations for me to get, but I think we can do it.

Since most of the adults have gotten some perks to help keep their needs dropping as quickly, once the kids go to bed they work on things. Easton and Halix work on their aspirations as well as work tasks, and Zophi continues her quest to get things updated around the house.

As a fun side note, Bellamy is having kids in the world of the Latte’s now. I think those two are probably going to make cute kids.

The girls are up and doing their homework before school. Nothing like last minute homework to start your day. I’m glad they are doing it though, I believe Hjordis will come home with an A today.

Hi Zoph, Halix. How’s the garden?

Zophi: The garden is thriving, and getting big.

That is true, are you still in your Spooky Day costume Zophi?

Zophi: Yes, it’s comfortable.

Halix: She just hasn’t gone to bed yet!

Lowitja hasn’t made an appearance yet, but she is still here. She has completed all her toddler skills and still has a day before her birthday. I think this is the fastest I’ve ever leveled up a toddler. So she plays in the ocean pretending she is a mermaid, but you can just see Zophi in her mermaid form in the distance.

I have never seen this moodlet before, but I think it’s super cute! Lowitja is Independent so it’s not likely from her trait, but she is the first toddler I think who has had time to play in the ocean much.

After her swim grandma Zophi comes and plays in the sand with Lowitja. Watching them build a sandcastle together was super cute. I really need to try and get my toddlers through skills this fast more often.

Amarja is still hard at work on her aspiration and invites this kid over (forgot his name) and takes pictures with him. That gives her the first child friend (besides her own sister who doesn’t count.)

The family then becomes obsessed with food for a while. Behind Halix you can see a plate of food that Zophi mixed up. She has maxed out both cooking skills, it’s excellent food, but Halix decides to make something different. She made the sandwiches sitting there by Easton, who decided neither of those was good enough and made a different plate of food. A short time later Zophi started a turkey as well.

Ixael was over however, for Amarja took pictures of him. He is a bit of a ham and even though dad got in the way of the pictures, Amarja is soon friends with her uncle.

That is one of two adults she needs to befriend. It really helps having extended family or family friends that can come over for kids to reach this aspiration.

In the middle of Zophi cooking her turkey Halix goes into labor. Easton goes with her to the hospital, has the traditional prenatal panic and they head inside to have baby I. I think Easton is secretly hoping for a boy this time. If tradition stands it will be as we are over 1/2 way through Halix’s name.

True to form for all my sims in the “dad” role, Easton doesn’t head back to the room with his wife. Yes, I could direct him back there, but I love to see what they do on their own. Easton talks with a ghost nurse.

Halix is once again tended to by a very competent doc. No vital organs are pulled out, no fuss, no mess. She takes the controls and minutes later, baby I is here.

Doc: *wipes hands* Just another day in the office and another successful delivery, time to head home.

She seriously changed back into street clothes and just left before Halix did. lol

See, you can see the doc heading home. Anyway, we had a little boy. Tradition continues, for now. Meet little Ijtiba Latte. Supposedly that name is Australian, but I’ll have to rely on my readers from there to confirm if that’s true.

Back at home, Amarja goes and meets her new brother. She is happy with a new sibling. I guess with being a social butterfly that makes sense. It’s cute when they are happy about it.

Zophi: *singing* Hush little baby don’t your cry, grandma’s going to buy you anything you want in this world.

I’m not sure that is quite how the song goes.

Zophi: Shhh, he doesn’t know the difference. It’s all in the tone of my voice.

While we leave Zophi and Ijtiba alone we get updates from the family. Natalie is a YA now (she is Nick’s eldest) and it will be time to go flag her. Paula, (Pixey’s daughter) and Olivia (Oxkar’s daughter) are both now children.

It is HarvestFest again and while I apparently missed a picture of the gnomes, as much as the family is invited over as we could invite. I don’t think any of elder generation made it this time, but many of the younger clan did.

Since he was here, we had Amarja take pictures of her other uncle who was at the house and she has gotten her two adult friends. She only needs a couple more child friends, whom she will hopefully meet at school soon.

With the excitement of HarvestFest still rushing through her veins, Hjordis manages to complete her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. She only has a couple of days as a child left. I have not been as diligent in getting her scouting badges as I should have, but I think she has 4 left. She switches to Social Butterfly as well, figuring she might be able to help her sister some.

However, it is now Lowitja’s birthday and Easton takes her to the cake Zophi baked for her. Lowitja reached Top-Notch toddler easily and I’m excited to go forward with her.

Here she is after a slight make-over. She rolled the Art Lover trait and then got Whiz Kid for the aspiration. It would have been nice for her to have Artistic Prodigy, but we should be able to complete Whiz Kid and get her to that one.

That feels like a lovely place to end this update. Next time little Ijtiba should grow into a toddler and we will likely get the news we are expecting the final baby of this generation.

Here s a closer look at Paula (on the left) and Olivia (on the right.) Paula is, of course, Pixey’s daughter with her lover before she got married, and Olivia is Oxkar’s daughter with his lover before they both married other people.

I also appear to have missed the notice about this little guy become a toddler, but this is Youssef, Yennifer’s son. He is the only kid born of a spare that I will likely allow, but he is a cutie!

Generation 3.06 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.08

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

4 thoughts on “Latte Game – Generation 3.07”

  1. I thought Ijtiba was a Muslim name meaning chosen one.
    If you ever get stuck for ideas I like using it lets you search by nationality too and Aztec names are particularly good for unusual letters, or Irish and Welsh for odd combinations of letters in pretty names.
    Are you going for the Matterhorn name anywhere?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do stuff like that too, I have been checking all kinds of sites in order to find names with J in them. It’s remarkably rare to find a J in the middle of a name. I don’t know if I wil try for the Matterhorn name. We’ll see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. J’s are hard to find. There are some really nice X names but it’s the J that throws it out. If you use babynames it lets you search for a last letter in it.
        IJmuiden is a city in Amsterdam or Ijsbran (sword) But you’ll need a lot of kids. Xaje (m), Xije (f), but other the J not really useful.


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