Otts Family – Bailie 11

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Hello and welcome back to the Otts family! I have felt like it’s been awhile since I played these guys, and even though you are getting the updates regularly, I had played ahead and taken a bit of a break so I’m excited to get back to these guys. The next post is likely to end in an heir poll, which I’m excited about! So without further ado, let’s check in on the family.

So as we open up the game, head to the family home and unpause the game, Calvin goes and does this. I don’t believe I would have had any chance to stop this. So that’s a start of -5 points already. Whoops.

As you may remember Corey and Cedric grew into teens at the end of the last update, and it was Corey that missed out on his A but just a smidge, so apparently he decided to get a head start on homework after getting Calvin to bed.

Adalyn has started standing around outside after work again, and instead of coming in to eat the food that is in the fridge she heads out to the food stand instead.

Adalyn: It’s quiet out here.

All the kids are at school. It’s quiet in there at the moment too.

Adalyn: But nothing is broken, or messy out here either.

Ok, fair enough. Although the house isn’t actually that bad right now either.

Bailie managed to reach another milestone….and this is proof that the house isn’t actually that bad currently! Still, way to go Bailie. She is now on the last level and I have no idea if she’s going to make it. I don’t know if I know what she needs to do to get the “maximum body form” or whatever it is. Still that’s a +5 points

Because she’s lazy it takes FOREVER for her to gain any fitness, but she also needs painting and is at level 6 in that. 2 more levels before we are allowed to immortalize her. She shouldn’t have any trouble getting there.

Adalyn does eventually come home and she maxes a skill! Way to go Adalyn!!! That’s +10 points.

Adalyn: What can I say, this is a good stereo, and I love to dance.

It has paid off! Now to just finish up parenting.

Adalyn: That shouldn’t be too hard, I am super mom Adalyn after all.

You are, you are more super mom than Audra…….

Audra: I am be dead, but I still am around you know.

You didn’t get to level 9 parenting all by yourself!

Cedric brings a friend home from school. They are kind of cute, not sure if they are a couple or just friends yet, but this could be a hint.

Not to be out done by his brother Cedric also does homework and helps to watch after Calvin. Calvin has 4 days or so to grow up and needs only 2 or 3 skill level’s to be a Happy Toddler, he should have no problems.

The pool is seeing more and more use. Adalyn uses if fairly frequently, and now that the twins are teens they seem more drawn to it now as well. If Corey keeps this up he should have no problems getting a B and then an A. The thing that sometimes holds them back is skills.

After having a nice swim, Corey heads in to read Calvin a bedtime story. I was hoping this would happen with Calvin. He is very doted on by his older siblings, as well as his mom’s.

If you remember Claire, she is now a child. If you don’t remember Claire, she is a cousin to all these kids. Adalyn’s sister Rosaline had her, and is pregnant again….or possibly had the baby (can’t remember for sure.)

Family meals can become a thing around here, especially on a holiday. It’s New Years for the Otts and they celebrate in a similar fashion to a lot of families. They have some food, take some naps, and relax.

They also play games together. I finally got the family a video game console, which for some reason I couldn’t find before and thought it was just the big virtual one, but I found it. Since the boys need skills, and Corey needs video game hours for his aspiration, we had fun together.

It also happened to be the romance festival, so I took the teens, Bailie and Adalyn there as well as Bryce and Brodie. They hung out for a while and then went home. Nothing overly interesting happened, and I got out of there before anyone passed out.

Back at home Adalyn chats with and watching Calvin on the potty. She might have even been potty training him. I can’t remember if he asked for help or not.

Then she teaches him to talk. His communication is already up to a level 4, so this might just max him out, but I’ll take the points. I cannot believe what a good mom Adalyn has been.

Ah ha, she had the baby. So this is Rosaline’s other daughter, Cheyenne, who is apparently now a toddler. Cheyenne is Claire’s sister, although I believe they have different dad’s.

The Hijink’s festival is back so I take the family. Part of why they are taking these trips is because Cedric needs to introduce himself to sims in 3 different neighborhoods. So I figured the festivals might be a good way to do it. Apparently Bryce wanted a selfie with this random celebrity. One of the sims kept passing out, but luckily not mine.

Corey is up early, his sleep schedule is getting a little off, and says hi to his grandpa Alan. Alan did at least get to meet Corey and Cedric as a baby, but passed before they were toddlers.

I would think with as much dancing as she does, that Adalyn would be a Dance Machine, but she isn’t. She is, however, family oriented, so dance parties with the kids are a must.

Cordelia gets herself an A in elementary school, which is great! She is well on her way to getting us even more points. That +5 points from her. This family is doing really well, it’s scaring me.

Calvin has maxed his potty skill! That’s another +5 points for us. I’m telling you this family is on a roll. Bailie, you are more than making up for the point loss of your dad’s generation at this point.

With another family meal we look at the fat that it appears we have made almost no change to Bailie’s fitness level even with all the work that we do. I am learning the things I need to do in order to help her reach her goals and I’m hoping to see improvement soon.

Audra: Booo!!!!

Cedric: AH!!! A ghost!

That’s your grandma Cedric. Hi Audra. So decided to scare some people huh?

Audra: You said I wasn’t a super mom.

No, I said that Adalyn was more of a super mom. She’s nearly maxed her parenting. You were also a super mom.

Audra: Well still, it’s fun to prank these boys once in awhile.

I have been setting out school projects in the side yard on the off chance someone works on them. Cordelia actually starts both of her projects, but doesn’t get very far with them before heading inside to just work on homework instead.

Bailie: He’s grows up soon right??

Yes, is he asking you why a lot?

Bailie: No, he just talks….a lot.

Yes, well he’s a toddler with high communication, they do that.

So sadly we aren’t going to get him up to Top-Notch, although I have hope that someday this might actually happen since Calvin is not going to be more than a few points off of this by the time he grows up. Still, seeing Adalyn play with him is just the sweetest thing.

Oh my goodness! It’s Julia, we haven’t seen you in a long time Julia!!! How are you doing?

Julia: Oh I am fine, excuse me though, I’m talking with my great-grandson….that’s weird to say.

I am sure, but yes, please talk away. He’s almost maxed his communication!

And with a small talk from Julia, Calvin gets us another +5 points. This more than makes up for a couple of pass outs we have had. Way to go Calvin!

Bailie is still working on painting, but I hadn’t seen this abstract one and I liked it, so we kept it. I love how many paintings there are that can be painted in this game. It’s so nice to randomly see someone painting something I’ve never seen before.

The brothers were invited over, and were apparently happy to see one another. We are throwing a birthday party, and both boys were given keys to the house. It just made sense and will hopefully let them come over more often on their own.

So it is the lovely Cordelia’s birthday today, and after Bailie baked up a lovely cake she came and blew out the candles. Happy Birthday dear Cordelia! I will show you her make-over in a few minutes.

First a moment of absolute toddler cuteness from Calvin. I love his little sweater and eating peas with a spoon, such a good little boys. It is, however, a double birthday though, so it’s time to get back to the cake.

That’s right, it’s also Calvin’s birthday today. Everyone celebrates the momentous occasion of having no toddlers left in the house. So what do the two birthday kids look like now, and what are their new traits you ask? Well, let’s take a look.

Here they are after their make-overs. Calvin, obviously on the left, and little Cordelia all grown up on the right. Calvin here gets the Kleptomaniac trait, so he gets a little bit of a rebel look to him. He also wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp, which seems to be common for these kids. He maxed Communication and Potty as a toddler, was at level 4 of movement, and had 3 in Thinking and Imagination….he did very well.

Cordelia on the other hand, managed to get her A as we said before and has added Dance Machine to her Child of the Ocean trait. This makes sense to me for as much as her mom danced with all the kids. She wants to be a Friend of the Animals. I felt like, when doing her make-over, that Cordelia wasn’t always going to be “normal” by societal definitions and might be the “weird girl.” I like her new look a lot.

The party is in full force and it seems like everyone had a really good time, except for maybe Cordelia over there who was almost instantly in a mood swing.

Both Cordelia and Corey have run into many more mood swings then Cedric. I have a feeling they are both a bit introverted, and kind of loners. So they spend time just relaxing in the pool, which seems to help both of them. The party wraps up and that feels like a great place to wrap up this update. Let’s take a look at the score, I think it’s going to be good.


Self Wetting (-5) : 9 (-45)
Pass Out (-5) : 54 (-270)
Failing School (-5) : 0 (0)
Accidental Deaths (-10) : 0 (0)
Fires (-10) : 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit (-15) : 0 (0)
Negative Traits Earned (-5): 0 (0)

Single Birth (+5) : 8 (+40)
Twins (+10) : 1 (+10)
Triplets (+15) : 0 (0)
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5) : 28 (+140)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10) : 3 (+30)
Skills maxed by NTH family members (+10) : 2 (+20)
NTH children earning an A in school (+5) : 7 (+35)
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10) : 0 (0)
Positive Traits Earned (+5): 9 (+45)
NTH Toddler Skills Maxed (+5): 11 (+55)
NTH Toddler Becoming Top-Notch (+10): 0 (0)
NTH Toddler Becoming Happy Toddler (+5): 7 (+35)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10) : 2 (+20)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20) : 136,451 (+20)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5) : 2 (+10)

TOTAL: +155

Wow guys, we gained 30 points this update! Technically we gained 35, but the pass out from Calvin took us down five. Still, that’s is a great update for us and I am super excited about this generation. I think they might do big things still.

Right before we go here is a look at the cousins, and the only ones so far this generation, from Rosaline Ojo. On the left is Claire, who looks a lot like her mom, and on the left is little Cheyenne. Both of these girls are super cute. All right, that is it for another update, and I hope you will see us soon.

Bailie 10 | Rules | Family Tree | Bailie 12

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  1. First of all; great story, love everything. Second, the family tree link doesn’t work? Perhaps it’s not shared with the community?


    1. Oh sheesh for some reason I thought I had replied to this but apparently never did. Thank you, I’m glad you have enjoyed the story. Secondly thank you for letting me know about the link. It was shared, but I put the wrong link on there so I went back and fixed it on all of the old posts so it should work now. If you run into any others PLEASE let me know. I did a bunch of work on the blog a while back and while it seems everything is right, once in a while I still find a random thing missing or pointing to the wrong spot.


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