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SimNaNo Entry #2

Welcome back for another post. Last time we made some good progress on the SimNaNo goals, and also on the goals for the challenge. Both Autumn and Brook completed some aspirations, Desiree completed her aspiration and then passed away after providing us with a great foundation. Orca was making great progress on her aspiration and Olive found her future wife in Selvadorada. So let’s take a look at our goals again.

Generation One Requirements

  • IL: Complete a Nature aspiration
  • JA: Go to Selvadorada to find a spouse
  • JA: Build a relic and use it on someone outside of the family
  • RoM: Become a spellcaster
  • FS: Write a Non-Fiction novel

  • IL: Keep Sulani clean (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Buried Treasure collection (ongoing)
  • IL: Complete Seashell collection (ongoing)
  • JA: Complete Ancient Artifact collection (ongoing)
  • RoM: Win a duel against all 3 sages (ongoing)

So Olive is working hard on completing her nature aspiration, but we have found our spouse, just haven’t married her yet. She also needs to do the relic still as well, but we have time for that. One thing we do need to get through is the buried treasure collection. This has been slow going, but hopefully we’ll get there soon.

We start with some excitement. Olive, while attempting to magically repair the broken sink manages to catch it on fire.

Olive: How did it catch fire though???

I agree that is a VERY good question, especially as that looks small and the spewing water feels like it should put it out. Regardless, we need to put it out.

Olive: I can’t. I can’t reach it.

What do you mean you can’t reach it?!!! It’s literally in front of you.

Olive: Nope, can’t reach it.

As Olive tries to leave the bathroom, but cannot because of the fire, Oceana comes in to put it out. Thank goodness. #simslogic people.

After the excitement of the fire, which, by the way, ruined the mirror and we had to get a new one. Olive invites over Father Winter to make herself feel better. This shower fun should help a lot. This house is getting pretty full, so we’ll see what happens.

Orca continues to work on her aspiration. She shouldn’t have too many troubles getting through it, now that we have a bit of a system, and she knows enough people to make it doable. It’s difficult when you don’t know very many people around time.

Before long Orca got her first kiss, and I believe she became “girlfriend” number 7, I think. It might have been #6 though. I didn’t make the best notes of who became girlfriend/boyfriend other than I know it was the first 8. So Orca is moving right along not too badly.

The house is, once again, a compete and total mess. Sink is broken, fridge is broken, people keep pulling out food to make and then not making it, and with Orca doing all the relationships and trying to get everyone to the magical realm enough, I sometimes miss the noon to one window in order to get everything fixed. I did realize that Brook had not updated the kitchen yet, however, which I’m sure is part of why.

Olive proves to us that she is, indeed pregnant with Father Winter’s baby, or babies at this rate. We do have the Ley Lines trait after all, and while I have heard rumor it can affect the birth number up until she gives birth, if she did it at home, I have trouble believing it makes no difference at all.

Spot: She is to have more magical creatures?

Yes Spot, Olive is pregnant. She will be 3 different time.

Spot: Will they contain magic?

Well, some say babies are magical, but I won’t actually know if Olive’s kids will be born spell casters or not. I’m sure some will be.

I know we haven’t seen much of her, but Blossom is still here. She mostly keeps to herself, writing books, and working on publishing them all. She’s up to level 7 in her career I believe, and on the last level of the aspiration. She will likely move out after finishing both, but I need to get in gear on her career a little more.

Desiree comes out to haunt for the first time and I’m happy to see her, even though no one else really notices.

Hi Desiree!!! We miss you around here!

Desiree: Does anyone else miss me, where is everyone?

I have been keeping them busy, but I think Autumn is on her way to talk with you.

Desiree: Ok, and why am I in the living room on the floor?

I’m working on that. I know, but we can’t have a basement, and I haven’t made a good place for you yet. I promise I will get it done eventually!

Oceana has got herself a familiar and is quite happy with him. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what I named this one. They each have quite a few they can call, and I want to say I called him Void, but I’m not 100% sure. I think the dragon fits Oceana the best. She is the least “traditional” of the girls in this family and you get a decent look at her arm tattoo in this shot too.

Brook finished up writing an archeology book which means she has completed her aspiration. She is very close to being done. I’m wanting her to finish her career if at all possible, but it’s slow going right now. Brook ends up getting the World-Famous Celebrity, which isn’t likely going to happen.

Olive is having a rough pregnancy. I think she is one of the only sims I have ever caught running to the bathroom to throw up while pregnant. I have the option to have them throw up plenty, but never seen them do it on their own. Of course, you can see a “club” gathering is happening right now, so perhaps this seem preferable to beach combing for trash, or maybe that’s what did it.

Fabiana Villa (I finally got her name) invited Olive on a date to a restaurant that we just added. So Olive, of course, went and gave Fabiana the news that she was expecting. Now they weren’t an official item, but Fabiana still seems a bit suspicious of the news. Olive explained about losing her mom and taking comfort in her good friend Clement Frost and Fabiana was able to get on board.

They are a cute couple and I am excited to have them together. I had completely forgotten my plan to have Olive finish her aspiration so she could do the Soulmate one, so that will likely have to wait, but we’ll see how it goes. Olive ordered them some food and the date was basically over by the time it came. They had stood around talking for forever before getting a table, but they enjoyed the meal and went home.

Dinner was simple and around the TV tonight. Some nights are just like that, especially in the sims. It is also almost time for Brook and Blossom to grow into adults. They are still living at home and working on careers because I want to get those points.

In fact, that same night, because I wasn’t paying enough attention, both girls grow up. Brook seems like she thinks growing up was a grand idea, Blossom is also happy with the idea. I feel bad neither got cakes for this birthday, but the adult one sneaks up on me all the time!

Orca has taken a bit of a break and it was time to get her back into the swing of things. With the baby on the way we are going to need more room in this house, and Orca’s only requirement is to complete the aspiration. So some picture taking later the first kiss is achieved, and boyfriend a little bit after that. She really is racking up quite a few romances.

Olive invites Fabiana over and they make it official. First they become best friends, and then Olive asks her to be her girlfriend. Fabiana says yes right away and it’s a good day of Olive. She’s getting big and the birth of the newest Comic is going to be here before we know it.

Part of Oceana’s aspiration is to go and win some duels with other magic users. So she heads to the magic realm, alone this time, and duels three different people. She manages to win each of the duels, which is GREAT for her. She is now on her last milestone, which requires her to reach the top of the magic levels, and know a handful more spells. She might be who I use to beat the sages, but we’ll see.

Orca gets herself another boyfriend a day or two after Oceana’s trip to the magical realm. This puts her almost at her required amount. I believe she needs 3 more kisses maybe, but I believe this is the last one she needed to make a boyfriend. Hopefully, she will be done soon and can start her life outside of this house.

Orca invites Rosa over, and now that she is also a Young Adult, Orca is able to get a kiss from her that hadn’t been counted before. Rosa is a really interesting looking sim, but Orca is all in on just about anyone. She’s just enjoying dating around and having a lot of fun.

Case and point! This is Ian, and I believe he was Orca’s final boyfriend. So I think my count was off before when I said the woman at the beginning was girlfriend 6. I think she now has 8 boyfriend/girlfriends now and has 2 more people to kiss to get to that 10 sims kissed. That will put her on the last milestone of the Serial Romantic, which I know includes having 8 boyfriends/girlfriends, so that will mark off quickly.

Fabiana came over again today and she and Olive sat to chat and enjoy some time together. While the conversation flowed easily, Olive was struck with pains.

Fabiana came with Olive to the hospital and did the prenatal freak out, but then she left Olive there. I guess she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to stick around. I had planned on having Olive propose this visit, but I guess the baby had a different idea.

So the visit doesn’t start off on a great start. Somehow, and I have never seen this happen before, the doctor managed to make the mechanical arms fight above poor Olive.

Olive was rightfully terrified of the events enfolding in front of her eyes, while the person who was supposed to be in control of the machine and using it to get her baby out of her panics behind the controls.

Hang in there Olive! I’m pretty sure this can’t do permanent damage to you.

Olive: Pretty sure!!!????

The mechanical arms continue to fight above Olive, and we all hold our breath to see what happens. Ok, admittedly, I wouldn’t tell Olive this, but I was kind of laughing through this birth because it was a MESS!

Olive: Oh look, that looks like a……..*beeeeeeep*


Doctor: *mumble mumble* maybe this button?

DOCTOR!!!! Seriously dude! You aren’t even an intern, let’s go!

The doc FINALLY gets everything under control, Olive’s heart is back in her body, she is awake and giving birth to twin girls! Gee, who is surprised???!!! This gives us 8 sims in the house, so no marriage yet, and no more babies yet. We need the sisters to get going.

Anyway, may I introduce our newest twins. Lily and Lavender Comic. I’m not 100% sure which one Olive is holding above as they look exactly the same right now, but these are Clement Frost, aka Father Winter’s babies and I’m excited to see what they look like upon growing up.

And with that utter insanity under our belts, I think it’s time for me to wrap up this post. It’s getting long, although that is good for my SimNaNo goals, but it’s time to leave for today. I wanted to get to the birth of our girls before I ended so we’ve reach that. Thanks for joining and we will see you in a couple of days!

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +2,052 | 3,795 / 25,000
Pictures: +38 | 74 / 500

Post 2.03 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 2.05

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