Comic Summer: Post 1.08

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Welcome back to the Comic Summer! When we were last with the family we saw Olive become our heiress based on the votes of our poll. The twins, Orca and Oceana both worked on their aspirations, the B twins, Blossom and Brook, got A’s in high school, and a quick trip to the magic realm happened. Let’s take a quick look at our founders lists:

Founder Requirements

  • IL: Live on Mua Pel’am
  • IL: Clean up Sulani completely
  • IL: Complete Beach Life aspiration
  • IL: Start Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Start Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Start Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family (in progress)
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster

We have knocked off almost everything required by the founder. She lives on an island in Mua Pel’am, with all the kids from 3 pregnancies (which isn’t listed, but is a rule), we found Desiree (her spouse) in Selvadorada, we have fully cleaned up the island, completed the Beach Life aspiration, have technically started the Buried Treasure, Seashell, and Ancient Artifact collections. Autumn is a spell caster and all her kids have ‘Weak Bloodline” as a traits, and we have built a relic. All that is left is to insert the gem and use it on someone.

We start with a picture of most of our household doing electronic things. Brooke, Olive, and Desiree are playing a video game, Orca is on the computer doing some chatting I believe, and Blossom appears to just be watching the fun.

Autumn, on the other hand, is out digging for seashells in the middle of the night. It’s a bit dark out there, but we have a collection to finish at some point. I cannot remember if she found any seashells this time or not.

Then it’s time to wind down for the day with some food and a little TV. I have no idea what they are watching, but I apparently caught the title screen of whatever it was. Looks like Blossom and Olive might have already head up to bed.

Early in the morning Olive grows up….whoops. Sorry Olive, I thought your birthday was today.

Olive: It was yesterday

Yeah, I kind of gathered that. I was going to throw you a party today

Olive: Well, I grew up anyway.

You are heiress though, which means once you are a YA I can help you out more.

Olive: More challenge rules?


Olive: *sigh* fine

We take Olive into CAS and give her what will be familiar to you for a hair choice, and the first every day outfit is the same as in her voting picture. This is another shirt we decided to give her. Olive has put on a little weight, not having quite as much time in the ocean as her siblings, but that should be changing as she gets older. She is still very pretty.

Autumn is still the main cook in the house, and so she whips up some food for breakfast. I had every intention of her making a cake this morning, but alas, that has come and gone.

Instead, that evening, Father Winter comes by the house again. He’s over here almost as much as our other friend….who I realize I have never learned the name off. Whoops.

Not sure why Father Winter decided to sit on the opposite side of the room from everyone else, but you can see in the background there we are down to 3 or 4 seashells left to find. There are two spots on the top shelf, 1 on the second shelf and I cannot tell or remember if the conch shell that can’t go on a shelf like that, is sitting on the white stand behind Autumn.

Here is a fun sight you just do see every day. I do hope this Father Winter stays alive and is around for awhile still. He’s a lot of fun to have around, and I have some thoughts about him. We’ll see what happens as time moves on. I love that he is also wearing sunscreen on his nose indoors.

Upstairs we get our first look at Oceana since we entered the house this time. She is working on her motor skills and getting that last aspiration milestone complete, which includes getting a high score on the typing game.

For some reason Brook and Blossom have taken to napping on the beach towels at night instead of going upstairs to their room.

Brook: They are playing the stereo up there

Blossom: …and playing on the computers

So turn off the stereo and I’ll get them out of the room, or tell them to play quieter.

Brook & Blossom: Ughh…..

Brook: Fine

Blossom: All right

…and Orca was taken by the Grim Gnome.

Just kidding around with you, of course this means it’s Harvest Fest!

One of the first things Autumn does to celebrate is to insert an uncommon refined gem into the relic she created earlier. Now we must find a non-household member to use it on. I do not remember what this one does for sure, so I don’t think I want to use it on a friend. We’ll see our eyes open.

Harvest Fest is going to be a day of getting things done with this family overall I think. Autumn heads down to start authenticating artifacts. I don’t think she has authenticated a single “counterfeit” artifact. I think my EPIC family found more of those.

Desiree has started working out in the garden for the day. She still needs to get 8 skills up to level 8. She has 1 right now and 2 or 3 of them at level 6 and a couple more at level 5. She quits her job, as she was already above level 3 and it wasn’t a job she could stay home for, so if we are going to focus on skills, she will stay here. We don’t need the money much right now anyway.

Orca finally finished up her aspiration, and will now have Physically Gifted, which is great. She gets the artistic prodigy aspiration next. I don’t think she’s likely to complete it, but it might help us finish up some of the scouting badges.

Little Oceana hadn’t quite finished up her aspiration, so she takes some time, instead, to play out on the playground and go swimming. She just need to finish up building her motor skill and she would be all set.

While Autumn and Desiree work on Autumn’s logic skill (which she needs for another promotion in conversation) Blossom practices her magics. I’ll be happy when Olive is old enough to control and I can get her started on magics as well. They build it up a bit faster with the weak bloodline trait, and every kid after this, if we can maintain spell casters, should build it even faster.

Finally little Oceana completes her motor skill and has also finished up her aspiration. She, like her sister, moves into the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and we will see how far she can get in it. I don’t expect either to finish it, but we’ll see how it goes.

The gnomes come to inspect the smoking fridge. That will be something that has to get fixed tomorrow. It’s never ending, and we should really start thinking about upgrading appliances now. I might have Olive work on getting this upgraded around here once I get my hands on her.

Autumn manages to get a good meal cooked up, despite the broken fridge, and while Brook is out finishing up her school project, which you can just make out from the window, most of the girls are here eating. I believe Oceana was upstairs drawing pictures, but came down to eat a little while later.

To end our Harvest Fest fun, Autumn spies someone to use the relic on. You can’t tell easily from the picture, but he is a fish poacher, and since one of our goals is to keep the island clean and healthy for the remainder of this challenges, he’s the perfect person to try this out on. It gives him a curse. The curse of the ancients, so Autumn quickly sims back home.

This feels like a logical place to stop, although when we get into SimNaNo next month these posts are going to get a little longer and hopefully include a few more pictures so I can meet my goals. I’m excited to work on bringing you those updates and for now, see you next time.

Post 1.07 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.09

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    1. So the curse of the ancients doesn’t a couple of different things, depending on the type of gem. One is they sneeze a lot, the one I used I believe they will randomly start to scream, and then one puts them to sleep randomly. It’s catching though too, so you have to stay away. 🙂

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