Comic Summer: Post 1.06

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Hello! So happy to have you back. We are almost ready to reveal the results of the heir poll, that should come next update, so I hope you are ready to see who wins. It has been a very close race so far.

So the last time we visited the family the eldest twins (or the ‘B’ twins) grew up into teens, we had Love Day, the family finished cleaning up the island, and we watched some cute baby turtles. That was about it. Not a ton accomplished for our goals, but it was a good round. So let’s take a look at our founder tasks.

Founder Requirements

  • IL: Live on Mua Pel’am
  • IL: Clean up Sulani completely
  • IL: Complete Beach Life aspiration
  • IL: Start Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Start Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Start Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family (in progress)
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster

So we have managed to do just about everything required, since the collections will continue to be built through the rest of the challenge. So we do need to take another trip back to the jungle in order to get the relic bases we need. We have plenty of relic tops, but no bases so far. We also need to get some gems refined as well. With that all out of the way now, let’s jump in with the family.

We start with seeing the ‘Bad Apple’ doing her homework. Amazingly enough I don’t believe Olive has ever even come close to being taken by a social worker. She’s a very good little girl.

So the house is falling apart. It’s crazy how many things are broken. We have 4 toilets currently, and all 3 of them upstairs are broken. Luckily the one downstairs is fine, but I believe the speaker is also broken. I should start have Autumn start to upgrade some things. She may repair with a spell, but her trips to the jungle have given her a fair amount of handiness.

Looks like one of the teens left her homework on the floor in the toddler room. Probably means she was doing homework on the toddler beds, a favorite of sims everywhere. Autumn and Desiree are spending some time with their youngest girls, as it’s about time for them to grow up.

Noon comes and Autumn gets busy fixing everything, and I was right, you can just see the sparks coming out of the speaker behind Autumn. She can, at least, easily fix everything in the house during the one hour window with this spell. The girls will be learning this one as soon as they can (if they are spellcasters of course) so they can help out.

The girls come out fairly miserable and wanting to do something fun, so they are sent out to swim. Thanks to the “Swim Around with…” action, Olive is able to join her older sisters.

Our lovely friend is over again tonight. There is almost never a day that goes by that she doesn’t either invite us over (which we haven’t done yet because we have so much to do here) or asks to come over and hang out, which we always say yes to.

It’s a special night too because Orca and Oceana are growing up into children. They both got all of their toddler skills in and are Top-Notch toddlers upon growing up. There are no longer toddlers in the house, which means most of the upstairs beds are full, although the “grandparents” room is still open for now, but Autumn and Desiree will move in there once the heiress takes over.

Here are the girls upon growing up. I am keeping them in the colored clothing they are given at toddler hood to help me keep track of who is who as I keep going through. So in blue is Oceana. She is a lovely little girl who gets the Genius trait, and gets Rambunctious Scamp as her aspiration. Orca, in green, is also a beautiful little girl. She gets Slob, which should be fun, and also Rambunctious scamp. I did not pick that, it was simply a roll of the dice, or really the randomizer.

Olive decides she wants to be a bear. Which means, while cleaning up dishes she carried them upstairs to her mom’s room and then leaves them on the end table. At least she picked the Strawberry Bear which means she’s still in red.

She then went and did this. Thank you Olive.

Olive: What? I didn’t do anything

You broke the sink

Olive: Mom will fix it.

Yes, but she can’t until noon tomorrow.

Olive: Why noon?

Because it’s the rules of the challenge.

Olive: What challenge.

The one you are in….

Olive: Well it’s not like anyone ever tells me anything.

Brook: Why do I have to do this homework

Because you are in school and it’s required.

Brook: But I wanted more sleep

Just get your homework done.

Blossom: Told you she would make you do it.

Then it becomes a whole homework party. The youngest two twins on one side of the bed, the others on the other side. I have never seen so many sims sitting on the same bed before. I’ve got a lot of work to do on these younger two’s aspiration, so it’s good they are getting homework in now. All four of these girls are also in scouts, which I don’t think I mentioned before.

After school all of the girls head to Windenburg, I think, to go fishing. Olive didn’t end up fishing, I guess they ran out of room, and since she didn’t need it for scouts, she headed home. The others barely made it before curfew.

All 5 of the girls sit down for a meal together. Not sure if this was that night, or the next day, but either way. They are all so different looking from each other, even if they all have black hair. Each is a unique mix of her mom’s genetics for sure.

Orca gets busy cleaning up dishes, and it feels like there are always a lot of them with this family. She is supposed to be the slob, but this gives her scouting badge points so I am not about to complain. The scouting badges are not coming easy for these girls, I just am not managing as well as I sometimes do.

It was time to send Autumn back to the jungle, we still needed relic bases. Wouldn’t you know it, very excitingly we found a relic base pretty quickly. Maybe this will be the trip where we get enough bases for our heirs? Yeah, that didn’t happen, but I was still excited to not have to make yet another trip before the heiress takes over.

Luckily Autumn maxed out her Selvadorada Culture so when the spiders showed up she knew to stay still. This face was awesome though. I just love how she’s a freaked out but calm sim in this instance. I would be freaking out and not in a calm way if this was me.

Autumn reaches the temple after taking a few other paths, which helps her with her aspiration. I am hoping we find a least another one or two bases in the temple. Plus, for the jungle aspiration, Autumn needs to examine 3 traps in the temple.

Autumn starts to get tired, hungry, and is feeling the lack of someone around to talk to. It’s great to initially travel away from the rest of the family, but it get lonely quickly. So Autumn drinks a plentiful needs potion. I love taking spell casters to the jungle.

We finish up with the temple, and got a couple of bases for relics. It’s not great, but it could be worse. I cannot remember why Autumn was talking with this guy in the bar before heading home, but she was.

Right before leaving, however, Autumn fuses together this relic. We have enough crystals that we need to send away to get refined to place in it before we can use it, but another portion of our requirements is done. She has fused a relic. Now to use it on someone outside of the house.

While in the jungle we got this notice too. Olive has gotten herself an A. I don’t think she has ever been a truly “Bad Apple” in her entire life. She’s a great kid, and she’s already a spell caster, which gives her a benefit there. It might be the requirement for the challenge, but I do wish I could have made her a little more successful. She’s just so much fun.

All right, I think that is a good place to leave you today. I believe Brook, Blossom, and Olive all have had A’s in elementary school at this point, although Brook and Blossom are still working on theirs for high school. Next time we will see Olive become a teen, and see where we are at in the founder requirements.

Post 1.05 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.07

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